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Human design disgusts me, there is no beauty left outside of "being attractive" foids replicate this curse, soulless attraction that appeals to primitive desire. And I'm sick of it. I long for a meteorite to wipe out humanity for good. Humanity is ugly and is restricting ethereal divinity.


They put ugliest freckles, armpit hair succubi into YouTube and TV ads. And they lie how everybody is perfect. I know the ideology behind it yet the near-vomit feel is here. Now I know the beginning of that audio in my memory, so I look elsewhere or close my eyes. It's a huge crime and I'm against doing it irl, but the more I see that shit about armpits on the TV, the more I feel the urge to go on the massacre to the company office or whatever. Being weak against evil is like that. *Not a call to arms


i love the fact that there really are other people who are disgusted of humanity and humans , aside from me
and i think i like may love these people because they may lack that particular exact thing that disgusts me in humanity


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You know what?, this thread has the hidden boards vibe.

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