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File: 1535593000066.png (42.08 KB, 480x217, 480:217, get.png) ImgOps iqdb


Should I buy one of these? there are even games worth playing besides zelda?


Depends what kind of games you like. My rule is a console needs at least 5 exclusives that I'm interested in, so I don't consider it worth it.


The 3DS is probably the better option unless you want to play Skyrim on a Nintendo device for some reason.


What's wrong with playing skyrim on a nintendo device (and a handheld at that) it already looks better than the 360/PS3 version,and it's portable,or you're one of those "hardcore gaymers" that refuses to play a game unless it's on PC and 4K/60FPS


You can hack it and get free games for life so yes.


It's underpowered and overpriced, but go ahead and spend your money on it. Don't forget your soylent.


It just doesn't make sense to go for an inferior port, and certainly not a reason to buy the console if you already have a usable PC/laptop


Watching this thread I realized that wizchan's /games/ is as bad as /v/,just slower.


Back to 4fags.


Wait for Black Friday


I like it. I'd only recommend it if you like Nintendo games, JRPGs, or you want to play ports indie games on a handheld


Holy shit. Consoles are getting uglier each new generation.


i was gonna write a post saying no but i deleted it a quarter of the way through cause i realized i dont give a single fucking fuck if you want to waste 300-400 dollars on an ugly plastic interior decorator piece. enjoy


Like the stupid plasitc brick's particular aesthetics is why anyone buys a console.


lol switchhurt


Did I enter /v/? Why the fuck is everyone going full retard?


File: 1535750731490.jpg (27.99 KB, 220x330, 2:3, Octopath Traveler.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you're in to turn based RPG's its apparently worth it for Octopath Traveler alone.

The market a.k.a normal people/gamers absolutely love it and by "normal" I'm not invoking the Us Vs. Them Wizards Vs. The Normies trope of Wizchan but "normal" in the sense that the people who love this game are opposite in mentality to the faggots/trannies/otherkin that populate shitholes like neofag, Reshit Era and IGN(orant) gamefags, Shitspot and all the other shitty ass backwards viral marketer populated hype happy game websites/forums.

So in this instance we Wizards could be considered "normal" in our gaming tastes if we so happen to love Octopath Traveler which the game forums/game journos hate (at worst) or downplay the success of (at best).

Anyway yeah though without Octopath Traveler Switch is basically a Zelda: Breath of the Wild box no different than the original Xbox was considered the Halo: Combat Evolved box.

If you're not into turned based RPG's like Octopath Traveler there's really no great big reason to get the system other than Zelda: Breath of the Wild and even then you don't have to buy a Switch to get Breath of the Wild since its just a port on Switch anyway and you can buy it and play it on the Wii U instead which it was built from the ground up for or if you're not a particularly moral fag of a Wizard you can just download CEMU and or possibly the new Switch online emulator and just play it on your computer for free and avoid buying a Switch entirely.

Honestly most games on Switch ie shitty to decent indie games can be found on Steam or played on the MAME emulator (referring to the recent slew of Neo Geo titles released on Switch virtual console).

So ultimately only exclusive Nintendo first party titles are worth getting the system for and if you think the grand majority of them save for Zelda: Breath of the Wild are absolute dog shit as I do you're better off just not getting a Switch.

Again at the moment Octopath Traveler is the only reason for anyone to really want to own the system if a person is into these sorts of games ie turned based RPG.


File: 1536379528409.jpg (59.16 KB, 889x1579, 889:1579, hat kid is not happy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A sad truth.


File: 1536437407095.jpg (210.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20adf15c3551463abcce37e511….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wasn't planning on buying one, but apparently a new Umihara Kawase game is being released exclusively for it next year. Chances are it'll be ported to PC eventually, but I should have more money by the time it comes out so I might just pick it up anyways. I'm interested in checking out Breath of the Wild, too, since I've heard a lot of people saying it's better than any of the other 3D Zelda games since the N64 era.
So this is similar to Bravely Default? Looks like the only game I might be interested in other than Umihara and BotW. Seems like a lot of the titles are just ports.


I just want to interject:
Even though LoZ: BoTW was designed with the Wii U in mind, one of the complaints I'm sure I've read several times is that unlike the Wii U HD remake of LoZ: WW that does take advantage of the Wii U's controller-screen for inventory management, the Wii U port of BoTW does nothing to take advantage of the Wii U's hardware. The second screen is simply not utilised.

7:32 - Complaints about the under-utilization of the Wii U's hardware.


I've felt this way for years..


I'll be picking this up most likely but the music I heard did not impress me at all. All jrpgs have their own unique sound, even fantasy games, but this had that pseudo Jeremy Soule le epic adventure.


I hate that shit. Its part of why I can't get into most wrpgs.




make yourself scarce, long nose salesman


mugen has more characters and it's free


And it's unbalanced as fuck.


Most definitely
Just the pure convenience of this thing makes everything else feel like a chore.
Just between Skyrim, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Splatoon 2 it costs a pittance compared to its value.


Of all the Switch games you could've used as an example…why a game that's on every platform known to man?


buy it an hack it. Or buy a wii u and hack it, you get snes, psp emulator, wii games, gamecube games, and of course, wii u games. Prolly even more, I haven't read that much about it, but that's what I know. I'll do it, but next year when the wii u costs next to nothing.


So OP, it's been almost 2 months since you wrote this. Did you buy it or not?

>Umihara Kawase
I sincerly love those games which is weird considering how much I suck at them. Honestly if they announced a Goemon title, doesn't even matter which genre, the Switch would have so many adorable titles I would have to get one even though there's already one in the house, my brother got at launch. Still, the thought he can just take the thing and leave bothers me.


To answer your questions:

>Should I buy one of these?

>there are even games worth playing besides zelda?


I Like it. I mostly play Splatoon 2. It’s fun. I also have bayonetta, Mario, Zelda, and street-fighter 2.


And there's a new Umihara Kawase coming out if you're into that.



Why even buy a console when you can use your PC as an emulator.


Fully emulate Mario odyssey,xenoblade chronicles 2,the newest smash,Splatoon 2 then we'll talk.

It's funny how the master race claims that consoles are not needed and superflous,but they still end up buying one for the exclusives,be Switch or PS4.


When it comes to everything aside from exclusives, they aren't. And that's assuming the exclusives are good in the first place


lol there isn't even a decent N64 emulator out there yet wiz. I'm poor so I'm all favor to having just a pc to rule them all but emulation really isn't all that decent a lot of times. I would love to have a Sega Saturn emu that works really well for exampĺe. At least you can get games for free and use on your console, that really is something.


Why is N64 emulation so bad after all this time? I don't get it.


They mostly are.

The mustard rice exclusives just can't compete with console exclusives,they would miss great games that's why it bothers them that consoles exist.

Also yeah N64,Saturn,PS3 and dreamcast emulation sucks balls.


> just can't compete with console exclusives
like what? last of us? oh please


Spider-man God Of War RDR2 (until rockstar says that it will come to PC it's console only,and even then they will play it when it's already old news) Horizon Zero Dawn,Persona 5 (and the dancing games),Bloodborne,Gravity Rush 1 & 2,The last Guardian,Yakuza 6

Super Smash Bros Ultimate,Octopath Traveler,Bayonetta 1 & 2,Super Mario Odyssey,Arms,Xenoblade Chronicles 2,Luigi's mansion 3,splatoon 2 and I'm just scratching the surface,I purpusefully left out tons of weeb games that are console only and other not so known games.

It's ok if the mustards love their PC's,but certainly consoles have by far better exclusives,as I said most mustards end up buying a console.


>but certainly consoles have by far better exclusives
>as I said most mustards end up buying a console.
Maybe those that spend their time arguing about video games on imageboards, I wouldn't bother to find a free HDMI slot on my TV to connect a console.
I'm probably too old for this shit.


As someone who owns a PS4, I can say they're aren't missing out on much


If you honestly would play and enjoy every game on your list, you must be a child.


You're not playing the right games then.

What games should I play to be a Mature hardcore gaymer like you?


/v/ is still butthurt about persona 5,RDR2 and bloodborne being console only.


If I had such money I'd rather upgrade my PC. Or buy a new one. Or a VR headset. Or some high quality gadgets/accessories. Consoles are pretty much at the very end of my "hardware I'd acquire if I had the means" list.


File: 1542690082310.png (50.71 KB, 450x532, 225:266, 1540444349322.png) ImgOps iqdb

What are the right games then?

I beat Bloodborne twice, the game was as average as Dark Souls 3. I dropped God of War because the combat was some of the dullest shit I ever experienced. I did everything in Horizon and outside of the graphics/art, it was a mediocre game. I want to like Yakuza 0, but I'm not interested in 10 minutes of cutscenes, then 10 minutes of cgi cutscenes, and then 8 minutes of text for every 5 minutes of gameplay. I also have TLOU remastered and Uncharted collection and I don't see the praise these games get outside looking pretty (for their time) and being like a movie. TLOU is the most braindead watered down stealth game I've ever played. MGS1 had more depth to it. Uncharted is as run of the mill as a third person cover shooter gets. Played the first one and dropped the second halfway through.

I have zero interest in Persona after playing ~80% of 3. The GR games always looked bland after you look beyond the visuals,music, and gravity gimmick. The Last Guardian was received pretty poor and I have no interest in it, same with Yakuza 6, a game the fans say is one of the low points of the franchise.

The only games I enjoyed playing on it were multiplats, some that aren't even from this generation. RE,Doom, Titanfall 2, Sonic Mania, Nex Machina, and even damn Monster Hunter World which fuck all in terms of content and shows Capcom likely will never top MH4U since World and Generations are both lackluster.


It seems that you don't enjoy games all that much,then why do you keep playing?


>You don't enjoy games all that much
>Listed 6 games I own for the system that I enjoy

That's not even counting the games I enjoy on other platforms of course. What are you even getting at?


Have you played Spidey?


You just have a combination of bad taste and nostalgia.


Remake of the Remake


Good choice

>Titanfall 2

Generic FPS that becomes even more repetitive than CoD after 4 hours…also the last time I played it was kind of dead on PS4

>Sonic Mania

You complain about uncharted being run of the mill but you like Generic Sonic N°15?

>Monster Hunter World

I don't get it,you said you enjoy it,but you said that it was lackluster the next paragraph.

Honestly I can't see how your choices are better than the PS exclusives,GR by itself it's much more original creative and fun than all the games you mentioned.


okay, console exclusives are good and so have to be your tastes to truly appreciate them, we got it, consoles fanboy


No, it looks like a slightly different version of the Arkham games and I have no interest in it. I don't really like superhero stuff to begin with anyway.

>Remake of the remake
Where's the problem here?

>Generic FPS that becomes even more repetitive than CoD

It was an fps where moving around was a viable, and far better, option compared to sitting behind cover and the campaign was pretty interesting. You're not going to get shit like pakouring through an underground factory that's constantly shifting around or jumping back and forth through time to navigate the environment all while fighting enemies from the past and present from the likes of CoD.

>Generic Sonic N°15

You're calling Sonic games generic when the franchise is notorious for constantly trying to reinvent the wheel to disastrous results. Even the "similar" 2D games have drastically different approaches to level design and mechanics. My only problem with Mania was that there weren't more original zones, but SEGA is to blame for that.

>you said you enjoy it,but you said that it was lackluster the next paragraph.

I enjoyed it, but it along with Generations were still lackluster in comparison to 4U, on their own they're fine games.

>I can't see how your choices are better than the PS exclusives

PS exclusives are mainly focused on being being visually and narratively impressive at the expense of gameplay. Some just play it safe with the illusion that they're unique on the surface. GR is the latter, every video I've seen of the games looks dull once you get past the gravity aspect. Seriously, it's a game where you control gravity and most of the missions are fetch quests, braindead stealth, or braindead combat encounters. The cult following it has can't even say anything good about it beyond its presentation.


If you like Nintendo games yes, if you don't…. no

This applies to any Nintendo console, it's worth it if you are into their franchises


I'd probably wait for the Yuzu emulator to get further development and then just dl a bunch of Switch games. The Cemu emulator, which only does Wii U games is still trying to work the kinks out so it'll probably be a while before the Yuzu catches up. If you're just dying to play Smash Bros Ult. or the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 out in June, than I guess you'll have to spend a few shekels to get one now.


As of right now, maybe. The mario and zelda games should be good. I'm only going to be one when pikmin 4 is realesed.


buy a 3ds, they are cheap and you can easily hack to get any game free and emulate gba and snes games


I got mine with Ultra SF2.


File: 1560382939425.png (288.39 KB, 520x633, 520:633, 8f2eb4b5ef0d2a5b2a7fbef7a5….png) ImgOps iqdb

Rune Factory 5 announcement pretty much sealed the deal for me. Will probably pick one up this summer with Umihara, Zelda, and maybe a few other games.
Or hack it if possible, not sure how far the scene for that is.


You should've grabbed one a lot earlier if you wanted to hack it. The models that are currently in production fixed the hardware level exploit.
Also your image is retarded.


Minecraft retard


That's on every system after (and including) xb360.


Use it to play MARIO


This can get me to buy switch as RF4 was the only game I truly enjoy on 3DS but if they gonna leave english dubbing and there won't be possibility to pirate games then I'll pass.
If i remember correctly there was no official RF4 release with jap dubbing but you could grab modified iso to get it working.


Yeah, the dub will be the deal-breaker. I'd be fine with one if it were done well, but they are rarely of good quality. But they keep forcing it on us anyway.


Are they fully voicing it or something? The dubs in 3 and 4 weren't great but honestly the characters weren't really voiced enough to annoy me.

But I know Japanese and will be importing so it doesn't really matter, I guess.


Luigi's Mansion 3 is worth it alone.


Skip Odyssey and Smash. Zelda, Xenoblade2, Mario Kart Deluxe, Astral Chain, Mario Maker 2, Link's Awakening if you want more Link, Splatoon 2, the only reason I still have mine is for Metroid Prime 4 and Shin Megami Tensei V which will be out on PS4 too.


My mom bought me an overpriced New 3DS XL when those launched so I want to get some use out of it. Almost instantly, it became possible to buy a used one for 30% of what my mom paid. At least games are inexpensive and the library is extensive.


Neighbor got this just for SMASH


there is zelda and mareeo and the one where you can play as zelda and beat mariu up and thats basically it.


Was going to scrimp and save my NEET ass up for one of these just for Pokemon mainly (and DQXI), but the Dex-culling really pissed me off because my enjoyment from those games comes largely from autistically maintaining a full living dex and shiny hunting, and now literally hundreds of Pokemon that represent over 1000 total hours across several games are just unable to even be included.

So now I'm after a PS4 instead for Christmas, even this late in the life cycle. Maybe will get a good deal on a 1TB slim (A good gaming PC is obviously better but is out of the price range for me, a PS4 and three games at once will represent the most expensive thing I have gotten for a while by far. Such is being NEET and also having a relatively poor immediate family) sry for blogpost


A lot of people gt it for SMASH


I‘d say it‘s worth it.I have one and use it mainly for pokemon but there are other games.Furthermore the games will get cheaper over time. Down side is that you have to pay for Multiplayer.As long as you play SP games your off quiet well.

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