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Any of you wizzbros play this game?
I think it is absolutely one of the best rpg games I have played to date , would love to find someone to coop this game with .
At the moment I have a party consisting of 2 wizards 1 knight and 1 wayfarer .
Please feel free to tell me about your experience and builds / parties .
PS: I also really liked the deathknight and summoner build


I've started playing a solo adrenaline + enrage + lone wolf and holy fuck it's so overpowered especially if you get executioner. I can literally 1 turn most bosses on honor mode.
I'll try going for a pacifist run with my main character, all of the killing will be done by my companions.


i've beaten it twice, but played way more games with mods, maybe 20, i just usually don't finish them because issues with mods or something comes up irl. because my brother gave it to me on steam i ended up playing it with him

normally i play a summoner and just totem spam every turn. the other character is a healer/armor repairer with a shield and has group buffs. i don't like playing more than 1 character, but 2 is alright when 1 just spams totems and the other is a support

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