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I don't get why God doesn't punish people who have defective kids or ruin their bloodline by reproducing with someone inferior. I don't mean in terms of money or status, but nobility, spiritual nobility and maybe a bit of beauty. How they ruin an innocent soul that didn't ask to be born, to be limited by subhuman blood and ugliness. How their children are cursed to be defective. I get no one is perfect, but there is a difference between abomination and imperfection. People who actively ruin bloodlines deserve eternal punishment in the worst way possible.


Imagine being a hapa kid like me. A decent looking asian succubus procreated with an ugly short balding western aspie for money.

My life is beyond hell, not only have I been mocked for my ugliness since kindergarten, I'm 5'3 at age 29.


Threads that start with "I don't know why…" or "I don't understand…" make the imageboard user grimace. Why not start a discussion the human way by proposing an idea for why you believe God might not punish people, followed by asking for others' input? Pondering the whys and hows of God is useless too because we all know that we''l never know, and you know you'll never know, so why ask? Better to ask why dogs howl at the moon.
>A decent looking asian succubus
That's no way to talk about your own mother.
>My life is beyond hell
How so? How are people able to use their words to make your life "hell"? It seems as though every ugly person here has to inject their belief that their life is hell because they are ugly in to every semi-relevant thread. Yet they can never explain how exactly their life is "hell".


Eyes too big, like my animu succubi


Karma. He might be doing without us perceiving so, just look at Africa and India


Being bullied on a daily or weekly basis since childhood into your adulthood simply for being particularly ugly isn't hell?

Then what is?


its suffering and i symphasize with you but its not hell , maybe metaphorical hell but not literal hell
and you dont want to try literal hell to know , believe me.


Childhood bullying is very close to hell I would argue. You are being exposed to intense social pain, physical pain, and social humiliation. You also have no narrative of why this is happening, you haven’t developed mental strength or concepts to protect your psyche, you are also in environments where you are alone and the world doesn’t help you.
It’s a combination of overwhelming suffering and cognitive suffering, kids being bullied is a level of unmanageable suffering. I was never heavily bullied but I regret not helping the people I saw who were.


This. Imagine thinking that a mortal locked in a 5-sense reality cage for maximum 100 years will be able to comprehend the totality of divine justice.


I'm sorry wizbro…
So Wizards deserve to be undesirable outcasts?

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