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The Sixth Generation was my most nostalgic generation and its the only generation where I owned every major console Playstation,Gamecube,Dreamcast,and Xbox.

The Xbox was my favorite of the four and I was wondering if anyone else here has memories of or still owns this console.
I would also like to know your favorite games on the console.

My list would be:
1. BattleFront 2
2. Halo 2
3. KOTOR 2
5. GTA San Andreas


Have you installed XBMC OP? Are you aware of the leaking battery capacitor design fault that is causing them to break down if it isn't fixed.
My favourite exclusive games Are
Halo and Halo 2
KOTOR and its sequel
Jade Empire (made by the same guys as KOTOR and quite similar)

Lots of multiplats are just downright better on xbox. The Splinter Cell games in particular look much better (Which matters when you have to hide in the shadows) and have more levels. I think every sixth gen console is worth owning though and they can all be picked up cheap except the GameCube and since the Wii is basically free at the moment and plays gamecube games that isn't a problem.


Only XBOX is worth owning actually, and even that not for long since there's real progress on a proper emulator finally. Everything else can be perfectly emulated already.


Dreamcast emulation sucks.


To be fair dreamcast has maybe 5 exclusives worth playing and they're emulated well enough.


Good console, definitely superior hardware to the ps2 even if its library was lackluster by comparison.

Reminds me I really gotta finish customizing my slimbox. All it needs now is copper heat sinks and a new paint job.


I would still consider it worth getting a DreamCast considering I have seen them for like twenty euro and games are free. Awful controller aside (and I love the Saturn 3D controller) it was a great system. Then again emulation is only going to get better.


I am a dumb wiz but that was why I played console so I wouldn't have to do all that.
I liked all the games you mentioned as well and what I liked about the Xbox was how good it looked at the time and the 2nd controller was alright.
Star wars was the reason why I bought the console in 2003. Did not care about halo until I played it and was one of the best games of my life its tied with Halo 3 as best Halo.


I preferred the original controller but my only complaint about the console is how flimsy the controllers are. If you don't open your xbox and take out the battery that powers the real time clock it is literally going to dissolve your motherboard. XBMC is incredibly easy to install and lets you play pirated games and emulators. I'm kind of pissed at myself for not picking up a copy of Steel Batallion back in the day. I forgot to mention Ninja Gaiden when I was naming exclusives.


>If you don't open your xbox and take out the battery that powers the real time clock it is literally going to dissolve your motherboard.
It's not that caustic, it won't dissolve the board. I've purchased two used units that exhibited the worst degree of corrosion and at worst the acid ruins a couple traces directly underneath the capacitor that are connected with the circuit powering the power and eject buttons. Yeah, remove their dumb factory aerogel capacitor, but any damage is not catastrophic and is easily fixed by soldering a couple bridges onto those traces. While you're at it, solder in a new clock capacitor. I have a 50 farad one, it keeps the clock running about 12 days.

BTW I've always wondered why the factory clock capacitor runs out after four hours but the similar size battery in my slim ps2 holds the clock settings for like two years unplugged despite them having equivalent operating voltages. Does anyone know where the difference lies?


also the 1.6/1.6b version xboxes don't have the leaking capacitor problem


think I might make an ultra slim xbox like a couple of those famous console modders did, like slim ps2 size, except without ripping out filter capacitors like those idiots did

it's dumb how they never even tried making the factory psu external


where the fuck did my post about installing coin ops go? It's legit the best thing I have on my original xbox. It even comes with a bunch of Xbox games like Black and Panzer Dragon Orta in the massive pack.


download a game called breakdown


I would say it is Microsoft's most least offensive console. Came before a lot of the crap that ruined games wasn't around. Besides their online service and some paid DLC things were for the most part kept to a respectable standard for the relationship between consumers and the companies. I do really appreciate this console though, it was good. I'm hoping the emulation scene for it takes off since it deserves better in that regard.

As for favorite games I do not want to rank them but I liked Fable, Ninja Gaiden, the Halo games of course, Morrowind, the Kotor and Battlefront games and the Splinter Cell series mainly. I never played as much games for it as my PS2 so I did miss out on some underrated gems like Otogi for example. I also get that most of those games I listed could be played on other platforms. Still a good console and if I had to pick its absolute best must play games I would go with Ninja Gaiden Black and the Halo games. Serious high praise for Ninja Gaiden though. It might still even be the best hack and slash action game at least in my opinion and even one of the best games ever made. Itagaki was great and its a shame what Tecmo did to him.

I would like to mod my consoles one of these days.


I tried playing both otogi games, they're on my xbox. I don't see why they're praised, the gameplay is really dull and linear. Maybe someone can explain this to me? It's just a man swinging a sword at monsters.


I was always somewhat fond of Kingdom Under Fire. It's also pretty much one of the few XBOX titles I ever played and it's a console exclusive at that. My father would occasionally rent an XBOX for both me & my brother to use from the local video store because we were too poor to buy one outright and I have fond memories of playing both KuF, and a couple other XBOX games (like Conker, Ninja Gaiden & a bunch of random Star Wars titles, like Republic Commando, and that one Obi-Wan centric game). Anyway, it's essentially just Dynasty Warriors with a medieval fantasy skin, but being able to command & direct a few squads of soldiers while you're hacking up hordes of enemies, added a bit of a strategy layer to it, which was a somewhat interesting gimmick.



As an aside, it pisses me off to this day that SEGA hasn't taken the time to port Jet Set Radio: Future off the XBOX to the PC, or other consoles. I've never played it, but I've heard how much of an improvement it was over the original Jet Set Radio, especially in the controls department. The original Jet Set Radio is fine & all, but having to constantly fight with the shitty/floaty controls really put a damper on the fun factor. I still finished the PC port and thought it was okay, but there was certainly much that could've been made better, which is why I'm still interested to check out Future at some point.


>at some point.
xbox hardware is nearing 20 years old, you don't have much time before they all turn to dust and float away



Hmm, I guess that's true. Then again, SEGA could still decide to port it to contemporary hardware in the future. There's also the possibility that emulation for the XBOX itself could improve making it possible to play/experience through such means as with an emulator. At the end of the day, besides JSF, there's really no particular XBOX exclusive games that remain, that stand out to me and most of its library in that regard is pretty underwhelming.


>SEGA could still decide to port it to contemporary hardware in the future
might as well just get an xbox already man, banking on a game company resurrecting old cult games is dreaming
>There's also the possibility that emulation for the XBOX itself could improve
this is even more unlikely than sega resurrecting a cult game
>no particular XBOX exclusive games that remain, that stand out to me
I can think of a few you'd probably like if you tried them, like breakdown, phantom dust, metal wolf, the mechassault games, some others….


My old xbox from 2002 still runs like a dream while my xbox 360 red ringed nearly 10 years ago. Anyway, the games I enjoyed the most were:
Halo 1 and 2
Red Faction 2
Splinter Cell games
Battlefront 1 and 2
Republic Commando



>banking on a game company resurrecting old cult games is dreaming

Well, they resurrected the first JSR. Clearly the could do the same for JSRF at some point.

>this is even more unlikely than sega resurrecting a cult game

Not necessarily. There's nothing impossible about XBOX emulation, at least technically speaking. Someone just needs to do it. Lack of interest is the main issue.

>I can think of a few you'd probably like

Hmm, I see. Aside from Mechassault, I've never actually heard of the rest you mentioned. They all look quite interesting, I must admit. Especially 'Breakdown' & 'Phantom Dust'. Having said that, I'm sure physical copies of them are quite rare & expensive at this point, so here's hoping for the emulation thing to work out. I'm sure someone with the know-how will get off their ass to do it eventually, since, again, that's basically all that's required.


>needing hard copies
sounds like you don't even know about xbox modding



I wasn't actually, but I suppose that's an option as well. Couldn't be any more difficult than jail breaking any other console, I assume. Even so, I still have faith that the emulation thing will pan out. Aside from my eventual death being a factor, I'm in no rush. ISOs' of these games are readily available online, so it's not like they'll ever disappear, at least in regards to eventual emulation becoming a reality.

In addition, the original XBOX seems like a rather sturdy console. I'd imagine they'll last longer than you think.



Even if they ever do it, the game compatibility will probably be worse than pcsx2's.



Yes, that's true. it could certainly take a while to work out the kinks in it, assuming anyone ever gets started.

For anyone wanting to get stuck into it right now, buying a physical XBOX and then modding it to play ISOs would be the best option, no doubt.

Also, just so you know, but 'Phantom Dust' & 'Metal Wolf' are both available on PC now. Again, just 2 less games that the original XBOX actually has to its own. Even this >>47341 wizzie's list, and others here, are made up of games that can just as easily be played on PC, which are themselves superior versions at that.

Really, if any console deserved good emulation support, it's definitely the PS2, given the copious amount of exclusives it has that it will never see a PC release, ever.


>metal wolf on pc
And ps4 and xbox 3.
Wtf. How is that possible? Did they edit out the presidential seal? Because the law against unauthorized usage of that is the reason they weren't able to sell it in america.

Anyway, so what if they've been ported? I guess that's great to anyone who wants to be pragmatic. Pump 'em and dump em' with the rest of the impulse purchases streamed to your wizbang 5TB 10th gen console or 50 core PC. It totally kills the spirit of the thing, though, and goes against the purpose, I think, of this thread. It's basically an anti-xbox thread at this point.



>It totally kills the spirit of the thing, though, and goes against the purpose, I think, of this thread. It's basically an anti-xbox thread at this point.

Well, fair enough. At this point in my life, I guess I'm just more interested in the games than the console itself. Even so, in my first post I expressed my own fond memories of the XBOX as a console, so perhaps, in some sense, I should've just left it at that. Didn't mean to derail the thread, or whatever.


>tfw sixth gen consoles are now considered vintage


Sega: Gunvalkyrie, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, Outrun 2
Capcom: Steel Battalion
From Software: Otogi 1 & 2
Tecmo: Ninja Gaiden, DOA3
I wont mention the numerous multi-platform games that were night and day difference between xbox and ps2.


Xbox showed that normies will pay for offline thus retarding online gaming as bad as Phlogiston theory for science.


File: 1573748507461.jpeg (3.3 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 22B65D24-AA17-4DF1-B11F-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

phone poster fag here. heres my duke controller, ive still got my xbox too along with a couple of games


this looks a lot like the dreamcast controller, always hated that one


i always thought that controller resembled a fat lady bending over with a gaping butthole. the legs are the grips, and the butthole is the xbox logo.


you were the designer behind it in microsoft, aren't you?


That's because nothing got better since six. Anything beyond it is just bad.


When will Xbox sell well in Japan?


What are your favourite sixth gen games? I used to agree with you but came around recently. I might be able recommend some stuff you would like.


1. Halo
2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
3. GTA: Vice City
4. Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube)
5. F-Zero GX


>F-Zero GX

Hell yeah man! They really need to bring it back. Online 30 player races, imagine that shit in VR you can get a first person view inside the cockpit and race. Great game, great series.


I loved jet set radio. It was a fantastic old gem


I miss the Gamecube. Still play the games, but I miss when it was an active system. It was the dark days of Nintendo, but the games were prime.


Could you list all of your pc specs?


Bought Xbox just for HALO


Bungie did a good job on HALO. RIP.


it never sold well, the whole japanese race is insular and provincial, all they care about are their homegrown brands with an almost jingoistic attachment


I updated my softmod and got a new hdd recently. I've been downloading games non stop, I'm so excited to play them.


where are you downloading? I used to use emuparadise but for some reason their xbox section was a forum board where people post their uploads on Mega and stuff, and that isozone shithole is gone


I saved 3 torrents of hdd ready games a few years ago, but you can find the same packs on archive.org too.


>you can find the same packs on archive.org


>tfw Halo disc doesn't work anymore.
>tfw xbox260 RRODed.
it was a shit system in the end.


Gamecube to me marked the downfall of Nintendo as a cutzie family friendly entertainment system. If they were going to go with downgraded graphics compared to the rest of the game systems they should have gone with cheaper games and a larger library, but Sony always kicks their ass with the size of their library and xbox just pulls what ever is popular from PC. The closest they would get to sponsoring independent game development was for a shitty flash game, but what do you expect from a people averse to risk.


the news said someone on the inside leaked the xbox source code yesterday



yeah but I was reading comments on sites about the leak and people in the know are saying no homebrew makers will touch it because of lawsuits, and something about "clean room implementation," it all sounded logical enough so I'm not getting my hopes up about emulators or ever running xbox on a raspberry Pi or any shit like that


i hate first person shooters

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