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in this thread, ask other wizards for game recommendations

i am looking for a game that is
*single player
*not normalfaggish
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What kind of games do you like? Maybe we can recommend something


just get anything. if you play it less than a few hours, idk the limit look it up, you can refund it


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Any games/mods out there where you can play as a bounty hunter in a compelling story, but not in an Elite Dangerous or free-form space sim way? Stranger's Wrath (one of my absolute favorites) is basically all that comes to mind. There's usually bounty based side quests/missions in a lot of games, like in RDR or a lot of RPGs, but I guess I just want a game where that's the sole focus. Mace Griffin is a game I rented when I was just a kid and I've been meaning to play it at some point to potentially scratch this itch. As an aside, I also really wish Prey 2 had been released somehow.


Every bounty hunter game I can think of got canceled before release.


You'd try some mapmaking for minecraft's adventure mod.

I almost find all those qualities in such issue.


I have not played many games, but the ones that I have enjoyed most are open world where I can explore and get quests and stuff. For example, Legend of zelda the windwaker was probably my favorite, then star fox adventures and one of the assassin's creed games, skyrim and mass effect 3 were also up there. What are games like this called? Is it an RPG? I have an xbox 360 but only played like 5 games on it so I want to try another one. I want to be able to explore and do quests and make choices that affect the story. Anyone got any suggestions?


Something that feels similar to fallout 3 or nv. Nothing medieval


If you liked Assassins Creed try out the Batman Arkham games, they are the same style of game, oh and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is also good.
For something like Skyrim check out the previous Elder Scrolls games (Morrowind and Oblivion) and Fallout 3/New Vegas. For something like Mass Effect try out Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which was made by the same people. As for Zelda, there are a bunch of them and they're all good imo (the main series at least)


Absolutely nothing beats Fire Pro Wrestling World for PC in pro Wizardly entertainment.

You can play it single player, co op or online if you choose.

Whatever is your personal preference basically.

You can create your own stable of Wizards and take on a faction of normies or crabs ALL of your own design or you can download various edits of other people's creation from the Steam Workshop.

There's almost no limit to the wonderful creations the Wizardly mind can come up with!


NiNo Kuni is comfy as fuck. I'd recommend it.


Wizards, could you recommend me a game to play while listening to podcasts?

I want to devote most of my attention to what is being said in podcast, so the game can't have dialogue, much of a story, or text that could distract me from that. In other words, it has to be visually entertaining, but mindless in all other accounts.

So far I've been playing Tetrix and SuperTuxKart, but I've grown tired of them. Could you please suggest something?


Try some bullet hell or sports games


Mount and Blade
Monster Hunter series
Kula World


File: 1560012754083.png (101.69 KB, 491x464, 491:464, 8f70580ab7436dc783244170bb….png) ImgOps iqdb


Fire Pro World is perfect for what you are after!

Many people buy the various Fire Pro games not even to play the games themselves but simply watch and sim the matches because the AI/logic system is so good.

If you are like many Wizards out there you are probably either a fan of anime or comic books or other fantasy literature/characters, etc.

So just saying you can go to the Steam Workshop for Firepro or hell just create your favorite fantasy characters yourself if you want and set them up to fight using logic you expertly program into them and then set up a CPU Vs. CPU match and see who wins.

You can make the ring look however you want to along with the turnbuckles (corner pads) and change the color of the ropes, etc and not only that you can have whatever background music you are willing to download or use from your existing MP3 library for it.

So yeah just pointing out Fire Pro World isn't exclusive to needing to use real life or created wrestlers.

You can literally use or create any kind of character that you want.

When the AI/logic is programmed well enough matches can sometimes go for a long time like say 60 minutes or longer but thats usually a rarity and the in game clock runs a bit fast so the real time when it goes 60 minutes is more like 30 minutes but just saying the game has a lot of fun and intrigue to offer and most important of all vast customizeability.

There's mods out there that can make it even better.


Would SEKIRO be to your liking?


File: 1561601656022.gif (3.92 MB, 612x600, 51:50, 1450426615199.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I need a 100% single player console game that I can spend massive amounts of time on like 100s of hours


You can play and enjoy Monster Hunter World just fine without touching any of the online crap


>kula world
Good choice.


File: 1562414027757.jpg (138.2 KB, 1069x1600, 1069:1600, 2dzlja0s4qc11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Looking for a singleplayer tank sim, my preference being WW2 era > 2nd gen MBT > 3rd gen MBT > 1st gen MBT > WW1 era

>Not Steel Beasts Pro 4.0 as I'm too much of a poorfag for that

Steel Beasts (2000) and Steel Armor: Blaze of War look good actually but I've yet to find a working torrent for the former, and the only one I found for the latter has 1 seeder which has given me only 400mb over the course of 13 hours


Maybe, and I may be talking crazy here, but maybe if you want and enjoy the game you should just buy it.


I like to try before I buy, no need to act so condescending wizzie


looks good, will give it a try, thanks


Here's your answer: DF.


Something I without a lot of text and reading so I can listen to audio books, podcast, and the like while playing.
I am getting sick of solitary.


File: 1562811803423.jpg (35.91 KB, 639x361, 639:361, Witcher 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Play it on insane if you don't mind starting all over if you die which you will because there's a lot of cheap A.I tricks so even if you memorize attacks and stuff they still can be unpredictable at times and best of all no cheap damage sponging or levels just pure calculation and avoiding damage or minimizing it or applying it correctly either 1v1 or vs group A.Is. Playing on Dark without upgrading armor or weapons on the first run seems like a good idea if you want a nice challange since it doesn't change anything other than not null your saves and make you start over if you spent 1k hours and get tripped by someone otherwise just get better gear if it gets too dicey. Combat is souls-like but the most hardest of the other 2 games. Lots of quests and exploration or just rush main story. Choice matters. Blows Skyrim out of the water when it comes to RPG. Arena but they took down the score site long ago.


File: 1562828727206-0.jpg (238.54 KB, 840x620, 42:31, pips.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I played only a handful of games throughout my life, preferring to stick to a few primarily multiplayer games. Most of them lost their playerbase, were patched and changed to hell by the developers or simply became stale to me. I have nothing to play now, I lack clear reference points I can rely on to find games I can potentially like, I don't want to spend money on games and after having accustomed to Steam I feel rather uncomfortable downloading games off smaller/public torrent sites that don't verify their uploads for viruses and other bullshit. I could give emulation a try, I thoroughly enjoyed playing vidya that I missed out on as a kid.
To sum it up, I'm looking for a game that:
- Isn't demanding in terms of system requirements
- Focuses more on action/combat, requires active player input, basically everything that isn't strategy/RPG, I guess; although I did enjoy Mario & Luigi games very much because of the dodging/parrying mechanics.
- Isn't set in a Fantasy/Medieval setting
- Is relaxing, you can zone out and play
- Is atmospheric
* Can be from older consoles (4-6 Gen, preferably)
* Offers Metroidvania-style free exploration, preferably
* Is Singleplayer, preferably
I'd also love to hear Torrent sites wizards recommend downloading games from. I'm registered on Playbits, but from what I've gathered the way things are done there is you upload whatever and no verification is done apart from the rating system, so I fear there might be malware, same goes for Piratebay. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to technology, so forgive me if I'm wrong or excessively paranoid.


guys i want free good games (yes im poorfag) , also if linux native that would be amazing


admittedly I have never any of these games but dead rising and dead space, maybe? though I don’t think they are relaxing…


Do wizzies know any Korean-CS-ripoff-style games, that are free to play and are free from P2W mechanics?


I tried this with The Witcher 3 because that's the way I usually play these games, but the insane loading times in between deaths made the trial and error of learning how to get good way more tiresome than it ought to have been


File: 1562935195639.jpg (100.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, pet-clothes-cosplay-pirate….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>or excessively paranoid.
That's perfectly normal and healthy when it comes to pirating stuff in 2019. There were always viruses on torrent sites but there weren't as many as nowadays since when it came to being a pirate reputation means everything because why else would you redistribute cracked or stolen software when you can keep it hush and for yourself? Cracked game false positives for instance. Since games and their DRM is changing and becoming more intricate it's no longer about changing a few lines in an exe and giving it out with the game data or separately where as someone distributing viruses would need to stuff it inside or replace it which makes it easier to detect or call out so they will have no rep and nobody will even bother trying to download it unless they were total newbs and didn't know how to use a torrent site or find torrents. Now when you crack a game you must actively poke around and change a lot of things in order to reverse engineer and get it to work without DRM or bypass it e.g Steam cracks with their .dlls and so forth. This in itself means that there's more ways to hide viruses like trojans, keyloggers, cryptominers and ransomware some which can even bypass most modern anti-virus software because they could've been made by military speciliasts usually from countries like Iran or China that aim to make a quick buck off or make use of infected machines. A good example is Capcom's Resident Evil 2(2019) and how many popular torrents from known scene groups tend to have odd false positives and how some people comment their PCs acting weird while others claim they don't notice anything. However you may find some game companies tend to strip DRM after a while either because it was cracked but it impeded game performance like Bethesda's Doom (2016) for paying customers or just because they don't like DRM like most game companies that use GoG - Good Old Games as a publisher which is the one place where you can buy old and new DRM-free games that you can burn on discs but also a way to procure them for free from torrent sites like The Piratebay. GoG games do not require any crack or manipulation so they're 99% of the time free of any viruses and trickery unlike most newly released games that have DRM in them. GoG games also come with goodies like music,avatars, game manuals etc. So check around https://www.gog.com/ find a game you like and search for it on TPB.
If you were wondering how GoG makes money well people tend to buy their games because it means less DRM released games in the future which aren't impeded by perfomance issues or "always-online" idiocy. As you can see a lot of people are paying up since they're still in business so you don't really need to support them or feel bad for pirating their stuff. In fact I think Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the most "pirated" game of all time even tho there won't be any copy-protection on it in the first place.


Counter strike global offensive is now free to play.


Call of Chernobyl


Can anyone recommend me some games about decision making? Where the choices you make could have long lasting repercussions and everything.


Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Planescape Torment
Mass Effect 1 - 3 (can load previous game saves to carry over choices)
Dragon Age Origins
The Witcher 1 - 3 (Can load previous game saves to carry over choices)


Any Warriors especially the Empires versions


I'll second the recs the other 2 guys gave you.

Monster Hunter is really good and possible to play singe player in most games. World however might not necessarily have as much content until the new DLC comes out in a few months. So you would have to buy the base game + that.
Besides that you could try the earlier games that have G rank, Freedom Unite you could easily spend hundreds of hours on. 3U and 4U, also both good. You could try XX on the switch, I am not sure how much content that has since I haven't played it, but I imagine it's similar.

Warriors series is also really good. I've mostly played the Samurai Warriors series. 1 is good but it doesn't have a ton of content and the character/stage variety is pretty limited. 2 and 2XL are the best of the series IMO, good mix of difficulty with character and stage variety. 3 and 4 have more content but they're not as difficult.
For Empires I've only played Samurai Warriors Empires 2, it was good but I don't know remember it having that much content. Maybe 3 and 4 have more.

For Dynasty Warriors I've only tried 8XL, but I'd say that definitely has enough to keep you occupied for over 100 hours.
The rest of the warriors series I haven't tried.

To a certain degree all these are kind of repetitive, they will involve you hunting the same monsters or playing the same stages again at increasing stages of difficulty to get materials for armor and weapons (in the case of Monster Hunter) or rarer weapons and items (in the case of Warriors games). But if you're okay with that you'll probably like them.


Personally I prefer the Empires versions because I'm not stuck with limited number of stages like with Sengoku Basara, I prefer endless placement possibilities to the same historical placements, Xtreme mode from XL expansions and the castle modes were great too oh and the create a warrior (CAW) is quite addicting too (not in SW2E though that game had other things to make it entertaining like the events among historical charas, the formation gimmick and others)


Factorio is pretty good, if you are into that kind of stuff.
I'm also building and testing submarines in Barotrauma singleplayer, the original free version, I think it's still on github somewhere.


I'm getting a bit of an itch to play some cRPG but I've always been bad at them and drop them fairly quickly, after a few hours or so. Just wondering if there is a "right" one to start with and maybe I'd need to scum out with a cheesy build for the first time too.


what are you bad at? the combat? are you looking for something with a story focus?


for me, I have to be in the mood to put a good amount of time into crpgs, make sure you have a lot of free time and don't have to worry about stuff in real life so you can get immersed and just spend hours slowly going through the world and reading everything


I'd say its mainly the combat and movement. Real time anything has ruined me for turn based stuff.

I'm supreme NEET tier so no worries about time.


Did anything of importance get added to the paid version of Barotrauma?


This is an old thread, but I recommend One Shot. Really screws with your mind


distant worlds universe

one of the best 4x games ever made while being accessible to new players


Grim Dawn


slay the spire


Fallout 1&2 and mayb tactics



To add onto my list:

Okami, the best Zelda

It's extremely comfy.

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