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What I've tried:

League of Legends - love the champion variety and strategy. The gameplay is mostly slow, however, at the end of the match it's always 5 on 5 gangbang that starts and ends faster then I can even comprehend what the hell has just happened

Fistful of Frags - online FPS with very slow gameplay. Almost perfect for me, but needs more content IMO

Path of Exile - addictive at first, but after some time all that loot grinding gets tedious

Hearthstone - too slow (well, it's a card game)




Albion online
You could try ARMA or Squad too.


Also forgot, Project Reality


Does RS worth trying if i'm poor af?



first time I hear someone talk about Project reality!

is such an obscure, core gamer thing. I love to sit still for minutes just having that deep sense of war is not shooting all the time


If you want to try it a ton of content is free. It is the reason it is the mmo of choice for broke ass kids as their first mmo. Relatively low system requirements, don't need to install huge program files or use a launcher, and free to play with loads of fun to be had without spending a dime.

There isn't much to loose but time in trying it. If after a few months you find you like it enough to spend money then they have those cards you can buy to use even if you don't have a debit or credit card.

That said I have played almost a decade so I don't know how much gas changed.


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Online Scrabble. I play that with cousins and friends over several time-zones.


wizchan twenty nineteen

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