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File: 1534646781492.jpg (115.54 KB, 570x821, 570:821, pf2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I'm trying to get good at this. Played as a kid a lot and felt like trying my hand again. Still suck of course but the animation and music is so endearing to me I don't even care.

What about you wiz? What are you playing? Does it suck so bad you'll be posting on the dropped games soon?
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>Be that as it may, something about the very essence of the story in MD & how disjointed & disconnected it feels from HR is sorta rubbing me wrong and not something a replay of HR would've really helped ameliorate.
That is because of that dumb in-between novel. They really should have made its major story elements into a expansion pack for HR and not just hide important plot developments and explanations in a book like 1% of the people who played the game actually read.



Wow, are you kidding me? That actually explains a lot and I agree completely with you. Having read the plot synopsis of Black Light on the wiki just now, that would've really helped clear a few things up and brought a much needed sense of closure to HR, leading perfectly into MD, without any of that fucked up sense of continuity. I mean, like you already mentioned, why the hell not make that a full game, or expansion based on Black Light first? It's certainly safe to say that Black Light would've made for a much better experience all around. Was getting to the "augment apartheid" THAT fucking necessary because of the current mood in the media? Blatantly sacrificing an even flow in the story just you can be topical about something stupid. That's really damn annoying, I must say. Gives MD a whole new kind of sour taste in my mouth, even outside of the devilish micro-transactions. In some ways, knowing how badly they skipped ahead like this and totally shafted the story by relegating key plot elements to some boring book, has actually totally ruined what little of MD I actually liked and made me detest the people who designed it even more. I'm so sick of developers, along with creators in other forms of media, needlessly fucking things up like this and forgoing much better opportunities for gameplay/storytelling (necessary in this case for the story), simply because of their ego/greed/stupidity.


File: 1564184371230.jpg (59.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, I'm not big into books.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


After some digging it appears there was going to be a HR2 developed by Obsidian (potentially resembling the story of Black Light), but it never worked out, so it became a book instead. So laziness & poor planning is more to blame than anything else.

Be that as it may, it should have been in the damn game. Again, I fucking hate it when they divide a show/game into different media. You are supposed to play the game and understand it while you play it, not go read 3rd party notes or watch 3rd party trailers, epilogues, etc. At least in HR, they included The Missing Link in the final cut of the game, which is what they should do now with this book in some form, but of course they won't and never will.

In the end, Black Light should have been the game and MD the book. The story with only minor changes would fit as a major entry in the series far better and seems to have more interesting characters, along with properly setting up everything with the Illuminati as well.


File: 1564651791892.png (967.58 KB, 1335x717, 445:239, Morrowind1 023938036.png) ImgOps iqdb



So, the release of the Xen beta's next part is imminent! This time I won't be playing in 1280x720 (my silly ass had no idea that was happening). I just went through the first few bits again and had a chill time.


File: 1564759520991-0.jpg (196.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bm_c4a1b10001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564759520991-1.jpg (502.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bm_c4a1c10000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564759520991-2.jpg (315.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bm_c4a2a0000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fun times, fun times. I keep crashing during Gonarch battle however who, speaking of which, is fucking deadly as shit now.



File: 1564789603843-0.jpg (85.6 KB, 471x471, 1:1, 2019071521514100-2343CD645….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564789603843-1.jpg (106.36 KB, 1025x165, 205:33, 2019080101071600-2343CD645….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564789603843-2.jpg (309.3 KB, 1280x662, 640:331, 2019071702462200-2343CD645….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This game can be really unpredictable. It took me 15 hours to power up that sword then she just throws it in the water.


File: 1564814491178.jpg (437.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Complete.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Almost done. Just gotta finish 1/2 of the Morag Tong quest, one other quest that I may have forgotten, and then get the propylyn pylons.

I have some time right now, so I think I'll do the miscellaneous stuff I've listed. Tomorrow, I may be able to finish this off.


Holy shit, I' just started replaying through Morrowind about a week ago myself. I'm trying to do it 'real.' As in, no glitchy exploits (which basically amounts to saying 'no alchemy' among some other things). I'm trying to do a fighter character that's big into the Temple/House Redoran (so basically a 'goody two-shoes' character). I've almost finished the House Redoran quests. I'm nowhere near finishing the Temple quests because my magic levels are so low and it's been difficult for me to either find training cash or just not spam cheap training sleeps and then constantly sleep. I've done quite a bit of the Fighter's guild stuff.


LSD Dream Emulator emulation now available in browser:

It might be a bit choppy still. PROTIP: enable sound before you hit the play button or you might not be able to turn it on while ingame.


There isn't another game out there that does the sandbox RPG thing as masterfully as Morrowind. I think the key idea behind it is it leaves just enough to the imagination. Daggerfall goes too far with it by leaving it up to the player to ascribe meaning to the world they're into, while Skyrim and Oblivion are more interested in using you as the protagonist in whatever story THEY want you to experience. Morrowind drops you into an organic world with centuries of history to catch up on and lets you define yourself through your actions. The natives could go on just fine if you weren't there and it's up to you to decide how deep you wanna mingle into the local culture. It has a real feeling of being a stranger in a strange land, rather than a trailblazer in a savage frontier or the hero of a story that's already been written. Gothic 2 does this pretty well but Morrowind blows it out of the water in terms of freedom regarding what kind of character you really want to be.


Cool, very cool.



Weird. I feel similarly about Daggerfall. I do feel like Morrowind does it better with the lore though, definitely. Morrowind has lore all around while Daggerfall barely has lore outside of the books. Still, it does catch up with the holidays, daedric prince summonings, and such.

I partially disagree with

>The natives could go on just fine if you weren't there and it's up to you to decide how deep you wanna mingle into the local culture. It has a real feeling of being a stranger in a strange land, rather than a trailblazer in a savage frontier or the hero of a story that's already been written.

Morrowind is falling apart when you come into it. The living gods are losing their power, tensions are high after the imperial occupation of Morrowind, etc. Dagoth Ur is in his third phase of his plan during the main quest, and if you hadn't done anything, it would still be the same.

>Phase 3: Expand from smaller bases to other towns and villages, and recruit and indoctrinate subjects made susceptible by dream sendings. Occupy abandoned towers and ruins, and train corrupted cultists as raiders and irregular troops. Identify, discredit, and decimate possible sources of political resistance.

He had been using dreams already to indoctrinate citizens of the towns and villages as well as doing such in miscellaneous quests before I had started the main quest. Such quests were the ash statue quest in Ald Ruhn, for example. You could also find Dreamers and other servants in Dunmer strongholds before the main quest. The natives would not be fine because Dagoth Ur's fourth version of the plan was to

>Phase 4: Use assassination and terror to weaken, distract, and disrupt the Legions and the Imperial bureaucracy, along with their Hlaalu sympathizers. Inspire popular uprisings of the native poor against the foreign rich and powerful. Summon Sleepers and Dreamers to Dagoth Ur to work on Second Numidium.

This would cause a lot of panic and stress to the population. I must say though that Daggerfall's population would be fine. No one actually notices anything or talks about the ghost of the previous emperor.


Daggerfall always felt like some kinda experimental 3D roguelike to me, its systems have more depth than Morrowind's but the world feels so cardboard cutout, it's like it's designed around the player rather than the other way around. Morrowind always feels like you're poking your nose where you aren't supposed to due to its handcrafed quality. It satifises my wanderlust so much better and I barely even paid attention to any of the text when I first played it and still got the same impression, no matter how much I think Morrowind's writing is instrumental in fleshing out its world


File: 1565611154476.jpg (57.26 KB, 850x656, 425:328, 20190811.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Playing Ace Combat 7


Black desert online. This game is a grindfest, but i like it.


It has shitloads of micro transactions and a p2win aspect to it, doesn't it?


Well kind of but not really. I can play it just fine without spending my precious money.


File: 1565751212183.jpg (69.04 KB, 348x404, 87:101, Resident_Evil_2_Remake.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

currently struggling bitterly with pic related

i'm on the second run- a couple of hours into the police station- and i just keep dying

>try to get the jewel from the statue

>"Great job! Here, have a Licker!"
>"Alright, I'll just get the grenade launcher first, and-"
>Mr. X and his posse ain't having any of that shit


Dino Crisis 2. i am enjoying it.


Been playing SAMP recently
from an onlooker's perspective it's probably a load of mundane boring shit, and probably, I'm not really sure why I much enjoy being a virtual baggage collector or truck driver, but I'm having fun, just get some nice tunes, and it's a good time, I guess it's the video game equivalent of soap opera
connection lags out a bit sometimes and I'm not too fond of the people who kill you for no reason, but I'll take what I can get


I've been meaning to try that out, I'll check it out tomorrow since I'll get my pc back.


San Andreas Multiplayer? This and MTA are still active?


That's the one, and can't comment on MTA, but it's active enough, server's always got at least 100-150 players on it


Crusader Kings 2 and Battle For Wesnoth.


File: 1571269974449.jpg (429.2 KB, 1600x1475, 64:59, Contact_Nintendo_DS_front_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not sure how long I'll be playing this one. Played the first couple of hours and the game looks kinda ugly. It seems to be a mish mash of assets for different games stitched together. The plot too. I hope it picks up, I was really looking forward for this one.


File: 1571463763920.jpg (32.62 KB, 620x314, 310:157, 20191027.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can't play. PC is too old and console is being repaired.


>PC is too old
Play some old games, wiz.


SNES emulator is a good pal on a shittier old PC, not just the entire SNES library but a whole bunch of romhacks


>not just the entire SNES library but a whole bunch of romhacks
This. When I was stuck with an old pc I spent like an entire year playing nothing but Super Metroid Romhacks


File: 1571587006407.jpg (83.46 KB, 640x638, 320:319, gbc_dragon_warrior_i_ii_p_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Started playing Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior for the game boy some days ago. Mainly because I always see the Japanese media I consume mentioning and referencing it all the time, so I decided to give it a try.

It's really frustrating. You can definitely see it's a product from the 80s, but also, the fact that it is the first JRPG makes it to incredibly charming.

I've been wandering about the world map for 3 days now not knowing where to go, but I refuse to look up a walkthrough. I'll make it somehow.

It is fun in a very unforgiving way.

BTW, the GBC box art is the stuff of nightmares. Probably some dumb westernes thought Akira Toriyama's stuff looked to weird or something hypocritical like usual.


File: 1571593340097.png (36.8 KB, 256x224, 8:7, Dragon Quest III - Soshite….png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing Dragon Quest III on the SNES.
The only other DQ game I've played is VII. I found the story of VII was more interesting since it was kind of structured episodically and you had a bunch of towns all with their own little plots and characters, but III is much less linear and more free than it as well. You're much more reliant on character dialogue to find out what to do next and dungeons generally seem a little more complex than those I remember in VII, with lots of chests that can be missed, alternate paths, etc.
Being able to recruit your own party members is also nice. The class system is neat, pretty similar to VII iirc but there also seem to be a lot of intricacies with stat growth that I'm not really paying attention to (with personalities and such).

Also longer than I expected since it pulled the whole "oh that wasn't the real final boss" thing and now there's a dark world to explore. But that's a welcome surprise.

Things I don't like
1). Spells seem to have a random chance to just not work on enemies sometimes. This may be related to wisdom stat but it's kind of annoying and there are also some enemies who seem to have inherent immunity to spells or at least certain types of spells. In one sense I like it because it does make combat a bit more complex, but it's also annoying when you have weak enemies and are trying to cast a group spell to pick them all off at once, but the spell just doesn't work on all but one.
2). The distribution of places you can and can't teleport to after visiting is a little odd and arbitrary.
3). Not the best variety of classes, I just went with cleric/martial artist/mage and upgraded my cleric to a sage. The classes that don't have spells feel very one dimensional. In this respect I remember VII being a little better.


Playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time since 2011

Holds up really well, I still think it's one of the best fantasy RPGs ever made.


Never could make myself finish it despite multiple attempts. Enjoyed and finished Dragon Age 2, which everyone else hated. Odd.


File: 1572179774494.jpg (103.4 KB, 1215x717, 405:239, hillybillygraggy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

4 out of 10 placement matches into League of Legends ranked. Won 3, lost 1 due to getting disconnected. Full AP lane Gragas is plenty of fun, especially when you manage to combo someone into your barrel with the q1+e+w+r+q2 combo.


mods and photo mode help this game more than the infinitely boring missions and story, without mods you can't even have unlimited time for a real vs fight, wtf.


They make so many of these DBZ games do the fans ever get tired of it.


I don't think every fan buys ever game released.
They pick the type of games they prefer and buy those in that series.


What should I do to get into gaming again? I've been stuck in this whole multiplayer thing like League, CS and R6S, but it doesn't feel like gaming. I want to feel like I've felt when I first played a singleplayer game on PS1.


File: 1572390996697.png (397.43 KB, 467x684, 467:684, leorio doesn't know what t….png) ImgOps iqdb

I'd say just play something else but I'm also in that same situation. Try to find some singleplayer game to play. What that game is is the crux of the issue. What singeplayer games have you liked before? Maybe replay some of those, or tell us so people can recommend you something.


Trying to finish HOLLOW KNIGHT before HK2: Silksong is released.

Details: https://youtu.be/Gv6CRPqkpuU


I thought Silksong was an expansion. Guess I can safely play the game with the xbox pass thing without fear of missing out on content


Silksong was originally a Kickstarter goal that was planned to be an expansion for the first game, but after a few rounds of DLC for the first game, it's a good idea they decided to make a full second title for the very eager fans and market.


Dragon Quest V, PS2 version with translation patch.
One hour in, saved some guy in a cave. I hope there aren't too many cutscenes and dialogues.


File: 1573270959534.jpg (76.38 KB, 829x645, 829:645, 9dba0f191d97432d17fba8439d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wasn't there going to be an additional DLC centered around 'Hive Knight' at some point? Call me crazy, but I could've sworn I heard/read that somewhere. Google searches to this effect come up with nothing, however. It's really weirding me out I tell ya. Did I seriously just imagine this?


Trying out MISTOVER demo


TES: Oblivion.

I'm going to do all the side quests, DLC, and anything else I haven't done. I might also do a full playthrough of the game with the different factions, but modded. First though, I'll be doing a regular modded runthrough of it as a necromancer and do more experimenting with mods.


playing populous 2. the gameplay is a bit shallow so i could see myself getting bored. but for now, this game is like digital crack.


was playing that KOF gatcha but uninstalled out of butthurt because I used money and still got shit and I just wanted one damn Kula, this gatcha shit is making me realise gaming is going back to the be rich or be lucky bro garbage days of arcade (machines)


File: 1576126849437.jpg (263.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, leather club.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dragon Quest Builders 2
It feels like a mix between Minecraft, Harvest Moon/Rune Factory, and Animal Crossing. Maybe a little shallow mechanically, as often happens when several game styles get mixed together like this, but there's enough variety to keep it interesting.

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