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have you ever faced racism towards you or a relative you were with?
It hurts and you don't know how to respond and you feel weak.
how fo I be more confident and less vulnerable when someone says something racist or some contemptuous words they tell to you.
they make you feel like shit and be aware of responding to them they will sperg out like a down syndrome being


I am lost here. Which pain is that? Not being able to push intimidation away? Being unable to counter the fact of your skin being not black nor white while being called certain things?

>sperg out

Bullies do not sperg.


File: 1717602166132.jpg (46.96 KB, 450x640, 45:64, abba6900b39d89b905ea77527b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know, fighting back when you have no arguments makes you feel like shit. the empowerment the one who is despising(?) you makes me feel down


If you really want to give an answer, my technique usually was to take their own words as if those were actually badmouthing them instead of me… asking them back about whatever I wanted to interpretate from their bark.

But I used to save that for moments of high embarrasment


does it work? ever worked?


Brazilian complaining about racism against him while posting a scat hentai screencap..


Oh, it gets them finely burnt. And I dissipate some horrid feels, of course. The point is to not allow this to lead into a situation where you constantly are still having to do constantly, it wears you out. Better to escalate things and end them quickly or run away


do you have an example to provide, please?


Top 5 sucks and fucks


i'm white in a white country, that allows me to get by luckily.


i'm tanned and black hair and brown eyes in a white country


I often leave many here for you to ask that. Too bad if you are not paying attention


Why did you post a pic of a hentai succubus taking a shit


I don't know…sorry


he might be brazilian


Just ignore them. Many people on these chan sites love to be edgy for the sake of being edgy. Many of them are just frustrated with life and they're looking for someone to blame for their misery. Don't let their mental diarrhea affect you and instead use it to develop thick skin for the real world.


File: 1717874143727.jpg (76.34 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1717850593515032m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

thank you wizzie, your words are precious to me


I don't think many people here will be able or willing to sympathize with you. Strange isn't it? We know ostracization from normals like the back of our hands but when you change the type of deviation ever so slightly, suddenly it's completely different. Sorry you had to face some racist dipshit anyway, wiz. Remember that their words have little bearing on your character, the insides of your soul, they are merely looking for an easy way to beat down on someone they think is beneath them.


File: 1718384484577.png (832.03 KB, 1300x1244, 325:311, 1718369495721.png) ImgOps iqdb

thank you wizzie


You know what I find funny? I was the one kid who stuck up for the Pakistani guy being victimized for his race and religion at school, while everyone sat around and watched. Yet at the same time, everyone called me racist and disgusting for saying Maoris got special treatment at school. I actually got punished for it at one point.

The Calvinists are absolutely right about human nature. People are utterly depraved, disgusting, hypocritical and despicable.

The truth of the matter is certain races get coddled due to going "WAAHHHHH" about mistreatment, like the african americans. While the races that look up to white people the most, like SEA and South Asians, get absolutely victimized at school.


do you live in new zealand? (because you mentioned maoris) also you're kind if you stood up for that pakistani guy. I wish you a good wizlife🧙. you deserve it


The worst is when a member of your family is the victim of racism. I am powerless to help them, it makes me angry and mad because I know I'm weak…


have you tried not being a nigger


And the first brainrotted /pol/fag finally shows up to ruin the thread


>Anyone with any sort of racial bias is actually an outsider from the single, restrictive politics containment board of 4channel


sorry can't control that apparently retard, have you tried not being white?


>have you tried not being a nigger
This but unironically. There needs to be more racism to teach niggers how to behave like a civilized human being.


>everyone should act like me and if you don't you're bad

okay retard go back to your /pol/ happy place


I hope you get assaulted by one


>You must adapt your norms and values to the norms and values of foreigners
Typical nigger mentality. Leave before you get deported.

>I hope you get assaulted by one
Killing niggers is legal when it's self-defence.


>Killing niggers is legal when it's self-defence.

Stop the larp, you'd shit your pants.


and you'll do nothing as usual, just seethe about your imaginary niggers while they enjoy life


>imaginary niggers
They're next door.
>they enjoy life
Disturbing their neighbors in the evening and past midnight because they don't have to wake up early in the morning because they don't have a job.


just force them to get a job lol, just whip em back at it then you lazy pussy


File: 1719228795905.png (56.35 KB, 440x330, 4:3, Graham's_Hierarchy_of_Disa….png) ImgOps iqdb

It's called ad hominem. Only argument lower than ad hominem is two kids calling each other a poopoohead.
Any person using ad hominem has cow shit standards of intellectual hygiene and even lower moral levels. Arguing with them is generally just pointless but if you really feel the need to fight back you can point it out.
Also, if you want to dive deeper into the subject then I recommend you learning more on formal logic, if nothing it will helps you control your emotions.


The sad reality is not all wizards are bright, a lot of wizards are angry involuntary celibates who are very dumb.

Name calling, labeling everyone a kike, nigger or jew is literally the best their brain can come up with which is why their life outcomes reflect that.


File: 1719238933815.gif (1.36 MB, 478x360, 239:180, 1719171052190924.gif) ImgOps iqdb

thank you wizbros. I try to not care but it is hard, I'll train harder!


==Caution== Incoherent autistic India crab gibberish ahead.

Man I am Indian it's hell being on the internet. On the one hand my fellow Indians are retarded, on the other hand I have to face racism because of them (only online for now), I don't know if being in India makes me safer or more vulnerable to this shit.

But I won't lie I am jealous of white roasties to the max, their entire life in on tutorial mode, I don't get to be in a relationship but that is completely alright. But I don't get other things in life either, and seeing white roasties post about their travels, their food, the kind of car they drive, the kind of attention they get, makes me incredibly insane.

The least I want to do in my life is earn enough money and maybe one day buy a car not an expensive one something like half the price of Camry. But living in this sweltering shithole has driven me insane. At this point, I might as well have be born in the West so that I could've moneymaxxed, and fucked off from the West and just rotted in India. Although at this point, I can't afford fucking food. So let alone car even an old 100$ moped is beyond my reach.

Fuck it man, there's one more better thing you guys in the West don't really have families like we do, so no one really pesters you for marriage as much as fuckers do here. "Oh you're still unmarried", "Why are you still unmarried", "Why do you not have a job?", "Why do you mean you can't get a job literally everyone I know easily got a job after college", and not to mentions parents start to hate you. They literally stop seeing you as human, but as a vile fucking load.

Tell you what, in India we have a law for Hindus that you can't kick your thotter out even if she turns 18, but for men like me there are no laws. Fuck this shithole man, on the contrary there are laws for me to take care of my parents but not for them. Not that I hate my parents but still. Although they hate me, because they think that there is something very wrong with me as they believe that anyone who has done college can get a job, boomers don't understand. Things are getting so bad in life that little children have started to call me "uncle". It's at that point you know it's over.

So the bottom line is I don't get along well with the people of my own country, and people of other countries are brutally racist to me online. It sucks that there are no crab forums for browns, because nobody copes like us Asians. And generally I avoid posting here, cause people here are trying to move beyond the blackpill, move beyond the crabibate state, and I don't want to disturb them. Although something tells me that none of them has achieved any success whitepill is still a myth for now, because life is bleak even beyond relationships like jobs, etc.


damn it, how can you get a better life, do you have a plan/ save plan? I hope it will be all good for you


Thanks for the well wishes wizbro, but I would be lying to you if I said that I have any sort of plan when in reality I have none.


so Are you a neet?


Pretty much. I am in the end semester of my retarded college and no company has hired me by now. Most of the people are already hired and the campus placements (jobs) drive is already over. All I do is keep sending applications here and there on LinkedIn and keep on making projects and sending them, sometimes through email and heard no calls back. I will remove my profile picture and try again in July. Maybe my subhumanity repels the IT poojeets in India.


go live in my two favorite indian cities: Pondichéry or Chennai


Puducherry is way too degenerate not long ago some pajeet here posted a vid showing degeneracy of Goa. Puducherry is a bit like that, unabashed sexual culture, succubi in short dresses or no dresses, drugs, and alcohol. Too much suifuel.

Chennai is a bit nicer in this regard, but then again the Tamils don't like Northies like me, let alone someone from Himachal Pradesh. And Chennai is extremely hot all year, at least where I live we get to see snowfall close by. I will relocate soon enough but both of these cities are Tier 1 so high cost of living. And language barrier in Tamil Nadu Chennai.


damn it each time someone says something racist to me my heart breaks. I don't know how to respond to racists to make them piss off

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