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This is a thread for sharing free game deals you find on the Internet.
Not free games, but specifically promos or ways of getting legit keys of otherwise non-free games.

You can get Watch Dogs for free if you install Uplay (Ubisoft's platform), launch it and click on the banner advertisement.
It's unclear how long this promo will last.


Do torrent deals count?


No. You can obviously get any game for free if you pirate it.
This is specifically for when websites give away Steam keys or keys for other platforms, for a limited time.



Free deals on GOG are the best. I haven't played Syberia but I did play Still Life, by the same dev, and it was quite good.


what do i need to get this. says free, but do i need to seriously give them all my info for it?


Well, since the offer is for their own platform, you need an account so that it can be saved in your collection (after which you can download DRM-free on any computer you want, forever).

>all my info

It's just a username and email, both of which you can make up if you just want to download the game, as there is no verification. But the point is to actually own the game, so that you can download many more times in future, like on Steam.


sorry for overreacting, indeed it required literally just Username Email Password, all of which i made up in like 30 seconds anyway.i remember seeing this game some months ago and thought it looked neat, thanks for the freeie



It's so stupid so many games don't go drm free with gog, I appreciate their existence.

Looks like I missed this deal though.




This would be a good game if they didn't include so many pointless cutscenes. It is terrible if you are a person who doesn't like anime.



Free Steam key, 1 day and ~23 hours left.


I was just looking at this game recently but didn't want to pay money for it. Thanks, wiz.


MDK is free on GOG for the next ~37 hours.


File: 1511465286448.jpg (293.79 KB, 704x720, 44:45, 2cores.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Free copy of sanctum 2 for 1 day & 22 hours.

Check out sanctum-2, the only first person tower defence game I personally know about on the market today! This game is honestly great with a wide variety of both towers and enemies along with online co-op campaign & difficulty settings how on earth can you not love this game.

If you're looking for fellow wizards to play with consider using the /games/ steam group, I know of a handful there who have been playing sanctum for years.



Just so you know I got ever single free game you posted. These free games are great for someone like me who missed out on all the good games in the past decade or so.


same here, except for one that i missed, in my case it's because i can't afford to spend any money on personal pleasures being a neet with student loans to pay off.


i'm looking around at black friday deals for games and i can't believe how shit it is. $30 off a $400 PS4. it's pissing me off. i thought normies beat the shit out of each other for these deals? this is it?
the PSN sale is fucking terrible too. the halloween sale was better than this garbage. unbelievable.


students aren't neet.


i'm not a student. i'm a past student with loans to pay off.

yeah, i'm waiting for christmas.


Free Steam keys for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified on Humble Bundle. 1 day and ~11 hours left.



World In Conflict Complete Edition free on Uplay, just open the client. No idea when it will end. I've heard Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is going to be free next week, also via Uplay.



Free Steam key for Homefront.
1 day and ~19 hours left.


File: 1512716733837.jpg (57.11 KB, 765x510, 3:2, 7aaf9347242204b0282e728d9d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This thread is pretty good, keep it up


I have no idea if it is good but it is free and I was in the mood for a new shooter.


File: 1512938781437.png (104.29 KB, 238x276, 119:138, 1511743332524.png) ImgOps iqdb

>free games
Boys, all games are free.
If youre a wizard you have no reason to buy them unless you insist on multiplayer.

google the pirate bay proxy and find the site, google bittorrent and install it, then on TPB type your game in the search field, click on the magnet link of the version of the game you ant to download from A TRUSTED UPLOADER (has pink or green skull).

Get a high end gaming PC with maximum settings and play any game you want. NEVER BUY GAMES!


I think everyone already knows about pirating. However the point of this thread is to post free game deals that are *legit*, as mentioned earlier:


I miss the times when you actually called it WAREZ instead of pirating. Getting some WÄCHZZ as I would say IRL.



I just googled the word and I just found out warez is supposed to be pronounced like "wares" Don't I feel stupid.



Grim Fandango Remaster free on GOG.
Not sure for how long.



Assasins Creed Black Flag free on UPlay until December 18.
Ignore the freetrial part, it's yours forever.


If I didn't hate UPlay so much I would grab it as when it came out it looked fun, but fuck them if I play it I will pirate it out of spite.



Company of Heroes 2 Free Steam key. 1 day, ~20 hours left.

Oh, and Homefront is free on Steam today, in case you missed the chance last time or didn't want to make HB account.


It is the same as all other AssCreed games, just go up the tower and "know the area", proceed and chase some guys, blend in, done.


I liked 1&2 but stopped playing when 3 looked underwhelming and the plot went all over the place because of all the side games before 3 came out.
Black flag looks good to me because I can ignore the main plot and just play a assassin gameplay styled pirate game.



Layers of Fear free Steam key. 1 hours, ~20 hours left.



Oxenfree is free on GOG for the next ~46 hours.


Watch_Dogs, Black Flag and World in Conflict are all free again on UPlay for a limited time!


https://www.moviebattles.org/#about free online Star Wars game



Carmageddon TDR 2000, free for 24 hours on GOG.


when my pc broke and i thought just buying an xbox was acceptable i saw those games on the free monthly games thing included for gold members

how are those developers even making money i wonder if the only places i hear about their games are free promotions



Free Amnesia Collection Steam key. 1 day and ~20 hours left.


Dungeons 2 is free on GOG for the next 30 hours!



Lethal League is free, but the website is having issues so check regularly if you're interested.



Free F1 2015 Steam key. 1 day and ~19 hours left.


Lucius is free on indiegala:


Darkness 2 is free on Humble Bundle!
1 Day 22 Hours left.


Spec Ops The Line is free
1 day 22 hours


great game, get it lads.



File: 1522961900478.jpg (602.04 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, dasgasdgasdgsdg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


free on steam at the moment, click the install button and it registers to your account, dont actually have to install it though. in a few days it will cost money again so nothing to lose picking it up


How is it without DLC?


idk never played it but i noticed it was being offerd for free


It's fairly playable without DLCs. Most DLCs just make more religions playable. Other DLCs add additional mechanics but I think that even without those the game is still fun. I played it when it came out 6 years ago and it was OK.


meant to reply to >>39912


Eador MotBW is free on Steam until Sunday, just go to its Steam page.

And Satellite Reign is free for around 2 days on HB: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/satellite-reign


GoG is even better than steam because it has no client and you can just backup the actual game files too


Not free games, but I got some discount codes from the latest humble bundle for games I'm not interested in. Any wiz who cares can have them.

They expire June 5th and are for PSN (PS4/PSVita)

50% off for Dead Rising 4 Frank's Big Package: 24Q6G6BRGJ (PS4)

40% off Valkyria Revolution edition: 24DL4KJ2MH (PS4/Vita)

50% off Yakuza 0: 2426GF2NT2 (PS4)

Again, they expire June 5th of this year.


Are they for Europe or US?


US and some other countries IIRC. You'll have to look it up.



Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is only €4.99 on PSN.


Distraint (Indie, Horror) is free for a limited time: https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/distraint


gog.com is doing unreal gold for free right now. Approx 1 day left.


Bought two bundles off Fanatical just for a few games and the rest aren't interesting to me. So I'll post them here if anyone wants them. These are for Steam.

>The Gate of Firmament


>World's Dawn


>Empire of Angels IV


>Soul Saber 2


>Celestian Tales: Old North


>Dragon Sinker


>Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy 6




>Dead Effect


>Dino D-Day


>Zeno Clash



Thanks very much, wiz!




I just realized I posted the same code twice for Soul Saber and Celestian.

Here the actual code for Celestian Tales: Old North



Discount for RE7 GOLD:


This is for PSN.


And it expires June 5th.


>says free, but do i need to seriously give them all my info for it?
It's called data-mining. Nothing is for free.
More info @ http://boards.4chan.org/g/
Please upload the soundtrack if you can. I can't find it on the net.


Xenonauts is free on GOG for 38 hours: https://www.gog.com/game/xenonauts



Only free for a little longer


Quake Champions is free for limited time
if i understand it correctly, you get to keep the game, but it's supposed to eventually go F2P anyway.


I will say this as a Unreal Tournament player, playing quake online is 2hard4me. I personally don't like getting insta killed every time I take 2 steps. Quake players are hardcore as fuck.


Ziggurat free on GOG with ~40 hours left.



I just realized GOG has it's own stupid launcher that I don't want to use. I already have my direct download games, and my steam games. I don't need a 3rd library of games too.


you don't have to use gog galaxy, you can just download installer, chose download offline backup, it's right under the big blue DOWNLOAD button.
they weren't pushing their own online service so blatantly before.


For Honor Starter Edition is free on UPlay, fuckers! https://free.ubisoft.com/promotions/for_honor/26/pc/login


Holy hell that game is bad. Such poor execution of a good idea.
Thanks anyway.


Oh, ok.


Shadowrun Returns Deluxe is free on Humble Bundle for the next 1 Day 23 Hours: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadowrun-returns-deluxe


any really good deals or free shit at the moment?


Hacknet free on Steam until 7/14 at 10 AM Pacific Time.


Looks interesting, but is probably one of those games that I will put off playing for far too long.


It is better then the first watch dogs, if that means anything to you.



Guns of Icarus free Steam key, 1 day and ~22 hours left.



Free for the next 48 hours. Add it and keep it forever.


Thanks Wizzie.


I don't think I have heard of this game and I don't remember/know what it is about but I am going to download it anyway.


I like Insurgency. It's like counter strike but more advanced with proper sniping. Definitely gonna try playing. Maybe they added more maps.



Free for a limited time - add it to your account and keep it forever.



good lookin out


Awesome. Has been on my wishlist for quite a while. Nice find wiz.


are you guys serious? That game looks like a norm media simulator


Damn, I forgot my password for humblebundle, but don't feel like resetting it.


>are you guys serious? That game looks like a norm media simulator

I just played it and yes, it is underwhelming. All the characters are cringy, edgy and/or stupid.



Starter Edition Free until the 27th. Add it and keep forever.


Isn't that game broken, and have a bunch of always online bullshit?


it honestly had some potential but yeah it's as you said. what a waste.


not broken anymore and its a pvp game so online only isnt a detriment unless you want to play the shitty campaign.

for free its a good game and i like it, nothing amazing but can be fun when its not rage inducing, but thats online pvp games for you.


Warhammer 40000 Space Marine free for another day or so: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/warhammer-40000-space-marine


Thank for your efforts, wizzies. Although I highly doubt that I will play most of these games, I keep the tab with this thread open on my all devices anyhow.


File: 1535716593250.png (274.52 KB, 499x468, 499:468, toocoolforschool.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks wiz, I've always been curious to try this one.


Spacecom is free on fanatical.

I'm storing these keys here for later, don't you dare take them faggots!



>Mordheim : Shitty of the damned


>Savage lands


>Day of Infamy



File: 1537470849423.jpg (87.29 KB, 450x297, 50:33, Dont mind if i do _c22f7f9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Deponia: The Complete Journey


Did you steal my keys? What keys did you steal fucker?


3/5 of em


Give them back. I was saving them for Christmas. Which 3 did you take?


File: 1537580206332.jpg (207.63 KB, 859x641, 859:641, 1510825291998.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Savage lands, Soulblight & Deponia if you must know. I'll save up my wizbux and buy you full price copies around that one pagan holiday we celebrate in winter.
pic unrelated


Hope you enjoy them dude. Soulblight is one of the games that made me buy the bundle but turns out I already owned it.


Shadow Warrior 2 is free to own on gog.com


Zhanks for the heads up wizard.


Thank you.

I was wanting to buy this but it never became cheap enough. Now I got it free. Hopefully it's loot is good like I heard.


File: 1538720938201.png (115.06 KB, 1911x961, 1911:961, galaxy shadow warrior 2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb




Oy vey!


just for laughs i've done this in the past to a variety of mundane programs that i knew were fine and it produced horrifying results. i don't think any of those sites actually scan anything. it probably just searches for like metadata or something to see if other programs have every flagged any parts of it


You tried


Any good deals at the moment? Good Halloween bundles?


Well, the next Steam sale should be at the end of this month. So you might want to hold off until then.


Steam sales are all terrible now. It's like 20% off some game that just got a new DLC. There's no longer those great super cheap triple A games from a year or two ago.


The big summer and winter sells are still great. Best time to buy most games if you can wait for it.



Free copy of SOMA for Steam. It's a great game so please only redeem it if you intent to play it.



so it's clean?


Anytime you see things like Heurestic or Gen\Generic (also RiskWare in case of malwarebytes, every crack\trainer gets flagged with that shit) you can freely ignore them, it's just a generic warning for "perhaps behaves like a potentially malicious file maybe possibly" and can be tripped by a plethora of trivial things. As a rule of thumb unless it's one specific virus type that multiple engines recognize the file is most likely clean.


Metro 2033 free for another 13 hours or so, fuckers! https://store.steampowered.com/app/43110/Metro_2033



Looks meh, but I like stealth so I will give it a shot.
Thanks for the heads up.



Christ, how dead is this game now they have to give it away?


It was dead at launch but it's also a modern game. Humble bundle made all games worth $5 each.


Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy is free to own on gog.com



File: 1541535244670.jpg (100.39 KB, 603x518, 603:518, wizn n.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I came here to say that!


PS: is not really free thought*

appparently they demand to track down your cellphone with some spyware before you are allowed to get the game. well not worth it probably dead and boring and empty to be worth giving away my freedom to a zionist company.


Here's Distraint, a supposedly pretty good 2d horror adventure



if your blizzard account is under a year old they ask for a phone number. Other wise it's no questions asked.


It looks like shit but since it is free and I have little better to do I will play it anyway. I just hope it isn't too long.


Nice, I suppose I'll be a good goyim and spend time in their multi-AI surveillance game as it harvests every shred of data it can.


Orwell key (Snorewell)



If you are just going to shitpost there are other places for it.


File: 1542208086695.jpg (412.96 KB, 900x971, 900:971, wizard 78465.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

no, I stand with that wiz!

not worth, I want to play games not to be spied on.

capcom has had a similar "free for all" one time, on an anniversary of a game and they gave me
steam games and only asked for my e-mail. just stop, jewing people is not OK, Blizzard is wrong.



Any free games or insanely good deals in the autumn sales?


Outcast- Second Contact free on Humble Bundle



File: 1542989242601.jpg (34.07 KB, 760x245, 152:49, outlast_deadline.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It seems it will only be available for download until 29th though.


Yeah, you have ~8 hours to grab the game for free. Once you grab it, it should be available forever on your account though.


No, the download will disappear after 29th.


No, read the image in >>44041


Isn't counter strike GO free now?


>Free for offline play against bots and spectating matches through GOTV.

protip: CS:GO is 50% off but you can get it much cheaper by buying the complete CS pack and get 1.6/Source as well.


All better additions imo. The complete pack also includes CZ which has a cool campaign mode that plays like old MoH.


I got it last summer sale when it was 80% off, so it is already in my library.


This is the big one! LEGO The Hobbit free for a limited time! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/lego-the-hobbit


I bet everybody already know this, but Subnautica is free on EpicGames store https://www.epicgames.com/store/ru/product/subnautica/home
Super Meat Boy is going to be given out for free after two weeks from now.


Full Throttle Remastered free on GOG. Just check the homepage. They also have a pretty extensive sale going on.


Hmm. I see. It's free through Epic Game's cancerous game retailing software. Promotional.


Yes, they are promoting their shitty client, no doubt they want my cursor to wander on over to Fortnite "just to see what it's like." But unfortunately for them I'm not interested in getting hooked on their skinner box, and hey a free game is still a free game (also, it seems like they have some scheme to release more free games regularly - promotional though it may be, I see no reason not to take advantage of it).


Got a code for a GOG game I don't want. Fantasy General.




It's Tencen not just Epic. They're a Chinese company who release utter cancer and want to muscle in on Steam.


Aren't they the ones who own League of Legends? Scary thought.


>Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing


File: 1545579658964.jpg (49.58 KB, 367x377, 367:377, 0888AD1B-26EE-4580-AA61-51….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Took it. Thanks a lot. I'm going to have something to do this evening.




SOMA is free on GOG at the moment: https://www.gog.com/game/soma


can't you just download gog games for free whenever you want off pirate sites


Can't you just read OP before posting?


yeah, I've just been thinking it for a while every time I see a gog link posted in here, like you can download every gog game for free whenever you want without a crack or anything


I'd try it, but first person horror games where you play hide and seek with the monster have run their course with me.


Super Meat Boy is free to grab for next two weeks (on Epic Games store tho)


SOMA is free on GOG for the next 37 hours.


Are you wizzies afk or somthing? No new posts lately. That worries me.


There haven't been any free games offers, hence no posts in this thread.

Although I frequently check and am a regular on here, a reminder that you can /r/freegamesonsteam yourself as well as gog and humblebundle instead of depending solely on this thread.




Finally, a free game on offer again.

GRID 2 is free on humble bundle



Site crashed my computer twice but I got the game so whatever.


Not a game this time, but game making software of some kind. Available until 18th of March.



a good game!




Right now Slime rancher is free on the epic games store.


Estranged Act II (Early Access) currecntly free.




It says it's a Half Life mod, so can I play it without owning the game?


From the looks of it, Act II is standalone. It stated that it was 'added to inventory', where Act I has no such procedure and formally states that it is a HL mod.


Morrowind is free to own, can claim for a day or so




Shit, I already have morrowind, but I want this. I also want redguard and pretty much every other TES game.


The Sims 4 (base game only) is free on origin.



steam key
crusader kings ii
me already own it


File: 1564604571121.jpg (857.17 KB, 916x1200, 229:300, 48309243_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

thx bro


File: 1569025220064-0.jpg (89.46 KB, 908x1189, 908:1189, blade.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1569025220064-1.jpg (205.24 KB, 620x851, 620:851, eyy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are we counting free to play games like Warframe?

Perils of an extensive character customisation menu:


Freespace 2 is free on GOG:


Paradox soul 5,000 free keys given away by the devs for steam.


Just DM the account. I also liked their imgur gallery and am spreading the word as well.


Postal 2 free on GOG for the next 2 days.


I alright bought it when it was on sell for less than a dollar.
Good game though. It's pretty funny if you like edgy early 00s style humor.


POSTAL: Classic and Uncut free on GOG, apparently permanently.


Bought redux too during the same sell for like 50 cents.

If only I waited a few months I could have gotten them both for free.
Still, probably would have just spent that money on a candy bar or something so whatever.


https://blog.google/products/stadia/try-stadia-free-today not sure if this counts and I can't say if it works or how it does as I'm trying to find how to install this shit at all myself




File: 1589498996789.webm (2.93 MB, 800x480, 5:3, 1587017384150.webm) ImgOps iqdb

GTA5 Premium Edition is free to own on Epic Store until the 21st


if only it was free on steam


Steam is the worst distribution platform out there. It's a social network fueled by cosmetic microtransactions.


It's true but it's also more convenient when you're lazy.



What platforms do you recommend, and what makes them better than Steam? Are they cheaper or are the games truly yours? I'm guessing one of those two.


File: 1589893783447.jpg (71.31 KB, 640x467, 640:467, smashed_laptops_640_05.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Steam sucks for a casual gamer because it has become more than what a gamer needs. It is a digital distribution platform still, but it is also a social media network not at all unlike Facebook; a video, art, and blog sharing service with groups, forums, and chat. The Steam community is made up of the same stock one would find on any other large-scale network; many users hate gamers and are only there for the e-thot pussy. It is an MMO with it's collectible XP, trading cards, and virtual goods marketplace. Microtransactions dictate who has the most "points" and social influence as a result. These avenues of usage can be disregarded if you simply set your profile to private and avoid the community tab altogether but playing many online games on Steam will pit you among the vapidly social Steam userbase - those who live and breath such normalfaggotry. It is an operating system with its media players, "big picture" desktop replacement, web browser, and simple (though unaccessible) file manager. All of this redundantly running on your existing OS, sapping processing power needed for peak gaming performance. Notorious for daily mandatory updates, huge install size, and boottime launching with ads+news splashscreen being enabled by default, it is invasive bloatware by definition.

>Are they cheaper

Epic Launcher and Origin typically have matched prices with Steam, while all three platforms have their own independent sales and freebies. Both are hardly social networks with lack of community features such as customization profiles or groups. These are fine, basically what steam used to be: Just a way to exchange money for digital access to a game provided you log in to authenticate every now and then. Steam game keys can be activated on origin and vice-versa, so a deal on one could mean a deal on the other.

GOG has little to no DRM. They also often employ charity bundles or pay-what-you-want pricing models. Their launcher is completely optional and exists to streamline all others in to one.

ThePirateBay is by far the best for free games. It has pretty much every single game from 1980-present, even console titles and some source code, all for $0.00 with no DRM. No launcher at all. Downloads can be slow though and a lot of multiplayer doesn't work.

>are the games truly yours?

No platform lets you own the games. Even software you have purchased on CD isn't technically yours to own by legal definition. Should Steam, Epic, and Origin, - which require at the least the occasional login to authenticate purchases - go down, the games purchased will be unavailable to play and download. Should GOG or TPB implode, already downloaded games will not require central-server authentication to keep playing. This makes them more versatile in a post-nuclear and overdue cable bill scenarios.


Pirating is cool, but the major problem is that many of the cracks and patches carry malware and AVs are useless because they automatically flag cracked stuff as malware. This often makes me think twice before downloading some shit, especially from public trackers like TPB.

Malware might seem like a boomer problem, but these days you can easily buy undetectable remote administration tools and people can essentially spy on you and use your computer for all kinds of nefarious shit like crypto mining or as a proxy server for illegal crap.



I have pirated games since i can remember and ive never downloaded a torrent with a virus before. The malware concern is pushed by paid shills to discourage zoomers like you from pirating. Try fitgirls torrents, they are legit. You have to be a complete internet novice to fall to fake torrent sites.


Me too, never had a problem with it and I have pirated everything down to the very Windows I'm using.


Malware is more subtle these days in order to make it more likely someone will actually run it. Back in the day, it would just wreck your computer, introduce lag, spam popups etc. and all you needed to do was look at the comments or run it in a sandbox, but these days you just get added on a botnet and it runs hidden with minimal resources attached to some system process. You probably run the game fine and never notice any problems, but you can't know if it's actually a trojan horse without careful analysis. Maybe in a couple months you notice some of your accounts don't work or have weird activity or your fans start brrrring in the middle of the night, thinking to yourself it's just some windows update crap.

I used to browse these script kiddie hacking forums where people would sell premium malware that was fully undetectable because it would attach malicious code on any regular executable, mask it with cryptography and decrypt it when it actually runs, making it impossible for the AV to pick up on patterns. More advanced programs could also mutate and change shape based on its environment. I remember DarkComet was a popular free RAT that got discontinued because it was apparently used in the Syrian civil war to monitor activists. There are probably insanely intricate programs that aren't even public except very small circles.

Using private trackers makes it less likely to get malware because attackers deliberately target publicly available and popular trackers like TPB and easily gather 100K botnets by cracking some popular zoomer game. Just because you don't notice any odd behavior doesn't mean your every keystroke isn't being sent over the Internet or that your GPU isn't being used to mine minimal amounts of cryptocurrency when you're sleeping.


Like I said my computer is clean and I use it for banking and cc purchases along with pirating for like a decade now. Even the os is pirated. Never had a problem.
>b-but you're just not noticing!
alright anon whatever you say.
It would be nice if Steam would pick up some of that fancy malware technology though, it looks like it's way better to have those running rather than that absolute trash called steam client. Even when the game is free it's still preferable to pirate it because of it. It's hilarious how they managed to make even free stuff unattractive with that fucking thing.


I think you are just sour grapes contrarian because your old shitty compute has trouble running it despite it working quite well on most hardware without issue.


I feared you were going to have a hissy fit over people not taking your fearmongering seriously. Even deleted my post but rewrote it on the off chance you weren't that petty. Lesson learned I guess. Hell yes, insult my computer, insult my monitor too, if it makes you feel better. lol
Wizchan these days, it's better to stare at the ceiling after all. Oh well


I'm not against piracy, just cautioning against public trackers because it's still a perfectly valid and effective method of malware distribution. The danger these days isn't the completely obvious porn pop-up or system crash, but using your computing/network power for various purposes. Oh well, enjoy your "free" games.


The only one having a hissy fit is you.
You have been having one for over two days now with your extensive whining trying to derail the thread like the crab in a bucket you really are.


>ThePirateBay is
Dead. Dead for almost 5 years now. RIP tpb. And rip KAT. I'm glad that they're gone.
I know it's back online again, but those events years ago changed my online life.

Believe it or not some people get "too old" for pirating. I bought shogun total war years after release for pennies because torrented version was recognised as a virus. I don't play videogames now but I make sure to log in to epic store to get free games every week, just because that's what apparently doesn't make companies lose money. Yeah. Torrenting a game makes them lose money but giving your personal data in exchange for free shitty games doesn't. I also buy some old games I used to enjoy as a kid(I don't anymore) just to feel a little better about myself knowing that I gave something back for those few nice memories.
Torrents gave various amounts of seeds and are never 100% safe from viruses. Some countries add risk of getting a lawsuit too.
Playing some old games that have "steam version" adds some technical difficulties but those are rare cases. Physical copies are more reliable in this case.

I used Avast but it became adware. Moved to something else for a while. Then I stopped torrentng new videogames. Now I don't have any AV at all. If I suspect something's wrong, using Live CD of Kaspersky does better job at finding viruses than any real time antivirus.
Modern games aren't even available anymore in physical format. I can't buy DVDs anymore. I accepted the reality of videogames as a service. Having to pay 10$ for a single steam videogame in a year or two doesn't hurt me that much.

Besides games nowadays are updated with new content. Illegal copies are almost always outdated. Take Klei or Paradox games for example.


>Dead. Dead for almost 5 years now. RIP tpb
Um what? I've been using it daily all that time without issue. Sometimes had to use their Tor link that's it
After over 10 years of pirating everything i've never experienced malware. I'm a programmer so i most likely would have noticed


File: 1590457091693.jpg (25.86 KB, 275x275, 1:1, savior.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

me too, I have pirated shit for 10+ years and never gotten a virus

some people are just TOTAL pussies who are too afraid to pirate, but this board is FOOL of tip toe twink beta males who are scared of their own shadows.

Whatever, free shit for me, let the wimps hide in their blanket forts and fantasize about their ideal imaginary waifu anime succubus who wouldn't look at them for 2 seconds if she was real.


File: 1590457442527.jpg (94.81 KB, 640x854, 320:427, 47419_06.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> let the wimps hide in their blanket forts and fantasize about their ideal imaginary waifu anime succubus who wouldn't look at them for 2 seconds if she was real.

now, now, now, don't be so sure about that…


Not going to lie, I am exactly the kind of dork to do a bit like that with the light up glasses as a goof.


Hitman: Absolution free for another ~63.5 hours.



You probably got malware instead also


thanks for this. i've been playing it this past week. it's probably the first single player real "Game" made by an actual game developer i've touched in years


File: 1599897312570-0.jpg (783.95 KB, 1478x2000, 739:1000, Nahiri.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1599897312570-1.jpg (184.91 KB, 940x651, 940:651, 20200913.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Magic: The Gathering ARENA is free to play;


File: 1600774973182.jpg (268.61 KB, 1920x887, 1920:887, 20200913.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone played TEPPEN?


Planeswalker cards still feel off like they belong it in a different game mechanically..


File: 1601082743755.mp4 (3.35 MB, 1920x1120, 12:7, X4.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Even if I do like the look of them..


For indies just buy the game on stream extract files and return it. So fucking easy


Seems really dickish and will cause them to end their return policy if it's abused.


Devs know to some degree there's a minority of this kinda shit that goes on. It is dickish to do, especially to lower level creators, but if someone pirates a game, there were likely already people paying money for it. In that case, it's also likely successful enough for something like that to not really matter. It's still distribution, and if they tell someone about it, that's potentially another patron. The more important thing is getting enough eyes on your product.


There is no consistent logic in your position and a lot of your assumptions just seem pretty phoney.


File: 1602918332063.gif (1.92 MB, 640x1063, 640:1063, 20201025.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Starcraft2 is free? Is that true?


Path of Exile is still F2P. But what's with that HEIST expansion?


Ninja plays free


File: 1602920232038.jpg (31.8 KB, 576x435, 192:145, 20201108.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Remember when Blizzard games were never on sale?


File: 1603005925004-0.gif (2.52 MB, 484x729, 484:729, zchungrey.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1603005925004-1.gif (2.59 MB, 484x729, 484:729, zchunpink.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1603005925004-2.gif (2.59 MB, 484x729, 484:729, zchunred.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Helltaker is free on Steam.


The part that cost money is the artbook. Heh.


It's a meem game, unfunny and ugly to boot. Free is too high a price still. Into the trash.


What kind of game is it?


File: 1603070049615.gif (337.02 KB, 500x241, 500:241, zred.gif) ImgOps iqdb

It's a short game, try it for yourself.


sega is having like 5 free games and free dlc for shogun


I don't know but every person seems to like it because "waifus" so don't bother if you don't care about that kind of stuff.


File: 1603706410385.gif (56.94 KB, 275x200, 11:8, w.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Game is free
>But needs an Epic launcher


>game is free
>but needs russian crack launcher


I'd honestly take the Russians


You're gonna be a part of a botnet anyway, but I'd rather Steam or Epic have my data then some russian teenager recording my webcam or crypto mining when I'm asleep.


I've started to block my pirated games in firewall now. That should help right?


Not really. Usually the game .exe is just a trojan that hides malware code and upon execution copies it into some system process that is already running like svchost.exe or explorer.exe. So even if you block the game .exe from the Internet, the actual malware is running from who knows where.


File: 1605355159837.jpg (61.05 KB, 720x720, 1:1, y1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

F2P like Path of Exile, Warframe & War Thunder still fun?


Except none of this ever happens.


I personally had a 100+ botnet "army" back when I was a script kiddie in the early 2010s, a fucking teenager in middle school. You might think that you need exceptional skill to pull this off, but really you can just buy a ready-made professional remote administration tool + crypter for 50 bucks on public "hacking" forums and you could have undetectable malware for months and even years depending on how you spread it. Back then, I used Dark Comet since it was free and still managed to get 100+ infected PCs by uploading a couple trojan cracks on piratebay, despite it being detected by every AV database at that point.

What can you do with an infected PC? Well, basically anything, you literally "own" it at that point. You can watch people's screens, delete, upload files, keylog their passwords, steal their credit card, spy on their webcam, use them as a proxy etc. If you had a particularly large cluster of these bots, you could DDoS small websites or try to crack hashes and brute-force logins on websites.

These days, there's an insane amount of incentive to build undetectable, small footprint malware that uses your computing power for crypto mining when you're "asleep". Ever wondered why your fans start spinning up randomly at night? Ever wondered why these public cracking groups do it for free? "Teehee, I'm just super interested in compression and reverse-engineering, please download my repack/crack for education purposes hehe :3"

>Except none of this ever happens.

Of course not. Enjoy your "games" ;)


Still better than paying for games


I'm sure you did sweety.


File: 1605396882427.jpg (24.69 KB, 474x266, 237:133, 1595802475405.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You ARE paying for it, my dude. You're just not aware of it, that's my point.

Oh yeah? I'm tracing your IP right now, I know you're in Alaska, faggot.


t. broke into /staff/


I believe you dude, people are so retarded thinking anyone just cracks and uploads games for completely free for absolutely no reason other than some bs excuses like you mentioned or pretending to stand for some cause, if I want a game I'll just buy it, $20 is worth the peace of mind and if I don't like it I can just return it and get my money back


Nothing ever is free.


File: 1605623171163.png (360.95 KB, 589x593, 589:593, no bulli.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just run the game in a sandbox so you can see and control what it attempts to reach out and touch. The last game I pirated was Nier: Automata and it didn't attempt to fork new processes or mmap another. It just modified a registry key for the controller and read/wrote files relative to itself.


I like to download trojans and see how they work and what IPs they're returning data to.


B-b-but the hax0rz. They're stealing my internets with their cracks and stuff.


I guess that works, as long as it doesn't impact performance. Keep in mind that it's possible for the trojan to detect common sandbox programs and act normally to fool you while in that environment. A lot of thought can go into a piece of malware since these days it's possible to fund an entire team of professionals to develop and maintain it.

Computing is a valuable resource, especially these days when everyone has a 1000 dollar GAMING PC and mining crypto is basically turning electricity into untraceable funds. Do you seriously believe that there is no incentive to do this?




Prison Architect free giveaway for another ~40 hours. Just scroll down a bit.



File: 1608947371327.jpg (49.57 KB, 474x355, 474:355, GH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Epic Store
Eww. Nope. Hard pass.


>The last game I pirated was Nier: Automata
I tried to pirate that as well but couldn't install it, I thought it was because of the DRM.




thanks, trying it out right now




i remember finding a steam group for free game deals a while ago. should be on page 1 of a google search. my only complaint was that everything was epic games store stuff

i guess i should just make an epic games account or whatever to bank up on free shit


It's pretty much the same sites giving freebies: Epic, Humble Bundle, GOG and the occasional Steam game that has a permanent free promo (lots of free weekends tho).



Since OP mentioned keys, I'll just ask here ITT.

Is it safe to buy steam cd keys? I just bought 2. The seller seemed to have a long history with 50k and 10k sales respectively. But I'm just nervous about keys being revoked months and even years later. I'd rather have paid some extra bux to avoid anxiety like that.



this one had a key revoked once but it was one ingot so not much of a loss, merchants are their user agreements eh? lately this one prefers to spend coin at trading posts such as gamejolt and itch.


i've bought a couple over the years and never had them revoked. never even heard of that happening.


Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are free on the Epic store.


Is there any way to claim epic games without installing the software? Say for example I want to get an EA game free, can I claim the game and then play it on origin/ea play?


Not that I know of.
Which is



Its funny the reaction of a very niche game thats been dead for years finally getting a massive influx of noobs



I started to install this game but after reading that sub I feel like it might have been a mistake. People are acting like you need 500 hours of play time to become competent at the game. I'm not sure I want to sink 500 hours into this.


There's always a bit of a learning curve with these types of games and given the age of this game you're probably going to be up against people who have been playing since the beginning. It's still possible to have fun, and I believe there's even an offline skirmish mode.




Not a game and is the same price it always is.



Thanks for posting this. Just barely got it in time.





this looks like something people getting too old for roblox will get into. reminds me of secondlife mixed with unity kinda


I think something similar to second life but with a better engine and more stable client.
It was really fun building and scripting stuff and exploring stuff other people made with very few limitations since it was explicitly for adults.

Ran like shit and gave me eye stain so I quit playing it many years ago.

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