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I grew up with games. I think I played at least half of the games which are listed in various Top games of All times lists. I used to be able to immerse myself completely into the games, and play for hours and hours. Even in the last few years, every once in a while I ran into a title that I could really fall into and clock hours playing it - not as much as when I was younger, but still.

Now this hasn't happened in quite a while, with really rare exceptions. I just can't start a new game, I don't have the patience to learn it and explore it, especially if there's a lot of things to take in (skill descriptions, complex game mechanics, long cinematics etc.).

I have a big back log of games on Steam that I purchased and never played, or played for a few minutes and then uninstalled because I just can't be bothered.

It's a shame, and it makes me feel melancholic.

Did anyone else go through with this? Did you find new hobbies? Is this thread even fit for /games/? Discuss, please.


First up don't get too hang up on the idea of a "back log". Some games aren't good enough to deserve a full playthrough because they get worse later on or just get boring or whatever. I used to get really fixated on cleaning up my backlog and in the process I ended up playing games that I didn't really want to play and burned myself out needlessly. Just play whatever you want at the time and don't feel bad because of it. Another thing is try out things that you either never did before or that you used to really dislike when you were younger. As I'm getting older I'm getting into completely new genres that I never cared for and get into them far more than the kinds of games I usually play - for example I used to really dislike adventure\puzzle and simulation games for many years, and yet I've been trying out more and more puzzle-focused games and for a few months now I've been on a huge racing simulator binge with no signs of stopping, things that would've never happened 5 years ago. Try to explore things outside of your comfort zone, maybe try out some extremely obscure titles whether on consoles (PS2, PSP, SNES and Genesis\Master System have a metric fuckload of completely unknown and yet really good and creative games) or PC, maybe try your hand at modding or making levels for something or do something extremely wacky like trying PnP Roleplaying solo or grabbing Tabletop Simulator or any of the other virtual boardgame things and fucking around with that. And if something doesn't grab your interest - don't force yourself, don't feel bad about it, just swiftly move on and don't dwell on it since that's an easy way to get yourself into a slump.


I feel you pain man. I haven't been able to enjoy video games since the gamecube was the most current system. I tried buying a game like half a year ago but I haven't even opened it.


easier said than done, but try to find reason to play beyond having "fun".
you could make a 5 hours long retrospective about your favorite childhood game or something. that's easier said than done of course.


I have a similar problem. I can get immersed and enjoy a game, but only the FIRST TIME I played. If I finished a game, and I liked, if I try to play again, I dont get the same enjoyment from the first time I played. But, for my luck, there are exceptions.


it's almost the opposite for me, i'd finish a game, be real fucking tired of it, start a new game and wish i was still playing an old one.


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I've been getting the same way. I sometimes binge on a certain game for a bit but I almost never really play many games at all except for a single game in my steam library, everything is just so boring.
It's not all bad for me though, I've wanted to quit games for a while now and getting tired of them basically takes them out of my life almost entirely. I didn't get rid of them through will and discipline like I wanted but at least they're almost gone, if not completely gone. Now they're just a time waster or a coping method instead of the vice they used to be.
It might not be so great losing a hobby that nearly consumed your life since you were young but try to look at the bright side, you can start new things now. You have more time and money to do some of the things you have always wanted to do if you have any of those things. I hope you find something good, wizzie.


getting high usually brings back those feelings of immersion. it works really well. however i understand not everyone has easy access to drugs.


Play games you enjoy. If it's not fun after a hour, move on…


That looks fun. I like the designs too.i


thread is one year old, these "too depressed to play games/don't enjoy them anymore" seem to pop up every now and then and I'm sick of it because you know the op just want to vent, and while there's nothing wrong with that fundamentally (i can relate) it would be better to keep that shit to /dep/ where it belongs please


That's a shame


Try it


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Old-school 1 vs 1


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Cross Counter!


I only want to play Total war Warhammer 2 but it's too expensive and i don't have steam anyway. And there's no cracked version too.

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