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I may have burned myself with this one. I wanted to explore every single nook and cranny of this game without any faqs and I have been doing just that. 80 hours in though, and I'm tired of the game and there's at least 4 other bosses and a whole area left to explore (that I know of). I really should have finished the game first and then do this heavy exploration on the second run, then I would have at least seen the ending. Another thing making it harder to continue is that I built a pure mage for this run as all the other Souls games I made the same characters over and over again (guy with a sword that rolls around, pyromancer guy, the usual) and wanted something completely different. This build though means I pretty much can't get a single hit in any boss as all of them can one easily one hit me. The only way I can beat them is to know inside out every move they have and it can get pretty boring doing the same boss 30 times. I know if I take a break I'll just forget about it and never come back to it.


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playing dominions 4 nowadays, a game about aspiring gods killing eachother to become the big boi god, like a divine battle royale


Dude you’re magic. Just stand 40 feet away and spam crystal soul spear at them until they die.


File: 1584485194494.jpg (335.74 KB, 1280x545, 256:109, FFXV_IgnisPromptoGladio.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm playing FFXV
A lot of people hate it but to me it seems fine for now, I like that the plot is just going on a roadtrip with your friends


File: 1584493474410.jpg (96.81 KB, 931x947, 931:947, 642876487268742.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>I know if I take a break I'll just forget about it and never come back to it.

This is what happened to me with Sekiro. It's still installed on my computer, but I haven't touched it in close to a year. I imagine I'll go back to it at some point, but I don't know. The fact that it's just another Souls-like kinda disappointed me, to be honest. It just feels like another Dark Souls game, except with a fixed character & the emphasis being on constantly countering attacks (like being forced to parry from the Souls games, but with a much more generous window). Then you got shit like dragon sickness, which punishes you for dying, and other assorted crap, and meh. Why couldn't they have just made it a stealth game, like Tenchu and like they seemed to promote & promise that it would be? Why this Souls formula shit with slight alterations over & over. I'm fucking sick of it.

Also, I was going to replay the original Dark Souls (remastered version for PC, since I haven't checked that out yet) before I finally check out Dark Souls 3, but it's just another thing I can't really be bothered to do. I remember how I picked up Dark Souls II SotF in 2015, played it for a couple days, then dropped it for like 2 1/2 years before I finally went back to finish all of it completely (DLC included) back in 2018, by playing it for like a week straight. Original Dark Souls (Prepare to Die edition) I only finished twice back on PS3 in like later 2012, early 2013, and then I traded the last couple weapons I needed for the platinum trophy because I couldn't be bothered to play it a third time. I remember in Demon's Souls I did the same thing, since I screwed up my world tendency and I couldn't get the last couple weapons I needed so I traded with some guy who managed to help me out. In retrospect, it's kinda funny becuase both guys were subtlety like, "But bro, don't you want to play it again because these games are so damn amazing?", and me not really being aware of how insane people were over the Souls series at the time I was just confused and was like, "No, thanks. Appreciate the help. Well, see ya.".

Well, that's my sordid history with the Souls series, basically. I don't really understand why people love them so much, but they're still playable & OK, I guess. I mean, even the original Dark Souls, which I went in blind to, but by the end of it, I was just kinda ambivalent about it. I got annoyed at a few bosses and I wandered around a lot, until I eventually just reached the end. Overall it just didn't really leave much of an impression on me, is what I'm saying. Demon's Souls somewhat did, but even that was sorta the same thing. People talk about Dark Souls like it's the most amazing fucking game to have ever been made (like some normal saying how it saved them from suicidal depression and stupid shit like that) and to me this just clashes & is juxtaposed intensely against the rather ho-hum times I've had with these games myself over the years. I'd even go so far as to say that I actually find myself enjoying the imitators of the Souls series, more than the Souls series itself, to be honest. Mostly just the 2D imitators though, like 'Salt & Sanctuary', or in tone/atmosphere like 'Hollow Knight'.

Well, I'd still like to check out Bloodborne someday, but I don't have a PS4 and am still too lazy to get one.

As an aside, out of all the Souls games I've played, I'd actually consider the original Dark Souls to be the weakest. I'd consider Demon's Souls to be the most memorable for me and the most enjoyable, but Dark Souls 2 is something I actually found myself also noticeably enjoying upon returning to it later. Especially the exploration and even the bosses, while somewhat generic, were satisfying to fight. I beat every single one, even the optional DLC ones, but I definitely leaned on the NPC phantoms as meat shields, since I'd always summon them when going against a boss to draw heat away from me, despite the fact that I was kinda a hybrid greatsword & magic user (with the exception of Demons Souls, I was always seem to gear myself towards using the Moonlight Greatsword). Even though summoning increases the health of the boss, the trade off was usually worth it.

I also played offline, since the whole online invasion aspect of the Souls series has always been a major turnoff for me. The idea of me exploring at my own pace and then some random fuck coming in to try & grief/kill me has always seemed absolutely disgusting to me. That happened a couple times for me in Demon's Souls, before I even knew what it was and when I realized it I just signed out and decided to play offline instead. I don't even know how people can enjoy that sort of thing. I absolutely hate PvP bullshit and having it shoved in my face like that really annoyed me. Ever since, I've always played Souls games, or Souls-like games that have invasion shit, offline. I really wish there were an option to disable invasions, since I end up missing out on the messages by other players, or online summoning, but none of that shit is worth putting up with for the headache invasions bring, so offline is better than nothing since otherwise there's no fucking way I could ever enjoy these games on any level. It's funny because I still enjoyed Dark Souls 2 more than Dark Souls 1, even though I played it completely offline and was simply enamored with the PvE content, despite people constantly saying that the only thing good about Dark Souls 2 was its PvP aspect.

Well, I just don't get why people love these games, especially when it comes to their garbage PvP. These games been around for so long now and I still just don't feel the same way as these people. They're OK, I don't mind them, but that's it. Some people are fucking livid about these games and have played them with rock band controllers, or 300 times and still aren't bored with them. I've never felt that away about a game, except maybe the original Deus Ex. Well, again, I just don't get it.


I'm playing SWAT: Elite Force
This game is too easy on hard, the AI does better job than me so I just end up giving orders and staying back. Using heavy armor makes it too easy to die too.



>the AI does better job than me so I just end up giving orders and staying back.

I actually found myself going solo a lot of the time due to how bad the AI was. Ordering them to toss a flash bang into a room was almost always a guarantee for disaster for instance. Mostly since they'd get immediately shot upon opening the door, or the animation would play out in such a way where the AI would miss and just throw the flashbang against the wall instead of through the door. Clearing large rooms/areas, or getting them to cuff a bunch of surrendered hostiles was all I honestly found them to be good for a lot of the time.

One thing which annoyed me about SWAT 4, and something that not even the Elite Force mod fixed, was being unable to pass equipment between you and your AI squad. For instance, you can only carry so many flashbangs and since the AI is so useless at using them I wished there was an option to access their inventory and have them give you their flashbangs. This wasn't such an issue in the official or expansion maps, but some of the user made levels out there really became a slog due to the lack of this feature.

>This game is too easy on hard

Yeah, I found the main game to be somewhat tricky, but still mostly forgiving. The expansion had some tough maps, but was largely not too bad either. Personally, I played 100% non-lethally and, as a result, was able to pretty much get the max score for each mission. Wounded AI teammates deducts points from your overall score, which always kinda annoyed me. Not enough to fail the mission of course, but just from keeping me from getting a perfect score.

Some of the user maps are fucking brutal, though. One I can recall and that I ended up giving up on, involves getting dropped on the roof of a hotel and working your way across a large floor and then down through a huge flight of stairs only to clear a basement with lots of blind spots & corners was altogether especially grueling. Again, essentially because I'd run out of flashbangs at some point and then was pretty much fucked due to how useless the AI is. Keep in mind though that I was still playing non-lethally, so it may have been a bit easier had I switched to lethal. Shotguns loaded with bean bags was all I ever used and I didn't really dabble with the rather vast arsenal all that much.

As an aside, SWAT 4 had some downright chilling moments. Like the first mission with the serial killer, or later on with the cult that has a bunch of kids buried in the basement. At the same time, it could also have some downright hilarious missions, like the nightclub mission, or the one set in that church filled with old people. A very random game like that, I must say.


Live a Live. The gameplay is mediocre. It might be one of these games where it makes as much sense to watch a playthrough on youtube…



I wish somebody would make another tactical shooter that's like SWAT 4. Whether it was an actual sequel, or just a spiritual successor to it. Hell, I'd even take another Rainbow Six Vegas, or whatever. All that's out there now is garbage like Siege or ARMA. Multiplayer normies ruin everything.


File: 1585030599066.gif (500.91 KB, 500x370, 50:37, 4524276472682462.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Currently playing Silent Hill 3 at the moment and I'm already hopelessly stuck on the first puzzle. Keep in mind that I set the riddle difficulty to hard, since I hubristically thought I'd be able to handle whatever the game could throw at me, yet here I am not even able to figure out the very first puzzle. Outside of my stupidity, it really seems like a pretty fucked puzzle, since I don't see how anyone could solve it unless they already knew what these Shakespeare stories were about. In my case, I happen to already know what they're about, but it still doesn't really help because even though I have them all lined up correctly, based on the descriptions in that note next to the door indicating their order. Although, I can't really even be sure of the placement of the books since Hamlet & Othello seems interchangeable based on the descriptions for the stories the game gives. The only ones that seem clear cut to me are King Lear, Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth. It doesn't matter though since those numbers it lists at the end seem like complete nonsense to me. I'm referring to the whole;

>One vengeful man;

>Spilled blood for two;
>Two youths shed tears for three;
>Three witches disappeared thusly;
>The four keys remain

What does this sort of shit even mean? It seems to totally contradict the initial order. Is this supposed to be the true order, or do I have to add, or subtract these values from the books & their marked book numbers? In what way, though? Is it in regards to the initial order, or simply what their story is about? "One vengeful man" could apply to both Othello or Hamlet. Also, does that mean I need to add 1, or take away 1? "Spilled blood for two", is just as annoyingly vague. Is it also connected to the previous line, or is it just its one line? Do I have to add 2 or take away 2, not to mention which description does this book apply to? "Two youths shed tears for three" makes no sense at all and I don't see how it relates to any of these stories. I assume 2 & 3 need to be added together to make 5, since the reverse would just lead to -1. I also assume the "four keys remain" refers to only having four books on the shelf, which means one needs to be removed. I tried removing Macbeth since its numerical book value is 3, and it has 3 witches in it, so I thought 3 witches disappearing means I have to remove it to get the actual code, but that didn't work either. The books themselves are numbered 1-5, but the keypad goes up to 9, which also confuses me, but that's probably just a cosmetic irrelevance.

Well, I really detest puzzles like this, I gotta say. This sort of convoluted, arbitrary shit cobbled together with obscure, next to impossible to discern, "instructions". In situations like this, there's just too many possibilities that could be potential answers and trying to actually intuit what the developers were getting at here becomes an act of basically needing to either be lucky, or a mind reader. I just don't understand why developers feel the need to make puzzles that are this frustratingly vague & obtuse. I know I set it to hard, but still. Shit like this is just completely obnoxious. I can't help wondering, but do developers even bother to playtest these sorts of puzzles at all, or does one guy just kinda throw them in there without getting any feedback as to how up their own ass with their own backwards ass logic they are?


File: 1585036580156-0.jpg (66.83 KB, 510x512, 255:256, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1585036580156-1.jpg (29.5 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Dead_8f0531_1955506.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Playing Dead Space on medium right now.

Halfway through right now. The game feels like a motley mixture of System Shock 2, RE4, Bioshock, Alien movies, The Thing and all shit that is possible. The game seems devoid of originality except for the weapons, the absence of HUD and the PC's design.

The game isn't scary, the jumpscares aren't scary, the enemies aren't scary, just plain irritating.

The fetch-quests are irritating, there's nothing else to do except upgrade weapons, fetch items, blast enemies, the enemy design is irritating, the level design is irritating, I've already revisited two levels again, the story is boring and the NPCs are boring.

Maybe I would have enjoyed it if I was 16 years old. Let's see how this goes.


File: 1585055820092.jpg (28.59 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 220px-Half-Life_Opposing_F….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Opposing Force, this is way more fun than vanilla Half Life. I love the new weapons.


File: 1585057135322.jpg (203.57 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, resident-evil-2-remake.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm about an hour into this and considering dropping it. Does it get better? Also, maybe because I'm playing on a toaster and have all the graphic effects turned off but this game is dark as hell, there are rooms I literally can't see anything and I have adjusted the brightness as recommended.


welp that was short


I take some criticisms back.

I've changed my perception and realized this game isn't horror but action-comedy similar to Doom. Kicking aliens like Ryan Gosling.

Now the game feels bit better. The story is still stagnant and bad though but I'd just consider it as some excuse for blasting aliens.


yeah but the enemies are bullet sponges, and the black ops are such cheap bullshit


>yeah but the enemies are bullet sponges
Yeah that's true. Especially those big things that shoot lightning. Good thing that one gun that kinda looks like the BFG one shots them.
>the black ops are such cheap bullshit
I had a bunch of grenades, luckily, so they didn't take me that much.

I'm playing Blue Shift, so far it's ok. Nothing new though


Megaman ZX, about to drop it.
I'm not liking this roaming around in a megaman game thing.
>dash, slash, dash, slash, dash, slash


File: 1585268026836.gif (985.9 KB, 400x216, 50:27, 6478264872.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Honestly, I thought this puzzle was bad, and boy is it fucking ever, not just because of the having to already have prior knowledge of Shakespeare and to pick up on rather obscure references to his stories, but, more importantly, that you need to, multiply the 2 and the 3 in the last poem in regards to which books they represent. Like, what the god damned fuck? How the hell are you supposed to know to multiply those numbers to get the answer? Why not add them, or even divide them? Why multiply them and why only the second numbers? Like, seriously, how in jesus fucking christ are you expected to come to that sort of arbitrary conclusion? Insane leaps in logic like this just piss me off so fucking bad and I just feel like a moron for even trying to solve something so insulting and downright stupid in the first place.

That shit was nothing compared to the 2nd floor door puzzle in the hospital. Again, how in the ever loving fuck are you supposed to interpret that long ass poem of some guy eating a succubus's face, to be a metaphor for the code you need to input into the door, and that shit like this succubus's lips getting bitten off, means you therefore need to overlay that image over the keypad and press the roughly corresponding number. Again, HOW IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO FUCKING GUESS THIS? It's the most complete harebrained bullshit you can imagine. I literally can't even fathom how someone could solve either of these two puzzles without days of either banging their head against a wall before getting ridiculously lucky and managing to stumble across the solution, or simply caving and looking online. Personally, I opted for the latter and I'm glad I did. It just pisses me off, since I, for the most part, enjoyed solving the puzzles in both Silent Hill 1 & 2 and neither of them were anywhere near this obtuse or up their own ass when it came to their solutions. Another problem with SH3 puzzle-wise is the constant use of wordy bullshit and badly written poems which are supposed to pass as sufficient enough information to solve what's required, despite how frustratingly indecipherable and tedious they are to read or wrap your head around. It's a shame how grappling with these ridiculous fucking puzzles has really hampered the flow and pacing of the game for me. Just seriously fuck the person who designed and thought up these deranged, bullshit "puzzles" with a rusty, plague ridden rake.


Yeah those puzzles are pretty bullshit, I just put the puzzle difficulty in normal whenever I play SH3


File: 1585345566003-0.png (1014.92 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20200327-154024.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1585345566003-1.png (1.32 MB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20200327-153927.png) ImgOps iqdb

Trying another game that I wish was a console or steam game and not gacha, plus android garbage has so little space you can only have one or two games at the same time.


I've become hopelessly addicted to Stardew Valley.

Its the kind of game that I'd always thought would be about as compelling and or entertaining as the old phrase "watching paint dry" but I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to be wrong when I eventually gave it a shot just recently.

It only has a few minor glaring flaws due to it's creator Eric Barone being an SJW soy slurper such as fag + interracial marriage + nigger scientist characters that are doubly unrealistic since niggers in the real world simply are not scientists( save for "Token" De Grass Tyson whom SJW's and libtards can't get enough of slurping on his nigger dong) nor do they like living in the boonies/countryside type environment where Stardew Valley takes place since nigs prefer big cities due to all the free gibs as well easy access to goods and services ie they are lazy fucks.

Also the homeless character should be a nigger or a mestizo since even though ALL races for sure can and have homeless members on AVERAGE its going to be a non white you see rifling through a garbage can for your recently thrown away bag of half eaten McNiggers slop and generally not a white person.

"Linus" is of course charming as many have pointed out but the character would be better served as a bald nigger named "Rufus" with a mad scowl on his face whose ready to stick a shiv in you for your tbone steak.


How realistic the multicultural aspect is aside, the aesthetic of it really repels me. Brown skin, fucked up haircuts, bulb noses, big eyebrows. Anime removed features until you had an ideal, these modern western indies seem fond of doing the opposite. And yet it still tries to look cutesy, so gross.


I'm a big Harvest Moon/Rune Factory fan so I've thought of trying it out many times but seeing the art for the character portraits always turns me off


Name of the game?


Alice Gear Aegis


People like you are vastly more unbearable than the boogeyman SJWs. Lay off the ideology cocktail, man


File: 1585993268235.png (885.18 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20200404-033409.png) ImgOps iqdb

You can get Marie Rose with this outfit atm, the other versions I think are locked behind gacha bullshit.


Also i forgot to add you can repeat the first roll unlimited times, so make sure to spam it until you get succubi of your liking, as you won't get another chance like that.


File: 1586075235190-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 756.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20200405-102400….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586075235190-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 494.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20200402-125743….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586075235190-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 769.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20200405-102228….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally finished the quest to get Akashi


Gacha can hardly be called a game.


GTFOa and i do not recommend it as you need to play with other people


File: 1586304884221.jpg (171.67 KB, 1174x838, 587:419, Puyo-Puyo-Tetris.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Decided to finally take the plunge and learn how to play Puyo Puyo. It's been very fun so far. I'll try to put a couple of hours every day into it. We'll see.


I haven't played any of PuyoPuyo games in like 10 years.
I remember liking them less then most other puzzle games but still thinking it was good.


File: 1586380626265-0.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2020-03-24-19-3….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1586380626265-1.png (898.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2020-04-07-16-2….png) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't know what Gatcha games were until I got into them because of Starlight Revue's Starlight RE Live mobage.

I've been playing it since the international launch, I'm not even max level because I'll maybe do one pvp round and then be done these days.

The events and stories around the succubi and the way they use 2D live is really pretty, that drew me in. I've spent 10 dollars total because I knew all the psychological tricks going into the game.

They have tons of that in this game, it's kind of sickening knowing how they are pulling on the reward systems of the people who play.

I wouldn't still be playing if the succubi weren't great. It kind of sucks that even if you put all the time in the world into some of the weaker succubi they'll never be as decent as the others.

It's kind of sad that even for the bots in the game you don't have the succubi in their original outfits. Literally even the bots have to have this or that succubus in a pirate costume because the original succubi you start the game with aren't viable past a certain point even in PvE.

I know if I was a kid I'd probably have spent the majority of my waking hours on this game. It was only after a couple of months that I was able to put the game down when I didn't feel it was necessary to continue— these games are designed as a nigh infinite time sink for less and less return on investment.

It kind of sours the story/gameplay elements. The art and music are enjoyable, the characters help me escape reality, the only bad part is the addictive nature of the Gatcha.

Imagine Gatcha as single player and you basically have an RPG. I don't think I'd still be playing if there wasn't the pvp aspect though.


Problem is gacha has characters for all tastes I think that's the most addictive part normal games unless they are some musous force characters on you


Disgaea should count there too only other type game I can think of with many unlockable characters playable not just the imposed ones


File: 1586435133418.jpg (41.5 KB, 696x696, 1:1, IidyHasu.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I spend the past two days playing Puyo Puyo Champions against the computer just to get the hang of it. Now I find out there's 0 people still playing this game.
Just spent 15 minutes waiting for an online match to no avail. Oh well. Not that I care but it's interesting, the only game I ever wanted to play online is dead and apparently it was never much alive anyway, even at launch. Now to be honest I just did some reasearch and there are in fact about a dozen people still playing this but they're all so high level that I would get crushed in literally seconds.

I had the impression Puyo Puyo was a major puzzle game with lots of players, not sure why I thought that though.

It's pretty fun, I just wanted it for the game to be more popular.


What boss gave you the most deaths?


>that thumbnail
was the shitty video necessary?


hopefully the next one has cross platform play


File: 1587667895270.png (872 B, 506x23, 22:1, Fear.png) ImgOps iqdb

playing dorf fortress
good progress so far, got a fully equipped hospital, map only has tetrahedrite so thats a bummer, sent 2nd squad on a mission to retrieve an artifact, made a smaller world with little history to not die to fps
so far its pretty good, figuring out burrows helps


discovered puyo recently, and decided it's going to be the main thing for me. it has the speed of a bullet-hell/platformer, and depth of a puzzle game. basically everything to keep my brains happy

multiplayer on pc is dead, but the ai is kicking my ass anyway, and there's like a ton of things to learn (https://puyonexus.com/wiki/List_of_Chaining_Forms). maybe i'll get nintendo switch eventually, but currently, it's not an issue - for $5 in discount, together with wikis, youtube tutorials, it has enough content to keep me occupied for months


Nice to hear there's another wiz here interested in Puyo games. I've decided to devote at least the rest of this year in knowing puyo inside out. I've made a Twitch to track my progress, I don't know if you tried to watch any of it. Anyway I'll be online soon, if you're interested. I've been playing seriously for about 10 days now and still sucking pretty bad, I can't properly transition to second floor and can't quickly build any pattern that's not stairs. It's been tons of fun though.


how about in a week or two? i'm really just starting, like getting obliterated against the cpu

also it looks like puyonexus community isn't as dead as it looks like, found their channel discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/0k41S8ARwvY2iTIQ


I meant I was online playing old Puyo games, wizzie. I don't really have an interest in multiplayer just yet. If ever you want to watch me losing a lot check the twitch thread, I'm playing every day for 3 to 4 hours.
I don't really use discord but thanks for letting me know about it.



I've also been playing DF and I also really only have tetrahedrite. I do have a bunch of goblin civilizations nearby and the possibility of bronze at least, but I never found anything yet. I haven't been playing often though. However, I suspect that since my squads are so good with dodging and shielding, they'll be fine. I have a 100 and a 6,000 pop. goblin civ nearby, and I did testing and was able to conquer all but the 6,000 pop. civ by just demanding surrender.

It's a dang shame that I can't request soldiers from those civs if there are. I would love using them in my everlasting wars. Or at least de-militarizing populations and changing their ethics over time so I can solidify my rule over them. Something like that. Missions and the military in general still feel incomplete. If you retire your fortress, it can be taken over by numbers alone, I hear, so it's advantageous to have everyone in the military. Also insurrections don't happen at sites you own yet.


I grew up with Kirby's Avalanche, and I've had to tell someone on one occassion that I never grew up with Tetris, but Puyo Puyo. I don't think many people even know what it is. I've never even beaten Kirby's Avalanche or gotten good at Puyo Puyo, but it's on my backlog.

I am also playing some mods of SSBB. I've played Project M, then Project+, and now Project M Remix. Project + adds knuckles, and I had to get rid of Project+ in order to try Project M Remix because I only have a 2 GB SD card. It was my first recommended SD card for soft hacking my wii, so I did that. I'll get another one. Project M Remix adds a bunch of characters like Black Knight, Sephiroth, Shadow the Hedgehog, Black Shadow (from F Zero), Ridley, and some weird character named Metal face. It adds so many characters that I played it for about 1 1/2 hours and still didn't get all of them. It's crazy how many characters there were.


File: 1587722057553.png (24.58 KB, 1858x172, 929:86, Ghost of Graves.png) ImgOps iqdb

ive recently sent out a mission to retrieve an artifact in the middle of the desert, dunno whats up with that
also theres a ruined dorf fort very close to me. apparently a forgotten beast visited there, one of my dorf migrants even made a statue of it


File: 1587723494671-0.png (8.97 KB, 1379x131, 1379:131, FB2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587723494671-1.png (45.88 KB, 1489x466, 1489:466, LeftHandGone.png) ImgOps iqdb

my squad leader lost his left hand






Suikoden III
After like 30 boring hours and completing the four characters' introductory storylines the game finally opens up. What terrible pacing compared to the first two games in the series, and these thirty hours are almost entirely made up of backtracking, unenventful exploration, boring combat and cutscenes. I would've dropped the game if it weren't for the characters, some of them are pretty interesting and likeable, and the fact that you eventually get to enjoy some freedom in the later parts of the game, which is the point I got to at last. Hoping it gets better now or I'll be pissed I wasted so much time on such a mediocre game.
Overall a huge step down from Suikoden I and II that each managed to hook you within the first couple hours.



What are you doing right now for your fortress? What are your goals? What are your personal goals?

I'm trying to establish a barony right now with the massive amount of goblin sites near me. I will take over the north and establish my civilization's hold over it. Then, I will build a tavern or something and bring some traffic to this place. I doubt anyone would want to come to a place where it's freezing, but if they do, I have gold!

Also, I'm working on making more colonies. I recognize that retiring a fort will cause the dwarves to leave, but I do want to set up some dwarven influence up here. Also, even if I retire, a lot of bad things will happen that just makes me not want to play again.

From the wiki:

>Barrels are emptied

>All raw (unprepared) food will be gone, except for those that are part of a building (i.e. nest boxes, and possibly trade depots).
>Dwarf positions are not conserved and can be randomly scattered throughout the entire fortress, though they are often in bedrooms or the tavern
I think that may mean either nobles or actual professions. Not sure.
>Murky pools are refilled, even if said tiles have been floored over/drained and have since been an integral part of your fort. This can lead to potential fun.
I actually was planning to floor over a murky pool as well for a tavern. This might dissuade me from doing that though. Hopefully, it won't be much of a problem.



hey, funnily enough i gave up on this piece of shit game, unoptimized cancer coding, fuck it



I can't blame you. It's been in development for like, 10-20 years and the outcome isn't too impressive. I love the armies stuff, sieges, and a lot of the adventurer stuff. I love necromancy to death, werebeasts, and the wizards that'll come up this… decade.

It has the most potential out of all the games I've known and it's going to take the rest of Tarn's life until it gets any better. Even now, there are blatant holes in the game that probably won't be fixed. It's nothing I can think of right now, but I keep on thinking of how things should be by now instead of the limited nature of what they are now. I might list them in a later post.

The reason why I can't drop it is because I want to be able to play proficiently when it does become good, but also because there are features I've not fully explored like actually military conquest and playing through a world. I've never even gotten steel before since I've never bothered to go to the mountains where steel is. That is, of course, despite goblins can, for some reason, have iron armor anywhere(?) and it's quite easy to get flux. I have no idea why it's not more available. Goblins live in non-mountainous areas and I can live in those areas too. Also, I want to see if I can make megastructures and magnificent works like other people. It's the same reason why I don't quit minecraft. I just feel like I'm mediocre and I want to get better at the game and better creatively.


Played it a lot and i liked it but got pissed at some point. I tried to master it in order to do some flashy combos with Noctis special weapons or Prompto's heavy guns, or controlling the others characters as i always try to this in every game that is to say take the most fun from it's features but the level of skill and meta knowledge required in order to do this effectively in this FF is insane so when facing stronger ennemies it was just down to playing like a scrub i.e spamming potions and doing cheap moves which was not really my fault, the gameplay being mostly designed this way. The last straw was the poor optimization, the game was running on 60 fps 90% of the time but got all blocky and stuff in some places, i mean to a point that it was unplayable.


File: 1588287014990.jpg (62.38 KB, 700x394, 350:197, the-evil-within-wallpaper-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just started the evil within and it's pretty cool, i like the tlou elements of the game, the fact that you can sneak through your ennemies and use traps and all other stuff on the terrain, the XP part is pretty overhelming tho, i just don't know what to upgrade since there is so much and that they all seem vital to me me lol.
not gonna lie this scene made me smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le8cRarUCnQ


>I might list them in a later post.
Could you? I'm really interested in DF but never could get too far into it. It always gets overwhelming/frustrating at some point. I would like to know your take on it as it looks like you've been playing this for some time now.


File: 1588287690195.jpg (39.94 KB, 800x450, 16:9, uc.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Playing the Uncharted trilogy because it was free on PS4.
The first Uncharted is really boring and repetitive,you start the game on an island and then move to another island that looks exactly the same. All you do is walk>shoot>walk>cutscene>climbing, there are also puzzles but they are so braindead they aren't even fun to figure out. The final boss also sucks ass. I guess if I have to give something to this is that the characters are fun and the game manages to capture the adventure movie feel.
Now I have move on to Uncharted 2 which is an improvement in every way. Locations are varied, graphically it looks impressive for a PS3 game and its just outright more fun to play than 1. My main gripe with it is that the shooting sections are still pretty boring,but at the very least you don't have as many sequences where you have to be holed up in a place and kill enemies that constantly respawn out of nowhere.


Super Mario Strikers. It's a solid game with some things that I just can't stand. The enemy team is always faster without the ball, so they'll always get it first. I don't think it's my team captain either because my teammates are also slower. Apparently, there's no difference between the captains. This makes it infinitely more funny knowing that I keep on losing to Daisy. She is the absolute bane of my existence. Every time I go up again her, I lose. It's comical. We were once locked into sudden death and she immediately gets a perfect super strike.

Speaking of my teammates, it's very obvious mine are worse than my opponent's. While my opponent's teammates are all on me all the time, my teammates will be dicking around away from the opponent's teammates. It's really bad, actually. I'll have one of the other teammates pass the ball and my teammates will be FAR behind with no way to catch up. I reckon that it's possible they're also faster with the ball, but I have nothing to prove it with. You can actually go faster with the ball and they won't be able to catch up, but they're not doing that I think. On the other hand, if I pass the ball, there will be someone right next to the guy who was passed to no matter what. They get so close and it forces me to pass the ball around a lot. When they are a bit away, they'll still be there to take the ball away from you. I can't count the amount of times I've charged up a kick, tried to pass it, and it never passes. That's supposed to be a feature, but it doesn't work too often for me. I always get the ball stolen when trying to charge up a kick, so I don't do it often. I've also had times where I was thinking the ball wouldn't go in the goal for my opponent, but it did. Really simple goals that would be easily blocked were missed while ones I thought would go through easily, both for my team and the other team, go through.

Some of the mechanics just feel useless. Since the other team is faster than me, you can slide into them once they get the ball, but you can also pass the ball immediately after getting it and shoot it immediately. Me and the other player are going towards the same ball, I slide to get it, and it will immediately shoot it for me. I don't know if sliding to the ball works better or not, but I think it does. It's something I do naturally and it always screws everything up. Also, the point of immediately shooting the ball is to juke out the goalie, but shooting and having the ball open near the goal never brings up that moment. We'll always end up with the two teams in that one place just stealing the ball one from another. It pretty much always goes to the computer though from a combination of not being able to change teammates efficiently and the computer being faster at processing things and probably overall. Also, switching between players is really bad. I always have a lot of trouble with it and it screws up my game. I'll switch to another player way in the back of the field, away from the ball and I can't see where I'm going. Also, this applies to stealing the ball too. I'll have to switch a few times before trying to steal it, and by then, it'll have been passed to someone else.

Overall, this game is quite mediocre. The tournaments are just matches over and over, there's no story, and I reckon that it'll just be a 10 hour game. It was probably 60 bucks back in the day, so the purchase wouldn't be worth it. The controls work, but are counter-intuitive to play, the computer has more advantages, and Daisy keeps kicking my ass.


I will when I start playing again. It's more like features that should logically be there, but aren't right now. Hopefully I can actually list them because I don't think they come into play that often.



These are quite obvious, actually. Still, maybe you'll benefit.

>Dwarves will channel themselves into a corner and can channel themselves into a collape.

This means you have to channel line of tiles, or in many cases, one tile, at a time.

>Building higher walls requires putting down the blocks one at a time

If you have a straight wall, you need dwarves to get to the higher level to put down the block. Unless the wall is two blocks thick, you either need multiple stairs spanning the entirety of the wall to put down the blocks, or wait for a dwarf puts down a block until another one is placed. A very slow and tedious process. I have also trapped my dwarves on the wall, and need to construct stairs for them to get down from a one block wall. They can't jump down even though the wall is very small.

>You can only build constructions to a certain size and you have to scroll down for the material each time

This means you have to do multiple constructions for a road or a wall. Very annoying. Fixed by DFhack, actually. You can even make hollow structures with DFhack a lot easier. I used it to make my first castle, in fact.

>Making goods without the materials totally cancels the task even if the materials are being made / mined.

I have had so many times where a task was completed cancelled and I forgot / missed it and I had to do the task a few hours later. It causes a lot of delays and sometimes, big problems.

>The game will always pause the game if you hit warm / wet stone and zoom to the mining place, and there is no way to stop that.

This means that if you're doing something else, the game will interrupt you and break your flow

>There's no way to place down multiple of the same item quickly

If you want to place a chest in every room, you need to place the chest, and every time you want to place a new one, scroll down each time for each new location

>You can't go back to world gen after creating a world

Necromancer towers only appear in world gen. Also, once creating your world, you can't fast forward time to work in another period of time. You can't fast forward 50 years to create an adventurer or fortress. You have to do something, anything, in order to progress time. Why.

>You can only order a small amount of materials from caravans

You can't import enough of a material to build with / use for the entire year. Trading is impractical as it stands now.

Adventure mode

>You can't fast travel through mountains, and before, you couldn't fast travel through rivers.

For mountains, not being able to fast travel through them causes a huge disconnect when traveling. It can be a lot faster traveling through the mountains manually, but it's faster in real time to just walk around all mountains because you move a lot faster in fast travel mode. It might be like that for technical reasons though.

For rivers, you would always have to go to the river, stop fast travel, jump / swim through the river, go a bit away from the other side, and then continue. This was the case in .34, when I started about 8 years ago. Lately, thankfully, this is no longer the case, and you only need to do that at large intersections of rivers and I presume waterfalls.

legends mode

>It takes way too long to scroll through history.

A lot of these issues can be solved by installing Dwarf therapist and DFHack. The game lacks a lot of features that would make it a lot easier to play, has a very long development cycle, spanning decades, etc. It has a lot of potential, but is infantile in this stage of development.


I am currently playing Luigi's Mansion 1. It's a game with very little information on it, a seemingly small speedrunning community, little guides related to optimized play, and the game itself makes 100%ing it harder than needed.

There's this thing called R pumping that doesn't seem to have any explanation on youtube, for example. It's for catching ghosts easier supposedly. It looks like I actually have to search on forums for strats. Still, there are full 100% let's plays of this game plus some speedruns. Still, it's not as thorough as I want. For other games, I could looks up "(the game) guide", and then get a 100% walkthrough easily. With this one, I had to go through a few different websites to get information.


This site gave me a lot of information on 100%. I need to get 100,000,000 in money, but I'm also aiming for all gold portraits and all unique gems, gold, etc. Or maybe I'll just get most of them if I miss some. I just need the 100,000,000, the gold portraits, and the super rare stuff to be happy. For the gold portrait, I need to get them down 90/100 or the full 100 of their hearts. That means resetting a lot and getting better. Also, getting the money means checking every room, but that's fine by me. Finally, some secrets need to be known. For example, I just missed a golden mouse in the study on area 1 because I didn't know there was a cheese block on the floor. I would either have to restart or wait until the blackout to get it, but by then, I doubt anyone would remember the cheese being there. Some mice are predetermined in some hallways and just appear. CRAP, I need to know a lot about this game to 100% it, and I doubt anyone would want to replay a game multiple times to just beat it. Nintendo just makes it so hard to 100% their games, I swear.

>Gold Diamonds are found in two spots. In the first one, Luigi must water a plant three times in the Boneyard (where Spooky resides): once when he first sees it, once after defeating Bogmire, and once after defeating Boolossus to make the now-flower bloom, revealing the diamond and several other treasures. The other can be found if Luigi captures all 50 Boos (not counting King Boo); the last Boo drops the Gold Diamond.

This is bullshit. I am inferring that if you don't water the plant the first time you see it, you could miss out on a gold diamond. Those things are worth like, 20,000,000 each.



I only played the 4th one and thought it was one of the most boring games i've ever played


File: 1589326956159.png (1.94 MB, 1246x697, 1246:697, Sem título.png) ImgOps iqdb

I started playing WoW, just to see what was the story about

I'm not stupid and I'm not putting any money on it. instead I'm playing a high XP on a hungarian pirate server called Tauri Wow.

I have been having fun and I'm considering trying to lure the wizes I know into playing this with me. I imagine could be interesting getting some coordination at some level


Fighting game bosses especially the 90s arcade-era ones..


I don't mean to derail the thread but I really dislike dark souls 3 while loving Dark Souls 1.

Some enemies just seem to have unlimited stamina.
I cannot seem to finish the game without shield and r1 spam broadsword spam.
I can parry, I can dodge I'm not having trouble with bosses I just die a lot.


I had some trouble during mid-end game with DS3. I don't really care about getting gud in games, I play DS mostly for the atmosphere and fantasy and when I start to die dozens of times for hours on end on a boss I either skip it and come back later or grind for like 4 hours and overlevel. Overleveling always solves the problem in DS games, I like that about how the system works. If you don't want to gitgud, just find a good spot and turn your char into a beast. Recently I've been playing some old school platformers and there's really no way around them, you either get good and memorize everything or forget about seeing the end of the game without cheats.


My only but major frustration with the ds series being having no god mode as a reward after some hardcore playthroughs like re3
No point continuing playing when you finished the story line


I'm playing Dark Souls 3 as well, man is it just me or every god damn enemy in this game has some kind of grab attack that kills you in one hit (or at least leaves you with next to no health), it's pretty annoying.


Most of the enemies in dks3 felt either feel really cheap or they have near infinite stamina and can just constantly combo you to death in 2 seconds. That couple with the insane tracking on their attacks just made them annoying to fight


>they have near infinite stamina and can just constantly combo you to death in 2 seconds
Seems about right, fighting with Champion Gundyr now and his second phase keeps getting me eventually. I just got his hp down to two hits and screwed up. Bosses also seem to have huge health pools


File: 1594691732780.jpg (77.4 KB, 720x420, 12:7, 1594400342578.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Stardew Valley

Finally bought on sale after being interested in it for years. I got hooked and dumped ~80 hours into it over the course of 2 weeks. I really loved it, would rank it about on par with the best Harvest Moon games and a little inferior to Rune Factory 3 and 4. The community bundles were a great idea but I kind of wish there were more post-game. I'm in fall year 3 and kind of running out of things to do besides completing collections to get achievements, which is okay but not motivating enough to keep me playing beyond a few short half hour bursts each day now.

My only gripe was that characters and relationships felt a bit shallow, even compared to some of the earlier Harvest Moon games. But after playing Rune Factory 4 where there are years worth of different dialogues for each character I guess it'd be hard to satisfy me.
Most of the bachelorettes were uninteresting as well. It felt like the dev tried to give them all quirks to differentiate from the classic Harvest Moon style succubus stereotypes but they were mostly defined around those quirks and felt shallow as a result. Only one I found slightly interesting (and married) was Haley since her character arc was a little heartwarming.

Overall a great game, I see a lot of mods as well so I'll probably try them later this year when I've recouped and have the energy to start a new game.

>Baba Is You

Interesting sokoban-type puzzle game. You push around blocks of words to make short sentences which affect just about everything in the game, from the environment to win/lose conditions to who you control. I made it to the end of the forest area (5) so far without a walkthrough and intend to keep playing without walkthroughs or hints. A few solutions feel a bit gimmicky and some of the logic of what words produce what effects is a bit questionable, but overall I really like it. Highly recommend.

>Stephen's Sausage Roll

Another sokoban-type that's much harder than Baba IMO. You control a kid with a fork who has to push sausages around and grill them on both sides, but each side and half can only be grilled once. It sounds simple but at the beginning it's hard to get into the logic of the game (or it was for me at least). Puzzles get progressively harder as you advance and force you to come up with new techniques. I haven't made it far but it's pretty good, hard to play continuously though.

>Opus Magnum

Another puzzle game but much different from the above 2. The idea is that you're an alchemist who uses mechanical parts to move elements around and produce products. You have a set of pieces like mechanical arms you place on a board and provide instructions to make them produce the desired combo of elements. There's no real limit on how many instructions or how many pieces you can use (so far at least) so it's pretty open-ended and more focused around optimizing solutions rather than just solving a puzzle and being done with it. Only played an hour so hour but it seems pretty good.


File: 1594701677099.jpg (129.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vvvv.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I bought Neverwinter Nights Enhanced from the Steam summer sale. It's a nice nostalgia trip. I rolled up a drow, strength-based rogue/fighter and have been having a blast going through the original campaign. People shit on Neverwinter Nights for not aging as well as the Infinity engine games, but I don't mind the turn-of-the-millenium 3d graphics and find the story to be simple and cozy. It's a more relaxing change of pace from the isometric games as you only control one character who has a single AI henchman. This lessens worries about party composition, tactics, and equipment allocation. I like games from this era, stretching from 1998 (Baldur's Gate) to 2004 (KOTOR 2) as that is when I first got into gaming and was still full of awe and wonder. It would be a dream come true if enhanced editions of Summoner or Aidyn Chronicles were released, but that will never happen. Those two games have the atmosphere of my dreams.


Brutal Doom plus random levels generated with Oblige and ObAddon. Fun as hell. Best FPS roguelite experience in my opinion


I think you might be one of the only people who enjoyed the NWN OC, wiz. I played it twice - once as a child, and once a few years ago when the EE came out - and it was still the same 60 hour fetch quest campaign that I remembered it being.

Worth the money just for modules though.


Playing death stranding now that it’s on PC. Very fun game.

Maybe some wizards would like to make some strand contracts.


File: 1595260207323.png (446.48 KB, 496x597, 496:597, demon.png) ImgOps iqdb

Started Demon's Souls, a bit dissapointed that it's pretty linear and not a big interconected map like dark souls, other than that, pretty good. Bit harder than DS probably since you don't have 'bonfires' in the middle of the levels.


>I think you might be one of the only people who enjoyed the NWN OC, wiz.
I think I have become a masochist for repetitive and grindy gameplay. Also, I didn't have much access to games as a kid so I have extremely fond memories of the few I got to play back then


Great game but Bosses are a joke, the only one who gave me trouble was the old king Fallont, guy actually absorbs your demon levels so watch out. I played this on the ps3 emulator with 60fps unlocked, feels great playing with the mouse+keyboard.


Well I'm pretty bad at these games so I guess I'll still have trouble with some of them, the blue smelter demon in DS2, for example, took me over 6 hours to beat because I kept dying.


>just finished Detroit: Become Human
>managed to somehow get the best ending, after going in completely blind and knowing nothing about the game (some of my accidental "fuck-ups" turned out to be good things)
>go back to replay some chapters, as the game promotes replayability by exploring the effects of different choices
>can't skip dialogue or cutscenes
Well that's a fucking bummer, I wonder who thought that was a good idea.

The game is better than I thought it'd be, since I was pretty unimpressed with Heavy Rain and that one with Ellen Page and her murderous ghost in it. I regret taking it so seriously though, since the game is a bit up its own ass, and the parallels to racism and the Holocaust are so over-the-top that it's hard to take seriously. Should have played Connor as a remorseless Terminator and Marcus as an ultra-violent Malcolm X type.


Playing MGS5
Accidentally triggered the boss fight with Quite with the totally wrong equipment.
Debating if I should just try to beat her with CQC.


Pathologic 2, it's pretty cool


as long as you can request some cardboard boxes directly above her you can finish the fight quite easy from what i remember


Can't wait for them to do other two main chracters routes, i played some original before and found bachelor route a bit fun.

On another note playing lobotomy corporation currently, scp inspired anomaly management game its pretty nice it also has interesting mechanic where game expects you to reset alot, but you can carry over most progress aside from agent levels, game also allows you to do some evil shit like detonating eployee who about to go insane or got infected, or calling strike team to kill off entire departaments, all anomalies not scp ones, but originals made up for a game except for one.


Seeing this post made me go back and replay NWN from the OC through to HoTU, and grab all the achievements along the way. Probably gonna do nothing but play through fan-made modules until Wasteland 3 comes out.


Mass Effect 3
I'm trying to enjoy this but it's a little dificult. When I found out they fagged up the third game I couldn't wait to play it, I've been playing male shepard through ME1 and 2 and thought it'd be fun to make him gay like a big joke. But I've been playing full paragon this whole time. Watching the heroic paragon shepard being nice and saving all these different people grew on me in a deep way, the thought of sexualizing him became to feel wrong and gross. So I'm not. But meanwhile the game is throwing this others gay characters sht in my face with a serious thrust. It's not even optional to avoid it now. I just find myself unplugging my earphones and rapid clicking the square button until the scenes end. And every time I walk past the men's restroom on the ship I literally fear what might happen if I open it.

Now I know why people all those years ago were calling it "ass effect."

Otherwise it's a great game so far.


File: 1596739874377.gif (937.31 KB, 406x268, 203:134, 1536574422636.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Heroes of Might and Magic 3. I used to put this off because of the complexity but decided to try it again and beat my first normal map. It turns out to be easier than I thought. AI don't seem to build their army as fast as you do. I made a lot of mistakes though, probably won't survive pvp or a better AI. But now that I've overcome the mental barrier from getting used to the game, I can finally starts playing it for real.


File: 1597606384684.jpg (129.13 KB, 902x1280, 451:640, the_black_mirror.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OK, I'm finally read to play games again. This is the one I picked. Any wizzie played this? Did you like it?


I actually played it as a kid and used to be quite scared of it, in doctor scene where head rolled i fucking ran outta room, i'd say its not bad, good atmosphere, but it suffers from "where the hell do i go?" a lot, i decided to replay it years later, atmosphere is very good, story is not bad.
Black mirror had two direct sequels and both borderline comedic but still worth checking out.


>Fuck off normalfag, you don't have to be from /pol/, but normalfags are not welcome here.


I'm playing NBA volume 2 and it's kind of fun. The easy mode is just about right and normal mode is pretty much always losing for me. I hate losing. Short range shots never miss, long range shots occasionally work, I can't tell the players apart at all, there are too many players on the court, blocking doesn't always even work, etc. You'll never miss for a short range shot. Period. All the characters to me, look the same, but they have different stats, so I can never use that to my advantage. There are some clothing differences, but honestly, it's probably better just to do the same team every time and memorize the characters. It's a 3 on 3 and it still feels so crowded with the small courts and such. Everyone's on each other and you huddle near the hoop for rebounds. It gets hella confusing. Don't try to block a short range shot because you never can. I find the same thing true about long ranged shots. I've only had luck with really close shots and dunks. Blocking feels so useless because of that. I think you really just gotta stand in front of a player and block personally. Once the ball's in the air, nothing can stop it.

Overall, I'm not feeling it for this game, but I'm still interested. I'm playing the gamecube port instead of xbox port though. I remember having so much fun with this game, but I guess I just need to get better or realize that I was better at video games as a kid.


File: 1600946084671-0.jpg (34.73 KB, 433x183, 433:183, 20200913.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1600946084671-1.gif (84.86 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 20200920.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1600946084671-2.jpg (143.6 KB, 850x829, 850:829, 20200927.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Managed to get the PSP version of SF Zero 3 Upper Max working on emu. It's the one with ALL the characters including INGRID & YUN. Trying it out now.


Currently going through Dark Souls 3 at soul level 1 and no weapon upgrade. I am not sure I am even going to attempt to do the DLC bosses, I am not that masochistic. I used to think these challenge runs were stupid but I sort of see the appeal now.
Anyway, replaying it makes me wish Bloodborne would get ported to PC some day. I've got the game and a PS4 mothballed but I'd rather play it at a high framerate and online…


File: 1601375762273.jpg (1.41 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, 20200927.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sorry, dude. Bloodborne (like Demon Souls) will NOT even come to PC; it is a Playstation exclusive bought outright by SONY.


File: 1601377191720.jpg (24.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Profile_Kirby.aead314d435d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A year ago I played Kirby64 The Crystal Shards and wrote an extensive review about it in a thread here. I remember having such a good time playing Kirby, so I'll be playing a couple of Kirby titles this week.


You can emulate Demon's Souls with any semi-decent computer, they even made the online work. Bloodborne will probably be emulable in a few years too, it's just a matter of patience.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a first party title produced by a studio owned by Sony and it was ported to PC. I also wish they would port some of their niche titles like Everybody's Golf, Tokyo Jungle, Gravity Rush, Siren, Folklore, Oreshika and so on. They're a lot more interesting than the AAA trash they're focusing on these days.

It's just not the same thing as a native port, obviously, and who knows what PS4 emulation will be like in the future?


Seriously. Of all the games they could’ve ported, it was some stupid open world by the numbers garbage. I would’ve preferred pretty much anything else.


Arent pretty much all emulators garbage too unless you get extremely lucky somehow?


Anyone here playing spelunky 2? I would've liked to play multiplayer but then I thought how much of a pain in the ass it is. And I'm not good at it enough to enjoy mp yet.


I kinda want them to port the new crash game.
I ain't nostalgic enough to buy a console but I am enough to put down new game money on it if it was available on PC.
That said I ain't holding my breath.


Oh wow I did not know they released a new Crash. They also remade a Crash Team Racing one or two years ago. It was well received but it's still console exclusive for some reason.

I don't think I ever made it past the ice caves level in the first one… I liked it in short bursts but I was way too bad to truly enjoy it sadly.


I you're one of those hardware fundamentalists willing to throw away humdreds of dollars then all emulator will be garbage for you. But I've played Demon's Souls on a ps3 emulator and it's perfectly playable for me.


Breath of Fire V : Dragon Quarter

good game but I just found out about the d-counter mechanic… the hard way. Basically if you fuck around too much and backtrack a lot it slowly builds up to the point of killing you and you have to start the game over from the beginning. You get to keep the items you stored, your equipment and some experience but still, I have no patience for this anymore since an unwinnable encounter already forced me to restart once. I wouldn't recommend it to play this blind like I did.


Bought it last week and sunk about 40 hours into it so far, it's fun. Made it past the standard final boss and to the normal ending once without using shortcuts. Now I'm trying to do all the convoluted shit to unlock later areas and achievements.


Warsong a.k.a Langrisser for the genesis. Pretty cool tactical rpg and the music is catchy as hell. Had to start over because I fucked up my characters' growth and hit a brick wall.


File: 1602780497651.jpg (326.87 KB, 1599x900, 533:300, here to kill furries.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Playing Dragon Age: Origins. I am so bad at this game. Deals too little dps and enemy kills me too quickly.


Did you use any mods?


No, it's my first playthrough and I never use mods for that.


go do the wizard tower quest, you go into the fade and can get huge stat boosts which will help you, also good equipment there


In Dark Souls 2 I ran into the Duke's Freja with such a shitty build that I had to spend hours on this boss, dying repeatedly and using only raw mechanics to dodge every attack only to die within an inch of victory AND corrupt my save file, losing all my progress. I restarted the game LOL


Gibe brain pls



You played offline then m8? Despite going into the game blind, which is the point of the souls series, you have never really played a souls game haha.. true to the previous statement, thats why they "shove it in your face". The PvP is about the random occurrence of events and completely depends of the server at the time, it's a method of tracking progress in-game… Bloodborne seems like the key to the series for me, having never played DeS. Das is ultimately the culmination of Eastern developers influencing the Western market through Smart-RPGs at a time when developers had totally cornered themselves into shitty fuckin games. A renaissance… You don't even know GiantDad pussywrecker pvp build lmfao gtfo kiddo


Control config? Right click atk, left roll, WASD controls and QE switch weapons? Arrow key items use with F…


I dropped Stardew Valley before, might pick it up again though


SF x Tekken 2013


I decided to try out DQVIII after having missed out on the franchise the whole time. I'm still only in the prologue so I can't really say much other than the game is peak comfy so far.


File: 1603705084241.png (1007.54 KB, 516x718, 258:359, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Currently playing mount & blade warband, prophecy of pendor mod. I've played quite a lot of mods for this game and this one is pretty well done. I feel like I keep coming back to this game all the time. I just like the mix of RPG and strategy, as well as the fact that you get to constantly develop. Every single battle gets you something, be it money, experience, renown, relations etc, so I never feel as if though something I do in the game is pointless.


oh yeah ive heard of this one and it does sound pretty good.
I suck so much though be it at combat or managing my army, generating income and all that stuff. It gets overwhelming pretty fast and I don't feel like I'm learning much from my failures (I'd rather save scum than be captured!), so from what I've heard of this particular module it's probably not for me. How I wish I could enjoy this game to the fullest..


I am playing dragon age 2 now and it's pretty fucking boring.


playing both Crusader kings 2 and Crusader kings 3


it's such a step down from Origins, a very disappointing game


Yeah, I already dropped it. The writing and voice acting is worse. Your PC now has to use that dumb color coded conversation wheel. Combat is simplified and, weirder I guess? Enemy now comes at you in waves like a beat em up. You move and attack quicker but the actual combat isn't much faster than origins. They fucking removed top down viewpoint. I could go on. Playing Divinity Original Sin now.


I just brought star wars: squadrons. It is great, especially in VR. I definitely prefer the x-wing to the tie fighter as the visibility and instrumentation in the x-wing is far superior to the tie fighter. The manuverability of a tie fighter is far superior, though. You would think this would make them equal, but it just means that the x-wing is perfect for a player controlled craft and the tie fighter is better for NPC targets.



I remember playing this game when it was released. I felt the same about the game, it was extremely boring and I quit a few hours in. Apparently the entire game is set inside of that one tiny city so you do not even get the joy of seeing new areas.


File: 1603993845129.jpg (283.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ghostrunner.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ghostrunner, this game is awesome! Pretty hard and the bosses are great. One boss reminded me of Sekiro, deflecting and Parkour. YOU GET HIT ONE TIME and you have to redo everything :), god love it!


File: 1603996839834.jpg (471.27 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1601591426312.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

playing among us, if you have a funny name i can use or idea I will see how it turns out


Divinity Original Sin angers me.It seems like my dream game at first glance but once I got around to playing it triggers my autism in way I don't think I am capable of. First the speed of the game is abysmally slow. The player characters walks like they're suspended in jelly. Imagine a slow unit from an rts games like siege engines from Warcraft 3. That's about how slow it is. It's the kind of slow that is only possible if the developer makes an intentional decision to make it slow and to torture the player. I used a mod to more than double the walking speed, still not fast enough for my liking. Then the movement controls. You move by clicking or holding down mouse button. If you click a place far away, your character will run there. If you click some place close to the character, you will walk there. Sounds like a non-issue but what if you need to move in tight spaces like indoors? This isn't about saving time and more about frustration. It's like driving on the road and the car in front blocks your way and crawl slowly because you cut him off before or something. Then guess what else also use left click as controls? Picking up items. What kind of items you ask? Why, it's items that you own and items that you don't own. So what happens if you click a little too far to the left and accidentally stole someone furniture? Well, the whole town is out to fuck you now so you better hope you remembered to save. Also there is this gigantic log UI on the corner on the screen that keeps blocking your clicking and I can't figure out how to close it permanently. Battle animation is also slow as fuck. It took like 2-3 second to cast a spell and like 10 for each of the map's 7 enemy to move from point a to b. Unfortunately I can't get the faster animation mod to work. Field of view is also unnecessarily close and I have to fix it with mod. The first town is a pain to navigate. Instead of a simple flatland with a bunch of houses strewn throughout, they added barriers like elevation or army camps or whatever that makes moving around a pain. At least you can teleport but what's the point? The game is also not that easy which is fine but saving and reloading takes too much time, probably my toaster's problem though. The setting sounds like an afterthought. You live in a world with mysterious energies called Source, they are used by baddies called Source-cerors, you are Source-hunters tasked with hunting them. Maybe they're fleshed out latter, I don't know. The actual dialogue writing seems unique, pretty playful and stylistic but not my cup of tea. Voice acting has a lot of passion put into it but it grates my ear so I muted it. The designs and art look like some kind of shitty wow-ripoff from an asian mmo. I wanted to love this game. I really like all the things they done right with this game like the combat, puzzles or freedom of gameplay but something about the slow speed just hit a bullseye at my nerve. I can't handle this. Maybe I am just an ADHD modern kid but at least in old games moving to the next tile over just take one frame.


Only think I didn't like about it was that I kept acedently wondering into fights way above my pay grade and no context or warning that I was heading into a boss fight.

Probably should have used stealth and scouting more I guess.


Between the time I wrote that post and now I've actually gotten used to the game and even started to enjoy myself. All my complains still stands but some of the more trivial ones can be avoided and my anger is only a part of what it was. I just sigh and wait for the animation to finish. You're right about the fights in that it was pretty challenging. Reloading is something you have to get used to. You have some flexibility on how to do in combat so it's fun to figure out a solution at least. It's still frustrating when a tough fight drags slowly. I don't care if my party get torn a new one, just do it faster. I never really used stealth. Doesn't seem that useful but maybe I just haven't find a cheesing strategy yet.


Playing Ghost of Tsushima on PS5


File: 1605606510439.png (539.21 KB, 1464x1200, 61:50, 60236323_p0.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really liked the Souls-games, the way the story is told and how you can dive into the lore, the creepy yet relaxing atmosphere and the many different weird enemies.

Recently though I started playing DS1 again with my brother, and while it was calming alone I can't handle the invading mechanic. I know that's the price for coop-play, and the more I think about it the more I get the feeling I will stop this game series entirely.
Somehow invansions weren't a big problem for me while playing these games until now, in Bloodborne there weren't too much to begin with, but now I am getting invaded almost everywhere constantly with people who backstab half a room away, or kill you with their one-hits while taunting just before you finally enter the boss's room, after spending time to set up playing coop again and again. Turns out the majority of the vocal reddit-community are pvpers who defend that mechanic saying the game would be too easy otherwise, as if I am not dying often enough as it is even after playing those games before, and the alternative is to play alone with 2/3 of your stats. I guess many invaders know what they are doing if they still play this game, casual players moved on already I assume.
Now I am reminded of my great real life in those games which I tried to avoid in the first place, minding my own already retarded life and still getting owned in unpredictable ways, either accept it because you're not good enough after all this time or fuck someone else over you know, let them feel what you felt, in a sense you can strip social and moral constructs off while being anonymous in games, and then you realize how people really are.

Not sure why I felt the need to rant, maybe I am dumbstruck by how long I have enjoyed those games while now I am getting sick just thinking about it and the whole misery it creates for me, guess it also has something to do with my current mental state when playing, either way not sure I will finish my current playthrough, think I will stop playing multiplayer games completely or play fewer games in general, the stuff that helped me cope with life now gives me the same dread nice.


>the alternative is to play alone with 2/3 of your stat
Not true in Dark Souls where there is no penalty whatsoever for not being human, besides not being able to summon friendly phantoms. In other games it's only your health that is limited as you're a ghost/hollow and not your stats in general.
But yes, the asshole invaders who prey on the low level and beginners with super opimized characters and gear are a pain to deal with, and the lag in the first two games was really something else… are you playing Dark Souls Remastered? I thought the lag wouldn't be as bad as in the original since they have dedicated servers now?


>in Dark Souls where there is no penalty whatsoever for not being human
oh you're right, besides the appearance nothing changes in 1, still I need to use it to summon my partner at the bonfire and run through the area, in DS3 you get a health-bonus but there I can pop the humanity/ember in front of the boss-fog anyway.

When I am playing alone invading doesn't bother me as much like when trying to coop (with a pw) and spending so much time resummoning each other, if there was an invader in my world he most likely comes back when I get summoned in my partners world again.

I played the Remaster, maybe the lag came from us playing in the same lan, I still finished the DLC for the first time and it was nice, always used the funny voice-carvings in DS3 and now I know that the giant made them, also he showed some skills with that bow.


Nioh - I am not good at action games, and this one is no exception. I think it is Souls muscle memory to an extent, I cannot get used to the faster gameplay here with the stamina regeneration, stance switching and so on. I really hope it will click eventually.


You'll get the timing, eventually, it's not that hard. I dropped the game about halfway through, not because it was too hard but because I got bored, it felt too repetitive for me. There are people who say the first time is like a tutorial for subsequent playthroughs, I don't know about that.


Welp it just doesn't click. I don't care much for the setting and the game feels so bloated it's kinda nauseating…
It's odd, I loved the beta on PS4 in early 2017, and was close to purchasing the game on day one, but now that I've got my hands on the finished product it does nothing for me. I hate to be one of these guys but it makes me wish I was replaying a Dark Souls instead, or Bloodborne, if it ever gets ported to PC.


Currently playing through Shenmue 3. It is a very slow placed game, but I like it. The game allows me to get a few things accomplished during the in-game day, go back home at the end of the day, which gives me the chance to choose to take a break form the game or continue on. It really makes me feel like I am in control. This is a solid blast from the past where video games were like "Hey, we are here for fun, but if you want to quit that is okay, we will still be here when you are ready to play again." Modern games are more like "I will constantly give you a dopamine rush! Why are you quitting? Don't you want to keep playing for that dopamine rush?! I am your life now!" That constant play for your attention is so fucking exhausting and is what honestly makes me hate modern gaming.


Nice. I guess you've played the first two? I can't bring myself to play three because of the reviews and mixed reception from fans. I'd rather keep my memories of the dreamcast games intact.


Playing Vandal Hearts. It's a pretty simple tactical game mechanically, but I don't mind. It's also a bit too easy but I'm only like three hours in so far, so I hope it gets more challenging later on.

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