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The last thread has reached 300 replies. Discuss games here that don't deserve their own thread.
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Curiousity. I like to see how things work under the hood.


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currently replaying Super Mario 3D Land in the hopes of finally seeing what tim rogers saw in it that compelled him to write that review of his. might've gone with Odyssey instead, but I prefer my Marios to be platformers first and treasure hunts second.


I hate retro fps modern games. They all have really bad level design. It's like they aren't hiring proper level designers and just trying to make an atmosphere.


File: 1568716741385.jpg (35.6 KB, 460x215, 92:43, Dusk_game_logo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>retro fps modern games
what, like pic related?


Dusk, Amid Evil and Iron fury all have the same problem. They think putting dodgable attacks makes it a classic FPS with no idea how to use those attacks to make interesting gameplay or design enemies together. In Amid evil there's a set piece with a bridge collapsing which then has enemies shooting grenades at you. At that point your only ranged weapon homes in on enemies. Which it then homes in on a guy standing under the bridge not the guy firing grenades at you from a ledge behind him. You try to shoot a guy and instead shoot an enemy you couldn't see and why couldn't hurt you. It also makes the primary enemy a weak melee enemy who runs at you slashing. It's a canon fodder mob like I'm playing Pain killers and doesn't fit the wannabe quake style at all. Demons work in doom because they're tanky, they provide cover for harder enemies and limit movement. If you make your meat shield cannon fodder it fails to block effectively or to force you into smaller and smaller spaces so the fireballs being launched become dangerous. It's like they don't know why Doom's enemies are so good or why the enemies that got added in Doom 2 were added.

And fuck people trying to make over complex open levels in them. They fail to make obvious land marks to navigate from so you're in very samey locations with no direction like it's all just a maze.

Dusk is also made by anti-fa devs so don't support it. The wizards are supposed to be the KKK


Just got into Elona+. Seems like there's a lot of potential fun, but I'm still getting the hang of the controls. Anyone had any experiences with this game?


I don't know if I start to play a new game or just replay an old one I already like.


I’m so excited for this game.


why? it's goat sim with a goose instead. It seems like the joke will get old after one level.


This game has actual missions, goat simulator doesnt.


a new studio has been formed of some of the key people who worked on the early elder scrolls games. the studio is called oncelost and their apparent aim is to create a competitor to modern elder scrolls. they will be making "an announcement" before the year's end.



Who was it that recommended Wuppo a few months ago? I’m playing it now, very good. Thanks.


Any wiz with a good, current year computer? When/if you're willing, mind trying emulating some N64 games? I swear I don't know anymore if N64 is just garbage or my pc is garbage. Maybe both. I keep hearing it's pretty smooth if you have a good computer but that's a thing I don't have.


>All the people who couldn't get hired in the industry any more are banding together for a kickstarter

Your computer sucks.


not sure about the others, but i don't think julian was looking to get hired in the game industry in the intermediate time


File: 1569078410887.png (4.97 KB, 288x288, 1:1, sprites.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone here actually beaten Sans?


someone buy me 1 month of wow gametime. my username on bnet is kabahaly#1461


sent ;)


Why would you want to do that? That involves being evil.


Thoughts on the new Risk of Rain 2 update?

I tried loader out a few times yesterday and while strong early game, I feel like she doesn't scale as well as some of the other characters. Maybe that was just because of the items I ended up getting though. But mercenary is much better at surviving late game and I think he's more versatile with what items work well on him.

New stage is kind of eh. I like it more than the depths but still not a huge fan. The background music for it is great though.

Also some of the challenges seem like they're going to be a bitch to get. The ones involving not going below 100% health in particular just seem like a pain in the ass, since you basically have to get lucky and stack shitloads of shield items.


I thought loader was bad late game at first too, but then I started do real good with her. I think the key is to get some topaz broochs and use her shift skill to bulldoze groups of enemies. Also, the new map is okay, but fuck the new boss. I had a good run that got ended because late game you just shit out damage all over the map, so I couldn’t stop the boss from spawning, and I was loader so it took forever to kill the boss and he just keeps getting stronger as you fight so he eventually killed me. That really pissed me off. Also I don’t like having to fight a boss for the rare items, I prefer just getting the chest from abyssal depths instead.

As for the new skills, I got a few legit but I just said fuck it eventually and cheated them in along with some lunar coins. The new skills are also all kinda meh sadly. I get that they’re supposed to be sidegrades, but most of them are just downgrades.


Yeah I was relying mostly on her shift skill since it does pretty ridiculous damage. Seems like crowbar + brooches + focus crystal would be great but I didn't get a lot on my runs.

>As for the new skills, I got a few legit but I just said fuck it eventually and cheated them in along with some lunar coins

I'm thinking of doing the same thing honestly. It would be fine if the challenges for unlocking skills were the types of things you could get just by playing normally and maybe sidetracking a little but most of them you really need to go out of your way to achieve and also get lucky with item drops. Which seems like something that would be better reserved for the alt skins, not skills.

The only one I've gotten so far is engi's moving turrets, which aren't great compared to his normal ones since their range is short and stacking fungi is no longer useful.


FF13's PC port is so bad it will randomly drop to 10 FPS for no reason. Can't find a way to fix it and it's annoying as fuck. I really want to play it with japanese audio but even fans can't seem to find a proper way to fix it


did we forget the part where the monsters want to kill you (and have already killed six other people, some/all of whom may have been children) for the express purpose of stealing your soul so their king can use it to wipe out humanity? all while bitching and moaning about how oppressed they are, no less?


Hello, I was wondering if there was any such thing as an MMO where everyone got the same amount of time to play? They could schedule a time that works for everyone and then they all play at that time or have some other mechanism to ensure everyone gets equal time in game. It would be interesting to me to see a game like that where playing time for everyone is the same so all that matters is how well you do in it while you're playing, not how many hours you can grind. Is this perhaps a thing that people do with private servers and lan parties or something?


That wouldn’t work because it would be centered around whoever has the least time to play, which could only be an hour a week or even less.


You could do multiple servers with different time allotments for each one that way people could choose how much time they want to spend. I mean, if you enjoy video games, why not schedule a specific time for it like other people do with martial arts classes or something?


this completely surprised me

i had to go into my email and search for the date i bought the early alpha, it was 5 and a half years ago. i never thought this shit was going to be finished and kind of forgot about it, but i remember i still had fun with it

i got my steam key so i'm gonna be playing it meanwhile


No because that is really fucking stupid.
It sounds like what would happen if you added communism to MMOs or something.
Have to make everything equal for everyone, otherwise someone might choose to put in more time and be rewarded for it. So we have to hold everyone back to the least committed and worst player.


i was just thinking about this game trying to remember what it was called, i remember playing it briefly years ago, it was trying to cash-in on the minecraft hype right?


File: 1569530414128-0.webm (6.09 MB, 1000x522, 500:261, Succubi begone.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1569530414128-1.png (877.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Brigand 2019-09-26 17-14-4….png) ImgOps iqdb

Brigand Oaxaca. The gameplay is like the original deus ex (the game is an immersive sim), but it has the "clumsiness" of stalker S.O.C. Pretty neat game to play, I definitely like the kind of jagged edge it has gameplay-wise.

You can only save in beds and the combat can be pretty twitch-y (not in regard to aiming, but in regards to how fast both you and the enemy can go down). Getting shots off first is definitely the way to go, though without points into pistol or rifle, it takes literal seconds of standing still to aim your gun and all the jazz that comes with it.


where do you guys get your "free" games from? afraid of malware


File: 1569572727375.jpg (141.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, photo_2019-09-27_18-25-11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is Red Dead Redemption 2 worth playing? Opinions?


the pirate bay or 1337x.to

just read comments and try to get things with lots of seeds

I have never got malware, even though i put no thought into it since I only use my Windows drive for gaming (linux for everything else)



looks awkward and clunky with bad NPCs based on that


I use qBittorent search. It is an aggregated search where it searches all torrent websites for torrents. You can basically find any game, movie or piece of software with this search function.

To use it, install qBittorent, install python (you need python installed for the search function to work) and then when you open up qBittorent, you need to click "view" on the top bar and enable the search function.

Tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifo52gN_LGo (note: You no longer have to install the plugins manually, as all torrent sites are already aggregated in the search by default now)


Skip the subreddit bs and go to the "trusted sites". Lots of seeders, big file size, checked by mods - 100% safe.


I stopped playing after a couple weeks. I should have known better than to buy AAA garbage. the gun play is absolute shit. that alone is so bad, it basically breaks the game. he does this thing where he cocks the gun instead of shooting it, even many times in a row when you think youre ready to fire and been carefully aiming at someone. the inventory is horrible and makes no sense, the saves dont work right, I am constantly tackling someone or punching someone in the face instead of calmly getting on my horse when im in town surrounded by police, then when they kill me, my autosave is so far away in a place I dont reconize, I just get frustrated and turn off the game. that has happened many times. The way they mapped the buttons is weird and they just try to cram so much function into 3 buttons.
I went back to playing mods for 20 year old games again.


thanks. any vpn you can recommend? i assume ill have to pay to get something good?


When I lived in a small town, my ISP never gave me any warnings when I pirated stuff, but once I moved to the city, I started getting warnings by my new ISP.

If you have an ISP like Time Warner Cable, you will get warnings. I say try torrenting for a bit and if you get a warning, then you should get a VPN. If you don't get a warning from your ISP (it will temporary disable your internet and make you accept their terms of service), then I wouldn't worry about getting a VPN.

I use TorGuard because it has some of the fastest speeds.


Had fun with pic related, they might have won me over with the whole re-imaging Xen thing.


I direct download and use anti-malware to scan the files, the site, etc, as well as use a good add blocker.
So far it has worked well for me.

Usually it is as easy as using duckduckgo with the name of the game and download then 15 or so min of checking links to find exactly what I am looking for without any bullshit.
Some things are easier to find the others, but it is rare that I can't find a DDL for what I am looking for.


File: 1569620893757-0.png (26.34 KB, 565x148, 565:148, 4798237489247928.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1569620893757-1.png (444.49 KB, 829x206, 829:206, 4827429847.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Mostly Russian websites. Rutor & Rutracker, specifically. Always tons of seeds to be found, even with older or more obscure stuff. They're also both very heavily moderated and, after downloading well over 400 games from both of them over the years, I've never once had an issue with malware or viruses. Probably the safest/fastest torrent websites I know of, frankly. Rutracker is also fantastic for downloading music. Top quality FLACs galore for pretty much everything you can think of. Also good for downloading anime, although trying to find certain anime with English dubs, instead of Russian, can be a pain sometimes. As an example, I had to go & download the latter half of Hellsing's episodes in English from PirateBay, since none of the ones available on RuTracker had the English dubs fully included. Fortunately, the original Japanese is always included.

Only issue with Russian websites can be dealing with needing to change the language in some games to English instead of Russian. It's not as common an issue as you might think though and, in my case, I'm so used to it at this point that it's not that big of a problem to solve even when it does pop up.

FitGirl's website is also pretty nice as well. IGG.com for anything I can't find after searching the previously mentioned, which is usually only the case for super obscure indie games. I also use RARBG for movies/TV shows.

I use PIA (private internet access) as my VPN. I can be pretty lazy about it, though. Sometimes I'll disable it to get faster download speeds. I know I shouldn't, but meh. My ISP has sent me a couple warnings on occasion over the years (like with Game of Thrones, or whatever), but nothing's ever come from it, so it's basically just digital hot air as far as I'm concerned. Again, knock on wood. Not like I want to jinx it, after all.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagrant_Story it took me years to remember the name of this fucking game. every other month my head would think "what was that game called again?" and for like 10-30 minutes i'd rack my brain in vain. finally today i just googled "playstation 1 jrpgs" and it was that simple, right there, vagrant story. if i had a job and my time was worth money, this dumb problem would have costed me like hundreds of bucks over the time i spent thinking about it.


For small games (about 1gb or less) I use igg-games, they upload them to goodle drive or mega and never got anything weird. For larger games just pirate bay


I need some sleep


you just gotta let it go


ive got two shitty games with my video card don't really know if i can trade them or something



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