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Im planning to purchase a brand new prebuilt pc soon as I suck at tinkering with stuff and don’t want to bother learning to build one. Is now a good time to buy? Im not even sure how much money I am ready to sink into new hardware, but Id like it to last as long as possible ideally… Are there brands to avoid, standards soon to become obsolete, any basic trap for retards like me to be aware of?
PC I have right now is from 2011/12 and it was outdated even by that year’s standards, and I still use an old VGA screen from the mid 2000s, I guess I’ll have to ditch it and buy a new one?
I’d also like to know if shelling out some more money on top to get windows 10 is worth it? Again I reiterate I am tech illiterate and will rather spend more for convenience (like having the thing prebuilt) than waste time setting up linux or a pirated OS or something.
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Cooler advice for the 3600? Not OCking, but id like it cool and quiet anyway.



Do you use that one?


no, it's just a well regarded aftermarket cooler

i use the stock cooler that came with my 1600, and i'll probably use the stock cooler when i get my 3700x as well


Memory: single rank or dual rank?


i think this should be it
On the fence about the psu as ive read the vega 56 needs a lot more power than the numbers seem to suggest

The motherboards bios is going to be updated, ignore the incompatibility warning

There are two stock fractal design box fans in the case: on in the back one in the front, is this good enough?

I have yet to come to a conclusion regarding the monitor
heard some good things about
but idk really, yeah the curve is a silly gimmick i could do without


>On the fence about the psu as ive read the vega 56 needs a lot more power than the numbers seem to suggest
no harm in getting a psu with extra wattage, but its probably unnecessary

>There are two stock fractal design box fans in the case: on in the back one in the front, is this good enough?

it would probably be adequate, you may wish to add a couple more if it's hot where you live

monitor looks fine if a bit pricey


i'll blogpost a bit about my situation here, it feels like an okay place to do it.

i ordered a 3700x from an online retailer. in the past i usually used amazon for my purchases, but amazon sellers seem to be marking up their prices to a ridiculous degree for the new cpus. plus, i don't know how much i can trust them. the retailer i went with is best buy, because i trust them to be selling legit cpus more than some random amazon seller, and they were actually offering the pieces at msrp which is a huge boon.

with luck, i should receive my order tomorrow. i am planning to do an os change after i've installed it, from windows 7 to gentoo linux. i think linux gaming is at a state i am comfortable with. this timing coincides nicely with the new proton release by valve.

if i remember, i will report back when the cpu arrives. the hardware installation should be quick, but the os install i expect to take a while. i don't have to go to work tomorrow, but i do on saturday, so i can't stay up too late setting everything up. i won't be able to update you during the os install obviously. i'm going to install the chip into an asus x370 board, so we will see how the backward-compatibility works out, and test out linux performance to boot.

hopefully i will post again tomorrow saying that it arrived, and then sometime over the weekend saying that the os install was successful.


well, there was a delay in shipment, which i had already known could happen. they predict that my order should be fulfilled within the week. seems like stock is really quite limited among various retailers. oh well, more time to plan out the gentoo path i guess.


What case are you using by the way?


i am currently using a phanteks enthoo primo. it's a full tower case that i got to replace my old enthoo luxe, which started to degrade over the years. the primo is much nicer, but it was also a fair bit more expensive.


it has arrived. everything appears to be in order. time for the installation. will update in a few days or so hopefully.


I'm getting a big chunk of change soon and might upgrade. I don't think I need to, I future proofed big time 7 years ago and I think only now is the CPU, RAM or MoBo are dying. Could be some virus I stupidly got that is causing the higher CPU and memory usage.

If I do buy I'll probably skip getting a new GPU right away. My 1060 I got gifted a couple years back still does the job just fine. Are SSDs worth it or are they a meme? I heard they are good for OS but use a standard HDD for storage, films, games etc.


I’m glad I havent bought a b450 msi board and a 3xxx cpu. Seems like I’ve dodged a bullet with the latest bios disaster. They are going to release “max” versions of their mobos natively compatible with the aforementioned ryzen cpus, but im wondering why not go with a newer 570 board, but the prices are ridiculous and the reviews are not exactly reassuring.

Are price drops for some gpus likely as manufacturers release newer and better 5700 in the coming weeks?


aaand done, just putting the finishing touches on the gentoo setup. so i'm back, confirming that the installation of the 3700x in the asus x370 mobo worked out just fine. not only that, but i'm running the latest linux kernel and gcc. i have heard there was some systemd boot issue on newer linux distros with the new ryzen chips, but it doesn't affect me since i don't use systemd. (it's probably patched already anyway.) the performance of this cpu is great. for example, i compiled firefox in roughly 14 minutes. i can't remember exactly what it was like on the 1600 since it's been a while since i last used gentoo, but i would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-40 minutes.

anyway, the fact that i got the full gentoo installation, kde and all, with all the bells and whistles running in about a day's worth of work, is a pretty good indicator of how fast this cpu is, and i wasn't exactly rushing either. i just launched slay the spire on steam, it appears to be running fine after i installed xrandr. all my mods and stats carried over from windows, great!

now, i feel i should offer fair warning, my 3700x stock cooler, the wraith prism, did not come with the brackets needed to mount it on the motherboard. this was a big surprise to me, i was in the middle of installing it on the motherboard, checking and rechecking the packaging, wondering why they weren't there. i was worried i'd have to put the old cpu back in, order brackets from amazon, wait a few days… anyway, i luckily found some brackets that i had lying around in the "parts box." maybe they came with the motherboard back when i bought it… can't remember. but make sure you have mounting brackets for the cpu cooler if you're planning to go for a similar setup as i did! speaking of which, the temperatures seem decent, something like 47c while sitting on the bios screen. yes it's a little high, but it's rather hot where i live, and no a/c.

maybe next month i'll go for a 5700 xt… here's hoping there will be some good custom designs available. for now, back to tinkering with gentoo and testing some games.


File: 1568026581070.jpeg (68.56 KB, 633x477, 211:159, 53E69935-E43B-45D1-8D4F-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

ordered the damn thing at last, idk when I’ll get it. Won’t go into details about the specs since I don’t want to be told I shoulve waited or bought sooner or what
Now im still researching monitors and 27” would be nice, I think?
Blogging again. Ignorance truly is bliss when it comes to choosing peripherals like monitors or headphones, keyboards or even fucking mouse pads. Enthusiast communities and reviews are making me mad, they are never satisfied with anything but the most niche, most expensive products, if that. I mean I know it’s the whole point of these things but I hate myself for overthinking so much, and when I do settle for something, I start thinking I haven’t thought it over enough. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.


i think if you set a search filter for IPS + 75hz there would be only a few options and LG would be the cheapest but good.


I was told 144hz and above is the bee’s knees or something.


Pretty much this. Get an IPS or VA, avoid TN-panels. Personally I still use my Dell U2711 from 2011, which is 1440p and 60hz. So I don't really have any experience with higher refresh rates but I hear people say it's nice for gaming, especially fps. I like having the extra screen realestate and clearity in games that 1440p brings, but remember it's more taxing on your hardware to run games at that resolution. I currently use a 1070 and i5 6600k and haven't had any issues with the games I play.


There’s a special place in hell for whoever names these stupid monitors. Like, you have the XR27GeU3Vha and the XR27GeU3Vho and they’re completely different monitors, while the XR27GeU4Vhh is merely a refresh of the former :^)))))

Seriously what is it with CONSUMER electronics and these nonsensical names AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Also if you know of good keyboards please do tell. Idk what’s trendy with kids these days, mechanical cherry sixty percent or whatev. Overpriced marketing gimmicks?


call me a stick in the mud but i am still standing behind 1080p@60fps. even playing games with 1440p@60fps, you need a pretty expensive gpu in order to hit that target for ALL games with maxed out settings (yeah, most games especially older ones will be fine, and you can always turn down settings). i realized this recently when playing 2016's hitman - i have a gtx 1070 and it wasn't able to stablize at 60fps 1080p when i maxed out the settings. new games can apparently be pretty taxing, even on "good midrange" gpus from a few years back like the 1070. for my part, i would rather play a game on ultra quality, 1080p60; rather than medium quality, 1440p60. let alone the higher refresh rates.

if you don't plan on playing graphically demanding or new titles, then i will grant you that you can probably have 1440p60 as a minimum target with a decent modern midrange gpu. but if you plan on playing those kinds of games- you probably want to go to the "higher end" of the midrange at least, maybe something like rx 5700xt, or gtx 2070 super. imo 1080p60 still looks great and i wouldn't splurge on anything higher if i had a limited budget.

what kind of keyboard do you like? mechanical kinds? older kinds? quiet? tactile, ergonomic? it all depends on your preferences. i use a unicomp keyboard because i like the way it feels


Doesn’t 60fps on 144hz with freesync or gsync look better than 60 on a <144hz monitor?

I’ve used cheap generic keyboards all my life, the kind you get with prebuilt pcs so im utterly clueless. The one I’ve owned for the last dozen years for instance is a ps/2 thingy, idk if they still make those.
I’d like something silent, reliable and ergonomic, and that’s about it..


and it’s not like im against 1080p it’s just that from what ive gathered it’s ill suited to 27” monitors


you can get a freesync monitor that's 60hz too.

yeah, but do you need that kind of monitor? why would, say, a 23" monitor not be large enough?


I can’t tell. Ive got a 19” and it’s getting tiresome with my poor eyesight. I often find myself leaning forward when im reading.
freesync or gsync compatibility on a 60hz sounds rather pointless


as far as i can tell, the main draw of freesync and gsync is to reduce screen tearing and stuttering, which it would accomplish just fine on a 60hz monitor. what is it that it can only do on 144hz?

>Ive got a 19” and it’s getting tiresome with my poor eyesight. I often find myself leaning forward when im reading.

i dont know if upgraded resolution and monitor size solves this problem, in fact i noticed when upgrading res that often text and icons seem to become even smaller, at least out of the box. maybe you should look to dpi settings, or zoom function


Looking for a replacement for my mouse. been using a mx 518 since… 2008 I think… what do you guys have?


zowie ec1-a, the only mouse i've found so far that doesnt hurt my hand after using it all day, i've had it for a few years. i tried a number of other mouses but they would all have problems; weird curvature, too small for my hand, poor quality control. this mouse has no such problems

in my experience mouse hunting is a long process, especially when you can't physically try them due to buying online. but at least now i know i can just get another one of the same if this one goes kaput


Some $10 wireless 4 button mouse from amazon.
Works well enough, as I ain't some pro level gamer so the .0001 ms latency has never effected my gaming experience.


File: 1568171231117.jpg (14.58 KB, 497x679, 71:97, g403.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Logitech G403, it's pretty good and the comfiest mouse I've used. Bit pricey, but I got it on sale.


Looks a lot like my mouse only with better build quality.
How much was it?


It's on Amazon for $46 now, regular price $69.99. I believe the price was the same here in Europe, but I got it for around $30 which was well worth it.


More then I usually spend, but does look like it is actually worth the extra money.
Might get one if my current one breaks.


Ty. I dont suppose theres any difference between hero and prodigy, one is cheaper than the other


Soz for spamming I kinda feel like I already know the answer to the question im gonna ask but anyway, are mouse pads important at all, or can I like grab an amazon basic one and be done with it.


The fuck?
As long as the mouse-pad is the right size for the kind of games you are playing then it is usually fine, or at most a matter of personal preference. Ones that are longer with wise are good for FPS games, especially if you are doing precision shooting with a lower DPI setting.
What does matter is proper spelling and grammar.
Act you age wizkid. You ain't a 9 year old, don't type like one. At least not here.


Alright alright I apologise.
And cheers for the help.


actually i will say you should at least check the reviews. they can be made of shitty material or smell like chemicals really bad or not lay flat on the desk. it might seem silly but there are things that could go wrong if you just buy the cheapest mousepad you see


You know, I think you’re right after all. While I will have a 2070s I do wish to keep it for as long as possible, so 1080p does sound like the most sensible choice. That was the plan initially, compromise on resolution and save money on both the monitor, and the gpu (in the long run that is). From my perspective, it will be a significant upgrade anyhow, and besides I should not be swayed so easily by people raving about the benefits of the latest trends in hardware, or I’ll end up making up reasons to purchase a set of 4k monitors or God knows what.


Mine's a prodigy. Hero seems to be a newer model.

I use a regular SteelSeries QcK mousepad, it was the cheapest non-shit alternative at the time. It holds up well, lays flat in place and doesn't stink so I'd recommend that over most cheap ones. SteelSeries was behind that retarded Bully Hunters shit last year though, so I'd probably buy something else today. I guess most mousepads from the gaming brands are pretty much the same.


anything I should know before i first boot up the computer and install windows
like, unplugging the storage disk beforehand to make sure it is untouched by windows during the installation
never gave much of a shit about this sort of stuff before tbh but might as well do it properly from the very beginning this time


idk, i would just throw everything together and then try to boot it

are you worried about your storage being overwritten by os install? i would just use custom partitions to make sure it doesn't get touched, but i guess keeping it unplugged works too

can't think of much, i guess just make sure you have all the drivers you need especially for networking. also if it's windows 7 there probably won't be usb3 drivers, so make sure you have a way to deal with that (i think windows 10 is fine in that regard though, which i assume you'll be using 10). if you will be using windows updates, take care of security updates and that sort of thing before you do any internet stuff. well i never ran windows 10 at home so this is all generic advice. oh, and if you use virtual machines you may need/want to enable cpu virtualization in the bios.


what about the motherboard bios should I flash it or update it or w/e it’s called
is ram overclocking/tuning something worth looking into, I’ve seen lots of people say you benefit from doing it with amd’s cpu


yes to flashing the bios. it can be free performance/compatibility fixes depending on your setup

you can try to overclock the ram, and maybe eke out a few extra fps from it. personally, i never bothered, because the gains are so small from overclocking many things compared to the potential instability, at least nowadays. if you do feel like trying it though, make sure you run memtest86 after (it's a free tool you can obtain online). and check what sort of results other people have gotten from your hardware.


Cheers mate
Got the monitor, only messed around on the desktop for a few mins but it looks pretty nice out of the box. Ill have to tinker with the settings later I suppose. I was pretty anxious it would be defective or have major flaws but so far so good… as far as I can tell, that is. A monitor enthusiast might get anal and send it back for a flaw I would not even be able to notice lol, but tbh at this point I wouldn’t bother… still a massive upgrade from the piece of shit I used till then…


i didn't know my internet connection was that fast until i moved on to ssd, holy shit
speaking of which, should i use w10 to clean them and defragment them every once in a while, or is it unnecessary? i really don't know the dos and don'ts for these devices. got an nvme and a regular one


nope, no need to defrag ssds, it could even decrease the longevity of your device


can i use the windows 10 disk cleaning software thingy then?


i don't know about that tool because i don't use windows 10. if it's just clearing unused/temporary files or whatever then i suppose it's fine, make sure it doesn't delete anything you need though

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