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So should I buy the Horizons pack?
I'm about 20 hours in and I like it so far, but I've heard about the GRIND. I'm mostly coming back for great HOTAS and VR support.


I've bought it, I don't even mind the grind. I would love to grind. The obstacle to get into this more is that the loading sucks and breaks the feeling that you're in space. Dropped it and decided to wait for Star Citizen altogether. The game is very pretty though.


Star citizen is a scam. They sell thousand+ dollar jpegs, that's all.


if people are willing to pay X for something, like a jpeg, then that jpeg is worth X. sounds dumb but thats digital goods


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>decided to wait for Star Citizen


5-10 years will fly, like they usually do


It's a scam because they aren't literally sold as jpegs. They sell the idea that you will actually get them in the "game". Of course, the game is never coming, so in practice they are jpegs.


what do you mean? it's in alpha stage right now, and you can very well play it. Some of those ships are concept - yes, but the other half is in the game and you can try them out and fly. My concern is that they've said that all ship ownership will be wiped on release (maybe I got it wrong) ships that people paid for

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