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make a post when you finish you latest game.

No succubus on the OP for THIS edition.


File: 1536778135769-0.png (223.7 KB, 743x526, 743:526, it would drain troops.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1536778135769-1.png (619.42 KB, 1009x655, 1009:655, avernum 5 (2).png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1536778135769-2.png (2.15 MB, 1439x767, 1439:767, 2e8bcfb37bf28f80df2161c7a2….png) ImgOps iqdb

I finally finished all avernun's. from 1 to 6.

IDK they first ones felt a bit better than the last one… IDK fetch quests are a pain in the ass and 4 to 6 felt riddled with them in a way bigger way than the first and second one.

I would struggle to recommend it at all. I mean it starts strong and had a good story but the fall from grace is real.

like only 100% CC worthy game is the first one. collecting 6 dead limbs for the last one is the type of scavenger hunt that annoys a fella. sure I seen some of those before on the map but why would I be keeping those in my inventory? what about the emeralds are they gonna be used to make items or do I have to keep them around? just the item based quests felt so murky that 100%ccing is frustrating and the rewards of sidequests are minimal asside from XP, and result of the sidequests are unperceptive, and the story behind the sidequests is purely bland.

meanwhile on the first one, there were secret demons and no "true ending" the whole game was a "sidequest" you had no true goal just make your story. on a sidebar is kinda like how I feel about TES V and how you dont have to go bother the big bad dragon even after 200 hours of gameplay

also changing the character portraits by meddling with the game folder was really rewarding, as I wasn't playing the remakes so the official art was shite. adding my own art felt better in many ways, maybe even more immersive


Interesting. How long you took to complete them?


lol@the portraits



That's from daggerfall.

I bought the game when it came out in the mid nineties.


File: 1536857167282.png (923.93 KB, 988x978, 494:489, avernum 5 lysstak postfigh….png) ImgOps iqdb

good question.
….about to 7 m-months.

I like taking my time with rpg's and always finish them with an inventory overflowing with overpowered items that I don't even use because I keep saving them up.


I just completed Sanitarium! What a fantastic game. The difficulty was at a perfect level for me, being a newbie to adventure games, with little to no pixel-hunting or nonsense puzzles. The length was also just at that sweet spot for me (10-20 hours maybe?). And the story, the visuals, the atmosphere - all sublime. Truly a treat after a rough spot of anhedonia. I loved the feeling of wandering through dream worlds, with the surreal scenery, haunting sounds, and various shades of insanity. And the payoff at the end was truly sweet. I highly recommend this game, if you can get it working that is. Windows 7 seems like a no-go, but luckily I dual-boot with Linux, and it works perfectly under wine-staging 3.15, no overrides needed. Seems it's one of those increasingly common cases of wine doing better with old games than native Windows does! Now if only we could get all those fancy new DX11 games working…


That's a great game alright


I played as a child, it was everything that you just said according to my memory.

and the atmosphere…. it truly was terrifying to me, and yet odly charming


File: 1537181189348.jpg (92.29 KB, 960x495, 64:33, te-fp__huge[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've beated Limbo and Tiny Echo. Humble Bundle gave them for free a couple of days ago.


File: 1537448611279.png (254.54 KB, 1269x681, 423:227, this is the police ao.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished "this is the police", never heard of this game until recently and it was surprisingly good.


File: 1538112556464.jpg (156.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, LOZ MM tree.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's over. I have completed Majora's mask. Another childhood game down for me.

It was okay. I remember not liking the water dungeon, but remember all of the tender scenes that came after defeating them. I remember the tingling feeling after saving another giant, the finality of the Anju and Kafei sidequest, where they wait until the moon destroys the village after finally becoming a couple. I have horrible, horrible memories of the moon's goht dungeon, which was so hard that I almost swore off Zelda games for good.

Overall, it was enjoyable, and I'm finally happy to have that chapter closed. Next will either be the infamous Earthworm Jim 64 or Darksiders. I have a lot more games to complete, and I'm one mission away from beating GTA4.

For GTA4. I just need to do the random encounters and get Stevie's cars. Unfortunately, the wedding is tomorrow, so that just ruins the sense of completing a game for good, and then setting it down. I will try to find a way out of it. I want to do the sidequests first. Otherwise, GTA 4 inadvertently ruined its ending for me.

Speaking of the ending, it turns out everything is okay in the Majora's mask ending. The monkey was saved, Anju and Kafei were married, and hopefully, Kafei is an adult again, and Lulu or whatever her name is, can sing again. Great, but it was nothing compared to Ocarina of Time's ending where everyone was together in the ranch, playing, having a good time, and the forest kids were there too. Everyone Link cared about was there compared to him riding away without saying goodbye to all he's helped. It's a different feeling where you leave your home, and then save it. All the people you loved are there. Still, the characters were kind of duplicated. There's the other ranch succubus from "Romani's Ranch" plus Cremia and other people similar to the ones in the previous game, but it's not really the same. They're still strangers, and in OOC, everyone outside the forest were technically strangers. Really, I don't think Link has any strong bonds to other people. He was only like, 10 in that forest, and then he left. It's not like you remember much in those simpler times.

Oh well. The music made me feel nice, I'm done with this game, and I'm moving on. A chapter has been closed.


Vogel was doing writing for some mobile MMO at the time of the last one so that might explain the sudden appearance of "fetch me 9 bear asses" without warning.
Also yeah, the first two really are, in fact canonically (unlike future installments) you are not even the main character(s) really, Erika is. (Until her cheap ass loss to Rentar). If you check the forums and wiki it's a little clearer. The "camera" might be on you, but you only play small roles in the actual plot line. You're just kinda wandering D&D murder hobos until she threw you at Hawthorne. I think it was a mistake to start turning the importance towards the player more and more, anyone else does that, but the first two you're a bit of a "small cog in larger machine"

Anyway, have you tried Nethergate before? That falls snugly between the two narrative types (especially as the Romans) and IMO is really balanced.

https://encyclopedia.ermarian.net/wiki/Ermarian_canon if you never knew it had a wiki, it's pretty entertaining, there is actually a ton of lore not even in the games proper (yet) as they refer back to the older "Blades of Exile" iteration (of which Avernum is a remake of itself)
There's even a language that was made up for the game! Largely unused as it stands though, aside from flavorful dialogue (which you're told what it means after anyway) and untranslated warnings.


File: 1538166379285.png (1.08 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, IMG_0874.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I beat cave story, it was really fun and felt kind of comforting. I played most of it years ago and just replayed through and beat it this time. The only thing I didn't like was how the ending just randomly became much more difficult
I'm on the last dungeon but gave up and I can't remember why, I might try to beat it again next.


>how the ending just randomly became much more difficult

I don't wanna spoil anything but did you go down the sanctuary or just the regular ending?


You know, I got to the final boss of that game but never beat it because I didn't have all the masks. Show probably go back and finish it but the time limit stuff really puts me back




File: 1538232163541.jpg (18.15 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Sorry I had to do it. Just beat this game, it was pretty neat. The atmosphere and music were amazing. It was kinda slow (but it didn't drag) and pretty easy once you found out how to get rid of the bosses, even the last boss was a breeze.

Would absolutely recommend this series to any wiz, the only weak point is Blood Omen . A warning, though, lots of dialogue and in most games no subtitles.


>the only weak point is Blood Omen
I meant Blood Omen 2.



Classic game, very underrated imo. Always loved the character interactions and voice acting


thanks for that post, oh I understand the change now.

Yeah, I could tell Erika was being the center piece because she eventually always got her way, the 2nd one even made me feel a bit bad about the empire wizard after all he was a real powerhouse with a finger in everything. but alas, he was still vulnerable to Erika schemes.

Rentar was strong when she first showed up but nothing felt like she could single handeedly ruin Erika and the whole caves, it was shocking how much she achieved on the game where she was the main villain. Gonna try Nethergate if is not too heavy for my laptop, wiz.


Finished diablo 1 again. 2 just can't hold a candle to it in my opinion. 1 is so damn atmoshperic. So good.

I only played the first soul reaver, but to this day i think it was an extremely cool game.


Did you mean to quote the OP? I think that's from Arena. Either way, the OP put the Arena tavern theme / Daggerfall shop theme in my head.


The voice acting is surprisingly good for such an old game, and it's great that they kept the original voice actor for Kain in the entire franchise.
>2 just can't hold a candle to it in my opinion
They're different games, I love'em both for different reasons. Funny that you mention it, the atmosphere of Legacy of Kain actually reminded me of the first Diablo in some ways, maybe you should try it.
>I only played the first soul reaver
The first SR is probably the most solid game on the franchise, 2 is also pretty good (and similar)



I have no beaten Mario Kart 64. Super Mario Kart might be next. I probably won't beat GTA 4 for a while since it's a really annoying game. The fights are SO slow and you are so weak. That coupled with no checkpoints makes for a really bad experience.

Mario Kart 64 isn't that great of a game, actually. The controls are slippery, the rubber banding is apparent, and overall, I've been blaming the game for me failing when I actually play A LOT better than the computers. When they came around, I could predict their behavior and hit them with a shell or banana pretty easily. Those are the best items in the game because you can just get right next to another racer and knock them out. The worst items are the mushrooms. All mushrooms. There's a lack of actual shortcuts in many stages, and any places that look like shortcuts will make Lakitu come and get you. The speed is negligible since the rubber banding makes the other racers catch up to you in a second. With all of that, there are no real reasons to use the mushroom near first place, and a star is a lot better near last place because of the actual control you get + invincibility. The control you have from the star should have been the control you had all game. What an actual waste too, since it would have improved game play seven fold.

The game was still fun though. The rubber banding just meant I had to occasionally hit some other kart racers. There was this one time where I was behind Mario (as Yoshi), and I used a golden mushroom to try to get past him, but I couldn't, so I was stuck in the same placing. It was really bullshit. Still, the racing was pretty faced paced at 150cc, and it wasn't that hard now. I actually got really good at the game, so it prepared me for at least basic competitive play if needed. Still, I found sliding for acceleration to be very small and actually kind of hard. It's not like the future games where you can try accelerating in one direction and then immediately start again, and trying to slide or skid enough away from the grass takes up a lot of time trying to build the small acceleration you get.

Overall, the game is mediocre, but the music is really nice. It has nice graphics as well, so it's visually and audibly pleasing. Still, it's not a game you should visit. Go and play future Mario Kart games for a better experience, and most likely, a more accurate vision of what the game is. Truly this game can't be what they thought the game could have been? It's the second game and almost as bad as the first. Everything gets perfected in time, and the future installments show their progress.


I believe you can beat the game without all of the masks, so if you want to beat it without getting the masks, then it should be no problem. Getting the masks is easy, but getting all of the heart containers was a bit more tedious. I had maximum health as well as all upgrades and masks before I said I beat the game. If you do want to get all the heart containers, and easy way to get 5,000 rupees for the bank is to go and kill the bird near milk road. It's the big one that steals your stuff. Either equip the stone mask and shoot it with fire or light arrows, or just start shooting it without the mask. There's energy and arrows in the grass too, and an entry way to milk road allows you to re-spawn him in about a second. With the goron's mask and fire arrows, I was able to get 5,000 rupees within a little more than two in game days. It's completely original too, so no one else has thought of this.


*now* I actually beaten the game.


File: 1538829777293.jpg (74.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Downwell.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

finished downwell
addictive downwards shmup/platformer, would recommend


Pirated and played The Works of Mercy.

Man is it shit. I can't believe they actually want ten bucks for it. The Game is a broken glitchy mess that is totally optimized and runs worse on my computer then full on modern open world games with the settings cranked up. In it you are just in a room and no matter what you do to the setting it looks like total shit so the reason why it preforms like garbage is because the code is shit.
It also is littrally only a hour long to play through the game. The story is shit. Just everything in general about it is total shit. I think the only reason why some people bought it is because there are saggy gross tits in it and the story synopses sounds somewhat interesting.
Fuck this game.
I give it a 1 out of 5.


I just finished Armored warriors on Mame. I fed it a shit load of quarters to get through which is a shame as I'd love to 1 CC it. It's a brilliant side scrolling beat 'em up. You a mecha pilot and can switch out parts with enemies you kill. Everything but your torso is changeable. You can switch guns, weapon arms, legs and all of them change your move set a lot.

It's a real hidden gem on Mame


File: 1539165901352.jpg (51.5 KB, 480x602, 240:301, 2ac41e316e0b5274e9c60d529d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

read the filename is not Arena or daggerfall :^)


Just finished Earth Worm Jim 3D. I must say, it was actually quite enjoyable! The game never stayed around for longer than needed, so it was actually a really refreshing experience compared to collectathons like Banjo and Kazooie. The levels were shorter, with six main collectables, golden udders, being the maximum and a lot of the later levels having 5 udders to go after. Each section of the game, memory, happiness, fear, and fantasy, has about two sections each, but four sections for fear, which, in my opinion, is where the game shined.

Into the levels, there was a lot of gun variety, for one. Levels can have a gun that is just for that level, while others will have the same gun for a few levels. The first level of "memory" has a gun that shoots gnomes, "happiness" introduces a pea shooter, "fear" introduces both the homing rockets and a banana tnt gun, and "fantasy" introduces a golden revolver.

The levels get more generic as the game goes on. For example, the first section features a warzone in a bar pitting chickens vs cows while the second level features a prison camp guarded by the cows. Then, "happiness", the second section, introduces a food type level where there's molten cheese and a cucumber king. The second level of that section is an alien kitchen that holds Elvis. Yes, Elvis Presley. The third section, "fear", and the fourth section, "fantasy", are generic. Fear offers up a generic horror themes (that it recognizes) while "fantasy" offers up a western. I, however, like "fear" because of the disco crypt in it. It was lovely.

I both felt more lonely and less lonely in this game compared to Banjo Kazooie. In Banjo Kazooie, you had two protagonists, so they can work off of each other. Also, they conversed with people in order to solve problems. However, once they decided to solve the problems, they left, and after the problems were solved, the character was basically gone with the exceptions of a few recurring characters. This also applies to Banjo Tooie. More to Banjo Tooie because I remember that game more freshly. In this game, fewer NPC characters exist and they stay in their levels. The cucumber king dies, Elvis dies, the boogie skeleton in "fear" never returns after that, and You kill the Sheriff, the only NPC that could really have been fleshed out. It's a lonely adventure, but it's also a short adventure. As I said before, the game does not stay long enough to grow tiresome. The levels are short enough to not grow bored of, so it's really refreshing. I did, however grow attached to the skeleton in "fear".

The final battle is interesting. It's you! It's you as a succubus! Earth Worm Jim has gender dysphoria CONFIRMED! Haha, just kidding. The final battle is so easy since "happiness", the second section of the game, was so hard. I could dodge most missles shot at me in the 'collect 100 marbles and steal them to win' game.

As a final reward, you get something special for, I assume, collecting all 1,000 marbles (the music notes of this game) and golden udders (the jiggies of this game). You get to play as your alter ego, Earth Worm Kim! Not only that, but you get to play a new game where the levels are harder. More obstacles block your path, enemies have more health and do more damage, and marbles do NOT heal health. I died on the first level. I might or might not replay the game for some key differences.

All in all, I like this game. It's mediocre in some places like the camera being a bit stiff and the music being very soft as well as being re-used in a section's whole levels. I would bet there's only a few songs in this game. Still, it was refreshing and featured some nice humor between EWJ and the NPCs. I do recommend this, but probably for the PC. A remake was made, and I played this one on the N64.


File: 1539903872357.png (21.6 KB, 320x200, 8:5, 533954-the-elder-scrolls-a….png) ImgOps iqdb


Majora's Mask is my favorite game. I'm not sure how I would feel if I beat OoT fist like anon.


File: 1540143091166.jpg (15.98 KB, 329x153, 329:153, planescape.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have played Dragon Age Origins, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Dragonfall before and Planescape:Torment was the first old crpg i have experienced. Despite the frustration I have felt at the beginning with unfamiliar Dnd system, controls, navigation and outdated graphics i persisted and my persistence paid off. You need to be patient to appreciate what the game had to offer:

Great Writing
Amazing Dialogues
Interesting Characters
Creative Quests
Dark, Gritty Atmosphere
Extensive Content
Good Replay Value

A few complaints:

Pacing could be better
Slow and frustrating start, great middle, rushed out ending.
You can need to resort to guides if you are inexperienced with old crpg.

Combat is shallow compared to its counterparts.
Very little tactics can be applied.

Grinding can be necessary to better appreciate the combat.
Played as a mage with max wisdom, did almost all quests and i was level 16 at the end game. Could not use most of the late level spells. Had to flee from enemies at the end.

Now, i am playing Torment: Tides of Numenera, lets see how it would turn out. My first impression is that it is a good game but a bad successor to Planescape:Torment.



I beat SMB2 USA a while ago. It aight.

Controls are fine, levels are okay, music is nice, etc. God damn, did they rank up the difficulty in world 6 and 7. I game overed on both levels a bunch. I was so done with it, and had already beaten world 6, so I just skipped the last level of it. Yeah, there's a warp right next to the beginning that I used to get past all of the third level.

On world 7 though, they cranked up the difficulty to max. Lightning enemies were everywhere. They go around surfaces pretty quickly, so you have to jump on some small platforms while they're going around. That, and chain ladders are surfaces as well, so you get a few of those next to each other, and you have to go between the ladders, avoid the lightning enemies, and then get into the ladder.

Everything was hard to get to the final boss, wart, and even he takes five hits instead of three. He has these bubble attacks too that seem to be random, and you have to put yourself into the line of fire to get vegetables to throw into his mouth while he's attacking. Luckily, you can just jump behind him on his platform while doing it. Look up a video if you want to see.

This game took me half the day to complete, and the other half was trying to beat SMK 150cc. I'm almost done with it. I have the special tournament left and I'm done forever with that game. FOREVER! FREEDOM!


I did it bitches. After all of the grinding, I FINALLY, after ALL THESE YEARS, beat Super Mario Kart. I beat 150cc. It was glorious.

Too bad I didn't feel that way.

Man, this game was complete shit. I hate it so much. The super slippy controls, the sliding around corners, the cheating AI, the lack of items, everything. When you go around a corner, it's completely possible to go way to far into the grass, and on 150cc mode, if you make a mistake, you can easily be out of the race. Items are completely useless, but I'll go over that soon. The AI, however, can go around turns just fine. In fact, even after practicing the turns with small taps on the bottom button, braking, and careful maneuvering, the AI can easily round that corner. You have to wait for a certain part in the track to actually pass them, and it's usually only once or twice per lap (there are five laps). The items are god damn useless. Holy moly. Only a few actual good items exist, and even their usefulness is so limited. The mushroom, if there's a straight enough path, which, isn't usually the case, the starman, which pretty much disables difting and makes you stop on a dime, so it's really only good for straight paths, and the red shell, if turns won't cut it off. That's it. Red shells are probably the worst in the series and placing bananas and shells will only block your path. The AI can jump over shells, and it's rare, but they CAN get hit by items. It's a game changer when someone at the front gets hit by it. The AI has its own items which they can use at any time. It's totally possible for luigi, the guy who was destined to be in first place if I didn't take it, to use a starman multiple times. He could also ram you while using it, costing you the race.

I hate this game so much. I would be SEETHING with rage because of this cheating game, and I finally beat it. I don't feel that good either. I don't even feel like I earned it. I feel like I just got lucky, but man am I glad I did get lucky. I do NOT want to play that game ever again. I hate it, I hope in the future, it's never mentioned again, and I urge you to never play it. The odds are completely out of your favor when you play, and it'll take multiple tries and near perfect driving to beat each cup in 100c and 150cc. It took me so long to beat 100c, and I had to grind for a week or two with breaks because this game bends you over and fucks you in the ass so much.

I hate this game I hate this game I hate this game. Screw it!



I forgot to say. If you hit the AI in the very small tracks, you lose coins.

"You will lose 4 coins if are hit by an item that causes you to spin out, 2 coins if Lakitu rescues you, and 1 coin if you hit another player. If you crash into another driver while you have 0 coins, your kart will spin out."


So basically, the AI are vampires which steal coins to hinder you, AND the tracks are so small that, in my case, not only could peach or yoshi, mid weight characters, take my coins, but they could push me off the track. I could never do that, and if I ever did hit them with a red shell, I would just bump into them, and they would be just like a wall.

This is a really, really bad game. Mario Kart 64 at least made the tracks bigger, and it was still not that good.

So yeah, avoid this game like the plague. Sorry for the anger. I just hate this game so much that beating it didn't make me happy, just numb.


File: 1540310427987.png (43.6 KB, 991x894, 991:894, defsggtgrgrg.png) ImgOps iqdb

It was ok. King Dedede was annoying.


File: 1540517976803-0.png (34.54 KB, 512x478, 256:239, forest.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1540517976803-1.png (245.12 KB, 640x597, 640:597, mildrath.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1540517976803-2.png (133 KB, 512x478, 256:239, church.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished Dragon Quest V for the Super Nintendo.

I dunno, it's tough to be objective with a 26 year old game. The graphics, music and story are what you would expect for a snes jrpg. It was really easy, I did zero grinding and only had a bit of trouble with the last boss. I found annoying the small inventory space and the fact that neither spells nor items have descriptions (you can use identify with items but it doesn't really help you). Overall I had fun, it was my first Dragon Quest game and jrpg in quite a while.


Man, congrats my dude. I kinda thought that game was unbeatable. I struggled with the lower level races and never even seriously considered 150cc.


Congratulations anon, I share the sentiment of wanting to stick it up to bullshit game difficulty with seething rage as fuel so I can relate to this very much.


What this guy said >>43607
I've never played SMK but I can relate, in my case it was Diablo II the game I've playing since forever and last year I could finish it for the first time, on single player. I'm really bad at games I know.


With the approach of halloween, i decided to replay dead space. I just finished it.

Damn, i gotta say, it's a shame what happened to the series. Gonna replay 2 now.


that game was so scary, I never finished it because I couldn't take the fear any longer. I have it on steam and haven't touched 2 yet out of fear


File: 1540825294140.png (1.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ds.png) ImgOps iqdb

Got a 1cc on normal in death smiles, no suicide bullets. It wasn't too difficult and I can see that the game puts a lot of its substance in that suicide bullet mechanic that I'll have to get good at. But it still took some practice and learning tricks to get this. Next step would be the EX clear, then the 1.1 game mode and then Mega Black Label, which has an even harder mode in it named level 999. It's pretty standard of Cave of to ramp up to difficulty to high levels after the initial normal mode so I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only clear I can manage. I like games that have these overwhelming odds in them even if I can rarely get close to beating them.


>I like games that have these overwhelming odds in them even if I can rarely get close to beating them.
Same here, I used to try really hard to beat them, practiced bosses with save-states and such, now I just play a couple credits a day, oddly enough my rate of progress is really not that much worse than it was when I took the genre seriously.
I just got to last stage in Ketsui, great music.


File: 1541130233347.jpg (977.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Metro-2033.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I just finished Metro 2033.
I enojoyed most of it,went in expecting something like Stalker but it wasn't really the case. Of course the atmosphere was kind of similar, and it's a Russian fps in a post-apocalyptic world, but as for what they have in common, that's about it (I know Stalker is from Ukraine but you know what I mean).
The game couldn't be more linear, once you go through a level it's impossible to go back. There's little to no exploration, usually one path you have to go through, in some cases you don't even need to kill anyone, just get to point A from point B. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just pointing it out as someone who likes the freedom in games like Stalker.
I don't like the enemy placement in this game, when it's a human base it's alright but when there's a level with mutants it's just advancing a bit, fighting an horde and repeat; it gets old pretty fast, also there are like 3 different kinds of mutants so it's kind of always the same.
Ammunition and supplies are supposedly very scarce but I didn't have any problems until the end of the game when I ran out of shotgun shells fighting those cocksucking amoebae.
I like the plot and the world it's built in, would definitely get the book it's based on and when I'm able to play the second game.
It was a good experience overall, not hard, not long, nice visuals and cool plot, only thing I didn't like was repetitive gameplay, would definitely recommend.

Oh and the game difficulty does the same as Stalker (on hardest level is "realistic", on lower levels everything is a bullet sponge), that's probably intetional, so if you play this game don't be afraid to play on Ranger difficulty.


The first book is much more about Artyom's journey in the world rather than fighting in it. I believe Artyom himself only fires a weapon like maybe 5-7 times, probably less, and he even laments the idea of bullets used as money directly correlating it to a people's death when he buys a pig steak in the hanza.
Funny enough the amoeba they encounter is a one off encounter when they have to go through the kremlin. Without spoiling much, it's the reason people tell others to not go near the Kremlin.


Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
it was ok, nothing amazing. Didn't know the game at all before I booted it, and expected a classic Castlevania, like the ones they used to make until Symphony of the Night… I assume this one is not a fan favorite.


by the way I'd appreciate if someone has any experience with the games Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia and could tell if there's any DS gimmick, like Dawn of Sorrow's runes drawing, that makes playing them on an emulator + controller problematic


>I assume this one is not a fan favorite
It is, lots of fans love it because it's the one that kind of merges both classic and metroid style, also because it's probably the hardest game since Rondo of Blood (or Chronicles, don't remember which one came out last)
No touch screen gimmicks that I can remember in OoC. If I recall correctly PoC had some stuff you needed to use the touch screen for, but it had something to do with changing characters or something like that, certainly nothing as annoying as DoS's stupid glyphs. I played both of them on emulators with a controller without big issues.


It looks amazing, I love the art of it and wish they could make even bigger games with it.

no gimmicks I can remember



>It is, lots of fans love it because it's the one that kind of merges both classic and metroid style

is that so? I didnt expect that at all… back when I would lurk gaming forum and imageboards this one would seldom get mentioned if ever.


>this one would seldom get mentioned if ever.
Well it's the most 'obscure' of the GBA games, most people talk about Aria of Sorrow because it's the closest to SotN, and Harmony because it's a piece of shit. CotM is kind of a 'cult classic'.


File: 1541664968241.jpg (214.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wup.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished… Wuppo. I'm still in awe.

It's a very unique game - hard to explain what exactly it is, doesn't really fit in any conventional genre. I'd say it's about exploring an incredibly well-crafted, engaging world with a variety of excellent game mechanics. Gave me that sense of wonder I had as a young apprentice when I first started playing video gamess, which I haven't felt in a long, long time.
I can't recommened it highly enough. The art design, OST, lovable characters, the humor, the gameplay, world-building… everything is flawlessly executed and fits together so well. There's some real substance to it. It's a legitimate 10/10, easy top 20 game of all time for me. Very memorable.
Wuppo is 70% off on Steam right now, so read the raving reviews and give it a chance. There's a demo too. I honestly can't imagine anyone disliking it.


Sorry for the shill but Wuppo deserves it.


Finished this >>43729
Haven't changed what I think of it


>Tiny Echo
>looking through screenshots
>tfw you had a cool visual concept of a game for years
>and you see someone just did it
fucking fuck this shit fuck me oooohhh i'm gonna eat burgers till i'm sick uuuuuuuuuuuugh


File: 1542318210617.jpg (19 KB, 560x320, 7:4, 22034_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Been playing some RPGmaker horror games and rapidly coming to the conclusion that they're trash.

This one in particular was a fucking nightmare. I had high hopes at first. Game starts off, and there's no music whatsoever, the sound design is fantastic and the occasional horror imagery put on the screen is actually pretty scary. I was so tense at first I was like "yes, this is it! RPGmaker horror games CAN do it!"

Then, the first night came. The fun was over. Basically in this game, a monster spawns that chases you around until you find a place to hide for the night. Simple enough, right? Except the way it is handled is fucking obtuse. 2 hiding spots will kill you instantly, only 1 will be the 'correct' safe spot, and these spots shuffle randomly with every playthrough, and they're scattered between like 20 different hiding spots, so every single night ingame you have to spend a good fucking hour running from room to room trying each hiding spot only to get chased out to the next one or instakilled, and the monster pathing is so aggressive if you make a single mistake you're dead and have to reload.

It is the most tedium I've ever experienced in such a short meaningless game. Every day you spam X to see what you can interact with until your character is sleepy and then you have to spam X to see whether the game will let you continue playing. FUCK this game and FUCK this mechanic.

Also the endings suck.


File: 1542403700210.jpg (60.21 KB, 436x338, 218:169, 08498.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

New super mario bros.

Good game, but the bosses of each world felt too easy. The hardest it gets is in the 8th world where I really stopped to play because I don't like to stop in one level just to get power ups or extra lives so I kept dying right before the castle where you face baby bowser and his dad.

The final batle was great and I just lost once so it felt pretty cool when I beat him the second time that I tried. I didn't use fire Mario so I was a bit nervous all the time. When I had beaten baby bowser I was small mario but I still managed to win. That felt great.


Wii or Ds version?


Neo Double Games.


File: 1542865350551.jpeg (29.32 KB, 500x455, 100:91, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I love this game! Another which i recommend is "The Crooked Man". Anyway, my game favorit is it Alice Mare.


You were right, Harmony of Dissonance is not good. It looks and sounds like shit and it's not fun to play so I am not going to bother with it. Aria of Sorrow was great fun though… it's a pity the game is so easy but it seems like only a few games in the series get the difficulty right. At least it made me appreciate Circle of the Moon a lot more, in retrospect. Now I feel like replaying Symphony of the Night but I know it is going to be a cake walk and I will lose interest halfway through again…


File: 1543059412114-0.jpg (138.91 KB, 600x596, 150:149, shaman-king-master-of-spir….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1543059412114-1.jpg (119.32 KB, 550x550, 1:1, shaman-king-master-of-spir….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


If you want more games like the castlevanias on GBA try these two, I know they look like crap but they're pretty much Castlevania with Shaman King sprites (same engine, made by konami, even some of the same assets). Only big difference is that they don't have a big map but instead a bunch interconected levels, but it works pretty much the same. The second game is fucking tough, specially if you play it on 'Expert' mode.


Where i catch up this ROM for emulator?


the eye eu, romhustler, retrogames.goodolddownloads…


I download my roms from freeroms(dot)com
Be careful, though, don't download their shitty program.


File: 1543078580525-0.png (1.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1543078580525-1.png (628.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Untitled2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Splinter Cell, it was pretty good. Nice graphics, controls and music. I didn't really care for the plot but it was an all-around good experience.
Gonna try the sequel later, see if they improved something


done with scanner sombre

overall, ending was predictable but depressing because of that


Honestly I was using 4shared, but there only has rom of pokemon. Thank's


File: 1543274867491.jpg (27.77 KB, 250x357, 250:357, 250px-Call_of_Duty_4_Moder….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished CoD 4
It's really not a bad game, gameplay-wise at least. I don't know why it gets all that hate. Is it because there are a shitload of them?


It is popular and started the modern shooter trend that people slowly got sick off.
MW1 2 and 3 were all pretty good games.
There were also complaints that it was too casual.

Some still claim that CoD is to casual despite the skill ceiling of the newer games being way higher to the point of scarring off more casual players.


MW didn't get hate until MW2 blew the franchise up in popularity, the series got milked yearly, and everyone and their mother was trying to make the next "cod-killer"


Not to sound like hipster, but cod4 is where it all went to shit for me. It's not even Regen health, just overall linearity and cinematic shit.


File: 1543421118978-0.webm (4.43 MB, 1244x718, 622:359, distracting with shotgunn….webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1543421118979-1.webm (1.23 MB, 1000x566, 500:283, sniper losing at distance….webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1543421118979-2.webm (3.89 MB, 952x714, 4:3, so outnumbered.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Frozen Synapse.

an very unkown strategy game, and it brought me to the brink of desperation. only to reward me with loads of pride when you manage to win.

most levels have you at a disadvantage, outnumbered, surrounded, with the wrong units, but with a lot of brainpower and a chance to try again on a randomly generated map thingsalways feel fresh and retying has a "spice up" in general.

I am glad I played it, is a skill game and is a good game, hope the developers can find a profit on their Frozen Synapse 2 that was released for some console I don't have.


just beat legend of kyrandia after 23 years, what a bore

I don't know what I saw in it back then


I finally did it bois.

I beat super mario sunshine ONE HUNDRED percent.

all 120 shines.d]

aaannnd the game fucking crashed.

not even shitting you. it crashed during the ending cinematic. Just now.



I believe I have time to explain my opinion.

Super Mario Sunshine was an okay game with an, obvious, mediocre story. That doesn't bother me. The levels were actually a lot better than Mario 64 since they weren't so jumbled together. I don't have bad memories with Mario 64's levels, but they seem to uninspired that I honestly don't like them. In Sunshine, the levels made sense since you were on an island, could see the other levels in other levels, yada yada.

Controls though.

They totally nerf Mario's controls each game. You lost the long jump, so you can move quickly horizontally, and wall jumping was insanely nerfed. It's so slow now, and you can't build momentum. It's probably better for the game, but man, do I miss those mechanics. I felt stripped away from any movement on my own, without fludd, because of that. You need fludd. You need him badly. He replaces your jumps instead of supplementing them. I had multiple times where I desperately needed to cover horizontal distance, but had no long jump. A dive doesn't work either. It's really slow as well to dive, wait, and then get up. Otherwise, you'll jump up horizontally and kill yourself.

The blue coins were hidden well, but too well. The jumps when needed, weren't difficult enough already, but not difficult enough for in sight blue coins. Hidden blue coins revealed by spraying water was a crapshoot. I would never have found them all without a guide. I think the blue coins is something you should skip. It's not worth it, and if you're not like me, you can move on without having to 100% the game. I'll do that later today again since of the crash.

Overall, game's aight. It's simple, the jumps aren't hard, not much is done with the nozzles excluding the main one, and it's really mostly charm to get through, but not enough charm to convince you to get the blue coins. Beat it with all the shine sprites, skip the coins, and consider it complete. It's not worth it.


You may already know this but since you mentioned how slow movement is: you can spray some water on the ground and immediately dive into it, Mario will belly slide on it and build lots of speed (assuming you're not going up a slope or something). Probably the fastest way to get around in that game.



Yep, I did it again. I can't get the 120th shine for Sunshine. I am considering this game finished. I never have to go and play it ever again. The only thing I can't get is the Hawaiian shirt for completion, but that's just the only thing. It's a real shame too. I liked the game. Not as much as Galaxy, but I liked it. For movement, it would be between Mario 64 (top) and Galaxy (bottom). For aesthetics, it would be in the middle as well.

I'm probably going to slow down even further with my games. I need to do other things, but I'll try to beat as many games as I can in the mean time. I've been doing Mario Kart, Earthworm Jim, etc., but forgot to link my posts. Felt like if anyone recognized, they might as well know. Otherwise, no prob.


Yep, knew that. In Mario 64, your wall jumps could pick up speed as well as movement being faster. You could do a wall jump then triple jump to cover some major air. Long jumps were for horizontal movement, and they also worked great though. Overall, everything feels floaty in Sunshine. Mario 64 just had a lot faster movement. In new games, they further and further nerf wall jumping and all movement, but it all fits for the game. We'll probably never have another Mario 64 in movement ever again.


File: 1544104791870.jpg (71.65 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 4990599e33a9e8b09ebb844709….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Aside from the music, this game was just average. Really don't get where the praise is coming from.


It was made by Platinum and the 5 people that played Drakengard1-3+Nier were hyping up Yoko Taro as being the greatest overlooked writer ever for years prior.


What emulator are you using wiz?


If you are wishing for more games with Mario 64 movement, you should look into romhacks. There are a lot and the scene is actually pretty active now, thanks in large part to certain Youtubers. Downside is you have to play on emulator if you don't have a flash cart, and getting a decent N64 adapter is a little bit pricey. I have a cheap Mayflash one and it's not as close to console as I'd like.


I was deeply disappointed by Drakengard.


>Really don't get where the praise is coming from

It was many consolefags first taste of fanservice. The idea of a "sexy" game is unheard of to a lot of people these days so to have active ass in a game that still has an actual story and gameplay was a blessing for those who wanted the booty but didn't want to grab actual H games.


There are plenty of games with fanservice on ps4, like neptunia, senran kagura and billion of less mainstream titles. I can't think of any PC exclusive game that has anime asses safe for h-games.


What game is that?

The ps vita is the console with more fanservice games I know.


That's Nier Automata.


File: 1544260614459.png (318.11 KB, 720x490, 72:49, 20181206_081922.png) ImgOps iqdb

Got through front mission 1. I really like these type of stories. Consdering playing 2 but since the release is 2 years apart ill wait.


I think it's mainly due to the unconventional themes (for a video game, and even then the story goes all over the place and can't decide what it wants to do with them) combined with >>44190 that leads to most of the praise. I played through the game and got all the endings and did most of the sidequest. I thought the story was pretty mediocre and contrived for the most part, never played Drakengard/Nier (and never will because their gameplay looks awful) so maybe I missed something. Taro said the story was written so you wouldn't need to know anything about the past games so I'll take his word for it. Gameplay itself wasn't anything remarkable either.


I went into it all but blind except trying the demo, which I didn't like as I thought it was a mess. I ended up loving the game for the world you got to explore and for some of the story moments. I don't want to explain much but Kami will tell everyone the moment I thought was exceptional. Everything about that segment was done right and it's one of the best pieces of gaming ever made.

The game is a mess, it's either very good or very bad and you have no way of avoiding the bad stuff. I would ignore the hype and just play it for what it is. A nice open world game with very strong world design and music. Everything else is just good enough not to get in the way of those 2 things.


This game pretty much revitalized my love for games so it's on my list of most beloved.


File: 1544293235233-0.png (310.63 KB, 708x687, 236:229, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1544293235233-1.jpg (212.94 KB, 836x550, 38:25, 3d67a72457bc2d309fab316989….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally done with Shin Megami Tensei I on neutral route. It really is a mixed bag. The setting, atmosphere, story, and art are great but the gameplay is very unrefined. Being my first SMT and old rpg game, I do feel that it's too tedious with its high random encounter rates and long complicated dungeon, at least its better than those mindless jrpg where you just spam attack, combat magic and heal. There is the demon negotiation which is useful to recruit demons, grind money faster and more importantly to avoid battles with challenging enemies. If in your average jrpg, status effects is a pointless addition, it is a matter of survival here. You really don't want to to get beaten to death with all your party members out of order, which is usually avoided by using those status effects yourself first. Hell, the status effects even works on bosses which is ridiculous because it turns already easy bosses into complete cakewalk. About easy bosses, the main weakness in this game is how pathetic the bosses fights are. They are even less threatening than random encounter. I managed to charm the last boss and beat him with auto battle. Despite that I really like the game though. The setting is the best thing that has spawned from fantasy fiction and the gameplay is unique enough to be interesting in spite of its flaws. I'll proabably try Strange Journey Redux next to see if the newer games fix anything.


The first FM is criminally underrated. I don't know if you know but there is a second part of the game. Which is told in the point of view of the other faction, in the snes version you just get one arc.
SMT 2 fixes a lot of the problems you had with 1, specially the status effects, it still have some issues like terrible inventory management (better than 1 but still not good by modern standards). The setting is a bit different than 1 because it's set in the future, but I actually liked the plot better in this game. It's longer than 1, and some times you'll find yourself wandering aimlessly but I don't remember getting stuck. Try that one if you're still in the mood for old smt, if you're not, you can't fail with Strange Journey, it's a wonderful game.


File: 1544332143870.png (232.08 KB, 637x330, 637:330, Theatrhythm_Final_Fantasy_….png) ImgOps iqdb

I fought Chaos and beat him, so I guess that counts as "beating the game. Either way, don't really like FF and don't know much about outside of the little I played of VII and XII. Theatrhythm is a pretty easy and forgiving rhythm game that's fun for twenty hours or so. My main problem with the game is thanks to the 3DS's circle pad being even slightly off when trying to do directional inputs (specifically diagonals) makes it a pain to go for 100% no miss completions for songs. It's not really a problem on the Easy and normal difficulties but it becomes really damn apparent on the hardest when songs are faster and have more complex patterns.




File: 1544409818271.jpg (25.67 KB, 220x289, 220:289, 220px-Uncharted_4_box_artw….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Uncharted 4.

Repetitive and boring 6.5/10. You climb things with the analog stick. It tells you when you can jump so you don't have to judge distance. Shoot the same NPCs over and over again with the same weapons. Characters are all annoying and unlikeable. Strong focus on normal lifestyle as it shows the main character "mature" as a husband and stop adventuring so he can raise succubi spawn.


I got the Uncharted collection. Beat the first game and played 1/3 of the 2nd (which is supposedly the best in the series) and outside of having cool "cinematic" moments it's the dullest third person duck and cover shooter I've played. At least shit like Gears has interesting weapons and enemies.


ugh. hate try hard wizes that make a point into hiding the game they are talking about.

don't talk about it then no one is forcing you!


>google "insignificant pawns" rpg
>realm of darkness
it probably took me less time than you did writing that post to find out


File: 1544475157691.png (315.01 KB, 779x1550, 779:1550, Screenshot_2018-12-10 ins….png) ImgOps iqdb

Not him, I didn't get a single result that would lead to that. Probably because "insignificant pawns" isn't a phrase unique to that game and is arguably up there for one of the most overused lines a villain can say.


File: 1544476987028.jpg (109.16 KB, 884x643, 884:643, sadfasdf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

in general try google images when you know the graphics/visual style of the game you're looking for, in this case it was first result

anyway not bashing hopefully it helps and you like the game


I beat Red Dead Revolver 2 yesterday. It kind of felt like it dragged on for too long at the end, as the epilogue chapters were kind of pointless. The ending of the game felt kinda anticlimactic, too.


Is this some kind of meme?


True it's underrated. Im aware of the usn campaign. I might play it. It came out after even fm3 right?


Yes, it came out around the same time as FM4. I played the ds version, it was pretty good.



What is Red Dead Revolver 2? Isn't Read Dead Redemption the sequel?


I just finished the main story of Soul Caliber 6. Not technically complete by a long-shot but the credits rolled so I guess it counts.

Anyway I love the game and enjoy most of the new mechanics but the actual story mode is pretty boring. Just badly written shit that I don't care about with the occationally intresting fight thrown in every few minutes to make sure you don't fall asleep. That said I still plan to unlike every single story thread for ever single character simply because I like playing the game.
In-fact I am just taking a bit of a break then dive into the character creator for a bit and unlock some more stuff.
With out a doubt this is the most fun I have had in new fighting game in a few years. Really glad it I got it.


why do you do it!?
you do it for attention? are you trying to be special when you hide the title??? you want people to be googling about you, is that what this is about?

everyone else post the title is always a handful that try to make sure they hide it.


File: 1544620301368.gif (1.08 MB, 276x260, 69:65, im listening7908.gif) ImgOps iqdb

ps: >>44267
this is how some websites have 90% of discussion space occupied by a bunch of users asking "sauce" about the same things everytime they come up. these people are lowering the quality of the website.


Ok. Ill probably wait till i beat 3. Ginally got 2 working so im on that one.


I am confused… Is the games name not "Front Mission 1"? Is this just bait?


So that anyone who replies will actually have recognized this blatantly obscure game and immediately relate through the sense of nostalgia.


File: 1544710193026.png (174.57 KB, 784x685, 784:685, Capture1.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks, turns out I am still not burned out from dungeon crawling so I started out SMT II. It's a little more tedious since the overworld is bigger and some animations like teleporting and turning get longer. A question though, during demon negotiation the text sometimes get cut off like in pic related. Do you know a way to fix this? I got my rom from here https://pastebin.com/WAcnMB5J .


Same person.

How does it compare to the ocu campaign in terms of story and i guess gameplay too.


Ok, I'm not the one you replied to first, but that guy said "Got through front mission 1" in literally the first sentence, that's why I asked if it was ironic, looks like it wasn't.
I played the aeon genesis translation, not sure if it's the same you're saying because that link is not working for me. I do remember using a patch to get quick access to the map and some fixes in the dialogue. If you want I'll upload the patched rom I was using, it's probably the same you have, though.
>It's a little more tedious since the overworld is bigger
There's a spell to avoid random encounters, I think it was Estoma.
A bit of advice: there's a casino (I don't remember which, there's more than one) in which the slot machines are completely broken, you can easily get a lot of coins and exchange them for overpowered equipment.
As far as I remember, gameplay wise it's pretty much the same, a bit harder (it's meant to be played after you beat the first part). I remember liking the plot and characters of the first part better, but can't remember any details. The comfy shop music is the same, luckily.


File: 1544875607907.png (124.39 KB, 782x688, 391:344, Capture2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I am using the aeon genesis translation too and a watch of youtube let's play showed that it's supposed to be that way.

>There's a spell to avoid random encounters, I think it was Estoma.

Yeah, but the demon slots is very limited in this game so I threw away all the demons with non-combat utility. It felt like the escape success rate is very high in this game so it's not much of a problem.


I liked the front mission games but never completed a single one.


>but the demon slots is very limited in this game
You know, I'm fucking lazy but most of the game I only killed demons using the human characters, I had demons only for healing/status effects/map spells
I could never complete any of the 3d games, they lack the charm of the first one



If I enjoyed it, I would. I can't do that kind of stuff. It reminds me of the old game, and I just wish to move on with my life. I complete these games to never play them again, not enjoy them particularly.

I'm doing Pac Man World sided with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue.

Other games I have to beat:

Sonic Heroes (All A's, Emeralds, final ending + hard mode beat)

Luigi's Mansion

Zelda 2

Zelda Oracle of Seasons

Zelda Twilight Princess

Zelda Windwaker

Kirby's Avalanche

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

Probably some more. I'm dropping the sonic collection. It doesn't mean much to me. I'll probably drop guitar hero as well. I'm just not feeling it, honestly.



crap, forgot.

Highest rank on Luigi's Mansion, Zelda 2 either level up fully or just beat it, Oracle of seasons, all heart pieces, all items, all quests done, etc. Same for the rest of zelda, kirby's avalanche, just beat it, and Mario and Luigi: Partner's in Time, just finish it.

Like, just beat it even if I don't remember the story. It's time to finish this.



>I could never complete any of the 3d games, they lack the charm of the first one

Not the same person but im on 2. Im liking it so far. Translation obstacles are there sadly but I'd say it's interesting at least.

Personally i think it has a better premise.


I'll give it another try, now that I'm free for a few months


File: 1545254408651.jpg (125.44 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Enjoyed this way more than I thought I was going to, which was a welcome surprise. So much so, that I actually found myself feeling genuinely sad as I neared the end of it. It especially sucked when I'd finally come back from the last biome and, shortly thereafter, crafted my ultimate means of escape, that I slowly realized that there was nothing left for me to do and nowhere else left in the world for me to explore or uncover. I actually just meandered around for a little while in my submarine just for the sake of it, so as to simply put off the end of it all for a little while longer. It's not often I feel that way in a game, so I'm just glad I was able to experience genuine fun/joy and be thoroughly engaged throughout, in addition to feeling a tad dejected at the inevitable conclusion as well. Here's hoping the Below Zero expansion gives me the same kind of experience again, but enh. I'm sure it'll be fine, but familiarity with the general gist of the gameplay will probably just breed contempt in me, I think. It's never as good as the first time, after all. Either way, it doesn't matter.


I never completed it because of the sadness from knowing there's nothing left. I've done this since I was a child with the most sacred of experiences, particularly with TV media.


Finished Yakuza 0 on PC today. It had everything i've been missing for a long time: addictive gameplay that didn't annoy me or made bored, very decent scenario and plot, genuinely nice absurd humor, great characters that were developed very good through the story, tons of content to spent time with. Put 60 hours in it in the end but only got ~60% of completion in total but since free roam mode is unlocked now i think i will try to complete everything. I've been playing the non-stop for 6 days and fully satisfied with this game to say the least. Only played the first one on PS2 before so i'll wait for Kiwami coming to PC now.


prince of persia warrior within

ugh, this game is so repetitive and boring I would've dumped it, except it's part of the trilogy

what an ordeal


Only complaint I have about this game is that it is way too easy even on hard. Kiwami is a bit harder especially in the first few hours but it gets very easy too. The highest degree of difficulty should be available from the start and not unlocked only after you beat the game once.


Can agree with that. Most hit/bullet sponge fights can be easily cheesed with a Zap gun. But some opponents did not deserve this humiliation so i only used fists (and chairs). Damn it, such a FUN game.


File: 1545632160746-0.png (220.8 KB, 785x687, 785:687, Capture3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1545632160746-1.png (125.88 KB, 783x684, 87:76, Capture6.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1545632160746-2.png (149.27 KB, 784x687, 784:687, SMT Mascot.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

And I am finally done with Shin Megami Tensei II on the Law route. Great game overall although the first one is better. SMT II doesn't have much improvement from SMT I, I find. The world is larger but there is more backtracking and fetch quest, I also feel that the dungeon is padded out to increase game time. SMT I has better soundtrack, atmosphere and characters Not much of a difference in gameplay. The bosses are still easy. So onto to SMT if next, or so I'd like to say but I will probably be too busy to play video games soon.


prince of persia the two thrones

what a waste of time



Alright, beat Pac Man World 2. I meant the second game, btw.

It was okay. I always felt like the tokens you need to collect for arcade games were placed in just okay positions. They weren't hidden since the camera was pretty bad, which is good, but they weren't in memorable places other than a few. Pac dots and fruits were everywhere, but no where memorable. I don't think Pac Dots were completely put in strategic places, like where I should have gone. I've gone off the ledge in one of the snow levels just because there was a fork in the path, I had to constantly move forward without stopping, and I couldn't see where I was going.

Mechanics wise, Pac Man controlled very well. However, I don't think the butt bounce he had was of any use. You need to not use it. Otherwise, to return to a regular jump, you have to wait a second before jumping. Otherwise, you don't jump. Also, the butt bounce has absolutely no benefit over a regular jump anyways. It's not higher or easier to control. It does mitigate fall damage, but that's not related to its actual movement. The Rev Roll needs to be charged for a minute, and until the end, where I was all but impatient to charge it fully did I use it. I was too impatient, and walking/running actually works well. I didn't find much use in the rev roll for faster movement, but it is used in a tas I saw. Not sure otherwise.

I never bothered with the arcade games.

There are eight tokens in each level with about 25 levels or so. Also, two bonus tokens can be earned per level. One is for collecting all the things, and the second is for completing a time trial.

First, the time trial. Time trials are pretty easy in the beginning, but can be very hard when it comes to the ice river level, which requires perfect inputs and play to beat the time while the water levels have a lot of things to kill you. Also, in the water levels, you're constantly moving, can barely control yourself and where you go, unlike the "running from the snowball" and ice skating levels, and you overall just need to work faster, which makes it harder control yourself, and need to survive. They were not very fun. Other levels have death pits and lava, like the volcano levels. I never bothered beating those. There are easier tokens to get to my preferred count of 150, which is required for the concept art and all but Ms. Pacman. More on that later.

Collecting all the things is a horrible idea. I only did it for one level. You need to collect Pac Dots and fruits to qualify, and I'm of the suspicion that you need to do this in one run. It's hard enough, but if you die, you lose all your Progress. Add this up with lava, death pits, etc. and it's already getting ridiculous. Finally, checkpoints can SCREW YOU UP. You pick one up and it saves your progress, but there are multiple check points, and some levels are pretty open. I could have a check point further into the level, go back, maybe or maybe not have another check point, die, and have to re-do my progress. An example is in the tree levels where to get a token, you take an alternate path that makes you go back, and then you have to back to the check point you saved at. I never liked the check point system since you lost everything. If I died, I got discouraged, so I never tried to 100% this game.

Speaking of that, don't bother. With the ice skating levels, the water levels, and other levels that require you to constantly move forward, if you miss a Pac Dot, you have to restart the entire level or die. It requires perfection to get these Pac Dots and fruits, and they do NOT have a magnet effect. You need to touch them. It's not worth getting another 39 tokens (189 tokens total) for Ms. Pacman. The reward is not worth the effort.

Overall, this was a good game with really fun time trials and good control, but the things I outlined here don't make it worth playing now. It's an okay platformer with okay music and levels. They're all pretty generic with the same boss until Spooky, who has nothing interesting going for him. Just dodge his projectile attacks and kick flip. I won't really go into much detail into the later game, but to summarize, it lacked the difficulty and tension to make the spooky levels not too spooky. If that were the case though, they would definitely need to make it so if you die, you don't lose collectables. Oh, and also, you can't see how many collectables you need to get before entering the level for the first time and during the level. It's the same for the time trials. You need to exit the level and remember the time so that you know when you've failed.


Meant to say Redemption.

I beat Shenmue 1 last week. First time beating it, and first time playing it in 20 years. Kind of dated but still fun.


It only took me three years to decide I should buy Puzzle Agent after it was featured by Ross' Game Dungeon. I had less interest due to the fact that I was already spoiler'd on it, but I still had some fun, got through it in about 4 hours and might get the sequel. I do think that most all of the puzzles which are mandatory for story progression are way too damn easy.

Side-note, as a native and life-long Minnesotan the whole setting/vibe of this game works well for me, dontcha know. If you care to know, those goofy Fargo accents are a rarity in the Upper Midwest, even in rural counties where they're slightly more common.


Been a while since I played it. I also found it too easy. I don't remember it doing anything particularly innovative in terms of puzzles either. I think the Professor Layton games did it better overall.


File: 1546592203980.jpg (90.29 KB, 640x912, 40:57, fdsxdf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

not as fun as I remembered


>I think the Professor Layton games did it better overall.

So I'm told! Could be that I should look into that, then.


This question destroys any site mentioned at random you realize. Just search please.



I found the sequel to be pretty bad/redundant. Lots of repeated scenery & puzzles, unfortunately. I played/finished the original back around when it first came out and thought it was just fine for what it was. By contrast, the sequel just felt needless & lazy when I finally managed to check it out a couple years back. I think I played it for about an hour before dropping it, as the tedium became too great to stomach any longer. A shame, since it's got an ok setting, with a very wholesome Twin Peaks aesthetic. It's doubtful there will ever be another one I'd imagine, but oh well. I myself should also emulate some of the Layton games someday, having never actually played any.


Do! I recommend starting with the first trilogy (Curious Village, Diabolical Box, Unwound Future). It is best to play them in order due to things like recurrent characters, but the stories are mostly self-contained. Note that Curious Village is not as strong as the others in some aspects, imo. If you like the concept and aesthetic but aren't satisfied with how stiff some of the characters are, the production values, or the general difficulty curve, rest assured that the sequels improve on such aspects. On a positive note, I will say that Curious Village's St. Mystere theme is one of the catchiest tracks in the series, which is good because you'll be listening to it a lot.


File: 1547047028763.jpg (174.93 KB, 738x1000, 369:500, MV5BMGE5ZWYzNzQtNThlYS00MG….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've finally finished Golden Axe III on my old mega drive.


Played and finished this free game called La Rana.
It is super short, very chill, and was made as a student project. can be played through in like 10-20 minutes and you literally can't fail.
Makes me wonder if tools are easy enough to use now days that maybe I could make something better.
That said it was pretty and kind of chill so I didn't feel like I wasted my time. That said, one playthrough is enough and I will probably delete it from my harddrive. It feels like a game for babies with how easy it is.


Is that the 3d platformer that's on steam or a different game? Sounds interesting.


Yeah, although it is bearlly a platformer. There is not jump button. You just walk towards the platform and the game makes the jump for you.
Like I said, it is a overly easy game for babies. But it was free on steam and like I said, for the very short game it was, I didn't feel like I wasted my time playing it.
If I ever have to entertain a very small child and I for some reason want to teach them how to use standard mouse and keyboard controls I guess I can pull up that game as a very easy low stress start to get the hang of using wasd to move and the mouse to look around.


File: 1547124136184.jpg (64.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, arx fatalis.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished this, it was a beautiful experience


Looks like that "Catherine" game was released for PC. Worth trying? Plot synopsis doesn't attract me to say the least.


Catherine was never released on PC.


Yes, until today. Can you recommend it?


I don't like it, and it's super short but the atmosphere was really something

I hated everything about this game but if you're into puzzle games maybe you'll find the gameplay actually enjoyable on its own… Characters and story are one hundred percent unrelatable and annoying normal trash.


jesus christ, look at the price on that title on steam
more like a quick cashing out


Is it like Persona where it'd might as well be a visual novel with high production value had it not been for the gameplay?


More or less, its basically divided into two segments, the "visual novel" one where you talk to other characters and make decistions and the gameplay one which is when you go to sleep.
I personally enjoyed it back when I played it on the PS3.
Also you have the option to ignore both succubi if you make the right choices.


Currently playing/replaying the Mass Effect series in my quest to finally play & finish Mass Effect 3, even though I'd grant that it seems a rather pointless & self-defeating as an endeavor, but whatever. Got nothing better to do.

Anyway, I just got done replaying 1 after many, many years since the last time and found it to be a largely tedious experience. What with the unbelievably lame side quests (which always included the same horrible 3-4 copy/paste locations that are recycled over & over in each), the infuriatingly terrible Mako bouncy castle controls and constant Mako forced combat corridors on each main world, the boring/lifeless planets & galaxy map, the obtuse dialogue wheel & binary, linear choices, the abysmal loot system and all the junk you inevitably get buried in and are forced to sort through, the god awful cover system, squad interface and wonky biotic physics whenever you get hit by an enemy biotic (etc. etc.) The list goes on. The combat did somewhat grow on me near the end though, since I played as a Vanguard and, thus, could afford more of a frontline in your face approach once I was leveled up/geared enough.

I also really came to regret my decision to be more of a Renegade instead of a Paragon this time around, mostly since I'd never really done much of a Renegade playstyle in either ME1 or 2, but as a result of that decision, I eventually ended up killing off a few minor characters (Fist, Gianna, Balak) whom, unbeknownst to me at the time, could have showed up in ME2, & even ME3, thereby offering me more content & just little moments that I would've appreciated, but by the time I found all this out it was too late. It's a rather minor thing I guess, but, unfortunately, I find it's already starting to bother me a great deal since, now, I can't really make a "perfect" playthrough, as it were, of the entire series. All this was made even worse in this regard by my autistic antics when I realized, upon finishing the game, that I had forgotten to download/install the "Bring Down The Sky" DLC. I then decided to load a save just before Noveria (after having completed all the other side quests and main quests, including Feros, leaving only Noveria, Virmire & Ilos to complete), given it was the only one I had that wasn't past the point of no return (I'm really terrible with when I decide to save, admittedly), all for the purpose of incorporating the events of the DLC into my main profile, since I missed it the first time and didn't want to do a whole new playthrough for an assortment of obvious reasons which I've mostly already listed. Anyway, it was an awful, grueling, frustrating process which, while it only took a couple hours, was, in the end, a complete waste of time (since I killed Balak, making it so I might as well have not even have done what I did in the first place, given that killing him reaps no benefits in ME2 or 3, which made me just about want to shove my hand through my own face when I found out) and, in retrospect, just doing a new game+ Paragon centric playthrough would've been far more sensible, albeit far more draining on my psyche as well. Again though, I only bothered to look all this up after the fact (post my pseudo 2nd playthrough), which, as you might already think, was a really fucking dumb thing to do. All this really, really soured me on ME1, which is a damn shame since, before all the aforementioned, massively stress inducing shenanigans, I was actually rather satisfied at the conclusion and was looking forward to moving on and starting ME 2. Fast forward to now, and I just feel tired, frustrated, and totally bereft of what little enjoyment I was having, all due to my enormous autistic stupidity leading, once again, to the self-inflicted torture of my own mind. Talk about shooting yourself in the fucking foot with a god damn shotgun for absolutely nothing. I really am my own worst enemy and, needless to say, I hate myself.

Anyway, for the moment, aside from cajoling myself away from focusing on what a waste of time all that was, including the price incurred on my sanity thanks to my stupidity, it's all about working up the motivation to soldier on with ME2. What a mess. Why did I have to ruin this.

Has anyone else ever done something this silly, in real life or a game? If so, I'd like to hear about it. I'm actually quite curious and, naturally, it would just make me feel less shitty about my own antics. Either way, I guess it doesn't matter.



Decided to just use another guy's save from Mass Effect saves.com. Specifically John#5 since that's basically about as close to perfect (for me, anyway) as you can get, given that it remedies all the stupid shit I did wrong what with killing/Renegading all the minor characters, while keeping literally all the major decisions the same as what I would've picked. Anyway, thank christ for that. It's a bit lame, I suppose, but still far better than using my junk save. Not that anyone really cares, but whatever.


Finally played/finished ME3, following my recent replay of ME1 & ME2, after years of putting it off and, all in all, it was quite good. I had some problems with it in the beginning stylistically & gameplay wise, but eventually came around to really liking it. I found almost all the story missions to be quite satisfying & engaging. I also enjoyed how most of the big arcs/conflicts in the series got wrapped up. Curing the Genophage, ameliorating the war between the Quarians and the Geth, and smashing Cerberus once and for all, even though Kai Sephiroth Leng was hilariously one dimensional (I also liked how you could convince the Illusive Man to shoot himself, just like with Saren in ME1). I also really liked the DLC, even though the Citadel one leaned a bit too heavily on the fan service, bordering on cringe level at times. I did get a kick out of the infamous "I should go" line being taken the piss out of after Shephard's clone temporarily traps him in the Citadel's archives. Also, the celebration you can throw for all your party members at your apartment is nice for what it is. The extra character moments both there and on the Silversun Strip were a nice send off to everybody you've met in the series, which was nice and provided some closure.

As far as the ending is concerned, I'm not really sure why everyone was so upset. Personally, I thought it was more than serviceable. Hell, good even. I went into it with 6000+ war readiness, with all the major races in my fleet (including the Geth, Quarians, Krogan, and Salarians). All the parts in London that followed and the final talk with the Illusive Man were pretty neat, I thought. I ended up picking the "Destroy" ending and was completely satisfied with the result. Reapers blew up, all my party members on the Normandy safe & sound (except for EDI I guess, but meh, her & Javik were the worst), Shepard survives, with the galaxy finally saved and, more or less, at peace. I had the "Extended Cut" DLC installed, so maybe that made the difference here. Either way, I thought the ending was just fine and am baffled why there was such an incensed fervor over it 6-7 years ago. I mean, what exactly were people expecting here? The plot from the very beginning was pretty straightforward. There are big scary machines wanting to sterilize the galaxy. Stop them. Not too much you can do to mix that up and be revolutionary with. It's about as boilerplate a motivation as you can get and developed/concluded exactly how I expected it would. I'll admit though, that the whole starchild lecturing about the insoluble universal conflict between organics & synthetics to be pretty hamfisted & dumb. The Leviathan DLC covered it better, I thought.

Anyway, I'm glad I finally got around to checking it out. It was a very bittersweet journey, since I doubt I'll ever replay these games again. At least not for a very long time, I'd imagine. It's funny, but I think I'll miss Garrus the most. Always in my party from ME1 to ME3. Almost felt like a real virtual friend, in a sense. Gone away now after these last two weeks playing through the series. I guess it's always a bit sad when you get to the end of something you've spent a good deal of time with.

Guess I'll play Andromeda next. Whatever.


File: 1548340480998.gif (471.02 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1520436518208.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Has anyone else ever done something this silly, in real life or a game? If so, I'd like to hear about it.

Yes, actually, in fact mass effect was one of the first games I did such a thing with. I have done it numerous other times too…

I guess IRL I was also pretty retarded

>200 college credit hours and still no degree (that comes out to a little over 60 college courses)


can you get a save-game editor for console? you can just check/uncheck which plot decisions you did or did not make and then it makes a save file that you want. An Easter egg in ME2 is if you play the entire game up to the Quarian/Tali mission on the hard difficulty or higher, there is a geth machine gun that you can acquire.


File: 1548825271739.jpg (107.09 KB, 1080x600, 9:5, mass-effect-andromeda-quic….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Enh, it was OK. Certainly not the flaming travesty everyone made it out to be to such a laughably ludicrous degree nearly a couple years back. Granted, there's definitely a lot wrong with this game, but, overall, I still had a good time with it.

For starters, as far as the bad is concerned, the animations, even with patches, are still pretty awful and have characters blank faced/inert when they should be angry, sad or happy. What's more, is that the character models themselves look absolutely hideous. Skin & hair textures on Humans look like dried mud with a patch of dried grass on top, all the Asari look like blue cherubs, all the Salarians have nearly pitch black eyes, and the Turians & Krogan look less gritty & detailed overall than they did in the original trilogy. It's weird to me that DA:I came out 3 years prior to ME:A, but DA:I's character models look 1000x better than ME:A's despite them both using the same engine. Why the hell is that? By contrast, the environments looked absolutely great. Eladeen & Voeld especially are downright gorgeous and were wonderful to explore. The Nexus & all the interior Initiative buildings kinda looked like crap, but places like Eladeen, Voeld, Havarl, Kardara and Meridian more than made up for it.

The story was pretty forgettable, which is a shame since the core idea of ME:A is a promising one that could've been taken in a lot of different directions. Instead, it's just evil alien race #2346, in the form of the Kett, looking to conquer the galaxy with a super generic mustache twirling alien overlord to boot. Not as bad as Kai Leng, but still pretty bad. Literally the only other aliens you meet, aside from the aforementioned evil alien Kett, are the Angaran. Probably the most boring alien species you could come up with. Their whole thing is that they're resistance fighters who don't trust other aliens because of the Kett. That's it. No other depth or complexity other than that (discounting the fact that they were created by the Remnant twist, which really wasn't much of a twist). A lot of things are also rehashed from the original Mass Effect like the Jadann/Remnant being the copy, paste Protheans of Andromeda Something about the story still kept me hooked though. Setting up colonies, exploring the various worlds, and having the OG races interact with each other while recovering the missing arks had me invested to see it through to the end. The Reaper SOS signals you get from the Milky Way were kinda cool, even though I wished there had been more mention of Commander Shepard aside from a few throwaway lines.

Party members are a mixed bag. Vetra & Drack were quite good and I'd take them over James Vega & EDI any day. The rest though are awful. Liam being probably the worst party member in the entire franchise to date. There's absolutely nothing interesting or remarkable about him. He may as well be a half burnt piece of toast. I enjoyed all their loyalty missions even though they always ended with shooting a bunch of enemies, with maybe a mech or two thrown in for good measure. However, the level design in those areas made up for it. It kinda pissed me off that you don't get anything for completing them, not even new outfits. I'm also glad you could finally romance a Turian. Something I've wanted ever since Nyreen was introduced in ME3. I just really like their exoskeletons and the flange effect in their voices. I want a tall female Turian to playfully manhandle me like Vetra or Nyreen would, before I then dominate/impregnate them.

Voice acting was also pretty terrible across the board. Everyone sounds like they're either on valium or reading aloud from a script with zero emotion on top. The voice actors for Morda & Tann were especially pathetic/hilarious. On top of that, I honestly couldn't fucking stand the male Ryder voice and his milquetoast Nolan North sound alike action man blandness. Having to listen to that bastard for the entirety of my playthrough was a real pain. Bring me back Mark Meer for the love of god. Ryder is such a pale imitation of Shepard in so many ways. The attached sibling & family shit, is also lame.

Gameplay-wise, I enjoyed it. Shooting feels good and so do the abilities. It's got lots of customization options and the inventory/loot system is very reminiscent of ME1. Some people took umbrage with the fact that you can't command your squad mates any more beyond telling them where to go, but meh. That shit was always a gimmick and something I almost never used. I always had squad power usage set to Auto in ME1, 2 & 3, so, personally, its absence didn't bother me. Enemies will try to circle around and flank you, despite not having as many abilities as Cerberus squads like ME3. Never used the "favorites" systems (where you can swap in one character build for another in the middle of combat), mostly out of laziness and because it was ultimately unnecessary. Tactical cloak + Black Widow sniper rifle = impossible to die (even on Insanity). Kinda wished I'd dabbled with more of a Vanguard approach, but that playstyle seemed a bit gutted from the previous games, which is a shame. Driving around and exploring in the Nomad was fun. Sometimes I'd just drive around for the sake of it while listening to my party members exchange their unique dialogue to each other, like in DA:I. The big fights against Architects (side bosses, like the dragons from DA:I) that you can have on each explorable world are pretty lame. They're huge HP sponges, pose zero threat, and play out exactly the same each of the 4 times you fight them. It kinda pissed me off that the final boss fight is just another Architect fight. How lazy can you get for Christ's sakes. I liked the stronghold fights a lot better, given the extra steps and objectives required to clear out those areas.

Anyway, ME:A is basically the Star Trek: Voyager of the ME universe. Something that promises a lot of new stuff in a new region of unknown space, but is basically just the same old shit redone to varying degrees of success. In the end though, it's a damn shame the series is shelved. Personally, I would've liked to see the DLC for this game. Clearly the missing Quarian Ark was being set up as a major DLC, but I'd imagine the huge backlash EA got over Andromeda by all the mindless fuckwits out there parroting each other probably forced them to cancel any potential DLC in the works. I'd rather take mediocre, but still satisfying Mass Effect over no Mass Effect at all.


File: 1549904915644.png (163.56 KB, 220x312, 55:78, Vietcong_Coverart.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished this after a few months of periodically chipping away at it. Probably one of the toughest shooters I've played in a while. Mostly because of the quick save limit, which is in effect on any difficulty higher than easy. I happened to play it on the maximum level, that being Vietnam difficulty, which certainly put me through a meat grinder. You only get 3 quick saves per mission, which can be pretty frustrating to deal with since you never quite know when you should or shouldn't use them which, granted, does create a bit of interesting tension and gives death some consequence, instead of just mashing the quick save key through everything. More often than not though, it was just tedious, since I'd try to bank as many quick saves as I could before abruptly finishing a level, making me wish I had used them to make my life easier instead of being set back 5-10 minutes every time I died, but not wanting to use a quick save out of fear I might waste it. The game does tend to auto save every time you radio back to HQ after completing a major objective, which always made me sigh with relief, almost like finding a much needed bonfire in Dark Souls would. Without that, the quick save limit would've been downright impossible to deal with.

Not only that, but the way health works in this game is quite brutal as well. While you can heal yourself, your health bar gets progressively shorter each time you do. Only returning to full after a chain of missions has been finished and you've returned to base. In some sense, it doesn't much matter since you die in only a couple hits anyway, but it still just serves to make the game that much more unforgiving.

Enemies also have predator vision and will instantly kill you from usually any range regardless of whatever foliage or cover you might be behind. This results in a lot of missions being pure trial and error, praying you don't get one shotted from the other end of the map. This is especially bad in any mission where you're forced to sit completely stationary, like in a turret section or a random vehicle. If you don't know exactly where the enemies and kill them just as they show on screen you'll die instantly. There's one particular mission that ends with you riding in a motor boat down a river loaded with very distant, highly accurate enemies, whereas you're stuck with an extremely inaccurate LMG and are completely exposed. That one section alone must've taken me somewhere between 30-60 attempts to get through. Made worse by the fact that I had no quick saves left and barely any health. What's even more worse is that if the two NPC passengers in the boat get shot and killed, which the AI will almost always target if you don't kill them fast enough, you fail the mission. Truly fucking grueling.

Funnily enough, but this game also has more jump scares than even some fully fledged horror games do. Every time I stepped past a trip wire, with the huge sudden explosion that followed, just about always seemed to have me jolting out of my seat. Same with turning a corner and getting blasted in half by a camping VC completely out of the blue. Doesn't help that your character screams bloody fucking murder every time he gets shot or dies. Levels in tunnels especially were just horrendous to get through, filled to the brim with annoying "Gotcha!" one shot kill jump scare moments, and, irregardless, just went on way too fucking long.

Also any death of a squad member leads to an instant mission failure. Needless to say, but this can get pretty frustrating. As an example, in the second to last mission I literally just kept getting a game over no matter what it is I did. It wasn't until I realized that one of my squad mates in an overhead chopper was being sniped by a random enemy on a mountaintop 300 feet away that I realized what was going on. I literally had to leave the chopper, and frantically scan the horizon for the sniper before he 360 no scoped my squad mate, who wasn't even part of the fucking mission and was just there in a cutscene, but the devs must've forgotten to despawn him, causing the aforementioned bullshit. What's doubly bad about this is that squad mates will very often ignore your orders 20 seconds after you issue them, assuming they bother to listen to them at all. I can't tell you how many times I ordered everybody to hold position, only for them to start advancing towards the enemy 20 seconds later. I'd say a good 50% of my game overs were simply because one of my retarded squad mates rushed into the line of fire and got completely eviscerated. Fortunately, as long as your medic is still alive, he can revive any of your squad mates an unlimited amount of times, assuming they don't suffer too much damage all at once, or get blown up by a grenade. Pretty bullshit that you yourself can't be revived, but your team mates can, but whatever. Guess the developers thought that would make the game too easy. Clearly this ain't Republic Commando.

Aside from that there isn't much of a story other than go here and blow up/kill whatever's there. Voice acting is also RE1 levels of corny. Loads of unintentionally funny moments for sure. I did find it interesting how this game pretty much glosses over the Vietnam war as a whole, in a very "America, FUCK YEAH!" sort of way. More MASH meets South Park than Platoon, basically. Seemed a bit odd taking such an irreverent tone towards this kind of subject matter. Maybe because it was made in Czechoslovakia, or whatever? Who knows.

Anyway, despite all the bullshit, I still actually enjoyed it. Something about crawling through a jungle in the pouring rain, watching for tripwires and VC, only for it all to explode in a fire fight where one stray bullet might end you, had me compelled to finish the main game and the the expansion as well. If it wasn't for such tense, atmospheric gunplay in wide open plays, I doubt I would've played this for more than 10 minutes. Might try Hidden & Dangerous next, since I've heard they're similar. That or some other old shooter I've never played like Kingpin, or Undying.


Just completed Tetris, AMA.


how the fuck do i t spin properly


Spin the T


File: 1549941311187.jpg (11.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 54858934792800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sad how dead the /games/ board is these days. Seemed to be more active a couple years ago, but maybe I'm just fooling myself. Just wish there was more discussion here is all, since I don't really engage much with the rest of the other boards on this site. I check /games/ everyday to see if there's ever anything new, or if anyone has replied to my posts, but it's almost always nothing, leading to me closing the site shortly thereafter, before maybe checking /hob/ as well. Oh well. Just depresses me a little is all, since I have absolutely no to talk to about these sorts of things. I just fantasize conversations in my head at this point, and have for many years. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn't and just reminds me of how lonely, restless and tired I am. I suppose one might ask why I myself don't create more threads & content, but I lack the energy and thought for stimulating topics beyond focusing on me and what I've played/finished recently, which naturally no one cares about. Plus I'm too scared of aggression and people being mean to me because of my opinions. I actually got BTFO'd here by a couple particularly vicious users way back when (like a few years ago), which caused me to avoid this site for quite some time because I'm a delicate pansy who can't stand getting his feelings hurt. That experience made me especially hesitant to bother sharing my thoughts on anything. Anyway, I guess I basically answered my question. What a pointless runaround. Ha ha.


Games should be a /hob/ general.


It originally was, but video game related threads started becoming most of the front page so they made /games/ a few years ago. Either Wizchan's population has dropped since then or video game talk being spread across an entire board as slowed it down by extension.


Yes I know it was. I mean it should be so again. We have way too many boards. Though if I were to reduce the number, I'd start with /lounge/ and /wiz/.


File: 1550929924128.jpg (22.13 KB, 271x377, 271:377, 11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just beat Batman: Arkham City. It was pretty good, really liked fucking around the map and solving the puzzles. Liked the presentation despite being so fucking bleak, the game looks pretty fucking good for 2011. I also liked the lore, it made me want to read the batman comics but there's like 80 years worth of them so I don't know if I will.
Wanted to 100% it but I have to beat the game all over again in NG+ so I'm not doing that any time soon.
Can't decide if I like this one or Asylum better, this one is bigger but there are things I think Asylum did better, too bad the other games are supposedly crap.


That game was damn good. I don't care what the pompous critics say. Are you going to play origins next? It's another one that the losers criticize, and I liked it even more than city.


>I don't care what the pompous critics say
What did they say? Most critiques I've read have been positive.
>Are you going to play origins next?
I want to but I don't think my pc can handle it.

I'm downloading the first Assassins Creed since I've been told they have similar gameplay.


I meant the ones here.



Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by it myself after finally checking it out for the first time a number of months ago. Went into it thinking it was just going to be some over hyped turd, but it actually wasn't too bad. The unique boss fights with each of the major villains were certainly quite a treat, especially the one with Mr. Freeze. I replayed Arkham Asylum just before I played City and, while Arkham Asylum is still fine for what it is, I found myself much preferring City overall, seeing as how it does everything Asylum does, but better, like with the boss fights, for example. I also played Origins a couple years ago, but I never finished it. Got about halfway from what I recall before I just drifted on to something else I was more interested in at the time. Been meaning to revisit it at some point, but meh. Never been much of a fan of Batman or superheroes in general, but I felt like I owed it to myself to finally play City and assess its quality for myself whichI'm glad I did since, as I already said, it's a good time that, by & large, transcends the capeshit aesthetic it's wrapped in.

>Wanted to 100% it but I have to beat the game all over again in NG+ so I'm not doing that any time soon.

Hah, same here. Still need to get around to that myself, including playing the DLC packs. Just felt like too much of a chore at the time. One of these days, I guess.


File: 1551510273123.jpg (123.2 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, image1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Yakuza Kiwami yesterday. It was also funny and nice but some plot parts were a bit silly compared to Zero which was overall a much better game in my opinion but no surprise since Kiwami is just a remake. I'm not sure if Kiwami 2 will be also released for PC and if it will be I bet on 2020. Don't have much time to wait, sadly.


I finished the game and completed all substories but I don’t remember that line.


I don't doubt your memory but it's a picture from google images because i didn't make my own screenshots.


I got it now, it's from Kiwami 2, not 1.


File: 1551713179165.jpg (173.64 KB, 845x1000, 169:200, Ganbare Goemon: Sarawareta….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished what is probably the only game I'll play this year. In fact it's the first game I played more than 30 minutes in the past couple of years. I grew up playing the two Goemon games for the N64 so just looking at the cover brings me lots of good memories. It's a shame Konami is not interested in making games anymore and Goemon&friends are relegated to be stickers on pachinko machines.

I began playing this very casually 3 weeks ago on an old Nintendo DSi and ended up becoming a part of my day until now. I would play 20 to 30 minutes everyday using just the saving provided by the game itself (passwords) instead of bruteforce through it with saving states. I played the final stages at least 5 or 6 times each, Stage 8 (Mutsu) has some pretty intense platforming and I played that one A LOT, got stuck at it for 5 or 6 days. There are parts where you have to jump diagonally despite the fact gb having a cross as moving pad, It takes quite a bit of precision to press 3 buttons at once and then curb down the jump to land just right on a rock that keeps sinking. Not sure why but it never got frustrating for me even though I died a lot. It never felt it wasn't my own fault, plus the music is very endearing and catchy throughout the game so it's all good.

This game you play as Goemon who is on a quest to rescue his friend Ebisumaru who got kidnapped by some guy called Jubei. Gameplay is pretty straight forward, you go around jumping and hitting enemies, either with your pipe or with coins you toss. There are a couple of stages with mazes in it and you'll get lost a fair amount of times, other stages has platforming you have to go through, couple stages has both. There are minigames as well (bow and arrow is pretty cool to play, turtle race is cool to watch).

Most stages have end bosses to them and I would say if I hadn't purchased armor, extra health and a sturdy hat to save me from projectiles I wouldn't be able to beat a single one of those guys. A couple of them I pretty much lucked out with my jumping and managed to defeat them on my very last bar of health on the very last life. Final boss was surprinsingly easy but the guys you have to defeat to get to him are pretty tough.

It's not a hard game just because of how effective and helpful (and cheap) the items are. You can have a set of armor, food and extra protection for easily grinded money, it takes a couple of minutes of jumping back and forth over a jar to get all the cash needed. Plus hitting enemies gives you extra money, some characters walking around town will also give you money if you touch them AND minigames give a lot of money as well. 10 minutes playing bow and arrow made me close to 3k kobans, the most expensive item, the armor, costs like 120. You could probably equip a whole army if you get good at the mini games. If you want some extra challenge, don't get those items and things will be a lot harder.

I need to make a special mention to the bath house in this game. It's a place you go to replenish health and it's probably the most relaxing environment I've ever experienced in a video-game. I think I spent about 2 hours total inside that place just to hear the music, see some pixel guy doing his squats and watch the steam coming out of the tub. Pretty good indeed.

Everything about this game makes me happy, the art, the music, the little dialogues you have with people in the towns. I have yet to find all the pearls to get a special ending, I'm not even sure how many are there.
I checked the other Goemon title for the Game Boy and it's similar in gameplay but it looks 10x as ugly and unpolished so I doubt I'll ever play that one, but who knows. It's strange as I was watching the credits role with the ending music and Goemon and Ebisumaru looking at a distance I couldn't help but feel a little empty. Maybe I was ejoying myself more than I first realized. Maybe I just wish I was a kid again. I know for sure I would love to see Goemon making a come back. Anyways, very cute game, if you're into old platforming or just like the characters you'll certainlly enjoy this.


File: 1552051730014.jpg (66.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 61qttZktTEL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat Sands of Time.

It's alright, they did a good job taking the "cinematic platformer" mechanics into 3d, solving the puzzles was entertaining. The combat, on the other hand, almost ruin it for me, fights consist in killing the same 2 enemies over and over for 20 minutes, and the camera goes apeshit, almost made me throw up a couple of times.


File: 1552056453769.jpg (33.76 KB, 422x602, 211:301, 1551436022360.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

completed Danganronpa and I wish there were a word in my vocabulary to portray how much I really hated it, next time my internet goes out for a week I'll have to remember to not let my judgement be swayed by something just because I downloaded it recently (I didn't pay, and after my experience I feel like I'm entitled to financial compensation), and I think it'll be good for me to just list off everything I found abysmal. Also tldr of the story - elite students join a school to help them for the future, but some evil mysterious murderer has taken over, and they have to kill one other student and get away with it (after a trial) to leave

>You can't make choices. As is typical of many visual novels, you can make choices, and the game gives them to you, but in every instance the game forced you to just choose one, so what's the fucking deal

>Speaking of things the game gives you the option to do but having no consequence, during the 'daily life' segments, you have the choice of just sleeping or talking to your classmates, but again, this doesn't alter a single thing about the game, and it's not like they have anything worthwhile to say, so again, what is the point
>For one reason or another, the game always feels the need to shove in the screen shaking (accompanied by a sound effect), a fade to white, or a flashback every 2 minutes, which I saw no need for at all, and this is made worse that during the moments when you want to skip the text (as the game suggests to you at one point, and the moments I most skipped were the times when the game just relayed information word for word I'd already been given, or the messages starting/ending the day that were unnecessary), it slows down for these, so in essence, the game's so poorly coded you can't actually skip the text
>When someone says something of interest, it will be highlighted in pink for you to 'react' to, with your character asking a question about what they said, which is just completely unnecessary, are you noticing a pattern yet of them piling a ton of stuff that just does not matter at all
>the game is just the opposite of streamlined, there are so many moments when your conversation will end with someone, only for the next thing you're meant to being to talk to them again, plus the countless times when you're meant go somewhere, and you just have to walk there which is less than enthralling, especially since there are a couple of times when they manage to avoid both these things, so it's not like the game is incapable of it technologically
>Monokuma was a bad character. Not bad as in evil, not the super menacing yet juxtapositionally 'cute' villain he's meant to be, he's just annoying and I really don't like the game slowing down to show me his sprite changing (which happened at least 3 times whenever he spoke, and the screen shaking was made even worse in his presence), I'm capable of seeing movement both in the text box and above it
>I very much wish to hang whoever decided to put in those rhythm game sections, and the points wherein you drag pictures to summarise what happened (many of which look almost identical), just cut that shit out, I don't care for any of that, put in good gameplay, or a good story, don't think by hamfisting a ton of random minigames for no game to fill space it makes it better
>The story is generally consistent, that is to say, there were no moments that completely turned everything on its head, nor anyone revealing information they had no actual way of knowing etc. That is, in all but one instance, wherein the character Kyoko saves the MC from being killed. Now, how did she manage to be in the right place at the right time? Our character asks (and he doesn't need me to right click on some pink text to do so, how about that!) why she was in his room at his time, and there are plenty of answers she could've given. To refuse to answer wouldn't be out of character, nor to even just say "I was suspicious something might happen" or something to that effect. But no, apparently, she can "smell the scent of a death god", and that's a quote. What were they even on? I must say, this supernatural ability to just know when someone's in mortal danger is pretty useful, seeing as she could just use this power to be an eyewitness to all murders, which would be corroborated by all the cameras around the school. But no, she only managed to gain this power right when the story desperately needed her to. Also interesting to note that the MC, her, and one other character are basically the only ones who actually solved a case, and the rest had nothing to offer but personal accounts, so surely killing one of us would be very sensible, but I guess the writer was only willing to kill off characters not integral to the story.

But the music wasn't bad, so if you can look past that giant mound of charlatanism, then maybe you could have a good time


I managed to guess the who Monokuma was during the final case 1/3 of the way into the investigation phase. I felt so proud of myself because usually I'm a giant idiot. I stopped playing after that though, didn't bother seeing it to the end.


Pleasant game. It'd probably bore most people to death, but, personally speaking, I found it to be a nice little adventure, exploring & questing on a cozy island, while painting random things for the various inhabitants. Some of the quests were quite neat as well I thought, like [spoiler]the one out in the arctic area with the spirits, or the one at the inn on the lake where you have to investigate a theft, which kinda reminded me of that quest from Oblivion where you're stuck in a mansion with bunch of other guests you need to kill off, except in this case you just look for clues and quaintly interview everyone.[/spolier] A lot of the areas were pleasing to look at and move through. Almost felt like I was wandering around Cyrodiil a few times. All in all, I'd say the windmill area was my favorite. Very ICO-ish. Spent a lot of time just zooming around for the heck of it on the bicycle you can buy and staring out across the water from one of the bluffs you can get to via zipline.

My major complaint would be that I wish the painting were more involved than it is, since it's literally just taking a snapshot of whatever's in front of you and then a fully finished canvas materializes out of thin air just like that. It's also quite crash prone and could use better optimization.

Anyway, it's actually not too bad, assuming you're in the mood for it and the furry aesthetic doesn't put you off. I actually got a good chuckle out of the two lesbian grizzly bears you come across in one of the quests. I mean really now, how silly.


trust me and don't bother with the sequels, they get dumb and dumber


I'm actually enjoying Warrior Within,they fixed the camera and fights don't feel like a chore anymore. Yeah it's pretty edgy and it's weird to see a PoP game with heavy metal music, but I'm having fun.


File: 1552310539450.jpg (39.87 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mom recently gave me some money that she won at work or something so I decided to buy this VN that I had on my steam wishlist for a while. I just finished my first play-through of it and I have to say that the writing isn't too great, it's more focused on the smut aspect of everything than the actual story or the overarching mystery, though that could just be because I ended up romancing the "bad boy" character, for some reason I always end up with this type on my first plays on otomes/yaoi vns. I want to play this again but I want to romance Monty, which is the red haired guy in the picture, like I had intended to in the first place, his personality is the most appealing to me but I read that you have to be a bit more aggressive in your dialogue choices. All in all the game is ok but I don't think it is worth the $10 that I spent on it, the last VN I played (cinderella phenomenon) was a lot more engaging and honestly evoked much stronger emotions from me, like my favorite route "the beauty and the beast" which I couldn't help but cry when I got the bad end because the writing was so good. I think once I get to play through Monty's route then I can judge whether the game is good or not since this first route felt like the max smut/least story route. I'm expecting Monty to be really sweet and stuff since he is like your best friend at the school.


Remain on your containment.board please


i bought TR2013 a couple weeks back cause it was 3 bucks during a steam sale. i 100%'d it but that game's a solid 2/5. real waste of my time


File: 1552328802935.jpg (90.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Castlevania_The_Lecarde_Ch….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished this a couple of days ago. It's a free castlevania fangame made by some French dude. It's really good, if you're into platformers I definitly recommend it.
I ran into an annoying bug though : if you open the menu during two particular boss fights, the boss starts behaving weirdly. One miniboss bugs out and sinks into the ground, locking you inside the boss room. When the final boss is doing one particular attack, opening the menu makes him suddenly twice as fast.


I really like that game but the aspect ratio is all kinds of fucked up. Do you know how to fix that?


File: 1552546232628.jpg (235.63 KB, 1063x1500, 1063:1500, 819ApEN575L._SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alright, just beat it. Got bad ending because didn't collect every life upgrade, then loaded a previous save to get it. Turns out I can't because there's one room I can only get out when I trigger a cutscene, and of course I had already triggered it. So if I get one of those upgrades I get permastuck, what an awful design flaw.
As for the game, can't decide if I like this one or the first one better, combat in this one is way better (still not very good) and bosses are somewhat engaging, but the first one doesn't have the stupid amounts of backtracking this one does. I don't know. Gonna try the third one and see what happens.


>. Got bad ending
>So if I get one of those upgrades I get permastuck, what an awful design flaw.
Its called secret ending, not good ending, not positive ending or any other soy-ending. A lot of games back then used to have different endings like that. But it was unusual for developers to make it as a canon ending. It was "easy" plot material, I guess…
>Gonna try the third one and see what happens.
No alternate endings there so stay frosty. Finding fountains is so easy, some people wrongly thought that finding them all gives you a bonus ending. It's arguably also the easiest one with its assassination mechanic. But prepare for a lot of cursing when playing negro prince in the sewers. If you won't do some combos on green monsters there, they feel too "tanky".


>Its called secret ending, not good ending, not positive ending or any other soy-ending.
You're absolutely right, my bad. I just started TTT, and all I have to say so far is that it's finally playable with an xbox controller, so something positive, I guess.


File: 1552881850117.jpg (52.49 KB, 381x600, 127:200, item_XL_24045877_35095492.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ok now I'm done with the trilogy, I think this one is my favorite in terms of platforming.
I didn't like the stupid amount of QTEs it had, and the "driving" sections were awful, but there's just two of them.

Overall alright trilogy, not great, not bad, too bad the series is dead


File: 1552882681118.png (103.78 KB, 418x280, 209:140, 1547681588523.png) ImgOps iqdb

And it's never coming back because Ubisoft sees Assassins Creed as its replacement.


I was mad because of this at first too. Then I was grateful they didn't make forced sequels to milk it dry like they did with assassin's creed.
So have you found all health upgrades?(without online guides/help)


Yeah, that sucks. I tried the first AssCreed and I didn't liked it. Too repetitive and boring.
No, actually missed the last one and I'm too lazy to go back and get it. The ending is the same so fuck it.


File: 1553002270905.jpg (31.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dc7608cad916127b97d5266940….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


There's also Forgotten Sands. I didn't think it was all that bad myself and found it fairly acceptable for a PoP game when I finished it 7 years ago. Story wise it serves as a sort of side journey that takes place between Sands of Time & Warrior Within. Last of the OG PoP games to be released, not counting stuff like that remake of the very original Amiga PoP, but stylized after Sands of Time. PoP classic is what it was called, I think. Then there was the reboot, but it was kind of crap. I still thought it was OK, although I wouldn't play it again.



Funny how Ubisoft & Capcom sort of did the same thing what with doing a reboot and then returning to the original time line, like with DmC and then DMC 5. Sad that in PoP's case it just didn't go anywhere and was mostly just pushed out to coincide with the movie, I'd imagine.


what the hell
did you just never specialize in anything?


File: 1553222917233.png (784.35 KB, 510x576, 85:96, NinjaStorm1.png) ImgOps iqdb

There's so many wrong things with this game that I don't even want to review it. I'll just say that is shit. Now I'll start with ninja storm 2 which I see from vids on youtube has improved a lot of things.


File: 1553327848713.jpg (122.4 KB, 616x353, 616:353, capsule_616x353.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me.

All in all, it's got a pretty interesting world and I appreciated that it wasn't just another "Men, elves, dwarves" generic fantasy setting. On the other hand, while I'm not one to be bothered by such things 99% of the time, the excessive use of the strong female character trope (whether they be soldiers, beasts, merchants, or smithies) was a little wearying to see repeated again & again. Companions were a mixed bag, but I thought Lantry & Sirin were both alright and was keen on hearing their back stories.

Despite originally hating it, the spell system is also interesting & expansive, but the fact that some sigil augments can be so easily missed (mirror image, for instance) annoyed me. By the end of it, despite playing on the highest difficulty, combat pretty much devolved into face-tanking with my war mage & casting everything that wasn't on cool down and nuking everything with area of effect spells. Kinda wish the Archon fights had been more bombastic somehow, but oh well. Overall, the combat was rater tedious & boring, but it's a CRPG, so it's to be expected.

I also wasn't a fan of how the game didn't warn me about certain things, like when you can pick to either go to The Burning Library, or Lethian's Crossing, but without anything indicating that the one you don't pick gets locked out forever. It was also a bit disappointing how little your choices in character background, and the pre-game conquest mode, effect anything, aside from throwaway NPC dialogue & faction reputation and, in some cases, access to small loot areas.

Be that as it may, there's certainly a lot of replayability to be had as far as how you decide to go about things. Whether that's becoming an anarchist, a rebel leader, or just simply remaining the Overlord's lackey (who's a transgender, apparently) right to the very end. I sided with the Disfavored pretty much the whole game (eventually making them and all the other Archons my vassals, aside from Nerat & Bleden whom I killed) being they were the least annoying of the two major factions, and because I thought going anarchist would screw me out of content. Wasn't a fan of how that cornholed me into certain decisions (like how to deal with the Archon of stone for instance), but whatever.

You can also, as the game advertises, do some fairly evil things, but most of it is rather inconsequential.Like setting a barn full of starving orphans on fire in a random encounter, or killing a mother and then smothering her baby with a pillow, which I actually did originally, but then I loaded a save so I could save them both and end the associated edict (magic induced plague) through the use of my high lore stat, which made me shake my head to myself in disappointment since I was trying not to be evil in a game where that's exactly what you're supposed to be doing, but I always try to be the good guy in games to a fault, so whatever. The most evil thing to me, was when you're forced to cast an edict of your own, with no choice available not to, no matter what, having probably killed countless innocents, while blighting the land in the process, just to solidify your future conquests & power.

Anyway, I almost, but not quite, wouldn't mind playing it again, just to see the stuff I missed and to fool around with different choices, but having to slog through the more tedious sections (that being most of Act II and those damn bane-centric dungeons) makes me not want to. It's also too bad there will, almost probably, never be a sequel, what with Obsidian being bought out by Microsoft and the copyright being split between them and Paradox. Makes the cliffhanger ending a bit harder to swallow, to say the least. The only true ending available, as far as I know, being the one where you don't betray Kyros.

Wonder if I should play PoE next. The fact that it has the generic fantasy setting I mentioned earlier doesn't help, to be honest. As an aside, I still haven't played Bladur's Gate or Arcanum. I played Planescape Torment a long time ago, but never finished it (dropped it after reaching the sewers where the cranium rats are). I finished Fallout 1 once a long time, but still haven't finished Fallout 2 (dropped it after meeting Harold near the reactor). That's pretty much my whole history with old pre-2005 CRPGs, basically.


Ever heard of Underrail? You might like it.



I have heard of it and, yes, that does look like something I wouldn't mind playing. Perhaps I'll try to start &, hopefully, finish that first before I get into PoE. Anyway, thanks for the reminder.



I myself just completed it for the first time a few days ago and I really liked it as well. Reminded me a lot of the Thief games, which itself, is none too surprising I suppose, given how much the developers were inspired by Looking Glass, or perhaps came from there to start with. Even the game engine itself seemed to be heavily reminiscent of Thief's own dark engine. Environments & certain areas also felt very Thief-like. The entirety of the crypt section in particular, felt like something ripped right out of Thief, disembodied ghost voices and all. Also happened to be my favorite area by far and had the best puzzles to solve and loot to find. Funny also that Stephen Russel (the voice of Garret) provides voice work for a few characters in this game. Altogether, in a strange way Arx almost feels like the realization of Theif's original Dark Camelot incarnation, as a grim fantasy RPG, instead of the more methodically paced stealth-centric, thieving sim it turned out to be.

Thief comparisons aside, I thought the setting for this game was also especially interesting. At least, in regards to a planet whose sun has disappeared, leaving the surface a perpetually dark & frozen wasteland. Would've loved to have had some time outside somehow, beyond what you can intuit/see on some of the higher levels. It'd of been nice to see how a potential sequel could've expanded on that, but alas. The cave system & environments were still quite varied all things considered. The sparse use of music, organic puzzle solving based on observing behavior & reading notes (another aspect similar to Thief), and just random immersive details like lighting a camp fire and throwing meat on it to cook it (etc.), really made the atmosphere something else.

There were a few things that pissed me off near the end though. Like how you have to run from that invincible demon beast that will one hit kill you if it catches you, or that insane "puzzle" in the Yslid bunker where you need to put that candle in the skull to get the last keystone to open the door to the final boss, even though there isn't a single thing that even hints that that is what you're supposed to do and you're pretty much required to check a walkthrough at that point. Also, maybe it was just me, but I just could not get the enchanting system to work in this game, despite playing as a pure caster/mage. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to enchant the ultimate weapon, until I finally caved and checked online, thereby finding out that the only way you can enchant it is with a dragon egg, even though the in-game book clearly indicates that that isn't the only option. I also tried enchanting my armor multiple times, but, once again, the game just wouldn't allow me to do it. Either way, it was a pretty annoying glitch. Not that enchanting was all that necessary anyway, since the chaos spell literally annihilated everything in one or two casts (even the dragon).

Not only that, but the story is pretty bad and ends very anticlimactically against a laughably weak final boss. Even when you think it might get interesting, with your main character questioning the Noden on their possible complicity in the disappearance of the Sun, it just goes nowhere. Your character is just given a pat on the head for saving the day, shortly followed by the end credits. I also found some stuff to be pretty parody levels of stupid, like the 'Theory of the Ultimate Weapon', which is an actual book you need to find/read so you can kill the final boss. Sounds like something you'd hear in a Monkey Island game for christ's sakes.

The meat of the gameplay as far as combat is concerned is also pretty shoddy and a melee focused character is going to have a much rougher time than a ranged based magic user. Fortunately for me I knew this going in and so went full magic to avoid any issues. Even then, the rune drawing can be pretty finicky and pre-casting a few powerful spells before a fight is something you'll be doing a lot of. You can also use scrolls in a pinch, but they're pretty rare. Character development & leveling up is also pretty shallow for the most part, with a lot of useless stats & skills.

Despite all the wrinkles however I, like yourself, found it to be a pretty enchanting journey. I still prefer Dark Messiah overall, mostly because of my history with that game and the many of times I've played through it over the years, but Arx remains quite good on its own merits, especially as far as the setting and the atmosphere are concerned. Enjoyed it far more than I did Dishonored, at least.


Arx Fatalis was effectively Ultima Underworld 3 in everything but the name from it's very inception, Thief similarities are mostly coincidental.



Ah, I see. Never played any of the Ultima games, so, for me, Thief was the closest thing that came to mind. The general movement & level design still felt very Thief-like though, but, again, that's my personal fame of reference. After watching a few videos of Ultima though, I can see your point. Probably should give them a try someday.


File: 1554604122613.jpg (171.83 KB, 460x215, 92:43, 1554598712826.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nice little game. Hopping & backtracking between the different areas collecting artifacts was an interesting Metroid-like gimmick and some of the later weapons were fun to use. Ending was quite hilarious. I'm the wizard king of the world, baby.


I just finished Undertale. I probably got the worst ending because I was killing everyone. easy game for me because I'm experienced with bullet hell games and the puzzles where baby-tier. The story is what makes this game I guess. I still haven't figured out evrything and it's fuzzy in my brain because I finnished it in one sitting and I'm sleep deprived (5 hours playtime) I'll try for a pacifist route next to see the difference in character development.


Pacifist Route is nice but playing genocide is way more fun.


File: 1555748909955.jpg (142.91 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1437149639-2517-card.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished this last night. Got it for free long ago, a normgroid family member pays his good goy tax through amazon prime and he lets me use the free twitch subscription, which has "free" stuff.

It's not very good, but weirdly addictive. It plays like a solo tabletop game : you have to lure an adventurer to the appropriate monster/treasure and complete objectives in various (short and unimaginative) dungeons. You fight with a deck system, it works kind of like an earlier, primitive slay the spire.
There are too many classes, and most of them are horribly useless. Endgame the only winning strategy seems to play arcane for draw and healing. The game is quite long but it can be repetitive. The artstyle is cheap, but functional and cute.
4/10, don't play it or you'll lose 20 hours of your life playing a game you only somewhat enjoy.


Completed dark messiah. 2 succubi vying for your attention, one being literally in your head constantly nagging you, the other being goody two-shoes really grinded my gears so i killed them both lmao. The combat got tedious at times and the story is shit.
The rebooted M&M universe is so fucking generic, holy shit. Like, dragon-gods? Really? That's the most interesting creation myth you could come up with? Pathetic.


File: 1555875571399.jpg (811.36 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, H2x1_NSwitchDS_AzureStrike….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got this game recently and it really pissed me off. First of all, the platforming is retard-tier easy, like not even a challenge, you don't even take any damage if you fall on spike pits if you have at least two brain cells to keep your EP charged. Secondly, the enemies are completely pointless and don't do any damage to you either as long as you, again, just don't forget to press the charge EP button. Now the bosses, they range from completely irrelevantly easy and not even a challenge, to completely broken and luck based as you hope they don't use their instakill move, or if they instakill you with their instakill move, hope that joules randomly revives you. Speaking of joules, she's some special "adept", same as the mc, meaning she has special powers, and she lives with the mc after he saved her from the bad guys. She actually has the best power, mind control. Joules really pissed me off, she acts like a complete useless little fairy throughout the entire game, she is like some stupid crab fantasy GF (and yeah there is also some dumb option to talk with her and increase your relationship status with her built into the menus). Even though she has the strongest adept power in the fucking game she is constantly just being nabbed by the enemies and she acts completely useless like a dumbass child, and that's basically what the entire plot is based around, yeah it's that stupid. This game could have been cool, but it really pissed me off with the "hurdur gotta save muh porcelain delicate gf" bullshit, it's cringe-tier and doesn't even make sense since the succubus can fucking mind control people and other adepts, how could she be so easily nabbed by dumbass goons constantly.


el crab reviews a game.


File: 1555880561962.jpg (19.15 KB, 407x412, 407:412, Hiro_Miyamoto.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well, Daikatana was a lot shorter than I expected.

A decent game. If I venture to give numbers, I'd give it a score of 6.5 or even of 7 out of 10. I have nothing new to add to what is commonly said: the AI is retarded, some weapons are useless and the level design can be a bit confusing at times, although this last thing is to be expected considering it is a John Romero game. The first chapter (Swampy Future Tokyo) is awful, but chapters 2 and 3 are pretty good, while chapter 4 is decent. I personally liked the story and visuals.

I would recommend playing Daikatana if you like old fps and/or you have a low-end rig. Also, I suppose, you could suck it down it for the sake of "game history" since the thing is very infamous. Unofficial patch 1.3 is a must, it does a lot for the game: https://bitbucket.org/daikatana13/daikatana


File: 1555933784428.jpg (38.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Nosferatu - The Wrath of M….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished this a few days ago. It was OK. You have to rescue all of your relatives, along with a few others, before a certain amount of time has passed, otherwise they'll be sacrificed one by one, thereby making the final boss stronger, until 7 of the 15 have died, in which case the game just ends. Saving each family member gives you a unique item, some of which are new weapons, permanent buffs like armor or garlic, or one time use potions. It's an interesting quirk that has you always on the clock, with some real stakes (ha, ha) on the line. The time limit, however, is pretty forgiving and most of the game can be cheesed pretty easily via saving, running through an area to work out the best route then simply reloading to avoid wasting time, along with just sprinting past everything and/or stunlock punching enemies to death. On that note, I found it pretty hilarious that your basic fists are literally the most effective weapon in the game. Screw holy water, wooden stakes, or machine guns. Your fists have been blessed by Christ himself and can demolish vampires, or any other creatures of the night, (aside from bosses) in no time flat. Turns the whole thing into almost a Van Helsing themed kung-fu adventure. The game can be completed in about 2-3 hours and, in my run, I only lost one non-family member, that being the seance lady, since she just wouldn't spawn. The mansion itself is also semi-randomized, but, as far as I could tell, that mostly just pertains to the placement of enemies, which is disappointing. The bosses were also pretty easy to defeat, despite having played on the maximum difficulty. Just a few splashes of holy water and poof, dead. Final boss was barely a challenge since only 1 of the NPCs was sacrificed. Regardless, I thought it was a nice touch that you need to stake each of the vampire bosses you fight after you defeat them and they retreat to their coffins. You can also stake normal vampires if you're fast enough, thereby instantly killing them, which is a nice reward for being quick & efficient. Most of the weapons were novel & fun to use, at least. I also liked the film grainy look of the game, which established a nice sense of atmosphere.

Anyway, in a lot of ways, it almost has the makings of being an entertaining rogue-like. Originally, I thought it was just going to be a typical FPS story/adventure, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was something a bit different. I'd recommend checking it out for that reason, if for nothing else. Also, two of the 4-5 bosses are literal demonic succubi. Giving them a taste of my hard wooden stake of, right in their cold, dank coffins. The power of wizardry compels you!


Ah yes, I'd forgotten about that one. I'm slowly trying to work my way through the FPS genre, which mostly includes a lot of old-school releases. I just got done with the remastered versions of Turok 1 & 2 (still debating with myself whether I should play evolution, or not). Perhaps once I'm done with that, I'll finally check out Daikatana. Either that, or Kingpin.


Mana khemia 1 (ps2)
So bad I just used codes to finish it in a hurry. The only thing worse than the boring story and huge empty maps was the localization and changing the characters' names to cringy "cool kid" americanized names. I'm playing the sequel and it's remarkably funny and enjoyable. If only it didn't require playing this bastard game first.


Oh I didn't know 1 was for ps2 too. I played 2 and it was great, I am kinda surprised 1 didn't hold water


yeah I've been loling pretty hard so far, the character interludes during free time are the best part, they've been growing increasingly bizarre and it's like watching an anime comedy

the sequel won me over and I'm going to replay it for ulrika's path


yeah and the character design is alright as well. even if I don't like anime comedy this was my jam


I just wonder why they made gunnar's face completely different from mana khemia 1 but left tony and zeppel the same. I liked him more before the slightly asiatic redesign.
>even if I don't like anime comedy this was my jam
I dunno. I'm only halfway in, but without that weird japanese style comedy it's so far just a school simulator.


File: 1556838942226.jpg (15.47 KB, 220x317, 220:317, Dark_Souls_II_cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Been a while since I put this many hours in a game (about 130), killed every boss except that bullshit dragon. I had fun, not as much fun as DS1 but it was ok. Died over 1k times, pretty embarrasing.

Now I have no idea what to play, feel kinda burned out after this, so no way I'm doing another playthrough.


the dlc dragon? that took me like an hour with codes on, I don't see how beating it normally is even possible


Yeah, I tried once, and when I managed to aggro it, it flew and one shot me. So fuck it.


is this like megaman 9? like the old games that you can't win unless you really practice and devote many hours trying to get the right run for it?

I remember beating megaman 9 using the wonder of Snes savestates but I remember as a child getting so many many hours of it because I could just try to replay it


File: 1556912692191.jpg (226.47 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, maxresdefault (8).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you mean sinh? if i recall correctly a fire gyrm greatshield is really effective to survive against him, you gotta be careful about your weapon's durability though
anyway I thought >>45460 was referring to the ancient dragon (see pic)


>Now I have no idea what to play, feel kinda burned out after this

there´s always DS 3 and Sekiro if you are feeling masochistic.

I beat DS1 and had a blast. I quited Sekiro though, i didn´t like the forced parry style of combat and after Genichiro i realized i simply wasn´t having fun and that it was not worth it to force myself to.


no, the other one, where some blind giant grounds it with an arrow first


that one's in the first dark souls


>anyway I thought >>45460 was referring to the ancient dragon
I was talking about ancient dragon, not the one on the dlc, sorry. I got rid of Sinh relatively easy, this one though, only could dodge his aoe attack once.
>there´s always DS 3 and Sekiro
My computer can't handle them. Just tried DS3 and it crashes on startup because my gpu is old as fuck.
>is this like megaman 9?
Not really, you have to learn patterns and practice to kill bosses, but that's about the only similarity. It's way more forgiving and focused on exploration, it also has rpg elements, which makes it easier to cheese enemies with your gear, different skills or overleveling. Some bosses are really tough (the one I'm talking about is definitely the hardest I've encountered, but it's also completely optional), but some others I forgot I had beaten until I saw a list, because of how stupidly easy they were.


>the one I'm talking about is definitely the hardest I've encountered
I'll correct myself, it wasn't that hard once you figure it out.


oh? yeah well, who can remember

those dumb games all looked the same to me


Just played Borderlands the Pre-Sequel because I remembered having fun playing the original Borderlands years ago and the Borderlands 3 reveal reminded me about the franchise

Wew, was it an experience.

Some evil bitch takes over a space station and there's a jamming signal coming from some moon that is blocking communications or something. Jack then sends you down to this moon to find where the signal is coming from, the moon is inhabited primarily by Australians. Upon reaching the moon, you instantly become the bitch boy for every annoying Australian npc, and run around doing pointless quests that add nothing to the story. After all of these quests you eventually stop the jamming signal, then return to the space station and do even more seemingly unrelated quests until you kill the alien thing that took command of the station. At this point the writers remember that you've been refereed to as a vault hunter for the entire game so now you're on a quest to go find this vault. Blah blah more grinding and pointless quests, you find the vault and kill the final boss the end.
Apart from the story and voice acting being shit, it's also filled with pointless political shit like all of the npcs being gay, side quests helping a commie revolution, npcs talking about male privilege etc.
The sound track also sucks.
And the dlc revolves around interacting with dozens of iterations of fucking claptrap.
The only good thing I have to say about the game is I like the combat, even though all the effects are an eyesore at best.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty bad time. Next up, I'm going to replay all of the Oddworld games.


File: 1556999398292.gif (2.01 MB, 480x287, 480:287, jMBXMMq.gif) ImgOps iqdb

> without that weird japanese style comedy it's so far just a school simulator.
yeah I hate japanese culture but I had a bad highschool so I like an experience where I wasn't miserable and people like me



I feel it, wiz. Conversation on this website has deteriorated in general I feel, a lot of is is crossposters bringing in the wrong type of posting/atmosphere (aka the people who "btfo'd" you like we're still on one of the garbage chans), but a lot of it is just the progression of internet culture.

You should take the time to make threads though, even if they die they're worth trying. Wizchan is special like that, it's worth trying here, it'd be a waste of time anywhere else.


File: 1557395294771-0.jpg (33.91 KB, 639x361, 639:361, 078055d917a1ccdbc56337e1ff….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1557395294771-1.jpg (101.61 KB, 639x361, 639:361, 39ded4cf43e25d54af5efd816f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just played through both of "The Suffering" games. First one was alright. Essentially a horror themed, gangster/prison culture stylized, Half Life with a good sense of atmosphere & fairly snappy, albeit tedious, combat. The gimmicky morality decisions felt mostly organic and the story, while heavily "family" centric, was serviceable for what it was. I ended up receiving the good ending, which itself was fine, but story-wise very much changes the nature of your crime, compared to the other endings (your family was murdered by hired thugs, instead of you yourself having murdered them). Seemed a bit lame compared to something like SH2, which no matter what, never changed the nature of James' crime, but whatever.

The second one, however, I found to be pretty damn lackluster, and that's putting it lightly. Much of the charm/atmosphere/humor from the first game is, by & large, lost completely. Story-wise, in almost all areas, it was just a shameless re-tread of the first game (with a hilariously bad Tyler Durden-esque twist that you can see coming from a 1000 miles a way). The sequel also doesn't bother answering any of the major questions I had from the first game, like, for starters, "Why the fuck is any of this happening?", instead opting to focus on the main character & his dumb family for the entire duration, literally recycling the same beats/conflicts from the original, at least in regards to your character needing to absolve himself of his past sins, despite already having done so at the end of the first one. The game actually pokes fun at itself for doing this at one point, which I just found annoying. Acknowledging that you're rehashing the same shit and then doing it anyway is just tasteless & insulting. Some shadowy military group is also introduced, but their motives/presence, beyond capturing the main character, are never explained, like many other things. Why is the apocalypse taking place in Baltimore and what does your character have to do with it? The game clearly doesn't give a shit about answering such paltry questions, apparently. The first one ended, mostly satisfyingly, fighting a twisted giant which represented your character's internal darkness, followed by you then escaping the island afterwards. The sequel, once again, does the same thing, except much worse. I assume they were gonna stretch the series out to a third game, leaving all the dangling threads to be tied up there, but so much for that. As it is, the plot is a total mess and, in the broad sense, amounts to little more than, "There are demons everywhere, go kill them. Oh and don't forget that your dead family hates you too.". I did find it kinda neat though, how you can incorporate your save from the first game into the second, which tailors the beginning, and ending to a very small extent, depending on your past morality in the first one. Either way, the ending to the second games sucks ass. Your wife forgives you, again, and then roll credits. What a fucking lame cop-out.

Gameplay-wise the sequel is insanely worse off than the first one. Most egregious of the changes being the newly enforced 2-weapon limit & near-constant lack of ammo, which totally hampers the flow of combat in about every way possible, since melee weapons in the sequel are next to worthless. Combine this with enemies being made complete bullet sponges, that usually come in multiple waves one after the other, in cramped, restrictive environments, and yeah, it sucks. Fighting gun-toting Half Life-ish commandos, or the new hitscan hellspawn, is especially annoying, since, very often, you'll get blasted to shreds within a moment of poking your head out, assuming they don't kamikaze into you first. This is made even worse by the fact that you can no longer carry any pill bottles (healing items) and are forced to use whatever meager amount the developers have left lying around in the badly designed/dull levels. This regularly leads to using more pill bottles than you'd want in some cases, since they all fly at you at once, even if your health is only at say 70 or 80%. Altogether, combat is just a fucking slog and certainly not very satisfying, even in regards to the first game, which at least had the courtesy to give you a dodge function, wide areas to fight in, without burying you with constant swarms of bullet spongey hitscanners. Boss fights are a lot worse as well. The ghosts from the original felt way more distinct & the respective confrontations you have with them felt better thought out. By contrast, you only fight one out of the two ghosts present in the sequel, all in some lazy bullshit arena.

One infuriating problem both it & and the original, although to a much lesser extent in its case, share however, is the need to, at times, escort friendly NPCs to safety, in order to win positive morality points which, besides affecting the ending, in the sequel as opposed to the original at least, gives you a unique ultimate attack for your "rage form" (which I never even knew I had, until it was required to beat the final boss, despite nothing indicating that, that was his only weakness which, needless to say, was very frustrating). As an side, the rage form in both the original & sequel, are terrible and the fact the sequel forces you to use it against certain enemies was just a chore to deal with, since you take just as much damage in rage mode as in your normal state. Anyway, to get back to the other point, the path finding on these NPCs is fucking atrocious and they'd regularly get stuck, freeze in place, or mindlessly charge into a group of enemies, forcing me to reload a save numerous times. Really made me regret going for the good ending, since it would've been so much more efficient, not to mention less stress-inducing, to just simply kill them. Add on to this that I played the game through on the highest difficulty and to say I'm a glutton for punishment wouldn't exactly be inaccurate. Even despite that, the game's balance really is all over the place, in about the worst way possible. Some areas will give you ammo boxes with unlimited ammo for certain weapons, with tons of pill bottles lying around, whereas others will be veritable deserts, with not so much as a pistol lying around. Explosive weapons are also suicide, given how corridor heavy the levels are, especially when NPCs are involved.

Anyway, it's always a shame when the sequel in a promising series falls so short, or even regresses, in terms of quality. Reminds me of similar disappointing sequels in the same vein like Manhunt 2, Condemned 2, FEAR 2, Red Faction 2, Serious Sam 2 (etc.). This, especially, leaves quite a disappointing aftertaste. Unfortunate, considering how, fairly solid, the first one was, but oh well. A flawed relic of its time, I suppose.


Katana Zero aka Hotline Miami Samurai. It was fun.


Tomorrow Don't Come is a game themed around depression and has a hipster feel and look to it. The entire "game" is just you clicking different buttons and scrolling the mouse to avoid killing the silent individual typing words to you. You can probably 100% the game in 30 minutes and beat it in 10, no exaggeration.


File: 1559003486294-0.png (478.96 KB, 409x499, 409:499, Dishonored_capa.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1559003486294-1.png (163.02 KB, 270x333, 30:37, 270px-Dishonored_Death_of_….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1559003486294-2.mp4 (383.1 KB, 480x264, 20:11, giphy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Dishonoured 1 is surprisingly GREAT :O

I mean the AI is in another level, the repleyability too. I think I could finidh this game a seccond timejust because I want to see the different AI choices.

thats right, they made the game so as you use a different playstyle you get a whole different 'gameplay', not being stealhty adds more zombies and mobs. being stealthy is the way I went about things. OH and btw the targets will react to so many things you do, like the way they changed their dialogue depending on what I did with the cup (breaking os switching or poisoning both or etc) was really fresh.

is disgracefull how they added an ugly niggress to the latest cover of the game tho. Pic related, IDK if I'll play Dishonoured 2 and I for SURE won't play this DLC even if it reflects the current british is not the experience I want.


I fucking LOVED dishonored 1. I've been meaning to go back and play it, but that game was what singlehandedly got me back into single player games.
The second one was just as good.


racists are retards. You won't play a game because it has black people in it? The stupidity of that is staggering.


I heard that 2 and death of the outsider runs like dog shit on PC because of the bad port.
That is why I am not eager to play them. Like most gamers, it could be a bunny for all I care, as long as it controls and plays the same.

I found Dishonored too easy because the teleport plus dark vision plus some of the movement upgrades meant that I could ghost through levels like lightning without even having to think about it. I mean I could see exactly where all near goons are and where they can see, even through walls, silently teleport around them, then run like someone on crank whenever I don't see someone around with my magic eyes. Plus with the upgraded dark vision I could see where all the near by collectables are so it is dead easy to get most of them too.

Played it again doing a max chaos hardest difficulty run (aka kill just about everyone like a maniac) and the same combo meant I could poof in, shank whoever, then poof out without raising a alarm or getting a scratch (which is good since at the hardest difficulties you have the hp of a wet tissue and can die if someone sneezes on you). Though that run I finally got use out of some of the gadgets and traps that just sat in my inventory when I did perfect stealth and no kill runs. Explosives were fun to play around with too. Grenades worked well on thinning rat population.
Ether case most of my hp lose in that play through were ether because of wildlife (rats n shit) or misjudging a jump and taking fall damage (which happened a lot because jump upgrade and teleport make hoping roof to roof a fun way to get around open areas).
Even if it was a bit easy it is still a fun game that I played through multiple times.
I should see if they patched the sequels so they run properly on PC now.


not him but 99% of black characters in any media always seems like weird calculated decisions, in the same way was succubi to a lesser extent. if you don't see it that way that's cool but it's how i interpret things


The first Dishonored was great, I completely disregarded the second game the moment they started pushing politics into it. It's probably good but I just can't be bothered with it.


D1 was very good indeed, Viktor Antonov worked on it too which gave it a nice hl2ish feel at times, especially the sokolov technology. Bridgemoor witches and knife of dunwall were pretty good as well. Been meaning to play the second one.


It really makes me wonder how games like San Andreas and Deus Ex would be received today among the "K-keep politics and forced diversity out of games!" crowd.


Yeah but did they fix the PC performance issues though?
That has been the only reason why I haven't got it yet. Because at release and for a few months after it was confirmed to run badly on basically all pc set ups because it was a shitty port that wasn't optimized at all, leading to glitches and frame rates in the teens.
The only ones that complained about those games and the black people in them were SJWs and fundies that came before them.
Fuck off with your bullshit.


How old are you? Because SJWs weren't a thing when either of those games came out, especially Deus Ex. Fuck off with your bullshit.


1. SJW still complained about them
2. " and fundies that came before them" which are the same damn thing
3. Political correctness and social justice were very much things before, during, and after those games came out
You ether are lying and think no one will call you out for it, ignorant, or just weren't paying attention.


Nice way to try and get out of proving your point. Just conflate right-wing christians as being SJWs so you don't have to do anything like actually pull up articles from back then that prove your point. Because as we all know right-wing christians/"fundies are concerned with things like gay/trans representation, fighting against alleged fascism in gaming communities, and wanting games to be inclusive to everyone no matter what.

Also nice non-sequitur. I never said anything about PC/Social justice not existing during those times; I said that in regards to video games it was practically nonexistent back then, which is highlighted by the fact the "Keep politics/'forced diversity' out of games," crowd hails the era those to games came from as a golden age free of that stuff. So, I'm either left to assume you're deliberately arguing in bad faith to obfuscate your actually position, don't know what you're talking about, or it's both.


D1 didnt have many performance issues when I played it, even with my potato computer. No clue about d2, but if it's really that bad it's a shame.

Probably the same as they were back then since they are genuinely decent games and don't rely on some shoehorned gimmick.


File: 1559349907903.jpeg (73.9 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 155932452247.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

crabs who get their self worth from the media they consume complain because a black character ruins their self insert fantasy


I think in this scenario the crabs would be the ones trying to push diversity for the sake of diversity, because diversity.


File: 1559496716440.jpg (75.06 KB, 591x608, 591:608, 7b9c72dc604789ac782a97186c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

they changed the main character, there is no roster!

you picture just shows how disingenuous and mean spirited you are, can't believe you would diminish my opinion with such a spirit of a pig. I am not a nigger succubus, and they had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE THEMATIC. IT IS RUINING THE THEME OF THE GAME. what is so hard to understand?


I wanted to experience corvo's experience as a master bodyguard fighting to protect the kid.
I don't want your enforced political agenda SJW, I wouldn't have picked this franchise if that nigress was the main character and she was enforced on me because is not the theme I want.


you sjws are so annoying, stop pushing your shit fucker.



Wizchan changed the formatting options since last year :/


also meant to you >>45669


waaaah the mean sjws made me play as a succubus with dark skin waaaah


ok you are a succubus, is get it now.


Katana zero is okay. For me, it feels like katana zero is just weaker version of hotlines. KZ is much easier than hm, which themselves werent hard(except few missions in 2 part). Music doesnt really support the mood of the game, most of it is just slow while gameplay is fast, so there is some sort of discrepancy between those two. KZ is also similar to hm in terms of story: you have mc who has distorted vision of reality, who kills people because he was told to and enjoys it, which is okay, but main thing that i like is gameplay, and here it's not as engaging.
The good things about this game are level design and dialogues. Most of the levels look good, and some are trying to make you play differently(there is level that you can complete without killing anyone, for example). I also enjoyed how they told lore of the place: bit by bit in random conversations/news reports.
In the end i chose death, and i think i might've missed chunk of the game, but i couldn't be bothered to replay it


They are both religious nuts that do functionally the same bullshit of censoring or modifying games to shove their ideology in a hobby they actively hate. Usually using very similar arguments and being triggered by very similar things. Like cleavage, violence, or mature themes.
And yes, SJW/PC crowd did complain a fuck ton about GTA, including complaining about the depiction of black people, the abuse of succubi, and violence.
There is no such thing as a golden age free of forced outside politics and PC policing from assholes who want to kill all fun in the world for the greater good.
Fuck off man.


File: 1559612284910.png (946.7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Castlevania Symphony of t….png) ImgOps iqdb

Re-played SotN because wanted to try all the broken weapons, and yeah, they are really broken, especially Shield Rod+Alucard. Got rid of Galamoth in like ten seconds. It's really funny walking around using that shit, as if the game needed breaking, it's probably the easiest CV, except for Harmony of Dissonance. Now I'm trying to get 200.6%. I'm missing less than 1% but can't find it for the life of me.


File: 1559622794063.jpg (134.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ok now I'm fucking angry, I had only one room left (actually two but it's the same room in inverted maps) and spent like five hours hitting every fucking wall in the game to find it. So I finally caved in and checked online, turns out there is this rock with a hole which you have to go through once in wolf-form and once in bat-form, in the oposite direction. How in the name of fuck was I supposed to figure that out? It's not hinted anywhere.



diference is back then it was the religious right and general conservatives who pushed for censorship. Now is the left that is moralfagging about media while the conservatives pretend they care about free speech, in reality they are both against free speech now, promoting hive think trough memes, each for their own reasons.


Which is one of the reasons why I see them as functionally the same and dislike both.
The fundies can go make their bible adventure games, and the SJW can make their…Depression quest or whatever was the last thing they made, and stop butting into the shit I like that they had no part in creating.


File: 1559640628644-0.jpg (240.38 KB, 950x1320, 95:132, brotn-box-art-by-mana-iked….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1559640628644-1.jpg (161.24 KB, 1260x710, 126:71, brotn-castle.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Speaking of Castlevania
Bloodstained will come out on steam soon. And it's priced pretty high for a 2d-3d platformer.
I kinda want to play it and want to like it, but just can't…
The side characters are not likable and pretty generic and bland in my opinion.
I really want to like it and some art is very good, sometimes barely reminiscent to Bloodborne and Symphony of the Night if you look at the clothes, but it's all falls apart very quickly.
What do you think about that one?


At least that 8bit style game they put out was alright


>And it's priced pretty high for a 2d-3d platformer.

That price could drop very quickly if the game received meh reviews. Just wait a bit and see.


File: 1560176595294.jpg (70.76 KB, 433x500, 433:500, enslaved ps3 box.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just completed Enslaved: Oddysey to the West. It was a pretty fun experience though it was very easy to beat on normal difficulty so I'd recommend playing it on hard. It's set in a future USA after some great war happened and civilization has broken down and is about a dude who escapes from a slave transport only to get enslaved by a fellow escapee by means of the shock collar type headband the slavers use being implanted on him as he is unconscious. The escapee in question is a young succubus who forces you to be her personal bodyguard and to bring her back home to her village which is a couple of hundred miles to the West. To do that you will first have to fight your way through the overgrown, mech-infested ruins of NYC to retrieve your vehicle from the crash site. After a cutscene you arrive at the village, only to find it over-run by the slavers' mechs and all the villagers gone/dead. You find a recorded message her father left for her though. You then take the fight to the slavers' headquarters after recruiting the help of another guy. After defeating the last line of defense at the slavers headquarters you find out the secret behind 'Pyramid', the real purpose of the mass enslavement and headbands. The levels have a nice variety between different indoors and outdoors environments of different designs and the visuals are very colourful.
The combat is mostly close quarters where you use your staff to batter and stun enemies, but it can also function as a projectile weapon if you find ammunition, of which there are two types: plasma and shock. To move through the environment you will have to do a lot of parcour and environment puzzle things which are fun, though the parcour lines could be less linear and more interesting with more freedom of movement in my opinion. E.g. I wouldn't mind it if you could accidentally kill yourself by doing stupid jumps, however killing yourself in general is not possible. You will also need to cooperate with your captor to be able to proceed, which is mostly having them distract enemies so you can cross targeted territory or having them push levers. You will also have to do the same for them. In certain areas you are able to use your 'Cloud', which is a hover board and I enjoyed those parts a lot. It also plays a vital part in some of the boss battles.
If you liked Prince of Persia and Jak 3 you'll probably have a decent amount of fun with this game, too.

As the name suggests it is supposed to be based on or inspired by the classic Chinese novel of the same name, but I'm not sure how much of that is actually there in the game expect for the theme of journeying west and there being a character reminiscent of a monkey and a pig. I haven't read it though so someone else may be able to spot many more actual parallels to the story.

However I have to point out that I played the PC port and at least for and on my machine me that one was very laggy and stuttered so I had to turn down the graphics quality and resolution a bit. That was unexpected, because my computer isn't that bad and can play recent games at decent graphics quality, but it didn't bother me very much and the actual gameplay sequences still looked good to me. The cutscenes were a bit ugly but that can't really be helped.


File: 1560176694173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 318.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190610132448_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This screenshot contains a spoiler for the ending but I think it is cool taken out of context too. Kind of like a MGS2 deal.


File: 1560436273366.jpg (31.68 KB, 320x445, 64:89, 51EPQ9V9XGL._SY445_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Metroid Prime, after I finally got a decent enough pc to emulate it.

Although the controls are kinda weird, it does an good job translating the 2d metroid "experience" to 3d, in fact, it does such a good job that I found myself asking "why isn't this in 2d?" over and over, especially in those god awful platforming sequences (first person platforming never works). Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I would've liked it more if it was on 2d.
Some may say first person is more "immersive" but I don't think this comes even close to the level of immersion Super Metroid achieved.


>first person platforming never works
There are quite a few games that I think have done it well.


File: 1560907050938-0.jpeg (118.19 KB, 570x305, 114:61, 3d-classics-kid-icarus-3d….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1560907050938-1.jpeg (203.26 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, kid-icarus-comparison.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1560907050938-2.png (360.87 KB, 512x430, 256:215, 26f2a4cd443c5450ea8fa95e0b….png) ImgOps iqdb

Just completed kid icarus, the 3d classic version for the 3ds. Holy crap I don't usually enjoy NES games but this was the best darn NES game I ever played, sat down on the couch for 4 hours straight working through this thing, amazing game, 10/10 totally worth $6, I will be replaying it


>not just emulating it like a normal person


because I want to play it on my couch next to my mom, I watch shows with her and play games


This filled my heart with a ridiculous amount of warmth.


Have you shown her wizchan?


And you can still do that with a emulator on any handheld device made in the last 20 years including a DS/3DS.


I don't know what you're talking about, the 3d classics version is superior to the plain nes rom


Is it though?
Besides if I wanted to pay $6 bucks for it I would get the actual cart/physical copy and not some digital shit that you don't actually own.


the NES version has horrible lag and game stops at random due to so many sprites on screen as well as sprite flicker which will get you eggplant cursed so many times because the system can't handle the sprites. The 3d classics version integrates vendor haggling into the game correctly so that the button is bound to controller 1 instead of for some reason being a function of controller 2, it also has zero lag and adds very pretty backgrounds that match the theme of each level, the reaper AI is also fixed to work correctly instead of resetting every time it gets shot

>I would get the actual cart/physical copy

I actually do have a physical copy, the game is downloaded to my sd card and I can play it without even connecting to the internet or signaling anything to nintendo, nintendo could die and I'd still be able to play my game as long as I didn't lose the sd card, and the same could be said about any ds card you buy which you call "physical copies", there's no difference


File: 1561195767764.jpg (209.28 KB, 800x797, 800:797, gameboy-kid-icarus.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Played through the game boy version, pretty meh, the difficulty was really toned down; maps are tiny, easy, and health is plentiful. Centurions don't exist in this version which makes boss battles really simple, hammers are useless because they just give you health when you free a centurion instead of boss battle help. A pretty bad sequel in my opinion, if you want the real experience then the 3d classics version seems like the best.


File: 1561373736413-0.jpg (248.81 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, WUL2fxW.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1561373736413-1.jpg (203.99 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, CZ02NQxVIAAwnh4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1561373736413-2.png (5.87 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Rabi-Ribi_20170820194608.png) ImgOps iqdb

finished rabi ribi
was really hard at times, but at the end doable
has tons of achivements, so maybe ill try 100%ing it


File: 1561706942640.jpg (25.78 KB, 616x353, 616:353, 49b71bcbe7093f14360db3473d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was hoping to enjoy this more than I actually did. Kind of a shame, really. A combination of tedious backtracking and the game pretty much posing no challenge past a certain point (even on Nightmare), really sucked the life out of it for me. The final act was also a total slog, basically boiling down to sitting through a bunch of loading screens as you transition back & forth through the same old well-worn areas, in a dull, boring lap towards one's ending of choice (mostly meaningless as they all are, can't believe I bothered to do the objectives for both). I also wanted there to be a SS2 Recikenbacker moment at some point to help mix things up, but I was sad to see it never came. Dahl and the combat operators felt like a lazy substitute for this, frankly. The ending itself was also unsatisfying for me and the lack of any sort of final showdown. I appreciated the tallying of your deeds in the after credits scene, but aside from that it was pretty lackluster and the whole overused "it was all a simulation" trope fell totally flat for me. Couldn't help, but think of Doom 2, what with the state of the Earth and the obvious sequel baiting that entailed. Anyway, I can acknowledge there's a lot to like about this game, the GLOO gun, the traversal & freedom of movement, and the organic decision making in the gameplay itself (like in the cook side quest, along with whether you choose to help certain characters), but overall, it still feels profoundly hollow & mediocre to me. I guess nothing can please me these days. Oh well. Guess I'll try the DLC next.


File: 1561754193471.gif (3.08 MB, 395x279, 395:279, Fo1_Tardis.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Throughout my childhood i played Fallout 1 and 2 like a dumbass, maxing out strength and heavy weapon skills just to use minigun everywhere.
Now i replayed them, and the obvious overkill combo was maxing critical hit and sniper perks + energy weapon + always aiming for eyes.
Though i still fucked up - should have read some wiki, turnes out Gauss Rifle was in the "small guns" category, not "energy" as i thought. And it seems like Gauss is better against armor compared to the top energy guns.
Also read Fallout Bible for the first time, interesting and hilarious.


>Throughout my childhood i played Fallout 1 and 2 like a dumbass, maxing out strength and heavy weapon skills just to use minigun everywhere.
>Now i replayed them, and the obvious overkill combo was maxing critical hit and sniper perks + energy weapon + always aiming for eyes.
But which playthrough was more enjoyable to you?


If there was a way to measure endorpthins and compare, of course people get more joy as kids, and i'm almost anhedonic with everything nowadays.
But singleshot killing supermutants and enclave soldiers with that half-body-ripped-off animation felt pretty damn good. First 80 times or so.


Play F2 as an evil slave driver next, there’s a point where you’re so despised that you will frequently encounter powerful do-gooders trying to put you down. Slaughtering entire cities on your own is pretty satisfying.


File: 1561836488446.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Prey-mooncrash.png) ImgOps iqdb


>Guess I'll try the DLC next

Turned out to be surprisingly engaging. The rogue inspired elements, minimal as they are, really helped to spice things up in an interesting & compelling way. Which is funny for me to say because, by & large, I pretty much detest the entire rogue genre, outside of a select few exceptions (Duskers, FTL, Immortal Redneck, Ziggurat, Eldritch, Delvers, Long Journey Home etc.). The terms "like", or "lite" that often accompany the comparison to rogue mean little to me given my stance on the genre, although I suppose I'd consider myself more of a "lite" inclined individual. Irregardless, I appreciated that, like those others I just mentioned, it never descended into brainless score attack nonsense, or being punishing for punishing's sake in a weak attempt to pad things out, as so many other rogues succumb to, (outside of FTL, I suppose, but I personally didn't mind it, in that case). This is, as an aside, also usually done just to cover up for how frustratingly little content there actually is in these games. In the case of Mooncrash however, it managed to keep its emphasis squarely on the exploration of each character, along with the facility itself, via each semi-randomized run & the neat little interconnecting Pulp Fiction like story content that flowed from that. Each character has a special objective, in addition to a unique escape, very much like Monstrum, (another great FPS rogue I enjoyed), and once you complete those objectives, along with a few miscellaneous others, it's mission accomplished and game over. The randomized elements, like weather, power distribution, structural damage, or radiation leaks, were also quite neat and well beyond just lazily mixing up a few items/weapons, level layouts or enemy placements.

It's very refreshing to have a game/DLC expansion that's incorporated with modest rogue elements like this, that doesn't end up overstay its welcome and, at the end of the day, is still centered around meaningful goals, instead of bland garbage like "see how far you can get this time!", with no other reason to do so, but for the mere sake of it, or perhaps to face some obnoxious final boss of some kind. Almost always these sorts of games have their difficulty ratcheted up to such ridiculously insane levels, that it simply becomes grotesque & obscene, all so you can do the same ass shit over & over again, while "experimenting" with whatever uncompelling crap you happen to unlock. That's pretty much why I hate certain rogues with a passion (Risk of Rain, Nuclear Throne, Enter The Gungeon etc.) and I'm often put off by others with the same style or mindset (Spelunky, Binding of Issac, Crypt of the Necrodancer, etc.). Those games are all about the short & unsatisfying journey one has in each run, expected to be repeated ad nauseam while, again, perhaps unlocking some new perk/weapon/character in the process, only to be funneled back into that same short & unsatisfying journey, often making little to no difference in the outcome. Then again, I'm also one of those casuals that doesn't mind the often maligned universal progress bars which give cumulative stat bonuses over time and that, in the case of the games I just mentioned, would at least make them somewhat more palatable & enjoyable.

Anyway, I could rant all day about it, but, admittedly, I doubt most would agree with me, so, once again, I'll just say I'm glad I enjoyed Mooncrash and I wish there were more story-based, non-masochistic rogues, that emulated it.


My friend Pedro

Pretty fun little game. The shooting and combo racking in it is fun to do, and each section has it's own gimmick (like having a skateboard you can kickflip with while shooting people) and such. The story is pretty much non existent until the end and then it's not really important anyway. The gameplay is pretty fun and if you do things well, you can pretty much feel like a badass.


Just finished dragon's dogma after dropping it last year. I saw back then it was going to be crap so I just used someone's maxed out save file to rush through the game. The story leads you on with promises of learning "the truth about reality" (whoa)… but in the end, the "truth" is just the same old asian gobbledygook about muh eternal return and "U no exist".

Fuck all that. I just wanted to fight the dragon. And even that was sorta anti-climactic.

What a dumbass game.


File: 1562108834258.png (180.93 KB, 619x457, 619:457, 1477314231892.png) ImgOps iqdb


Since I apparently like to torture myself, I've been doing another playthrough of this game. And, honestly? It's just as dull & boring as it was the first time. I guess I just had this cockamamie notion, that another jaunt through the main game might prove more enjoyable, assuming I could just make it a little bit tougher & more resource constrained, since, in my first playthrough, it basically just played itself, regardless of difficulty, which just made the whole experience a complete chore, especially towards the end. The DLC, while a much different beast entirely, also persuaded me to give the main game another try, since many of the flaws present in the main game were not, for the most part, present in the DLC, further fooling me into thinking it'd actually be worthwhile to start a 2nd playthrough.

Anyway, I'm currently using the "Prey For Death" mod, which is essentially the only mod of its type available for this sort of thing, in conjunction with the officially added traumas, and, while it mixes things up a bit, it still can't seem to make this game any less dreary. Resources are still plentiful, the stun gun + Q-Beam combo still annihilates everything in the game (even without neuromods of any kind), and the AI is so braindead stupid that, 9 times out of 10, you can still just hide behind a crate and blast them to pieces with a basic, un-upgraded pistol. Not only that, but the added traumas, which were also in the DLC, are far too infrequent & easily remedied to be of any real consequence. Of course, it's also needless to say, that no mod is going to make the story more compelling, the environments/enemies more interesting, or the characters more likable.

When all's said & done, I just really wanted to like this game in the same way I like/love SS2 but, despite my continued efforts, I just can't seem to force myself to. Why does everything Arkane makes these days, starting with Dishonored, have to be so damn disappointing? If only their main projects managed to be even half as enjoyable as the DLC they put out for them. It'd also be nice if shit like this didn't stick in my craw so much, simply so I could move on & forget about it, thereby treating it like the stupid shit it is. The contempt I have for my own time by engaging in these sorts of stupid shenanigans, never fails to make me that much more maddeningly miserable with everything & overall self-hating. Why can't I just stop torturing myself? Why does my subconscious almost seem to have been designed to do nothing, but that, in both subtle & overt ways? Why can't I just play games I might enjoy, instead of crap I know I probably won't, or already don't?

As an aside, am I the only here who even bothered to play this, or is the /games/ board just that dead & the users that disinterested? As if I don't already know the answer, since I'm just the same. It's just a drag is all.


I recall the Pigsy-centric DLC for that game being not too bad. A neat bit of variety, given how different he is in movement/abilities when compared to Monkey.


I only played Fallout 1 for the first time last year, but I can recall the modified plasma rifle being pretty much the only thing worth using once you acquired it. Don't even remember what I used before that, but I think it was mostly rifles and some other energy weapon. I can also remember killing the master was pretty easy with pulse grenades and getting him to friendly fire & kill his reinforcing super mutants by standing in the right spot. Overall, I didn't mind it, but I can't say I loved it. A case of being too late to the party, I suppose.

Fallout 2, on the other hand, I never got around to finishing. Dropped it after meeting Harold near the reactor since, by that point, I had just lost interest. At this point, I'd rather just play New Vegas, but the amount of mods required to get started, overwhelms me, which is essentially the only reason why I haven't played it yet.


File: 1562109620631.jpg (15.7 KB, 250x238, 125:119, 1522074643697.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I saw back then it was going to be crap so I just used someone's maxed out save file to rush through the game.
>Fuck all that. I just wanted to fight the dragon

lol this fucking board sometimes
This is almost as bad as the guy who said he completed the Silent Hill games when he actually just watched a Let's Play of them.


yes yes…it was 2deep4me and I'm unworthy of such a masterpiece


I really don't understand people who play games for the story. Watch a film or read a book or something, they all tell stories far far better than a game ever could.


Hot opinion


Thanks friend.


File: 1562118759711.jpg (56.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rasmus.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're no friend of mine


Can two fellow wizards not be friends? Did my hot opinion offend you so much?


File: 1562414758377-0.jpg (232.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0190630203051.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1562414758377-1.jpg (325.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 190701190102.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dragon ball xenoverse

Finished the story mode and it was mediocre to say the least. I partly enjoyed it though, for example, near the end, when Beerus God of destruction was introduced, and the very last part put a smile on my face. Teaming up with Goku to defeat an evil opponent who is threatening to destroy the db timeline felt great.


I don't get your reaction at all. I've only picked up this game because some wizard talked about it in here in 2017. Also >>44224

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