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Have you guys ever thought of making CYOA's with programs like Twine and the like? I've been daydreaming about doing such things recently and though it would be nice to hear your guys experience and opinions on the genre.

Does CYOA's count as video games?


>video games
If your CYOA is just an image or something, then no.


I'm clearly not talking about that though.


Yes I think interactive fiction is severely underrated. I can sometimes immsere myself more in a text based game than I can in a realistic AAA game. Good stories are hard to write and even harder to make a videogame out of. Apart from that I wish more games would have multiple branching storylines and gameplay affecting choices.


Any games of that genre you played and want to share with us, OP? I have never played any game like that.


Yeah, there's this one cool game called "Depression Quest". It's super relatable with deep characters!


Check out Magium on the Google Play Store. It's a nice CYOA with lot's of world building and character development.


I always wanted to make a CYOA game except with more gameplay to it. I tried with twine but realized doing anything more than general stuff would be an exercise in frustration. Thought of using ren'py but at the end of the damn I'm just a dumb idea guy who knows fuck all about game engines or dev stuff in general.


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You might want to look into Bitsy.


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Some years ago time I tried to program a simple text parser that would allow me to create an intfiction game. I was clueless at the time (I still am) and didn't know much about programming so the project didn't go too far. I managed to get the thing to read map info (like rooms and objects) from an external document and to parse some commands given by the player, but it couldn't do much besides basic navigation and interaction.

Op if you would like to create an int fiction game, your best option is to learn Inform7. The syntax is easy to master and it's really the best tool out there for intfiction with a little more depth.

If you want to try Interactive Fiction then definitely give Anchorhead a go. It's a moody lovecraftian adventure game with great prose and immersive atmosphere. You can dowload the game for free but there's also a new and supposedly improved rendition out which also has some ilustrations.



I've toyed with this sort of thing for close to 20 years now but my lack of ability to tell a story always ends up crippling me.


i tried making a game in twine a few years ago, but i didn't know programming then lol. so creating an inventory system and interactables without so much as an array kind of burned me out. was gonna be about a town of pacifists where all the boys are given succubus hormones to avoid compulsory military service. if you've been unfortunate to see those dumb ww3 memes lately, this probably sounds familiar to that "me and the boys becoming trans to avoid the draft" thing. i kind of forgot about this game, that's what made me remember it. i might go back and see if i can salvage it now that i can somewhat program now.


Wish you luck.


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