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Glimpse of beauty for hope of a man to draw upon the sword, to an uncertain outcome unwilling to bend to his will, that we mistaken for evil deeds. Not the hidden intention of her hubris that compels us to strive. We will know no rest until we realize the light of our prize is the only thing we sought after than the prize itself. Only then we can reclaim our rib back that was used to separate that essence from us, to taunt. The impractical is practical sometimes when the mind of a man isn't struggling to maintain a foundation, but already has one built.

What about loneliness I ask, it's a better price than a missing part of me to be satisfied in my own mind, than a partner who's fidelity is not certain, who might run off with it. At least then the light goes no where.


and it can neither be used against you. Based and wizpilled


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