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Other one's basically full, so might as well create a new one.


File: 1562480532082.jpg (32.61 KB, 300x348, 25:29, 5355355.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished this a couple weeks ago on PC, after torrenting it on a whim. Poor man's MGS5 in some respects, but, even outside of that, playing on "Extreme/Tier 1" difficulty with enemy marking turned off, I managed to find it surprisingly enjoyable & atmospheric. Another comparison I've heard is GTA mixed with splashes of ARMA and, for the most part, that fits as well.

Unlike similar others one could name, Wildlands doesn't suffer too much from the dreaded "Ubisoft Syndrome". There's certainly lots of dull side activities, only a portion of which are worth doing, & random collectibles to acquire, but, on the plus side, there's no outposts or territories to capture, so exploring/navigating the world always carries a sense of risk. Reminded me a lot of FC2 in that sense. Unlike FC2 however, getting harassed by random patrols isn't much of an issue, unless you're overtly aggressive. Dealing with Unidad (GTA police equivalent) can be a huge pain though, since they'll keep infinitely spawning & teleporting in until you manage to run far enough away from them. If they happen to intrude as you're doing a mission, you're pretty much done for, which, in various cases for me, was quite annoying. Exploring the open world was mostly enjoyable though and hitting roaming convoys for resources or stealing random supply helicopters were neat diversions from the main missions, despite most of the upgrades in the skill tree being useless/boring. All of the regions are fairly distinct from each other, but, before too long, the process of having to pick up intel in random locations, so as to unlock the missions for whatever region you're in, became quite tedious & boring. One particular thing that irritated me a lot were the many SAM sites present in high difficulty regions. Destroying them is pointless since they'll just immediately respawn once you get about 200m away. Flying low prevents them from firing at you, but it's still dumb that you can't permanently destroy them.

I also played it solo and, as a result, had to make do with AI team mates. They mostly just do their own thing, since the commands you can issue them are very few & badly implemented. Be that as it may, no matter the difficulty, they're essentially unkillable unless swarmed with enemies, can't be spotted in stealth, & the drone/sync shot combo can be pretty cheesey & overpowered in some cases, given that it's an instant & immediate kill for any 3 enemies standing out in the open. Aside from the nerve grating "Ooh rah, AMERIGA" bullshit they spew, along with failing to revive my ass on a few occasions, despite them standing right next to me, the AI could've been worse. Regardless, calling in an army of rebels was very often superior to dealing with their ineptness, assuming the mission didn't call for stealth. By & large, stealth really is the way to go though, given how bullshit accurate enemies are, despite, in the case of the cartel, being doped up, untrained gangbangers, and how, very often, they'll all just make a bee line right towards your position, in a collective kamikaze bum rush. Really feels like they teleport around a lot too, since I had many occasions where an enemy ambushed me from behind where that simply wouldn't have been possible. All in all, it felt like an artificial way to enforce stealth, but, in some ways, that just made getting through high difficulty regions with no deaths, or ghosting certain tough missions, all that much more satisfying.

I won't say much of the story, other than it's about as nauseatingly awful as one might expect. I know it's a Tom Clancy game, but jeez louise, does it suck that "AMERIGA ENSURES WORLD FREEDOM!!!" dick hard. Your female handler in particular, is just dreadful when it comes to this sort of stuff. A neoliberal/neoconservative, national security state wet dream that, outside of the ending I suppose, shamelessly cheer leads US imperialism, in the same way some crude propaganda film would. That's about the best way I could sum up the "plot" in this game. Not much to say about the villain other than he's literally just the Mexican version of Kingpin and mostly forgettable. All the other under bosses were fairly forgettable as well.

As an aside, didn't the US back some death squads in Bolivia, and install a pliant dictator, like they did in almost every other Latin America country? It certainly seems to gleefully spit in the face of such things, which I found to be rather distasteful.

Anyway, it isn't GRAW 1, or 2, but, in my opinion, it's not bad for an open world game. The whole tiered, gang system and working your way up to the leader was an interesting gimmick and the game world, while a bit bloated, was semi-fun to explore & complete missions in. In the end, I'd prefer for Ghost Recon to return to what it used to be, pre-Future Soldier, but, in that same sense, at least Wildlands ain't Future Soldier. Somewhat interested to see how the sequel turns out. Wildland's crossover missions were rancid & the DLC was abysmal, so support for it was rather disappointing, but that's Ubisoft for you.


File: 1562482774605.png (58.11 KB, 220x275, 4:5, 220px-Second_Sight_cover.png) ImgOps iqdb

Played this through to completion just the other day. Never played any of the Timesplitters games, not that this has much in common with them, other than the development studio/engine they both share. Anyway, this reminded me a lot of Psi-Ops, which I rented & finished once as a kid, but with more of a focus on stealth, instead of action. It also gave me vibes of Geist, The Thing & Freedom Fighters as well, funnily enough, being that it was from that era. There aren't that many powers though, and the ones you do have are kinda weak & situational. Things like telekinesis just seemed very piddly & finicky. I seem to recall Psi-Ops having way more powers, along with them just having more impact in general. Especially in the aforementioned case of telekinesis, as an example. Either way, the stealth is pretty piss poor (no stealth feedback system, bodies just disappear, and no sense of alert status) & the lock on targeting mixed with the terrible pre-Gears of War cover system that's present when in direct combat is just downright atrocious to deal with. All in all, the controls are wonky & the gameplay is kinda bad, but, somehow, I still sorta liked this game. The story wasn't anything amazing, but the neat twist at the end managed to catch me off guard, which was a pleasant surprise. The level design is pretty cramped & restrictive, further hampering the stealth, but there's at least some variety in the locations. The possession ability was also fun to fool around with at times, but, again, even that I seem to recall being better in Psi-Ops. In the end, I think I just enjoyed this for being a short, not very frustrating (outside of those damn Psi soldiers), middle of the road game, with an OK story. Something like Plague Tale (another game I didn't mind for somewhat similar reasons) would be a good modern equivalent to it, in a small sense. The appeal of middle market titles and all that.


Police Quest by Sierra
Old-school; had some humor in an otherwise dry police procedure game.


File: 1563312382095.jpg (191.99 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, Yume Nikki - Dream Diary.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finally played and finished Yume Nikki - Dream Journal. It came out last year but I didn't have a working pc around that time and then forgot about it until 3 days ago. I'm one of the biggest fans of the original you will ever find and I was stunned to see the negative feedback this version has on Steam. A lot of people complaining how it's lacking compared to the original, that it's a bad puzzle game and far too linear to be considered a decent iteration of Yume Nikki. I've heard the game got review bombed too by supposedly fans of the original. Well, I have to disagree with all those people. This is a pretty fun game with excellent music, good amounts of exploration, scary moments, interesting monsters and it nailed the mood of the original, imo.

First, it's not a puzzle game, you can safely ignore that claim from the negative reviews at least. There's one or two puzzles in there. The majority of the game is you running around weird places, meeting weirder creatures and listening to some soothing music. The first area is rather intense compared to the rest of the game (you'll be jumping rolling eyeballs and avoiding the red gaze of monsters) but after that it slows down. It is an exploration game for the majority of it and you'll be revisiting places to unlock more content through the use of effects and hunting down collectables in order to make progress. Pretty much like the old game. People complaining about this new one forget how the exploration on the original some times became a rather dull task of methodically covering a huge amount of tiles to find an item or door. This game doesn't have that, though some items are pretty well hidden.

At least one aspect of this is better than the original. You can pinch yourself at any given moment and walk out of a dream after finding an item or effect without having to go all the way to an exit without losing your stuff. I can't praise this mechanic enough, it made my life a lot easier while completing the dream diary. To counter balance that, you can't walk. There's just no button to walk instead of running. Say you just want to walk through an area, taking a stroll. You can't. Well, technically you can with an effect but it changes the whole background. Let's just leave it at that.

There's one game breaking bug that caused me to spoil 2 collectables I would rather had found by myself. I only rarely play games and having those 2 items spoiled annoyed me a good bit. If you're getting the 2.0 version from PB, be warned, inside the school there's a ghost that will freeze the inventory. That's the only bug I've come across but while looking for a solution I spoiled myself by accident. The trick is to jump and at the highest point of the jump hit E and the inventory will pop up just fine. Be aware. If you're going to play this I just saved you a good deal of annoyance.

Apart from the mentioned bug, my only other complaint is that it should be 3 or 4x longer. I 100% everything without guides (apart those 2 items I mentioned) in 3 days. Granted I played for 7 or so hours straight each day, so a little over 20 hours worth of content. I've also read people complaining about broken controls but I had no problem with it at all. I don't know, each person is different but I had a great time playing this, I wish there was more areas and more effects. I got stuck 3 or 4 times in there and it was very satisfying figuring things out by myself. It never felt counter-intuitive or unfair. You just have to keep exploring. Don't try to rush through or use guides, otherwise the game lose a lot of its value. I know it would for me at least.

Anyway I can't recommend this enough. If you liked the original but couldn't stomach perusing 4k rpgmaker tiles to find that key or entrance, this is for you. A lot of characters and areas make a come back and there are new ones too. This game got made under the supervision of the original Yume Nikki creator and I think it shows. The mood is just like I remember, all those years ago. I've tried to play other games like this before but honestly YN is the only one that gets me invested like this. The premise really hits me for some reason.

If you're going to play this, I recommend not taking as a chalenge to finish as quickly as possible. Don't look stuff up online, just take your time to explore every single inch of the game, it's not nearly as big as the original and you can find pretty much everything by looking around carefuly. Just remember the bug I mentioned and you'll do fine. Have fun.


Great review, might give it a shot one of these days.



I liked it as well. Played/finished it around this time last year, after only having finished the original a few months before that, and I enjoyed my time with both. In regards to Dream Diary, I seem to recall the character model for Madotsuki looking a bit cheap & "cheruby", for lack of a better term, but other than that, it looked quite good & seeing familiar areas in 3D (like the Pink Sea, for instance) was neat. For me, finding some of the collectibles turned out to be quite annoying. Not sure if I looked some of them up, but I might have, which, in a sense, is regrettable, but, again, it's hard to remember either way. One thing I can remember however, is spending upwards of 40 minutes in the snowy forest area looking for that damn scarf succubus. I just could not find her for the life of me, despite wandering around for ages. Super frustrating, let me tell you. Irregardless, I also wish it had been longer & the areas more expansive/fully realized, but it's still quite fine for what it is. Still listen to the soundtrack to this day.


File: 1563549913192.jpg (218.84 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, H2x1_NSwitchDS_TheMessenge….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished the Messenger, it was good, for the most part. Game starts as a linear 8-bit style platformer that feels like a really easy Ninja Gaiden, then it turns into a "metroidvania" with more detailed or "16-bit" graphics.
It was good for the most part, althought it kinda felt too much like a fetch quest at near the ending. It also has the problem of trying to be super meat boy, like many modern platformers. I still had a good time, music and graphics were kinda gimmicky with the whole "retro" thing but I didn't mind that, gameplay was tight and bosses/puzzles were fun, and that's what matters imo.


File: 1563608183896.jpg (82.33 KB, 616x353, 616:353, capsule_616x353.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished this game, this game at first for me didn't stick at first with the first few chapters with the slow build up to everything. I'm pretty glad I got through it all and didn't drop this, the beat 'em up style combat from it actually makes me want to check out what other games that are out there.


File: 1563731602144-0.jpg (433.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hitman2 2019-07-21 19-39-0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1563731602144-1.jpg (211.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hitman2 2019-07-21 19-40-5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1563731602144-2.jpg (234.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hitman2 2019-07-21 19-37-5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished main storyline of Hitman 2. Took me 11 hours with the mission stories clues activated. I did not always follow through with them though. The locations are well crafted, and the environments just look great. There sure is great deal of replayability, because it's just not possible to try out everything on the first try. I definitely want to try to fight my way through some of the levels instead of just sneaking or wearing disguises, combat is surprisingly challenging and fun. All in all, I do not regret getting this on Steam sale, together with Hitman 1 legacy pack, I pirated it few years ago and liked it very much, but the pirated version was much limited compared to the online one. I would definitely recommend the series reboot to anyone who enjoys well made game where the player can just take it easy, walk around the maps discovering things and trying out various approaches, to find out what works and what does not.


>I seem to recall the character model for Madotsuki looking a bit cheap & "cheruby", for lack of a better term

Yeah you're right, I forgot to mention that, she does look odd, like a default face for a doll or something. Good to know you liked it too.

Thanks wiz, let us know what your opinion on the the game is if you ever play it.


Finished Kiwami 2. Had few nice improvements with engine but >>46258 reigns supreme as best entry in series.


File: 1564146971734.jpg (233.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ss_031f40434b4e2c68c87ad0b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished The Mummy Demastered

It's a pretty nice, althought short and really easy metroid clone. The pixel work is beautiful and gameplay feels weird at first but I liked it.
Funny how usually licenced games are worse than their main product. Now, I haven't watched this last mummy movie but everyone keeps saying that it's not even close to the first two with Brendan Fraser and I didn't even like those, so I guess it's hot garbage. But the game is good, definitely recommended.


I missed the toy cars racing game from 0 and K1. K2 minigames were pretty average imo, the majima construction company had potential but it failed to deliver…


File: 1564537106862.jpg (45.13 KB, 570x400, 57:40, image_original.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It was okay. A little unsatisfyingly short, but still okay. The story is completely out to lunch at this point, but the actual gameplay/level design is as strong as it's ever been. Which, in some sense, is really all that matters, I suppose. Some of the side quests were also somewhat memorable & involved, which was neat. Stuff like the serial killer quest, that one Dvali quest, and the cult leader quest, just to name a few. Main quest areas like Golem City & Apex were also quite fun to explore and move around in, even if the story motivation for being in said locations sucked.

Also, holy hell, are the graphics in this game amazing. Like ridiculously good. Stuff like how the rain would splash against Jensen's augments were especially nice & impressive looking touches. Only downside to that being the bad optimization and texture glitches/flickering that would sometimes occur in certain areas, probably because I persisted in playing on DX12 due to the minor performance gains that gave me.

Anyway, I would've much rather had Black Light be the sequel to HR, instead of being relegated to some worthless in-between book, with key plot elements being gleefully tossed away in the process, but past a certain point of playing MD, I just stopped caring about how silly the story is and how much was missing and just enjoyed the gameplay and various side quests as they came. Haven't checked out the DLC yet, but, just like the main game, I'm sure the level design will be solid and the story will be lame and there just won't be enough of either. Being that it's been almost 3 years since it came out I can't help, but wonder when the next installment of Deus Ex will be announced. It'll also be interesting to see how 2077 matches up to Deus Ex, in regards to its world design, story & gameplay. Also, developers making their credits unskippable should be worthy grounds for a serious flogging.


wasnt this by the same team that made shantae? if so that would explain the good game


It was made by WayForward, yes. I downloaded the second Shantae game since I've only played the first one, but haven't played it yet.



Decided to check this out after reading your post and, having just finished it, I enjoyed my time with it as well. Very laid back & comfy, although, like you said, perhaps a bit too easy. All of the bosses in particular were very slow and just had way too few attacks at their disposal and the ones they did have were highly telegraphed, very low damage & ridiculously easy to avoid. I actually got through the game without ever dying, nor really ever coming close to dying, mostly as a result of how much leeway for error the game will give you in combat encounters, in addition to the fact that you simply facetank everything once your health bar gets high enough. Having said that, the lack of challenge, for me at least, just helped add to the relaxed atmosphere. Got through it all in one sitting, while maxing everything out to 100%, and had a very chill time doing so. A very short & sweet experience all around. Soundtrack was quite good as well. My only gripe with it would be how many castlevania medusa head style enemies it has and how frustrating they can be to deal with in certain areas before getting power-ups like the Super Metroid-equivalent shoulder dash charge & that one knockback immunity item. Even still, it's certainly way better than the last modern metroidvania I played/finished, that being Timespinner.

Anyway, I'd never heard of this until you mentioned it, so thanks for letting me know about it. I should really check out the Shantae series someday. This game also reminded me a bit of that one Aliens game Way Forward made a while back, which I never got around to finishing after emulating it for a bit a couple years ago.


Well I'm really glad you liked it, wiz.
>I should really check out the Shantae series someday
I played two Shantae games and they have the same problem with the difficulty, maybe they're not as easy but still, I'd be surprised if you died more than a couple of times. Still great gameplay and graphics, they pander to waifufags a lot but I didn't mind.
>This game also reminded me a bit of that one Aliens game Way Forward made a while back
I played that game back when I had my ds and had no idea it was made by WayForward. It was pretty good but I never finished it because the buttons and d-pad of my ds were working like shit, may try it out on an emulator some day.


File: 1565033738654.jpeg (20.61 KB, 474x266, 237:133, download (15).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally ended this long ass playthrough after recreating Barad-Dúr. Its got a lot of negative reviews but I loved it. The building system is amazing, imo better than medieval engineers.

I just wish there was more detail, especially in thralls.


I have completed Morrowind. It would take a few hours to make a review, so just know I've beaten this behemoth before 200 hours were spend on it. All quests that I found on the wiki, all factions (all of them), the DLC, all of it. Not the propolyn indexes though, since I never got the plugin. I could, but it's a waste of time. I declare myself done with this game.


Good for you.
Though you know in the future when you start feeling a hankering for some more there is fuck tons of fan made content to keep playing if you want.

But given the time and effort you put into this one title, it would be best to leave it alone and play something else for a few years.


Did you liked Conan's universe beforehand or went into the game with no prior interest to it?


I beat Fran Bow just the other day. Had to look up two of the puzzles (feels bad, man) but I had a ton of fun with it. I legit did not trust Itward until the game was pretty much over and he saves you from the evil doctor


File: 1565138323120.jpg (65.04 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not a terrible sequel, I suppose. The combat is just as acceptable as it was in the first one and the new bosses are mostly serviceable. The map also feels kind of linear & bloated compared to the first. The developers really went overboard with some of the platforming sections in this one, though. Not sure why they felt like they needed to turn their game into Super fucking Meat Boy all the sudden, but whatever. It was at least somewhat satisfying to overcome I suppose, despite all the bullshit & the near pixel perfect precision in movement that's required in certain instances, especially when going for 100%. I mean, honestly, that final platforming gauntlet the game has you go through for the good ending was just way over the top. I'm amazed I even still had the reflexes for it, frankly. Either way, I'm getting too old for that kind of shit and other similar sorts of heavily demanding, or otherwise "hardcore" experiences. At this point, just put me out to pasture with the walking simulators & casual AAA blockbusters.


Looks like that wily succubus is creeping up to cave him (Conan?) in the head with that ax. Is that the intention of that image, or is she just simply standing behind him?


File: 1565484090301.jpg (36.79 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Phantasy Star.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

About a year ago I tried to play Phantasy Star for the Master System completely by myself without looking anything up. I had a pack of graph paper and did detailed maps of several dungeons and towns but at about half way through I lost heart and gave up. I showed those maps to my brother who at the time showed no interest at all in it. Then 2 weeks ago he came home to spend some time with us and asked me to play Phantasy Star with him, pretty much out of the blue. I readily agreed, but since he was only staying for another couple of days we decided to use a FAQ and play the entire game in 24 hours. I had a blast playing this with him. Now he is off again for another year. Before he left I asked if he would play Phantasy Star 2 next year with me but apparently he didn't like the grind that much to repeat the dose. I thought maybe we could do this a tradition thing, we'll see. I'm glad I even got to play the first one with him.
The grinding was very intense, you kill thousands of monsters and some of things you have to do are pretty close to be completely random. Good thing we had a FAQ for it, otherwise finishing it in a single sitting would be impossible. Back when I tried going without help it took me 3 days to map a single dungeon. Even playing with another person (one actually controlling everything and another one with the faq in hand doing all the navigation part for the dungeons) we got lost a few times. It's a very old school game but it has such charm with its music and graphics you end up continuing to push forward to see what's going to happen next. The story is pretty straight forward (an evil guy named Lassic killed your brother and now you're out for revenge) and the gameplay is pretty much you pushing attack every single time and healing once in a while. Magic is limited and only really useful to heal and in a couple of bosses. It's hard to pinpoint why this game is so engaging and fun for me. It just throws you in this world and you have to figure everything out for yourself. The first half is very difficult because you're about the weakest thing alive in that particular planetary system and even if you grind for a few hours the monsters never really cease to be highly dangerous. It takes so many points to level up you'll be looking to purchase or find any decent gear and equipment the game has to offer and going into all sorts of dangerous places to get it. The music is repetitive but very, very good, the enemies look interesting and there's a strong sense of exploration.
Even though we used a FAQ that didn't cheapen the experience for me, although I would have preferred to draw all the maps by hand and carefully explore everything, but I don't think my brother would have agreed to play it that way even if we had the time to do it. It would probably take several weeks playing every day for a good amount of hours. The way we did was pretty much over grinding levels and gear for a smooth sailing for the second half of the game, though the bosses still managed to kill us a couple of times. Good thing you can save at any moment apart from inside battles.
I'm really glad I managed to see the ending and to have played this with my brother. Good thing I gave up before otherwise we would probably not have played it had I finished before. I will always have fond memories of this, that's for sure. After we finished I told him I would print one of the enemies on a shirt and he said if I ever do that he would like one for himself too. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the experience as well. I hope we can eventually play the second one, it's been many years since I felt so happy in front of a video-game. Lots of jokes and funny moments.


File: 1565565595132.png (217.49 KB, 545x303, 545:303, yn.png) ImgOps iqdb

By the way, someone ripped the audio files from the game and post and released for download if anyone is interested.


Your post convinced me to give it a shot if it goes on sale this Halloween. It's always sad when a game gets mixed reviews for stupid reasons.



Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did everything. I literally looked through the miscellaneous quests, one by one, and just did them. I went through every single town to do their quests and saved the Morag Tong for the last quests.

Holy crap, I forgot I didn't do the grandmaster writs. However, I did do it before posting this, so I will officially end my Morrowind career here, on a high note.

I'm actually going to finish Oblivion next, and after coming back to Oblivion from Morrowind, I REALLY miss teleportation and levitation. Mountains are such a pain now. However, I've explored Oblivion a lot more thoroughly than Morrowind and feel way more at home in Cyrodil. I do appreciate the game a lot more, even though I seriously hate most of it. It's what Morrowind would have been if not for the stagnant leveling system, the alchemy exploit, and unlimited training. If those three things were out of Morrowind, I would have hated Morrowind a lot more.


Never really had a problem getting lost in dungeons, it was the not knowing what tje fuck to do next to progress that killed the game for me and the #1 reason I hate playing jrpg.
Just awful game design where there are parts where unless you have a detailed guide there is nothing in game to even hint at what the hell you are supposed to do. A problem that even appears in modern jrpg.
One that I never run into in western crpg.
I made pretty good progress in that game too, but after hours of just wondering around I got bored and quit.

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