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The last thread has reached 300 replies. Discuss games here that don't deserve their own thread.
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File: 1559096998669.jpg (48.42 KB, 625x351, 625:351, metroid-kraid-625x351.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The amount of hacks Super Metroid has is amazing, I'm playing a randomizer now (vanilla game, but it swaps item locations) and each time I generate a new map it makes a completely different playthrough.
Who would've guessed 25 years ago that this game would have such a great following and dedicated people in 2019.


They finally released a trailer of Death Stranding with gameplay that's more than just walking around pretty environments. Looks interesting, but knowing Kojima it's bound to stumble in places.


If it comes out on PC and doesn't melt my GPU then I am willing to give it a shot.


Nevermind, it looks like it will be a PS exclusive. Oh well.


I actually am looking forward to the new CoD:MW remake/re-imagining coming out this October.
It actually looks really good.
Yes I know it is casual trash with shitty netcode, but it actually has a single player campaign and the multi-player is pretty fun in most of the games I have played.


oh fuck really? I wanted to play it.


File: 1559353158450.gif (371.33 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1466456612265.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Well, what can I say? Low end frame rates (as in 80, or below) just look & feel like total garbage to me now. The difference between 60 FPS and 100+ FPS is literally night & day, and if you've ever owned a high refresh monitor, you'd already understand that. It's not an insane deal breaker for me if a game under preforms in that sense, but it can certainly make a crappy or otherwise underwhelming experience, that much crappier & underwhelming (as with FC5 & WD2). Overall however, I'm actually quite satisfied with my current system and I certainly couldn't pull the same kind of frames I get now, especially when at 1440p, if I had anything less. The ultimate point/goal being to make gaming as smooth & good looking as possible, which I'm able to accomplish to the best of my current system's capabilities. Apparently that makes me a "tech whore", who can't have any fun in anything, despite the fact of me still being able to play & enjoy tons of older games with, at times, 60, or even 30, FPS locks, due to their inherent engine limitations.

Either way, this is just the kind of backhanded snideness I've long come to expect from this festering shit hole. Express an inoffensive little rant about my own problems as a wiz gaming on PC and, of course, someone always has to come along and fling a few peanuts at me over it. It's so damn typical it hurts. Being a wizard really does mean nothing here. Just another reminder why I detest this place, while also wondering just what the hell it is I'm still doing posting in this unsalvageable septic tank.


It might be a timed exclusive, Kojima Productions isn't a first party studio for Sony and they mentioned a PC version before(although this was back in 2015)
I wouldn't hold my breath, though.


make a blog if people replying to you makes you this upset
for the record “tech whore” was not meant as an insult so sorry if you took that way


I am tired of gaming, old gaming. I don't want to play old games anymore. I've not played any new games since the DS/Wii in 2011? 2006? It's been so long. I'm done. I'm only going to play games like Minecraft that are updated. I can't be damned to buy, so I'm not gonna any more. I don't get anything from older games at all. It only causes me pain, and I hate completing it. If I want to play a game, I won't try to beat it or complete it. I used to post a lot in the "games you've completed", so no longer will I post there.

I will probably do modded Morrowind though, I had a fun experience. Same with Minecraft. Vanilla doesn't appeal to me at all.


File: 1559729148770.jpg (382.21 KB, 1416x2872, 177:359, 20190602.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is why I don't play multiplayer games especially ones where you VERSUS other human players.


If he keeps losing to a well known tactic and repeatedly fail to take obvious things into account like lag input, then how he can considers the other guy the worse player is beyond me. He seems like a tilt prone individual with no self-control. The game is not the problem here.


>loses but somehow the other player is the bad one
Yeah, that guy is a fucking idiot. I don't play mp games because I suck at everything and I don't like losing, but losing control like that for a fucking game is retarded.


Currently playing through prey. This game is basically bioshock on a space station. Bioshock was neat to me at the start but it grew old pretty fast because I hate forced backtracking. Same goes for prey. I don't mind exploring the environment but I hate when I am forced to go to places I already been to. I mean I don't like doing this on my own time but it is bullshit when the game forces me to do so, feels like a chore.

I regret paying for this game. Thankfully I am eligible for a refund as I have played for only 115 minutes.


File: 1560144796999.jpg (136.68 KB, 748x554, 374:277, cute.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That guy is a legit masochist and fool for taking a game like TEKKEN 7 seriesly. Out of all the fighting games I have subjected myself to tekken 7 is by far one of the most rage inducing games..

The reason why T7 is so god damn frustrating is that you can see and feel the actual game below the surface where there are fun and impressive moves to be made. But the second you step into online mode ALL of that potential goes right out the fucking window and what replaces it is one gay no skill boring to play against meta trick after another ad infinitum.

The people in this world who play videos games only to win at all costs are some of the worst people on this planet. The act of winning at all costs even when that means the complete removal of fun and skill from a GAME pisses me off 100 times more than any defeat I have ever suffered at the hands of a legitimately good player in any game.


Why couldn't there be more (localized) mech games on ps3? I'm scared to google japanese ones, I bet there's like a hundred and they're all amazing..Damn it. The stupid console was current for like 8 years and all they ever brought over was a few shitty mech games. Some of them are so horrific like front mission evolved and the last two "armored core" "sequels" I wanted to kill my ps3.

Does the world outside japan just hate mech games or something?


>people in this world who play videos games only to win at all costs

Playing to win isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can be competitive without being obnoxious.


File: 1560169426248.jpg (11.1 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 4524334434343.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Originally I had a qualifier in that sentence about how they become the worst when there were no stakes involved and they acted that way but I ended up taking it out after thinking on it.

>You can be competitive without being obnoxious.

I agree with that statement but I meant something a little bit different. When I say "play only to win" I mean that in a very literal sense. I mean they aren't playing because they enjoy the game itself or even because they enjoy the sport of versus play. I am referring to the individuals with egos they feel the need to puff up by defeating other people under any circumstance.

This means
>unsportsmanlike conduct
>cookie cutter strategies
>abusing a games meta
Or any other type of behavior that can ruin the game for the other people involved.

I am fully aware that I am being nitpicky but this is my personal opinion aka it's just the way I feel. I almost only enjoy multiplayer competitive games where individuals are allowed to express themselves with unique methods that can turn into crystallizations of a person's style. These types of games are becoming harder and harder to find and I personally blame the dumbing down of the game industry in order to maximize profits. The main issue is that nowadays video games are designed for nothing more than tricking your brain into releasing dopamine as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is thanks to the fact that the people who have lots of money to blow on vidya games generally work 40+ hours a week and have children so when they sit down to play a game all they want is to relax and be spoon fed satisfaction.
Needless to say those who feel the need to boost their egos by winning at vidya are having a field day in the current atmosphere of gaming.

Might be going off on a bit of a tangent here but I just wanted to clarify my point. Losing in a video game shouldn't be something that needs avoiding at all costs is all I'm trying to say.

All of these opinions generally stem from my playing of MMOs/Fighting Games and MTG+Yugioh on actually competitive levels for a decade and a half so I feel they are well informed and justified emotions towards gayming.
>Inb4 normie gtfo single player only games or you aint a wizard wtffff
trust me i've heard it before I'm sorry I can't help what i've been conditioned to enjoy


No, it is because most US mech games get sued before they even get off the ground for infringement by Harmony Gold.
It is the reason why that battle tech game was delayed and why there are no more mechwarrior games.


"©2015 Harmony Gold USA, Inc. 7655 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA"
Yep. That explains fucking everything


I've been playing a lot of PICO games lately. They're really, really comfy. A nice way to get back into gaming.


You can change your what you're conditioned to enjoy. But you have to want to change it.

That said, Daigo Umehara is probably the most famous fighting game player. He still plays it to improve and is seems to have set his ego aside.


Arma 3 Altis Life

I'm currently running scotch and ageing it in my barrels at my houses that I bought. I started out mining diamonds from the medium yield quarry, processed them and sold them until I made enough to buy some houses (a lot of the houses on the map are already bought and sold at high prices) to put ageing barrels in.

When I'm not doing scotch runs and if my gang has the drug cartel (increases our profits) captured that is the time I usually load up my RV with unprocessed cocaine, process it and then sell it to a drug dealer.

I do this in the morning when not many people are on as to avoid being robbed and killed. Legal jobs are less riskier than illegal jobs especially if you use one of the smaller sized trucks because there is no incentive to rob you.


File: 1561026821464.png (63.56 KB, 957x547, 957:547, GtOpeP.png) ImgOps iqdb


found this fan game, it's pretty good, it's an infinite underworld level of the kid icarus nes game, in this version you can double jump, you also slowly regenerate hammers and can call angels that you find and release whenever you want



What's your high score so far? I have 200m so far.


300m is my highest, are you using a controller?


File: 1562232792117.jpg (622.42 KB, 850x833, 50:49, Beatrcie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Playing the older version of Samurai Spirits/Shodown while waiting for the new one to install.



I am not. I just got to 335 today. Problem is the jumps that you can't make, but look like you can. I die the most to those and the huge amount of enemies there are. The shops seem to be pure luck too, so no health potions at all. I'll try for 400 now.


File: 1562494265199-0.jpg (335.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0707032002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1562494265199-1.jpg (266.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0707042144.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

couldn't get past this match and lost over 20 times and finally decided to gave up because it bored the shit out of me to keep losing.


One of my favorite WWE matches of the modern era


File: 1562778638336.jpg (311.66 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20190710085644_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>spend hours trying to beat a boss
>stop playing for a long period because I can't
>come back and finally do it after more hours on end
>watch a video of a guy beating the boss with absolute ease
>read comments of people saying that it only took them 2 tries
I'm actually retarded and I wanna die. I grew up playing video games only to be bad at them and everything else.


Maybe you're just doing something wrong. In Hollow Knight there are many builds and ways of playing and some make the game easier. When I was having problems with a boss I just stacked health and just tanked its attacks.

>I grew up playing video games only to be bad at them and everything else.

I kinda feel like that too, and that's why I avoid multiplayer games.


File: 1562998760512.jpg (617.72 KB, 1258x705, 1258:705, original_b375eef7ea884482e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I had a moment like this with Sekiro, relatively recently, after fighting, and eventually defeating, that damn flaming bull. Probably took me about 20-30 tries and, by the end of it, I just felt overtly fatigued & disappointed with myself. Followed swiftly by a comedy of errors in the proceeding area, which made it all even worse (missing counters again & again, falling for easily spottable traps, just fucking up in general, etc.), to the point that I haven't even been back to it in months.

Choking super hard in a game can be a very unpleasant experience. Played & finished killer7 for the first time a few weeks back and I'd literally find myself quitting out after dying (only happened twice, thankfully, but required the near repeat of an entire act as a result) sending me back to when I last saved, instead of collecting whoever it was with Garcian, because of the shame I felt and the need to punish myself as a result. I cut that out during my killer8 playthrough, for obvious reasons, but areas like Santa Domingo, were just so full of needless fuck-ups & blunders, where I had none the first time, (somersaulting Smiles are the worst) that it made me feel enormously bad with myself, when I should ideally be feeling anything, but that.

Gaming is all I've done for over 20 years now and, compared to most people, I can still be so utterly worthless at it. I haven't played a MP game in over half a decade (never anything 1vs1 or free for all based, given how humiliating & stressful that'd be) so you'd think I'd be spared from such feelings of inadequacy, but nope. Solo, or not, I still judge myself harshly, despite the obvious fact that nobody cares about this, but me. I've always thought of it, irrationally so, that if I were ever recording myself, how there would undoubtedly be loads of people who would mock me until the cow's came home, given all the stupid mistakes & blunders I make while playing, such as forgetting to quick save in a FPS then being sent back like 15-20 minutes when I die, while also being inefficient & lacking of skill or finesse in general (picking the wrong abilities in a build, using the wrong tactics against a boss, etc.)

Anyway, like the other guy said, the right charms in Hollow Knight can make all the difference against certain bosses. In my case, the dream version of the Grimm Troupe DLC boss was definitely the major one I can recall giving me the most trouble. Beat that shit by the skin of my teeth after about 30-40 attempts, with only one health pip remaining by the end of it. Then, as yourself, I see a guy getting through it with no damage, making it all seem easy as could be. I wish seeing such things didn't deflate me so much, but I can't help it. Gaming is all I have to validate myself with, so, in certain circumstances, dying too much/failing too much in a particular game, never fails to make me feel worthless & retarded. Seeing someone else preform far better than I can, just rubs salt in the wound, while also diminishing my own virtual accomplishments to the point where it doesn't even feel like I've truly won, given that I wasn't able to do it just as proficiently. I very often chastise myself for preforming badly in any genre (especially puzzle games) to the point of ruining any possible enjoyment I could have and I've always hated myself for it.


>and that's why I avoid multiplayer games.

I literally never used a mic when playing anything MP related and would only stick to team based modes where I could just blend into the chaos with everyone else. So long as I did moderately well, as in middle of the scoreboard, I felt like I pulled my weight. be that as it may, I actually trained myself to play without the sound on, because of how much I feared getting shit on by guys/kids with mics. Instead, I'd just listen to some music or a podcast with my headphones on & my laptop next to me. I did surprisingly well for the most part, believe it or not. Almost made me feel like a blindfolded guru or something, except not letting sound deceive me, instead of sight. No one ever sent me any nasty messages, aside from on very rare occasions, so my approach somewhat worked out for me. Ever since about 6 years ago however, I transitioned to mostly playing on PC & simply torrenting what I'm interested in. I literally have zero desire to engage in anything competitive, although co-op in some games would be nice, but I'm too anxious for that.


Should I buy a Nintendo Switch?


Name 5 games you're interested in.


Only if the games you want on it don’t rely on online. I was gonna get one because of smash, splatoon2, and monster hunter GU, but those are all multiplayer focused and now you have to pay for online so I’m not even gonna fucking bother.


File: 1563625469427-0.png (19.93 KB, 480x480, 1:1, scrnshot1.png) ImgOps iqdb

So I decided to give Space Station 13 a try.
And it's not for my taste, for a reason I did not expect it to be, too. The clunky inventory system, staggering movement and long periods of nothing happening were bearable, in fact, I sort of liked it: exploring the maintenance tunnels, looting gear even if you don't need it, it was fine. But what kept putting me off is the community. I realized precisely what I disliked about RP games when I observed the people for a bit. But they were pretty much just an outside annoyance causing slight degree of vicarious shame, nothing else. Until I got to directly interact with them, that is. Powertripping security guards, OOC Discord clique chats, disgusting. The last straw was me getting apprehended by a security guard for no reason with an attitude akin to "I told you to get down, faggot" and then getting dragged off to a place where there was no oxygen and ending up seeing this screen for thirty minutes straight along with lively OOC chat discussions.
Fuck people, especially in online games.


Yeah, that was the same reason I stopped playing ss13 too. Kinda funny, considering that interaction with other people is the whole point of the game. The newbies were very open about being new and the veterans tried too hard with their rp. Not immersive at all. When ss13 is not immersive, it's just a shitty crafting sim on a really outdated engine.
In fact, you pretty much described my experience playing any multiplayer game. Interesting concept, fun gameplay and then… other people appear. And ruin my fun. What's the point of playing video games if you insist on talking about irl stuff?


Daggerfall had so much cool cut content. It literally could have been even greater than it is now.


Morph Other
"Causes target to transform into a creature or object
selected by the caster. The base chance of successfully
polymorphing is %bch, plus %ach for every %clc level(s) of
the caster. Transformation lasts %bdr round(s),
plus %adr round(s) for every %cld level(s) of the caster."

Morph Item
"Causes target to transform into a creature or object
selected by the caster. The base chance of successfully
polymorphing is %bch, plus %ach for every %clc level(s) of
the caster. Transformation lasts %bdr round(s),
plus %adr round(s) for every %cld level(s) of the caster."

Astral Travel
"Sends caster to the Astral Plane. Chance of success
is %bch, plus %ach every %clc level(s) of the caster.
Caster will remain in the Astral Plane for %bdr round(s),
plus %adr round(s) for every %cld level(s) of caster."

"Turns caster ethereal, thus able to walk through
walls. Chance of success is %bch, plus %ach every
%clc level(s) of the caster. Caster will remain
ethereal for %bdr round(s), plus %adr round(s) for
every %cld level(s) of caster."

Yep, you would be able to SHAPESHIFT you and others as well as travel through the astral plane. The astral plane might just be one of the planes of Oblivion. That's so cool. In the newer elder scrolls games like Skyrim, you have other powerful wizards do things like raise an undead army (Potema in Skyrim), Shapeshift (Glenmoril witch, Morrowind Bloodmoon DLC), and uh, I don't remember Oblivion too much, honestly. I can't remember much in the magic department.

These spells, I'm sure, were always available in the lore. I'm pretty sure. Though, I only can remember the mage's guild quest where you protect a famous wizard traveling to Oblivion as well as the shapeshifting from Morrowind. Still, these are badass spells that I don't think are ever really used in any other fantasy setting. I can hardly name any though.



that potema quest in skyrim was so disappointing to me when i learned that you have no option except to destroy her and nothing happens if you ignore the quest. imo they shouldn't pull the lore into the world like that unless they're prepared to do something really cool with it.

more to the point i agree that magic in elder scrolls is a wet noodle compared to what it could be, even compared to what some of the enemies do. all the cool shit comes from mods, proving the engines of the games can handle (at least some of) this stuff. beth just isn't interested in doing anything cool with player magic for some reason.

arena had some of the most powerful spells. you could have shields for your entire hp bar hundreds of times over, that you could cast before the dungeon and not run out until halfway through. you could DESTROY WALLS to help you explore and even skip major parts of the dungeons (kind of like that cut etherealness spell you mentioned). if you suggested to the beth that made skyrim, "hey what if you gave the player a spell that let them destroy walls in the dungeons," they would laugh at you. it would break the design of the dungeons, which are largely just scripted hallways with a loop back to a locked door at the start so you can pop out when the movie is over.

so maybe part of the reason is that they don't want to let the player break the game. in arena they weren't scared to give the player a passwall spell, even though it broke dungeons and let you skip huge portions, because the goal wasn't to give the player a scripted experience that has them play the role of an action movie protagonist. the goal was to give the player tools for them to have fun and express themselves in the game world.

and btw, i'm not saying arena is "more fun" than skyrim, but i think that aspect of its philosophy is superior. if you invest into defensive magic, you are weak at the start but absurdly powerful as the game progresses, the way a mage should play imo. i don't know if offensive magic is as powerful, but i doubt it. which reminds me of another thing skyrim needs - a spellmaker. each game they keep removing features, i really don't get it. do they just not want the player to feel strong? i thought that was supposed to be the whole point. you're supposed to be this overpowered dragon-god or whatever. but god forbid you're allowed to make a spell that does 20 more damage.

also just PLAYING as a mage in skyrim feels bad. against a strong opponent, you are just running around in circles, abusing their poor pathing around the terrain as you watch your magic bar slowly regenerate until you can cast one spell, and then do it all over again. if you're against a weak enemy they just crumple to one spell. magicka costs are too high for the late game spells, even if you put all your level-up points into magicka, it just feels so bad. i know the regeneration is supposed to make up for it but it regenerates way too slowly for it to work like that. it's also annoying that you have to CHOOSE between magic and health upon level-up. in the older games you didn't have to choose. you could max endurance and intelligence and get the best of both worlds. in skyrim if you want to be even a little effective as a mage, at least a destruction mage, you need to be a glass cannon in the late-game.

that "morph other" spell in daggerfall is basically wabbajack, i guess that's why they cut it. except i think wabbajack is permanent.


File: 1565374070575.jpg (77.13 KB, 625x352, 625:352, daggerfall-625x352.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Almost everything is superior in vanilla DaggerFall compared to any other TES game be it modded or not. Except that it's 2D.


game looks so much better in those screenshots than it ever has on my pc. i guess it's meant to be played at low res but even the colors look significantly better, what gives…


File: 1565391764938.jpg (230.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, helu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really like rising storm, it hits a lot of great spots:

>flying transport and combat helicopets

>some of the best fireguns for gunporn- nesting with an m60 is therapeutical
>burning 20 bugmen on a single napalm strike/incendiary grenade and hearing them scream in pain
>it's ok to say it because we're in nam

Holy shit git funcking gud

>>Inb4 normie gtfo single player only games or you aint a wizard wtffff
Nothing wrong with it, liking a challenge is good.
For better or for worse, multiplayer games have developed in a direction where communication is not necessary, or it can be done through in game voice commands like you were playing with bots. Most games can be played as singleplayer games, but with the challenge of real people controlling it, though dealing with the typical retards online can't be avoided sometimes.


>find out building simulators can be that awesome
>never gonna have a chance to play it


i really want to play this game when i finally get my main pc fixed. i remember watching bluedicks review of it a few years ago and while to me it looks more like insurgency or resistance and liberation than project reality, it still looks very nice and has a good mix.
hope they add ground vehicles too.


Just reading the steam page of the game The Alchemist Daughter nearly put me in tears.

Gibbing generic enemies in some fps is nothing. Ripping off limbs and beating the guy to death with them is something I have chuckled at. But that game is something I don't have the stomach for.
It is weird when you think you don't have limits of what you will play and out of nowhere you run into something that just pushes all the wrong buttons for you. At least it is for me. It isn't that I am offended or anything. I am glad that it exist, but I won't play it because it would emotionally wreck me, which is not something I really look for in my games.


I can't find the game you're talking about, can you link it?



Thats the one, though I could of sworn it was called The Alchemist Daughter when I first looked up the page.
Some of the description is different too.
But it is the same game.


for those interested, daggerfall unity has entered alpha stage. this means the core gameplay is fully implemented. they are still working on refinements/bugfixes and adding things like classic hud, as well as tuning some formulas for gravity, jumping, and movement speed.

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