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File: 1566660418372.jpg (10.26 KB, 299x169, 23:13, tf2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


(in my opinion) one of the most timeless games and probably the only good thing besides L4D valve has released. it genuinely makes me sad to see valve neglect it with every update getting smaller and fewer between.


While TF2 is fun, I still prefer CounterStrike and currently play the shit out of GO still. Even has bots I can play against or train on when I just want to chill while learning a map. Or if I want to do something completely different I can load up a surf map or other private server and have a pretty good time.
When it comes to TF2 there is only like 2 or 3 maps I actually like if I am being totally honest.


So much this. The goofyness and economy of cosmetics dominates every server. There are many people who don't actually play the game and are just there to play the trading card game of hats and weapons. TF2 was such a fun game but it's just so convoluted now with all of the junk they added. There have been projects (maybe still ongoing) for a "Tf2 Classic" that brings it back to vanilla plus the first wave of achievement weapons which were balanced, but it fractured and is now defunct.

God I wish I could go back to 2009, running around trying to kill people in flashy ways on orange_tower. Late nights in a server of misfits spraying anime porn on the walls, micspamming YTP and casually griefing noobs. And then playing for real in the day back when the whole team would push the cart instead of going solo with whatever OP weapon they just bought.


>anime porn
That but furry porn and you have literally my experience. Those were the days.


I have bad taste, so shit like 2fort.
I played the absolute shit out of 2fort. It's layout just sort of clicked with me despite how much hate it gets.


Oh god. Orange_tower. What a retarded yet fun map. Those were the days.


I'm sure they've made a ton of fucking money off of it, but Valve have dug themselves into such a hole with all of their cosmetic economy bullshit. How could you even possibly make a TF3, Dota 3, or CS:GO 2 at this point, which the obscene amounts of money people have pumped into cosmetics?


People have been saying that for years already. The truth is Valve doesn't need to make any more games because they are taxing the entire PC gaming industry 30%…


If they wanted to update tf2s engine they would just update it like they did with dota 2, there’s no reason they would need a new title. Valve simply abandoned the game and it’ll keep slowly losing players and dying as it is.


>The recent unusual hat glitch doesn't seem like a random fuckup

I was thinking this too.
Valve gets a fixed cut of every transaction, not a percentage. If the "hat market" calms down as a result of everybody having nearly everything they want due to the sheer volume of items in circulation, Valve will no longer make money off of trades because trades won't be happening. So forcing the hand of everyone who wanted something way beyond their individual reach by causing the prices to drop would bring about a resurgence in trades, meaning a quick cash boost for Valve. CS:GO is next.

Valve was making annual $6,000,000,000.00 US off of trade taxes ALONE at one point. If they're no longer making games and everything they're otherwise involved in is "free", then naturally they'd need a blast of cash every now and then, especially if they're going to be doing more research in to the pricey hardware market.

I don't think TF3 can roll out though.
This isn't just a PC gamer joke, it's fact. All of Valve's creative energy have moved on or left the industry all together. There's no innovation to be found at Valve and they've stagnated for too long while other companies like Epic Games have broken new boundaries which can't be topped with today's hardware. Valve got so caught up in the ecstasy of the freemium market that now they have no way of escaping that slippery slope. Expectations of them being so high from fanboys doesn't help either.

I honestly doubt Valve will ever release a new first-person shooter, whether it's HL, TF, L4D, CS, or Portal.


File: 1576457866157.png (261.23 KB, 648x648, 1:1, c96b35b46f6514167c898cb349….png) ImgOps iqdb

There really are a lot of things they could fix. Cheaters for example are a huge problem and I feel like it wouldn't take much effort to nullify at least some of the cheats with rules. Even something as simple as not allowing newline characters in fucking chat so those faggots cant just wipe the whole chat, fuck. The game simply isn't finished yet but nobody wants to work on it despite there still being a lot of potential for improvement. I know the game is over a decade old which is still great that we are getting any support at all, but I still wish the game were owned by a company that cared a little bit more because this isn't just a some random indie game no it is my favorite videogame of all time that had so much effort put into it from the very start. Content updates are nice but frankly I think the game is complete on that front, they should focus on FUCKING OVER cheaters for god sake and just polishing up whats already there (for example, making an official mod that brings back the original textures and models or something, if they aren't willing to bundle them with the game by default. this is something that battlefield 3 did)

Also if you hate hats like me thankfully there are some options. Check out the latest nohatsmod, it fixes all the headless and legless characters. That is right it actually replaces them with default models, the game looks great with it


I've got bad news for you buddy.
Video aside, TF2 isn't what it used to be, the community isn't what it used to be. Why even bother playing it anymore?


>Why even bother playing it anymore?
Because it is still fun and there isn't any quite like it.


tyler is retarded and i dont trust a word he says. first of all if this is the same video that said there were a total of 6000 players im going to complain because the very same site he quotes says there are 20000 unique players and ive heard teamwork.tf mods ban you if you ask them how they get this data (and that they also dont monitor all the servers, such as any of the australian ones). also this would not be the first time he has been wrong, and he also gives no sources at all, so fuck vnn, tf2 is dead when i cant find games


It's been 12 years, you know. Want to see neglected? See Left 4 Dead 1.


Left 4 dead 1 is neglected because 2 exists.


Its still a fun game with a large community. Hell, Half Life Deathmatch hasn't seen an update in decades and you can still find players there. Same with Counter Strike 1.6.


RIP Rick May


TF2 4ever


I prefer CS:GO and the portal games, but TF2 was really good. Hell, it still is really good. But you can only play one game for so long. I moved on and so have most other players.


File: 1614189108756.jpg (34.06 KB, 500x373, 500:373, teamfortress1proto07.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It was supposed to be something completely different.


File: 1614245072765.gif (26.12 KB, 466x200, 233:100, 200_s.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I'm genuinely surprised there are still people playing on that hive of scum and villainy


They still support and do reguar content updates, still has a huge player base, and still has some of the best multiplayer severs when it comes to infrastructure and net code out there.

Plus bullying the bots is fun when I need to relax.


Do I remember right that Valve replaced the normal in-game server browser found in Steam GoldSrc (because the WON one is slightly different) and Source-games up-to DoD:S atleast, with some console oriented matchmaking bullshit?


You remember wrong. There's matchmaking in TF2, CS:GO and their other "new" games. Old ones are left the way they were (minus the update every now and then that breaks everything)


Even the new games which have the matchmaking still also have the classic browser built it. You can even access it from Steam if you don't have the game running


I know that it still gets updates and all that, but the community there in general constitutes some of the most sensitive, tryhard fucks ever in existence of multiplayer gaming.


Highly disagree. TF2 was golden in its first few years 07-09. Post 09 it was the well known hatfest, and now its a dying game.

If I have to call a game eternal It would be Age of Empires II. About 20 years old, still going strong have an active community, tourney scene, amateur scene, players still playing. And it is still on internet cafes (if they are still around). I would have counted starcraft too but I think it died down a bit, mostly due to sc2 and then the general decline (maybe not the case in korea).

No other game imho is as timeless as aoe2

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