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this game is still comfy after two decades and graphics are satisfying and even a patato can run this game. I've just found a server with no bots or cancer Egyptian/Turkish players. most of the players are old enough, and server is quite comfy, you can buy anything in the item mall, job rates are increased so you can grind your own money.

there are 3 professions:

happy merchant:
>buy for 1, sell for 3, load goods onto your camel, don't die in your journey. hire player normie goys who would die trying to protect you, and don't pay their money after a succesful run.
>protect the merchant, don't let them die, don't let them get robbed.
sigma wizard with chaotic neutral alignment:
>kill them and steal everything they drop, sell them, upgrade your items with this neetbux.

there are 3 fortresses in the game, each week guilds fight for them, those fortresses can tax the whole cities, anything someone buy from the city, you earn gold. I used to be a lone wolf with stealth and camped a bridge near the fortress and killed anyone who wanted to get into the war, got paid for my trouble by the opponent guild.

I also would follow lonely traders in the middle of the night (normies go to bed; less players. which means no danger for mercants) and call my thief friends to rob this merchant, sell goods, split money and disappear. no one could use that traderoad in a month, I used to dedicate my life to bring terror to that particular road in a desert.

this is where I'm playing on; playorigin.com


wow is that game still up?


holy shit i used to host a private server ages ago


heard from this awesome game years ago. is it now fully in english?

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