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File: 1587064136292.jpg (103.44 KB, 1137x640, 1137:640, EMjGoJzU4AE1RtV.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What games do you have on your bucket list? What childhood classics have you been intending to finish for years but not got round to?


File: 1587068455871.png (367.8 KB, 417x476, 417:476, asdfasfd.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

if i ever get a PC upgrade + PS4 and won't be an anhedonic vegetable by the time:

Disco Elysium
DragonAge Inqusition
Pillars of Eternity 1 / 2
Witcher 3
Diablo 3
Divinity 2
God of War 4 (though seen a letsplay)
Shadow of Mordor
latest ANNO (though probably won't be able to figure it out)

maybe try Black Desert

already have Fire Emblem Sacred Stones for emulator


I've beaten so many games from my childhood, but I still have a bunch left to go. LOZ: WW and LOZ:TP, Luigi's Mansion 1, (technically) Brawl since I've never finished the achievements, Kirby's yarn, GTA 4 and DLC, GTA 5 (no DLC?), Sonic Colors, Sonic Heroes (but I won't lmao), Wario Land SHAKE IT!, Sonic and the Secret Rings (but maybe not), and probably more. Glover and DarkSiders 1 and 2.

I don't want to even bother with DarkSiders 1 and 2, Sonic and the Secret Rings because they both didn't appeal to me. Also Sonic Heroes because it's over 100 levels of the same levels, don't get hit, collect every ring. Wow, that sounds horrible.

So 14 games minus 4 games = 10 games. I have no real desire to beat anything right now and I have a bunch of other stuff in my life, so it might take me until I'm a full blown wizard to beat this, but that's not too long.


DarkSiders 1 is cool though, 2 and 3 are shit


sorry, just realized you were talking about unfinished games, not a wishlist


im already anhedonic vegetable

i tried downloading many emulators and played many games in my twink years, quickly realized that video games are a waste of time. doesnt matter what you see or what you do, its all just flashing lights and ultimately pointless at the end of the day, there is no suspension of disbelief, i look at my computer screen i dont see a fantasy world i see smudges of dirt, pixels, and floaters in my vision.

life is the real video game, and for me that game is over indeed


Finish Cold Steel Series (last game isnt out)
FF 12 (Like the setting and story but hate the battle system but I have finished every mainline FF other than this one)
Replay all the MSQ from FF14 (I just started)
replay original Starcraft
replay Chrono trigger
replay FFT
Build huge city in cities skylines
finish FF7 remake (the non released parts)
Finish pokemon shield
play Zelda breath of the wild
play first Xenoblade chronicles
play Drakengard 1 -3
play Divinity Original Sin 2

There are probably others I am forgetting.


File: 1587086269046-0.png (569.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, morrowind_logo.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587086269047-1.jpg (54.34 KB, 570x400, 57:40, image_cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Too many to name, but I'll narrow it down to New Vegas, Morrowind, and Skyrim. I haven't played a Bethesda RPG in close to a decade, since I can't be bothered to download or manage whatever amount of mods I'd need to make them playable/enjoyable. What's more is that these days I'm also highly hesitant to get stuck into a long RPG and stuff like New Vegas or Morrowind would both be easily over 80+ hours, which I just don't have the wherewithal for. I'd really like to replay Oblivion as well, but, again, I just don't have the wherewithal for it.

Other random games would be.

Witcher 2 & 3
Tons of PS4 exclusives (since I never bothered buying one)
Planescape Torment
Fallout 2
Nier Automata
Legends of Grimrock 2
Homeworld 1 & 2

And some other random games that I currently can't recall.

Emulation is its own kettle of fish. There's an enormous amount of games I'd like to emulate and finish at some point.

Tenchu series
Zelda series
Super Mario Series
Metroid series
MGS series
RE series
Ys series

And lots of other random games as well.


Play Nier Automata its a masterpiece and one of the few games that made me cry. It should drop in price on steam eventually.


>New Vegas, Morrowind, and Skyrim

u havent played these games yet lol

just play them. u dont even need mods besides a unofficial path to fix bugs the developers didnt

i played morrowind when i was likw 2 years old on a fat xbox (hexbawks)

it was fun but i cant play it on my PC 30 minutes without a random CTD for no reason


I regret making this thread. Unless you're 15 then you missed the entire point of the thread.

This isn't your backlog, it's childhood revisited to conquer something you always wanted to but never could.


File: 1587087983494.jpg (119.3 KB, 736x599, 736:599, jannisary and eunuch.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i did that shit when i was still twink teenager

i realized the futility of consuming bullshit media cuz its all worthless junk



I actually replayed Darksiders 1 and 2 early last year, just before I played 3, since I wanted to check out their remastered editions for PC, but I mostly regret doing so. Darksiders 1 was okay the first time I played through it back in like 2011/2012 or whatever, but replaying it turned out to be pretty dull for the most part and basically just ended up being a chore. Darksiders 2 was even more of a chore to replay and while I don't recall thinking of it as being that bad the first time I finished it, the act of replaying it really showed it as being pretty terrible and shallow. The DLC was for D2 was sort of OK though, but it was somewhat new for me, since I never checked out any of its DLC until replaying it. When I got to Darksiders 3 I expected the worst, but all in all it actually wasn't too bad. Yes, it's just a weak Souls knock-off with a couple gimmicks, but it wasn't super horrendous or anything. Maybe that speaks to my own expectations, since going in I expected it to be an unmitigated train wreck, but it has some decent level design and some decent boss fights and does the whole "pseduo-Souls" thing fairly well. The only thing that really annoyed me about it was the strong emphasis on dodging combined with wonky timing on enemy attacks/bad hitboxes on your character and the low FOV on the third person camera. Out of all of them, Darksiders 2 is definitely the worst of the series and has the most dull/generic gameplay and is basically a dreary snooze fest from start to finish (although even replaying Darksiders 1 was sort of like this for me as well, frankly).



I was in the middle of playing Automata, but stopped since I decided I wanted to go back and replay Nier first before going any further. I started an emulated playthrough of the english patched Replicant version a little while back, but dropped it after I got bored. Can't imagine I'll return to Automata until I finish replaying Nier because OCD.


Mods are only half the problem. I don't have the wherewithal for getting invested in an 80+ hour experience like either Morrowind or New Vegas. I wish I did, but I don't. That's also why I haven't played either Witcher 2 or 3, since they possess the same sort of problem for me. 80+ hour games just feel too overwhelming for me nowadays.


I see. In that case, I have nothing to add, since there are no games that come to mind at this moment which fit that description for me. The PS1 Syphon Filter trilogy maybe, but I just played/emulated those games not too long ago. Goldeneye or Perfect Dark would be a couple others, I guess. As in games I started in childhood, but never finished.



u learnted new word i see

? is it money? just torrent


Siphon filter would be a good example. They're games which most people have forgotten and are things you would personally have a reason to want to finish. Shit like Fallout, Witcher and Nier are discussed in every damn thread and it's worthless noise. Bucket lists aren't missing out on playing the latest releases, they're something you deep down really want to do but haven't set about doing it yet.


>Nier Automata its a masterpiece
I've seen like 10 minutes letsplay of a dumb slasher made for tumblr porn. What did i miss?


File: 1587129629363.jpg (7.66 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Bucket lists
>something you deep down really want to
You drop games for a reason, usually cuz they're just boring. And if you really want to finish, you do it, especially with old games when hardware is not the problem, so no reason for a bucket list to exist.

The only one unfinished from childhood i can remember is point-and-click Monty Python and the Holy Grail game. I think i eventually figured out how to get past the killer rabbit, but then there was this bridge dude and you can't do shit of fall down and die, don't remember.
The thing is, i'm not even that interested to watch the ending on youtube.


I started Duke3D after reading this thread. I never went past the first stage Hollywood Holocaust before.
Damn, this game is amazing and difficult so far.

>OST from certified brands

>unique weapons each worth switching over
>fucking mouse support in a dos game!
>secrets, multiple solutions
>speedrunning friendly
>adult content
Some things I picked up in just the half an hour I played now. You can never make a game like this now. Not in this PC culture bullshit.


Plenty of times you play a game at a friend's house and never get a copy of your own. Or you start a game, something happens to distract you and you never get back to it. When you feel like playing games something else comes to mind first or you have something new and shiny to play. Unless you're using a guide most puzzle adventure games like point and clicks or Dizzy games will leave you stuck for a while and need to be put back and returned to later.

Duke's a good game but you're a faggot for wanting to speedrun it. Duke has a lot of expansions, some straight up porn expansions released in a box too. The other build engine games aren't as good (poor difficulty balancing mostly) but worth checking out. Make sure you're running it in Eduke since it's a good source port and polishes up the game with modern PC options while not effecting the gameplay in any major ways.

Try Duke forever as well. It's no where near Duke 3D but none of the Duke games are. Duke has one of the worst game line ups ever made and Forever isn't even close to the bottom.


The art style is a bit unfortunate, but I think but it has a very interesting story (there is a big shift many hours in), and the way that the gameplay cohesively combines different game types was refreshing and unique to me


File: 1587154714405-0.png (217.52 KB, 316x316, 1:1, Tomba!_NTSC.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587154714405-1.jpg (47.46 KB, 640x464, 40:29, Herc's Adventures.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I've remembered some more. Herc's Adventures was another game that I played only briefly as a kid at the house of one of my brother's friends when I tagged along with him one day and I've been somewhat keen lately on emulating and possibly finishing it. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are two others, since they came as a bonus Zelda compilation disc with my copy of Wind Waker for the Gamecube, but I never played them for very long, since I couldn't get over their horrendous N64, early 3D graphics. Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and The Curse of Monkey Island are two other games that I only ever dabbled with as a kid when tagging along with my brother.

And Tomba!, that's another one as well. I remember only playing the first few parts of that game and never getting very much farther than that. That's another game I might emulate and finish at some point and would qualify as a bucket list type game in this sense.


File: 1587158145732-0.jpg (140.75 KB, 600x450, 4:3, diabskel.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587158145732-1.png (331.4 KB, 1280x691, 1280:691, skullkidandmoon.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587158145732-2.jpg (31.99 KB, 540x405, 4:3, Review_5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What childhood classics have you been intending to finish for years but not got round to?
I've been doing this for a while, a few games from my childhood I had never beaten until recently are Diablo II, The Commandos games, Age Of Empires 2, Half Life. Now I'm going through Majora's Mask, wanna do all the sidequests and when I'm done with that I'll play Tales Of Destiny, probably the first JRPG I've ever played and never finished.


Been wanting to beat Banjo Kazooie for years. I beat Banjo Tooie, but it wasn't as fun.

BK is one of my childhood favorites and it's super comfy too.


C&C getting a HD remake?


I haven't actually beat that many games so there are actually too many to count. I bought an NES, SNES and PlayStation classic. I am starting with the NES and working my way forward through time. The only game I have beaten so far has been Kirby's Adventure but I'm just getting started. On world 7 in Mario 3, Level 4 of Castlevania and trying to beat the Heat Man stage of Mega Man 2.

The amount that you pay per game makes the Classic Nintendo systems worth the price considering the emulation quality is top notch. The PlayStation Classic is kind of shite but I only paid $50 for it. I wish I could finish Mega Man Legends and Digimon World 3 but I will probably have to wait for a used PS4 when eBay is inevitably flooded with them following the launch of the PS5.


Play the rest of the jak trilogy as I only played the first one.
And play though brave fencer musashi (ps1 game) because I liked the demo but never actually found a copy during the ps2 era of gaming.

I could emulate them now but because of work and steam I just haven't got around to it.


You probably knew this but Jak 2 and 3 are very different from the first one.


I played most of mine and I can tell you I don't even remember most of the games anymore. From all the
>top 100 games you need to play
videos you can find online, most games will not really capture you.
It is so hard to find worthwhile games with so much crap around …

Here is a limited list of things I can wholeheartedly recommend:
>Half Life series
>Portal series
>STALKER trilogy
>GTA San Andreas
>GTA Vice City
>Xenoblade for Wii and Xenoblade X WiiU
>Metal Gear Solid 5
>Metal Gear Solid for PSP the one where you are managing your own army
>Yakuza series
and probably a few more I forgot right now

I think most people are wasting their time trying to play and enjoy whatever youtubers or game magazines are recommending them. Just play a game for 2 hours and if you enjoyed it, keep playing. Otherwise just forget about it and move on, no matter how hyped it is.

However, there are still a few ones I want to try out:
>Final Fantasy for PSP Type 0
>Shin Megami Tensei 3
>Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse

The games I originally wanted to play until I saw they look shitty:
>Yakuza 6 (playing babysitter? are you nuts?)
>Final Fantasy 15 (being Sasuke Uchiha of a JPop Boyband)


Genshin Impact


>fuking chinese gacha game
>a bucket list game
Yeah fuck off. It's not even out yet.


File: 1599852724354.jpg (51.08 KB, 466x535, 466:535, 81Jru7oViWL._SX466_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I keep putting this off, first because I was playing Dark Souls 3, now because I'm playing Sekiro. I already played a bit, got to some fire demon and died a bunch of times. I feel this game is harder than any of the other souls games because of how sparse the checkpoints are, but I'll beat it, someday.


Half Life 2 - never played it for whatever reason, even though i have played countless sourcemods as well as the original half life, blue shift, and opposing force.

Sleeping Dogs - not as fun as i thought it would be but would like to finish it someday.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul - for reasons that baffle me i just stopped playing this one day and never bothered to finish it.

This one too. I found it frustrating at times but still rewarding. I guess it didnt help much that i never played a souls game before picking this up.


>I guess it didnt help much that i never played a souls game before picking this up
I think that would've helped me, since in latter games you get used to QoL stuff that didn't exist in the first game.


File: 1600082535894.jpg (962.51 KB, 1412x1968, 353:492, 20200913.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No One Lives Forever (NOLF)


Demon's souls is literally the first souls game. You shouldn't be expecting to bring experience into it. If anything experience will spoil it because later games have so many more options you're likely going to miss your favourite weapon.


File: 1601382422002.mp4 (162.35 KB, 560x280, 2:1, n_dream.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

There's NOLF2 as well.


I have succeeded in crossing a few games off of my list. I have managed to beat several 2D Mario games (World being my favorite), a Mega Man game, a Castlevania, a Kirby game, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox on its lowest difficulty setting and others this year. Despite being 29, there are many classic games I have never beat. I have never beat a Zelda game, nor any Contra or Metroid. I have never beat a Touhou game on normal mode. I have never beat a Souls game.

This is a game I grew up playing. I actually think it's kind of a scary game. Maybe it's the level hazards like crushing ceilings, explosions, earthquakes, underwater sections etc. It just puts me on edge whereas I find Doom to be a relaxing experience.


Octobrains are scary, there's no way around that.




Witcher series


Same here, I don't wanna play Witcher 3 before 1 and 2, and tried 1 but didn't like the combat.


don't bother, it's not worth it
I would suggest to jump straight into 3. Or at least ignore the 2 (it's not even open world)


File: 1614689776989.png (374.7 KB, 1007x579, 1007:579, dothackprice.png) ImgOps iqdb

By FAR the .Hack Series. When I last played it, I beat Infection, was halfway through the 2nd disc, and got the 3rd disc. At that point, life did shit to me, so I dropped it. I finally got to a point in my life where I was able to revisit it, and finished the 1st and 2nd discs, was about to start the 3rd, and was thinking, "Alright, let's look up how much the 4th disc cos–" and it's anywhere from $300 to $500 for .Hack Quarantine for the PS2. It just feels like a punch in the gut. I had sort of tied up this series with this riding emotion of "Alright! I'm getting things back together again. Maybe life isn't so bad!" for a few months only to get this sucker punch.
Pokemon Silver. I have the cartridge, but the battery inside the cartridge went out and I've been too scared to figure out how to fix it at the risk of destroying it.
Skies of Arcadia. I'm on the fence, because the random encounter rate is kind of a slog.
Shadow the Hedgehog. Because I find it so over the top it's funny, but then…you actually have to play it…soooo…
Evoland 1+2. I saw a little bit of a Let's Play of it about five years ago now, and it looks super fun.
Riven. I finally beat Myst a few years ago and got really interested in the lore and it's been in the back of my mind to play.


get .hack GU Last Recode it has all the games in 1 package and is usually 80% off on sales during holidays


Thanks, but the .Hack//GU series is different from the OG .Hack IMOQ series.


it has all the 4 games as well on it Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine


Where do you see that? According to the wiki I've seen:
>The remaster compiles elements from all three .hack//G.U. games: .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth (再誕 Saitan, lit. "Resurrection"), .hack//G.U. Vol. 2//Reminisce (君思う声 Kimi Omou Koe, lit. "The Voice that Thinks of You") and .hack//G.U. Vol. 3//Redemption


File: 1614911690646.jpg (56.97 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Yakuza-0-3-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Yakuza games, I really liked 1 and 2 on ps2, and wanted to play 3 since it came out but I didn't have a PS3. Well 3, 4 and 5 got ported to pc about a month ago, so I guess it's time to kick some tattooed assholes' butts

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