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File: 1580538152048.jpg (84.63 KB, 960x764, 240:191, no one.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i want to play GTA IV really bad, but it's just such a pain in the ass to get it set up and it might take several hours of troubleshooting and trying to install mods only for it to still not work at all. i really don't know if it's a can of worms i'm ready to open yet.
i was also thinking of doing STALKER SoC, but same story there, i read the readme file for the Zone Reclamation Project and yawned. i don't give a fuck about your 15 step process bitch! bitch!


what the fuck? i remember new english patches coming out for shin megami tensei games coming out, and instead of giving me a pre-patched ROM, i have to go get some software and patch it myself, are you kidding me dude? just put the pre-patched shit up in the first place.

you know what i'll do instead of jumping through hoops like some animal? i'll just not fucking play it. ahahaha seriously. if i have to do more than 15 minutes of installation, if i have to watch youtube guides or whatever, i'm not playing it!

>"hey dude i got this list of MUST HAVE mods!"

oh yeah? zip em up for me dude, i'm ready to have a go.
>"no dude, you have to go to 17 different websites and install them yourself. ETA 6 hours. oh by the way, you have to get this specific version of the game. yeahh, so you have to take your file of the game, install the official update from the official site, then, install this fan update that brings it to version .9, then install this complete overhaul update. then you can start installing all the mods on my list."
how about instead of having me do all that shit you just upload it pre-patched and pre-modded and ready to go? why are you having people download useless versions of the game?
>"WTF DUDE GO BACK TO CONSOLE YOU'RE SO LAZY JESUS. btw there's a 10% chance that even after all that work that the game might just refuse to run if you're on windows 7 or 10."

this "strawman" is unironically the current state of Battle for Middle Earth 2 Age of the Ring mod.

oh, wait.
LOL as of 20 days ago they actually used their brains and uploaded a pre-patched, pre-modded version of the game!
this is perfect and exactly what I had hoped for. i'm really glad I decided to make this thread because it prompted me to look into this.
NOW, FINALLY, i can play Battle for Middle Earth 2 without a 25 step, 4 hour long process of trial and error.
i'm in a really good mood now.

BUT, HEY, just because this one game did it right (finally after years of being retarded) doesn't mean there isn't THOUSANDS exactly like it.


cataclysm: dark days ahead and dungeon crawl: stone soup both had their development teams taken over by trannies who added politicized content, or removed/sabotaged existing and upcoming content.
several forums and /rlg/ complain about this.
they are told "if you dislike it, then go into the code and make your own custom build of the game that returns it to a state that isn't horrible."
and some of them allegedly have.

do they share it? no, of course not. because if you want to play a PC game, you have to jump through hoops like a performing animal.


all these programs to trick the disc tray into thinking something's in it. ahahhahaa. as if my computer doesn't have enough bloatware. if i have to download a program to download a game, i'm playing something else.

there's like 30 different versions of MAME and of course every single ROM has to be specifically tailored for that version, because of course it can't be so easy as just going and downloading a game and playing it. of course not.
so i just plain don't play arcade games.
there are a couple pre-compiled ROM packs for MAME that are guaranteed to work, but they're always missing something i want to play so i get pissed off and uninstall.


File: 1580539543633.png (37.73 KB, 788x516, 197:129, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

AHAHAHA NOPE! i was wrong! it still does indeed require you to go through 25 steps! i misread!
so guess what, i'm not playing it! I'll play tropico 4 instead.



does this seem reasonable to you?
tell me honestly, is this reasonable?



What if you bought the games from Steam


I really can't find anything to play. Feels like I've already played everything but it's not true.


I hate you OP.


Same. What a baby.


TONS of older steam games require lots of set up or don't work at all.
empire at war gold edition and swat 2 immediately come to mind.
GTA IV's steam edition still requires just as much set up as pirating it if you're on Win 10 or want to play with mods.
and i'm playing Postal 2 right now and i'm having crashes and bugs constantly.

the only games that aren't enormous pains in the ass are brand new ones, and as you probably know, they all SUCK!


oh btw, actually buying STALKER SoC from steam requires more set up than pirating it. ahahahah. mods have extra set up steps if you're using the steam version.

Battle for Middle Earth 2 can't be purchased anywhere which is part of why it's such a pain in the ass i think.

are you like those guys that are actually happy to be employed and enjoy doing menial tasks? sorry but i don't enjoy wasting 4 hours on effectively nothing. i saw a post from a guy once who spent 5 entire days trying to get STALKER SoC to run well with his mods.

do you know what could have circumvented that issue? people uploading a version of the game that's already pre-patched and pre-modded.
just ask yourself why the fuck they're having us download useless versions of the game everywhere? why? they enjoy making us waste our time?


wizardry 8's steam version is fucky as well (which is a really good game, you should buy it, but be prepared to spend 2 hours performing set up, because PC games are never easy)


>are you like those guys that are actually happy to be employed and enjoy doing menial tasks?
No. I can read a readme file though.


hey let's not get our wires crossed here.

THIS readme:

1. Launch Postal2
2. Go to NewGame → Workshop…
3. Select "Mods" tab and double click "ED Extra Weapons" to add this mod
4. Press "Start" button to start game!
5. You have an item in your inventory with a ED icon. Press ENTER to use it

is a whole lot fucking different than THIS ONE:

fuck that shit.
and there's zero excuse for it.
AND no guarantee it'll even work. AOTR has so many issues they made a discord server just for Q&A support. i checked it out for a moment and there's dudes in there troubleshooting for entire weeks.


Git gud tbh


So what you are really saying is that you are mad that you are too dumb to game.
Got it.

Maybe find a different hobby or pay for one of those plug and play pseudo consoles like the nintendo mini.


This is the most zoomer thing I ever read. Stop being so entitled.


File: 1581493053341.mp4 (77.15 KB, 512x512, 1:1, RRat2020.mp4) ImgOps iqdb



i'd rather die than subject myself to such an anti-intellectual POS.
if you want to play something like pokemon, i suggest just taking a nap instead.


Use repacks
Anyway, anything closed source gets unplayable in a decade or so
Blade Runner is a recent example, before scummvm you had to sacrifice a virgin succubi on a full moon in an arcane ritual to get it to run
Now you can just play it


>i want to play GTA IV really bad, but it's just such a pain in the ass to get it set up and it might take several hours of troubleshooting and trying to install mods only for it to still not work at all
Really? GTA IV isn't that hard to setup. It usually takes me an hour to download the game from a torrent, unpack, and install the game. Are you using Fitgirl repack?



File: 1592112254694.gif (523.98 KB, 400x266, 200:133, 1466128037830.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Man, some of these replies are so fucking cancerous. What is this place supposed to be, /v/? Seriously, just fuck you people.

Anyway, I understand your pain OP. This is exactly the reason why I haven't played any of the more recent Fallout/Elder Scrolls games, at least since New Vegas was released, because the amount of mods it takes to just get a semi-decent experience is just through the roof and obscene, which has perpetually seemed to keep me at bay from ever even playing them. Stuff like The Witcher 3, or any other mod heavy game, is pretty much the same story.

If it wasn't for websites like PCGamingWiki being around providing a, most of the time, fairly simple means to sort the technical issues of most games, whether they be old or new, I'd have a lot less kind things to say about PC gaming.

>i was also thinking of doing STALKER SoC, but same story there, i read the readme file for the Zone Reclamation Project and yawned.

The self-defeating thing about STALKER: SoC for me was that I originally started with a modded version of the game for my first playthrough (OGSE was the name of the mod), which added a ton of random shit, most of which was buggy as hell and a lot stuff that was simply up its own ass (like esoteric quests and such that were a pain to deal with, assuming they weren't just flat-out broken). Anyway, that shit fucking mod pretty much ruined the entire game for me and about 85% though the game I dropped SoC for about a year until I eventually came back to it and decided to bite the bullet and start over fresh with only a couple bug fix/graphical improvement mods installed and, I have to say, I enjoyed the game way, WAY more.

Served as a lesson to me that sometimes mods can actually do more harm than good and that it's usually a pretty bad idea to begin a game with buggy mods that radically alter/change certain aspects of said game, without an original, mostly vanilla playthrough to contrast it with.

For what it's worth though, my first playthrough of Deus Ex was played using the GMDX mod and I highly enjoyed my time with that, even though it changed/improved several things about the game, so it can be hard to say how far one should go with mods to get the best experience, even for a first time playthrough.


Yeah, I've often wished for that as well. A repack of Morrowind, New Vegas or Skyrim with all the most 'essential' mods would be fucking fantastic, I must say.


>Man, some of these replies are so fucking cancerous. What is this place supposed to be, /v/? Seriously, just fuck you people.
The OP is the worst offender here…



I'll agree that the OP was a tad obnoxious, yet you still have multiple people in this thread casting the first stone and shitting on him for being some dumb, self-entitled baby simply for the supposed "crime" of not wanting to jump through a bunch of needless hoops in regards to the sometimes massive hassle involved in setting up a bunch of mods and potentially having to deal with the additional migraine inducing hassle of needing to troubleshoot the buggier ones.

Having to deal with technical problems in older games, or having to manage a bunch of buggy mods that don't play nice with each other, isn't fun. Having a game that won't even boot after applying supposed "fixes" isn't fun. In fact, it's often a huge pain in the ass. Again, I'll admit that the OP is pretty crude and impatient sounding in describing all this, but so what? This sort of shit sucks. Might as well not beat around the bush about it. I for one actually appreciate the bluntness, since I've sometimes felt the same kind of annoyed frustration when it comes to certain games that are basically hell to get working correctly and how great it'd be if somebody could provide a fully encompassing repack of these games. Somewhat similar to how certain titles on GoG come with pre-included fan fixes, so you don't have to deal with the hassle of grappling with them yourself.


before emuparadise got targeted my nintendo I had a good time there. There were a few hoops of trying to get the right emulator, get it to run, get the game you want, and get that to run. By the end of all that I am to tired trying to remap the controls in order to get that old console gaming feel. But some of those games did work fine. Didn't have luck with 3D games like Shadow of the Colussus, but most of them could run on an old XP with no internet connection. Some emulators could even work in linux through wine. But with all the spyware Windows 7 and up want to install on your computer, I've given up trying these games, not to mention I am too poor to afford an legit Windows 7 OS, let alone a system that could run it without bricking. Hell even some GOG games would fail on me because I wasn't updated to Windows server pack 3.


Luckily I got a pirated version of Oblivion off isohunt before that got shut down, and I was surprised I could get it to install and run on my computer. But these fucking linux updates always find ways to fuck over my dual boot systems and I have to troubleshoot everything from scratch.


im glad someone finally understands!
is that with games like Battle for Middle Earth 2, these guys DESPERATELY want new players. they BEG people to play the game with them, it has a dying multiplayer community.



also Re: fallout new vegas, that's one of the few games that I knew I liked enough to actually bother getting started on despite the big barrier of entry (used to play it on PS3). it took about 5 hours and two youtube guides to get it into a playable state. it still has major issues and conflicting mods and sometimes i'm too scared/pissed off to touch it, but it's halfway playable.

i just checked piratebay and, again, not a single pre-patched, pre-modded version of the game is up there.

new vegas is A MILLION people's favorite game of all time, yet not a single person took the time to get a functional version up on piratebay.
why do they torture us like this? i don't understand.


It's windows updates that fuck it up. You can avoid issues like that by using 2 different drives instead of one drive with two partitions


File: 1592219814715.pdf (4 MB, majin_tensei_ii_english-Co….pdf)

Yeah, I don't actually use mods often. The vanilla version is usually good enough and the mods I used is minor enough to not break the game. Big and popular enough mods usually has extensive troubleshooting coverage though. Besides there is usually no one definitive sets of mods for people to use and even if there is, it isn't worth the hosting and potential takedowns to provide a download link.

>i remember new english patches coming out for shin megami tensei games coming out, and instead of giving me a pre-patched ROM, i have to go get some software and patch it myself

These ones? Just erase the .pdf extensions since wizchan won't let me upload roms. I got these from /smtg/ but searching google net me some pre patched results. Maybe nobody just had not uploaded a pre patched ver yet because the patch just came out.

>does this seem reasonable to you?
Umm, yes? I am probably used to it already but it doesn't look that bad to me. The terrible ones is the one with tons of dependencies and require you to install some third party software.

Bethesda games are the easier to install a mod in. Literally just copy the esm or whatever file and include it in the launcher.


File: 1592220068986.pdf (2.5 MB, Shin Megami Tensei if... (….pdf)

And this is if… , the previous one is majin tensei II. Change that one to .smc and this one to .sfc

I haven't tried playing these but they are bootable.


Actually, you don't even need to change the extension. Just tell your emulator to open these files. It won't care about extensions.


I've never played games with mods. Usually i torrent something and it just works straight away. The only issue that is fucking windows - since i only use it for games it has to fucking update itself every fucking time


there was a free giveaway and i got a copy of Persona 4 Golden. im one of the lucky few who it just works right out of the box, but it's looking like others aren't so lucky and are having to download shady .exe files to try to repair it haha. i hate PC gaming, i honestly really do. it's a gamble. every game you buy and download is a gamble as to whether or not it will work, and then, a gamble as to whether or not "fixes" will work after that.


im trying to play Darkest Dungeon and it crashes on every other loading screen and has audio loop issues.
can't believe my $1200 PC can't even run a shitty 5 year old indie game lol.
i fucking hate computers.


Let me guess, you spent all that on a computer but you pirate games and complain that sometimes the downloads are shady, the installer doesn't work right, parts of the game were corrupted, or that the version you got was a unoptimized mess.

99% of the games I get through steam and similar services quite literally just work even on my mid budget "gaming" laptop.
The only time I ever really have to deal when the shit you are describing is when I am pirating games. When pirating dealling with all that bullshit is the cost of getting the game for free. You ain't dealing with incentivized professionals. They have no reason nor incentive to hand hold you, make things easy, or even not to do something malicious. Especially torrents. I always treat torrents with the highest level of suspicion and scrutiny. Some of the nastiest attacks and malware I ever had to deal with were from torrents.
At least with direct downloads they are just link shilling and the like to get their payoff. So they have less of a reason to mess with you other then mild inconveniences.

With actual payed option you pay money and you get premium service. Plain and simple. No fuss, few if any problems, and if you do end up with a problem there is someone who is actually payed to personally take time out of their life to help fix it.


n1kobg site and revision os linked there cured my pc of all the disturbing windows nonsense you can try and see if it helps


File: 1596563529671.jpg (6.55 KB, 298x184, 149:92, th.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just download some Visual Boy emulator with roms, bruh.

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