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I need a new mouse pad, but can't find a suitable replacement that matches the autistic preference I've developed with the one I've had for the past 8-11 years now. It's an old promotional Crysis 1 mouse pad that I got in the collector's edition version of the game back in 2008 (I think that where's I got it, anyway), that has 4 layers with a coated polypropylene top and non stick rubber base. Things cracked and falling apart though, but any other mouse pad I've looked has a surface that is either too hard, fast, imprecise & slippery or too slow & muddy, with way too much friction. I tried the Corsair M600, but that shit was way too imprecise. Mouse was gliding all over the place and I had to make a conscious effort just to keep it locked it one location. Now I gotta return it Amazon and it's just a pain in the fucking ass. I'm thinking of trying out the Logitech G440 next, but based on some videos I watched, it's also way too glide prone as well. I wish I could just somehow rebuy the same mouse pad I have now, but I think I'd have better luck finding & buying a fucking Leprechaun instead. The closet I've come to finding something similar was spotting the SADES Lightning on Aliexpress coming directly from China. Even that doesn't seem ideal (also, it looks stupid as hell), which leaves me in a predicament of what to do. Even the act of buying a simple mouse pad makes me want to tear my god damn head open. I hate this world for more than you will ever know. How hard is to find a fucking decent polypropylene mouse pad. Ahhh, the pain in my head & chest. The stress and the bullshit. Just make it stop. Even the littlest things drain me entirely and turn me into a high strung wreck.

Mouse pad I have now: https://www.amazon.com/Crysis-Gaming-Custom-Design-Mousepd/dp/B0152I1H9W

Mouse pad I'm looking at: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/SADES-Lightning-Medium-Size-Hard-Mouse-Pad-Splash-Proof-Non-slip-Rubber-Gaming-Mouse-Pad-for/32851040257.html


Isn't there already a thread for accessories and the like?


I don't use a mousepad


I don't use mouse pads as well.
I had one from razer, but ended up throwing it away on some shelf and not using it ever again. Because it was made out of aluminium, and it was getting pretty cold in winter. Other pads might be very good, but I just don't use them


rubber foam with some fabric glued on top. rectangles with rounded corners. these old mousepads are what i use. they are a lot smaller than what the heck these modern gamers use, those things are like the size of a briefcase. i don't get why you need to move your mouse that much. i want to try making my own mousepad when this finally dies. the last one i had was what came with my family's PC in early 2000s, i remember using it playing the sims.


File: 1572502043189.jpg (71.85 KB, 800x800, 1:1, mm300med1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP here. Can't believe someone actually bothered to bump this cringy old thread of mine. I'll admit that it's somewhat depressing for me reading what I'd written here before, since I'd actually completely forgotten how worked up I got over all this. Typical me, sperging out & having a fit over over the most minuscule of self-perceived difficulties, when to any other person it would've just been a minor, hassle free task causing not even a blip on their radars whatsoever. Just another painful reminder about how much of a pitifully autistic hypochondriac/basket case I am, always making mountains out of god damn mole hills.

Anyway, not long after I made this thread, I ended up just buying myself one of those Corsair cloth mouse pads and, ever since then, it's been fucking amazing. Way better than that shitty old Crysis mouse pad I used to have and I really kicked myself for not getting one sooner. The Corsair not only has a larger surface area, but much smoother, responsive and comfortable material, along with just generally being more stylish in its appearance, blending in far better with my desk. All in all it's been an absolutely god-tier mouse pad and I'd highly recommend to anyone else who's on the lookout for this sort of thing.

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