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Be honest, is the Seventh generation of Pokemon really as bad as people say it is?


There was maybe one challenging fight, and I just pushed it with pure RNG luck through it. Never needed to use a master ball, entire game felt like tutorial section.
It's not bad, but last Pokemon I truly enjoyed was Soul Silver.


How challenging is it? I feel like emulating a pokemon game for nostalgia's sake. Last I played was pearl or diamond in 2007.


Pokemon X is comfy, but it's quite easy.


Pokemon has always been easy, barring a few early gyms if you picked a starter weak against them. You could always just level your starter and oneshot the enemy.


well if the last ones you played was the pearl era games then I would suggest white and black and their sequels if you like them. Pretty good games and the new pokemon introduced were nice. X and Y look nice graphically but they were really average same with Sun and Moon. But Sun and Moon at least changed things up a bit.


The last time I had any sort of difficulty in Pokemon was in gen 5. The electric leader had the Pikachu ripoff and I didn't know it was part flying. I went in blind, and that was my first playthrough.


I didn't realize people played Pokemon for a challenge. I always played it for the comfiness. Like a pet-raising simulation.


Me too, I role played as a bug type only trainer/collector in Pokemon Sun and it was pretty fun.


sounds neat but did you manage to finish the game with only bug types? i'd be surprised. i often have some in my team until third badge were i replace them since they're not very strong pokémon in general.


He probably could in pokemon sun. There's a decent amount of dual bug types that have access to good moves.


you need to do nuzlocke runs if you want any challenge or tension in pokemon games


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File: 1588393467461-1.png (36.23 KB, 639x477, 71:53, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Last game I played was HGSS.
If you're interested go find some romhacks of your favorite games if you're looking for a challenge without doing those lame as fuck nuzlok shit. I started playing Renegade Platinum so far it has been challenging and fun. It has all the pokemon available to catch, trainer battles are a challenge and gym battles are rough battles. There are also new random battles and events that can kick your ass if you're not ready.

Looking back at my team now after not playing for over a month. I could have gone with some other pokemon instead of Garchomp or Togekiss.


The most soulful generation probably since two.


its a little kid game. of course its fucking bad, the Gameboy games at least had something going for them instead of milking a tired old cash cow


>the Gameboy games at least had something going for them
Being? What do they have the new ones don't? I'll slap you if you say something nebulous like soul.


I think what made having the later games lose some of their charm is feature overcrowd and uninspired pokemon designs. At some point you notice the designers are running out of ideas of how to make the new version feel fresh.


> feature overcrowd
Except for the fact that they remove tons of features from previous gens every game. No more poffins, or pageants, etc.
>uninspired pokemon designs
People bring this up every time, and they're wrong 90% of the time. Yeah the style has changed, and I'll cede that point, so now everything is much more round and cutesy than the more shaded and animal looking designs prior. But in terms of actual originality it's been the same.


File: 1592823269467.gif (308.53 KB, 500x281, 500:281, zFlash.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Pokemon had a good formula but it's getting tired.


I was still into Pokemon pretty heavy during this gen. I was a dex completionist and shiny collector mostly. Gen VII pushed the 3DS hard (so it seemed) and framrates suffered in many instances, complaints about that being bad are valid. Z-Moves added some power creep but I didn't mind that much because it ALSO meant certain things are now suddenly viable with out of nowhere nukes, which could make things fun. Incredibly weak postgame. No real efficient way to get your Pokemon to legit level 100, if you care about that sort of thing (the "this will level up your Pokemon by (x)" things become disqualified for the last 10 or 15 levels, leaving grinding on things 30-40 levels below you at best and rare candies for getting there), some of the music is okay but the E4 music this gen is a fucking discordant mess and sounds like shit. The "Ultra" games were not sequels and were more like slightly altered re-telling with a few new Pokemon which was kind of disappointing. And a minor complaint as someone who loved to complete dexes and collect: even though all available Pokemon could be featured and used in the game, a National Dex is NEVER added to the Rotom dex, so huge amounts of Pokemon just don't have dex data even if you have them (including an entry for Rotom, which is retarded because the dex this gen literally is a Rotom). I was happy with most of the designs for the new Pokemon and I liked the idea of regional variant forms. Was neutral about there being no traditional gyms and badges.

Was a mixed bag to me that I sunk hundreds of hours into across the two games playing, transferring, catching and shiny hunting. I did get some enjoyment out of it. I don't know how bad others say it is, but that's my honest take. Others may be valuing different things about these games than I do.


>How challenging is it?
I didn't grind or anything, just played for the story. The only time I lost was the legendary fight, and even then it felt like I was forced to play rock paper scissors with it and luck out so it makes a bad move three times in a row. Passed Elite 4 and Champion on my first try, caught most of the legendaries on my first try without having to make some specialized pokemon for catching it. Compared to silver there was simply no challenge.


I'm sorry I meant to ask how challenging was the Silver remake, not the Switch games.


About as hard as vanilla iirc, so pretty easy


Can someone explain to me how one can like GEN II+ pokemon titles?


The same way one can like gen 1 or 2.


Because they took the ideas of Gen 1 and 2, solidified and added to the mechanics as they went (gen 1 especially is today regarded as a buggy mess), on top of updating the series every few years with scores of new monsters to use. The mechanics became solid enough for a competitive and fluid metagame to develop. They always did/cared enough to hold onto sizeable chunks of existing fans while drawing some new ones thus stayed successful for 20+ years with the same fundamental formula.


File: 1593661290522.jpg (96.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Sinjoh Ruin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does this include HGSS? With the exception of the level curve HGSS eclipses GSC in everything else.

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