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But seriously it's finally happening :') A new Half-Life game.. I'm not sure how I feel about it being VR only thou- JUST KIDDING IT WILL BE AWESOME!!


>vr only
fuck that


>using a VR technology called Neuralink designed by Elon Musk to play a game

Hardest no ever. What an insidious way to get people to be using it too, announcing the single most sought after sequel in gaming in general for years. Reject the germs of transhumanism. The frogs aren't even in the pot yet but this precursor level and be wary of this Musk and his 'wonders'



>Valve, announces Half-Life 3

As much as I wish there were actually true, it happens to be wildly incorrect in this case. From what I hear, it's more like Half Life 1.5 and you'll be playing as Alyx sometime before the events of Half Life 2. As another wizzie already pointed out, the fact that it's VR only makes it a hard nyet for me and pretty much kills any enthusiasm I might have otherwise had for it.


Odds are it will just be yet another tech demo tier game like most things that valve has made for vr.


File: 1574159554011.jpg (57.03 KB, 417x604, 417:604, 1572669802912.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a VR headset.


As do I, although I don't use it as much as I thought I would.
the content gets pretty stale after awhile.


Please tell me more about your experience. Every month I go online and browse through VR sets just to conclude it's just garbage I don't need and I don't want to need it to play games. Now companies are releasing VR only games I'm more divided than ever about getting one. Fuck.

>most sought after sequel in gaming in general for years
Is it still? I never see anyone talking about Half Life ever anymore. Well now they will talk about it for a little while just because of this announcement.


The main problem is that almost everything made for VR is super short and pretty shallow. At least from what I have played. Some things are really fun unbelievable experiences…for the first hour or two. Then once you have seen just about everything the game has to offer the magic wears off and it is just sort of meh.
So far the think I have ended up putting the most hours in is actually google earth for VR because I like to chill and explore new places around earth and the whole app has a pretty relaxed vibe to it. Plus lots of content.
I guess what I am waiting for is a fully immersive massive open world action/adventurer game or RPG that isn't that skyrim port for VR, though something tells me if such a thing came out my current computer wouldn't be able to run it well.
The thing I like most is exploring new worlds and seeing/interacting with things I would never be able to in real life. Most VR games you are basically just in a single room interacting with a single type of thing in one very limited way over and over again like a old arcade game.


File: 1574239204043.gif (391.81 KB, 1066x832, 41:32, crazed2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've been hemming & hawing a lot over the past little while as to whether or not now is a good time to get a VR headset. Don't they come out with a lot of different & improved revisions over time? Is it better to simply wait? Do you think there will be a better VR headset released soon that outperforms the Oculus or the Vive? On that note, which of those two is actually better? And how about the space factor? How much room does one need to fully utilize & enjoy VR? I'm very autistic when it comes to having to add something new into my living space, so VR has always felt like way too much trouble in this regard. As an example, how does one deal with the cabling so you don't end up tripping over it & shit? Tape it to the ceiling, or something?

At the end of the day, I'm so damn lazy that I just can't be bothered with any of it. I could've bought one years ago quite easily, but it's always felt like too much trouble. Even items that I'm ostensibly interested in acquiring for myself are still too much of a hassle to actually get for myself. Even if it means just making a few clicks & ordering it. Usually I just stare off into space & sleep instead.


Pretty much, yeah.
There isn't really any good games that you'd keep coming back to. The tech is absolutely there, but the software is a sad sight.
The most hours I spent in VR is in a Counter-Strike clone, and I absolutely hate Counter-Strike. And it's been the same for years, there's just nothing better coming out. 2019 didn't really have a single interesting multiplayer FPS game.
HL:A might change that if it's gonna be as moddable as HL1 or HL2, but I don't trust Valve much.
VR is really cool for ~2 months, then you get bored and either turn into one of those freaks that spend 5000 hours in VRChat, or go back to normal games that are lightyears ahead in terms of game design when compared to VR ones.


I don't think anything's beating Rift-S in bang for your back scenario anytime soon. Even if something new gets announced, it's gonna be at least a year before it drops.
In high end, I don't think anything's beating Index anytime soon either.
If you're getting anything, get Rift-S. WMR is a headache, and Vive shit is all overpriced or/and obsolete.


>And how about the space factor? How much room does one need to fully utilize & enjoy VR? I'm very autistic when it comes to having to add something new into my living space, so VR has always felt like way too much trouble in this regard. As an example, how does one deal with the cabling so you don't end up tripping over it & shit? Tape it to the ceiling, or something?
I have a clear space of 2m x 2m, I could probably make it 2.5 x 2.5m or so, but I wanted to make sure I can't hit anything with my hands while my legs are still inside that "playspace". It's more than enough for most games, but ideally the bigger the better. Games like Blade and Sorcery are much more fun when you don't have to hold back and use your playspace rather than artificial locomotion.
Generally yeah, a well done overhead cable management with pulley systems is your best bet. The only thing better is wireless, but it's pretty much only something Vive has (and it's also problematic slightly) or Occulus Quest (which is standalone, but there's a link cable to make it into a PCVR cable. You can consider that too if you prefer to have something standalone. Heard it's not half-bad either with Carmack's magic done on it).


>VIVE is obsolete

care to explain? I recently bought a Vive (+controllers +lighthouses +all the cables needed) for like $300 and so far it's been fantastic. Everything is compatible and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon.


>WMR is a headache
It's cheap, and it kind of sort of works most of the time. Just got to mess with settings and drivers every other time you use it.
But other then that it works fine. lol, yeah it has some problems but it is pretty good for lower spec messing around and setting up in new spaces couldn't be easier. Just wish the hardware could play nice with my rig and the resolution was a bit better


since this is kind of about VR in general now also, i think something related might be interesting to mention. a big problem people have with vr is motion sickness, but in the lab scientists have known that you can put little vibration motors behind the ears and it significantly delays the time until you feel motion sickness. they are tiny and you can barely feel it. i feel like future vr headsets will probably include these vibrators. maybe as a sort of 'rumble' like how videogame controllers do it, but also for people with motion sickness they can just be running nonstop at low speed


Main problem with VR (which I don't see mentioned enough) is that the magic wears off. First time you put it in you don't regret buying it, next 2-3 weeks are magical but then you get used to it and feel more like a ghost, not a person inside. Guess it's side effect of getting vr-legs (when you can use smooth motion without feeling sick), like your mind learns it's some kind of illusion. It's still great experience and in next decade gonna change every kind of entertainment. It's where lies a big money and excuse to push more and more powerfull graphic cards and tech overall on consumer market.

I tried htc vive long ago and I was very disappointed, I bought rift S few months ago and it's what first vr consumer product should be and the only one that should be considered to buy. The tech/price ratio is perfect. There's no best headset as every of them have flaws in different area. Sadly the oculus is the one pushing vr forward, other companies just jump on bandwagon to make some bucks or like valve are realeasing a product and forget it completly. We've just have rift s/index released so I wouldn't expect any big product in next 2-3 years as everyone waiting for feature that would define gen 2.0: foveated rendering. If you can afford rift s and have good computer there's no point in waiting (you can pirate most of the vr games). I don't have a big room and my playspace is around 2x2m but it's enough when you get used to keep your foots to floor at one place.

It's the best when you're taking breaks, rotating between normal games and vr.

The only good thing about WMR was that was cheap, but now when rift s is REALLY cheap for what it offers WMR have really no place.


>WMR have really no place.
I would argue that it is very portable when used with a gaming laptop and easy to set up, but that new rift s takes that from it too.
But still, it is what I have already and I ain't likely to get anything else for another couple of years when I get a full on new rig.


If you want portability you can use wireless quest (which you can also connect to pc for normal pcvr experience). But yes, if you have now any headset there's no point in upgrading for a slightly better experience and it's better to wait on gen2.


Valve shat their pants so hard with this. Far too little, far too late, pushed via meme tech like vr. Most of the original hl1/2 devs are probably long gone at this point so it will not have the same feel.

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