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What was your family's first home computer?
Do you still possess any of the hardware or software?
Did you have subscriptions to related magazines?
What were your top fives games and did you ever learn BASIC?


>What was your family's first home computer?
some huge clunker running windows 95, we got an emachines running windows 98 later on though which i used more

>Do you still possess any of the hardware or software?

i've got a bunch of floppies and cds of some old games, and a hard drive from 2000. i had to get a special adapter for the hard drive but there wsn't even anything there aside from some games

>Did you have subscriptions to related magazines?

no, just nintendo power and some general gaming magazines my dad would bring back from work. sometimes he brought back a WIRED magazine that's about it

>What were your top fives games

qbert, chip's challenge, early warcrafts, the windows pinball game, rodent's revenge. we didn't buy games and i didn't understand the internet until i was older, i mostly played games on snes and gameboys but we had some cds dad brought home

>did you ever learn BASIC?



my first computer was a windows 2000 machine, I played dune 2000 and diablo 2 mostly


>What was your family's first home computer?
An AMD k6 computer, with 64MB of RAM and a geforce 2 gpu, about 20 years ago. Had Windows Millenium, what a piece of crap that OS was.
>Do you still possess any of the hardware or software?
I still have the games around somewhere, the tower is in a pile of junk on my backyard, I still use the speakers, mouse and keyboard work but newer computers don't have the adapters.
>Did you have subscriptions to related magazines?
Just videogame magazines, which I mostly couldn't run because the computer was already too old in 2001 or 2002, but I loved them. Back then video game journalists weren't insufferable idiots, or at least I didn't knew if they were.
>What were your top fives games?
AoE 2, Diablo 2, Serious Sam, Metal Gear Solid 1, Red Alert 2, GTA 2.
>did you ever learn BASIC?
No, I learnt some Pascal, though.


File: 1574793635271.jpg (123.34 KB, 425x282, 425:282, 1431310120881.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I grew up without one but in 2007 my first computer was a windows 98 desktop with crt and such that some librarian gave me for free. I don't have it anymore but I ran various emulators on it and dictionaries (was trying to learn Japanese so I could play Wonderswan games on it) and an AI chatterbox program called billy, if I recall. I also had a space simulator called… I forgot. Nor can I find it with a search query in a small amount of time. You could add the Event Horizon circling around the earth and such, that I recall. There were family computers off and on around me but when there were it was too open for me to concentrate with a bunch of people being behind me. I can't use a computer around other people. I can't concentrate. So I waited until I was an adult to have a computer of my own to use and that was the 07 time period. I brought back software to it using cd-roms and installed a driver or two for it so it could use usb drives then I used a hacked psp, never had a smartphone like kids today, to bring data back and forth on it's memory stick. I also remember installing a directx for emus to work. The hacked phat psp I could save flv files with, used to watch anime and movies on yout*be with it (back then it worked differently), and I'd save things permanently on the win 98 at home. Back then there were lots of free hotpots, but no longer. To clarify, back then psp's didn't use the Internet to watch videos but had the hardware capability. So I used those two things for my first access. I first visited an imageboard site using the psp in fact. Really it wasn't the windows 98 so much as a windows 98 computer PLUS the phat psp I had (of which was technically the second psp I bought because the first I bought was broken and even the win 98 computer at first was broken until the librarian gave me another, but that's neither here nor there and no one cares…). But I was 18 in 2007, and gave away the computer at probably 2010 or maybe 2011 because I had an xp by then and also gave away the psp I was using as a pda and emulator device and all. That xp is long dead too. Now here I am on windows 7 forever because Linux is trash, when not connected to a network, to this day I don't always have access. I'm not learning how to install from tar, fuck the dependencies. I hate you.

I never learned to program, all that meandering aside, OP. i tried to learn lua because some anon on the Internet thought I should when I asked a random /g/ what to learn. I failed to learn anything. During that time period I was stuck on android devices and thought that since love2d was ported to the thing that I could just learn lua for making games. I made pong following a guide then quit. I always quit…


DOS machine

My first games were Jstorm and a top-down shmup whose name I've forgotten. I wish I remembered the name because I would love to play it again.

Looking it up, I guess jstorm is actually called space chase, but jstorm was the command you entered to run it.


>What was your family's first home computer?
My dad built a PC on 2001-2002 with a shitty celeron CPU and very low RAM/HDD and Win XP,but it was great because at that time literally no one had computer and internet connection in my country except internet cafes,I'm sure I was the first one of my street to have a PC with internet connection,my extended family wanted to come to my house because we had a PC and internet.

>Do you still possess any of the hardware or software?

Yes I still have lots of CD's somewhere,they were mostly edutainment games,but were very good actually and learned a lot from them

>Did you have subscriptions to related magazines?

I had a suscription to a local Nintendo magazine called "Club Nintendo" I never had a console until the DS Lite in 2006 but still liked to read the articles.

>What were your top fives games and did you ever learn BASIC

I don't remember,I didn't start learning programming until I was 18 in university.


>Club Nintendo
I asume you're latin American. I really liked reading those magazines and just like you never had a console until years later. I did get to play most of the games I thought looked interesting, thanks to emulation, most of them turned out to be not as good as the magazines would have you believe, of course. It was an official magazine so any objectivity was out of question.


A Hewlett Packard Windows 95 PC, 120 MHz Pentium I with 16 MB of memory (later upgraded to 64 MB) quad speed CD-ROM drive and a SoundBlaster card. It had a dialup modem but I never actually used the internet (regrettably).

Many hours were spent playing Ultimate Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and the various shareware games that were included on the install disc. Death Rally was a game I played quite a bit that not many other people seem to have played.


Damn, really have to stress my memory.
There was that time my dad temporary brought over a computer from work for a few weeks but I don't know what kind since I was 2 or 3. I do know he did get it to play Leisure Suit Larry on it. I stuck to the Nintendo at the time but did watch him play it.

First actual family computer we got was a Windows 95 E-machine in 97. Was already familiar with basic computer use due to school.
Though that shit box introduced me to the world of computer maintenance and troubleshooting since it would crash all the god damn time and generally run into all the common errors of the time. My parents rather then just fix it for me would teach me how to handle each new problem so that if it happened again I didn't have to bother them.


>What was your family's first computer?
Not family, my personal, it was white acer laptop with 2gb ram, i don't remember anything about gpu or cpu, but for sure it was of same range.
>Do you still possess hardware or software?
Bunch of disks somewhere.
>Did you have subscriptions to related magazines
No, but my mother bought them to me.
>What your top five games
Clonk endevour and sonic 3 & knuckles, the rest i don't remember, probably some shareware shit no one remembers


VIC-20. Possess everything.


No magazine subscriptions, but local library had quite a few magazine subs. and had all the latest books on subject.

This continued well into 90's as well: several linux mags they had and always the latest books on linux and coding in c, assembly and whatnot.

Turns out, it was the doing of a single librarian with tendencies towards everything home computing, but also towards literary classics.

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