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Least thread >>28403




Found a very nice Snes version





Everyone likes this game , but ganbare goemon 2 on SNES is actually the best fake of the serie. It's like rayman origins on steroid. And you can play it on coop online on some ROM sites.


I have to post this one every VGM thread, apologies.


The best game* sorry


I love the Goemon series and although I quite like the gg2 it's a very short game so I prefer both n64 titles over it. If one day Nintendo (or any serious developer for that matter) purchases the IP from Konami it's literally going to be one of the best days of my life. Can't stand seeing this series relegated to become pachinko stickers. Also, wiz, sorry to bother you, but don't post itt without vgm.


I thought it was a pretty long game actually. Wish it could be translated. Also what about the GG on ds, is it any good?


I dislike "puzzles" involving the stylus and the game is pretty much talking to people, clicking and dragging boulders and boxes on the screen. Not my cup of tea and I hear it didn't sell well in Japan. Probably my least favorite title.




When they remake gen4 I hope they don't do guitar remixes of the OST and call it a day. It's the most atmospheric OST in the entire series to me.



Best area theme in the game.




Recently went through this game and the music is beautiful, added a lot to the whole experience.



Winter always made me depressed in this game.









I think I fapped to this when I was a teen.

Also fapped to my female character having to dance.


Such a good game in all aspects.






Good taste













I don't think many know about this one. Good soundtrack.









The music is so good but the level is so frustrating and filled with (almost) unfair bullshit. If it wasn't for this kickass song I probably would have rage quit that level.



This fits so good with the game somehow. It makes me want to invade shit

>I probably would have rage quit that level
Same here, I can't believe I beat that game


Cool. I like listening to the Hell March while I browse blogs of people who rant against the current stream of Marxism. Fits the political climate of our times very well. For a while I was a bit frightened but now I'm quite excited what crazy stuff the future has to offer.


Something more along the lines of Bolshevism.





Blogs against Marxism? They are all rarted







← The abridged version from the game, but I prefer the full version myself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rlo3hDX2qI0


I prefer the painter's theme.



I always think this is one of the most under-rated soundtracks in gaming. I like to listen to it after a bad day sometimes and just be at peace with myself.



File: 1538324772659.webm (7.67 MB, 340x256, 85:64, Dropzone (NES) Title Them….webm) ImgOps iqdb


Anything similar to this out there?




I loved Subterrania. Never managed to finish the thing without cheating later on with emulators, those water levels are insane.

Here's another Genesis tune.




I miss my sega megadrive








Blade Runner pastiche






This theme always puts a smile on my face


That is really good. You can tell that a lot of work, talent, and passion went into the composition.






Love this version of the critical health theme in pokemon. Captures the essence of anxiety while still sounding fly as fuck.


Buck Bumble




I'm 98% sure this game is the reason why I love dnb



I love this game so much.






One of my favorite game tracks







Druid II from Fairlight. Very wizardly, yes?

I also posted a remix of this one a while back, in another thread:











Mabinogi G22 OST/BGM - Balor


pretty good







Anyone remember this game?


I remember seeing old ads but never played it myself.



I think i have the cartridge somewhere in house. Only played it when I had no internet and I was really bored. it's not a great game.




Just about the best going for feels.



Hated this at first but it grew on me.


what about songs about vidya?



Got bored and made a video of all the area themes in Nier Automata. Might do the battle themes next if I feel like it.


"Come in, Cooper! Do you copy? Forget about Freeman…"


I'm pretty sure I've listened to most, if not all of, Sonic R's sound track. It's so upbeat and catchy that I find myself coming back to it sometimes.

I always start with "Can You Feel the Sunshine", but I'm listening to "Living In the City" right now. They both have lines about surviving, and I find that pretty cool.

Also, as a second choice to listen to, Sonic 2 Gamegear's bad ending song for both its awesome presentation for the ending sequence and ending song.

I've not listened or even gone to any Mario game sound track other than Yoshi's Island's ending theme. Sonic games, even the bad ones, just, overall, have amazing music.



At first I didn't like Dark Souls 2 but's growing on me. I feels really good when you kill a boss that's giving you trouble and you come back to Majula. The ambiance, color palette and especially music of that place make me feel safe and comfy.





Altered Beast





Do covers count?




Getting drunk to this at the moment; it provides the perfect mood/psychological backdrop for me.


Eerie. I listened to this on repeat for hours each day a few years back during a depressing episode. It has some undefinable subtleties that ring with the late 90s, to my ears at least.


File: 1566005119612.jpg (98.51 KB, 782x750, 391:375, D8gMCn0W4AEAawr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck dude, I did almost the same thing once. I would also agree about the nostalgic quality; reminds me of Mike Paradinas' (AKA µ-ziq) work from that point in time.

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