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Is it possible for me to get rid of my ties to the physical world and live entirely in my own imagination? If I can do the bare minimum for survival (eating, drinking water, maintaining some weight) I think I should be able to do this. Has anyone here tried or done this before? I understand 100% that I'm a loser in life and I like my imagination much better than I like the physical world anyway. Not that I ever wanted to partake in society from a young age anyway. I'm not at all surprised I am where I am.

I want to imagine having a comfy PC setup in my apartment of solitude with boarded up windows where I can burn many CDs and DVDs and have fun on the internet. I already daydream a lot, but I would like to do this fulltime. I don't like that I can't do the things I can't and I don't like that I can't find a job because I am who I am. I already know where all the furniture are, I even know every part of the computer!

I think if my physical body could survive just enough for my brain to continue imagining without issues (for ex. too much grey matter buildup) I would be content with existence.


Most states of full comatose permit the brain to be actively dreaming. It really depends on how powerful your imagination is, how much your deep sleep activation feeds your sensory centers, and what kind of disreality you're able to accept before the walls begin to crumble.

Consider a nutrition and mental exercise program that heightens the chance of lucid dreaming. If you dream comfortably while knowing you're really asleep, then you should be able to comfortably dream within a coma without worrying about getting out. Even just going to bed at night and having a second and better life to live during those hours of sleep can make the awake parts of the day more bearable. Feed your imagination with new ideas during the day so that you may have fun with those ideas in your dreams.


Thank you so much for your reply. My imagination is already great, I can rotate and warp a very detailed apple in my mind without breaking a sweat. Do you know of any good lucid dreaming sources online? I don't want to try my luck with a random YouTube video. Only times in my life I lucid dreamed was by accident.


there's my thread up on /lounge/ if you want to share daydreams you had.


☑ Daydreaming
☐ Figuring out a way to get out of this shithole of a universe


I don't wish to be an hero, I like being a wizard in my peaceful tower. I'd enjoy it more if I could tap into the astral realm to be in an even more peaceful tower.


Try looking up "maladaptive daydreaming"


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This has also been my dream for many years, but I know that it's not something that's possible for me. I don't have the imagination for it, so i'm stuck being tethered here both physically and mentally.
I'm praying for your success.


Ive had a paracosm going since I was eight stemming from a combination of video games and other media. The plot is really stupid but ive had it going for so long. Used to work retail and would be able to daydream and just autopilot ringing up peoples groceries. The initial start is to just find a setting you like.


I never had this while a kid. maybe I'm too much of a brainlet


Are you >>293153 by chance? I think you (or you both) may have Aphantasia.


File: 1718974092269.png (600.39 KB, 656x1000, 82:125, 1718952452807548.png) ImgOps iqdb

no I'm not him.
>aphantasics may have problems recognizing faces, have a poor sense of direction or even difficulty projecting themselves into the future
>or even difficulty projecting themselves into the future
that's me. I can't think about my future
but I don't think I have aphantasia because I can make images in my mind since I was a child. it's just I didn't have an imaginery world during my young years


it's just I didn't have paracosm when a child*


Is kinda possible to live like that; when I was younger I basically lived inside my own fantasies, creating characters on my mind, and just watching as much anime and playing as many VN’s as possible, you eventually just forget about reality and stop caring, you live inside your own worlds.

Unfortunately I “grew up” got a job (against my will) and became an adult (not a functional adult with functional adult relationships but an adult anyway) so I can’t live like I used to.

But I do miss it, sometimes I fantasize about saying “fuck it” and going back to that, maybe someday, when I’m pushed to the edge.



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