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Post your favorite video game teasers/trailers






I like this trailer more, always gets me teary eye'd.



and so the dark clouds of Bethesda and EA parted, and from the heavens obsidian descended, when we needed them most


Really good trailer, aside from the relentless section of one-liners over and over again from the pilot.


Minecraft 2.0


Looks very Borderlands. Hopefully they don't make the same mistakes they did with New Vegas.


People keep saying it looks like Borderlands, and I'm not seeing the similarities outside the setting of a sci-fi western world where corporations invade every facet of life.


I think its the style of humor too. Though I think borderlands was worse in that regard. It's hard to say from just a trailer though.



the real sad truth is that minecraft is already minecraft 2, for anyone who played it in the very beginning with notch just doing his thing


Reminds me more of Fallout 2 than Borderlands. Borderlands humor is everyone being a wacky one liner quipping psychopath


I remember enjoying the Dead Space games a lot, its a shame that they got basically killed by EA


Ace Combat 7 ~ Japanese 876TV version
English version~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFxtY4giPk0


Trailer better than the actual game.


It has the best game-play in the series but the worst most incomplete story.


it seemed very arcade-like to me when I was playing it, gameplaywise


It has interesting mechanics, but the game becomes more trivial with the more stuff you get. That's mainly due to the rushed development and awful open world so there's not much in the game that's designed to go up against Big Boss with gravity wormhole fultons, stun grenades, and a non-lethal grenade launcher storming into a base with kids in america playing. MGSV would've been a lot better if they just focused on having a few well designed areas like Camp Omega in GZ. But Kojima seems like the type of guy who feels the need to cram every new idea he comes up with while working on something. I have little faith for Death Stranding, especially after the "gameplay" trailer was nothing but walking and climbing.

A lot of its mechanics are based off the handheld MGS games like PO and Peace Walker which were mainly focused on short bursts of gameplay than story.


the story is fine but when the game is artifically prolonged to 100 hours then it feels "incomplete" when you get one 5 minute cutscene for each 5 hours of playing.

>best gameplay

yes, Kojima is God, now force me to do the same mission for the 20th time


so hyped for this game



Negan in my Tekken 7?


wizchan 2019, /v/, there is no difference


My real concerns with this
>riot funding
But i have naive hope that they manage to deliver good or at least decent game.


>nobody's posted Dead Island yet


Wow and I thought Armored King was a shitty cash grab.


I just drop this Cyberpunk 2077 trailer here because it's behind a YT account check wall.


I'm honestly not sure what to think about this. It looks kind of 'cool' but that trailer appears to be loaded with tropes to me. It might be too early to make such a comparison as we don't know much about the gameplay but the GTA series at least had some kind of humor. Let's see how the atmosphere is going to be delivered in CP 2077.


Gonna be hot & cold this summer


I know it's cliche and ridiculous to say this at this point, but seeing YT comments for this shows how most people are and forever will be sheeple. They see some actor's face and react like this is some staple of quality.


I am looking forward to this.
Also, combining a game I loved with a song I loved from the same time (at least in my memory) into one well done trailer has my hype.


Sheeple have quantity over quality…


One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. The series' first console and PC game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC


I wonder how that is going to work with a dude as comically OP as Satama? Appears to be a tag based fighting game of some sort.


Idk about the webcomic but when I quit reading the manga more than three years ago it no longer was a more or less funny parody of shounen shit, it had become shonen shit.


New Warframe Official Intro video



Better than the first cinematic intro trailer from 2013.



War Thunder: Do not hurry (by Anna German)


old trailer was better imo




I know it's stupid to expect things from Ubisoft of all companies but I still haven't gotten over what a colossal disappointment this game was.


>hell yeah Apocalyptica
>wtf is happening
>is that a motherfucking Nicolas Winding Refn?


My feels when no ginger waifu.


Smash 2019-11


EVE ONLINE 2017 trailer


i preferred the old trailers, this one sounds like Kojima pandering to action fans


KDA Popstars (LoL)


FF7 Remake for 0303.2020






Not only is she an old hag but she is also a lesbian.


It's sad when games look like propaganda.


i find the engagement levels on this new trailer suspicious, compare the like/view ratio and the comment/view ratio to the previous trailer or just random other videos, it seems a bit excessive

unrelated, here is a promotional shantae video by studio trigger


A Plague Tale: Innocence




Arcane (LoL)



why is everyone offended over this? ugh c'mon guys its currentyear omg…..


Battlefield ONE


Battlefield V


Not gonna lie this was a pretty good teaser.

Too bad that even if this is a gigantic step in the right direction, it's still fucking hamfisting wymyn and niggers into your face, even on the pacific maps. And the issue is, there will be normies who think it's le funne to play as a nigger succubus on Iwo Jima and I'm frustrated when I get killed by them.

Glad I only paid 5 dollars for this junk game.


If Diablo IV has NO offline mod, it's a no-buy for me.

I personally think that's $5 too much.


I got enough bang for my buck, the gunplay is still there.

Sometimes when I get to stab a succubus or a minority in the chest with a knife I feel glee, but when I get shot by said minority I'm infuriated.


Blizzard hasn't released a game that worked offline since Warcraft III, and after the shitshow that was Diablo III, it's a no buy for me.


D4 confirmed as always online…


I actually liked PoE at first but it relies too much on trading and I just can't get used to having to talk to other players. So that and the constant desyncs made me stop playing.


cool. i played the first for a few months but quit because i was tired of making new characters and the process of theorizing skills and gear became too autistic to handle. i liked the campaign a lot from the first, this should be fun for a while



to be perfectly honest i would have bought 3 if i wasn`t a poorfag, the online shit really screwed me out of pirating, same thing with this one, theres so many other things i would rather spend 50$, but of course i´d play it if i could. Even if i could buy it my connecton is to shit to support online play, i would just be reconnecting every few minutes, so a no go either way.



Been a while since I played SH2, everytime someone mentions it I feel like reinstalling.


Silent hill always felt like work to me, a nightmarish work I had to perform under pressure the whole time.


I don't know, I just love exploring, filling a map, solving puzzles and killing monsters in old survival horror games, SH1 is probably my favorite game of all times. I played the first three games so many times that it doesn't make me feel any tension anymore, but I still go back to them, it sounds weird but they're comfy to me. The 4th game on the other hand still gets me tense, it's those fucking ghosts, and looking over the succubus half of the fucking game. Don't even mention the American games.


What did I just play?


File: 1574984801244.jpg (78.02 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, EKY8NtQUUAA8cbG.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Kojima when he doesn't have anyone to tell him no.


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands ~ what did I just watch?



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