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Thoughts on recording gameplay and uploading it to Youtube? I've been doing this recently and it's a lot of fun. It makes things feel more official and it makes you actually pay attention. All of my videos have 0 views and I don't even tag them correctly, but something about making it public in some way increases my focus and overall makes me happy. Just played through Half-Life, a game I've been meaning to play through for 10 years now.



Provide your youtube channel so the wizgang can write snarky remarks on your videos


I thought of doing this, but I realized it was, honestly, just a way to get attention. However, if I were to do anything, it would be to create tutorials or walkthroughs on games that have no attention. Then, anyone who looked for the information would have that information. Nothing meta, but just general walkthroughs on what to do and where to get things. If I do that, at least, I would be contributing at least, and not just saturating a market further. Obviously, no offense. You, or anyone putting up another letsplay or gameplay footage isn't hurting anyone. I just would want to express myself, or help others, in ways that haven't been done before. If something has already been done before, I see no reason to do it, but if I make challenges for a game I like, then I would have contributed to extending the life of a game I love to play.


did that a while back when i was unemployed. the vids where basically gameplay footage with a full harsh noise album on the background. i used obs to record, then some compression software to give them a black metal feel. weird days.


File: 1536245473307.png (582.45 KB, 872x955, 872:955, 60a4c5f445e3a3318f644f9957….png) ImgOps iqdb

I thought of doing reviews for really obscure games/media no one's ever heard of. I made a list, but I'm not sure when I'll start.


I'm not doing it for views though, like I said I don't even use tags so I doubt anyone could even find my videos. It just makes me happy to have the increased focus while I'm recording. Plus it's nice to have an archive of everything you've played.


i'd watch


I used to upload hardcore playthroughs of various difficult games, but the problem is that for most good games somebody already uploaded their footage and it's usually much better than mine. Still, I managed to find at least one game with no decent footage on youtube.


i don't like video games and realized it'd be pointless, so I'm going to review niche books/other media instead.


…what are you doing on /games/ then?


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I've thought about doing that before back when I played games more often but I never did get around to it and my voice isn't particularly exciting to listen to.


You don't need to record your commentary. This isn't supposed to be an attention whore thread. My point was that it gives you an arbitrary purpose for doing something which feels more rewarding.


i watch games without sound because sometimes i dont want to pay for the DLC but want to learn the story, so if you play it and record with no audio except the game I would watch


File: 1536367474888.png (4.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hl2 stuck.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just got stuck inside a pillar. Had to reset the chapter.


use the gravity gun


Who said anything about attention whoring? I just thought it would be fun to make casual lets plays of games I like and know somewhat well.


I was upset and needed to vent, but I'm better now. Any wizards know any obscure games? So far I have:
>Strawberry Cubes
>.flow and Yume 2kki
>Dwarf Fortress (not really obscure)
>Anonymous Agony (will probably wait for it to be finished)
>Uncommon Time
>Free Cities

Not sure if they'll be in voiced or text.


there's that guy that gameplays really obscure games


File: 1536522795470.png (182.84 KB, 378x263, 378:263, Tonic_Trouble_US_Cover_N64.png) ImgOps iqdb

had pic related for PC, played the shit out of it when I was a kid, probably one of the more obscure games that this thread made me remember, hard to imagine that the game came out almost 20 years ago on PC



Has any one thought of putting together a discord or something where we arrange doing this then upload it to the same channel? Maybe even have multiple people play the same game and then upload all the play throughs to show each perspective (maybe even putting them side by side. So every chapter everyone synced up at that chapter and then it played the full chapter of every player at once then resynced again next chapter/video).


I'm really interested in doing this if any one else is.

Ideally we could do with someone experienced in video editing to edit the videos together. I have very little experience. You would also need a way to communicate such as discord or steam. You wouldn't have to communicate via voice chat or required to record any voice over for the game but you would need to join a group text chat in order to discuss what game to play and arrange video sharing etc.


Sounds like it could be fun, not that I'm uploading anything, I suck at games


That's not a problem. Having different skill levels and different ways of approaching situations is the entire point of it.


Well I might try to contribute something if you guys put something together. My internet is slow so I can't upload many high quality vids.


What recording software does everyone use nowadays? OBS?


OBS is the easiest yea.

I'm thinking about recording some half life mods. Maybe record a long play of Blue shift.


I tried recording myself playing so from I could watch myself in a couple of years but I abruptly stopped because reasons.

Wouldn't mind it give it another shot though.


File: 1555794742182.jpg (64.56 KB, 583x586, 583:586, baby mode.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to start to record and edit little videos of different games I play on youtube. I would like to get somewhat good at editing but I'm terrified to try.

I don't even care if it's seen by anyone I'm just scared of being bad at something. I mean I somewhat care, playing vidya for a living would be cool stuff. But it's more "I want to produce something even a little creative" than "I WANT TO BE FAMOUS"


There's gratification in seeing something I made out on the internet, even if it's only for myself and nobody else ever sees it.


I recorded myself killing a boss I was having trouble with, too bad the OBS butchered the resolution and framerate. Wanted to add some sort of commentary but since I hate my voice, I just put some subtitles. I'm sure there are hundreds of videos on the same topic and better than this one, but fuck it.


I've considered uploading multiplayer footage but I'm way too paranoid.


Stream on twitch, record it. Maybe edit it and upload that on youtube. Standard operating procedure for a streamer.


Tired of that half life there meme

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