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Hellow dear fellow wizzards.

Im currently looking for someone to play this gem with.
it holds great sentimental value for me as i used to play this game a lot on the SNES with one of my friends i used to have when i was still young (34 of age now)
I reside in the CET time zone (EUROPA) but i dont think time difference should be too much of an issue.
Also if you have anything cool to say about this game please be my guest and share your fond memories


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i remember not being able to complete the first dungeon because i couldnt figure it out lol. i also remember the radial menu looked neat as shit, pic for example. back then i was too dumb to complete most rpgs and didnt have a way to look up guides


Great, boyposter has escaped /b/ and is now doing his daily begging for people to play with him on the surface boards too.


I played that game a bit with someone else when I was young (age 30). I got bored of it because the guy was being too competitive if I recall. Like I was stressed into leveling up or something. So I quit. It's on my to-do list for PSX game collecting though. I'm such a bum I have not the space to back up my backups if I get a bunch of PSX ROM's everywhere.

No wait, that was LEGEND OF MANA.

I have Secret of Mana but got stuck after beating that bird thing near the mushroom kingdom. There was a second boss somewhere but I didn't see it.

Also, The Secret of Evermore or whatever I have. It's like the same game dynamics. Then again i found it lame and probably deleted Evermore. Not the right theme though, it's cyber and not magic if I recall the beginning.

There is a sequel also, to this game. It was translated to English but never given to us. It is the third game, the Gameboy game final fantasy adventure was the first, though not very similar.

You should play all three. I got stuck in a wall once in the Gameboy one that is misnamed for the English.

Anyway, was that even two player? The Legend one was, but not the normal RPG one you're talking about, was it? It's single player, yeah?



add me wiz , let's do this.

discord: Yılmaz#0240


Shit, I just discovered this thread, is anyone still up for this?

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