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Post in this thread when you drop a game.

I dropped brogue today, roguelikes are cancer and a waste of time.


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Dropped Contact for the NDs. Had high hopes for this one but it turned out to be not good enough to compensate for the bullshit the game throws at you. It makes you grind too much on very boring enemies, protagonist is as generic as it gets and the game makes you go back and forth the same routes way too much. Not a bad game but I didn't feel it was worth the hours I was putting into it. I stopped playing about a week ago actually, I'll be taking a break from video games for a while.


Dropped dead cells. Simply couldn't get into it. It requires a controller to play comfortably, so already it wasn't looking good. Turned out to be a roguelike/lite, whatever the fuck. I'm still trying to 100% enter the gungeon, so I have no desire to play another roguelike at the moment.


Dropped my third Underrail playthrough, for now that is, as I'll probably get back to it sooner or later. I find the expansion meh, don't care much about sailing and jet skis, or these stupid natives (they remind me of Fallout 2's shitty first few hours in arroyo)

Immensely frustrated that the merchants never sell the components I'm looking for. It's driving me insane.


File: 1573088029158.jpg (1.37 MB, 2000x1252, 500:313, 6456464646.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really wish I were able to drop more games and never look back. I play way too much unfun trash to completion. OCD is a fucking bitch.

Having just said that, I dropped Fallout 2 early last year and still haven't managed to motivate myself to return to it. Shit's just boring as hell mayne. Flippant comments aside, I didn't mind Fallout 1 all that much and I actually somewhat enjoyed it for the most part, but Fallout 2 was just completely blegh from what little I managed to play of it. For me anyway, it possessed none of the charm of the original and I just found it an all around chore to deal with. On top of that, maybe it's just me, but I find the world of Fallout as a whole to just rub me wrong for whatever reason. I've played & finished tons of other CRPGs, both old & new, but Fallout has always been that one series I just can't really click with, even when I try to. I think part of the reason why that is comes down to it's mostly 40s/50s aesthetic, which is a style I really don't care for in any way. If Fallout had a 60s or even 70s aesthetic instead, would it really be so much better for me? Well, maybe a little, but, again, it's hard to really pin down what it is I find so displeasing about it generally. I guess it's just one of those things, you know. Something you don't like, for no other reason than you just don't like it.


Holy shit wiz, Fallout2 is one of my favorite games ever. And you're right, the whole 50s thing going on is a big part of its charm, along with the postapoc theme of course. The other day I saw one of those old car ads from the 50s and felt like playing the old Fallout games again, that's how appealing it is to me.


>Something you don't like, for no other reason than you just don't like it
I know what you mean, I really like the first two fallout games, but there's stuff I just can't get into. Like the Elder Scrolls Games or any kind of game with a procedurally generated map.



Yeah, in some ways, the oppressively bleak post-apocalypse vibe is why I somewhat enjoyed the original Fallout. There's a very depressingly unique atmosphere to that game. One of death, dying, destruction & decay, which I found to be further reflected in the story itself (super mutants about to wipe everything out, towns getting genocided, you get banished from your vault at the end, etc.). Fallout 2, by contrast, just felt a lot more cheerier & goofier in its tone and, as a result, it just wasn't the same for me. You can make the argument that it fits since it's decades later and the world is starting to bounce back as a result, but I still didn't really care for it either way. There was also lots of meta-humor & otherwise questionably weird shit, which, at least to me anyway, just came off as awkward & somewhat annoying (death claw laying eggs, blowing literal shit everywhere after fooling around in the well in that one small town, hyper intelligent molerat with ghoul minions, etc.). And I'm sure, from what I've heard in general, that what I've just mentioned is only the mild stuff. Another quibble I had with it was with the combat. Maybe it was just my poor luck, but I couldn't find a decent fucking weapon to save my life. Was getting my ass ground to mulch by pretty much everything as a result. Mind you, I played on the highest difficulty, but I did the same in Fallout 1 and never had the same degree of an issue there as I did with Fallout 2. The story was also pretty slow and fairly uninteresting to me and I didn't play long enough for it to ever grab me in any way. I only made it as far as the reactor adjacent to Vault City where Harold is, before the whole thing just lost my interest. I actually tried going back to it a little while back, but, like in Fallout 1, the quest log is so awful that I had no idea what I was doing and so just ended up dropping it again. At this point, I'd probably need to start a new game, which makes going back to it even tougher to consider doing.

>And you're right, the whole 50s thing going on is a big part of its charm

Charm for some, a big eyesore for me. Outside of hard boiled detective related stuff, I largely just can't stand 40s/50s shit. Something about the look and general feel of that era just makes me unwell for whatever reason. Almost like if you took an old person and suddenly forced them to listen to dubstep. It's weird though since I quite liked L.A. Noire, among other random stuff that is set in & around the era like the Twilight Zone. I think, to be more exact, it's the 50s Americana 'Leave it to Beaver', 'golly gee wilikers, mister', sort of shit that I really can't stand, combined with the retro futuristic outlook of the 50s, which is something I've also never really liked. Visually speaking, I'm also really not a fan of 50s art deco (ala Batman The Animated series), so there's that as well which rubs me wrong about Fallout. Speaking for me, more post-apocalypse, less 50s shit. That itself is probably why I like Fallout 1 & New Vegas the best, since I feel they both tilt stronger towards the former, instead of the latter.


Yeah, I can try to explain it to some extent, as I just have, but it largely just comes back to this, frankly.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention some more games I dropped a while ago, almost all of which I intend to go back to at some point.

Sekiro: Dropped it after defeating the flaming bull and getting to that castle filled with a bunch of samurai dudes. The bull itself was frustrating as shit to beat. Firecrackers literally wouldn't even work half the time and it took me like 15-20 attempts to beat that fucker. The proceeding area just wore me down in little ways, until I simply decided to drop it. Not really sure why, since I was actually enjoying it for the most part, but it just kinda happened all the same. Definitely a game I'd like to return to at some point. Come to think of it, I've had the exact same experience with some of the Souls games as well. Dark Souls I dropped for like 6 months before it went back to it and Dark Souls 2 I dropped for little over a year before I went returned to it as well. Didn't happen for Demon's Souls funnily enough, but that's the only official Souls game I've played/finished besides DkS 1 & 2, so there's that too. Usually there's a moment that comes in those games where I'm just worn the hell out for whatever reason, despite still enjoying them on some level.

STALKER Clear Sky: Began playing this after finishing Shadow of Chernobyl for the first time, but stopped after getting a little ways into it. Not a fan of the constant faction bullshit and I can see why it's regarded as the weakest in the series. In contrast to CS, I enjoyed SoC for the most part. I don't think it's as great as people claim it is, but, overall, it was okay. Having said that, I feel compelled as if I should finish Clear Sky before moving on to try out CoP, mostly due to my own asinine adherence to OCD related bullshit and needing to complete each game in the order of their release. At this point, I haven't played Clear Sky for a while and I'm debating with myself whether I should bother going back to it, or just ditch it for good and move on to CoP. Forcing myself to finish CS would probably turn out to be nothing more than an unfun chore, but that's my OCD for you. It sucks because then it just leaves what is probably a much better game like CoP lost in limbo as a result.

Silent Hill 1: Not all that scary to be honest, but I couldn't figure out the answer to the door puzzle with the jumbled up letters that is basically like right at the end of the game, so I ended up inadvertently dropping it as a result. I actually ended up looking up the answer and felt stupid as hell for not coming to conclusion on my own, so to go back would just make me cringe at how retarded I am. Having said that, I'll probably go back to it sometime soon, since I want to play Silent Hill 3 & 4 at some point, but, like with Clear Sky, I feel like I can't until I finish SH1. SH2 I've already finished many times before, so, in this case, it doesn't count.

Corpse Party: Probably one of the most grueling games I've played in a while, bordering almost on torture porn. Both from a narrative standpoint & a gameplay standpoint. Narratively because of all of the exceedingly fucked-up shit that happens (I swear the god damn screams these VAs make alone was enough to make me unwell), and gameplay-wise because of all the boring ass walking around you're forced to do in the exact same god damn areas over & over to the point of pure obnoxiousness. It's been a few weeks since I last played it and I'm midway through the final episode. Like with Silent Hill to some extent, it's just a matter of trying to motivate myself to power through to the end.

Gothic: Spent a bunch of time quicksaving & reloading trying to lockpick all those simon says-esque chests in that first encampment you come across. Also had some annoying guy following me around until I whacked him away with a stick. From there I did a bit of exploring out in the world, but dropped it not long afterwards. Been a number of months since I last played it and, again, it's the sort of thing I'd ideally like to return to at some point. The combat was a little stiff, but the story seemed pretty interesting and everything else seemed worth getting into. Again, it's just one of those random games that fell to the wayside, probably due to its somewhat slow start in this case.

Nier Automata: Dropped it after I had beaten naked, evolving android man, since, once more, as with CS, I felt compelled to go back and finish the first Nier before I went on any further with Automata. It's extra ridiculous in this case, since I've actually finished Nier once before already, albeit right around the time it came out. Would you believe I even got the platinum for it, yet remember almost nothing about it? I could've, and still could, just watch a story recap on YouTube, but instead I chose to play it myself because I'm a fucking idiot. Even went to the trouble of setting up a PS3 emulator on my PC to facilitate doing this. I can emulate Nier just fine fortunately, but it's such an unnecessary waste of time to replay it at all. What's more, not only did I drop Automata, but I dropped my replay of Nier as well, so now both are in fucking limbo. I really am one silly bitch. At least there's some value in my replay of Nier since I'm playing the replicant version with english patch this time, instead of gestalt, which is the one I played originally on PS3.

Legends of Grimrock 2: Dropped this a long time ago. Out of all the games I've mentioned thus far, this one is my oldest dropped game. I last played it like a couple years ago now and dropped it only because my computer was a potato at the time and I wanted to wait until I could upgrade before I proceeded any further. Well, I've upgraded my computer quite substantially since then, but, even so, I just haven't managed to go back to LoG 2, merely because it seems so far in the rear view mirror at this point. I really should force myself to pick it up again though, since both it, and the original (which I even got all the steam achievement for), are fantastic RPGs that I enjoyed playing quite a bit.

Oddworld New N' Tasty: Not much to be said about this one honestly. I never played the original, so I have no frame of reference as to how the remake compares to it, but, either way, it just didn't really grab me. Wondering if it'd be better to just emulate the original at this point, since I've heard people criticize the remake for being too bright & colorful and being less atmospheric overall.


Totally agree regarding Corpse Party. Pretty disgusting game and the fact that the dead keep on suffering forever and can't even find peace is the most disturbing of all for me, and strangely one I have rarely seen discussed on boards about this game. It's like the worst hell one can imagine, but for random innocent people. I don't have the stomach for this crap. Heck, even the voice actors were creeped out.

Yeah there's worse in Fallout 2 like a talking plant and they really overdid it with the pop culture references. It's still a very enjoyable game if you're not put off by the goofier stuff as you said. Lots of stuff to do, more options for building your character and roleplaying, there are some interesting characters, some companions are pretty funny and if you feel like it, being evil is tons of fun and very dangerous until midgame as you have to deal with well-equipped rangers trying to put you down.



Yeah, the eternal suffering aspect is something that really got under my skin as well. Usually anything in fiction where death is denied as a means of escape from extreme pain, is enough to get me rather unsettled. Whether that's simply via a traditional "hell" of some kind (Christian version, or the one in Corpse Party) or a more dystopian techno version (ala I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream). As you pointed out, the fact that it's happening to what are otherwise quite caring & likeable people whose only crime was making a ridiculously small mistake (what with fooling around with rituals & such), makes their suffering especially brutal & unforgiving. Seeing such a visceral interpretation of what is essentially nothing less than hell, is itself pretty disturbing, to the point where it almost becomes physically nauseating to have to process. I mean, that's mostly the reason why each gruesome death that takes place is so much worse than it otherwise would be, since the victim will feel the agony over & over with no respite or hope for salvation. And again, the fact that they don't even deserve it and are essentially just being tortured sadistically like flies caught in some fucking evil spirit's web makes it all so much more outrageously unjust & disgusting. What's more is that, even outside of that, the sheer level of sadism present in the game can sometimes really go over the top. Yuka being separated from her brother and crying out for him in vain, only to come across that fucking psycho Kazami who kicks her in the chest so hard she starts to convulse and then process to try and murder her, thereby leading her to suffering the torment that would come with it forever, is just one rather stark example where the sadism factor goes off the charts. It's like, for fuck's sake, could they just show a little fucking restraint for this shit?

Another thing I found rather uncomfortable was how easily everybody could get separated and potentially find themselves in a pocket universe all on their own, wandering in crazed madness until they eventually succumbed to a slow, excruciating death of either dehydration or starvation, assuming they didn't kill themselves first or were horribly murdered by one of those damn ghosts. Naomi barely hanging on after Seiko hung herself, begging for help & to just meet another living soul, was really a punch in the gut as, again, many other things in that game are. At the same time, the sheer stupidity of the characters in this reagard was pretty annoying a lot of the time. Even when they know the school works this way, they still fucking decide to seprate. How the heck could anyone be so suicidally retarded at that? Yeah, it's a "horror game" and all that, but still. In the end, it still felt somewhat contrived & lazy.

As an aside, something about the design of the school itself and the aforementioned pocket dimensions really triggers my claustrophobia in a very existential kind of way, which also made navigating it & proceeding with the story extra grueling in its own way.

>I don't have the stomach for this crap.

Yeah, neither do I to be honest and I kinda regret playing it at all. I still feel like I need to see how the story ends, given how close I am already to the conclusion, but, even so, it's kinda difficult for me to motivate myself for more of that sort of gut wrenching sadism that the game dishes out so much of. At least the ending seems to promise some salvation for not only for what remains of the main cast, but also for all the spirits trapped whom are already trapped within the hell dimension of the school itself. Banishing the darkness, thereby allowing all the restless spirits to finally move on & seeing freedom/safety for everybody involved would at least provide a somewhat satisfying sense of closure for the whole wretched adventure. Any alternate endings can just fuck off, though. Literally every single "wrong end" is just pure torture porn & sadism. I have no idea why anyone would even want to see them on YouTube, frankly. They're just that awful.

>Heck, even the voice actors were creeped out.

I'd say that's putting it lightly. I mean, christ, have you heard the sorts of blood curdling screams they make? Shit's emotionally distressing as hell. The one that guy with the glasses makes after he discovers what happened to Nayu almost had me wanting to mute the game/turn it off given how downright visceral & upsetting it was. Even outside of that, the level of desperation & sheer fear they convey in the delivery of their lines, while quite impressive, just serves to heighten the grueling discomfort of the whole thing that much more. The way they curse & fall down sobbing at having been inflicted with such an unbelievably horrific fate, where even in death there's no escape to be found, was, overall, just some really heavy & depressing shit to witness. I mean I've essentially played through the whole thing now, but man. It still doesn't change how fucking stomach churning & outrageously sad & awful all that crap was. Talk about a cruel & indifferent universe, man. Fucking hell.

>It's still a very enjoyable game if you're not put off by the goofier stuff as you said.

Yeah, perhaps I'll try to give it another go one of these days. Honestly, I think if I'd just managed to find a better weapon I might've managed to stick with it. Maybe I'll just check the wiki at some point or, better yet, simply lower the difficulty so things aren't so stacked against me next time.


Man, thanks for the post, really comforting somehow to see my thoughts put into words much more intelligently and coherently that I ever could. Again, that whole aspect of the game does not seem to bother players that much, at least from the reactions I’ve seen on forums and such. Some even enjoy the whole torture porn thing going on, it got me wondering if I was perhaps too thin skinned or something to that effect, and I might very well be but seriously, I wish I had never played that game, or visual novel or whatever.
You will be delighted (lol) to learn that there are two sequels if you didn’t already know, Book of Shadows and Blood Drive. The former plays more like an adventure game/visual novel so it’s not as tedious to play as the first one, and the writing and atmosphere is generally on par with it or pretty close. Blood Drive though is really bad in every possible way, just watch cutscenes on youtube if you want some sort of “closure” for the series. There are a few moments in that one that assume you are already familiar with the events of a retarded spin off that wasn’t translated (and I’m not sure it has changed since then, can’t be arsed to check) called Sachiko Birthday 2U or something that’s as dumb as you’d expect from a title like that…

Fallout 2’s random encounters can be brutal, just save often in the beginning and if you’re lucky you might come across two hostile groups duking it out, giving you the chance to pick up money and gear for free.
Honestly though if you are really OCD and have the urge to complete a game even though you no longer enjoy it I would skip it for now at least given your experience. I remember dropping my first playthrough for months near the end because as you pointed out the main story unlike the prequel, just wasn’t that interesting and I had burnt myself out doing all the side content and messing around and stuff.


max payne 2.
four recycled levels in a row? what the fuck?
all of the style and character from the first game is completely gone. "difficult" sections are cheap and unfulfilling and just feel sadistic.



>Some even enjoy the whole torture porn thing going on

Well, that's people for you. No matter how disturbing or messed up something is, there's usually at least some segment of crazies out there who probably get their kicks from it. In as much the same way as some of the characters in the actual game do (like the aforementioned Kizami, funnily enough). Although, the fact that the majority of players you've seen feel in this fashion, while not exactly surprising given how sadistic & depraved even an avergae person is, is still certainly unsettling in its own way, I must admit.

>You will be delighted (lol) to learn that there are two sequels if you didn’t already know, Book of Shadows and Blood Drive.

Oh shit, Books of Shadows is a sequel? I thought it was just a remake of the original. Well damn, don't I feel silly now. That's actually what I've been playing & referring to this whole time. So Books of Shadows, from what I realize now, is just a spin-off from one of the "wrong ends" from the very original Corpse Party? Huh, how weird. I didn't get the impression that this was the case at all while playing Book of Shadows, in the sense of it simply being an alternate spin-off from Corpse Party.

And on top of this, you're also saying that the first Corpse Party is just as messed up as Book of Shadows, if not perhaps moreso? If so, I wouldn't think how such a thing could be possible, but I'll take your word for it all the same. Now that I know all this, I guess I have a bit of a dilemma here, insofar as it relates to my OCD. Should I go back and finish the first Corpse Party (rebuilt version), or just wrap up Book of Shadows and forget about it entirely? Fortunately, I think this is one of those rare occasions where I'll simply opt for the latter. OCD be damned.

>The former plays more like an adventure game/visual novel so it’s not as tedious to play as the first one, and the writing and atmosphere is generally on par with it or pretty close.

Damn, so not only that, but the first Corpse Party actually manages to be even more tedious to play/navigate than Book of Shadows, in addition to it being just as disturbing? If so, I honestly don't think I have it in me for that. By contrast, I'd much rather go back to finish something like Fallout 2 instead, heh. As you said, although it's not something I often resort to doing, maybe I can just watch a playthrough of Corpse Party on YouTube, or something.

>if you’re lucky you might come across two hostile groups duking it out, giving you the chance to pick up money and gear for free.

I was not as lucky as that, unfortunately, but, now that you mention it, maybe that's something I should try doing next time. Whenever that ends up being, that is.


While I really like MP2, it definitely is a step down from the first game. Been a while since I played them, I remember the physics and particle effects were pretty good for its time, of course that lost its charm some time ago. What they did with the third game is unforgivable.


File: 1573468501366.jpg (38.65 KB, 357x614, 357:614, Blood Covered.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Well damn, don't I feel silly now. That's actually what I've been playing & referring to this whole time.

Scratch that again. Turns out I have actually been playing the first Corpse Party all this time, just the 'Blood Covered' version, which is in fact a remake of the original. I was confused, since I wasn't sure if there was more than one Corpse Party released for the PSP and I thought, as a result after hearing what the other wizzie said, that I must've been playing Book of Shadows all this time, since I incorrectly assumed that, that was actually the only Corpse Party on PSP and was therefore what I was playing. I'm emulating it via PSPP and me being so ignorant of the series, all the different names for each of the versions/sequels got mixed up for me. Anyway, it's semi a relief since at least once I finish the last episode of Blood Covered I can feel like I've seen the beginning/core of the story and haven't missed out on anything else before which, at the same time, appeases my pesky sense of OCD as well.


The one I played had this theme fairly quickly, and I loved it.



Well good news is that I can take Corpse Party off my dropped games list now, since I managed to plow through the rest of it the other night after being somewhat inspired to do so after these last few posts I've made.

lol, so much for that fucking happy ending. Cue fucking Ramsay Bolton, "If you thought this was going to have a happy ending, you clearly haven't been paying attention.". I mean, it's good that the main cast got away and everything, but the fact that all the spirits, including those from the main cast who didn't make it (like Ms. Yui, who was so pure & lovely and was one of the worst victims of the game's sadistic sense of cruelty) are still trapped in the hell dimension is pretty fucking depressing. The fact that being absorbed by the school also erases you from everyone's minds in the real world was an extra shitty turn of events. Reminded me of that one episode of the Twilight Zone, "And When The Sky Was Opened", which centers around a similar idea of characters being erased from existence in the minds of everyone save for one, or a select few in the case of Corpse Party. It also answers the question of why no came looking for all these damn people, which was something I was wondering about quite a bit beforehand. It adds an extra level of poignancy however, like when Naomi is trying to hold on to her memory of Seiko, as her & Satoshi comfort each other with the knowledge that she did exist and that they'll mourn for her & cherish her memory, even when no one else can.

Can't say I entirely understood the whole "the school will just re-select a new Sachiko" thing, even after helping her spirit to move on. Like, in what way exactly? Will the school just appoint another troubled spirit to be the "new Sachiko", or will it literally just generate a facsimile of the former Sachiko, just without any "spirit" behind it? It's also kinda fucked in a way, since does this mean Sachiko actually moved on from the hell dimension, despite the fact that everyone else couldn't? If so, that's pretty damn lopsided, to say the least. I guess one could say that there's been so much death & anguish in the school at this point that no amount of healing could ever take place to ameliorate the collected woes of all the spirits therein. Thus, although it might have started with the principals grotesque misdeeds and Sachiko's following bloodthirst for feeding new souls to her ghostly mother, the school has since then taken a dark life force all its own and can never be appeased fully. Still feels kinda lame to me, in the sense of it being a bit of a "fuck you" to the player, but, even so, there's a bittersweet nature to it all, I suppose. Horror games, or just horror stories in general, aren't usually meant to have happy endings most of the time, I know, but still. Just seems a bit cheap is all. Makes me wonder if the sequels/spin-offs like Book of Shadows, Blood Drive or Corpse Party 2 advance any further on this front, or just flesh out the extraneous/irrelevant details while remaining in the grim holding pattern of, "the school is cursed & will always be cursed, and it will always be hungry for new souls to devour" type thing. Well, either way, I'm somewhat curious to see what the further installments to the series have to offer, but not enough to ever play them I don't think, at least not for a while.


Yeah, the peppiness of the theme that plays near the end was pretty catchy as well I thought. Reminded me a bit of a Phoenix Wright game, where the music gets more energetic once you're near the end of a case and just on the verge of uncovering the truth/outing the culprit.


Blood Drive is the conclusion of the school’s story, but I don’t recommend actually playing it. Just watch it on youtube or read about it or something. It’s a pretty stupid game honestly (imo), it starts all right but the story goes full retard with the anime tropes.


Less bloody than Mortal Kombat 11


Pretty good video


File: 1575258229517.jpg (39.51 KB, 375x291, 125:97, mario_cunning.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Picked up Super Mario Galaxy again because I wanted to get all the rest of the stars and see how playing like Luigi was like. Now I understand why I dropped it. All the remaining levels I never beat on my old savefile are timed:

"Catch the bunnies, but you only have 120 seconds."
"Throw these bombs in these precise locations, you have thirty seconds."
"Do this autoscroller, but if you miss one coin you lose the level (so, essentially timed)."
"Race against this ghost."
"Beat this course in 1:30."

I want to just explore the environment, jump around, and platform. I don't want to memorize every fucking input I have to do to finish it in a minute thirty or to not miss a single fucking coin, or to memorize all the hidden buttons on the ground that unlock certain locations–it's a fucking Mario game, I just want to fucking platform, for the love of god.


I played Baldur's Gate expecting to be blown away by what is considered a classic CRPG but it took me until the Friendly Arm Inn until I lost the motivation to continue. Maybe I've just been feeling terrible lately but the game would be dull in any other day. The walking speed is mind-numbingly slow. The combat is stupid. Who the hell thinks putting D&D rules in a video game where everyone keeps missing and a bad dice roll can slaughter everyone as good mechanics? I actually really enjoys Planescape: Torment, it may even be one of my favorite video game of all times but I wouldn't say that it has good gameplay. The only thing that motivates me to play torment is the engaging plot and settings. Torment immediately grasp you from the start by throwing you into an alien world in a mysterious situation. Everything was new as I don't play D&D and I thought planescape has one of the best worldbuilding I've ever seen. Baldur's gate is just a generic fantasy in comparison. Maybe the plot will get more interesting as you progress but the start doesn't suggest it. Well, maybe dropping it at such an early point is not doing the game justice. I may come back to it later, or not. It's so dull I might as well just read a novel or something.


exaclty how i felt word for word


Tried it again, dropped it again. This time I set the max framerate to 60 for faster walking speed and get an 18 strength fighter so I'll miss less. Makes the game more bearable but still boring. Story still sucks. The events in the story feels uneventful. You're supposed to feel bad you got kicked out of home and having your guardian killed but the game doesn't properly build up the emotional attachment. Your whole life and how you're feeling is just dictated by the narrator. Dragon Age Origins manage to stun me in the noble origin story where the castle that I've known for 20 minutes get assaulted. This is just meh. Maybe the main plotline will be developed later but if the game doesn't make me motivated to progress towards it then it has failed. Curiosity on what happens next is the oldest trick in the book to get people to consume your shitty writing and this game can't do that. Followers join your party too easily and for dumb reason, their whole backstories and personalities explained in one or two conversation. Side quests felt like random fetch quest. Oh I lost this item, oh I want you to kill these monsters. It's the same side quest in any other rpg but I don't know what it is about Baldur's gate that makes it more tedious. With planescape, more effort is put into the writing so no quest seems generic. With bethesda games, it just feels good to run, jump and knock things over. Even grindy jrpg has satisfying combat and progression. Baldur's gate feels like someone trying to forcefully recreate a D&D campaign in video game form and it's not even good campaign. It's the most generic shit, like a sample campaign or something.


File: 1576218155402.jpg (49.9 KB, 334x460, 167:230, 6000200336723.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Heroland. People from a few other JRPGS I like were involved in making the game, so I thought I'd try it out.

The writing in the game is the best part about it, and even that is kind of hipster-y. The gameplay loop sucks. It's literally

>watch a few npcs talk for five minutes

>make them navigate a simple dungeon. It's literally "press A to make them go forward
>watch them fight

The most gameplay in the game is throwing potions occasionally. Plus you have to grind later on. I wouldn't mind grinding if the gameplay was actually engaging


Dropping Getting over it with Benette Foddy. It wasn't fun and it wasn't the kind of challenge I was looking for. The controls felt weird and I felt like I was playing around the controls instead of learning the game. Overall, I just didn't have fun and it didn't feel rewarding to play.

I'm refunding it on steam, and if I ever want to play it again, I'll just pirate it. Arrrrrrr.


I'm dropping VR as a whole until HL:Alyx drops. The tech has potential, but it stagnated a lot since 2018, every game is boring and frustrating.


Read some people saying positive things about Terminator: Resistance and decided to try. It is really not good. Expected a dynamic shooter and was exhausted after an hour instead. Try only if you have absolutely nothing to do.



>Try only if you have absolutely nothing to do.

There were certain, small aspects of it that I didn't mind, but, overall, you're right in saying that it really wasn't all that good. Very much a rough indie game in a lot of ways. Having nothing better to do is essentially the only reason why I bothered to even finish it.

Hell, that's essentially the only reason why I bother to play or finish anything these days.


I didn't finish any games for quite some time. Last one was Octopath Traveler in November and then I saw many people saying it's a mediocre game at best. I thought it's really nice and pleasant, I really enjoyed everything on this journey.
The Terminator one was my pick because of FPS starvation and enjoying these movies as a teen.

Tried Children of Morta yesterday and dropped after a couple of hours. It wants to be interesting and beautiful but after clicking through the first dungeon after the intro I realized it's not possible to continue.



>Octopath Traveler

Apparently that's on PC now, which means I'll probably try to check it out at some point. Seems interesting.

>The Terminator one was my pick because of enjoying these movies as a teen.

I'd say that's one of the things that game did best actually. Capturing the bleak & dystopian cyperpunk feel of the "future war" one catches glimpses of in T1 & T2. The attention to detail of the T1 resistance shelter you come across later in the game was pretty neat, I thought, and added a lot to the atmosphere. The gameplay itself was quite dull, but the respect it has for the first two films was at least commendable in a small way. The story also wasn't too bad and, while not a high bar to surpass, is better than even the plots you see in the movies past T2.

>Children of Morta

Heh, funny you mention that, since there's an example of another game I finished just because I had nothing better to do. Personally speaking, I didn't actually think it was really all that bad. Just kinda boring & generic, but not enough to actually make it abysmal to play. Just the sort of thing where you can simply turn your brain off & blast through it in like 4-6 hours. Similar to that of Terminator in that respect, actually. Games that you can finish in like 1-3 sittings are mostly my preference these days. I just don't have the wherewithal for anything longer, frankly. It's not very often where I can actually muster up the energy to get stuck into a long game.

As an aside, the overbearing natalist themes in Morta were downright putrefying. Just as it is with any piece of media infested with such things. Breeders patting themselves on the back for how sacred their crotch spawn is and that they'd literally sacrifice the entire world, and all those in it, if it meant safeguarding said crotch spawn.


Octopath Traveler is pretty long so be ready. But at the same time it's an easy game after finding right synergies of abilities and getting enough levels on characters. I liked different simple but touching, funny and dramatic stories.
If you want another short but entertaining shooter check Titanfall 2. Good modern graphics too.


Dropped Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

Just felt sluggish and for a game predicated on high military strategy it felt janky to do anything. My ADD wrecked brain didn't see enough explosions and the lack of dopamine put me to sleep.



>If you want another short but entertaining shooter check Titanfall 2. Good modern graphics too.

I've played/finished that one already, but thanks anyway for the recommendation. It was indeed a really entertaining game/shooter that I enjoyed playing through. Shame that the Titanfall series probably won't see another shot at SP content, what with the success of something like Apex: Legends. I'd love to be proven wrong, though. Respawn also did a great job with Jedi: Fallen Order, I thought. They should really just keep making SP stuff, whatever it ends up being. There's enough MP focused crap out there already.


halo reach is one of the biggest pieces of shits i ever played.

growing up, i played halo 1 and 2 for 1000 hours each. i always played on Heroic. when you got in those vehicles, you were nigh invincible if you knew how to aim well and not blow yourself up. it was balanced in such a way that every single weapon was viable, you could solo the game with only the plasma pistol.

ahahhahaha, for some fucking reason, in halo reach, even on normal difficulty and multiplayer as well…. they did something to the guns, i can't pinpoint what exactly, but you can't do jack shit with jack shit unless you're using the carbine DMR's. i mean, i just stand there mag dumping elites in the face with the other guns and they don't even flinch. it requires three point blank shotgun shells to the head to move them.
every single gun was viable in every situation in the classic Halos. i specifically remember a conversation with an xbox live player back in 2008 where he was telling me his favorite gun in 3 was the SMG. mine was always the halo 2 magnum. people had PREFERENCES back then. but nope, in reach, absolutely nothing is viable except the DMR. there's no favorite preferred guns, just the fucking DMR, that's it. i've never even seen anyone pick any other class in multiplayer. it's always a sprinter using a DMR. why even add the other armor powerups? they're all worthless if they don't come with a DMR.
what the fuck did they do that for?
not to mention over 90% of the encounters are in these huge sprawling battlefields and enemies are over 100 meters away, meaning you are FORCED to use long range weapons… which means, you guessed it, DMR!

who the fuck would want to play the ENTIRE campaign using the carbine? who?

then i get in a vehicle and i'm all pumped up for that ahhahaha. and the NPC drives me off a cliff. i reload the save and the NPC drives me into explosives. over and over and over till i give up and drive myself. then i find out, even when I'M driving, the vehicles are worthless and i just walk instead.

ahahahahah jesus FUCK THIS GAME. AND FUCK ITS EMBARRASSING ANIME SUPER SENTAI SPARTANS. fucking "codename: grim reaper" spartan with a skeleton painted on his visor or whatever, i would have cringed even when i was 12 years old, fucking faggots. fucking zoomer fuck retard game.

"HALO: MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION" released with only 1 game out of the collection. someone should do a class action lawsuit for false advertising or something. i mean really. fucking "COLLECTION" of one game, the worst one in the series ahahahaha. that isn't a collection.

it's going to be ENTIRE YEARS before they get to Halo ODST


I think I am going to drop GTA San Andreas because of the flying school mission. Guess I outed myself as casual scum but I don't care, video game for me needs to give instant gratification. If I want to practice something difficult and challenging, I'd learn a real life skill. Even if I want to practice a difficult video game, I'll choose one where the process is actually fun like Touhou. When I was a wee kid, I downloaded a save file to beat the game but I find that humiliating now, so I'll just stop playing. Even the Zero missions are easier. What a shame, because everything else about the game is great. I've never played much of the other GTA games though, how's the flying there?


Theres a mod that skips missions and you can use it to skip everything plane related because fuck air controls lmao


All I can remember about this series is constant torture and death portrayed constantly as if it were pornography. I remember playing through one of the games (can't remember which?) where the dude starts crunching down on human teeth, fucking stopped after that. Watched many gore vids but the visual and sounds it provided were worse than anything I've seen.

This is something that would be 'entertaining' to watch but an absolutely grueling and an unpleasant experience to play. Still haven't finished a playthrough of any of the games.


Tried Half-Life because it is free on steam now. The way story is told is great and shooting is fun enough, but scary, claustrophobic FPS aren't my thing.


File: 1585054797745-0.jpg (51.47 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 343497.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1585054797745-1.jpg (14.61 KB, 480x272, 30:17, Nana-chan, I'm sorry......jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Yeah, I eventually went on to play Book of Shadows next, but stopped after, Nana-chan gets her legs cut off and has the raw, bloody stumps dragged across the floor as she screams in agony at Mayu-chan for help, all while the game gives additional gruesome details like how the stumps are getting covered in splinters and other debris before being hauled away into the darkness. Next to the sadism factor of how needlessly sickening descriptions like that are, her desperate cries for help, were also just really, really sad to listen to and it just made me feel super unwell and even now my heart just hurts thinking back on it. The fact that the wrong end route also leads to an equally awful scene of her being separated from her legs and maimed horribly just made everything extra awful, since that just made two scenes I had to watch of this sort of gut-wrenching thing play out.

Another thing which bothered me is how fucking obtuse the game still is, even with it just being a pseudo-visual novel, like in the case of Book of Shadows. You still wander around aimlessly and, just like with what I found to be the case with Blood Covered, it's far too easy to miss what it is you're supposed to do and thus find yourself fucking around aimlessly until you can find whatever it is you need to interact with and at the proper time, so as to snag the actual ending. The second chapter that focuses on Mayu was just absolutely dreadful for this sort of thing, since I happened to miss a cue/item that you need to interact with near the beginning, which completely changes the course of the chapter, and I didn't realize this until I had looked it up online and had already spent close to 2 hours faffing about in vain experimenting with other elements while missing this random one, which only appears for a brief time near the beginning. Again, I just really wish they'd gone full visual novel, instead of keeping the sort of crap from the first game which, next to all the wanton sadism, made it a chore and awful to play. Being able to fast forward and quick save were nice additions, but playing/emulating Blood Covered via PPSSPP gave me those sorts of options anyway, but it's still nice they included them as features in Book of Shadows. Well, I might still finish it at some point, but I don't know. When it's not being frustrating with its ending requirements, it's just making me feel awful while it gleefully tortures all these cute and lovely anime schoolgirls, which I wish I could hug tight and protect from all the bad things, so that they could be able to go home and be safe/happy with their friends/family again.


Mayu's fate is even worse in Book of Shadows.

I suppose you haven't played Blood Drive since the last time we talked about the series? It was ported to PC
I am surprised by the positive reception though. The game is dreadful to play (no surprise here) and the story is bad so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Not that I would recommend the first two either, but it's more because like you, I find them unsettling and, at the risk of sounding like a wimp, disgusting. But at least the writing was decent.



>Mayu's fate

Yeah, even after what happened to Nana-chan, I still managed to play to the end of the chapter and I'll admit that what happened to Mayu was also pretty gnarly as well. Somehow though, overall it just seemed to have less of an impact on me probably because, while it's perhaps much more gruesome/painful that Mayu is being vivisected alive by the ghost kids, instead of just being simply splattered against a wall, the way she reacts to it, from what I recall, is also fairly subdued. She mostly just numbingly remarks on how cold she is, probably from a result of the overwhelming shock brought on by the blood loss and pain. It's sad, but more in a resigned hopeless sort of way, instead of the visceral and desperate way Nana-chan goes out, at least to me. I'd say the saddest thing for Mayu was when she kept checking her skin and seeing those bruises get larger and more prominent. The fate of Nana-chan finally signaling to her what they of course actually mean.

Again though, just like in Blood Covered, characters act really fucking stupid for no reason in this series. Like slasher film levels of stupid. "Durr, hey guys, did you know Jason is killing everybody? We all better split up and make ourselves as vulnerable as possible then!". Nana-chan just needlessly wanders off into the school wanting to look for her friends, pretty much just begging to die, all because she becomes sad after seeing Shinozaki and Yoshiki together, even though she pretty much knows they're probably already dead. Then Mayu goes running off like an idiot from Shinozaki and Yoshiki because she doesn't want them to see her growing scars, making her easy pickings for the school to finish her off. Then in the previous chapter, instead of Naomi calmly discussing things with Seiko after Seiko comes out to her about what her homosexual feelings are for her, she just tells her off and storms out of the only safe-ish room they're in, leading once again to her being possessed and stringing up Seiko in the bathroom stall. Which itself just leads to Seiko getting her head sliced off in a rather comical fashion after Naomi manages to save her, since she becomes hysterical and flees from Naomi, being that she doesn't know that Naomi was possessed at the time and then Seiko just runs headlong into a piano wire. That whole image of Naomi clutching Seiko's severed head just seemed really goofy to me as a result.

Again, the whole themes of futility/fatalism and that nothing can be changed are fine, but they're handled in a really cheap, dumb and narratively lazy way, in my opinion anyway. It also just kinda made those two chapters, and I'm sure the whole game, pointless, since again, as the game likes to beat you over the head with, those fated to die, still die, except just in a more horrible way than last time. You get more insight into the characters I suppose, but, even moreso than the last game, it seemed to me to literally just be torture porn for its own sake without much point other than that and the whole "fate can't be changed" thing just seemed like an excuse to kill off and maim the characters again, without really going anywhere else with the story narratively. Maybe that changes in the later chapters, but at this moment I don't really care enough to find out.

>I suppose you haven't played Blood Drive

Nope, not yet. You say it's really bad, and a large part of me certainly doesn't doubt that it is, but I don't know. The look of it on the surface seems at least a little interesting. For one thing, I can see how they went with a 3D approach for the gameplay this time. How did that work out? More wandering around aimlessly, except this time in 3D? That sort of thing? The cutesy/chibi style they went with in regards to the presentation sorta looks alright, I guess. and is a nice transition from the 2D sprites.

>and the story is bad

You know, to be honest, I'm kinda morbidly curious now to see how laughably bad you say it gets, but enh. That would require me to finish Book of Shadows at some point and, like I said, what I played of that was mostly just tedious and unsatisfying from a narrative standpoint. Just felt like the story was remaining in a dull holding pattern without really going anywhere, save for continuing to revel in in its lurid descriptions of gore and intense agony, leaving the story nothing more than an empty vehicle to deliver more and more of said descriptions, to the point of it all being nothing more than a cheap exploitation snuff/slasher film.

One random thing I actually really liked about Book of Shadow was its high quality, binaural audio. Best example of this was when Shinozaki is possessed in the middle of the second chapter and begins whispering in the player's/Yoshiki's ear. It literally felt like I had someone on my shoulder whispering in my ear, to the point I felt like I could almost feel her breath against my skin. Oddly enough, it also felt like the physically closest a succubus has ever actually come near me, which was definitely a little surreal.


To be honest I only played a couple hours before I dropped it for good and decided to watch a playthrough on youtube instead. Why? Well first the game ran terribly on the vita, I was only in for the story, and the survival genre isn't my cup of tea to be honest… This is obviously subjective, and the performance issues aren't much of a problem on PC (unless they fucked up the port job massively somehow) so if you feel like giving it a try go ahead. Perhaps you'll enjoy it more than the first two games, and more than I did. I would feel bad for putting you off a potentially good time with BD.

By the way I see that the PSP spin off (?)… thing was translated and ported to PC last year
there's at least one stupid scene I remember in BD that was quite puzzling as it felt like it came out of nowhere, and it really does if you have no knowledge of that game! and back in 2015 it wasn't available in english… nothing big I believe but yeah, it might be a good idea to play this before Blood Drive. I don't know much about that one, and I don't care to know as I'm done with this series.


File: 1585204788485.jpg (18.09 KB, 256x259, 256:259, 256px-Kurzweil_Despair.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

All of them.




>Sachicko's Birthday Bash

You know, I gotta say, it seems really weird for this series to be so aloof about itself like that. To go from relatively serious subject matter to, "Haha, goofy and lighthearted times with Sachiko and the gang everybody!", is just super schizophrenic and jarring. Like a Friday the 13th movie where all the camp counselors celebrate Jason's birthday and they do a bunch of wholesomely zany things together. It kinda renders the story nothing more than a dumb joke, jamming in a bunch of excessively wacky anime tropes like that.


File: 1586508575617-0.gif (710.48 KB, 600x417, 200:139, 20200412.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586508575617-1.gif (623.4 KB, 298x224, 149:112, 20200405.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Street Fighter V ~ played it because peer pressure but as a single player, it's a boring game.


Uninstalled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the free to play version with "Warzone"). I played a couple of solo matches, but it wasn't much fun. I don't have a microphone and this usually causes random matchmaker normgroids to chimp out in other games, so didn't try squads.


>implying people actually communicate or play the objective in COD

No one cares if you don't have a mic in that game.
I don't really play warzone because I find Battle royal games boring and annoying (I prefer small maps and fast gameplay not camping for half and hour in a fucking corner somewhere) but I have been enjoying MW quite a bit in general.


the success of the battle royale subgenre is a mystery to me
it sounds extremely boring on paper, what's the appeal?


>what's the appeal?

Flashing colours, loot crates, rare items, cosmetics, bugs and noobs that bring in views on twitch/youtube.
It appeals to overstimulated youth who get their kicks by receiving and RNG clown hat that has the word "LEGENDARY" or "EPIC" attached to it. Like the child equivalent of a gambling addiction.


I dislike every other BR,but I like warzone,I like feeling like a survivor fighting alone in a big ass city against other guys who are in the same situation,feels pretty good,also the weapons on warzone are easy to obtain and you can get excellent gear without any effort.

also if you're playing solo and you want to survive for a long time all you have to do is take a vehicule (the rover is ideal) and drive as fast as you can without ever stopping,all other retards will be too busy killing each other to notice you and even if they do they won't be fast enough to kill you,I've placed 2nd or 3rd in the last 15 matches using this method.


While I love destroying vehicles in groundwar (I even have rocket in my game tag) the few times I tried out warzone I couldn't even find anyone for the first 30 minutes or instantly died during drop down.
So ether I sit around bored out of my mind where nothing happens until I don't even care about the match or I die in the first minute of the round before I get to do anything.
I don't know if all BR are like this but when it comes to COD I will stick with normal multiplayer.


File: 1586653167893.gif (2.23 MB, 427x240, 427:240, lied.gif) ImgOps iqdb

decided i would try playing a multiplayer videogames because i moved to an area that had real internet instead of ping-sattelite.

didnt know what game to play cuz i never used steam, decided on Rising Storm 2 because apparently its a big boy game. i was wrong, all video games are shit and for faggot little kids, i was naive to think stuff like Dark Souls or anything like that was ever big boy, its all little kid shit.

Anyways i had like 60 hours or so in it, finally got tired of being thrown into match full of people who thought it was call of duty and didnt understand how to play objective. was tired of hearing underage twink squeakers yell about dumb shit and 4chan memes and how dadrock shit like Rush and Foo Fighters is their favorite band because theyre too good to listen to nigger music like everyone else.

Video games really are shit, seems theres no game only adults play unless its some shit like Quake Live where I will get my ass handed to me in a paper bag. video games fucking suck lmao, shits big bang theory, if i wasnt a socially awkward schizoid 25 year old autist virgin i would probably be playing YuGiOh or Dnd or Warhammer or some nerd shit, but no even those guys are pussyslayinh chads compared to an utter subhuman like me.


File: 1586654299448.webm (886.7 KB, 640x360, 16:9, HEAVY WEAPONS GUY LAUGHIN….webm) ImgOps iqdb


what an edgy moron. Sounds like you’re part of the problem.
>played 60 hours and its shit waaah


ur so cool :)


File: 1586706622991.jpg (20.48 KB, 224x224, 1:1, bmoc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

thanks i try :^)


"zen pinball" for ps3

I thought I wanted a pinball game so I grabbed this one on psndl, whoever designed this piece of shit is either malicious or completely retarded, because you start playing and right away your pinballs go straight toward those exit ramps (whatever they're called) behind the flippers, again and again, all on their own after launching the ball

they literally don't even touch the flippers they just go straight to the exit ramps and then game over, I haven't ragequit a game in like 20 years but I was this close to throwing my controller through my new monitor

fuck you zen pinball


Malicious, definitely malicious.


I recently dropped Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, which was a sort of creative project from tinyBuild. I got it for cheap in a Humble Bundle. It was fun for the first few hours, when I was still exploring and figuring the game mechanics out, but after that it got really grindy. I kept playing past that point because I thought I was close to the ending, but then it dropped off another big load of grind unexpectedly, so I gave up.

I think my main problem with it is that there wasn't enough stuff to keep it interesting for the entire length of the story. There is little to do aside from picking up trash. The environment is samey and labyrinthine. There are many different kinds of trash to pick up, but most are not different from each other in any meaningful way. Similarly, vendors and genders aren't meaningfully different. I'm not saying it's bad, or that minimalism is bad, but there wasn't enough in Diaries to keep my interest beyond a few hours.


>Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor
Sounds like the title of a Space Quest clone.


Anno 1800 is such a frustrating piece of hot garbage. I have no problem dominating the map on expert difficulty setting or finishing the campaign but it sucks nonetheless. Just everything is so all over the place in this game, it never gives you a moment of rest cause once you get to have 4-5 islands in the old world, a few in the new world, a large fleet (good luck to manage your boats because the UI is fucking laughable) it becomes an annoying clickfest where you have to think about 10 things at the same time, constantly re-adjusting some menial shit (duh boost meat production in 2 clicks) while in a constant hurry. The game don't even pause when we read the expedition texts.


Kentucky Route Zero. Started out promising, but very quickly became a complete slog filled with constant non-sequiturs and painfully meaningless dialogue. Could only stomach it up to Act 3 before uninstalling. Long story short, but this 'game' is complete shit and has staggeringly shit writing and I regret ever touching it in the first place. It's weird because I'd heard of this game for the longest time and always assumed it had an interesting story and I'm somewhat taken aback by how utterly rancid and nonexistent the plot and dialogue actually are. There's also zero interaction to this besides clicking through text. No choices to make, no puzzles to solve. Just clicking through text. It has some nice artwork and a couple okay musical interludes, but that's it. One wonders why this is even a video game at all, since it barely qualifies as one. A slight sense of style, but absolutely no substance whatsoever. A shame since an actual adventure game with this sort of atmosphere/setting would be quite good. Instead, it's just a clicking through text simulator filled with stupid and pretentious writing and dull characters. Oh well.

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