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I found a pretty cool thing that lets you play flash games regardless adobe stops supporting flash or whatever. This isn't perfect but it's better than nothing.


Flash games are awesome, some of them have lots of detail and effort put into them.


I used to really enjoy Bowman back in the day. So satisfying to find that perfect angle and power to get over a wall and strike true.


Save for the Newgrounds one, these applications that let you open SWF without having flash installed are all malware.

Flash hasn't been "supported" in years. It's been on the same version for a long time. Once this magical date comes around, nothing will change. The compilers and existing interpreters will not cease to function. Additionally, many browsers will continue to dedicate some energy to ensuring that flash plugins work. Even the installable player for windows can be configured to communicate of the internet.


What are you talking about, flash hasn't been officially supported in years. doesn't mean you can't still use the applications. It is just you take certain risk if you do.

Now time to post your favorite flash games.


File: 1582328769877.swf (487.39 KB, 310349_pico_2006.swf)

best game


Indeed they are. I used to have a collection, no one in this thread though. I lurk seeing if anyone is posting the good ones and they never are pretty much anymore anywhere online. I miss my old collection I lost.

I was sad last time I wanted to see if anyone uploaded a massive collection and the torrent was dead on a site.


File: 1582411353863.swf (6.28 MB, Arachnophilium.swf)

I keep getting flood detected.


File: 1582414469178.gif (310.59 KB, 1816x2024, 227:253, jaypeg.gif) ImgOps iqdb

want n e


File: 1583301163769.swf (4.17 MB, pandemic-ii.swf)

necessary classic


As if this year couldn't get any worse.


This year is the best of my life


Get out


File: 1593430631876.jpg (731.71 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, comfy11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Holy fuck. Dude, you're like a modern day Library of Alexandria.

Do you have the oil tycoon game where you influence politics to invade the Middle East and end up creating incinerators to generate oil from people dying?
Do you have the gold boom game where each turn you try to mine out more gold, but end up making more money by growing out the town in the long run?
Shit, there are so many old flash games that I loved.


Do you think things like: https://archive.org/details/swf-flash-games

>1.9 gb of flash games

>800 odd various ones it seems

Are safe?

Are they pleb games?

Are they bad?

I may download it due to the fear of missing out.

Then there's others there like for maple story, also more huge than I expected: https://archive.org/details/MSFanSWF

But only like half a gig and has like 80 files.

That's just two links. I'm a neet with slow Internet, a bitching father too, so I won't bother downloading them. Also, my computer drive space is never very big.

It's on my to-do list since this thread is so dead. I can't remember swf game names nor can figure out how to find them on dagohbah nor swfchan so i may as well just download gigantic collections on archive.org, with the links of piratebay being viruses and or dead links. Also, mostly hentai I'm sure.

Maybe he made the archives I'm seeing on archive.org. There be many to see.


I'll download it now to see what it's like. Chances are it's mostly Newgrounds stuff judging by how supposedely many files can only be played in a browser. Games made for Newgrounds by savvy devs usually included NG's loadtime ads which require the SWF to be running in a browser as the local player needs additional code to access webservers.


Good, good. Now if only I could find all these shoddy old furfag games that inexplicably thrust me into raging arousal.


Flash gonna last longer than Silverlight. Haha


File: 1614160170680.jpg (224.92 KB, 1668x1104, 139:92, mtg02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


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