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The new RPG "Disco Elysium" is coming out in a few days, is anyone else planning to get it?
Despite the huge amount of various info about the levelling system, the traits and such what is hardest to find is basic info like where the story takes place.

From what I have been able to gather it is in a retrofuturistic version of the 70's, set in an eastern-european inspired city called Ravachol (liked named after the French anarchist François Claudius Koenigstein). You play as a police detective, loosely affiliated with the militia police force which runs the law in the city. How you deal with the world around you is entirely up to you, and it seems like skill checks are extremely frequent and failing these don't always lead to negative consequences, just different outcomes.

I'd love to talk about it, especially if others plan to get it when it comes out on the 15th. I am especially intrigued by the "mind map", which is something the devs says will shape the player character. For example, focusing on particular ways of doing things may lead to the character developing OCD, and always choosing conspiracy-related topics could lead the character to become paranoid, giving different bonuses and penalties to the gameplay.

As far as gimmicks go, I think this is pretty interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll actually work. The devs have also said (in a thread on the steam forums) that the base game will be around 25 hours long just to do the main story, and at least 40 hours long for a single playthrough where you do whatever side quests you feel like.

Thoughts on this?


that art style sure is unique. with isometric or maybe just orthographic cameras you can really just use fucking 2d assets and hand paint shit. that's cool. how you can just fail through stuff and still find a way to complete things reminds me of some of other really old game, but it had combat too. i'm guessing combat in this is completely absent or only in a few parts, going by how the interface looks. not going to get it but if i can find someone doing a walkthrough on youtube without narration or speaking i'll watch it


Looks interesting. I wouldn't mind no combat, I'd just like good writing and an immersive world with some style. If the character customization turns out fun and dynamic, that could be a great game.


Sounds like the kind of RPG I always wanted to play. Artstyle looks great aswell, reminds me of the newest entry in the shadowrun franchise.
I'll curb my enthusiasm since its not even out yet but if they deliver on these promises I'll be their greatest fan.


It's out. My potato laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements but I'll try it anyway.


I completed it in 18 hours doing most quests, it starts off strong but ends up rather underwhelimg. Time estimates are way off, it's not a 40 hour game


Bump because it is quite a good game.
I finished it twice, both with cheats. In one I deliberately gave myself 1 in all stats and only give 1 point in volition and 1 point in endurance (since with 1 hp/morale you can die even with cheats) I then enabled no morality/health death and failed every white(retryable) and red check in the game. My second playthough was a totally maxed out character. I did everything possible, as a completionist. I learned few stuff doing this

-The game/ending more or less is the same but you will miss nuances, I was amazed how much of subtleties that I missed with noskill play, and playing with all skills max also sometimes very fun. To see all the skills saying different things or arguing or disagreeing with etc. Do keep in mind however, maxing all skills can also be detrimental. So feel free to leave some stuff blank, per game rules, high skills also mean extreme, without electrochemistry you will not understand drugs but maxed out extreme electrochemistry will want constatnly bother you to have some fix. I learned this naturally through some combat skill (i forgot) prepared me to a deadly encounter, which turned out to be nothing. Also some dialogue options etc only happen when you succeed in x and fail in y. So you miss some stuff even if you max everything
-You only need 5-6ish checks to finish the game, iirc none of them are red checks. And Most of the white checks can be ignored/failed. It was also funny to see failing a check 2 times or even 3 times enabled new dialogue options. And sometimes failing a red check gave you success anyways through other means. So yeah just as in skill maxing, succeeding in everything can be detrimental, feel free to roll the die and don't be afraid to fail a bit.
-This was the only game that forced me to roleplay, and I really felt like I was playing a tabletop rpg. Again max skills goading you was a nice concept, failiure sometimes opening aditional stuff is a typical dm workaround for player fuck up. It was really nice to see all that.
-Game really has an interesting setting and both the main and side characters are great. While I can't say the main character is a wizard, I think there are points where one can relate to him.

All in all an excellent game, the second planescape successor(first being mask of the betrayer, heavily underrated game)


any reason why you don't play the game as the designers wanted it to be played?


File: 1594388452366.png (1.76 MB, 964x923, 964:923, Harry.png) ImgOps iqdb

Great fucking game. Absolutely loved it! The only thing i hated was the rushed ending and no NG+. God the memories, this gem is right next to Planescape :)


Zizeck simulator


Has the Fallout feel to it before Ubisoft turned Fallout into a FPS.


I don't know, I was always a tinkerer.
Also I found some stuff that only appears if you fail first check and succeed in second check etc. Really nice additions.


Is this bait?


I played this game, probably the best game I've played in a long time. The only real complaint I have about it is that the decisions you make don't really end up influencing the world very much. After I completed the game I went online to read about other endings and options at various points and it seems that things mostly happen the same way no matter what you do. Although, this might have been intentional by the creators of the game, showing that the character thinks he is all important and the choices he makes matter a lot, when in reality he doesn't really matter much at all.


I'd say the game is less about the destination and more about the journey. The main character himself can really develop in different ways over the course of the game so his place when you finally reach the ending is up to you.

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