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Any runescape players, in particular OldSchool players around?

Just curious what others think of the game, or what you're up to. I've been working on an account thats 2.1k total levels now and the game is a lil stale, I've never really dabbled in bossing or pvp and I'm mainly just an afker and skiller. Considering making an ironman or something


A few years ago I got 99 in my favorite skill and felt nothing, I basically lost all interest after that, I don't see the point in playing runescape unless you have friends or you enjoy pking, if you're just gaining exp and gold for no reason it feels like a massive waste of time that I could spend doing anything else. The pvm combat in oldschool is also broken, you can be invulnerable forever if you just time the monsters attack animation tick to a protect prayer. The game was fun when I was 12 and everything was new and exciting, but now it's just a chore because I know absolutely everything about the game.


I'm starting to feel similarly, although I do think some of the very high-end tier PvM requires some more skill and learning mechanics than just flipping overhead prayers on, but these days it is starting to lose a lot of its enjoyment and a part of it is the kind of weird elitist and "no exp waste" types of mentalities the game has now

you can really tell its a bunch of adults and no kids anymore and my nostalgia is really running low, I kinda treat the game as an idle/background type of game these days while watching shows or listening to music and its not bad for relaxing with since the gameplay is pretty slow and repetitive


I play it extremely casually, I do what I want more or less for long periods of time. Feels more like an adventurer's life, going along with the whims that command me. No xp waste is just a way to play the game that others enjoy engaging in, just as I enjoy casually playing while puzzling out how the no xp methods work. I mildly engage in them for a short while and do something else once it's not fun for me anymore.

MMORPGs are a wasteful grind, just like being a NEET you'd have to come up with something you want to do to not succumb to madness/boredom. Personally I enjoy how unique the game is, very atmospheric even with the midi-sounding music.

The no xp waste guys take the game too seriously in my opinion so I don't think I'll be socializing with them too often. Most talkative I've seen players, the ones that aren't full no xp waste, was back in f2p. The Barbarian Village fishing spots. Constant shit-talking and general chit-chat, and occasionally drop parties I would partake in to recoup my losses from using feathers to powerfish trout/salmon. I leveled fishing to 99 there, I could have tick-abused barbarian fishing but it wouldn't be fun for me. In the end I got my 99 and I had fun doing it, and that's what games are for. I also get to infuriate efficiency players by existing, I get random ironmen who call me a noob all the time, even taking the time to spam it when they could be pickpocketing their ham members instead.

But hey, more power to those guys if they don't burn out playing the game like they're speedrunning 24/7, right down to the EHP. They can do what they want. I just find it a waste of their time if they take the time to criticize my methods instead of concentrating on their own, especially since I kinda don't give a shit if I'm being efficient or not. Waste of their time to even bother.


I just get extremely bored repeating the same tasks millions of times. I don't understad how people get to 99, it feels like a complete waste of time.


Tricking the brain into believing you're working towards something. Which is all video games in general.


It depends on the activity, sometimes I sort of hit a flow/in the zone feeling after doing something for a while of repetition, or at least lesser form of it. In the case of runescape it's a bit of time management if you do farming while also training other skills. It's also pretty idle/casual so you could always talk to others or do something else on the side like watching youtube, television, anime, etc. All games have a similar song and dance where you can repeat actions millions of times, it's just that they are either well-decorated or complex enough to distract you from that fact.

When it comes down to it, it just depends on the person. Everything is potentially a waste of time, it just depends on what you value. If something's a waste of time for you, why bother? Even I burn out on the game after a 2-week binge nowadays, but I still enjoy it up until that point. Personally I try not to do the same thing every day, or at least for too long. Having variety helps retain your sanity in games, especially MMORPGs. The players that look me up mention I have an oddly/impressively-rounded set of account skills, compared to all the people that grind one particular skill.


I think you can only enjoy runescape if you're either a naive child or an adult with their life together. When I play runescape it feels like a complete waste of time for me too because I feel like "I have no future, no education, and I can't even leave my house, why am I wasting my time hoarding virtual crap in this pointless game", I need something a bit more engaging to suppress these feelings, for me I'd rather pace around in circles than play runescape.


I have all 99s on the game. I think I just enjoy repetition because it makes me feel safe. I suppose another thing is if I was not playing it, I wouldn't have much to do.
I remember having troubles getting 'focused' or whatever at first, but then it becomes natural and you'll play for 16 hours per day. Then there's always the feeling that if you were to stop playing, you would be losing out on experience. I'm not one for efficiency, but this can motivate some.
You could try and start out easy with a skill such as cooking or fletching. Set a small goal of hitting a few levels a day. That's about all I have to say on the subject.


Started playing rs3 again recently after recovering my original account from my teen years. It's been leveled up to 1900 from maybe 1500 by the hacker but all wealth was stripped. 99 ranged and hp and 96 slayer makes up for the fact that until I recoverd it I had been playing on a new account that i got to 2000 total.

Im enjoying bossing and questing, and also theres afk leveling to do if I dont feel like doing those.


the repetitive grind is hypnotizing, i wish i could play forever


File: 1542206841156.png (6.91 KB, 239x59, 239:59, 777.png) ImgOps iqdb

>why am I wasting my time hoarding virtual crap
Damn right in the feels. Whenever I get back into Rs i'll just PK till my banks full of stuff people have dropped. But then without fail one day i'll take a look at my bank and feel like it's all a lie followed by me dropping all the items or trading a random scrub all my money.


Can you enjoy anything with that mindset? If you read a fantasy book about a mysterious world with adventure and then you think about the depressing boring world you live in you won't be able to enjoy any fantasy. If you play any games and get good at them or rich in them, but you're a homeless in real life with no skill you won't be able to enjoy anything.


Well I mean, runescape is so mindless it's hard to take your mind off of things happening in real life while you play it, a book would definitely be more engaging than runescape and let you escape to another world for a bit.


i try to do the most click intensive and efficient methods to keep me engaged in a state of trance for as many hours as possible


yeah, that's how I got 99 hunter, but once I got that everything else sucked and put me to sleep


Would anyone be interested in reviving the wizardchan clan? It didn't go so well the first time but we could give it a second go.


Wizchan clan ain't nothing to fuck with.


been fishing for almost 2 weeks now because i got nothing better to do


I'm fairly close to maxing but I'm so burnt out


I’ve been playing rs3 and it’s really fun, way better than oldschool, a lot more interactive with a lot more content



Game is utterly pointless now. When ultimate ironman came out a couple years ago it was the best game ever.

shit was competitive and you could reach page 1 by training skills that weren't trained at all like construction, runecrafting or hunting.

Nowadays there's 99 UIM everywhere, pointless to start a new character when you would need 10 years to reach page 1 whereas it took a single fucking day back when it started.

When deadman came out it was pretty cool too.

But now the game is pointless, good for a little nostalgia playthrough


File: 1554039188100.png (23.87 KB, 125x109, 125:109, asdsad.png) ImgOps iqdb

does anyone wanna play still? I'm playing rs3 but we can have a wizard friend's chat cause that works through both games, or a clan if enough people play rs3, it's pretty fun if you give it a chance


It’s a very tedious game that’s only worth playing if you’re p2p.


I got into a f2p clan in rs3, if anyone is interested, rs3 has tons of f2p content, there's fletching now, and even two bosses, the KBD and the falador mole, over the past month I've spent more than 300 hours playing rs3 and it's really fun


I would like to play osrs, but it's too complicated for my tastes. I dislike the many forms of combat and having to settle for different types and having to figure out when to use which. It's a pain, I'm low IQ and just want to click on enemies and defeat them with a bigger number.


File: 1560962938979.png (17.2 KB, 266x680, 133:340, latest.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm interested in this, too. Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I need some shit to fill this void in my life.


I stopped playing a little while ago, now I'm playing albion


I guess my RS story is pretty typical. Started in 2006, quit when EOC came out, then started playing Old School when that was released. I'll never be maxed or do high level PVM, but I am content to skill and slay until the end of time. Mobile is great, I can afk chop magics at work and no one is the wiser.


i tried albion, but my graphics card just isn't up to par :^( it looks kinda fun, though.

i wonder if there's any other MMORPG that can be played on a shit computer and with other people here


what are your pc specs? albion runs on my 2011 pc just fine


File: 1561229968489.png (433.9 KB, 983x659, 983:659, oldschool.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm willing to play some oldschool right now wizzie, this is my character, I don't have money so I just do f2p, I also have stats in rs3 for f2p stuff, if anyone wants to play, my plans in albion are kinda falling through and hardly anyone logs in anymore, my name in runescape is 'Tumii' if you wanna add me to play, or maybe we could start a clan chat and stuff

there is more group stuff to do in rs3 as a f2p but if you can't run rs3 I'll still play with you


File: 1561230491065.png (372.8 KB, 562x429, 562:429, rs3.png) ImgOps iqdb

and here's my stats in rs3, same name, we could do dungeons together and play some minigames and stuff if we do rs3, the rs3 client runs pretty well nowadays


I'm up for either rs3 or oldschool version if anyone is


right now I'm playing oldschool >>45984 but I'd like to preferably play rs3 because it has lots of group activities that we can do together


also in rs3 we can make a guild and wear matching capes


I can trim some armor for you guys. I'll do it cheap for my fellow wizards.


so you guys wanna play rs? what are your usernames


File: 1562094845091.png (2.4 MB, 1916x1009, 1916:1009, rs.png) ImgOps iqdb

anyone up for rs3 wizguild?


File: 1562177344239.png (814.5 KB, 1027x639, 1027:639, rs.png) ImgOps iqdb

anyone interested in f2p


I'll come play with you if you get me a bond


I'm just playing f2p, I'm not a member


I've never been able to enjoy multiplayer gaming because that powergaming mentality ruins everything you have to play with or against people. Figuring out a game's systems on your own and the most efficient way to exploit them is a core part of the video game experience and it's something you do by learning from your mistakes and spending time reflecting on ways you can improve, not from reading a FAQ or a wiki or a subreddit. Ultimately I think these people have no capacity for creative thinking which systematically puts me at odds with them. The only time I tried playing a MOBA I was systematically criticized by my own teammates because I wasn't picking the right items according to build guides or w/e. How the fuck are you supposed to know this 4 games in. I just did what I do in every other game with RPG style stats and gear: experiment with the options at hand and figure out what works and what doesn't. It reminds me of people who spend hours grinding in JRPG's because they can't be assed to deal with the challenge of combat (or they will openly admit to hating the combat, but then why even bother playing the damn thing??) It's like you're only getting half a game. At least MMO's let you opt out of the social stuff, i've had a lot of fun soloing in games like Everquest and limiting interactions with people to casting helpful buffs on weaker players. I just started Runescape too and i'm having fun trying to be self sufficient on my own, without having to rely on boting or anything. I feel like your barbarian village fishing story will probably end up being very relatable once I have a few more hours under my belt


File: 1562512531820.png (697.58 KB, 893x635, 893:635, rs3.png) ImgOps iqdb

anyone interested in playing


File: 1562529395027.png (547.32 KB, 571x774, 571:774, dat bitch is a man.png) ImgOps iqdb

don't play with this kid, he fucking camwhores with the mods of this site and i'm almost 100% sure he's not a virgin
stay the fuck away


I don't know where you got that idea from, the only thing I've done is play games with people here, I tried playing albion online but out of 12 total people no one stuck around for more than a few days besides one guy, so now I'm trying to gather some guys to play rs3, I have plans of doing large dungeoneering dungeons and killing the falador mole together. I don't do cameras or discord or mics/whatever, so you can add me on steam and we can text chat on steam or in game, but preferably in-game unless you wanna play steam games with me too.

my name in rs3 is Tumii if anyone wants to play rs3 with me my private chat is on so you can message me


oh yeah, and I'm us-east, so check your time if I'm not on, but I should be online most all of every day except mondays because I have class from 6am to 6pm


i can start a clan if anyone is interested. i've been playing this game a lot lately.


I am interested wizzie, what version are you playing


should have specified. I'm playing OSRS, and I'm free-to-play because cheap.
Idk what it entails to start a clan, but if there are enough people down, I can make one.


osrs doesn't have clans, just friends chats


you can join my friends chat, just type in tumii for the cc you want to join, or set your own up if you want, but post your name so I can join


File: 1562869933423.png (3.39 MB, 1920x1013, 1920:1013, rsssss.png) ImgOps iqdb

does anyone wanna play? someone joined the cc I set up a few days ago but after they logged out I never saw them again


is there anyone playing rs but me


File: 1563566251633.png (42.75 KB, 204x293, 204:293, asdasdasd.png) ImgOps iqdb

need more people


Is the game fun? Would you care to explain me what makes the game worth playing?


you grind skills and dress up your character


Most people i've seen who are playing right now seem to be paying members which I wasn't expecting. Is there any reason to stick with the free version at all


I'm not a member and I'm like the only one playing here


give me bond boyposter


Members is like 90% of the game my dude


i have 150 total skills now please invite me to cool club


hi im new to grand exchange is there a reason why sometimes i get to sell item at a ludicrously high price?


there's no invite you just join the friend's chat I made by typing my name in "Tumii"


File: 1564080113366.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1013, 1920:1013, lalala.png) ImgOps iqdb

anyone interested? We're at two people now, we need 5 to make a cool official wizzie clan

if you played runescape before you can give it a try now, runescape 3 is like a whole new game these days

pic is my setup, also new skin I unlocked

lets waste time together wizzies


The free version is useful to improve your skills, in preparation for members worlds. It is possible to have fun for free too.


yes, there are even a couple bosses in f2p, we could have a wizzie group and kill a couple bosses together, all just fun, don't worry about profit or anything


I play OSRS fairly frequently, but not RS3 (anymore). I was in your chat group today for a while but I never saw you online, only a couple of other people who I didn’t know.


sorry, I've been going through a lot of emotional issues lately, I'll be on for good amounts of time, but not 24/7 as I was thinking


the clan-recruiting still stands though, if you guys play osrs it's fine but it'd be cool if we got 5 people the os players could jump in rs3 just for a moment to help us set up a clan, would be nice


made a fresh account to play, haven't played in AGES so learning a few things over again


File: 1564435290027.png (3.58 MB, 1916x1011, 1916:1011, asdasdasd.png) ImgOps iqdb


summer skill off wizzies, join while you can


ok wizzie i'll play, but i never played runescape before so you'll have to help me


it's easy, what's your username


i was playing the tutorial but i got bored and quit, maybe ill come back later wizzie

my username is exflood


well the game is a big boring waste of time, like any other, the point is we all waste our time together, then it makes it fun


getting snak yak (15k tokens) means we have to grind 2.5k tokens/day within a 6 days period, better start skilling friends :)


anyone here play OSRS? ive gotten into it the past couple months and it would be nice to have a comfy wiz chat to talk about stuff in-game. please reply if interested and if so I can set up a clan chat


I set up a chat already, not many people play besides occasionally one person I run into about once a week


well maybe share the cc name then if you want


File: 1566176615205.png (72.33 KB, 460x266, 230:133, 1490477542087.png) ImgOps iqdb

For the past few months I have been playing on a private server called vidyascape. I left osrs because I didn't like the direction the game was taking. I feel like the art direction and gameplay is deviating from the original character of the game and detracting from its authenticity with every new update. I don't want act like a shill for the private server here, but I do want to share my discovery because I think it could be appreciated by wizzies who are equally disappointed by the current state of osrs.

Vidyascape is a server created on 4chan's /v/ board in 2014. It offers a 2007 experience, meaning no post-2007 or redditscape content (except for things like ironman accounts and gilded armour). Notable server differences are inf. run energy and double xp (I dont like the latter but oh well). It also has no grand exchange, which is great imho. What it does have is regular updates, many quests (somewhere around 170 qp) and a ~30 active players during peak hours.

What I like about it the most is that the userbase comprises almost entirely of imageboard users and this acts like a natural normalfag deterrent. Sure you might get the obnoxious 4chan type here and there, but most of these guys stick to the osrs generals.

I wish more wizards would play there so I could have some company.


I tried vscape years ago. Aside from the fact that I kind of outgrew the stat grinding (it seemed so boring to me doing it again, idk how I thought it was fun as a kid), it was just so empty. The world felt pretty lifeless to me without the large population legit runescape had/has.


Anyone excelling gold wise? Like max stack of platinum tokens?
Let me tell ya'll what I used to do on methoxetamine: kill black dragons with range and bank the loot. 70~94
Remember: be as efficient as possible! As in best possible xp/hr and questing XP prior to 30


I left OSRS, I think? Or Runescape 3 about 10 years ago? I'm interested in OSRS, but I, like >>42467 would feel like I'm wasting my life, even at one hour a day. Still, I'm wasting my life now.

>"I have no future, no education, and I can't even leave my house, why am I wasting my time hoarding virtual crap in this pointless game", I need something a bit more engaging to suppress these feelings, for me I'd rather pace around in circles than play runescape.

Is pretty much how I feel to a T. I have more concerns though. It just doesn't feel "right" to play a game where you can literally get 99 everything. If you max everything, or have a lot of players maxing everything, a lot of items you can make are pretty useless. It's been 10 years, but I do remember leaving when there was a grand exchange, and playing before it. I do like the grand exchange, but I can only imagine thousands of players making and selling things like rune bars, weapons, armor, etc. and the rune armor just being a thing everyone had. You'll not even need to find a player with a good enough skill level to make you armor since you can just go to the G.E. and get it for a pretty flat price. I know there's manipulation of prices, but rune armor and weapons are so plentiful, so why aren't they cheaper? It was like, 30k IIRC for some rune, but it's not like many people can't craft it, mine it, etc. I do want to play, but if I did, I would only limit myself to an hour and just never talk to anyone. I might just either make everything from scratch or just use the G.E. to make a profit. Both are fun. I want to make weapons, armor, and arrows.

If I do join the wizclan by starting to play, which is doubtful, I'll sell weapons and armor for cheaper to clanmates. I probably won't be a member either, so members basically will have no use for me. IIRC, there was armor you couldn't craft, so any smithing seems absolutely useless for higher levels. Most skills feel impractical other than for making money anyways.


The reason why rune items remain expensive despite the immense supply is that their price is tied to their alch value. Also as you said jagex can artificially fix item prices in the GE.


File: 1566702758993.jpg (11.84 KB, 337x318, 337:318, just1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>a friend from some gaming forum urged me to play it in '08
>decide to give it a try
>fall in love
>get into all sorts of adventures and hijinks with the various players I meet
>get banned out of nowhere in 2010 supposedly for botting
>appeal, Jagex doesn't do shit, doesn't even tell me if my account was hacked
>pissed, forget about it for some years
>try OSRS in 2016
>have some fun for a couple weeks
>get banned for 'botting' again
I haven't touched that shit since then, and I don't think I will, just because of how furious it gets me thinking about the fun that was robbed from me 10 years ago.


File: 1571283756241.png (656.46 KB, 915x413, 915:413, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone wanna play rs3 with me?


run eScape


Same thing happened to me, anon. I got banned for third party macros or whatever the ban message said. It happened when I was trying to log in after being disconnected and clicking the log in really fast. My laptop also has a touch screen that I hadn't disabled and maybe I bumped it, prompting an "illegal" input or something. I have no clue what I did wrong. I can't appeal it without making a god damn Twitter account, which I refuse to do. Fuck that website, fuck Jagex, fuck this game.


anyone wanna play the new version?


Were you guys using third party clients?


I had never heard of Runelite before and just used the default OSRS client. >>47549 is me, here again, and fuck, I re-subscribed. I'm starting fresh because I can't stand having a ban record. I have a bad habit of being influenced to play old games I swore I'd quit like RS and WoW. Already nearly 60 Agility, so it should be a week by the time I'm 80 and have mostly caught up to my favorite skill.


this game scares me


It's weird that you got banned then especially since you were high lvl. I see obvious lvl 3 bots with rune axes and gibberish names constantly mining shit everyday and nothing seems to get done. Maybe someone with some clout with jagex made up some shit about you? It seems shitty they wont even let you contact them via email.

Why? Is it about the creepypasta?


anyone interested in playing runescape 3?


anyone interested in a runescape classic private server? vid related, the most popular one right now, rscemulation


anyone up for some oldschool? any old school players here?


Bumping for support. Ign is lolisidekick.


Fellow wizards,
I showdown with my eternal runescape rival tomorrow, grant me mystic power and strength to defeat him in battle.

t,lv50 wizard


so how did the showdown go


File: 1594046848334.jpg (60.63 KB, 638x551, 22:19, 45654456.JPG) ImgOps iqdb


can you post the original webm?


RuneScape… so nostalgic…


I only play this so I can gamble gold I buy online at the duel arena


kicked his ass, thanks guys

retard brought heavy plate


anyone doing bond giveaways? Im sick of power leveling for days i want to play the full experience


I now play OSRS. I'm level 9 though, but I'm trying to make steel armor before I start leveling. Since armor and weapons take such a low skill to wield, I'm trying to increase my smithing and mining levels before I start leveling combat skills. I do this even though you can't craft dragon stuff, thus making smithing useless imo.

Mining is useless, woodcutting is useless, firemaking is useless, etc. If you can literally make money from selling raw materials and killing, I might consider all skills useless. Most likely not because it's probably not much of a money maker anyways, but I'll test that out when I'm done with this account.

I have a few things I want to accomplish. I want to find all the music, go to every place, do mostly everything (including member's stuff), talk to most NPCs, learn the lore a bit better, etc. To me, grinding is useless. Once I've done all the unique things, not including the clue scrolls since there are thousands of them, then I'm done. Game's been beaten. Nothing's left. After that, I hope to restart a new account and just do a combat-orientated build. I want to see how far I can go with just killing things. I can trade, but I only get things through killing, selling drops, and buying new items. It'll be fun.

I don't intend to do ironman because rune crafting and how wasteful it is. You can sell items to the shop for pennies compared to what they're worth, buy stuff that's more expensive, etc. I don't like being screwed over financially, so I just do my own thing, make my own stuff, and if I'm leveling rune crafting or something else tedious, I'll try to make a profit + get experience. I hear mind runes give a profit for F2P users.


Come play on Vidyascape and get the original 2007 experience for free. I wish i had known about this server when i was grinding bonds some years ago. There is also scaperune but i don't have any opinion on that rsps.


Been playing this for a while. Got quest cape the other day but I'm completely stuck for money making. Upto now I've just been doing 2 or 3 herb runs a day which paid for everything but now I need around 15-20 mil to get my range and magic up in an efficient manner and to upgrade my house so I can do solo pvm in a somewhat efficient manner.


Do slayer


This is genuinely one of my favourite RuneScape images of all time.

God what I wouldn't give to 2004 to be able to start playing RS2 from the beginning.



I managed to find most F2P music except for a few ones that require skills. I'm missing 13 tracks without holidays included,. I also need to finish the quests that require killing higher level NPCs and get their music tracks. For that, I'll need to craft better weapons and train. Finally, I need to go into the various guilds and altars for F2P to finish my music collection. I'm level 16 right now. After I'm done with my document, I'll go over to the wiki and double check if I have all the f2p music.

I'll probably go to members when I'm done with exploring F2P and a high enough level to start doing those quests.


Mostly just AFK a skill when new content comes out but haven't really played since they removed 6 hour Guthans in the NMZ, but I'll probably come back since I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBocc-RuRpg the other day in my recommendations list.
Might have another go at lava eels too if the AFK NMZ doesn't work or whatever


The game takes a long time. You can slow it to a crawl if you do dragons without void and stuff, I legit seen disabled people use bone c'bow on blues non ironman you will never max with dumb strategy like that, kill chaos druids with that dude.. and build a bank… The RWT aspect is nice too, if i get igg it's real world cash and concept of pjing something worth $300 is exciting.
I am thinking of playing wow instead, honestly. In game I am getting full void. I have 1.4m xp to go to a fishing 99.


Tried to recapture the magic of RS2 recently by getting back into OSRS, but it just made me feel even more depressed. The worlds are much quieter, feels like everyone is taking their efficiency srsly and doing everything alone feels a lot more pointless, as opposed to alongside a bunch of other random idiots who have no idea what they're doing. I had fun playing leagues - at least until I hit 45k points and the only tasks I had left were either super grindy or RNG based.

Maybe I should try RS3, apparently it's different enough that it'll feel like a new experience, as opposed to trying to recreate an old one.


to me a lot of the osrs updates have basically fucked the game over similarly to what originally happened transitioning into rs3. member retards basically just vote to add easier grinds which shits on people who slogged through the old methods.


>Maybe I should try RS3, apparently it's different enough that it'll feel like a new experience, as opposed to trying to recreate an old one.

Don't go in expecting to either relive the past or experience an extension of the Runescape you loved.

It's the world you already know the ins-and-outs of, but with a bunch of junk dizzily tossed about, all drawn in such a flamboyant style as to draw eyes from kids. It's no longer a medieval role playing game but rather it is an interactive casino and minigame environment. A skill can be maxed in a matter of days of casual play even on Hardcore Ironman using no XP buffs. Nobody communicates in-game. All trades are done through the GE and all chat is done through Discords and private messages. Nobody even gathers around the old fishing and woodcutting zones because now people just buy materials that seem to be in infinite supply on the GE.

Look for private RS2 servers if you want a true community-fueled RS experience, but even that's a stretch.


>It's the world you already know the ins-and-outs of, but with a bunch of junk dizzily tossed about, all drawn in such a flamboyant style as to draw eyes from kids. It's no longer a medieval role playing game but rather it is an interactive casino and minigame environment. A skill can be maxed in a matter of days of casual play even on Hardcore Ironman using no XP buffs. Nobody communicates in-game. All trades are done through the GE and all chat is done through Discords and private messages. Nobody even gathers around the old fishing and woodcutting zones because now people just buy materials that seem to be in infinite supply on the GE.
Yeah, that seems to reflect my experience of playing RS3 for approximately an hour. Got assaulted by pop-ups and Disneyesque graphics, so I didn't stay logged in for too long. Was kinda interesting just running around the map and comparing RS3 versions of buildings and NPCs to the RS2 versions though.

>to me a lot of the osrs updates have basically fucked the game over similarly to what originally happened transitioning into rs3
Like what exactly? I liked a lot of the additional content they added since last time I played, especially the landmasses like Zeah and Volcanic Island. Wish they focused on adding more stuff like quests though, those were always my favourite part of the game.


I finished all of the quests in f2p OSRS at combat level 49. Elvarg was really hard to beat and I almost died until I finally hit the final strike on her. It was a legendary battle that I probably won't forget.


File: 1616232800528.png (149.95 KB, 765x503, 765:503, 3t4g.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a fairly high ranked skiller in OSRS. If anyone has any questions about skilling, money making, or general game knowledge stuff, feel free to ask me.


File: 1616271797569.png (803.58 KB, 973x805, 139:115, aaaaaazz.png) ImgOps iqdb

what are your guys igns? I am sorta low level right now, just restarting after my main account got hacked and banned a couple years ago


Is that runelite?

What's the best way to make money smelting in osrs? I remember when I started playing again I'd just mine silver for age, smelt it into bars, and sell it on the exchange. Made some decent coin but there has to be a quicker way.


>my main account got hacked and banned a couple years ago
Happened to me too. I had just over 62 days total in-game time between December 2004 and whenever the first week they introduced the total playtime viewer


>Is that runelite?
>What's the best way to make money smelting in osrs?
not him but pretty much the only way to make money through smithing is by making cannon balls, although you can also make money by smelting iron ore while wearing a ring of forging(lasts for 5 inventories of ore) but it's not much profit


Sorry to hear about your ban. You could try to contact Jagex support through Twitter, and attempt to appeal the ban, although they are notoriously unreliable.

Smelting bars through the Blast Furnace would be the best way to make money, although I still wouldn't recommend Smithing for GP.

Steel bars make around 900k gp/hr, and Adamant/Rune is around 1m/hr. You will need a coal bag for this method, and having full graceful helps a lot.

At 99 you can smith Rune 2h's/platelegs/plateskirts for around 450k gp/hr. The method is moderately AFK, and a decent choice if you care about post-99 XP.

I wouldn't suggest making cannonballs. Even though it's very AFK, it's under 200k gp/hr, which would take over 20 hours just to cover your bond price.


File: 1616365133615.png (216.31 KB, 624x444, 52:37, 123.png) ImgOps iqdb

just got the graceful outfit, I never liked this thing, it basically killed skilling fashion and replaced it with stats autism, but I cant blame people cause running out of run energy is annoying


Wish I were there back in the day, but I was always a WoW guy.


Thanks guys! I think I'll start playing again after all.

But in your opinions, what's the best way to make gp?


in f2p crafting ruby necklaces is good money, in p2p I think agility might be the best money maker, trading in marks of grace for crystals and selling the crystals


Without a doubt, by far the best way to make money would be to play alts. Although it can be intimidating for a lot of newer players to play on multiple accounts, it essentially makes earning GP '0-time', since you are always passively earning money.

Some common alt examples would be: Motherlode mine, Amethyst, Sacred eel, Wyvern, Gargoyle, Brutal black dragon, Rune dragon, Vyrewatch. Out of all these examples, I'd probably suggest Vyrewatches, since the stat/gear requirements aren't too high, and you make around 650k gp/hr for 10 minutes of AFK.

Running supplies for other players such as pure essence or bones can make you upwards of 8m gp/hr, although this is fairly click intensive, and you have to be good at the game. You can even do this in free-to-play for around 5-8m/ gp/hr.

If you really don't want to play alts, then I'd suggest killing bosses such as Vorkath/Zulrah/Hydra/Nightmare, GWD, doing Chambers of Xeric/Theatre of Blood, or the Gauntlet/Corrupted Gauntlet.

The only skills that make decent money while still being trained efficiently would be Hunter (catching Red/Black chinchompas), or the Hallowed Sepulchre with 92+ Agility.


dunno what the outfit is but i just got flashbacks. wearing those light blue boots, hunting gear, and a cape or something? i remember having a skiller outfit to reduce weight


yeah, og stuff was boots of lightness, spottier cape, and penance gloves. graceful is the newest agility reward set that reduces slightly less weight but gives 30% bonus to run energy restore


How do alts work exactly? You just transfer gp from your alts to your main when done?


File: 1617545476945.png (244.23 KB, 547x438, 547:438, aassccc.png) ImgOps iqdb

anyone playing runescape


i tried to


File: 1617736919084.png (489.88 KB, 907x513, 907:513, 3333.png) ImgOps iqdb

play oldschool


Damn missed out on the easter thing.


dont feel bad, every year you can get all previous rewards


File: 1617850528642.png (497.51 KB, 1109x879, 1109:879, ancmag.png) ImgOps iqdb

I unlocked ancient magics today, now I will finish recipe for disaster and get the barrows gloves


Is Barrows still up there in terms of stats in RSC? I remember in regular RS it was all obsolete by 2015. I know that helmet you have is the best

Dragon Baxe, Abyssal Whip, and Verrack's Flail were the only three weapons used by anyone over lvl 80. It's scary to think what kind of OP stuff they added since.


I got membership for one year. Now after doing all the f2p quests and getting all the f2p music I have all of the membership quests, miniquests, etc. to do. OSRS has so many quests and I have been noting all the quests that I found boring and disappointing. I'm doing questing whenever I log in. I took a week hiatus and have been questing for two days now. I still have many to do.

I have no money and I'm only combat level 55 and yet I have enough skills to do the novice quests. Once I'm done with them I'll start powerleveling for better quests. I thought I was weak for these quests but apparently I can kill certain enemies that are almost twice my combat level. I just finished the arena quest and I safespotted general Khazard with no problems at all. My magic is only 39. My ranged is 1.

I am hoping to complete most of my quests and find most music tracks by the end of the year. I'm not sure how possible it would be with such steep skill requirements.


there is some glove that require 80 attack and defence to wield called ferocious gloves that have better stats but I’m only 60 attack and 55 defence and it’s some super rare untradeable boss drop

I am doing the same thing I currently have 210 quest points and 1430 total level, I have been playing over 10 hours every single day for the past month


It's really amazing imo just how much content they've managed to include in such a simple game. It's been ages since I've had membership or played a lot, but I still remember spending hours on all the little quests and dialogue and just exploring the different lands, finding out where I could go without getting killed. I hear they're still adding stuff too.

Man I should get back into this.


it is quite a large game, I've put in a bit over 400 hours into it right now and still have 40 or so quests left to do, most are grandmaster difficulty


Holy snap I've been trying to get a few music tracks and it seems I need to continue trekking the world for more tracks. With more coverage comes more interesting NPCs. I just saw an NPC called Wesley who was a reference to Mr. Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I expect to read so much and talk to so many NPCs. The world is vast and it will take many days and night to complete the overworld music list. I will continue doing that and more quests to thin everything out.

There are so many red quests and blacked out tracks. It's going to impact my OCD. I must do it all.


I never played this game and I was thinking of starting Old School but only F2P. Is it worth my time or is paying better for a better experience? I ask this because I'm poor and even if I had money I'm against paying for extra content. Thanks


Play the free quests, train on the F2P hotspots with F2P equipment. If you find yourself wanting more after finishing Dragon Slayer, then buy a month or two of Membership. OSRS is a small client so there's really nothing to lose. Membership more than triples the size of the map accessible, but it doesn't really add an extremely different mechanics.


File: 1618412278058-0.png (5.62 MB, 3000x1687, 3000:1687, bim_final.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1618412278058-1.gif (2.11 MB, 1413x795, 471:265, bim_fishing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

new quest and skilling area was released for f2p today, it's pretty cool

>I'm poor and even if I had money I'm against paying for extra content
you can buy membership with in-game money so you never really have to pay
>Is it worth my time or is paying better for a better experience?
paying unlocks a bunch more content but f2p is a few hundred hours of content itself


Play f2p to get a feel for the game, and if you're still having fun after finishing up most of the quests, try out membership for a month. It's basically just (a lot) more of the same.


anyone still playing?


Yep, I just downloaded the jagex client. First time in 2 years I've logged in.

Are some framerate issues normal now? I'm trying to remember if I've encountered them with the same intensity but I'm not sure if it was this bad. Definitely still going to play though.


The default client is capped at 30fps last time I checked. The new Steam client goes up to 120fps I believe. I'd highly recommend using the RuneLite client, which is open source and has a ton of useful features including adjustable framerates (up to 50fps).


use this client and turn on the GPU plugin, the regular game client is really poorly optimized



I still play. Fremennik Trials are bullshit btw. I only need their town because of a teleport. The things I've done for the town > my benefit. Well, at least for now.


File: 1619900486541.png (732.77 KB, 1149x804, 383:268, rssss.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just did dream mentor myself, think that wraps up the fremminik quests, the boss was pretty tough


I'm thinking about making a low level magic pure to go killing people in f2p, you can be level 9 and hit 8's on people, not sure at what level magic stops being OP


Starting to get a bit burnt out on OSRS and strongly considering starting a helmie on RS3. All I'm doing these days on OSRS is grinding for collection log slots while Jagex dripfeeds minor content updates.

You can ignore dailyscape and MTX entirely, right? Aside from the artstyle, those are the only things that really turn me off the game.


Oh yeah forgot about that. Will check it out, thx. Any plugins you'd recommend?


File: 1621213828181.png (27.78 KB, 202x274, 101:137, RuneLite_twBy1hpQ8N.png) ImgOps iqdb

First of all, make sure you enable 'Shift click to drop items' (under Controls), and 'Esc closes the current interface' (under Keybinds) in the official game settings.

Menu Entry Swapper can be used to left-click certain objects that would normally require you to select a right click menu option. If you install the 'Custom Left Click Drop' plugin from the Plugin Hub, you will be able to left-click drop items without the use of shift (example: fish, logs, ores).

You can enable flash notifications under the RuneLite client settings, as well as 'Idle Notifier', to alert you when your character has finished fishing, woodcutting, etc., either by flashing your screen client screen red, playing a sound, or through tray notifications.

Object markers, NPC indicators, ground markers and tile indicators can be useful for highlighting objects/tiles/NPC's during certain activities.

Entity hider can be used to hide other players or NPC's.

Bank Tags, and Bank Tag Layouts (from the Plugin Hub) will allow you to easily organize items in your bank for certain activities.

Boosts information, Timers, and Item Charges provide many helpful overlays which can be customized.

Those are just some of the plugins that I think might be useful for beginners, but there are honestly too many to list. If you want more specific suggestions related to a certain activity, I could help you out further.


I forgot to mention the 'Quest Helper' plugin, which makes questing a breeze by highlighting the next step in each quest. It also tells you what items you'll need to bring.


don't use this plugin unless you wanna completely burn yourself out, I completed every single quest and I regret using that plugin, now the only thing left in the game is grinding stats up and making money to grind stats up


If you are interested in the lore, then maybe you would get more enjoyment without using a guide. However, quests are a relatively small portion of the game. There's still achievement diaries, PvM (bossing/raids), pet hunting, clue scrolls, collection log, PvP, minigames. Not to mention the 1500+ hours it takes to max your skills, or 20000+ hours for 200m all.


>pet hunting, collection log, 200m all

most people are bored by that point, questing/mid-late game is the meat of the game and rushing it will likely burn you out


Quest helper makes the game too braindead. There are already guides which make the quests very easy, which you can check on if you get stuck.



I don't use a guide except for the items. I'm not going to go back to the bank for items when a lot of quests involve walking to and from other people and places.


Sounds pretty cool overall. Anything else that will help with making gathering less tedious?


The Anti Drag plugin can make dropping items easier/faster by preventing you from accidentally dragging items with left mouse button down. This can also be done by using AHK to remap your left mouse button, or through your mouse software.

You can always try out other methods if you aren't enjoying what you're currently doing. The Fish Barrel from Tempoross will allow you to double your AFK time while fishing by storing an additional 28 fish. This is particularly useful at Karambwans, since the fishing spot there never moves.

The Volcanic mine offers AFK Mining experience comparable to tick manipulation methods, at the cost of requiring a team.

You can chop the Blisterwood tree with 62 Woodcutting and partial completion of Sins of the Father. This is the best option to AFK until level 90 when you can chop Redwood trees.

Birdhouse runs offer by far the best Hunter experience for early levels (1-80+). They can be done once every 50 minutes, and can provide a nice break from whatever skill you're currently doing. You can also AFK Maniacal monkeys at 60+ Hunter if you've completed Monkey Madness 2.

Overall I'd just say try to focus on something else while you skill (movies/TV shows/anime/other games). You can always skill hop as well by switching to something more AFK, or try tick manipulation methods if you'd prefer much faster rates.


Any recommendations on doing smithing? Im at a pathetic 58 right now. Ive been looking at blast furnace but im poor as fuck.


If you go get a coal bag from MLM, you can do blast furnace for profitable exp. It's a pain in the ass though and I just did platebodies to 99. Cheap and afkable.
If you need money you can make it passively from training Hunter, Runecrafting, Agility, Mining etc.


I've been on hiatus, not sure if I'm ready to return to my account yet, also 2.1k total.

I'm thinking of starting a brand new account in preparation for the Desert Expansion, who knows.

>this thread was posted in 2018


it's not worth it, the game is just an endless grind


due to a lack of content in my life right now I'm going to be playing runescape, if you want to chat and grind add me: nettokun


I've been playing F2P for about 3 weeks now which is a lot shorter than the last time it took for me to get tired of this game.

I read up on the wiki as well, and membership doesn't really make any of the skills past 50 less of a slog either. It's honestly pretty disheartening because I used
to play this game as a kid and I never really got to experience a lot the game but now that I'm an adult I realize it's all pretty pointless. I think the highest level
I have right now is magic and that's because all I do is high-alch all day. I got all my melee skills to 50 and it's been a slog ever since. Not only are the drop rates
shit but the drops themselves are shit. I killed a moss giant 2 days ago and it gave me a mossy key to kill a moss giantess boss. I looked up the wiki page for it and
the drops looked nice enough and the average drop worth was at around 68k gp so I thought fuck it, why not have some fun? Yeah, no. All I got for my efforts was big bones
and a Rune SQ Shield. I think that was peak "what the fuck am I doing playing this shit?" for me.

I still like it, I still play. But legit only for about 5-10 minutes. Jagex needs to rework some things, either make the drops better and more frequent or make players
level up a lot sooner than they already are. Like I said I opened OSRS up again 3 weeks ago, but with the plan to get to 85 mining. Than I did a bunch of wiki searching
that lead me towards wild goose chases getting other levels up. It was pretty much giving me the run around, making me focus on leveling other skills for the sake of an
easier time leveling mining. And you know what? That was the most fun. Felt like I had a purpose. Now that's all fell through. Without a sense of purpose this game has no
leg to stand on. If your sense of purpose for the game turns to "Why the fuck am I doing any of this shit?" than it is undoubtedly over. Close it up, give it a few months.

All in all I think the core problem with OSRS is the player-base. I spent some time on the OSRS Reddit subreddit and it's all but proved my hypothesis right that most if
not all the players on OSRS who aren't spanish children are grown men who bought their wealth. This in my opinion is the biggest issue with the game and why the slog isn't
fun for anyone. If the economy wasn't as ridiculous as it currently is I think the game wouldn't be as dead as it is. I clawed my way to 4mil gp and I can barely make 200k
with it. If I have 4 fucking million gp to put on the GE I should be able to make at least 500k per day. Meanwhile there are people carelessly losing gear and weapons that
cost upwards of anywhere between 50-125mil and just laughing it off. I read some posts after the RWT post Jagex made and it was just losers laughing not only admitting to
buying their wealth but also stating that they should buy some more before Jagex really cracks down on it. It's pathetic. The only thing Jagex can do, if they even care, is
make a way for F2P players to keep up more than 2%. The disparity between the OSRS player-base is too damn big. I would say either let F2P players mine lower gems just like
they allow F2P players to kill body golems but not chaos golems in the new ruins. Something, really. Anything. You need to create incentive for a person to want to purchase
a membership because even at my skill levels; of which the key important ones are 50-60, if I were to purchase a bond or a 3 month membership I could not do most of the
really good quests for the xp rewards that it yields. I don't even think there's been a quest made for members that haven't required 70+ in skills because of the disparity
in player-base and the fact that their most important players already bought their way into the ease of leveling to 70+ in their skills.

I'm gonna go play Runescape now, fuck you.


the problem is you're playing f2p, it's basically just a trial for the game, there is very little you can do in f2p that will make money, if you wanna add me >>55211 I can buy you a bond if you really want I think it gets you 2 weeks of membership


I am a niggardly wizzy and I won't even play f2p because membership is the way to go, You are much better off just paying instead of cucking yourself in all the numerous ways by being a non member.

You dont seem to understand the game because buying wealth is not needed and you can get enough starter wealth to get into raiding and all that by AFKing some skills and making gp easily.

I hate this game so much but it kills time.


File: 1634520402604.png (20.05 KB, 196x272, 49:68, uu6u6.png) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah, I know. Still the incentive to buy a membership dwindles as you level, I feel like that's counter productive.

I've been working towards making enough to get a bond, but I'm still unsure. These are my current stats, is it possible at all
to earn a bond every 2 weeks to keep me going? Hypothetically if I were to buy and activate a bond, what would be the best course
of action in-game to be able to afford one every time it expires? I was looking through the wiki earlier today and most of the
stuff requires like 70+ melee stats and a mix between herb/construction/agility/thieving.

Also on an unrelated note, how does the GE work with restrictions? If I use 2 slots to buy 125 of the same item, will the second
slot fill up without having to wait 4 hours or is it treated like one interaction because I hit the buy limit regardless?



Past level 50, what exactly is the optimal method to level melee stats towards the 70s/80s without wanting to kill myself?



these are always the best money makers in f2p imo and doesnt take much stats, just an initial coin investment and you can basically do it endlessly because by the time you finish all the jewelry the buy limit is usually up and if it's not you can just switch to a different gem

>Also on an unrelated note, how does the GE work with restrictions? If I use 2 slots to buy 125 of the same item, will the second

don't think so


not him but afk at flesh crawlers in stronghold of security, there are no monster drops worth your time in f2p so anything like that which is aggressive, has decent exp, and a good amount of hp, is good. Once you get to 70~ combats afk at giant spiders also in the stronghold



Alright, it seems to be pretty afk yeah. Do I get more xp with the level 41 crawlers? I think the only place with all crawlers are level 35.



Nvm I remember now bigger hits more xp etc, this is pretty great most of my health regenerates by the time I actually get hit.


these things friend. The pain is doing the quests to get the boat there and then you can sit there all day for days hitting highs on mobs with a lot of hp that cannot really damage you at all. I remember easily smashing these faggots and then going to get the dragon defender and going back to train.

cannot imagine getting to high melee on hill giants again


Don’t do this, if you are a member train combat stats while doing slayer or else you look like a fool and you’ll never be able to fight the monsters that drop the best items in the game, plus with a slayer helm on a slayer task you get +15% attack and strength bonus


crab killing is incredibly AFK friendly to the point you barely even need to interact with the game. watch anime or fap and just click every now and then for free xp.


it is stupid to do if you actually want to play the game, part of training combat in members is doing slayer, crabs are for pk accounts that dont care about the game other than pking


is anyone interested in making a wizchan clan in the new clan system?


So what about mining? What would be the most efficient way to 85 f2p? Should I stick to iron or should I mine mithril?


iron power mining



Fuck. I hit 60 and it's been pretty suicide inducing since. I don't know how I did this as a kid, it was my favorite part of the game actually.


>it's been pretty suicide inducing
that is what runescape is.
click click click


you should get members, the game isnt designed to be played f2p only


I remember playing this game as a kid and I thinking it was so hard to get levels/money, but now I realize the stuff that took me ages to accomplish is basically just a 30min to an hour task, I guess I couldnt even focus on this game for that long even back then (I'm diagnosed with adhd inattentive/short attention span)

I'm trying really hard to play the game these days but it takes a lot of effort


I just did retarded shit as a kid and never knew how to do anything. I spent all my time on those islands catching lobbies and running back to bank them and then you spend time trying to sell them only for someone to scam you.

everything was so much harder before the GE but there was a magic to it. They should have made being a merchant a skill you could level or something


is this game even playable with a group? It always felt like a solo game attached to a chat room, if you took a group of friends to do anything it would just reduce your exp and resource gain, it’s not beneficial to have people around you in this game


>thinking it was so hard to get levels/money, but now I realize the stuff that took me ages to accomplish is basically just a 30min to an hour task
Your perception isn't warped. The old rate of leveling up used to be about 40x slower than what it is now. Once you hit LVL70 or so in say ATTACK, you would have to train for about 15 hours STRAIGHT COMBAT to get to LVL71. Zybez and RuneHQ had calculators for how many of what you'd have to kill to level up, and it wasn't uncommon to see that the most "efficient" thing to kill needed to be killed about 3,000-8,000 times, with healing and bank runs in between. By 2011 I had spent over 53 days total grinding skills, and I never surpassed combat level 95. I've spent literally hundreds of hours just clicking on Hill Giants for the Big Bones needed to level up Prayer as a freep. This game absolutely sucked up kid's childhoods like a black hole.

Now Runescape is notoriously the LEAST grindiest MMO out there. I got to LVL50 Mining in a single (but long) sitting on a Hardcore Ironman freep. It's a joke, a slap on my ass if there ever was one.


File: 1634969100418.jpg (300.12 KB, 1180x829, 1180:829, qwqwqwqwqwqwqw.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>53 days total grinding skills
Sorry, I was off, it's closer to 85 days. Also, my account has been permabanned 3 times now but I still seem able to play. Weird.


I'm at 66 mining, boys. I don't think I can keep going.



Crap, I'm glad I left so long ago and just re-joined this year. I just got 43 prayer so I can start doing more quests now. I have 151 or 152 QP right now. I'm hitting new highs compared to me old F2P account. I might even eventually go paste my last combat level by the end of the year.

I don't play much though. I play once every week or two. Busy life. Might buy another membership when it's supposedly on sale during this Winter/Christmas.



I don't know if it's just because I was young, but I found it terribly hard to get to level 50 in anything. Now getting to 50 was nothing. It's 50-60 in some levels where it begins to be a slog.

Is that really what Runescape looks like now? Jesus.


well I’m talking about oldschool runescape, it took me about 30 hours to get 50 mining these past days, but runescape 3 is really easy but no one plays it


File: 1635025649087.png (261.75 KB, 1919x1039, 1919:1039, boo.png) ImgOps iqdb

Do I look spooky, boys?


File: 1635025936209.png (1.42 MB, 1055x853, 1055:853, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

lol I have basically same outfit


are you fellas from that thread on /b/ by any chance? the wiz that bought the membership never wrote back :/


yeah I didnt see, what did you post?


It's been hell boys, I can't reach 70 mining. I think I'm done.


train something else, the games not meant to just be grinding one skill for hours on end


I still play daily, but i’ve been in game on and off since 2006. i raided hardcore in a few other mmos like wow.. but nothing compares to osrs for me, even with all its many flaws.


I recorded some gameplay with some voice explanations if anyone was interested in members content, this is just one part of membership I like the most, if anyone is interested I can buy a couple people two week membership bonds


Are buying mole claws/skins worth it profit wise if I can only purchase 420 of each right now?


it's a gamble, I've never done it before because you never know what seeds you'll get for them


they just released a new game mode centered around working as a group


still, you wont be doing thing together directly, you basically just share a bank


is anyone interested in group ironman? would be fun with maybe 3-4 people


File: 1635489649762.png (23.44 KB, 274x267, 274:267, koma.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1635615936712.png (54.34 KB, 244x334, 122:167, 2222.png) ImgOps iqdb

does anyone else want to join


this looks very unappealing visually

i have nothing more to say


its also terrible gameplay wise, unless you like constant grinding for imaginary points or you're a nostalgia cuck.


it is a lot of fun playing in a group so far


File: 1635631329953.png (1.96 MB, 1141x947, 1141:947, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

also you can make the game look a bit better now too


We have 3 people in the group active right now, I think 4 but not sure if that person will keep playing, if anyone was considering joining, it's really fun so far


can we join without using voice talking? I may not play but I have an acc I used to play as members so just asking


i don't think there is a voice chat going. i have only talked to wizards in-game.


no one is voice chatting, we are currently using someone's abandoned clan chan room to message each other in-game


what are you guys doing? I have highish melee but mainly just afk or try skill.. I want to learn how to do farm runs and other things but it is all too daunting. I would be open to helping others kill monsters to farm drops if worth doing.


we are playing the new group ironman mode, people need to make a new account to be able to join, we just started a couple days ago and we have one spot left, 5/6

if you play I can teach you anything you want to know, I don't mind, I'm going to buy some members time for people if they want to try it as well


though we might have enough people to start a real clan so people can join up still to chat if they arent playing group ironman


this sounds great doing an ironman acc mode group. I hope someone joins it sounds like great fun


you dont want to join?


I do but would only let others down when I cant play for some days or burn out like I know I will. I dont do anything but I know what I am like and it would be much better for another wiz to take a chance at making friends and having fun.


so 3/5 of us are members now and on regularly, we can accept one more and possibly 1 or 2 in the future, I'm not so sure the other 2 are interested much


dogwizzer where are you


File: 1635808823421.png (207.18 KB, 325x498, 325:498, 2222222.png) ImgOps iqdb

if you have a runescape account already and you wanna talk to us about playing join "Dark" clan on this tab, it's a empty clanchat we took over to communicate in


File: 1635907425584-0.png (114.55 KB, 448x354, 224:177, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1635907425584-1.png (96.82 KB, 478x358, 239:179, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

beating wolves, still got spots for group ironman


Anybody know if it's possible to make shit drop/raise in the GE? I need coal to go up at like 220-240gp again.


big merchant clans sometimes basicall buy out the entire grand exchange stock then repost all of the items at a higher price to artificially inflate the price, but you need tons of people


wizclan when


not quite enough people


ironman group has 5 but we are never all on at the same time, and other people here are playing the game too. would be nice just to get a wizard-only clan chat made and people don't have to stay in it afterward it they don't want to.


whens a good time for everyone


idk i can always try to set an alarm since i am home most days. i just feel like there are enough wizards who play runescape that it shouldnt be hard to accomplish establishing a clan chat. this is a very solo-friendly mmo, to the point it feels like multiplayer is an afterthought in much of its content.


everytime I ask people about adding me on runescape I never get any replies, seems like people just don’t wanna


looks ugly and boring tbh mmos are too initimidating and unfun


This is what happens to me in every single MMO I try. I play, I become considerably wealthy (in some cases, one of the top players by wealth) then I give it away as I realize what a waste of time the game is.


nice humblebrag, care to share the riches with us plebeians?


I made 300k today from selling steel platebodies to armor shops, bought a rune pickaxe, then put about 10 mithril axes in the group bank

I'm not sure if it's worth it to get 71 smithing for an adamant axe, if you get 60 woodcutting and 75% hosidus favor you can buy the axes from the woodcutting guild


When I was a kid I touched nothing but mining and woodcutting. Getting back into it 15 years later I'm getting every f2p skill to 50 before I buy a bond.

It's a personal thing, but also because I see a lot of members quests require some heavy skills. Right now I'm doing firemaking to 50 but before this whole
plan I was doing magic until I got high alch and than I unintentionally high alched to 70 magic getting to five million gp. It's been fun but it's also been
kind of a bummer because when I was 13 and my mom bought me a membership my dumb ass spent it doing absolutely nothing but barely cutting magic trees, selling
what little I could muster to collect before selling it off and than wasting the money on dumb shit I resell for less. I was such a fucking sperg.

Also the Fremnik questline. I did that as a kid because I was on a viking kick. I saw the yak-hide armor and fell in love lol.


File: 1636757410274.jpg (57.6 KB, 640x516, 160:129, 0000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Taking someones addy while they're hacking away at it and than promptly world hopping


>consider playing RS membs again
>think what a waste of time it would be
>waste my time anyway
game is a pure grind to be fair


wanna play group ironman


no sorry.


Cooked a small bit of my lobs last night, got 500-odd in the bank tab now. I will fish and cook more at some point, sooner if it seems like you guys actually need them for slayer or whatever.


I'm still using the salmons


What's worth farming next for food later on? Should I think about unlocking monks, do some barb fishing, keep getting lobsters or move on to swordfish? I think I will unlock that minnows dock at some point, too, but I'm only around 64 and I think their requirement is a lot higher.


theres no point in getting anything over lobsters unless we're going bossing sometime soon, doing slayer doesn't use much food, stocking on combat potions and antipoison/antifire would be better


I will have to look into raising herblore as ironman then. Hope it won't involve combat.


start robbing master farmers for seeds


A while ago I was trying to start Mountain Daughter and I was pondering whether you can go through the troll stronghold to get there. That led me to completing Troll Stronghold. Now I'm actually going to do it legit instead of exploring. It was fun and adventurous.


Trying to get to level 50 Runecrafting and… is this it? Is this the only method? Is this going to be hell?


craft steam ruins at the fire altar, use ring of dueling to teleport between the altar and bank, you make money and it’s fast exp



And if we buy it all up, it'll go back up to 220-240.



i doubt there is enough collective money here between all users and there is definitely no coordination to pull it off. your request is a pipe dream.


isnt everyone doing ironman here? GE shit dont matter


i don't think so, just a few people doing ironman


I'll be training fishing soon. My fishing is abysmal right now at 42. I just leveled it up twice. My plan is to get it to at least 60. I've also gotten a piece of the angler's outfit. I didn't want to get the entire thing since I've read it'll do me little good for the way I'm going to train (tick manipulation). I'll get to 47, drift net fish, then do barbarian fishing from 58 to 60. I want to do drift net fishing to at least try it but if there's a faster way, say so.

Then firemaking to 60 I guess.


are you playing group ironman? Ive been having trouble playing too much because of sleep

if not I am playing as well, I am chopping wood and fletching, I dont have any goal though, I just turned off all exp meters and let my character do his thing


I am playing regular OSRS. I bet that turning off the exp meter and just letting it go is kinda comfy. I like setting goals and achieving them myself. I have 62 cooking and just about the same fletching. My WC is only like 40ish though. I'm going to try to learn how to 3 tick cut teak logs eventually. It's very intimidating.


for me looking at the exp slowly tick up is like watching a pot boil


oray to rngesus when you go for the anglers outfit. I spent two weeks on that minigame all day every day once just to catch minnow.


No one likes runecrafting. I got to 72 without crafting a single rune just through lamps and Tears of Guthix.


File: 1637630528834.png (146.92 KB, 496x342, 248:171, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

We managed to make a clan now, If anyone wants to join they can join as a guest in the clans tab and then join "Wizardchan", you dont have to be part of the group ironman, anyone can join


group ironwiz doing wintertodt, do you need more lobs? also let me know your crate count when you hit 99 (if you are banking all until then)


are all the group ironman slots already filled?


come onto >>>/b/ and ask the wiz crew


There is one spot left


nope we got one still. and there's still the clan chat as well.


put 2k cooked lobsters in the bank. gonna fish more, lemme know if anyone needs them cooked soon.


I'd love to play group iron but I know it'd be a bad time investment, one or two members bound to get bored and then it all falls apart.


In the 18 days of inactivity, I've gotten my firemaking to 60, cooking to 70, and fishing to 47. Pretty bad I guess. I'm preparing to get my hunter to 60 by making a digsite pendant and making clockworks for houses. I had finally completed Bone voyage to finally do this and have explored some of the island. I've also been practicing tick manipulation with cooking karambwans. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of it personally. So hard. After this, I'll try for 200 QP and maybe play a bit more.


>tfw you remember you aren't even halfway to 99 until 92


bored now, im quitting


are you in the ironman group?




wiz ironman group I'll be safespotting hill giants and saving limpwurt roots in group storage, don't know if they'll be useful


I can't remember if they craft into a potion. Started putting all my books and lamps into herblore.


they make strength potions


hello ironman niggers. i have removed the iron axes, med helms, pickaxes, scimitars and bronze pickaxes (and a light blue wizard hat for personal use) to free up some space. i will put in my personal bank for now, in case anyone will actually end up wanting this stuff. maybe we can discuss how the shared storage should be cleaned up sometime.


> and a light blue wizard hat for personal use
Good, it was for you.


thanks brov, i like that color of wizard hat.


File: 1638897648432.png (193.15 KB, 535x651, 535:651, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

rate my outfit


cute noob/10

actually quite creative, i don't even know how you got that chicken (i haven't played in a while). maybe swap out the amulet for a more aesthetically pleasing item (i'd say gnome scarf, but that might be too basic).


you remind me of the early days of RS whe member faggots would come to f2p servers just to stand around with all their cool gear. Now I think about it I wonder if that was a promnotional thing


File: 1638899144661.png (30.26 KB, 243x561, 81:187, 126473241476.png) ImgOps iqdb

rate my outfit


I've been making a lot of progress. Crafting is almost 60 now and hunter is getting up to 40. My goal is both of those skills to 70. Also, I'm going to try passive farming to 70 as well. Then maybe I'll try woodcutting since I'm only level 46 in that.


File: 1639232906548.png (205.87 KB, 429x407, 39:37, 魔法犬死ね.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a wizard


File: 1639767413233.png (518.7 KB, 391x972, 391:972, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is my account, I haven't played in a year or so. When I did I'd autistically grind and pay for my membership with bonds, it really sapped the enjoyment out of the game.


I only ever farmed herbs for profit which is lowish xp and still got 81 farming passively, I don't really enjoy it either way though. They also kept adding patches with absurd requirements which bugged me because I knew I was being inefficient not using them, and the way I played the game, going after goals was a lot more challenging also having to profit and pay for bonds at the same time. When I quit I had just gotten barrows gloves and a fire cape. Now my account is sitting with 30m in members items f2p with a full bank, the easiest solution would be buying membership but I'm not going to.


File: 1639770564157.png (325.73 KB, 610x707, 610:707, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I had an alt account with like 2m on it, gave it to this account, bought a bond for if I ever want to start the cycle again


File: 1639771374742.png (2.03 MB, 1197x2048, 1197:2048, chrome_screenshot_16397710….png) ImgOps iqdb

Here are mine. The fishing took 6mo and it's still not done yet.
I'm just grinding revenants, dragon crossbow works fine, I'm on 1500 total world beneath 30 so you can just Insta-tele the pkers and there aren't even that many of them. it's more efficient to 99 at tempo though. I will grind soul wars when I get gear, I'll probably end up buying bonds. Probably doing .4ehp an hour, idc. Add me if you want, I'll be on daily.



I really don't like farming since it's so passive. I don't want to worry about playing the game efficiently, but instead, when I log in, I want to use my time efficiently. It forces me to plan my time around the game instead of planning my time in the game.

91/92 farming then done for me and even that's too much.


File: 1640414942869.png (1.82 KB, 123x39, 41:13, relief.png) ImgOps iqdb

finally done with this faggot grind, fuckin' a. also bump limit…?


Nevermind they nerfed tempo. The xp drop is halved. You do use it for the shit to get double fish though. Meta is 2tick leaping salmon again at baxtorian falls, 3t is a lot easier and probably good enough.

Heres a quick guide if you want to get started grinding efficient hours played. You can get to fishing in probably about 3/4 of a day, membs is only $5 for 16 days on Eneba. I'm grinding wilderness slayer, probably going to switch to chaeldar for efficiencys' sake. Pic related is current happenings


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