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are keys sellers like g2a and so forth legit? there's a couple games on steam I want to purchase but don't feel like waiting for a sale on steam or humblebundle and the discounts were never that great anyway
I don't want to support shady business like credit card theft or get my licence revoked or account banned…


they work most of the time, would risk it though.


G2A is definitely shady, but exploiting grey market region pricing rather than stolen cards. It's unlikely you'd get any bans for purchasing there but I personally wouldn't, just pirate at that point. More or less any store not listed on isthereanydeal is up to something dodgy.


If you are going to resort to shady business anyway why not just pirate?


>paying money so someone can lose money
>hating a vidya gaym developer enough that you would hurt yourself to hurt them
>when the same money cost more to you than to the company
That's unhealthy


OP here I ended up purchasing the games I was interested in for a discount during a steam sale.
The games were Trails in the Sky Second Chapter and Third

>>46699 good thing I got the games the legit way then.

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