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What do you guys think of the game? I'm personally in love with the constant dread and characters.


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It's been a while since I first played through it, but I'd say the most chilling part of that game for me by far, and really the most chilling I've seen in a piece of media ever, was when you're forced to "reset" that simulation program, until you can manage to extract the information you need from someone who never wanted his consciousness copied/uploaded in the first place. The way that whole section plays out is literally one of the most heinous technological nightmares I can think of. Made all the more worse in that instance, since I and that character you're forced to torture happened to actually share the same name, which just made it extra freaky & visceral in a sense. Needless to say, but I chose to delete what was left of that terror ridden soul as soon as I was presented with the option to do so. It's just a shame that you couldn't do the same with the main "ark", or whatever it was called, since I most certainly would've done that as well. Eventually the program housed within would become lost & irreparably corrupted, potentially creating an existence of eternal digital torment. Having said that, the ending to that game is beyond frightening, just not in the way that even it itself realized. The version of yourself that remained in the ocean got off lucky, frankly. Not to mention, that the idea of a digital "ark" housing the last remnants of humanities consciousness, is such an inherently futile & meaningless gesture, given that it's doomed to fail/disappear after a rather cosmologically short period of time. Better to simply delete it, both so as to get the inevitable end over with and to, more importantly, avert the unthinkable scenario of an everlasting digital hell, where corruption could potentially stretch out each moment of consciousness, in a very SCP 2718 sort of way. As far as I'm concerned, mankind's hubris needs to be relegated exactly where it belongs in this instance, right up its own proverbial ass.


I played it 2 times. It is a unique game despite the first "walking simulator" impression. I didn't find any obvious hole in scenario and characters didn't annoy me which is rare. Recommended if you liked 90s sci-fi body horror movies and to anyone who prefers short games with slow pace.


I didn't even consider the possibility of the ark becoming corrupted. Jesus, this story doesn't even have the luxury of a silver-linings…


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I really loved it! The only thing I disliked was the occasional low quality of the dialogue and the sometimes snarky, amateurish voice acting of the main characters. They got on my nerves after a while.
I'm looking forward to my second playthrough. Encountering the last human, Sarah Lindwall, was one of my all time favorite moments in a game. It was very moving.


One of the most immersive and memorable experiences I've ever had in a game, legit felt depressed after finishing it


played through it about a month before the Coronavirus hit. That whole part where you learn what happened to the world on the TV made me replay it.

Also, I didn't understand the first puzzle when you meet the 2nd robot you can talk to. Him, or it, constantly screaming and sobbing while I struggled to progress the game got to me.


Just finished it. I loved the plot, setting, characters, dialogue, and the puzzles (for the most part). The real treat was Simon and Catherine’s interactions, and the philosophical conversations about technology’s capacity to preserve human consciousness (and whether such a thing is a worthy goal).

I found more of a horror element in the setting, traversing though dead undersea bases and so forth. I also felt quite disoriented and panicky when walking the ocean floor, wondering when/if I’ll even be able to make it to the next location.

A very good game overall. Would highly recommend.


The game is awesome, the ending is literally perfect, it is true horror, I couldn't even imagine a fate like that, it's nightmare fuel. I really liked how the devs made the game so frightening without using cheap jump scares or other silly crap like that, but truly a psychological horror on a subject most people have probably never even contemplated. Yeah it is a walking simulator, puzzles are pretty easy, but it's still really good as you're meant to read/listen to stories and logs that provide the lore of the world which slowly lets you know what's really going on, it took me about 10 hours to complete. I probably won't play it again but still I'd give it a 9/10, only issue I had was a couple time enemies would be patrolling an area in which there were lots of data logs and computers to read through but I wasn't able to really read any of the stuff in that section of the game because I'd get killed, would have liked if there was a way to contain the enemy so that I could have went through all those logs.


My favorite horror game, just wasn't a fan of Simon's antics. I didn't like his voice or his feeble personality. And him lying to Robin Bass annoyed the hell out of me.


I like how they promoted this game with a succubus


This game gave me shell shock for a few days after finishing it. Something akin to what >>48550 describes. The idea of mankind's extinction presented in this game was truly horrifying.

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