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Other one's basically full, so might as well create a new one. OP length needs to be at least 75 characters long, which is why I'm adding this pointless extra sentence.
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You are talking about copying for a free, he is talking about piray, that is selling software to which you don't own the rights.


Neither is theft, the original owner of the game still has the rights


>piray, that is selling software to which you don't own the rights.
I'm pretty sure piracy is just the illegal duplication of software. You don't have to be selling it.


Well, obviously the original meaning for piracy is shipful of errr-shouting men plundering the lifelines of the Naval Empire back then. Or Swahilis in shitty boats trying to hijack modern merchant ships today.

Semantics aside, piracy in a sense, that you try to profit from others work (unless they are fine with it; i.e. software have GPL for example), is morally wrong.

If you remove the copy protection from a software and 'by mistake' distribute it (scene releases) in the newsgroups, you don't profit from doing so financially.
This rarely affects the sells of the software negatively, as the Napster study well proved, usually the opposite.

But if you take that distributed, cracked software or ripped audio CD or DVD and sell it on medium of your choice, you are blatantly taking advantange of others work and being not much less of an asshole than a seapirate.


File: 1611444271335-0.png (1.6 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, kf2_5.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611444271335-1.png (469.86 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, kf2_1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611444271335-2.png (1.26 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, kf2_3.png) ImgOps iqdb

I finished Kings Field II today. It's a first-person dragon crawler set in an interconnected world with no loading screens on the PS1. It's slow and difficult, but has a good sense of exploration and an oppressive atmosphere like the later Souls series.

Lorewise you learn about the being behind Seath, Orladin the wizard, the Light family, and the Moonlight sword. Another thing you learn is FromSoftware weren't doing anything new with Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, they've been making the same game since the start.


You have a lot of patience wiz. I tried to play it several times but gave up every time. Still, the series intrigued me enouth that I watched no commentary LPs for all the KF games. It was quite fun watching someone who actually knows what he's doing in those games.


File: 1611448586282.jpg (42.71 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 489428-shadow-tower-playst….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's commendable, wiz. I tried Shadow Tower also from Fromsoft but it was too much for me. Maybe I am a filthy casual after all.



I seem to have the game in my collection. Is it text heavy, ie. possible to complete with zero knowledge of Japanese?


red dead redemption 1, and I promptly deleted it, which I should've done at the start instead of wasting january on this boring political correctness filled trash game

naturally it holds super high ratings on all the video game sites


I played a bit and thought it was so boring, I usually enjoy GTA but I don't know about this one, maybe the fact that anywhere you wanna go you have a twenty minutes ride throw the desert


yah, I probably reduced the lifespan on my X button by years tapping it to spur the horse, that must've been a couple hundred thousand taps, at least


Yeah, I also got scared because when I was in the open the console wouldn't stop reading the disc for a second, and thought it could worn the optical unit down. I had flashback of my playstation using pirated cds and breaking after a few months.
Maybe I was exaggerating but I always try to be really careful with mechanical parts in electronics.


File: 1612121319971.jpg (50.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hitman-3-explorer-la-ville….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished Hitman 3. Overall it was good, though it feels smaller and shorter than the last two Hitman games. I became bored with the levels in this one pretty quickly, whereas the other two games I explored far more and for much longer. I really liked the more serious tone they adopted here. And there are various little gameplay refinements that longtime fans will appreciate. 7.5/10


the hitman games are a great challenge if you play them with an aim not to use guns or kill anyone but the target, I would replay each mission like dozens of times for the perfect silent assassin score


File: 1612527483526.jpg (302.4 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1366_2000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished LoZ: Twilight Princess

It was great, probably the most similar game to the N64 zeldas, althought with a few differences. They pretty much get rid of music puzzles, and it kinda sucks not being able to play any song at any time, they're still there but it's just used in context at certain points in the map, although I was never a fan of the simon says gameplay introduced in ocarina I wish they let me play the songs when I wanted, for example, to pass the time faster.
The game came out in 2006 and it shows, it has that edginess characteristic from that era, and bloom…remember when bloom was something new and everything had to have bloom? In some parts it looks passable, in other it's just straight up awful.


File: 1612527808268.jpg (140.7 KB, 547x800, 547:800, 3138158812_1_4_pamUNVIs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Dragon Quest IV. I played the android version. I must say, from what I always heard I went with very low expectations when starting my adventure but this game is in fact amazing! I love the chapters driven story, I love the characters, I love the gameplay. The Torneko introduction chapter was awesome. In fact I'm willing to go as far as saying that I prefered IV over II or even, in some aspects III. The Android/iOS version also adds party dialogs and greatly extends the lore with dozens of new lines.


>I really like japanese urban settings
By all means anon, give the Yakuza games a try, start with 0.


I played them, they're great.


File: 1612715757607.jpg (130.6 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1609835075_390527_16098353….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I just finished The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game Resident Evil 7 and gotta say I thought it was pretty good.
They got rid of the eternal cast (or did they?) of Redfields, Valentine and Kennedy and finally tried to make something different, while somehow recapturing some of the feel from the old games (some, it's still not the same). The game is now in first person, at first this was kind of a bummer but I think it worked pretty well. There's a map to explore with a lot of closed doors, the "put the thing on the thing-shaped indentation" puzzles are also back, and while some of them are pretty simple, I welcome them as I always liked that kind of thing. It looks amazing, my computer could barely handle it and I doubt it'll be able to handle 8, which comes out a month from today, the sound design is awesome, the house you're locked up into feels like it's alive and the music is superb. It's all very disgusting, and I love it, everything is gooey, I don't think I've ever seen a horror game as gross as this one, even the Silent Hill games.
I do have to say it's not perfect, though, the game is ridiculously easy, when I got to the final boss I had so much ammo and health I could've gone through the game a couple more times, and I pretty much shot any enemy that came by me. Speaking of enemies, there are few and far between, the regular enemies can take like an entire magazine to bring down, but once you do, the room they were in is pretty much clear for the rest of the game, so you can just roam the house without fear of being attacked and it kinda takes from the overall experience. Bosses are fun and probably the only real threat in the game, except for the trivial final boss,but there's so much ammo in their rooms you can take care of them and walk out of them with more ammo than you walked in. Also the second part of the game becomes more linear and at times it feels like I'm playing F.E.A.R. (they took some inspiration from that too, I guess).

I dunno, I really liked the game, especially after the turds that were 5 and 6, and I hope 8 is at least as good. Unfortunately waifufags are already hyping it, I hope they don't ruin it.


File: 1613352602473.jpg (302.87 KB, 510x709, 510:709, resident-evil-5-cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ok now I finished Resident Evil 5.

I really don't feel like making a long post, all I wanna say is that it wasn't as bad as I expected, but still fuck the partner system, why would you make something like that.


Becaused it's supposed to be a co-op game.


what game these days isn't


Ok but if you're going to add a single player mode, get rid of the partner. The only parts where you need her are dumb "both have to pull this lever at the same time" puzzles, if you're worried enemies are going to be too tough make them less spongy.


File: 1613404013914.jpg (23.63 KB, 421x236, 421:236, Observation_Key_Art.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat it in one sitting (6-7h) because i knew that i'd never finish it if i took a break.

I really liked their first game Stories Untold but this one I have mixed feeling. Hard-sf atmosphere is really good (and i'm not a SF guy) and the promise of playing an A.I. works well, specially since the HUD is completly attached to gameplay. However it's very slow, repetitive and the "puzzles" could barely be considered puzzles. Most of the time it's just pressing buttons in the correct order or filling right numbers in the right blanks. Hell, I had more trouble to go the puzzle rather than solving it since instructions are often unclear. For exemple, there's a chapter where you have to navigate in space with a spatial sphere or some sort to fix a damaged door, it took me like 40 minutes of aimlessly floating in space to finally notice a tiny blue dot on the ship.

I don't want to spoil the story since it's the main focus of the game. Maybe you'll like it, maybe not. It's the kind of plot where you have to interprete some of the stuff happening. I personally thought it was okay.

An overall okay game imo, worth a try if you're into SF.


Man did I hate this game. I expected something amazing and paid an outrageous amount for a gamecube copy because nintendo printed so few of them to get people to purchase wiis. It was incredibly ugly even by the standards of 2006, I mean both technically and artistically it just wasn't pleasant aesthetically, especially after Wind Waker that aged a lot more gracefully. Heck the same could be said of the N64 games in comparison to TP.
Too easy and completely forgettable overall. If it weren't for the zelda brand nobody would remember it by now.


The game was pretty good for what they were trying to do, but I feel like it could’ve been so much better. I agree with what you said about the puzzles, it was really more of an interactive movie than a game for the most part.

Also I like the way the story started, but mana did it fall apart fast for me. They had a cool conspiracy angle going and then they kinda just blow it and don’t really resolve anything.

It’s worth the time to play it but not much else.


I just got bored and never finished it. The wind waker was one of my all time favorite games so it was very disappointing.


Yeah the story can get really messy really fast. On top of that the collectibles don't really say anything apart some useless bit of information on the crew members, at least the one I found.


I believe they were trying to go for a "Shadow of the colossus" thing but it just doesn't work. You could also blame the shift in tone to idiots who complained about Wind Waker being too "childish"


File: 1613659897715.jpg (329.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 265690_screenshots_2015-07….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished naissance a few days ago. Fantastic little game and it's free on steam. It only lasted me 3 hours but they were a good 3 hours. It's basically a walking sim but there's some puzzles and platforming to keep it interesting.

It's a beautiful game with a good soundtrack.


I played this when it came out. This game was a huge event among Blame! fans at the time at it didn't disappoint. I loved the atmosphere and the desolate feeling you get from walking around in that world.


Do you know any other games like it? Preferably free? I've heard antichamber is good, and I picked up fragments of euclid but it's more about the puzzles and less about exploring.


Kairo, ECHO and Fugue in Void.
Sorry, unfortunately they're not free unless you're open to pirate them.


File: 1613692611142.jpg (40.5 KB, 570x400, 57:40, image_cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Modern Warfare 3. I know not a lot of people enjoy the campaigns from these games but I found them fun and oddly satisfying. It's the exact same game as the two previous games and I probably couldn't tell one from the other if I saw a screenshot, but if the game is fun why would you change them. It's nice to see captain Price finally get his revenge but it kinda sucked to see Soap and Yuri die.


Played it like a decade ago and I don't remember it being to politically correct, yeah it's much less controversial than GTA but I didn't find it all that political.


File: 1613916000254.jpg (34.94 KB, 590x350, 59:35, resident-evil-3-remake-ps4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat REmake 3. It was alright, more action oriented and shorter than 2, just like the original with the original games, in this game they decided to make Nemesis an actual threat, so he killed me a few times, but it wasn't that bad I guess. My main problem with this game is that they're charging full price for a game you can beat in 6-7 hours and has NO extra content, zero, not mercenaries, not even the meager mission you got in 2. Good thing I pirated it.


It came with the multiplayer game where a player was the director and had to kill other people with the monsters. It's not just on it's own unless you pirate it.

You played a very different game to me. Nemesis wasn't remotely threatening because he's never in the game. He's in one area proper and then boss battles.


>It came with the multiplayer game where a player was the director and had to kill other people with the monsters. It's not just on it's own unless you pirate it.
Oh ok but it's still a multiplayer game, so I would not have played it either way.
>Nemesis wasn't remotely threatening because he's never in the game
He's in a few parts (three iirc) you have to consider this is a very short game, to me he was more threatening than in the original game since he was so easy to dodge back then


You are right in the fact that Nemesis wasn't a thread in Last Escape.

But. You have to down it to get the parts, so it is slightly challenging when he wields bazooka.


You're right. I guess I was just talking in a beating the game basis.

Also don't you hate the fact that these games are named just Resident Evil 2/3. Now when I try to check stuff about the old games I get these. Sega got it right with the Yakuza Kiwami games


Dodging in both games is half broken. If you can figure them out he's a joke.

Nemesis in ps1 3 is way scarier than he is in 3make. 3make he has goofy running away animations and pulls off obvious teleporting. If you run past him in the street and go up the fire escape path he will always be behind the corner ready to sucker punch you in impossible ways. He would need to swing spiderman style and you would see him.

Nemesis's real problem is he's not Mr X. 2's remake has him perfectly and Nemesis is a shadow in comparison.

He's only in the first area as a full fleshed out enemy. I don't recall him chasing you any where but that one small section without it being a cut scene. Speaking of which the opening is so bad it's funny. Complete lack of pacing.


>he's not Mr X. 2's remake
You're right about that, that fucked even stalks you outside of safe rooms.

Also I was thinking how nice it'll be a remake of Dino Crisis with this engine.


Nemesis will go into save rooms occasionally. After the chimera part there's a safe room and he busts right in there which fucked me up. But then he disappears so eh.

I don't want modern capcom to touch Dino crisis. Unless someone has some clout behind him i.e. DMC5, it's going to be made for the Western market and we'll end up with spic Carlos style remakes.


File: 1614010659343.png (68.44 KB, 177x197, 177:197, carlos.png) ImgOps iqdb

What's wrong with Carlos? He was a spic in the original game, his hair just got messy


Have not the played RE remakes (well, except the Gamecube one of original), but from playthrough videos I gather there is constant cursing in the script.
So much it seems annoying and embarrassing.

The originals have B-class, 50's Hollywood Zombie movie dialogue, but don't remember a single case of cursing.


File: 1614013112542.jpg (77.53 KB, 1400x600, 7:3, Resident-Evil-3-Costumes-H….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They have a modern model for him to look like his old self instead of a drug addict faggot.

I don't remember much swearing in 2, maybe in 3. 2's biggest problem is Leons campaign sucks because he goes through interesting areas talking to Ada instead of surviving. Claires is a good game.


Modern games lose that B movie charm the first games had. I blame idiots that take games too seriously. "No you can't have cheesy dialogue in your game about living dead!", fuck them


I can't get over how retarded this vest is. Do try to fetch something from lower pouches, or even see anything when looking down.


File: 1614299768691.jpg (81.26 KB, 676x960, 169:240, 1730-6688.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Resident Evil Zero. It was a good game, but the item management stuff was kind of a drag, having to throw shit on the ground and then traveling back to pick was a pain in the ass, why did they remove the item boxes is beyond me…

Also doesn't make much sense that Rebecca fought a Tyrant, a huge creature even more powerful, killed dozens of dangerous monsters but in RE1 is portrayed as a scared rookie running away from a fucking hunter. But who cares, it was a nice game to play, with a big map to explore, too bad about the item shit.

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