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This is a thread for sharing free game deals you find on the Internet.
Not free games, but specifically promos or ways of getting legit keys of otherwise non-free games.

You can get Watch Dogs for free if you install Uplay (Ubisoft's platform), launch it and click on the banner advertisement.
It's unclear how long this promo will last.
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>game is free
>but needs russian crack launcher


I'd honestly take the Russians


You're gonna be a part of a botnet anyway, but I'd rather Steam or Epic have my data then some russian teenager recording my webcam or crypto mining when I'm asleep.


I've started to block my pirated games in firewall now. That should help right?


Not really. Usually the game .exe is just a trojan that hides malware code and upon execution copies it into some system process that is already running like svchost.exe or explorer.exe. So even if you block the game .exe from the Internet, the actual malware is running from who knows where.


File: 1605355159837.jpg (61.05 KB, 720x720, 1:1, y1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

F2P like Path of Exile, Warframe & War Thunder still fun?


Except none of this ever happens.


I personally had a 100+ botnet "army" back when I was a script kiddie in the early 2010s, a fucking teenager in middle school. You might think that you need exceptional skill to pull this off, but really you can just buy a ready-made professional remote administration tool + crypter for 50 bucks on public "hacking" forums and you could have undetectable malware for months and even years depending on how you spread it. Back then, I used Dark Comet since it was free and still managed to get 100+ infected PCs by uploading a couple trojan cracks on piratebay, despite it being detected by every AV database at that point.

What can you do with an infected PC? Well, basically anything, you literally "own" it at that point. You can watch people's screens, delete, upload files, keylog their passwords, steal their credit card, spy on their webcam, use them as a proxy etc. If you had a particularly large cluster of these bots, you could DDoS small websites or try to crack hashes and brute-force logins on websites.

These days, there's an insane amount of incentive to build undetectable, small footprint malware that uses your computing power for crypto mining when you're "asleep". Ever wondered why your fans start spinning up randomly at night? Ever wondered why these public cracking groups do it for free? "Teehee, I'm just super interested in compression and reverse-engineering, please download my repack/crack for education purposes hehe :3"

>Except none of this ever happens.

Of course not. Enjoy your "games" ;)


Still better than paying for games


I'm sure you did sweety.


File: 1605396882427.jpg (24.69 KB, 474x266, 237:133, 1595802475405.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You ARE paying for it, my dude. You're just not aware of it, that's my point.

Oh yeah? I'm tracing your IP right now, I know you're in Alaska, faggot.


t. broke into /staff/


I believe you dude, people are so retarded thinking anyone just cracks and uploads games for completely free for absolutely no reason other than some bs excuses like you mentioned or pretending to stand for some cause, if I want a game I'll just buy it, $20 is worth the peace of mind and if I don't like it I can just return it and get my money back


Nothing ever is free.


File: 1605623171163.png (360.95 KB, 589x593, 589:593, no bulli.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just run the game in a sandbox so you can see and control what it attempts to reach out and touch. The last game I pirated was Nier: Automata and it didn't attempt to fork new processes or mmap another. It just modified a registry key for the controller and read/wrote files relative to itself.


I like to download trojans and see how they work and what IPs they're returning data to.


B-b-but the hax0rz. They're stealing my internets with their cracks and stuff.


I guess that works, as long as it doesn't impact performance. Keep in mind that it's possible for the trojan to detect common sandbox programs and act normally to fool you while in that environment. A lot of thought can go into a piece of malware since these days it's possible to fund an entire team of professionals to develop and maintain it.

Computing is a valuable resource, especially these days when everyone has a 1000 dollar GAMING PC and mining crypto is basically turning electricity into untraceable funds. Do you seriously believe that there is no incentive to do this?




Prison Architect free giveaway for another ~40 hours. Just scroll down a bit.



File: 1608947371327.jpg (49.57 KB, 474x355, 474:355, GH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Epic Store
Eww. Nope. Hard pass.


>The last game I pirated was Nier: Automata
I tried to pirate that as well but couldn't install it, I thought it was because of the DRM.




thanks, trying it out right now




i remember finding a steam group for free game deals a while ago. should be on page 1 of a google search. my only complaint was that everything was epic games store stuff

i guess i should just make an epic games account or whatever to bank up on free shit


It's pretty much the same sites giving freebies: Epic, Humble Bundle, GOG and the occasional Steam game that has a permanent free promo (lots of free weekends tho).



Since OP mentioned keys, I'll just ask here ITT.

Is it safe to buy steam cd keys? I just bought 2. The seller seemed to have a long history with 50k and 10k sales respectively. But I'm just nervous about keys being revoked months and even years later. I'd rather have paid some extra bux to avoid anxiety like that.



this one had a key revoked once but it was one ingot so not much of a loss, merchants are their user agreements eh? lately this one prefers to spend coin at trading posts such as gamejolt and itch.


i've bought a couple over the years and never had them revoked. never even heard of that happening.


Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are free on the Epic store.


Is there any way to claim epic games without installing the software? Say for example I want to get an EA game free, can I claim the game and then play it on origin/ea play?


Not that I know of.
Which is



Its funny the reaction of a very niche game thats been dead for years finally getting a massive influx of noobs



I started to install this game but after reading that sub I feel like it might have been a mistake. People are acting like you need 500 hours of play time to become competent at the game. I'm not sure I want to sink 500 hours into this.


There's always a bit of a learning curve with these types of games and given the age of this game you're probably going to be up against people who have been playing since the beginning. It's still possible to have fun, and I believe there's even an offline skirmish mode.




Not a game and is the same price it always is.



Thanks for posting this. Just barely got it in time.





this looks like something people getting too old for roblox will get into. reminds me of secondlife mixed with unity kinda


I think something similar to second life but with a better engine and more stable client.
It was really fun building and scripting stuff and exploring stuff other people made with very few limitations since it was explicitly for adults.

Ran like shit and gave me eye stain so I quit playing it many years ago.

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