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Other one's basically full, so might as well create a new one. OP length needs to be at least 75 characters long, which is why I'm adding this pointless extra sentence.


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Damn was this game a frigging boring slog. There's so much wrong with it I don't even know where to begin.

For starters, the combat is downright atrocious and the hitboxes on both yourself and enemies are just woefully bad, often leading you to simply hitting thin air half the time. Your character can also get knocked down and staggered far too easily, leading to moments where you'll get knocked down and the enemy/boss will keep attacking so that when you get up you just immediately get knocked down again. Fucking aggravating, to say the least. There's also only one enemy type throughout the whole game (those little imp Pink Floyd looking things), with only a couple variations on that same enemy type being the only kind of "variety" there. There's also a couple boss fights, but they're all absolutely terrible. And on top of that, almost the entire game takes place in only one bloody area that's dull, boring and aesthetically uninteresting as hell and you're forced to run back and forth around it constantly chasing after whatever random thing you need to finish the chapter, only for the next chapter to play out exactly the same way. That's literally almost all you do in this game, while struggling with the shitty combat and the annoyingly long RE1-like transitions from room to room. The dog companion was also pretty terrible and pretty much all you can tell it to do is to seek out various items, which is a mechanic that is both poorly designed and overused far too much in this game. Most healing items can only be found by the dog (the only items worth finding in this game), but the dog can't just find said healing items. Instead, he'll seek out a set of items attached to what you're actually looking for. So for instance a "sock" will lead to either marbles, a clothes pin, or a healing item. The first two are just useless garbage, but can lead to other potential healing items or hidden collectibles. The frustrating part is that the game world is filled with useless garbage, so very often when you tell the dog to find something you'll just constantly come across shit like ribbons and socks instead of the stuff you actually want to fucking find. Again, it's a horribly designed and tedious mechanic and it's a big part of what made this game such a fucking slog to get through. The fact that most of the game just boils down to; find plot item, get dog to sniff it and lead you to where you're supposed to go, follow dog through the same old areas, find next plot item, rinse and repeat, really makes me think that, if it were made today, that it would've fared far better as a walking simulator type experience, instead of the downright terrible attempt at a survival horror that it actually is and ended up being. Another random thing, but I think there's literally only 3 tracks to this game's soundtrack and all 3 are fucking garbage to listen to (really dull ambient noises, or just overly melodramatic violin/piano music), yet they're re-used constantly which made playing this even more grating on the nerves.

The story was pretty bizarre, but not really in a good way. It mostly just revels in its own weirdness for the sake of it, has ridiculously poor pacing and pads itself out with a lot of dull, nonsensical horseshit. Like those three random stories you're forced to go through midway through the game before moving on with the main plot, as an example. In the end, after even managing to get the good ending, I don't really have much idea what it was about. So Wendy was Joshua the whole time then? Did Joshua ever exist in the first place? Was Wendy the daughter of Gregory? Why did Gregory shoot himself? Did Wendy fool Gregory into killing all the other kids? Why was Jennifer an adult/teenager nearly the whole time? Was the beginning of the game her coming back to confront her past, or something? What was the significance of the zeppelin? Apparently there was an actual zeppelin that went off course, or something based on what you can read in the game, but what relation does that have with the orphanage and everything else? What happened to Wendy at the end? Did she really kill Brown out of jealousy? And why did Jennifer keep puppy Brown tied up in the shack all alone? What the fuck was up with that? And this is the game's idea of a "good" ending? Was that supposed to be symbolic of her keeping her memory of Brown tied up in her head out of her love for him, or what? I'll admit that there was some touching moments in the story, but overall it was just a complete mess and I didn't much care for it. The general dark fairy tale atmosphere kind of reminded me of something Del Toro would do and it even had some vibes which seemed somewhat reminiscent of some of his work like 'The Devil's Backbone' and 'Pan's Labyrinth'. Too bad this game couldn't have actually shared a decent story with the likes of those two films.

I'd actually consider this to be hands down one of the worst survival horrors I've ever played. Dumb story, horrendous gameplay, and an extreme lack of content and variety that still manages to pad itself out by recycling the same old awful shit. How people can even compare this to something like Haunting Ground boggles the mind. Besides a superfluous similarity to both having dog companions, the two are basically night and day in terms of actual quality. Like trying to compare some obscure survival horror like Overblood with RE1. Haunting Ground absolutely crushes RoR on pretty much every front and it can be said that Haunting Ground isn't even that great of a game to begin with, but at least it has solid gameplay, for the most part anyway, and a story that gets to the point and doesn't meander around aimlessly up its own ass like is the case with RoR.


I watched a playthrough of this not too long ago. It was so-so. The music was lovely, the atmosphere was cool, the game itself was kind of repetitive and the combat looked horrible. The plot was as you mentioned, trying to be confusing for the sake of being confusing, though it had its okay moments. Also, "Brown!!" + "GO!!" + "Come!" = 80% of the game.

Some questions about the plot I might be able to answer:
Q: Wendy = Joshua?
A: No, I think you misunderstood something seriously. Joshua was Jennifer, this was clear.
Q: Did Joshua even exist?
A: I don't know about this one, I don't think it was explained. My opinion is that he did exist but died and maybe this drove Gregory to madness. Or maybe I don't remember correctly.
Q: Was Wendy Gregory's daughter?
A: No. Jennifer was kidnapped(?) or found by Gregory and was raised as Joshua.
Q: Why did Gregory shoot himself?
A: He was a lunatic serial killer who killed children. He killed himself probably because he wanted to stop or felt regret.
Q: Did Wendy fool Gregory into killing all the other kids?
A: Yes, I think she wanted him to kill Jennifer most of all but Gregory ended up killing everyone except Jennifer and Wendy.
Q: Why was Jennifer an adult/teenager most of the time? Was the beginning of the game her coming back to confront her past?
A: I think you answered your own question. This game is about overcoming the demons of the past.
Q: What was the significance of the zeppelin? Apparently there was an actual zeppelin that went off course, or something based on what you can read in the game, but what relation does that have with the orphanage and everything else?
A: If I remember right, some article mentions that kids and adults from the orphanage boarded the zeppelin or something. I honestly have no clue how it is connected to Jennifer or the other kids though since the game tells us that Gregory killed off the children except for Jennifer and Wendy so they couldn't have died in the accident. But something interesting, in Gregory's house you can find a room - that belonged to Joshua I guess - and it is full of toys that have something to do with flying, like airplanes and such. So maybe Jennifer read the article about the zeppelin that had an accident and kids and adults from the orphanage were on it and died and because of that she had nightmares of it. Connect this with the fact that Gregory forced her to be Joshua, who loved things that could fly and maybe we have an explanation.
Q: What happened to Wendy? Did she kill Brown out of jealousy?
A: Things somehow went like this: Jennifer was found by Gregory or kidnapped, raised as Gregory's deceased son Joshua. Her only friend was Wendy who lived in the orphanage. After that, somehow Jennifer got into the orphanage. She probably lived a double life there too: as Jennifer, everybody picked on her. But at the same time she continued to play the role of Joshua to fool around with Wendy. After Jennifer meets Brown, she "kills" her Joshua persona for good because she finds a friend who accepts her for who she really is, namely Jennifer. She also starts to neglect Wendy. Wendy in turn plans to kill Brown. She and the other kids beat Brown to a bloody pulp but I guess Brown somehow stays alive. Jennifer thinks they killed Brown and beats up Wendy and humiliates her in front of the others. Then, Jennifer becomes the queen or whatever. After that Wendy begins to spend time with Gregory and entertains his sick fantasies, she treats him like her dog, etc. She sends him to kill Jennifer and the others but Jennifer survives, Brown also comes to the rescue and Wendy realizes what she had done so she also helps Jennifer. If I remember correctly (again, I watched the playthrough a few months ago), Gregory kills off Wendy too. Then he kills himself.
Q: And why did Jennifer keep puppy Brown tied up in the shack all alone? What the fuck was up with that? And this is the game's idea of a "good" ending? Was that supposed to be symbolic of her keeping her memory of Brown tied up in her head out of her love for him, or what?
A: I think the ending was just another memory. Jennifer leaves Wendy and goes to play with Brown instead. Alternatively, yes it could be interpreted as Jennifer always treasuring the memory of Brown, since he was her only real friend.

>Haunting Ground

I love that game and I agree that it is much better than Rule of Rose, even though I didn't play any of them, just watched their longplays on Youtube. I also love the Clocktower series, all of them great horror games.


Hah, I got kind of confused in the spoilers explaining the story, I contradicted myself. Let me correct this:I wrote a few times that Gregory kills everyone except Jennifer and Wendy but that is wrong, as I stated towards the end: he kills Wendy too. Unless I remember incorrectly, in which case say so. lol I'm too lazy to check the video.
This game is way too puzzling.


>For starters, the combat is downright atrocious and the hitboxes on both yourself and enemies are just woefully bad, often leading you to simply hitting thin air half the time. Your character can also get knocked down and staggered far too easily.
You're playing a survival horror game, they usually have poor controls to convey the idea that you're helpless. In this game in particular you're playing as a frail, scared teenager and your first weapom is a fucking dessert fork. Maybe killing enemies is not the main purpose of survival horrors.Also, healing items being scarce and difficult to find is a staple of SURVIVAL horrors.

I do agree that cycle of sniff-search-repeat can get tiresome, but it gives you a reason to explore and pay attention. The game relies on visual storytelling heavily so its easy to miss a lot of the story if you're not paying attention.

>The world is filled with useless garbage

Have you tried offering that useless garbage to the aristocrats?

>Those 3 random stories

They are not random, each story serves as a story arc for the succubi using a twisted version of known child tales.

The goat sisters tells you about Diana and Meg, the boss in this chapters represents them (Diana being the wicked one and Meg being the white one)

The bird of Happiness gives you insight into Eleanor mind.

The siren princess is about the sexual abuse Claire has to go through, and the dangers of wanting to grow up too fast (Diana).

This is pretty obvious stuff nigger, idk what to tell you.


>So Wendy was Joshua the whole time then? Did Joshua ever exist in the first place? Was Wendy the daughter of Gregory?
Joshua was Gregory kid, he died bc some nondescript illness, is implied that Jennifer parents died in a zeppelin crash. Gregory found Jennifer and his demented mind mistook her for Joshua, he cutted his hair etc etc Wendy saw Jennifer/Joshua through a window and they fell in love and eventually Wendy managed to get her out. Later, Wendy disguises herself as Joshua to fuck up with Gregory and manipulate him into doing whatever she wanted. Ergo, the dog/wolf symbolism

>Why did Gregory shoot himself? Did Wendy fool Gregory into killing all the other kids?

Because he realized what hes done and he suffered too fucking much.

>Why was Jennifer an adult/teenager nearly the whole time? Was the beginning of the game her coming back to confront her past, or something? What was the significance of the zeppelin?

The whole story is Jennifer reviving her repressed childhood memories, thats why. You're seeing her memoried thru the pov of a kid, thats why things look bizarre, each imp represents the other kids (Rat-Diana/Goat-Meg/Pig-Amanda/Fish-Clara etc).
They tell you about the why are you playing on a zeppelin and everything else at the last chapter. I dont know how tf you managed to miss it

Was that supposed to be symbolic of her keeping her memory of Brown tied up in her head out of her love for him, or what?


TL;DR: you missed the whole point of the game and survival horrors and then came and wrote some essay about your two digit IQ.



>Lazy shitchan-tier reply

>Calls other people dumb

If my posts trigger you so much then just hide them. That should be simple enough for a simpleton like you to do. Also, lazy shitchan-tier posters like you ought to just go back to /v/ where you belong.


>I watched a playthrough of this not too long ago. It was so-so.

Funny you mention that, since I was actually going to mention how this is exactly the sort of game which would be far better to just watch on YouTube versus actually playing it yourself. If anything, the gameplay just drags down the entire experience immensely. I'd imagine that I might've enjoyed/appreciated the story a lot more had I just watched it instead of played it, but I always prefer to play something myself, even if it leads to grappling with a game's fundamentally bad design that eventually grows to taint the overall package. The game is indeed repetitive to the extreme and the combat is, as I said, perhaps some of the worst combat I've ever seen in a survival horror. I avoided it at every opportunity I could, but the fairly frequent occasions where you're forced to fight, whether when facing off against bosses or getting locked in a room and being forced to kill the imps that are within it, made a certain level of combat unavoidable, which sucked since the combat is so god damned awful. The dark fairy tale atmosphere was good, but after wandering around enough and needing to constantly backtrack from place to place it really starts to lose a lot of its charm. The soundtrack, to me anyway, just seemed really limited and, like the gameplay, was highly repetitive and uninspired. I'd also say that another 80% of this game is just, "Jennifer was mistreated and excluded by all the other succubi because of reasons. Jennifer felt very sad and alone. :*(". To me, it just felt cloyingly maudlin and a tad forced and I just found it all to be highly tedious and repetitive past a certain point.

As for the spoilers, thanks a lot for clearing up and shedding some light on certain things.


So Wendy isn't Joshua then? Weird. She was dressed up as him at the end, though. Or was that just a disguise to fool Gregory into killing all the other kids? Also, Jennifer is Joshua? And this was supposed to be clear? I mean, if you say so, but it still feels super weird and out of left field to me. After all, we never actually see Jennifer dressed up as or act as Joshua throughout the course of the game. Like you said, that must mean that Gregory must've kidnapped/stumbled across Jennifer at some point to replace Joshua, but when and how? Did he dress her up like a boy, or something? And why take in/kidnap a succubus when taking in/kidnapping a boy would make far more sense? You say all this stuff was made clear, but it really, really wasn't.

A:"My opinion is that he did exist but died and maybe this drove Gregory to madness."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Joshua existed, since Gregory's diary indicates that he once had a son named Joshua who got sick and died and Gregory was too poor to get him proper medical treatment. This then led to him being suicidally depressed. I don't think he had any desire to kill, until Wendy started to manipulate him.

A:"He was a lunatic serial killer who killed children."

It seemed he already wanted to shoot himself over his son's death, but he only finally went through with it after the horror of having been manipulated in his grief by Wendy to murder a bunch of orphaned succubi. I don't think he was a serial killer, but that it was more just a singular crime driven by Wendy taking advantage of his poor mental health.

A:Yes, I think she wanted him to kill Jennifer most of all but Gregory ended up killing everyone except Jennifer and Wendy.

Yeah, that seemed to be clear at least. Wendy hated Jennifer for spending too much time with Brown, so she killed him, which followed with Jennifer forsaking Wendy, which then followed with her going to Gregory and pretending to be Joshua so as to fool him to kill Jennifer and thus get her revenge on her. I think Wendy probably got killed in the process, though. Jennifer was the sole survivor by the looks of it.

A:"This game is about overcoming the demons of the past."

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. She was the sole survivor of a massacre and is finally coming back to get closure from it and move on with her life.

A:"some article mentions that kids and adults from the orphanage boarded the zeppelin or something."

Yeah, I managed to see that, but it still seems weird. It was a flight from India to England that went off course, but I don't recall anything else other than that being said. So kids from the orphanage were on that zeppelin then, but I thought they all died in the massacre committed by Gregory? Also, I don't recall it being mentioned that Wendy had survived the massacre. You even see her get taken from behind by Gregory (and presumably killed), before you fight him and then give him the revolver so he can kill himself. Your theory about how Jennifer being forced to become Joshua by Gregory and perhaps absorbing Joshua's random dreams/desires for flight which then took the shape of the zeppelin in her mind seems a bit out there, but just as plausible an explanation as anything else, I suppose. At the end of the day, the zeppelin is basically just a fantastical representation of the orphanage itself, so it being a zeppelin may just be a random afterthought. Maybe her parents died or went missing in the zeppelin incident and Gregory adopted her. Who knows. You know, that's another weird thing. If Jennifer were being seen to by Gregory as her guardian then why would she be in an orphanage in the first place?

A:"Here's the general timeline"

Huh, okay. There's a ton of missing pieces to it, though. Not your fault of course, since the game just doesn't provide enough information to get a coherent picture of the events that occurred. Like how did Gregory find Jennifer in the first place and how did she eventually end up in the orphanage? Why would she keep on pretending to be Joshua to fool Wendy? I thought they were friends based on the fact that Jennifer was Jennifer and not that she was Joshua. After all, Wendy starts to resent Jennifer specifically, not her Joshua persona (which we never actually see in the game by the way, which hardly makes it clear), after she starts spending too much time with Brown. Also, I'm pretty sure that Brown was dead. He was a fully grown dog at that point, yet the other succubi still managed to beat him to death. What makes you think he was still alive? Brown coming to Jennifer's rescue seemed to be more a figment of her imagination as she struggled with reliving her most traumatic memory, versus what may have actually happened. Near as I could tell, based on what actually happened, Gregory simply killed himself before he could get to Jennifer. Brown was already dead at that point. And yes, I agree that Wendy also inadvertently fell victim to Gregory. Jennifer appears to have been the only survivor, which explains why she would come back later to get closure on everything, while perhaps suffering from stuff like survivor's guilt as well.

Keep in mind that I also never watched any of the bonus film reel collectibles, so perhaps those shed more light on the events of the story. If so, that feels kind of cheap in a way, relegating crucial plot points within hidden away collectibles that very few players are ever likely to see while playing.

>I love that game and I agree that it is much better than Rule of Rose, even though I didn't play any of them, just watched their longplays on Youtube.

Yep, it comes back to personal preference in the end I suppose, but for me HG was way more fun to actually play and wander around in, versus RoR. I'll agree that both are pretty decent in terms of horror, although it's pretty rare for me to get unsettled by horror in video games, and I personally didn't find either to be very scary. Pretty much one of the only horror games that has ever "rustled my jimmies", as it were, was Ao Oni. There's something just so god damned unsettling about that game. I can't even watch gameplay footage of it without getting creeped out, frankly.


>Getting this laughably butthurt over someone calling out a demonstrably mediocre, pretentious and low budget survival horror from the mid 2000s for being exactly what it is

>Defends bad design and bad gameplay because "Durr, it's a survival horror", even though other survival horrors aren't nearly this terrible to play, even ones with teenage succubi as the protagonists like SH3, HG or Clock Tower 3
>Youz jast dadn't gat teh stowy cuz youz tew stoopid
>It's alll so obsvious, 2deep4u, lol

Look wizkid, save all your petulant salt for someone else. If you happened to like playing this pretentious and poorly designed slog, then good for you. I for one happened not to. Let's just leave it at that. This thread is meant for others expressing how they felt about games they've finished, not for you to get needlessly butthurt and start flinging shit over their opinions. Also, way to go for not putting those major plot details in spoilers you fucking retarded asshat. I may not have cared for it, but you've pretty much ruined/spoiled the entire story for any other wizzies who read this thread and who might have wanted to check it out later.


About Jennifer/Joshua: near the end of the game when you play as kid Jennifer you can find love letters of Wendy and Joshua/Jennifer. I don't know if this is a necessary part of the game you need to pass or just something interesting you can discover since I just watched the video. It is made clear then that Joshua=Jennifer. Also, earlier in the game when you are in Gregory's house you may recall that Wendy sneaks up to the house and talks with Jennifer about Joshua not being home or something like that. Jennifer-Joshua was Wendy's love interest or rather "prince". I myself completely missed that Wendy was dressed as Joshua, like you said it was probably how she could control Gregory. As for Gregory and Jennifer, the most likely version is that he found her accidentally. Yes, I believe he treated her like a boy. He didn't kidnap her because, like you said, he would have kidnapped a boy in that case. If memory serves me right, it is even mentioned that he FOUND her. He took her in because he was mentally ill after Joshua's death and desperately wanted to get him back in some way. It is also obvious he didn't adopt her formally or anything, otherwise Jennifer couldn't have gotten into the orphanage later.
I don't remember Gregory's diary at all haha. Thanks for mentioning it. But I believe he was a murderer even before Wendy started to use him. You can find some articles about missing children in the game, I'm pretty sure it was Gregory who got them and he became known as Stray Dog among the children. Alternatively, he could have been innocent in those cases and maybe only the children started a rumor about a serial killer catching kids. I don't know but personally I think he was a murderer before Wendy came to him, in fact I think that is exactly why Wendy went to him.
Regarding the zeppelin. If I remember right the zeppelin incident happened before the Gregory-massacre. So the kids and adults from the orphanage who boarded it were different kids and other adults than the ones we meet during the game. In my opinion, Jennifer didn't live at the orphanage at that time, neither did the other kids we know or that they simply didn't board it for some reason. Anyways, it had a big impact obviously at the time, pretty much like 9/11 had. So Jennifer when she later got into the orphanage probably had nightmares about herself boarding the zeppelin and it falling down. Or maybe she had regrets as to why they needed to die but not her. It was a tragedy that tormented her. For her parents being there, I don't think so. They are never mentioned in the game as far as I can remember. My theory is that Jennifer's parents were either alcoholics or something and just didn't care about their child. That is why after she went missing and was found by Gregory they didn't bother to search for her.
Timeline and etc. We don't know the truth about Gregory and Jennifer, neither the fact how she got into the orphanage. My opinion is, she went to the orphanage because of Wendy, so they could be together more and to escape from Gregory. Gregory raised Jennifer illegally, I'm pretty sure, so she had no trouble getting into the orphanage. As for Wendy-Joshua-Jennifer: Wendy knew Jennifer was Joshua, she was friendly with Jennifer but clearly she preferred the Joshua persona because he/she was her prince, Wendy was the princess/queen. Jennifer continued to be Joshua even after they got into the orphanage to entertain Wendy, she lived a double-life. Wendy hates Jennifer for killing the Joshua-persona, that is why she wants to kill her via Gregory. Now for Brown: I think this is the most confusing part of the story. Was he dead or not? Like you said, maybe it was just Jennifer recalling the memory of her pet companion to get through the horrible memories. That said, he could have been beaten up seriously and passed out, so maybe the kids thought it was dead and left him. Then later he comes back when he relatively recovered from his wounds to help Jennifer. And Wendy yes, she was killed by Gregory after she gave the gun to Jennifer. So Jennifer was the only survivor (and maybe Brown), this explains why everything is so crazy in this game. Mental illness: The Game.

Yeah, it kind of sucks that if you don't pay attention even a little bit or miss something you won't understand what was going on at all.
Did you play the Clocktower games? 1 and 2 are classics. Ghosthead/The Struggle Within is like a bad, cheap horror movie but in a good sense. And 3 is like Sailor Moon meets survival horror. There is also a relatively new game in the series, forgot its name, I liked that also.


>Too dumb to understand basic symbolism
>N-no u are lazy
Worst type of dumb. Good luck.



I'm glad you mentioned the love letters thing, since that explains so damn much about this inane plot. In my case, I only managed to pick up the Wendy portion of those letters in the 'Gingerbread House' & 'Once Upon a Time' chapters and which on their own don't explain anything. Based on the wiki, Jennifer's replies to those letters are only found in the 'Once Upon a Time' chapter and are actually what ties it all together and is where you see her write that Gregory is literally convinced that she's Joshua and calls her by that name, so I pretty much missed out on one of the most crucial plot points in the entire game just because I didn't find some randomly tucked away note. Jesus christ, what a dumb fucking way to tell your story. Why would the developers do this? "Didn't find the note? Tee hee, too bad for you then!", is pretty much the only thought process I can imagine them having, assuming they had any at all. I guess you could say that the way Gregory reacts to your presence in his house, that being one of recognition, could also reinforce the fact that Jennifer equals Joshua in some sense, but man talk about a fucking leap in logic unless you find those damn letters to actually confirm it all. Again, if I'd just watched a playthrough online, I would've been able to read and see all of these sorts of things, instead of it slipping past me the way it actually did, while I was wandering around tediously in a game I was already sick to death of wandering around in, disinclining me from exploring around too much. As for it being mentioned that Gregory found Jennifer, I can't see anything in the available notes on the wiki that indicates that sort of thing, but I agree that this must've been the case. In retrospect, Jennifer ending up in the orphanage actually makes sense, since she simply ran away with Wendy back to said orphanage, after Wendy freed Jennifer from the room she was locked up in by Gregory. It also perhaps makes sense why Jennifer was tormented to such an extent by everyone, since Wendy probably told all the other succubi to fuck with her after Jennifer found Brown and started spending more time with him, instead of Wendy. Hoffman's Diary also makes a note of what you mentioned in regards to Gregory having potentially already kidnapped and killed other children before what happened, what with it being mentioned that there have been sudden disappearances in the area lately, which went on to possibly inform the Stray Dog rumors amongst the succubi. Just another piece of fairly pertinent information tucked somewhere out of the way, which in this case you can only find during the 'Funeral' chapter. If I'd known there was going to be so many crucial plot details relegated to random notes, then I would've just played this while referring to a notes guide, or whatever, so I didn't inevitably end up missing all of this crap due to the developers tucking this shit away in the most random places. Then again, I guess Jennifer's replies to Wendy's letters being in the sick bay does make some sense, since that's where Wendy always is, but what the heck ever. Why the fuck would I have need to wander in there during that chapter, when there's no reason for you to go there in the first place? My own obtuseness aside, development decisions like this can just seriously fuck the fuck off. Then again, there's lots of stuff that simply remains unexplained and can only be left up to one's interpretation. Stuff like the zeppelin, Jennifer's parents, Brown's fate, or, (perhaps the most important question of all), just why the fuck the developers decided to structure the narrative of their game in such a stupidly convoluted and harebrained way. Well whatever, it's just a shame that what could have been a halfway decent story had to be bungled up so bad by the developers and their dumb decisions. Like I said, if the game were made today, it would've been far better off as a linear 2-3 hour walking simulator. I mean, just now I was reading some of the quoted passages on the wiki that Jennifer remarks on in the 'Once Upon a Time' chapter and where the fuck was this shit? How, when and where does she say all this stuff? Because fucking hell does it actually explain a lot. She mentions how Brown did actually die and that she wasn't able to save him and she even makes a comment about her dead parents as well. The wiki even definitively states that her parents did indeed die in the zeppelin incident and that Jennifer was with them when it happened and that somehow she managed to survive it. I have absolutely no idea what the wiki is basing that conclusion off of, but there it is. Either way, this game is so utterly damn ridiculous. Seriously, who fucking designed this shit? No wonder this game was such a lukewarm flop when it came out, this sort of stuff is just terrible.

>Did you play the Clocktower games? 1 and 2 are classics.

I've played 3 already and I actually already posted about it in the last thread. You can read my thoughts about it there, but, long story short, it was an enjoyable game. Sailor Moon meets survival horror is basically the same way I described it too, which itself was an interesting sort of flair to have for this kind of genre. As for Clock Tower 1, I played through that for the first time just yesterday as a matter of fact. Got the C ending the first time around, (although I guess you could say I actually got the H ending first, since I just sped away in the car the first chance I got, heh) and then played it again to get the S ending. Overall, I'd say I enjoyed it. I loved the 80s horror atmosphere and the fact that the game doesn't waste any time leaning into its premise. Navigating around the mansion got to be a little tedious, especially when moving up and down stairs, but the place is small enough that it wasn't that big of an issue. The whole thing, next to the crazed slasher motif, had a quaint haunted house vibe to it and the spookiness factor was quite charming and comfy. It also ended up being a nice palette cleanser after the complete slog that RoR turned out to be and it went to show that just because a game is slow and has a literally defenseless protagonist doesn't mean it has to immediately be an unfun pile of crap. Interesting the references to Clock Tower in RoR, though. Like how some of the goat imps in RoR wield giant scissors, just like scissorman, or that both protagonists in each game are named Jennifer.

>There is also a relatively new game in the series, forgot its name, I liked that also.

Is Nightcry what you're thinking of? I'd heard that one was pretty bad. Is that considered an official Clock Tower game? Remothered: Tormented Fathers is another Clock Tower-esque game you may not have heard of. Although, I can somewhat recall it ending in a really stupid way, (a super long, badly written and even somewhat nonchalant conversation between the protagonist and her last remaining pursuer after the 2 of them literally just fell out of a god damned 4-5 story window), but you might be interested to check it out, so I just thought I'd mention it.


The "basic", let's actually call it what is is though, bad symbolism in this game isn't enough to redeem, let alone understand, the story on its own. You're just being a disingenuous shitposter by claiming that it is. The symbolism, agree with it or not, also just isn't very interesting or relevant half the time. Like those 3 stories I mentioned previously. I got the symbolism in them just fine. Shit was still just dull, nonsensical padding as far as I'm concerned. Finding out about the other succubi and how they also suffered in their own way was all well and good, but it adds nothing to the main plot. All it really does is just drag down the pacing and leads to constant backtracking and running around in circles in repetitive action after repetitive action in one of the most poorly designed areas ever, which is what 95% of the gameplay boils down to and which makes it downright awful to actually play. I guess you could say I was dumb for not realizing that you could trade random garbage you find for healing items, but it's a pretty much invisible feature unless you were actually harebrained/desperate enough to just try sticking random items in the rose door box in the hopes something would happen. Mechanics based on players resorting to harebrained actions being taken to uncover them automatically makes for a poorly thought out and, funnily enough, dumb mechanic. You honestly sound just as arrogant as that other /v/-tier fuck. Using "nigger" in such a way on wizchan, (really?), talk about outing himself as an obvious shitchan poster. Literally the entire fucking story is based off of random quotes and notes that, unless you don't happen to pick up and read said notes or witness said observations by Jennifer when inspecting random objects, (which, let's be real here, is very likely to happen), will leave the entire thing looking like a complete fucking mess of nonsense. This isn't just a matter of not getting the "symbolism", it's simply you trying to snarkily defend an otherwise mediocre and poorly told story, which you then go on to call obvious, when it actually couldn't be anymore opaque/convoluted when taken on its own default merits, minus the notes and random quoted observations which are pretty much all essential to even getting the faintest grasp on just what the fuck happened in this retarded game.


File: 1587859065317-0.png (274.43 KB, 340x473, 340:473, 74892374982749.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587859065317-1.gif (1.8 MB, 600x451, 600:451, beDTtk.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1587859065317-2.gif (2.93 MB, 450x337, 450:337, Viw7qR.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I thought these games were just going to be garbage, but this whole thing actually turned out to be really great. I'd seen some of Puppet Combo's stuff before, like Power Drill Massacre and Nightripper, and while I liked their aesthetic and atmosphere, they seemed as if they were just barely playable and chock full of lame jumpscares. That might still be the case with those particular games since I've never played them, but the ones provided here were all solid experiences. It's basically set up exactly like an anthology show would be, such as Creepshow or Tales from the Crypt. You have a main hub where you load in the other games, (of which there are 4 total, but actually 5 if you count the hub) via video tapes that show up at your door and each time you finish one game/tape the hub area begins to change in really cool and creepy ways. The 4 games that Puppet Combo included here turned out to all be surprisingly decent. I'd say the only annoying downside to these games were their use of somewhat ear rapey jumpscares at times, but it only happens a handful of times and only in certain scripted moments.

The first one I went with was called, The Riverside Incident. Games lasts about 15-20 minutes and you don't do a whole lot except walk around with a camcorder inside an abandoned building. Really great atmosphere and reminded me a lot of that final scene from Blair Witch, except much more subdued and slow paced. I liked the abruptness of the scene changes and the ending had a nice disturbing feel to it of a serial killer/occultist admiring their work from afar.

Second was called, Night Shift. You play as a guy on a night shift at a roadside gas station, while completing various chores and seeing to a couple customers that wander in. Kinda slow, since there aren't that many chores to do and all you can really do in between customers showing up is play that Power Drill Massacre arcade game, but it has a nice sense of tension that builds up over time, especially when the final customer arrives and asks you if you're all alone and then proceeds to wander around the store looking like he's about to kill you at any moment before he just leaves and, I'd guess, is the one who ends up killing you at the end. On that note, the ending was pretty lame. Apparently this particular story continues in another one of their games called, Stay Out of the House, and this one was more of a prelude towards it.

Third one was, Feed Me Billy. Probably my favorite out of the bunch, but, like the others, is criminally short. In it you play as a demented serial killer who needs to hunt for victims to feed the demonic entity that resides in his closet. I'd say this is also the one game out of the bunch that gets the most out of the CRT/VHS overlays that all the game have, but which are still great to see in all of them. The sound effects (especially that of the gun), and the rawness that lends to the violence are just fantastic. It's just a shame that there are only 3 separate murders in the entire thing. Puppet Combo did an amazing job at executing this sort of concept and little touches like equipping yourself with your slasher killer mask every time before you go out hunting and being able to hear the guy's heavy breathing underneath was just great, along with how the music/breathing will spike in intensity after each kill. Out of all of the games, this is definitely the one I'd like to see be further expanded on, since I can't think of another experience that does being a serial killer so well. Not even the Manhunt series, since only rarely do you get a chance to kill innocent civilians in those games. Obviously any open world game lets you be a serial killer to some extent, but that's different.

Last game was called, Spiders. It's basically a wave based first person shooter where you need to protect both yourself, and also your family as well, by building barricades and trying to survive to the final wave. Similar to that of Nazi zombies, just instead of killing zombies you kill spiders. Definitely a huge departure from the rest of the games present here, both in tone and in gameplay, and I'd actually consider this to be the weakest game available. It's still okay, but it's really rough around the edges when taken as an actual shooter. The aesthetic also kind of reminded me of Redneck Rampage and is equally as rough around the edges as that game is. Protecting your family can also be a pain in the ass, since all the spiders that spawn will usually by default attack through all the barricades you've set up to get to them. If either you or your family all die then it's game over. Overall however it's not too punishing since there are only 8 waves to get through before the final boss shows up and you win the game. Each wave you unlock new weapons, or random items like medkits or stronger barricades, along with new spider types being introduced as well. I'd say the last wave, just before the final boss shows up, is the most cheap since the game spawns a ridiculous amount of spiders, far more than you can actually keep in check, along with a couple of certain spider types that can destroy your barricades in just a couple of hits. As a result, it's pretty much a crapshoot whether or not you'll be able to survive it. Personally, it took me like 2-4 tries before I was finally able to get past it, only to then die to the final boss (which is also pretty cheap since it just jitters all over the map and will just bum rush you at a moment's notice), which required another few attempts to get back to said final boss at which point I managed to at last beat the game. The sense of victory was quite satisfying, but the ending definitely wasn't. You just get a brief text crawl about how there actually were no spiders and it was you yourself who just murdered your family and then presumably went on a killing spree murdering random people thinking they were giant spiders.

Anyway, these games have good atmosphere and I like their aesthetic. I might check out some of their other games, assuming they're worth checking out, or just wait for them to release another Creepy Tales compilation.


are these games pirated? cant seem to find em.


File: 1587929539765.jpg (371.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, phenomena.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If I remember right - I seem to say this an awful lot in the case of RoR - Jennifer comments regarding some object that she was found by that man - Gregory, obviously. About Jennifer's parents, I don't remember anything being mentioned. Of course, given the nature of this game, it is easy to assume the player whose video I watched missed some clue about them. Though I wouldn't trust wikis too much, they rely on fan-theories lots of times.
This is the type of game which wants to appeal to 'intellectuals' desperately by being as vague as possible and full of symbolism but really, this was just bad story-telling like you said. Upon watching the playthrough I said, "huh…what the hell? interesting, but wouldn't watch again…" Reminded me of those pretentious art movies such as some David Lynch movies (Inland Empire taking the cake, but Mulholland Drive is also up there with it for being an incoherent mess), Tarkovsky movies, Bergman movies and 2001 are. Just the same idiotic line of thinking that "in order to make an artistic movie, you have to make it incoherent to the max". In my opinion, if you can't tell a story as clearly as you can then don't bother with it. I don't mind confusing moments and atmosphere as long as I get answers in the end and feel like I didn't waste my time with some pretentious wanting-to-be-mysterious-but-just-told-the-story-badly stuff.

>Clock Tower

It is based pretty much on Dario Argento movies, especially Phenomena. Check them out if you like old-school horror/slasher. Also, the main succubus in Phenomena is called Jennifer too. And to top it all, she was played by actress Jennifer Connelly.
Which one was ending C again, by the way?
I recommend you to check out Clock Tower 2 too, it was named as Clock Tower simply in the West because the first game never made it officially. It continues the story from Clock Tower 1 and it is a ps1 game, so expect 3D environment.
Ghost Head/The Struggle Within is the type of game you would be better off watching on youtube instead of playing it. It is hard but not in the good way, instead in the "you-better-have-a-guide-ready" way.
>Is Nightcry what you're thinking of?
Yes, that is the one. I don't know about others, I thought it was a nice try at continuing the series. Though I didn't play it, I stick to watching videos of games only. I believe it is an official Clock Tower game, Clock Tower 1-2-Nightcry are the official games as far as I know. The Struggle Within/Ghosthead is a spin-off, Haunting Ground is a spiritual successor to the series according to wiki and Clock Tower 3 while referencing the original Clock Tower games, wasn't made by the creator of the original games. So I would consider 1-2-Nightcry the official CT games.



You can find them on Puppet Combo's page on itch.io, or on their Patreon. I personally pirated them, since I couldn't be bothered to go through something like Patreon. You can find Scary Tales on RuTracker (a high quality public tracker) and is where I myself downloaded it from. It's kind of annoying though, since many of their games aren't available for torrenting. Powerdrill Massacre, Nightripper, Stay out of the House, 7 days, Glass Staircase, and the rest aren't available to torrent anywhere which sucks. I found Nun Massacre on IGG.com, but that's about it.


File: 1587944222327.jpg (21.42 KB, 374x512, 187:256, fizz-nick.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Super Punch-Out!!
Beat it in one try somehow, although it was close with Super Macho Man and Nick Bruiser (end boss)



Yep, exactly. Badly done art house level drivel is essentially all RoR amounts to being in the end, which is quite a shame because it could've been way better. Pretty much the only artsy/pretentious film director I can tolerate is David Lynch. I view his more "out there" films as just being more of an experience that you simply sit back and take in and view as if it were all just some weird dream playing out in front of you. I personally find them to be comfy on that basis and I feel like even Lynch himself is rather humble about making them and admits to putting whatever he feels like in them, regardless of what affect it has on the story, or whether it's actually all comprehensible. It's not like RoR where there actually was some semblance of a story, but was just told super badly and deliberately made convoluted in a poor attempt at 'depth', which amounted to nothing less than a well placed shot to the foot. "It's up to you what the meaning is bro", can be a pretty weak excuse/out for a lot of pretentious film makers/game devs to resort to, but I feel like Lynch does it from a place of genuine sincerity and he doesn't pretend as if his films are anything more than what you make of them. David Lynch has also made some pretty decent straightforward movies as well, like Elephant Man and Straight Story, (which is rather funnily named when considering most of his other work), and to some extent Twin Peaks as well. Stalker is pretty much the only film I enjoyed from Tarkovsky, mostly because I liked the atmosphere and the laid back pacing and its dream like quality. I love watching movies that are like dreams, assuming I'm in the right mood for it. Dream movies can walk a fine line between comfy and just becoming uninteresting/stupid, though. Lynch has usually been a source of comfiness for me, (one of the only ASMR experiences I've had was actually while watching DL films) but he's mostly the exception to the rule in this case. Really infamously pretentious stuff like 2001 is the sort of thing which stands as a testament to how bad this stuff can get and which are pretty much near unwatchable as a result.

>It is based pretty much on Dario Argento movies, especially Phenomena.

Ah, is that so? I've heard of that director, but I've never watched any of his films. I have a copy of 'Suspiria' on my computer that I've been meaning to watch for the longest time, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Not sure if you've heard, but there's a game by Dario Argento currently being made called 'Dreadful Bond'. No idea when it's coming out, but hopefully it turns out well. Also, it's funny you mention Jennifer Connolly, since that's exactly who Jennifer in Clock Tower reminded me of, since her resemblance to that actress's appearance was pretty much identical. I guess that's just literally who they modeled her off of then, so that explains a lot. They're even dressed the same, more or less. In my case, I just kept thinking of Labyrinth with David Bowie, since I had no idea she'd actually been in a Dario Argento movie.

>Which one was ending C again, by the way?

The one where you pick the 2nd floor on the final elevator, instead of the 3rd. Picking the 2nd floor equals the C ending, while picking the 3rd floor leads to the B ending. They both lead to the same ending, except in C you kick off Mary while she's chasing you up a ladder to the Clock Tower, instead of her ambushing you at the top which is what happens in B. I was kinda disappointed with the lack of variety in the endings to be honest, since there's really only 3 unique endings. The one where you just drive away, the one where you die in the elevator or by Mary when exiting said elevator, and then the one where you get to the top of the Clock Tower and survive the night. There's only slight variations between those 3 which constitute the other endings which kinda sucked, but it's a SNES era game after all, so accounting for the limitations are more understandable.

>I recommend you to check out Clock Tower 2 too

Yep, I was gonna check that out either today or tomorrow, then afterwards move on to Parasite Eve, or something. Like you recommended, I'll probably just watch a playthrough of Struggle Within, should I feel that inclined to do so, since actually playing it doesn't seem worth the hassle.

>Yes, that is the one.

Yeah, thought so. Apparently Nightcry was made by the same director of Clock Tower 1 & 2. I might check that out as well, but I don't know. The production values seem pretty reminiscent of the sorts of Unity made shovelware one sees all the time on Steam, but I'll probably watch some more gameplay of it to decide whether I should just watch it or play it. I agree that 1, 2 and Nightcry seem to be the official CT games, while the rest are essentially just spin-offs and spiritual successors (you get a couple references to First Fear in CT3 like the re-imagined Burroughs/Barrows family and the ghost twins that wield giant scissors, but it's mostly irrelevant brownie points stuff.)

You ever watched a playthrough of Remothered: Tormented Fathers, by the way? It was made by Italian devs and is modeled off of old Italian horror films and has a very Clock Tower-esque feel to it. Apparently they're making another one, which is cool since I didn't mind playing through the first one and I thought it was mostly ok overall.


>David Lynch
He has some movies I like, like Lost Highway and Blue Velvet, they are awesome. But his other stuff crosses a line within me, like Inland Empire which was shot without a screenplay and it shows. It is a 3 hours long mess.
I started watching Twin Peaks once, I think I will finish it one day, it was ok.
For me it was Solaris which I enjoyed, I thought it had a cool atmosphere. Stalker felt too much like a documentary film about nature to me.
>I love watching movies that are like dreams
I have seen Kurosawa's Yume/Dreams recently and loved it. It is based on the dreams of Kurosawa. I think you would like it.
> Really infamously pretentious stuff like 2001 is the sort of thing which stands as a testament to how bad this stuff can get and which are pretty much near unwatchable as a result.
Don't even mention it, I think that was the only time I felt physical pain literally while watching a movie. All the pretentiousness, God…And this crap is praised by everyone. I mean, why? Are they afraid of saying that it is an incoherent, boring, in essence a bad movie? I have a feeling they are scared of being called a dumb person who just didn't "get it". It is like someone started this meme that 2001 is an "epic, intellectual and quality movie" and nobody dared to call out him on his error/trolling.


Very good movie, in fact most of the time Argento delivers. He only started to make some mediocre/bad movies after the 2000s. His stuff before that is pure gold.
>Dreadful Bond
Had no idea about this, thanks for mentioning it. I look forward to it now.
>CT endings
Yes, they could have been better. In general I have yet to see a good horror game where your choices do matter very much and can lead you down different branches of the story.
>Parasite Eve
We have very similar taste. PE is a good one, but can be kind of repetitive with its JRPG-style gameplay. It is like Resident Evil X Final Fantasy. But you should play it/watch it certainly, the story is good for a game. 2 is good too. I haven't gotten around to watching 3 yet, last time I checked I didn't find a good playthrough of it.
>You ever watched a playthrough of Remothered: Tormented Fathers, by the way?
Nope, never heard of it. Now I will add this to my list too, thanks again for the nice recommendations.


I liked 2001 until the ending.



>Inland Empire

Yeah, that's one a real tough pill to swallow and I could barely even stomach watching it myself and it's definitely what I'd consider to be Lynch at his most self-indulgent, pretty much to the point where it basically amounts to a complete parody of all his other films. I think pretty much his only thought process/attitude going into making that 'film' was just, "Fuck it, I'm putting whatever I want in this and I don't care what the final result is.". It's essentially just a messy stream of consciousness, like throwing buckets of paint against a wall as a form of expression. I think Lynch himself would be the first to admit he had no idea what he was doing with it, or what he even wanted out of it, other than to just go with every random whim that guided him and then release whatever that amounted to in the end. There's also a brief short film that you can watch on YouTube that's somewhat related to Inland Empire called 'Rabbits', which I personally found to at least be halfway comfy to watch, but only on the merits of it being like watching a freaky fever dream. That, to my mind, is what Lynch is an absolute master of. No one can construct/film a nightmare or handle surreal horror quite like Lynch can. I'd actually consider Lynch to be one of the best horror directors around, as a matter of fact. Either way, I'd also consider Inland Empire an unwatchable mess and it's a shame Lynch really hasn't done anything else since he shat it out of his crazy head (you should go on YouTube and listen to his dead cat story, dude's a frigging nutbar, but damn if he doesn't know how to turn that to his advantage when filming) aside from resurrecting Twin Peaks, which I actually have yet to check out. I was gonna rewatch The first 2 seasons of Twin Peaks at some point before checking out the latest season, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've heard it's supposed to be good, but I just hope I feel the same way, since I quite liked the first 2 seasons.


I also enjoyed Solaris as well actually, but I just found the sterility/slowness of the setting kind of of got to me at times. Definitely one of the most unique sci-fi films I've ever seen and it indeed had a cool premise and cool atmosphere. Good ending as well. Now 'The Mirror' on the other hand. That was a godawful snooze fest and is pretty much what killed Tarkovsky for me and most of the other films in this rather niche genre. Even Inland Empire wasn't that self-indulgent and that's saying something. In my case I liked Stalker because the concept of the 'Zone' just really intrigued me. I also don't mind the Stalker video game series, which I had already had experience with before watching the film, although I'm not its hugest fan. I finished SoC and thought it was mostly ok, but the constant darkness/dreariness of the setting/environment could get kind of exhausting. It'd actually be kinda neat to just have a relaxing walking simulator that matches more of the laid back pace of the film, to be honest. I'd also still like to check out CoP someday and is just one of the many games on my backlog that I'd like to get around to someday.

>Kurosawa's Yume/Dreams

Watched that a long time ago when I was going through of all of Kurosawa's work. I also liked it, since it was pretty much tailor made for someone like me. The dream sequences in other Kurosawa films, like 'Kagemusha' for instance, are also really well done and unique too.


The only salvageable parts of that film for me are the HAL 9000 plot, mostly because I like the sci-fi horror aspect of it, and the "Dawn of Man" segment because it's a fairly short and somewhat interesting story when taken on its own merits. Everything else is just crap/forgettable.

Also started CT 2 today. Seems good so far and I don't mind the shift to 3D.

Also, I'll sage for all the irrelevant off-topic movie talk.


This, It too really liked 2001 but thought the ending was kinda shit. Yeah I get it but I didn't like it at all. I am sure it could have been done better.

The funny thing is no one mentions the sequel despite it being a decent film.


2001 is objectively an incredible movie. Sorry but you are just low intelligence if you don't even understand what other people see in it, that transcends subjective taste


I have finally beaten Donkey Kong Country. It's a game that's majorly hindered by how little you see ahead of you. I would die from running straight into enemies, falling off cliffs that had no reason to be fallen off of, and pretty much anything else that has no right to kill you if you can see where you're going. The controls, art, and music are the high points of this game, but the lack of vision makes it a mediocre game. The secrets are sometimes in cryptic spots, making it really difficult to get 101%, but that bull crap is doubled when you also can't see where you're going. I didn't want to explore the levels because of the vision problem, and it made the entire game a much worse experience. The later levels are a lot better though since they rely on pure platforming rather than movement. It's ironic how the harder levels for most other people were a breeze to me because of this issue. I've also looked into let's plays of this, and I can confirm it's the same with other people's experiences. No one seems to talk about it and praises the game heavily nevertheless.

Overall, this game was a flop, and if I had just completed this game and saw that the new one was coming out, I would give it a skip unless they fixed this glaring issue.

I finished the last four worlds and the last boss with Diddy Kong.



File: 1588357159644.jpg (149.95 KB, 400x620, 20:31, man-in-hat-53314.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Twin Peaks, which I actually have yet to check out. I was gonna rewatch The first 2 seasons of Twin Peaks at some point before checking out the latest season, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Wait so did you watch it or nah?


File: 1588386972830.jpg (24.49 KB, 315x315, 1:1, 476274682.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Good sequel. Both Jennifer and Helen's scenarios are decent and feel somewhat distinct from one another and have different puzzles to solve and events to witness in each, despite both taking place in the same environments. Item hunt can be a tad annoying at times, but it's still not too bad. Story was alright and the characters were likable and just the right kind of corny. Can't say I really cared for how the story differs in each scenario. Mostly in the case of Barton being the copycat in Helen's scenario and Harris being the copycat in Jennifer's scenario, since it mostly makes that aspect of the story an interchangeable afterthought, but it's just a minor quibble. Another minor thing, but it seemed a bit weird how scissorman could take multiple point blank shots from a pistol and not be phased at all (as you can see happen when Gotts is at Rick's house), yet be subdued by stuff like being whacked with an umbrella, or being hosed down with a fire extinguisher. I played both scenarios and, while the endings aren't all that enormously different from each other between the two (at least when speaking of their A endings), it's still a big step-up from the original. The cutscenes for each ending also aren't too bad either (for the time anyway) and were a nice bonus to help make them stand out. I found both this and First Fear to be quite comfy to play, mostly thanks to their more laid back point and click gameplay along with their charmingly spooky 80s horror movie atmosphere.


Yes, I've watched it. What I haven't watched is the latest revival season. I want to re-watch the original two seasons of Twin Peaks, given how long it's been, before watching the revival season, as I said.


It's finally over. After 15 years of not playing this game, I've finally beaten Super Mario Strikers. I literally have data that shows me doing the basic tournaments in 2005. I've wanted this game since I saw it.

I didn't like the game though. I felt like the computers had a lot of unfair advantages over me, yet I somehow won a lot. I don't completely know how, but I think it may be my defense and ability to super strike, which came in handy. Otherwise, the computers were faster without the ball, made shots that I wouldn't, and had overall, more advantages than I did. It felt unfair since I felt like I was trying to tiptoe around a minefield. They were on you all the time, could make shots quite easily, and were faster at getting the ball. On the other hand, my team was slower, was never in the right spots, and making a goal usually requires a lot of effort. I would shoot, get the ball, chase it down to my space, get the ball, and try again. I would get the rebounds sometimes, but I don't think it was that often.

I dunno, the game didn't make me feel like I was getting better. Maybe I wasn't. Still, I don't feel the game is worth it today to bother because the game is so simplistic and playing against computers is a chore. The game has like, two songs, there's no story, it's just the same match over and over, etc. The match itself if you're matched in skill though. It's a lot of stealing the ball from one side and doing that until someone gets lucky. I think it's luck. You can hit a goal from quite far away or get goals through just headbutting the ball in point blank. It's stuff like that, the things I can't do, that made me not like this game.

I just don't like it. It wasn't that fun. I'm sure the sequel is better, but I don't want to play it. Not for a while, at least.


Diddy is faster than DK, and I think this makes also his roll also go further (meaning if you roll jump off platforms, you go further with Diddy)
His only drawback is that he can't kill some enemies by jumping on them… but he can roll into them and kill them so… there's rarely ever any reason to use donkey kong.


File: 1588405298252.png (109.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KeroBlaster_2020-04-18_17-….png) ImgOps iqdb

Continuing the theme of "finally", I finally beaten Kero Blaster. I tried this game twice before and dropped it both times in similar places. Iirc it was the third world, where I would get to a certain point/boss battle, game over, and not have the patience to do the full level again. Both attempts were years apart, including my most recent third attempt.

Really something just clicked this time. My playstyle was more methodical and slow, its the type of game where the designer purposefully placed every single enemy - every screen is a specially and purposefully crafted challenge. Beat the game in a day and then tackled hard mode and "NG+" (Zengyou and Omake mode respectively).

It was a lot of fun, makes me want to get back into some difficult/retro-style platformer shooters. While the Megaman games are most similar to this thoughtful approach to level design, most of the classic retro era 2D shooters like Metal Slug or Contra are just pure bullshit.


I beat lost planet 3 after procrastinating, the story is sad, the ending is sad, I had a nightmare about it

I sorta wish I didn't play it


File: 1588552866367.jpg (71.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't recall anything especially sad about the plot in that game, but I'll be honest that I don't really remember that much of it. Don't you heal the planet and beat that guy in the more traditional Lost Planet mech at the end of the game and save everything, including your family? I also somewhat remember them showing a bit of Lost Planet 2 type stuff (like jungles and stuff) at the end of LP3 when the dude you play as is all old and near death and telling all this stuff to his daughter. Well, it was kind of weird/awkward seeing it as a prequel, but then also sort of teasing a bit of a continuation of Lost Planet 2, especially when Lost Planet 1 & 2 are so stylistically/tonally different from Lost Planet 3. I'll say that I'm one of the few out there who didn't mind Lost Planet 3 and actually thought it was ok. I remember expecting it was just going be some dreadfully dull Dead Space 3 clone, but it manages to be its own unique thing and even somewhat decent to play. Moving around in your truck-like mech was quite relaxing from what I recall. I still prefer the mechs from the other games, but the one from Lost Planet 3 had its own charm as well.

I'm also just one of the few people who simply happens to be a fan of this series at all. I have fond memories of playing the original Lost Planet near or around the time it came out and being able to fight larger than life monsters with big guns and mech suits. Great grappling hook mechanic as well. I actually replayed Lost Planet back in 2018, just after LP3 and before moving on to LP2, and I thought it held up pretty well, but man is that final boss fight where you're flying around in your mech fighting that other mech fucking brutal. Totally forgot how totally bullshit and frustrating that turns out to be and, for me, it was really the only thing I'd say was super terrible about the original Lost Planet.


it was sad for me for personal reasons, starting with the whole "trapped in a frozen shithole for life" theme because winter in my place is six months long, it was a real "iktf" thing I guess, and also because I grew fond of the main character but he dies in the end crushed under a boulder, after apparently everyone else dies, too, killed in the war he started with nevec corporation, as his granddaughter there said "you're the only family I have left"

it just wasn't a happy game for me


File: 1588590760741-0.jpg (8.56 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Chilla;s Art.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1588590760741-1.jpg (48.54 KB, 600x335, 120:67, 876518768075687413685.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1588590760741-2.jpg (1.05 MB, 3380x1895, 676:379, ss_4f18ea5996025e68e6737cb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


So I wanted to find more of these types of games and I managed to come across a Japanese dev on Steam who goes by the name of Chilla's Art and is pretty much just the Japanese version of Puppet Combo. It's actually kind of cool to be honest to have pretty similar types of games except these ones are modeled off of Japanese urban legends and folk lore, while the ones that Puppet Combo makes are modeled off of more North American tropes and urban legends. I just found it to be a neat little cultural contrast is all. I downloaded a compilation of all the games this particular Japanese dev has made so far and managed to play/finish them all, save for one (that being 'Onryo', since it just came out and looked like it needed some further patches). Anyway, I'll list the rest below.

#1 - The Convenience Store: Similar to Puppet's Combo's 'Nightshift', you play as a young Japanese succubus who works part-time at a local convenience store. Game takes about 30-40 minutes to complete and is a pretty straightforward experience. Each night you walk from your apartment to the convenience store and each night you see new and strange hauntings/paranormal stuff around the store. Pretty bare bones though for the most part and the actual look of the game is extremely rough around the edges, but it still has some nice atmosphere. Story pretty much revolves around a very classic J-horror cliche, that being the cursed video tape. The game has two endings which are presented in a pretty obvious fashion for you to choose from right at the end of the game. You can select to watch the last tape (bad ending), or just send it away (good ending). I was curious to see what the last tape was so, in my case, I just did that instead and also because it seemed more thematically consistent given how these types of stories tend to end. I'm actually glad I did, since the good ending is just one tediously long text crawl where your character just becomes abnormally depressed and anxious and presumably ends up dying anyway, which kinda sucks. Overall I'd say it was mostly ok for what it was, that being a short very cheaply priced J-horror game.

#2 - Inunaki Tunnel: Game based on the infamous 'Inunaki Tunnel' in Japan, which is a location similar to that of Aokigahara and is associated with suicide/paranormal activity. Like the last game, it's pretty short and straightforward and only takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. Has a bit of a found footage vibe and is somewhat similar to that of Puppet Combo's 'Riverside Incident', since you play as some random person who wishes to document the spookiness of the tunnel and comes armed with a classic snowy/film grainy camcorder. You have some notes you can find and read which help add to story and the game also has 3 endings which are all fairly simple to acquire. I managed to get the good ending my first time around and didn't really feel that compelled to play it again, since, like with the last game, dealing with the slow walking speed of your character is kind of tedious. The secret ending was interesting, since I just watched that on YouTube, but also kind of goofy/buggy as well looking, to be honest.

#3 - Yuki Onna: Whereas the last 2 games were mostly just walking simulators without anything that could chase you or kill you, this one's a different story. The game takes place in an abandoned hot springs resort haunted by Yuki Onna, the vengeful snow spirit from Japanese folk lore. Gameplay-wise it pretty much revolves around you collecting various items scattered around the map so as to solve puzzles and unlock new areas while avoiding detection by the ghost. You also only have a single life and you can't save. If you die, then you have to start the entire thing over again. Keep in mind that the game is designed around this permadeath mechanic and is also very short/easy to finish once you've determined what you need to do. Highly similar to that of some of Puppet Combo's other games like 'Nun Massacre' or 'The Night Ripper'. Also has a neat mechanic where the ghost will begin to employ new tactics the further along it is you are, like putting eyes against the walls that can detect you, or ice traps which can temporarily freeze you in place. The game can actually be a bit tedious, mostly since you only have 3 inventory slots. Although in reality it's actually only 2 inventory slots since the flashlight is pretty much an essential item so as to see where it is you're going. Given the small size of your inventory you're forced to regularly drop items you find until you might need them later and thus there can be a lot of backtracking involved between you and said items. Avoiding the ghost is pretty easy though and there are plenty of hiding spots around, but usually just running away will cause it to despawn fairly quickly, since you run much faster than it can. You can also sustain a fair amount of hits before dying and there are even a few healing items around which can restore your health, so it's not too difficult to avoid dying, especially once you know what it is you have to do. Personally, I was able to beat it on my third attempt, since experimenting with the items and discovering what you need to do really helps cut down on the danger for subsequent runs. There are only 2 endings, both of which require a somewhat extensive item hunt to obtain. I actually managed to live long enough to fulfill the conditions for both endings, so I pretty much had my pick between the 2 at the end. The basic ending simply requires that you escape after finding the 3 hidden children scattered around the resort, while the other, more secret ending leads you to an item/weapon which can actually kill Yuki Onna. This item being a literal flamethrower. It's pretty cool since once you finally get it, you're the one who's hunting the ghost, instead of the ghost hunting you. Takes a couple separate blasts to kill her and it was a really satisfying turn of the tables and it felt fresh for a horror game like this to do that sort of thing. The story, for what little exists, is contained within various hidden collectibles you can find scattered around. I managed to find them all and it was okay and managed to fit the mood of the game quite well.

#4 - Aka Monto: A very similar, yet somewhat less refined predecessor to Yuki Onna. It's more or less the exact same sort of deal as the last game. There's a ghost/spiritual entity from a Japanese urban legend that's constantly hunting you and if you die you have to start over from the beginning. Whereas Yuki Onna gave fairly clear indicators when the ghost was near, Aka Monto does not. In fact, there's pretty much no real indicator of where or when the ghost will show up and it can get quite frustrating since it very often will just spawn all over the place willy nilly. Hiding is also a broken mechanic in this game, since the ghost will continue to attack you even when you've managed to hide without it seeing you. Pretty much the only thing you have to your advantage are the vents which connect most of the rooms/areas together, since it can't follow you in there. When it came to this game I just resorted to a guide, given how unforgiving and downright frustrating any sort of exploration or experimentation was due to the completely fucked and relentless spawning of the ghost. Armed with that I was able to beat the game no problem since, again, once you know what you have to do, it's pretty simple to outmaneuver the ghost long enough to win by planning out the most efficient route to your objectives. Like the last game, you also have a few healing items and can take about 7-8 hits before dying, which gives an additional margin for error. Like with Yuki Onna there's only 2 endings. An escape ending and a kill the ghost ending. I did 2 playthroughs and managed to acquire both endings without much trouble, although I certainly had some close calls where the ghost could've managed to easily chain hit me to death. The kill ending was a little less satisfying compared to Yuki Onna, since in this one it's just a magical katana that you only need to use just once to kill said ghost. The set-up/premise for the story is also just as straightforward as the last game, but similarly you also have random collectible tape recorders/notes which add some extra details to the origins of the ghost and everything that's happening.

#5 - Okaeri: Really not much to say about this one. Takes only 10-15 minutes to finish and, as a result, is pretty bare bones for the most part. Basically just a brief walking simulator with some horror elements. Only has a single ending, but the story is quite sad in its own way. Spoilers for those that are curious. You play as a teenage succubus who comes home from school to find that her mother has hung herself after she lost her job and was thus unable to pay her financial debts. The daughter then wanders into the forest and hangs herself too, which then concludes the game. A crushing level of debt is a pretty common reality for many in today's hyper capitalist dystopia, so the story has a bit of a topical aspect to it on that front, I guess you could say.


File: 1588590837220.gif (567.93 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Nun Massacre.gif) ImgOps iqdb


#6 - Stigmatized Property: Last game and is pretty similar to the first in terms of its tone. Like it, this one revolves around another fairly common J-horror trope, cursed apartments that possess and or devour their occupants. Not as short as the last one, but still a pretty short game. Only 15-20 minutes, I'd say. Similar to the first game, it's pretty much just a walking simulator with some scattered horror elements/scares, but it has some nice/spooky atmosphere. Again, like the first, it only has 2 endings and both are fairly clear and easy to obtain. Not much else to say really, since what you see is pretty much what you get. A short playable ghost story with a spooky story and spooky atmosphere. Not the sort of thing everyone would be into of course, but it's an okay experience if you're into this sort of niche thing.

I'll also mention that I played/finished one of Puppet Combo's other games recently, which I mentioned previously and is called 'Nun Massacre'. Like Aka Monto and Yuki Onna, it's centered around a similar type of thing. You're dropped into a somewhat open area with random items scattered around and you need to juggle them in your inventory while trying to avoid getting murdered by the killer. Like the others, if you happen to die then you're forced to start over from the beginning. You can find a radar fairly early on however, (similar to the motion tracker from Alien), which really helps matters since once you get it you'll pretty much always know where the killer is and can avoid her quite easily. Has a few endings and a depressing/creepy story which you slowly piece together from various notes scattered about. I didn't mind it and it had some enjoyable cheap VHS era horror atmosphere, although one somewhat annoying thing that all 3 of these games share, is the obnoxiously loud music/autistic screeching that begin to play once you're spotted by the killers/ghosts in these 3 games. Eventually you just tune it out, but it can still be somewhat grating on the nerves.

Well, I'm sure to many these games will appear as nothing more than shovelware/YouTuber bait, but for those so inclined to short, low investment experiences, or schlocky horror/spooky stories, they can be a uniquely comfy means to widdle away a couple hours. Really all depends on how receptive you are to this type of atmosphere and tone, basically. I personally quite like playing what are essentially spooky campfire stories modeled off of old PSX games or schlocky horror, even if their production values are noticeably rough around the edges. Hopefully these 2 devs will keep releasing new and further improved games in the future.


I remember walking around aimlessly in the castle, having absolutely no clue how to continue or what to do and then the music starts playing…Point and click adventure games aren't for me, I pretty much kept running back to that door that you could hold unto if you tapped a button while Scissorman fell down, haha.

Have you heard of Juggernaut? It is an obscure ps1 point and click game with a dark atmosphere. Not strictly horror but has horror elements in it.



>I remember walking around aimlessly in the castle, having absolutely no clue how to continue or what to do and then the music starts playing…Point and click adventure games aren't for me

Yeah, the final castle area was definitely the most annoying out of the bunch as far as the item hunt was concerned. I started with Helen's scenario first and didn't have any trouble finishing it and just getting the B ending, but both of the A endings for Jennifer and Helen proved to certainly require a bit more wandering around and almost having to click on pretty much everything I could find. One thing that eluded me especially was the missing book for the secret entrance in the library. When I finally managed to find it underneath the bedsheets in that one random room with the Evil Dead hand I couldn't help, but let out an audible, "That's where it was? Really?". Pretty much the same thing went for the secret wine cellar entrance. That right there is certainly one of the weakest points of these types of games. Usually I can manage to have the patience for it, but illogical puzzles and ridiculous/arbitrary item locations can still be pretty annoying to deal with at times and, assuming it's bad enough, can just outright kill this sort of game for me.

>I pretty much kept running back to that door that you could hold unto if you tapped a button while Scissorman fell down, haha.

That's funny. I did exactly the same thing actually. I found it to be the most efficient/fastest way to get rid of him, especially since there aren't that many random escape items or places to hide on that level. Watching him go flying over the edge each time was indeed quite silly. Probably the next most humorous one was how Nolan could just straight up knock him the fuck out in the times when scissorman corners you and you have to mash the panic button.

>Have you heard of Juggernaut?

Nope, I haven't. I looked it up though and it seems interesting. Somewhat Myst-like in a way, what with the FMV stuff and all that. The first-person perspective also kinda reminded me of Echo Night and how I should probably get around to checking out that series at some point. Looking up Juggernaut also just so happened to have me stumble across Koudelka as well, which I'd also never heard of before and appears to be a horror JRPG similar to Parasite Eve. Looks ok, I guess.


Yes, it is quite troubling when you have to resort to a guide in the cases of these games since that pretty much defeats the purpose of the game itself, so you are stuck with trying again and again or giving up the game entirely.
>especially since there aren't that many random escape items or places to hide on that level.
The best is when you finally find a good hiding place but he kills you anyway because the game hates you, heh.
>Probably the next most humorous one was how Nolan could just straight up knock him the fuck out in the times when scissorman corners you and you have to mash the panic button.
Actually most things don't make sense in these games. There are many instances where you can knock Scissorman out even with Jennifer or Helen (thanks to various objects) and instead of stabbing him repeatedly with his own scissor like a sane person would do they just leave the scene or something else. But then again, this game would be too easy in that case.
And about tapping the panic button, I assume you are playing these games on emulators, right? Do you use your keyboard or a joystick? One of the reasons I stopped playing these games is because I wanted to spare my keyboard.
>Echo Night
Looked up both on youtube just now and I'll be damned, Echo Night gave me serious Juggernaut-vibes from what little gameplay I watched of it. I think the makers of Juggernaut were inspired by it a lot, though Juggernaut is a much longer game.
Koudelka, I knew about it but haven't played or watched it yet. Accidentally came across a battle theme from it years ago when I was listening to game music and the name Koudelka stuck in my head.



>Yes, it is quite troubling when you have to resort to a guide in the cases of these games since that pretty much defeats the purpose of the game itself, so you are stuck with trying again and again or giving up the game entirely.

Yeah, it does really suck when that sort of thing happens. On certain occasions I actually don't mind looking something up, assuming that such a thing is called for, and I can manage to keep playing just fine in spite of it. Like when a game is being ridiculously obtuse and annoying to the point where selective use of a guide is pretty much absolutely required, (perfect example would be SH3's hard difficulty puzzles, or just making oneself privy to whatever the best ending requirements are, which usually tend to be obscure), but even in such games where that's the case it can still really lead to some bad times. For me, I just can't help, but bang my head against the wall on some inane puzzle or ridiculously well hidden item, assuming there's a slim hope for me to find it or figure it out myself. It can be quite satisfying to overcome such things, but also lead to a lot of game killing levels of frustration. It sucks because I'm actually somewhat fond of P&C adventure games, or at least I'd truly like to be, but the amount of stress I feel when I find myself with this sort of situation in these game can be very unpleasant. One quick example that comes to mind would be a somewhat recent P&C adventure game that I played a couple years back called "Night of the Rabbit". A wholesome, quaint little adventure game that on the surface I hoped to just unwind with and feel relaxed by playing, only for it to turn out to be such a frustrating and stressful experience that I found myself essentially rage quitting it and uninstalling it in angry fatigue. after having spent close to 2 hours wandering around and clicking on everything in site and combining nearly every item with every other item, except of course for the one I was actually supposed to. Not being able to figure out what I'm supposed to do can lead to a lot of self-loathing on my part, which only compounds the unpleasantness factor. The worst sensation, for me, is that sense of worthlessness that washes over me in the times when I happen to look something up and the answer was staring at me right in the face the whole time making me feel like the most useless idiot ever, which usually follows with me dropping whatever that game is for good.

When you can manage to play a P&C game and find yourself a little stuck, but not too stuck that it completely impeded progress, is when this genre really shines. Unfortunately, one can never know how frustrating/comfy a game like this will be, although it tends to be the case that either older P&C games or obscure indies are usually the ones which dabble in extreme levels of moon logic, or just lazy/bad puzzle design. I'm still drawn to these sorts of game mostly in the hopes that it'll be an experience that'll turn out to be the former, instead of the latter, even if it's a gamble that sometimes backfires on me and leads to intense self-loathing and general awfulness.

>There are many instances where you can knock Scissorman out even with Jennifer or Helen (thanks to various objects) and instead of stabbing him repeatedly with his own scissor like a sane person would do they just leave the scene or something else.

Well, that's really just the common conceits of the horror genre in general. "Why didn't so and so just run away, or phone the cops, or whatever else", that sort of thing. In the case of scissorman, the levels of damage he could take seemed really all over the place. Gotts shot him multiple times and it didn't slow him down at all, yet he can just be punched or have a blanket thrown on him and he's suddenly subdued. In the end, it's just a silly old horror game, so one can only suspend their disbelief when it comes to the silliness.

>I assume you are playing these games on emulators, right? Do you use your keyboard or a joystick?

Yep, I am. When it comes to PSX games, I use retroarch with the PSXBettleHW module. Makes PSX games look great. In terms of control, I use my Dualshock 3 via SCP/Xinput. Works for pretty much every game available, or at least any game I've ever tried. As a result, needing to button mash is no problem. I'm actually quite surprised my old Dualshock 3 controller is still going strong after all this time. I could probably do with upgrading to a Dualshock 4 at this point, but my DS3 still gets the job done. Will probably keep using it until the sticks wear out, or the D-pad wears out, or one of the buttons start sticking or stops working.


I have finally beaten Shrek Superslam for the Gamecube. It's a fun little 3D brawler with memorable levels, a cute, but really short story, and a mega challenge mode that took me a few days to complete. I wish the story was a lot longer since it was just 10 levels, fully voice acted, and was very charming. The mega mode got quite challenging, but thankfully not too hard to beat. I thought it was going to be so hard that I couldn't complete the game. That just ruins the fun honestly. In the mega challenge mode, there were way too many matches with four players. It might have been the intended way to play, but I enjoy the game a lot more with three players or less. Four players just means you can't attack very much since everyone's hitting each other on these small stages.

These stages are way too small for four player games anyways. It would be like playing on battlefield with four players in Smash Bros. There's a bit of room, but then you're just waiting for the other players to get their slam meter charged up, which is pretty hard to cancel. Once someone's slam meter is charged, you can decrease the charge by hitting them. There are a few good strategies like throwing them and air attacking them while on the ground, but I don't think it would work against a human opponent. Once they get up, the can just mash B to immediately slam you. You can run away, and it works with computers, but I doubt it would work with a human. The computers can be quite dumb when using their slams, but not humans. I found that throwing was an awesome way of building your charge meter and keeping enemies away from you. Since it's a 3D environment, some attacks just won't hit, and I found dashing with forward and A (the attack button) was too easy to do. I would dash everywhere on accident. Grabbing is solid and leads to stunning on the ground, which you can hit them from. Quasimodo has this crazy move that allows you to hit opponents with B (charge smash) while on the ground, and I've managed to do it multiple times. Some characters are just better than others - especially with their slams. Gingerbread man's slam doesn't allow movement, but other characters have charging moves, which, in my opinion, are the best. Donkey's charge is super fast and allows for Super Slams (3x slam) easily, for example. The bad slam moves would be Gingerbread man's peppermint throw, Shrek's fart, which is stagnant and has a small AOE, and Red Riding Hood's tornado, which is also stagnant. You can throw people in there, IIRC, but it's just not as good as the other slams. There are more, like Prince Charming's sword slams, which sends shockwaves across the stage. Black Knight has the same slam as well. These are okay slams, but you have to aim them and if you miss, you might miss a slam.

My main opponents are Black Knight and Puss in Boots. Black Knight has this horrible air attack that allows him to slam his axe onto you, breaking your shield and giving him a huge charge to his slam meter, and Puss is just really fast. Black Knight's slam meter just seems to rise really fast. There's an anti-air move, A+Y, but it's near impossible to do for me. It's just for this game I think. I'm usually really good with button presses.

Overall, I enjoyed this game and the stages. It's a very nostalgic game for me. There are a bunch of stages, but not much musical variety, in my opinion. It's the kind of game you play once, honestly. I used to play melee mode a lot, but I just didn't feel that now for some reason. It's still fun, but I got really tired of the same music and the stages. Some stages are obviously NOT tournament legal though. The potion stage has neverending potions to collect for huge advantages, the dojo stage has a huge amount of things to throw (same with the bar), the inside of the castle has a bunch of raised platforms that makes fighting a pain, etc. Also, I'd like some things added to the game like a statistics page so I didn't have to go to the trophy room to look at medals to see if I've super slammed enough for the Super slam trophy. The potion drinking trophy comes to mind too since you have to drink 100 potions for it. A fast screen would have made it a bit easier. Also, multiplayer stages from the mega challenges, like the torch relay race would have been fun. A few stages had you jumping from towers to get to the end too, and that could have been included. For the actual stages themselves, I'd like to choose my music for them. Speaking of that, all stages had the same music variety, and it made them feel samey. Still, these are good mod ideas personally, and a Shrek Super Slam competitive community does somewhat exist. I really liked this game, but not as much as I did when I played it all those years ago. I now hate the Mondo stage (birthday cake stage) because of Black Knight and that stupid Mega Challenge at the end of the campaign.


I just downright refused to favor Diddy because he was so popular in that game. I think his hitbox is also smaller. The only reason I beat the last four worlds with Diddy is because I play with whoever is in the lead, and if I lose one, I continue on without tagging. I'm better at rolling off platforms with Diddy too, but just refused to use him unless necessary. Sometimes though, I would switch to Donkey Kong because some levels had enemies that Diddy couldn't kill by jumping, but that's it.


File: 1588998456851.jpg (60.89 KB, 768x672, 8:7, Mega Man X 2 (U) [!]049.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat Mega Man X2, it was a lot of fun. Nice varied levels with fun bosses and not so easy to guess rock-paper-scisors mechanic, it's full of hidden stuff so I had to play each level many times, I didn't mind though. It was difficult at times, but nothing insane like was common at the time this came out, final boss took me a couple of tries, actually I couldn't be bothered after a couple of times and that endless boss rush so I just got four energy tanks and tanked the shit out of him. Pixel art and music are great of course, as with any capcom game of the time, man how the mighty have fallen.
Couple of years ago I decided I was gonna finish every Mega Man game, I stopped at 8 because the voice acting was irritating and the emulator kept crashing. Now I've decided to beat every MMX game, and I already know the PSX games get really annoying too, but there are patches for that, so maybe it won't be so bad.


File: 1589461700716-0.jpg (47.39 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 431367609.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1589461700716-1.jpg (70.99 KB, 662x372, 331:186, 748268746287.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1589461700716-2.gif (308.3 KB, 600x414, 100:69, 8n5bU7d.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Kinda disappointing, to be honest. I really liked its aesthetic and atmosphere, but us as a metroidvania, it's a little mediocre. Backtracking becomes enormously tedious both due to how poorly placed the fast travel points are, but also because you never actually unlock any abilities that radically alter your movement, thus making it easier/faster to traverse the world. There's no double jump, or air dash, or anything like that. There are abilities that let you use hidden platforms and some other contextual environmental objects later on, but they're very specifically placed in the world and, again, don't in any way alter what your character can actually do at any given moment. And, on top of that, these abilities I just mentioned can technically be classified as secrets and you could actually go the whole game and never unlock them. That to me, for a metroidvania of all things to do, is just unbelievably ridiculous and a downright crazy design decision. The game has an interesting mechanic where, instead of dropping all of your currency when you die, you drop guilt, which shortens your mana bar and reduces the amount of currency you can acquire until you can return to where you died and pick up said guilt. Guilt also acts as a free health pick-up, which can be somewhat useful in boss fights. You also have an upgrade tree, but it's extremely basic and limited. There's only 4 new moves you can unlock and the further upgrades in the skill tree are just the same moves, yet slightly more powerful. You also have a counter, but it only works on certain enemies and despite counters being extremely easy to preform you often do more damage just by regularly hitting them instead. Enemy variety is OK, but the game really could've used more. Some enemies even share the same movesets, but just look different, which sucked. Normals enemies are also just way too easy to deal with. Most can be killed in only 1 or 2 hits and can barely inflict any damage on you. To get the true ending, you need to engage in a number of arenas, which spawn various enemies you need to fight and I honestly can't stress enough how mindnumbingly boring/easy they were. Not to mention short, since each one only takes like 1-2 minutes, if that, to complete. I'm only mentioning it, since it just served as a testament to how dull fighting the normal enemies are.

Bosses are a completely mixed bag. They're visually fantastic, but range from either pathetically easy, to just plain annoying, yet still pretty easy. The worst ones are those that rely on having to do aerial attacks to do any damage, since you have no aerial abilities aside from a basic upwards/forward slash. "Our Lady of The Charred Visage", was one such boss that suffered from this sort of thing and was quite annoying to fight as a result. Later on however, once you get enough health flasks and other upgrades, certain boss fights become downright trivial to deal with. One such boss, the giant baby with the vines, would've been quite annoying to deal with, mostly due to its RNG attack pattern and small hitbox, but was practically a pushover since I came into the fight with lots of upgrades and just soaked up the damage it could inflict while I kept hitting it. I found the rest of the bosses to have pretty simple move sets and their attacks are very highly telegraphed, which was nice I guess, but also made them somewhat forgettable/anti-climatic to fight. The final boss could've honestly been better, since like the first boss I mentioned, his true form can only be damaged in only a short window via aerial attacks, which just made fighting him tedious and annoying. Near the end, assuming you solve the related quest line in the right way, you can unlock a pretty overpowered spell/prayer that makes you immune to damage for like 10-15 seconds, which can be used 4 or so times before you run out of mana, assuming it's maxed out. Without that, I can tell you that the final boss would've been a huge pain in the ass to fight, but for all the wrong reasons. I actually preferred fighting the boss prior to the final boss, since, although it basically boiled down to countering over and over again, it still felt more grounded and better suited to the main gameplay.

The game is also needlessly cryptic to a fault. And not just in the usual, ambiguous lore, item descriptions and enigmatic NPCs making up the bulk of the "story" in these type of games. Lots of stuff is hidden away and can be easily missed if you're not paying attention. Like I said, all of the abilities that unlock other areas which you couldn't access before are hidden away in very out of the way locations and they actually aren't even required to finish the game. I was lucky enough to find one of them, which then led to me checking a guide online, so I could find the others. There are also quest lines, similar to those found in the Souls series, where they need to be approached in certain ways, otherwise you can easily fail them. Again, I just resorted to a guide, since I didn't really want to deal with the game's bullshit in this sense. On top of this, there are also some fairly tricky puzzles in this game. One actually requires you to read the descriptions of three separate collectibles you need to pick up elsewhere and then find the hidden messages/actions in each of them, only to then preform said actions to unlock a hidden door. To be honest, I don't know why the developers felt like putting this kind of cryptic shit in here, since it really doesn't do the game any favors and, in fact, only makes the experience more tedious to navigate. Besides abilities, much of what's in the world are just random beads for your rosary that slightly enhance your abilities, similar to the charms from Hollow Knight, which, like your health and mana, can be extended to fit more of said beads. There are also some spells/prayers, but aside from the one that temporarily increases your attack speed, or the one tied to that quest near the end that makes you invulnerable, they're all kind of useless.

Anyway, I still thought it was largely OK, but it has to be said that, when it comes to the way the world is designed, especially as it pertains to backtracking and exploration, this game has absolutely no respect for your time. It's a fairly short game and took me about 13 hours to 100%, but I'd say a good third, if not half, of that playtime was simply due to the game wasting my time, either with its poorly designed map, or cryptic bullshit. It's a shame because, like I said, the aesthetic of this game is really great. The lore is pretty forgettable, as it often tends to be in these types of games, but the atmosphere and the environment still really stand out. Far moreso than say, something like Hollow Knight, with its dumb, trying way too hard to be a chibi Dark Souls with cutesy looking little bugs, type aesthetic. Between the two, Hollow Knight is quite obviously a much better metroidvania, while Blasphemous pretty much blows it out of the water in terms of style and aesthetic. If there's ever a Blasphemous 2, hopefully the developers will manage to tighten up the gameplay to the same level as Hollow Knight, so as to make it something truly special.


File: 1589527801378.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dishonored.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Dishonored. It is a stealth-based assassination game. It had pretty fluid controls with some cool equipment and powers. The levels included a lot of exploration. Dishonored reminds me of Thief 2, but I think it's actually better. Or, at least, it aged better. The levels were pretty interesting, and had a focus on exploration. The enemies had good AI. They have an incentive for killing as few people as possible, which adds a lot to the difficulty. It's challenging, but not excessively challenging, to get through the game only killing a few people per level, and it gets easier in late game due to the overpowered items and abilities. Good story, good graphics, etc. Overall, it was a really satisfying experience.

Since we are apparently also reviewing movies in this thread:
Not a great movie, but the soundtrack is unbeatable.


File: 1589647859985-0.jpg (136.14 KB, 768x672, 8:7, Mega Man X 3 (U) [!]241.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1589647859985-1.jpg (105.48 KB, 768x672, 8:7, Mega Man X 3 (U) [!]251.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1589647859985-2.jpg (106.25 KB, 768x672, 8:7, Mega Man X 3 (U) [!]254.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mega Man X3 done.
I didn't like this one as much as 2 or 1, it's starting to get repetitive. Still great in most fronts, level design is kinda meh, I kept getting them mixed up when I wanted to replay them to get all items. Getting items is way easier because you get some kind of map now, but for some reason you need to have a full health tank to get the last upgrade, I learned this when I got tired of fucking around and decided to look up a walkthrough. The last fight was kinda tough due to some ridiculously narrow hitboxes and a scape sequence afterwards in which I actually died once. Still not overtly difficult game. Next game is considered to be the best by many, I never liked PSX emulation but I'm still gonna give it a go.


I also really liked dishonored. You should pirate the sequels. They aren’t worth the money, but they’re pretty good bite size copies of the original with enough new stuff to spice it up.


I pirate everything


File: 1589656961615.jpeg (28.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 51DDF913-9C04-4E7A-925F-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb



As you should


well, not finished but dropped
Bought RE7 and it's pretty good, but oh man, the textures, the fucking blur
the graphics are so shit, I can't believe this. People who give it high scores - have obviously no standards for graphics. I feels like I was scammed.

It is very weird to me, bacause RE2 remake was great, visually.
Very frustrating, we live in a time where you don't even fucking know if the AAA game you bought is a straight up console port or an actual build for PC. Fuck


File: 1591546721629.png (51.57 KB, 387x258, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have been playing LUFTRAUSERS
Haven't really 'finished it since it's an arcade style game but I've unlocked all the different plane types.
It's very fun. It's easy to get into that flow zone where you lose yourself in the game. The different plane parts change the dynamics a lot as well. For example, if you combine the body that removes crash damage but decreases health with the submarine engine you need to play by jumping in and out of the ocean onto boats, you can die just by two hits but you also kill boats very fast. But if you have the heavy body with the spaceship engine you have to do basically the opposite, carefully dodging bullets in the sky while making sure to keep up firing. My only criticism is that the missiles weapon seem kind of broken, they seem to miss most of the time.
Here's the flash game that the game was based on if you're interested:


File: 1591643754432.png (1016.76 KB, 1019x754, 1019:754, rg32.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished for a second time Dino Crisis 2 on hard difficulty, this time I obtained an A ranking because I beat the game in less time. I read that to get the S ranking you need to finish the game in less than 2 hours. I think I will try to do that.
My thoughts on Dino Crisis 2:
This game is better than its predecessor, Dino Crisis, which was basically just a resident evil spin off with dinosaurs, and it’s also superior to all the resident evil games that came for the ps1.
Even though it’s more action oriented I think it can still be considered a survival horror for its game mechanics are almost a direct copy of survival horror games, especially the Resident evil series. What makes Dino Crisis 2 different from a regular survival horror is that they added both a bonus system and make it so you can shoot while you move, thing that not a single Resident Evil game has, yes, in the resident evil games you cannot do something as natural as shooting while moving which to me has always been annoying, as it detracts from the fun of shooting enemies. Someone would probably argue that it makes it more oppressive which is a good thing in a survival horror, I’d say fuck that I want to move while I shoot. This new added element along with a bonus system that rewards you for being fast and doing combos is what makes it so different and at the same time a thrilling experience. You will have to do a lot of shooting and running as you try to avoid the dinosaurs that jump from everywhere if you want to survive. Another thing that separates it from your typical survival horror is the fact that ammunition and health items are not scarce and you can buy them with the points you acquire by killing dinosaurs. All this will make you think that it really is not a survival horror, but the survival theme, fixed camera angles, and pre rendered backgrounds will make you think of Resident Evil. So this new added changes give us a new type of survival horror, something more beautiful and better.
I believe this is a spectacular game and the most fun I’ve had in years.
Also fuck Resident Evil.


File: 1591714582970.png (1.39 MB, 970x715, 194:143, Paula_r.png) ImgOps iqdb

Today I attempted to get the S rank on hard and failed, but at least I confirmed that you need to finish the game in 2 hours or less. My error is that I must have spent at least 10 minutes on those two allosaurus thinking that I needed the points, and other 10 minutes getting points from the plesiosaurus that are around the third energy facility. I only need to be 22 minutes faster so it shouldn't be that hard. I know I can do it, I know I can and that feels good. The new result screen looks pretty good too, I like Paula.


is that picture from the game? it looks so bad.


File: 1591717867123.mp4 (5.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pauladc2.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I like it, it's nostalgic and dreamy and pertinent to Paula's character.


magical popn

i am stuck on this stage


File: 1592078883389.jpg (652.33 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, H2x1_NSwitchDS_BlasterMast….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I played through both Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2 in sequence not too long ago and it was the most entertainment and immersion I've had in a game in a long time. Neither of them had the most extensive world-building, the most dynamic gameplay or the most provoking characters but in some way that actually done the entire series a favour. This is all even more impressive considering that I'm not actually the most zealous fan of the 8-bit aesthetic (though the first installment being a remake with various liberties taken of the original Blaster Master does help it not seem outright bizarre) and it only took me a few days to finish both of them to completion, but I actively missed them literally the second I finished and felt myself internally pining for more afterwards, which is a hallmark of an enjoyable game as far as I'm concerned. On another note, it's very clearly an aesthetically Japanese game and only in the Waterworks in the BMZ1 did I feel that aesthetic wasn't apparent (interestingly enough, the Waterworks were also the only section of both games that I felt any sort of discontent with, primarily due to the frustrating navigation, boring music, level design, colour scheme, obnoxious enemies and general uninspired concept of a 2D sewer level). I can forgive this considering that it was directly taken from the original Blaster Master. Not to mention the very next area in the Man-Made Sea was exhilarating both aesthetically and mechanically, I captured some vague arcade shmup vibes from the boss of the area, even as far as it being a giant hostile aquatic creature, while the Residential Area in Area 2 was reminiscent of some Mega Man X series levels. Not quite blatant references or cameos like it legitimately has with some alternate characters, but it's appreciable when you're actively playing through the game and can at least portray the semblance of a similar developmental mindset to level design across different companies. BMZ2 didn't have the same "isolated" feel to level design that BMZ1 did and I feel like this was due to Inti creating the levels from scratch rather than interpreting areas from Blaster Master, but that didn't harm the experience at all, it simply adopted more open level design to accommodate the expanded universe and characters. Some of the more strange, optional areas like the Planetoids were oddly charming simply because they were so inexplicable and open to interpretation. Even mechanically frustrating areas like Planetoid F-2 had some appeal because the music being so explorative, jumpy and upbeat in what was essentially a few floating rocks in a blue toned vortex practically dragged me into fantasising about what it would be like to be in that scenario, which is unheard of in most games where I don't actively try and imagine myself experiencing the worldscape. Here's the music for the planetoid for reference, no specific theme to it but I found myself smirking just listening to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLtkyaqHO4I

As for the characters, the BMZ1 only had Jason, Eve and Fred (as a sort of mascot) with any real prominence outside of the antagonist (which was also a mostly inexplicable, motivational anomaly for majority of the game) but one of the most highlighted features of this aspect for me was that the lack of characters in a mysterious and anomalous universe, with only each other to fall back on and develop a dynamic with in the narrative comfort of their alliance in steadily building opposition to the vague mutant threat was surprisingly welcome. Jason and Eve had a uniquely innocent and sincere relationship with each other with some quirkiness interlaced between their interactions to make both the narrative progression and their independent viewpoints on the different areas interesting and worth paying attention to and the developing relationship dynamic with climbing levels of devotion on both sides in presence of greater threats and unfortunate circumstances made me appreciate their characters, especially since you never have the game drop all pretext and just lay it all bare for you as if you couldn't catch on certain implications, certain clues. BMZ2 introduced many more characters and while only Leibniz had any significant narrative to him, they were all distinguished enough that you could appreciate their merits while they were the focus of the area you were in. Their exaggerated combined effort in the True Ending against Drolrevo was cliche but not offensively so, I enjoyed it for that exaggeration actually, probably for the same reason I enjoyed Jason and Eve's dynamic so much, I was just burnt out on playing through videogames where the characters were so cynical and enraptured in irony that having some busty genki type plant succubus or intense rival character with a grudge and sympathetic backstory felt refreshing. Even BMZ2 reversing the scenario with Eve willing to go through the Ω area despite her mutant infection weighing on her just to rescue Jason as he had done in BMZ1 was something I had to respect just to show how far their relationship had progressed with such a simple subversion of roles

It's not all spectacular, of course. The Waterworks section of BMZ1 was insufferable and some of the puzzles in both games were too long and exhaustively boring but they weren't all that common and a lot of the frustration resulted from me playing it blind for the large part. What is apparent is that other than that I find it exceedingly difficult to name any qualms I had with it. Unless you have some issue with Inti's moe artstyle they've given the characters (but you could hardly be offended by that given the aforementioned innocent dynamic they had together). It just being all-round devoid of any pretentiousness while being the varied and engaging straight up videogame I was looking for after being bored out of my mind with 3D games was definitely earned it favours with me, even if those were born out of personal circumstance. I haven't spoken much about the mechanics because they're not particularly out there, they're par for the course actually. I will say that I enjoyed the top-down dungeons more than the 2D platforming but they were both quality and inoffensive at the worst.


Are there any lewd images of that background 2dpd?


File: 1592123950522.mp4 (2.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sr.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I think I could do a no save run and get an even better time, but I can no longer have fun playing this game, so I already deleted it. It was true that you need to finish the game in less than 2 hours for an S rank, and I thought it impossible at first.
I don't know if I prefer this result screen over the one of Paula, but it's definitely better than Dylan's and Regina.


What a charming game. I'll give it a try.


File: 1592570228614.jpg (129.16 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 11327933-1954412249198466.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Persona 5, I really like these games, despite them being pretty much normalfag simulators. Presentation is amazing, you can tell so much attention to detail was put in every single thing on this game, at first it was kind of overwhelming, even, like it was "overdesigned", but once you get used to it, it's great. I really like how they made Tokyo, but I've never been there myself so don't take my word for it, either way I really japanese urban settings and this game really catters to me. Mechanically, well, it's a persona game, very polished but still nothing out of this world. I liked the plot, although it peaks at the first 20 hours (it's a 100+ hours game), it starts very grounded but at the end you're just a bunch of teenagers that kill god, like most jrpgs.
Music is also great, as per usual with Shoji Meguro. It's also pretty easy, I only had to grind a couple of hours before the final boss because I was really underleveled, and this is on hard.


demiurgic big bad wants world destroyed because humans are mean, protags talk them out of it with a power of friendship/hope/whatever speech?


Of course. I never expected that to change, though


Also it's worth noting that it's not a demiurgic big bad, but the literal demiurge, aka Yaldabaoth


The characters look like smug assholes, are they as bad as they look? I really hate how these games with moody teenage protagonists are essentially pep talk for japanese youth with all their moralizing shit, or normalfag simulators as you put it. How bad is it in this one?


Some of them are I guess, others are pretty insecure or weird, and one of the succubi is a hikki until you "save" her.
>essentially pep talk for japanese youth with all their moralizing shit
Never thought about it that way but you're probably right.
>How bad is it in this one?
I don't really know, I'm used to it because I played every other game in the series more than once so I guess I'm immune to it. I guess most people here would hate this, but I've been playing them since I was 13 so I feel compelled to beat all of them.


File: 1592802413255-0.png (2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Journey.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1592802413255-1.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Flower.png) ImgOps iqdb

I picked up Journey b/c I had never played it before and it just got released on PC for the first time. When it first came out on consoles, folks spoke really highly of it, so I always wanted to give it a try. It has a lot of the things that I like in arty games. The story was told nonverbally, the environments were pretty, great atmosphere, etc. So it seemed like exactly my kind of thing, but I didn't like it much. The puzzles were boring and one-dimensional, as in you just activate all the things and move on to the next area. Movement was not fun, even though movement is about all you do in the game (I was using a mouse/keyboard. A controller would probably improve things, but not enough). The environments were not sufficiently diverse or detailed to make extraneous exploration worthwile. The story was uninteresting, too.

I liked the multiplayer, though. Normally, I don't like having random strangers interrupt what could be a perfectly fine single-player experience, but it works out pretty well in Journey. I didn't see any other players for about the first half of the game, which is where I acquired a negative opinion of Journey. Just having someone to walk around with adds a lot to a game that is otherwise kind of dull. The ways that players can interact are very limited. Mainly they can just move around and chirp. They can assist, but only slightly. I think the limitations on interaction prevented the multiplayer features from irritating me. No insipid chat comments to read. No greifing, teabagging, etc. It was more like The Endless Forest or Meadow that focus on peaceful, nonverbal social interaction. Journey's multiplayer is better than those because there is more stuff to do. Not much stuff, but enough to keep the ball rolling. Me and one other player stuck together through the last few levels, and it was pretty awesome. Working through the last few levels together, then walking through the finish line side by side was definitely a feel-good moment. I think there needs to be more games with this kind of minimalistic multiplayer, but with more stuff to actually do.

I know I'm being critical, but Journey doesn't really compare to similar games like Abzu and Rime that have a lot more stuff to see/do. Journey may have been the first of its kind, but some of its successors have improved on the formula. If I hadn't previously played games similar to Journey, I would probably be very impressed. One caveat if you are thinking of buying Journey: it is very short. It felt like 4 hours, but Steam says I only played for 2.

While I'm here, let's talk about Flower, which was bundled with Journey. It was an earlier game made by the same people. In Flower, the player is a cloud of flower petals that causes flowers to bloom until you bloom enough to end the level. It would be a good game if you are in the mood to relax because it is pretty and simplistic. The controls are not great (having such a wide turn radius is irritating) and the camera could use some work, but it's not a big deal. The game's story delivers an environmental message, but it is a little bit confused. Causing flowers to bloom rejuvenates dying foliage, like in Bee Movie. So the flower petals are helping the environment, right? But then later, you make wind to power wind turbines. So green energy = good, right? After that, you connect electricity to lamps via simple power lines to light dark areas. But then, large power lines and girders show up and are portrayed as the bad guy. So, what is the moral then? Is technology only bad when it gets big? Did you accidentally create bad technology by helping small technology grow? That can't be right, because in the final level, you rejuvenate a metropolis. Literally changing run-down buildings into Mirror's-Edge-esque white skyscrapers. So let's recap. Nature = good. Wind power = good. Concrete jungle = good (but only if it is sufficiently pretty). Power lines = bad. Huh? How are you supposed to get all that electricity from the wind farms to the cities? I had a think about this, and I suspect that the folks who made the game are making an aesthetic argument for nature. They like how nature looks, they like how cities look, but girders are ugly, so girders bad.


File: 1593736551884-0.png (1.19 MB, 887x664, 887:664, Re2clairescenarioA.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593736551884-1.png (1.06 MB, 1018x760, 509:380, Re2LeonScenarioB.png) ImgOps iqdb

The original Resident evil games that defined the survival horror genre have to be the most anti neet games because of all the work you got to do in them. At least on your first run your experience will be nothing short of tedious, repetitive, and claustrophobic. You will get lost no matter what, and due to this you will have to backtrack a lot, and die many times. I don’t think I can call the game fun, although I did have fun at times. But just like work, it doesn’t have to be fun in order to be rewarding. So if you’re having no fun maybe you can see the game like a job that once you finish you won’t have to do again, and play it only for the relief of beating it for good, to know that you won’t have to play it anymore and that you’re free from it forever.

Last time I played Resident evil 2 and completed it was on 2012 so I reminded very little about the game, and because I had finished playing its sequel 4 days before I mistakenly thought that you could make a 180 turn, what’s more, I got used to a different, more fast paced gameplay. I believe this is why it took me 3 tries to get to the police station, which is a section of the game where you will spend a good deal of time, and hands down the most industrious area. Once you leave the police station it will feel like a breath of fresh air. In the end, I played the four scenarios and got an A ranking on every single one, except for Claire's B, which is definitely the hardest scenario that I made even harder because I left nothing for Claire when I played with Leon, on Leon's A scenario.
After beating Leon's A scenario for a second time and getting an A ranking, I was curious to know what I needed to do to get an S ranking, just like in Dino Crisis 2, and looking for an answer I used google, and learnt that A is the highest ranking and it's only on the Japanese version where you can get an S ranking.
I also learnt that back then there used to be lot of trolls on internet forums saying that you can get an S ranking on the PAL and USA version, lying that you have to beat the game in less than 2 hours, using only knife, or similar things that are really difficult or almost impossible, to trick players into wasting their time and have a hard time.

Anyhow, for anyone who wants to play Resident evil 2 from 1998 and is interested in the story you should start a new game with the Disc 2(Claire's Disk), to play Claire A, and after that you will unlock Leon B, and play it using the first disc(Leon's Disk). These two scenarios are the most cohesive in regard to the story.

I wonder if my A will translate to an S ranking on the Japanese version of the game. Maybe in the future I’d try to play the japanese version(Biohazard 2) to see if I get that letter S on my result screen with my current knowledge of the game. Right now I’ve had my share of zombies and clunky gameplay, and I’m satisfied with my results on Resident evil 2.


>either way I really japanese urban settings

You should try Akihabara Strip 2. Similar feeling to it but aside those 2 games I dont know more of the games like that but I would like to know about some


File: 1593926400903.jpeg (42.92 KB, 342x340, 171:170, F8944EA9-8603-4AB9-BFED-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished the bad ending of this game tonight, it’s a pretty decent game, though it is kinda easy, I don’t think I ever had to fight any of the bosses more than the first time, which is kinda a downside cause they’re not really memorable like that, I didn’t use a guide or anything but after finishing I looked around and found out there’s a good ending, so tomorrow I’ll probably go back and search for the special rings so I can get the special glasses and unlock the real end, supposedly there a lot more left of the game if you do the good ending, I’m hoping it’ll be good and not just a final rehash of everything over again


yakuza series?


These are both good recs. Also EDF has missions that occur in suburbs, if you want a TPS instead of beat em up.


Cool man, do you stream this game?


File: 1593983844849.jpg (29.14 KB, 220x379, 220:379, 220px-Kenka_Bancho_Badass_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I tried that game a while back but since I didn't have a gpu it wouldn't run, I'll try it now that I got one with the relief money.
I love the Yakuza games beat 1 and 2, and going to start 0.

Another game with this kind of setting are the Kenka Bancho games, beat em ups in which you control a high school student and need to beat up the guys from other high schools to control their territory, pretty silly premise but the one I played was alright.


File: 1593984028029.jpg (78.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat it, it was a decent movie. I wish they made more of a game with this plot, and holy shit Kojima is it necessary to have a two hour epilogue?


Congrats, anon.


Lol thanks I guess
I find it funny that you would congratulate me on beating a game that's pretty much trivial to beat, all you need is the time.


File: 1594281013694-0.png (777.78 KB, 1015x754, 35:26, re3.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594281013694-1.png (298.99 KB, 717x660, 239:220, rankre3.png) ImgOps iqdb

Resident evil 3: Nemesis

So close… Even after saving only once. First time I played I got the E rank and felt bad about myself, then I played again thinking I'd at least got B but instead I got the D rank. This time I aimed for the A rank and got B. It took me 3 tries reach the clock tower without saving, to finally save before the nemesis's fight. There I forgot the key to the clocktower and wasted about 8 minutes, before that I forgot to take the batteries and wasted about 5 minutes. I'm sure I can beat the game in less than 2:30 minutes and get maximum number of points which is 100.

What I'm not sure is if I can get the A rank using this save, maybe I can.
I can decrease my playtime by 3 or 4 minutes and get 10 more points if this wiki is anything to go by. My total recovery points in this run must be equal to or greater than 10 but not greater than 50, because any number greater than 50 it'd have given me an A rank.

If my recovery points are exactly 10 and I got exactly 180, and I can get 10 more points by being just a little more fast, then that'd give me 190 points, which is not enough for an A rank.

It all depends on my recovery points, which are a result of the herbs I used. If they're 50 I can get the A rank with this save, any number lesser than 50 means that's impossible unless I got lucky and do a no damage run from the clock tower to the end.
I think that maybe I should just play the game again… It was fun.


>holy shit Kojima is it necessary to have a two hour epilogue?
You should play Red Dead Redemption 2– the epilogue is several hours long.


>and going to start 0.

0 is incredible.


File: 1595087400826.jpg (748.95 KB, 800x1128, 100:141, 5243deb55a7ee9587ad2db9298….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Dark Souls 3, just vanilla version because I was dumb enough to download a torrent that only had that one and too lazy to download a full one now. I liked it better than 2 but not as much as 1, final boss was pretty easy as per usual with these games, still a decent fight. I feel this game tries really hard to be Dark Souls 1, intead of its own thing, but I'd rather have that than what they did with 2. I will replay it someday, get all the dlcs and stuff, but now I'm just not feeling like it.


I tried the first RDR and I got bored, it felt just like GTA with cowboys and I'm not a huge fan of GTA.


I beat mass effect 2 today and started number 3. Great games. Woah. I didn't lost anyone in that suicide mission which was nice.

I can't believe I never interested of the games until last year. They maybe old and boring to everyone in the world now but I finally see why mass effect was popular.


>started number 3
Ooh boy I hope you're not colorblind


File: 1595468127287-0.jpg (215.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1913-shenmue-screenshot-1-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595468127287-1.jpg (57.75 KB, 690x388, 345:194, jpg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's also Shenmue 1. It takes place in a suburban area and it's got that nostalgic feeling that's hard to put into words, and to this day still a very solid depiction of a town in a video game, one of the best perhaps. Anyway, be warned if you've never tried it that it's a like-it-or-hate-it kind of game, and the american dub is not very good. I don't know if the remastered edition allows you to switch to the original japanese dub, I would hope it does.


I wish I read those SMT posts that one wizard made here in the last two years. And I meant to make this post even before the announcements Atlus made.


Why are you saying that, wiz?


I have this on ps3, but never finished it, got bored of it near the end of the Egyptian dungeon, I really like p3 and p4 though, not sure if this is worse, but it felt a lot more boring, maybe I just aged out of them, I don't really like too many JRPGs anymore either, shame cause I tried really hard to like them too.


>not sure if this is worse
It definitely is in my opinion, also you quit on the most boring part, the game peaks in the first case, then takes a huge dip and picks up a little towards the end, but yeah that part is pretty meh.
>maybe I just aged out of them
Well, taste changes, I used to laugh at people who played "anime" games and now it's pretty much the only thing I play.


I've been getting back into SMT in the last few weeks, and I've been reading anything I could get about it. I ignored those posts because I wanted to play the games on my own, but I would've read them if I knew it would have taken me this long. I'm still on IV doing some deeds for the ashura-kai.


File: 1596741243080.jpg (28.87 KB, 355x500, 71:100, silhouette-130409-normal.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i finished the original destroy all humans for ps2. this cunt was hard

she shames crypto for not being able to have sex and for not having females among his race through at the battle



throughout the battle*


Beat it again, on new game +, because I didn't get all the confidants the first time, it was a cakewalk of course, the original game is pretty easy.


I play spec ops the line

Was good

Good america music

Mediocre gameplay

Griplong story



File: 1596989513576.jpg (115 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Ghost-of-Tsushima[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First part of the island was good.
But then you realize that the game goes on for another 2 parts. Way too long in my opinion. The tasks just keep repeating too often and there's not enough interesting skills to learn/unlock. A shame really, I expected much more after the brilliant InFamous Second Son + First Light.


pretty insane how the cheating grew after the FiveM mods for GTA online.

Cheaters can track you even if change multiplayer lobby.

Reminds me of Dark Souls 3 PvP, where you need a Cheat Engine running to DEFEND yourself from cheaters and detect them.

But in case of GTA online this is way out of proportions.


>pc gaming


File: 1597317662100.png (54.27 KB, 1600x940, 80:47, life_tastes_like_cardboard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished 'Life Tastes Like Cardboard'.
I was surprised how artistic this game is and how much thoughts were put into it. I only downloaded it because it was free on Steam and didn't expect much of it. It looked like a cheap point and click game that you play for an hour and then be done with it… but man was I wrong. I have never played a game that I could relate to this much. I needed to get used to the graphics, but in the end I enjoyed the creative approach and it fitted with the whole atmosphere of the game.
There were a few bugs and crashes, but because of autosave it didn't delete any progress.


>not pc gaming


File: 1597321797516.jpg (380.36 KB, 640x763, 640:763, yakuza-0-cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I loved this game, loved the graphics, the plot, the music, most of the mini games, the over the top action scenes and how bizarre everything is, been a while since I played a game I liked so much. My only problem maybe is it can get repetitive after a while, but I still put over 60 hours into it, and that's a lot for an action (some people call it beat'em up) game, but I feel Yakuza 0 is much more than that, as much as I liked the plot and enjoyed most of the boss fights, my biggest satisfactions were befriending the porn-addicted guy, or getting the little succubus the toy she wanted, or winning the pocket car championship, or beating up bullies who steal videogames/cash, or running discos out of business. The game can be extremely goofy at times, but when it needs to get serious it does, a couple of scenes actually made me feel stuff.
I wasn't going to play the Kiwami games because I had already played the two first games in ps2, but after enjoying this so much I just might give them a try, and hope SEGA releases 3,4,5 and 6 on pc.


Yeah I loved zero, moved on to kiwami 1, and it was just the same exact thing so I got bored and never finished.


Yeah these aren't games to be played one right after the other, I'm gonna give it some time before I start kiwami. Happened to me after beating 1, immediately started 2, and got bored after a few hours, then went back a few months later and loved it.


>Reminds me of Dark Souls 3 PvP, where you need a Cheat Engine running to DEFEND yourself from cheaters and detect them.
Really? I was going to play that game and don't know anything about this, is it some mod or third party software you have to install?


Yes, I'm aware of only this one

But there should one more mod for that, I think. Cheater can crash your game. But still, it's not as bad as GTA online.


File: 1598109903411.jpg (71.12 KB, 354x500, 177:250, Metal_Gear_Solid_Subsisten….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got around to beating MGS3, I had played it like ten years ago but my disk broke so I had to leave it after the fight with The End.
I made the mistake of playing it after 4, so it kinda sucks knowing how each character would end up and makes the ridiculous things in 4 even worse. This is also a much better game than 4, and maybe even 1 and 2. It definitely has my favorite boss fights in the entire series, Cobra Unit is a nice group, even better than FoxHound imo, I managed to get non-lethal on all bosses (although I had to cheese The Fear because he was driving me nuts). Now I only have 5 left (in the main series that is) and I've heard it's really good but feels unfinished, hope it's at least better than 4.


I finished Zero Horizon Dawn. For a pozzed sjw game, it's not that bad.


I dont about sjw shit at all but thought it was boring so couldnt even bear to finish it


I loved MGS1, 2 and 3, but absolutely hated the fourth one, I had to push myself to finish it, I still like the 2nd the best although I'm not sure why.


>I had to push myself to finish it
I mean it's not like it's that hard, most of the time you can just run to the exit and the alert status doesn't carry over to new areas.
>I still like the 2nd the best
A lot of people seem to think so, I personally prefer 1 and 3 over 2, but they're pretty close.


File: 1598416206955-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, HollowsLantern.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598416206955-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ShatteredHollow.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598416206955-2.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Solanum.png) ImgOps iqdb

Outer Wilds is great. Especially if you like exploration. This is a very exploration-focused game. All the environments are very atmospheric.

Soundtrack is very good, also very fitting for particular areas/moments. I absolutely fucking loved that it played that one song just before the end. It gave me just enough time to find a scenic place to watch the end. Or, give a sense of urgency to whatever exploration I was doing at the time.

Ending was pretty weird, like they didn't know where to go with the story. They pretty much leave the exploration and puzzle solving up to the player, rather than giving quest markers, which I appreciate. It took me an embarrassingly long time to beat because I overlooked an obvious solution to one of the puzzles, but that allowed me to see more of the game than I would have otherwise.

This game has so many memorable moments, it's kind of unreal. Like this one time I accidentally got launched into space without my ship, but had just enough fuel to land safely my home planet… only to be blindsided by the fucking moon at the last minute. Or, when I first came to Dark Bramble (I crashed into it accidentally) and then had to EVA to repair my ship right in front of an enemy (you know the one). Also, getting to the Quantum Moon the first time after so many failed attempts and [spoiler] doing the spacewalk across Sun Station with that epic soundtrack that almost made me piss myself [/spoiler}
I'll just say, if the idea of exploring ancient ruins on a collapsing planet by the light of a dying sun appeals to you, then this is your game. Also, use a controller.


>Divinity: Original Sin EE

Pretty good game. I've never really gotten into cRPGs so I had a hard time getting into it at first but by the second act I had most of the systems down. Combat was definitely the best part of the game, it's turn based tactical with an Action Point system and there are some cool environmental combos you can take advantage of. Every encounter in the first part of the game felt like it really required good planning to overcome (though that might just be because I haven't played many of these games and made my character builds kind of shitty at the start).

Other aspects were pretty mediocre. Story was just kind of there, it was kind of neat to follow along with but not terribly interesting. None of the NPCs stood out much. I can't recall any really high-impact choices. Music was pretty cool though, I always got hyped up when the boss fight track started playing.


First non-Persona SMT game I've beaten (I played the first one on the SNES and Nocturne but dropped the former when they took away the 2 party members I had been relying heavily on and the latter because of the 3 consecutive fights ending with Thor). The setting for the first part of the game was really neat, kind of medieval type thing but with demons in a labyrinthine dungeon you explore. And the reveal afterwards is great. Whole game had a great atmosphere really, I loved the aesthetic of both Mikado and Tokyo.
Gameplay-wise the first dungeon is pretty hard because of having to manage MP and because all the demons can hit pretty hard. After that it gets easier, random encounters rarely if ever gave me trouble, but a few bosses kicked my shit in the first few times around. The challenge quest system was really cool. Having to grind artifacts for money rather than just getting it from battles kind of sucked but it wasn't too bad.

My only real complaint is that a lot of the times I was left not knowing where the fuck to go, both for quests in the main storyline and the challenge quests. I guess it's trying to follow the older games like SMTI by not handholding too much but it was kind of just annoying since there's no good map and the overworld is kind of a clusterfuck and it's hard to make out many distinguishing features on the small 3DS screen. Occasionally someone will give you hint as to where shit is, but a lot of times I just ended up looking up the locations online after trying to explore Tokyo for an hour and getting interrupted by an enemy every 5 seconds.

Other than that great game. I went for neutral ending, partly because both chaos and law seemed kind of stupid, but mostly just because I wanted to fight both sides. Good enough ending but I'm kind of confused about the very last cutscene before the credits, maybe because my playthrough was spaced out over the course of over a month so I've forgotten about a lot of the stuff at the beginning of the game.

Also the soundtrack for this was awesome, sometimes I'd just pause to listen to some of the themes outside of battle. Embed related should be the official theme of the US right now. Shibuya, Urban Area C, and Roppongi area are my other favorites. The theme that plays during major boss fights was pretty good too.


File: 1598797318472.jpg (76.54 KB, 360x450, 4:5, 256px-Metal_Gear_Solid_Pea….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Peace Walker. It's a neat little game, instead of the regular game I'm used to this game is divided in missions, and it has a focus on base management. Base management consist on recruiting (or kidnapping) people and putting them to work on different areas in your base (which would become Outer Heaven, from the first msx game), I didn't really like this, but it's bearable, although I really don't see the point. The missions pretty much consist in either "go from point A to point B" or "destroy X vehicle".
There is no cobra unit or anything like it, bosses are just various vehicles, some of them are pretty normal like tanks or choppers, and there's 4 bosses (or 5, depends how you see it) that are 'especial'.
The technology tree is huge and I didn't even complete half of it, would've probably taken me hundreds of hours to grind the battle points you use to develop all that stuff.
The plot consist on some fucks developing a huge robot that can launch nuclear missiles, as usual, But in this game doesn't make any fucking sense. All the mechs have this AI that is basically The Boss' mind coded in a computer, how the fuck do you accomplish that with 70s technology? Anyway, the mechs are alright for the most part, my problem with them is that they're too fucking tough and ammo is pretty scarce, you get to carry only 2 weapons and when you run out of a ammo you need to use supply markers to get more. Now if you run out of markers, well, you're fucked. The final boss takes forever to bring down, and it killed me a couple of times because I'm a dumbass, so it took me over 3 hours to kill. Anyway, I liked the game, but not as much as any of the first three games, it's probably better than 4, but I don't think I'll play this game again anytime soon.

I have to play V, but I feel that game is a lot like this one, with the base management and all that crap, and I kinda just want a linear stealth game like the old ones, I guess we'll see.


for me, this was the best MGS game. this is what makes it unique and different from all other games. create your own rogue state off the coast of some 3rd world country and start a warlord for hire business.
I enjoyed the base building more than anything else in any MGS game. Because let us be frank, Kojima is a manchild and his story about those giant nuke tanks is retarded. But this game mechanic was really fun. Build your own warlord state. Nobody else had something like this

>I have to play V, but I feel that game is a lot like this one, with the base management and all that crap

yes MGSV feels a lot like the psp one but the base building aspect is not that prominent anymore.
Instead the focus is on some weird illogical story where there is a real boss and a clone just like in telenovellas and some succubus that needs to walk around half naked all the time for whatever reason like kojima just needed an excuse to put more tits in one of his manchild creations.

But overall MGSV is a worthwhile game. I liked it and it has kept many base building elements from peace walker even if infiltrating facilities and combat is the main task in this game. I think you will like it


I finished Planescape Torment yesterday. It was pretty cool.


I tried to play 2 or 3 times but the amount of dialogue and story going on is so overwhelming. It's almost a book in game format. I gave up every time about 20 hours in.


I got stuck in that game the first time I played it and the solution to a puzzle came to me in a dream, the only time something like that happened to me, pretty cool game. I cheesed it the first time I played it (you can get infinite xp at a certain point), because I was a retard that only cared about the plot back then, so I've been meaning to go back to it and play it legit, maybe passive since I've heard it's possible.


played it using a guide to get the most out of it in a single playthrough (akkon's story, recruiting vhailor and nordom and so on)
yeah, it might have cheapened the experience, but it was still enjoyable overall, and I have no intention to ever replay it. As a game it's pretty tedious to actually play.


File: 1598966612762.jpg (375 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20200901150347_2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've finished the free demo of Trepang 2, and holy shit, they got almost everything right. Every modern fps game developers should take notes while playing through the demo, because it is absolutely amazing. This is how arcade shooters should be, fucking fast and gunplay focused, no extra dumb frills except the bullet time and brief invisibility. I don't think I've seen bullet time implemented so well since the old FEAR. Can't wait for the full game, the developers better not fuck it up.


To be fair, it's more a read-through than a playthrough, you did the right thing.


Well turns out I hadn't really beat it, there is a last chapter that unlocks if you continue with side missions. Last night I beat the actual final boss, which was pretty easy, easier than your regular tank/helicopter.
Fighting a mech piloted by a character that cites che Guevara while j-pop plays on the background is so bizarre I couldn't stop laughing.

I said the game was repetitive but there actually was some variety in the side missions after the "final" boss, like that one with the ghosts, makes you wonder why the hell would they wait so long to introduce those missions.

I've also heard the real appeal of this game is the multiplayer, but I don't do multiplayer so I guess I'll never know.

You know the game actually grew on me towards the end, that's why I went back to do the sidequests after I thought I had beaten it. Now I really wanna play V, but only after I beat Rising.
>Kojima is a manchild and his story about those giant nuke tanks is retarded
Yeah but it's the kind of retarded I really enjoy. I don't know there's something about these games that's so ridiculous, even when they're trying to be serious, I always have a lot of fun.


>but only after I beat Rising
Which I just did, man this game is really short, but really good. I had a lot of fun although I'm really bad and even in normal I struggled, the last boss killed me a shitload of times (because I kept missing that qte when he throws you boulders), but I wasn't even mad, I really liked the music and didn't mind starting over.


File: 1599578883304.jpg (363.39 KB, 1304x1500, 326:375, A1Er5NlA3eL._AC_SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat the first Uncharted. It was pretty mediocre, I was expecting some platforming with an Indiana Jones plot, the plot is there but platforming is nonexistent. It has a few parts that play kinda like the ps2 Prince of Persia games (only less creative and way easier), but 90% of the time you spend in these unnecessarily long generic cover-based 3rd person shooter sequences which get old after the first half hour. The plot which is supposed to be the strong point is also nothing special, just kill the bad guys, get the treasure which was cursed!, get the succubus and leave the place for new "exciting" adventures.
I really don't see what people like so much about this game, I found it irritating at times, even the character teases you when he says "Where do all these guys come from?", the devs knew how tedious it could get.
It does play well and looks pretty nice for a 2007 game, I'll give it that.


I played one of the later Uncharted games and thought it was abysmally boring


I have the second and third games too. I'd probably play them but I don't expect anything.


I liked the game but I actually happen to like 3rd person cover based shooters and appreciate well put together action set pieces.
That said I will agree with you that at least with the first game the story was super weak and not worthy of praise.
Some retards confuse pretty cutscense (which for the time it had) for good story.
The game-play is absolutely solid though, which is worthy of praise. The gunplay is well done and the movement through the environment is always appealing due to the amazing work put into every single animation.


it's always the same, you find some loong forgotten tomb, shortly after though all the bad guys are there too, and you have to put 20 bullets in one guys head so he goes down

But I like how they keep the setting realistic until the end when suddenly some ghouls appear or something


File: 1599694072903.jpg (88.26 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, last-of-us-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Every time a videogame tries to be as much realistic as possible i can't help but think why can't they take the last few steps and
- make a character carry only a few weapons and stuff that would actually fit in some backpack, animate the whole process of putting/extracting stuff. no, you won't be able to swiftly change shit in battle, but thats realistic.
- make less UI, replace it with in-game items, maps and stuff
- make ai not retarded like in this one

It's funny how the coolest thing in AAA games now isn't a story (though they are designed to be interactive movies) or gameplay (there is none) but exploration of vast detailed places. In Death Stranding you exolore mountains, here - abandoned houses, offices and museums.


the realism is exactly why I hate movie games
if they want realism then just make it a movie right away

same if someone wants thinks "story" in a game is the most important
he can just read a book for great stories. the best writers write books, not childrens video games


File: 1599696426022.png (434.56 KB, 720x682, 360:341, 1596216156017.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why would you hate them if you could just not play them or give any attention and continue masturbating in Fortnite.


File: 1599985081083.gif (407.82 KB, 277x277, 1:1, Bloodmoon.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Finished CARRION. Rip & tear!


File: 1600008755054.jpg (913.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TheLastofUs_PS3_Features.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well, what can I say, I actually enjoyed it. After Uncharted I really wasn't expecting much, but it was actually alright. I didn't find the shooting sequences boring or unnecessary long, you can also "stealth" your way through most of the parts, which is nice, although the stealth in this game is very simple, just crouch walk behind enemies to finish them. There's a pretty simple crafting system, and a weapon upgrade system, I felt like these were good ideas but they were not really well executed, you can only craft six different items, and the game makes you choose between them since different items use the same supplies, but you still get enough materials to make pretty much anything you want, and when it comes down to choice, picking between a molotov cocktail and a health pack was a no brainer to me. As for the weapon upgrade, I didn't feel it changed much and there are so many weapons that you just upgrade a bit of each, there's also no way to know what kind of ammo you're going to get so it's a bet in most cases, I decided to upgrade the shotgun near the beginning of the game and they kinda stopped giving me ammo for it until I was near the end, so what's the point? Also when I ran out of bullets for my favorite weapons I could still take out most enemies with a couple of shots in the head of the unupgraded handgun you get at the beginning.
Of course like with most of these games the focus is on the plot, which I thought was fine, there's zombie apocalypse and young succubus is somehow immune to it, so you need to take her somewhere to try and find a vaccine. I feel like I've read or watched that somewhere else but I can't remember well.
The zombies I thought were ok, there were three kind of them, normal ones, that could see and you could take out struggling them or just punching them, "clickers" which are blind and use "echolocation" so you need to be especially careful around them, and "bloaters" which are just fat clickers that take more ammo to beat (a couple of grenades will usually do the job) little variety but for a game this short, I guess it's fine. Of course the main bads in this game are actually human, which there is zero variety, only difference is sometimes they'd have helmets that can somehow stop a magnum shot to the face.
At the end of the game your character is presented with a "morally dubious" choice, and I wish they would've let the player pick which kind of finale they wanted, is it really that hard to make two different cut scenes and have the player pick? I feel like the people who makes these games always try to do the least amount of work possible. Still, like I said, I enjoyed it. It's not the Citizen Kane of anything, fuck it isn't even the Dawn of the Dead of videogames, just a well made game with an ok plot that, after you play it, makes you wish all video game journalist would just die.


File: 1600473643634.gif (462.68 KB, 500x281, 500:281, anime-shrug-gif.gif) ImgOps iqdb

So, I just played GTA Vice City and San Andreas I honestly don't see what anyone saw in this game back then or even now. I did play VC a long time ago (while only playing for a couple hours and immediately dropping it). These games aged horribly. For vice city:
>no real story with very little dialogue
>people forfeiting their properties to tommy over things completely unrelated to his actions
>final two missions are only unlocked if you own six businesses (the game feels like it abruptly ends if you didn't know this before hand)
>game can be beaten in only an hour in a speed run
>games camera is utter garbage in buildings or in tight spaces
>airplanes/helicopters are fixed at an incredibly low altitude
>tank can only shoot in a straight line
>chainsaw is almost unusable
>incredibly easy to accidentally throw grenades while running with them
>ai had aim bots (for ai) shooting at you when you're out of view and behind entire buildings
>no cover mechanics
>no difficulty settings
Honestly a lot of the same issues carried over to GTA SA. But for unique issues to GTA San Andreas:
>Absolute braindead ai (that is way worse than VC, making VC's ai look masterful), ai that can only persue you in a very linear path while on foot
>Graphics got a downgrade in some respects compared to vc (vice city water and flame effects look better and people killed by flames chars bodies in vc)
>Everything leading up to the ending was pointless; killing those who betrayed you was pointless and doesn't gain you anything
>No explanation of why cj decided to go to San Andreas
>No real background behind why CJ is friends with certain people (or what the backgrounds of these friends even are)
>Tenpenny harrasing cj for essentially no reason
>The reasons to build up a gang to be amongst the most powerful in san andreas just to betray it and take it down makes no sense


File: 1600614069163.jpg (39.34 KB, 315x445, 63:89, 91VKfyGGkYL._SY445_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Last night I finished the first God Of War, it was a lot of fun, this definitely my favorite era of gaming. I decided to play it on hard and it kicked my ass, the day before I had gotten to the final fight and I just couldn't beat the last phase of the fight, you when you're tired and can't play properly anymore? Well, last night I decided I couldn't be such a scrub and tried again, took me a few tried but I did, man I'm really bad at games.
I have two problems with the game, first is the camera, it always seem to point the opposite direction it's supposed to, I always end up swinging towards the edge of the screen in hopes I'm hitting something. My other issue was the enemy variety, most enemies are just reskins of previous enemies, got sick of fighting skeletons and dinosaurs and there's only 3 bosses, such a wasted opportunity since the greeks made up some many weird monsters.

Now I started 2, I'm about two hours in and already beat 2 bosses so counting the final boss it already has at least as many as 1, but I'm sure it has more.


File: 1601042427018.png (4.35 MB, 1528x2162, 764:1081, Sin título.png) ImgOps iqdb

lol am I the only person posting in this thread, or are wizzies just not finishing games?
Anyway I beat God of War 2. Way better in my opinion, far better bosses (more than 3!), nicer level design and even the plot I thought was better. Gameplay was pretty much the same with a few added things like gliding. A great game that ends in some kind of cliffhanger, I have 3 but not sure if I should play it right now.


No I haven't finished any game lately. Oh there was Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword/GBA). It's pretty addictive and I immediately moved on to the prequel which is more of the same (Binding Blade/GBA) but I haven't played it much. I've heard Sacred Stones is inferior to these two so I'll skip it and play the SNES ones instead… if I don't get burned out.


the graphics aged terribly but they were the best during it's time, like an ultra-setting AAA game…the AI didn't bother anyone back then because it was amazing just seeing so many npcs not just standing in one place at the time

you have to remember that ps2 games were only 1-2gb and for what these games accomplished it was insane and unthinkable and at the time, they were pushing every boundary possible


his post is pretty bad I am surprised anyone would give him a serious answer.


The third one is far better.


That game was somewhat fun but could have been so much better.


File: 1601072316681-0.jpg (828.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nightfire8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601072316681-1.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601072316681-2.jpg (459.37 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, nolf2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

LOL what a normberg answer. If you wanted games that had good graphics (back then) you'd go with nolf 2, 007 nightfire, and even morrowind looks better. These games are also from 2002 so don't hit me with any garbage about these games coming later.


File: 1601073549040.png (436 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1600855015490.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Hurdur my post is bad
>Goes on to not give me any reasons why it is bad


I have finally finished Stinkoman 206X. It was hard.

I can't really remember levels 1 or 2, but I remember 3 being this RNG piece of garbage that just wasted my time. I don't remember the boss as too hard. Level 4 was an escort mission where you flipped switches. I think it started to ramp up in difficulty there. Level 5 was a moon level with another character with no projectiles. I remember starting to have trouble at this point, but as I kept practicing, I got better and better. Level 6-2 was brutal. I hate that level and I was so relieved to pass it (and the boss). The bosses are directly after the levels, so no health back and you only have 4 hp, so the boss, a tornado that reminds me of airman, was really difficult. I would have half health, one man left, die at the boss, and have to restart level 6-2 over. When I beat him, I was so overjoyed. Level 7, in comparison, was a cakewalk. The boss was also a cakewalk, so level 7 was just a breather level I guess. Level 8, or negative world, was more confusing that difficult. I had become so good at the game that I could breeze through the two levels. It didn't help that they started to give extra guys at the beginning of the level for little or no risk. Finally, the final level, level 9, was way easier than any other level IMO. Tons of health, extra guys, and shields for me ship. The shield was only in this level, but it made getting any powerups a breeze since I had enough of them to go around. The boss too only took me a few tries. Probably only two.

It's a pretty hard game and I'm very glad to have beaten it. I had discovered it 10+ years ago and never got past the first level because of an optional jump that was hard to make for beginners, but this time, I not only made the jump, but explored most of the levels to get the best experience. I took my time, enjoyed myself, and finally put this behemoth to rest. Thank goodness.

I might try the 100 levels of Trogdor next, but it's unlikely because that'd take me a long time and I don't have much free time any more.

Play the game here:




oh btw there are cutscenes and the humor is really amusing. I guess I should mentioned that it has the Homestar Runner kind of humor.


>zoomer goes to google games with good graphics
>shows fps games
bruh are you serious that wasn't even the point, these games are just fractions of GTA
congratulations you wizzed yourself


Just finished beating Bully 100%. Typical rockstar shit controls but its still a really fun and relaxed game. The worst part about 100%-ing it is the errand side missions. In the scholarship edition they dont spawn most of the time so you have to save the game in the part of town that has the errand, then hard reboot whatever system youre playing on and that will get the errand to spawn in. Theres 50 total errands so you end up wasting a lot of time rebooting. Other than that though i really dont have any other complaints, its just an all around great game. Now im stuck with the empty void that comes when you finish a really comfy game. Going to go make a post in the rec thread, hopefully a wizzie can rec me something like it.


>Fps game (as if that has anything to with anything in the first place)
>Not realizing you can toggle morrowind in 3rd person and that you have a map much larger than vice citys empty map
>Muh zoomer
Lol what a bitch.


File: 1601246751175.jpg (101.63 KB, 500x713, 500:713, Sekiro.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Sekiro.
Holy shit this game looks good, probably the nicest looking game I've ever played, weird because Fromsoft games usually look ugly. I'd often stand on top of buildings and just watch the scenery. It helps that I love this setting, but still I've played other games set in feudal Japan and they didn't look as nice as this one.
Gameplay wise I thought was pretty great, was expecting something like Dark Souls but it's really nothing like, it's much faster-paced and based around stealth more than anything else. The bosses, despite most of them being human beings, were also pretty good and each one different enough to keep things interesting. It's hard but not really that hard, I thing DS3 was harder for me, once you get the hang of each enemy, the fight is just a matter of time, and fights are so short it's really weird to spend more than a couple of hours in a boss.
I got the "standard" finale so I think I'm gonna replay it to get the other ones, the reason I didn't get them was because I missed a some dialogue, so I might check a guide, just in case.


Just finished new game + and I backed up my save so I could see all endings.
None of these endings could be considered good but my favorite was the one in which you kill yourself to end all immortal beings


File: 1602116589336.jpg (873.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kssf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Kirby Super Star. I'm conflicted about this one. I always knew Kirby as an easy, comfy and colorful platformer and liked it as such. KSS is colorful but not easy at all and a good part of its difficulty is how easy you can get lost in some of the stages. I don't mind getting lost in exploration games where you're getting lost in new areas but here you're getting lost because you didn't enter the doors in the correct order so you'll be redoing the same path over and over again, changing the door order or doing something only slightly different. It's the annoying type of getting lost. I really don't know why the developers felt the need to make the game longer in this manner. Redoing the same 50 steps of a platformer for 30 minutes until you find the right door order is not my idea of a cozy Kirby game.
I suppose it can get comfy when you have memorized the stages, as the music and environments are quite endearing, but I really don't feel the game is that good to the point of spending that amount of time in it. I guess I just wasn't just prepared to face a challenge in a Kirby title. I had played the first one and the one for the N64 and both are way easier than this. There's lots of abilities for you to play around with, they're all fun but a couple are clearly the better ones so you'll be spending most of the time using those.
The game is divided in 'chapters' or sections, each one introducing a new type of gameplay, all revolving around Kirby's copy ability. Dedede and Metaknight make a comeback here, though already I forget what was the evil plan this time. You start on a quest to get food stolen by Dedede back, then Metaknight decides to take over the world using a megaship that you destroy, then the sun and the moon fight and there's a grant wishing machine and at one point you use a flying motorstar and the game turns into a side scrolling shooter for a while.. The important thing is that Kirby is the good guy and he's beating everyone up so he can finally take a nap, which he does at the end of the game, or when you game over. I died a lot in this, mostly because I was rushing after spending 20 minutes trying to figure it out what door I should go to and how many times I should enter it to get where I needed to go.
I thought I would never say this about a game, but Kirby Super Star should be easier, or being more specific, a little less annoying.


Don't play amazing mirror then. The newer kirby's don't have that, maybe pick them up.


Thanks. I think I'll play Kirby's Dream Land 3 next.



I played Kirby Super Star Ultra first and it's a much better game that the original. It adds a few things like the helper's arena, but also ZOOMS OUT so I don't run into things as much. The original was so much worse because I kept on hitting things I couldn't see. I was also kind of rushing, but that's not an excuse to not hit things. Being able to rush through the game should be a test of how much of the screen you can see. Because of less zoom it made the maze a lot more fun and reduced game play. I agree the maze was kind of long, but luckily the game is mostly linear. Still, play KSSU instead.

Kirby Super Star is actually one of the worse Kirby games imo. It's one of the only Kirby games I don't like. I also didn't like Donkey Kong Country because I couldn't see anything. Nintendo seemed to have a problem with that in some of its games. I don't think it's even that hard just a bad game.

Also, amazing mirror is a blast and improves on the maze by showing what doors you've been through. Once you've completed it, you can go again and play the zones out of "order" or challenge yourself to get the copy room before beating any bosses. It has real replay value, so go play it. It doesn't even have the zoom problem and has AI Kirbys if you're stuck on a boss. Easy game.


Baldur's Gate 1

Really enjoyed it, although I had to restart twice and dropped it a few times at the beginning before really getting into it. I tried to avoid using guides too much so early game was extremely confusing, after I read the manual it was a little better. Around Nashkel and the Gnoll Stronghold was where I really got hooked and was playing until like 5 in the morning some days.

The story is pretty typical fantasy in some ways I guess, but it was executed well and it's nice to progress from being really weak and struggling to kill kobolds and spiders to being strong enough to take on wyverns and mercenary groups. Around the time you revisit Candlekeep and get arrested and everything that comes after was the peak of the main story IMO, before that it just kind of feels like you're fucking around visiting places trying to find clues about the main villain.

The ToSC expansion content was actually better than most of the main game. Durlag's Tower felt like an actual dungeon and was more fun to explore than all the mine dungeons in the main story, plus it had some great tough fights. The island was pretty easy (maybe because I did Durlag's Tower first) and short but still had some cool dialogue.

Looking forward to starting the second game as I've heard most people say it's even better than the first.


File: 1602713004960.jpg (299.66 KB, 1306x1500, 653:750, 91jH8apKVUS._SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished God Of War 3. It was pretty good, level design was nice and killing all the gods felt really good, although a bit weird that Kratos spends the whole game looking for "the power to kill a god" and while doing so kills like six of them, but whatever, I guess Zeus was stronger.


File: 1602728322137.jpg (21.52 KB, 220x308, 5:7, 220px-FEAR_DVD_box_art.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished F.E.A.R.
It was good, fairly short, which is nice because it was getting old already. Wish I had played it when it came out, the graphics and physics are incredible for its time.


did you play it on a ps3 or rpcs3?


On a ps3 I borrowed from my brother. My computer isn't good enough to emulate ps3


File: 1603388228285.jpg (414.34 KB, 1599x900, 533:300, Alim_354.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Dragon Age: Origins. Well the main game anyway, didn't bother with dlc since I was getting burnt out from playing non-stop. Maybe I have shit taste but I have to say that it is one of my favorite games of all time. Everything from the setting, art direction, story and even the janky gameplay is great to me. I remembered falling in love with this game as a child and playing it now has only made me appreciate it more. It's probably one of the first rpg games I have ever played and one of the few that make it my favorite genre.


I finished RDR2 not too long ago. The game world was great but the story was complete trash. Right when you start to feel in tune with the character, they decide to kill him off with a fatal disease, making you feel like any sort of progress in the game is pointless. There were so many things I was putting off until the end of the story, but nope, fuck that, you are going to die and there is nothing you can do about it.

I suppose most of my dislike from the game comes from not playing RDR1, though. The entire game is just one big setup for the second game and many of the major plot points don't make sense unless you played RDR1. Dutch turning into a bad guy just seemed forced. Why would Dutch let everyone turn on him just to follow the lead of the shithead, Micah? Makes no sense. Well, unless you know that they had to make Dutch a bad guy for the beginning of RDR1.

The epilogue was also a massive waste of time, but I guess it was fanservice for RDR1 fans.


File: 1603851910058-0.jpg (256.52 KB, 935x943, 935:943, 8ySyLct.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1603851910058-1.jpg (67.05 KB, 276x362, 138:181, Far_Cry_2_cover_art.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finally finished Far Cry 2, after probably 3 computers, might have posted about playing the game on here a year or two ago

In general, the game's fun, and I would recommend it, some people might find it to be a bit tiresome, but I found the combat and driving to both be enjoyable. But I have complaints
>The game's a little lacking in weaponry, and especially useful weaponry, there's very little point in choosing anything but an assault rifle + SMG + rocket launcher combo, not to mention you have a couple guns that are just worse versions of other ones. The MAC-10 is just a bad Uzi, and all the pistols are worse than both the MAC and Uzi, and it's not my fault for not experimenting, because I tried, but the map is just too open for shotguns to be useful, and as a general rule you'll be fighting too many enemies at once to make snipers good either, also the upgrades are a bit lacking, I bought most the guns in the game, and still had over 100 diamonds by the end, without having done any side missions (they're all exactly the same - kill this person in the ceasefire zone), giving me more than one ammo upgrade wouldn't be a bad idea
-Getting one hit killed if you get run over sucks, also no autosave, and when you reach the second island, enemy cars who ambush you will sometimes come equipped with grenade launchers, which also have a good chance of 1 hitting you, but you do kind of have a chance since they take a long time to fire
-I think the buddy system could have been streamlined. When you do a mission, you get a choice, do A, but you'll get a phone call from someone who you drive to, who will then tell you to do B, and then C (sometimes the same thing as A), and then meet them at D where you fight off a bunch of enemies. Since we can talk on the phone, I don't see why they can't just tell me their plan immediately, since that'd save me with a lot of fucking time
>The enemy encounters could be toned down, I think a good system would be if you cleared out an enemy outpost, then no enemies would spawn there for 5 in-game days or something,
>There is no point in doing any missions for anyone but the main factions (APR/UFLL), you can do missions for your buddies, but you gain nothing, and spoiler alert, in the ending of the game all your buddies turn on you
>Speaking of the story, I think it's really weird how the APR tries to kill me twice, but they still have me do work for them, I get the point of the game is I'm a mercenary who doesn't give a fuck and will do anything if he gets paid, but that's a bit weird to me
>The Jackal was a great character, too bad you only see him about 3 times, I get he's meant to be mysterious and all, but I just wish you saw more of him
>in the ending, you get the choice of doing two things, going to a bridge to set off a bomb, to stop the APR-UFLL coalition troops from being able to attack the refugees, or going to the border to bribe the guard so the civilians can get across safely, but killing yourself afterwards, I chose the second one, and I thought it was pretty fucking disappointing when I didn't kill myself, or die at all, I was kind of expecting that I would choose not to do it, and The Jackal does it for me, disappointed in my lack of resolve, but nothing, it's not explicitly said I survived either, but if I don't see myself dying, I'm going to assume I didn't
>last section of the game was a drag too, no vehicle, and a whole lot of walking, and you can run for about as long as a Call of Duty character
fun game, it has its issues, but I definitely enjoyed my time playing it, and would consider going back to it sometime
too bad there's not more games out there where I can LARP as an african merc


didn't mean to put hyphens in some of them
also I forgot to add how as you play the game more, people in the ceasefire zone (i.e. the only NPCs who don't shoot on sight) start to respect you and get more afraid of you, that was a nice feature


Play as the tentacle-thing sneaking around and smashing up a base. Nice puzzle platformer. Neat ending to become human to escape.


It's empty world, with very little detail. Looks beatiful though.

But what really kills the 'Farcry' 2, is the rapid enemy respawn. Half a minute after you've cleared checkpoint and you happen to leave the zone, the niggers are back and soon you hear the 'wroom' and there the fucking car patrol is.

It's a shame really. If checkpoints stayed empty for 24 hours or even half a day, it would be so much better.

Blazing the veld is just so much fun.


File: 1604112013579.jpg (76.54 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 355.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i have finished witcher 1 and 2
i got into the series with witcha 3 (big surprise), then read the books before playing the games

for witcher 1:
the graphics are shit but they do their job and thats it, the cinematics are pretty good
the combat is ass, or so i thought before playing witcha 2
the story had some highs and lows, the lakeside area was the best, dagon concept was cool but didnt have much to do with witchery, "go kill this elder being and get reward", lady of the lake etc its more familiar fantasy but that was in the books too so whatever, good area overall. felt refreshing to be in the open countryside after the previous chapters
i dunno why the fuck the elves had weird coneheads, what were they doing
didnt bother with the minigames
mutants were fucking awful, godawful models
kalkstein was ok
adda's quest was such dogshit, especially after the intro. come on now cd red
went neutral for the faction part
the story was good i suppose
played the game some time ago so dont have much to say about it so yeah, dunno what to say desu, not good at writing my views on things apart from "i liked it dunno"

for witcher 2:
immediately noticable is huge improvement in graphics, it really is good for what youd expect from some hack n slash rpg
right after that noticable is huge downgrade in combat, fucking godawful garbage combat, how on earth did they deem it publishable at the state is beyond me. its objectively broken and caused great frustration for me
the story is a lot more politic-y than witcha1, for better or worse. fine by me either way, i think
its impressive just how much the story splits depending on your companion choice, youd think itd be some quests and an some ending details but not its pretty big
loredo dindu nuffin
kayran boss couldve been better but it was ok for a spectacle apart from the part where it throws rocks at you since youre misguided
vergen was a pretty cool place
the part where you run from the dragon in la valette castle was hilarious, one section felt and looked like a mobile game ad "press the button to save the king! play now!"
chadselt did nothing wrong
dethmold did nothing wrong, shit normalfag devs forced him to be a shitvillain, his death in iorveth route makes him look comically evil, in roche rout it turns out he fucks men (his thrall looked like the fucking beggar model ffs), for villainy he shouldve just been the kidnapper of the royal succubus and thats it, the vain/homo thing is cring and pointless on the part of devs
also the royal boy's name is boussy or something, lmao
also you can actually choose to let henselt get killed, wew. though it wont have much effect on witcha3 much like the rest of your decisions so get bent lol
forgot to say, the siege of la valette castle was real impressive eye candy, devs really put in some effort
roche was ok and a helpful guy, iorveth was cool but being a terrorist is cring, especially when he doesnt even wear a balaclava and sing elven nasheeds, top cring
was hoping to make saskia ma waifu but the dream scenes in the harpy zone ruined that for me, oh well. plus she preferes manlets so theres that too
i think it was cool just how lush flotsam outskirts was
bydletho is a cool guy and a good fren, killing him in the end is just vanity, he based. tho hes working for nilfgaard and nilfgaard's auxillaries dont end up at a good place so thats dumb of him
>letting sile live
dragon fight was shit like all the other fights in the game
funnily enough i did the game twice to get all the paths and in neither i did the roche's path *and* save the royal rori, either went to save triss or saskia, guess im a simp now. fuck
chadselt was right to hang the blue stripes, roche-nigger should think twice before conspiring against kangs again, dumbfuck
ves is a butch lesbian and has tatoos, so top cring. final flotsam mission where you save her from dastardly loredo is the worst the writing of the game got, 2nd being dethmold's demise(s?)
i could go more into detail on combat and skills etc but it left a very bad taste in my mouth so i wont bother, its shit and bad, 1st games combat would be preferable

both games played with polish dub fyi, english dub is disgusting to my ears
thats all for now, at the top of my head


File: 1604155801236.jpg (41.97 KB, 285x349, 285:349, lh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished the second game Little Hope of the anthology series dark pictures. Really enjoyed this one, and it's a mindfuck. The clues are there and i'm glad i figured out the meta side of it. Might replay some scenes and see how it turns out. Can't wait for the next one, it's in some kind of arabian desert.


isn't that a walking simulator?


File: 1604163217523.jpg (71.49 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ll.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Kinda, you also press the right buttons/mouse movements in action scenes like Heavy Rain. Basically an interactive movie. Really only play these games for story and characters and loved it.


Is it at least better written then Heavy Rain?


Just finished Jet Set Radio, it's a sweet little game, although a bit short (I didn't get 100% so I guess I could play for longer, but I'm kinda tired of the same maps).
It feels like a time capsule of late 90s/early 00s culture. Makes me feel nostalgic although I had never played it before, it still looks great, specially the pc version with higher resolution and widescreen graphics. The music is a big part of the game and although it's not the kind of music I'd normally listen to, it had me moving my head back and forth like a chicken the entire time. Gameplay wise is pretty simple (just one button to jump and both triggers to accelerate and paint) but very rewarding when you pull a nice trick, and at time very frustrating when you need to make a precise jump, but that's not very often to I didn't mind. Painting the graffiti was the part I liked the least, it's just a succession of quick time events while you're getting shot at, and it can be very irritating.
Great game, to be honest, I played it because I really wanted to play a Tony Hawk and the new one isn't cracked yet (denuvo you suck) and while it's not the same, I still had a lot of fun.


File: 1604910537079.gif (959.09 KB, 1803x800, 1803:800, 20201122.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Finished SF x Tekken just to see everyone's ending scene.


File: 1605091547247.gif (3.96 MB, 515x267, 515:267, w.gif) ImgOps iqdb

3rd Strike Makoto is…


File: 1605166984650.gif (2.72 MB, 598x754, 23:29, z.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Poor ALEX.. forever low-tier.


File: 1605300496304.gif (2.81 MB, 515x267, 515:267, z.gif) ImgOps iqdb

At ease, loser.


File: 1605411543365.jpg (234.52 KB, 1126x749, 1126:749, 1573776291895.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wish I could beat these games, can't get past the 3rd fight in SF2 on snes.


File: 1605601670627-0.jpg (399.68 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Clipboard03.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1605601670627-1.jpg (48.84 KB, 681x284, 681:284, Clipboard02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sure you can. Chun believes in you!


I mean I can beat the game if I use like 20 continues but I'm dumb and restart the console as soon as I lose a fight.
On a side note, how the hell do people play Turbo? I tried it and it's way too fast for me.


When you know the basic special moves for a charachter, the faster gameplay doesn't feel any harder.

Not with original SF2 or Capcom vs. SNK at least. Don't know about any other SF games.

>Chun-Li with track pants
No, and this is why I don't play…hmm, was it Alpha?


Alright wiz I'm gonna keep practicing. Also I'm using Cammy, also are there characters that are easier than others? I'm using Cammy at the moment, how well balanced are these games?


File: 1605691791793-0.jpg (105.42 KB, 850x856, 425:428, Clipboard01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1605691791793-1.jpg (132.1 KB, 778x893, 778:893, Clipboard02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In Super Turbo version of SF2, the high-tier (ie.strongest) characters are Dhalsim, Boxer, Claw, Sagat and Chun Li.

Cammy is a bit of an unfinished character and she's low-tier as her move-set is lacklustre. But tiers and balance only matter when you play versus other people. Still any character can potentially win with two combos.


Finally done with Warsong (Langrisser I). Managed to keep everyone alive to the end. Good game but kinda tedious when you have to manually move around all your units/fodder. Moved on to Langrisser II, and there's already so much dialogue compared to the first one. I really hate this.


>tiers and balance only matter when you play versus other people
Oh ok, that's never going to happen so it doesn't matter


Good to hear, that's a nice game to clear.


File: 1605956129103.jpg (36.63 KB, 239x333, 239:333, Similar thing happened wit….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks. Did you play it?
Anyway I looked up the remakes and the art style is awful. I really hate how classic series get this modern anime treatment as they get sequels. Fire Emblem, falcom games, SMT are examples of this, and Castlevania when they still made those…


I usually don't mind anime games but what they did to Dawn of Sorrow was too much


File: 1606571144053.jpg (121.5 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, Cuphead.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Cuphead, such a great game. I love the feeling when nothing matters but beating the boss, all other thoughts disappear until only the battle remains. Reminds me of my younger days when i beat "I Wanna Be the Guy".

There was one boss that gave me a hard time,Dr. Kahl's Robot based on Dr Eggman from Sonic. His last phase is impressive. If you want a challenge, go with Cuphead.


File: 1606619064028.png (598.4 KB, 591x444, 197:148, re1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Interesting, I didn't like this game 7 years ago when I finished it for the first time, now I just love it. I guess it's because I've became more patient with time.


File: 1606746279297-0.jpg (256.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20201102215744_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1606746279297-1.jpg (285.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20201103204312_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1606746279297-2.jpg (235.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20201109121536_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yesterday I finished Salt and Sanctuary. It's the dark souls of castlevania almost literally. I enjoyed playing it on my controller. When I first started it I wasn't sure what to expect but was surprised at how thought out the game is. The combat, enemies, bosses are all souls-like and hold up to souls games themselves. I went with a Str build with heavy armor and 2h sword. There is lots of weapon variety here from flintlock gunswords to greatsword scissors and extending swordwhips you can make. Factions you can pray to get different rewards for resting in their bonfire, although they are usually hit or miss since you don't know anything about them before joining. There's some platforming in the game which I think was it's weakest point as I usually had to take off all armor to do it. The game let's you explore the environment fully once you get all the 'Vania stuff out of the way which I thought was great, the overworld in general was done well I would say with plenty of shortcuts and secret passages.

I've tried other soulslikes/soulslites before but this one is my favorite so far. I've been avoiding it due to the name being stupid but I really regret not playing it earlier.


I was replaying Deus Ex and Human revolution this November.
This is the 4th time I've decided to play it but couldn't finish this time. Dropped on the mole people territory. This time something clicked and I've realized that it's too technically deprecated despite the Revision mod. I was very upset and ashamed that one of my favorite games made me feel this way. But I will always remember how good it is.
Then I started Human Revolution DC. Played the original 2 times before. It sucked me completely. Thankfully it give so many tributes to the old game that I was cheered up. Enjoyed this new playthrough a lot.
I still didn't play Mankind Divided and not sure if I ever will. Too many doubts after what I've seen and read.


File: 1606764777672.jpg (4.8 MB, 3500x1969, 3500:1969, 2982677-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Mankind Divided
It's a great game, very underrated. The abrupt ending is the only real problem for me. One of my favorite games from the past several years.


And just like that your post convinced me to play it finally. What do you think about it's stability? There are complains about crashes.


>And just like that your post convinced me to play it finally.
Glad to hear it! It really improves on Human Revolution's gameplay and design in many ways, but it doesn't feel as epic in scope.

I play on the XB1. On my first playthrough it crashed and froze enough times to become frustrated but not to quit. I replayed it last year and I don't think it crashed once, so I think they fixed it.


I hope PC version will work without issues. I am very interested in how they managed to portray Adam Jensen in it because I like his character a lot.
I will report later. Thank you.


File: 1607092491496.png (199.3 KB, 300x332, 75:83, Mortal_Kombat_box_art.png) ImgOps iqdb

I beat Mortal Kombat (2011, aka Mortal Kombat 9). When I say "beat" I mean finished the story mode. It was alright, the game looks and plays well, it's pretty easy though. I have this problem with fighting games, it always seems like there's no middle ground, they're always either too easy or too hard for me.


File: 1607119939244.png (2.34 MB, 1908x1066, 954:533, 03.png) ImgOps iqdb

I finished the game right now and my opinion is very positive. I don't know if you're still here but I will share it anyway.
Went in completely blind but with some undeserved preconceptions. I don't know where did they came from, probably my imagination, influenced by other disappointing modern games.
There were no radical gameplay changes which was good to know. Refined and improved overall. I continued to enjoy my favorite playstyle, it was very important.
I was overwhelmed by the hub. I was happy to notice that they've created it with a lot of enthusiasm and attention to details. Other locations were made in a similar way. Still beautiful. Location designs, paths, hidden rooms, stashes etc. are great. Deus Ex atmosphere was crafted with love once again.
Dialogues and writings are elaborate. Character reactions and motivations feel natural and realistic, not forced. Subtle and healthy humour also has its place which is great. Voice acting is top notch even from supporting characters. Emotions and intonations were transmitted very well.
Graphics are great, color palette was chosen wisely, there are no annoying elements in it. I have noticed some imperfect animations but it's fine.
I didn't experience any crashes or bad optimisation, maybe because I'm playing so late, when all fixes have been released. There were some bugs but mostly the silly ones, not game breaking.
Plot is interesting and detailed. It's not "epic" as you said but feels serious and has depth. There is a lot of text to research. More foreshadowing of Page's motives, to me it is very interesting. Certain moments feel incomplete but it is forgiveable. For example I would like to talk more with David Sarif and unfold the events of other characters but you can't have everything. Maybe next time. There were still a lot of hints and tributes to original game. Tastefully made.
I can nitpick some things but I can also see that this team really loves the universe, lore and characters which makes me overlook them.
Thank you again for that fast reply that finally motivated me to play Mankind Divided, the game I enjoyed a lot. I will not forget that.


If you haven't played the DLC (they're called "jensen's stories" in the menu) I highly recommend it. I didn't the first time around cause they're all completely separate from the main game, but they offer some fun missions.


Of course. I will thoroughly enjoy and explore them even if they will be very short. I will keep the whole trilogy on PC to replay again if/when the next game will be announced. Maybe remake of an original game because remakes and remasters are in trend nowadays.


File: 1607129482198.jpg (17.2 KB, 350x406, 25:29, Madame_Photographe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I liked your review, wiz. I've done almost three complete playthroughs and I loved every minute of it. I see something new nearly every time I play it.


I play games without rushing, trying to explore every little detail but of course there should be something I missed. For example I did not find a way into corporate vaults of the Palisade Property Bank despite having 3 out of 4 keycards. There's definitely something else. These are the signs of a decent game design without excessive handholding.
I wish I took more screenshots to show but it is distracting during the gameplay. There would be a lot to show.


File: 1607680759339.png (271.69 KB, 864x288, 3:1, Bodhisattva_Valley_01.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finished sekiro couple of days ago. I almost quit on some bosses, but decided to finish game this time(it was my second attempt), and i fell satisfaction after defeating them, especially after final boss. Rare occasion, when challenge in the game is rewarding. Sekiro took some getting used to, because in the beginning i basically played it like ds, always trying to dodge attacks instead of trying to block them.
I love japanese setting. Made game much more enjoyable. The whole game looks great, some locations look gorgeous, like Bodhisattva Valley. And, like in ds, lore is told via item description and small dialogs. And i love it.
The only thing i dislike is how they used same bosses 3-4 times. I really dont get why they did it. Feels cheap.
Also feels like sekiro has less replayability, since you cant change weapons like in ds.


>The only thing i dislike is how they used same bosses 3-4 times. I really dont get why they did it. Feels cheap
Yeah I thought it was cheap too, but at least it makes sense, lore-wise except for that stupid monkey
>Also feels like sekiro has less replayability
The only replayability comes from trying to get all four endings and a bigger challenge, as the game gets harder on each NG+. Other than that, you're right.


Just finished Digital Devil Saga.
It was pretty good, although a bit simplified compared to Nocturne. I didn't kill all optional bosses nor got all skills because I said "I'd do all that on New Game+" (you actually have to start ng+ to get one of the bosses, the toughest one) but when I started ng+ I realized I had to grind all my characters from level 1 (you only get the learned skills on ng+) without money or items, and since that's probably going to take forever I might just stop now and play the sequel, I'm curious to see how it ends.


File: 1607739754953.png (109.79 KB, 220x311, 220:311, Shin_Megami_Tensei_-_Digit….png) ImgOps iqdb

>forgot pic


File: 1607741362867.jpeg (21.88 KB, 363x500, 363:500, 1bc71e2a-e0e2-45fa-b110-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Still feeling like the lowest life form?



^A few hours into this too and I'm wondering if there is any point to human form. Also do you have devour skills on your characters besides the MC?


File: 1607869593288.png (831.58 KB, 990x1218, 165:203, omoikane.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm wondering if there is any point to human form
Not really, there's a few enemies that are weak to gun, and it's the best way to kill Omoikane, but other than that, it's mostly a pain in the ass when you get reverted. Don't even bother purchasing bullets.
>do you have devour skills on your characters besides the MC?
Yeah I had a few, I used them mainly on Heat since he was my phys character


I tried to replay DDS a few months ago only to be humiliated by the difficulty. Either I became complete idiot during recent years or it was just a bad mood. Don't know how I completed it long time ago. But I still remember the story and characters very well. OST is god tier.


Why doesnt ape make sense lore-wise? You cant have blade to kill the centipede first time you defeat the monkey, so its ok its still alive afterwards


No I mean that cool, but what the hell is it doing in the depths? Is the sunken valley even close to that place? Also I got pretty annoyed when I saw you had to fight it again, as the first ape is probably the boss that gave me the most trouble…but then I realized how easy this boss actually is


File: 1608018615163.jpg (405.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sekiro-locations-map-overv….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> Is the sunken valley even close to that place?
Its notrh of mibu village, according to wiki, so its far, but not that far
>but then I realized how easy this boss actually is
Yeah, the headless ape gave me trouble in the first fight only because the guardian ape forced to me to use all my heals before, and even then i was pretty close to killing it most of the times


File: 1608121582209.png (218.03 KB, 285x348, 95:116, Spec_Ops_The_Line_cover.png) ImgOps iqdb

>made a new thread instead of posting here
Whatever basically I beat this, gameplay is a bit generic but works, I liked the plot, it's true it can be a bit frustrating when a heavy shows up and you have to use three grenades and all you ammo to bring him down but it's not that bad.


File: 1608135807348.jpg (111.37 KB, 688x500, 172:125, StarWars-AttackoftheClones….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How I feel about that game.


I usually don't like sand either but I didn't mind it in this game


With the way it works, you can never really "Finish" a Bethesda game, but I'll post this nonethleess. I recently uninstalled New Vegas after finishing Dead money and nearly completing the main story. For me, it doesn't live up to all the "YEAH!FO4 BAD NV GOOD! FUCK YEAH! I LOVE OBSIDIAN! BETHESDA CAN SUCK MY DICK!" hype. It's basically the exact same game as FO4, but with more polished campaign yadda yadda tools and worse graphics.I didn't like what the game had to offer outside of dead money. The combat suffered the exact same problems all Bethesda games did, gunplay didn't feel natural or smooth(you need to hit people 50-60 times to kill them, like what).Gunplay just doesn't go well with that old fucked up engine.

That being said,dead money was extremely good. I didn't know bethesda games could have good story.When I was navigating around the sierra madre with a collar on my neck beeping wherever I go,it actually felt like playing a proper apocalyptic survival game,rather than the usual bullshit that bethesda games has to offer. I had to scavenge, I didn't have access to my early items/weapons, everything was scarce and I had to make do, and I had to navigate carefully and not get hit or step on traps.Even though I died like 200 times, the experience was extremely enjoyable(trust me, this means something given how much I hate losing under any circumstance) because of how well designed the entire deal was. The ending could've been better, but it still worked.It captured the essence of survival beautifully.

I don't think I'm going to pick the game up later on, it didn't feel like it had anything else worthwhile,like I said just the usual Bethesda bullshit. but Dead money was extremely well designed. It's how survival games should be. Rather than offering 2000 hours of worthless gameplay in which nothing you do has any real impact or meaning, and getting through anything and everything is piss easy,I'd rather play something like dead money which only lasts for 15-20 hours. Quality over quantity.

Overall,dead money is 9/10. The rest,not worthwhile if you've already played Bethesda games before.Even if you are like me and you hate how Bethesda games play out, play dead money,better yet, go into it head on at the start blindly, like I did. It's worth it.


I played Far Cry 2 a ton when I was younger because it was fun to imagine adventuring in Africa. It was mainly imagination fuel to me. I didn't care about the story.

A complaint of mine was that the missions were repetitive. The driving physics were terrible. Overall the game was a little half-baked.

I disagree about the assault rifle thing - I nearly always played with a sniper rifle and a sidearm. It depends on your play style though. I also enjoyed using the all-stealth loadout and taking out enemies silently.


Nobody is saying the gameplay of NV is very good, just that it's a far better and more immersive RPG. FO4 has improved game mechanics in a few areas(and worsened in some) but the horrible characters, lore, and story completely murder the entire game. FO4 could have been salvaged if they removed retard shit like the bases and let obsidian write the story.


File: 1608696182301.gif (2.72 MB, 515x267, 515:267, 20210000.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Games with bad netcode got exposed during covid-19 pandemic in 2020.


Alright I just finished this >>52195

It was good, kinda looking forward to play 2.


File: 1608727763525.jpg (957.59 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 9a19b1wose661.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Cyberpunk 2077. I luckily avoided spoiling myself and reading about it and had lots of fun. It's a fun game.


I've been playing Parasite Eve, but I feel apathetic to working on the final boss fight now that I am aware there are like 3 boss fights in a row and I don't think I have enough health potions saved up.

Basically the game is a turn based combat, real time dodge rpg game. Its basically a point and click adventure until you enter a combat zone, then you are to dodge enemy attacks until it is your turn. This is a nice effect though because depending on the weapon you wield the time you wait can be shorter or longer. Additionally your magic bar in the game can ONLY charge during combat, so it is worth while to dodge weak enemies for a while to charge your magic bar for the next fight.

My biggest gripe is the combat zones tend to be very small and ill defined, so when an enemy fires you really have little choice but to stand there and eat it. You can use your magic bar to heal, but often enemy attacks will drain this faster so you have to resort to health potions. The game has one level where you can grind, so it is difficult to grind your way past difficulty obstacles.

The main reason I wanted to play it is because it is part of the body-horror genre, but most of it is just animals transforming into monsters.


I finished CP2077 a few days ago as well. I remember checking the interenet to see how it thought about the game and everyone was shitting on it. Usually online complaints are legit and make me enjoy a game less after I start playing it again, but I found myself forgetting about the hate a few minutes after I played the game. All of the bad things people complain about online are either minor things or issues that simply do not exist on my computer. It is like there was some sort of paid campaign to shit on this game, it is weird.

I want to do a second playthrough but I do want to wait to see if CDPR adds new content in a future patch before doing so.


CDPR is a studio outside of Western liberal culture and dont typically care to learn the newspeak. They handled trans shit in the least involved way and that wasn't good enough for every Kotaku adjacent faggot who wanted a panderfest.


I wonder if you really believe in what you type. CDPR is one of the most "progressive" gamedev companies and have all pandering that anyone will ever need. Your post is a delusional mess or just misinformed.


Acccording to wikipedia, they helped teach post-communist poland, used to getting everything for free and stealing, to actually legitimately pay for games



File: 1609918155196.png (11.32 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Legend of Zelda, The - The….png) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. Good game, but the mysterious shells and kinstones mechanics got a little tedious. Probably one of the more underrated games in the series. I'm probably going to play and complete Majora's Mask next, although I might complete OoT first just so they're in chronological order.


>Probably one of the more underrated games in the series
Portable Zelda was always overlooked, Oracle of Seasons/Ages are also amazing games


I've never played those, which is weird because I played Zelda 2. There are also references to the Oracle games in Minish Cap, so I was regretting not playing them.


It might be kinda hard to go back to those after Minish Cap since it looks so good, and og gameboy graphics can be kinda rough, but if you do you won't regret it.
>There are also references to the Oracle games in Minish Cap
Probably because they're all developed by capcom, not Nintendo


>used to getting everything for free and stealing
Used to taking every advantage of being a Soviet controlled totalitarian state.

Threat of imprisonment or execution for a wrong word, deportation to the USSR, no freedom of speech or media (and today Poland is attacked for 'getting rid of free media'; no, they are getting rid of the last Communist-educated editors, which suddenly become 'liberals' in the 90's), lack of basic foodstuffs thanks to bankrupt Communist satellite state and you call that for getting something for 'free'?

That was the obligation of every Polish Nationalist.

But that is absolutely right, CDP definitely helped Poland to get rid of software piracy. GSC Gameworld coudn't do the same thing Ukraine and no Russian software company has accomplished doing that either.

What comes to Cyberpunk, it's objectively worse game than original Witcher or even Witcher 3.

Game that cannot be compared to in anything except maybe free world and light rpg-elements, Boiling Point: Road to Hell is better (with the latest patch) than CP.

Why the comparison then? Because that game was absolute mess in what released, to the point of being almost funny because of the bugs (but less funny, because you coudn't complete one the early missions).
But it was more or less put to together with patchs. The original Witcher was also complete mess at release, but CDP went and polished it into a great game.

Cyberpunk 2077 on the other lack's the potential, even if all the bugs were fixed, because from the beginning it has nothing extraordinary, the story and environment are bland and boring and not very cyberpunk to begin with, especially when compared to Deus ex or even the Invisible War, which is thousand times better than this CP2077 or the horrible HR, which share the same blandness of CP2077.


>used to getting everything for free and stealing
Piracy isn't theft


You are talking about copying for a free, he is talking about piray, that is selling software to which you don't own the rights.


Neither is theft, the original owner of the game still has the rights


>piray, that is selling software to which you don't own the rights.
I'm pretty sure piracy is just the illegal duplication of software. You don't have to be selling it.


Well, obviously the original meaning for piracy is shipful of errr-shouting men plundering the lifelines of the Naval Empire back then. Or Swahilis in shitty boats trying to hijack modern merchant ships today.

Semantics aside, piracy in a sense, that you try to profit from others work (unless they are fine with it; i.e. software have GPL for example), is morally wrong.

If you remove the copy protection from a software and 'by mistake' distribute it (scene releases) in the newsgroups, you don't profit from doing so financially.
This rarely affects the sells of the software negatively, as the Napster study well proved, usually the opposite.

But if you take that distributed, cracked software or ripped audio CD or DVD and sell it on medium of your choice, you are blatantly taking advantange of others work and being not much less of an asshole than a seapirate.


File: 1611444271335-0.png (1.6 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, kf2_5.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611444271335-1.png (469.86 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, kf2_1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611444271335-2.png (1.26 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, kf2_3.png) ImgOps iqdb

I finished Kings Field II today. It's a first-person dragon crawler set in an interconnected world with no loading screens on the PS1. It's slow and difficult, but has a good sense of exploration and an oppressive atmosphere like the later Souls series.

Lorewise you learn about the being behind Seath, Orladin the wizard, the Light family, and the Moonlight sword. Another thing you learn is FromSoftware weren't doing anything new with Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, they've been making the same game since the start.


You have a lot of patience wiz. I tried to play it several times but gave up every time. Still, the series intrigued me enouth that I watched no commentary LPs for all the KF games. It was quite fun watching someone who actually knows what he's doing in those games.


File: 1611448586282.jpg (42.71 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 489428-shadow-tower-playst….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That's commendable, wiz. I tried Shadow Tower also from Fromsoft but it was too much for me. Maybe I am a filthy casual after all.



I seem to have the game in my collection. Is it text heavy, ie. possible to complete with zero knowledge of Japanese?


red dead redemption 1, and I promptly deleted it, which I should've done at the start instead of wasting january on this boring political correctness filled trash game

naturally it holds super high ratings on all the video game sites


I played a bit and thought it was so boring, I usually enjoy GTA but I don't know about this one, maybe the fact that anywhere you wanna go you have a twenty minutes ride throw the desert


yah, I probably reduced the lifespan on my X button by years tapping it to spur the horse, that must've been a couple hundred thousand taps, at least


Yeah, I also got scared because when I was in the open the console wouldn't stop reading the disc for a second, and thought it could worn the optical unit down. I had flashback of my playstation using pirated cds and breaking after a few months.
Maybe I was exaggerating but I always try to be really careful with mechanical parts in electronics.


File: 1612121319971.jpg (50.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hitman-3-explorer-la-ville….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I finished Hitman 3. Overall it was good, though it feels smaller and shorter than the last two Hitman games. I became bored with the levels in this one pretty quickly, whereas the other two games I explored far more and for much longer. I really liked the more serious tone they adopted here. And there are various little gameplay refinements that longtime fans will appreciate. 7.5/10


the hitman games are a great challenge if you play them with an aim not to use guns or kill anyone but the target, I would replay each mission like dozens of times for the perfect silent assassin score


File: 1612527483526.jpg (302.4 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1366_2000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished LoZ: Twilight Princess

It was great, probably the most similar game to the N64 zeldas, althought with a few differences. They pretty much get rid of music puzzles, and it kinda sucks not being able to play any song at any time, they're still there but it's just used in context at certain points in the map, although I was never a fan of the simon says gameplay introduced in ocarina I wish they let me play the songs when I wanted, for example, to pass the time faster.
The game came out in 2006 and it shows, it has that edginess characteristic from that era, and bloom…remember when bloom was something new and everything had to have bloom? In some parts it looks passable, in other it's just straight up awful.


File: 1612527808268.jpg (140.7 KB, 547x800, 547:800, 3138158812_1_4_pamUNVIs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Dragon Quest IV. I played the android version. I must say, from what I always heard I went with very low expectations when starting my adventure but this game is in fact amazing! I love the chapters driven story, I love the characters, I love the gameplay. The Torneko introduction chapter was awesome. In fact I'm willing to go as far as saying that I prefered IV over II or even, in some aspects III. The Android/iOS version also adds party dialogs and greatly extends the lore with dozens of new lines.


>I really like japanese urban settings
By all means anon, give the Yakuza games a try, start with 0.


I played them, they're great.


File: 1612715757607.jpg (130.6 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1609835075_390527_16098353….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So I just finished The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game Resident Evil 7 and gotta say I thought it was pretty good.
They got rid of the eternal cast (or did they?) of Redfields, Valentine and Kennedy and finally tried to make something different, while somehow recapturing some of the feel from the old games (some, it's still not the same). The game is now in first person, at first this was kind of a bummer but I think it worked pretty well. There's a map to explore with a lot of closed doors, the "put the thing on the thing-shaped indentation" puzzles are also back, and while some of them are pretty simple, I welcome them as I always liked that kind of thing. It looks amazing, my computer could barely handle it and I doubt it'll be able to handle 8, which comes out a month from today, the sound design is awesome, the house you're locked up into feels like it's alive and the music is superb. It's all very disgusting, and I love it, everything is gooey, I don't think I've ever seen a horror game as gross as this one, even the Silent Hill games.
I do have to say it's not perfect, though, the game is ridiculously easy, when I got to the final boss I had so much ammo and health I could've gone through the game a couple more times, and I pretty much shot any enemy that came by me. Speaking of enemies, there are few and far between, the regular enemies can take like an entire magazine to bring down, but once you do, the room they were in is pretty much clear for the rest of the game, so you can just roam the house without fear of being attacked and it kinda takes from the overall experience. Bosses are fun and probably the only real threat in the game, except for the trivial final boss,but there's so much ammo in their rooms you can take care of them and walk out of them with more ammo than you walked in. Also the second part of the game becomes more linear and at times it feels like I'm playing F.E.A.R. (they took some inspiration from that too, I guess).

I dunno, I really liked the game, especially after the turds that were 5 and 6, and I hope 8 is at least as good. Unfortunately waifufags are already hyping it, I hope they don't ruin it.


File: 1613352602473.jpg (302.87 KB, 510x709, 510:709, resident-evil-5-cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ok now I finished Resident Evil 5.

I really don't feel like making a long post, all I wanna say is that it wasn't as bad as I expected, but still fuck the partner system, why would you make something like that.


Becaused it's supposed to be a co-op game.


what game these days isn't


Ok but if you're going to add a single player mode, get rid of the partner. The only parts where you need her are dumb "both have to pull this lever at the same time" puzzles, if you're worried enemies are going to be too tough make them less spongy.


File: 1613404013914.jpg (23.63 KB, 421x236, 421:236, Observation_Key_Art.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat it in one sitting (6-7h) because i knew that i'd never finish it if i took a break.

I really liked their first game Stories Untold but this one I have mixed feeling. Hard-sf atmosphere is really good (and i'm not a SF guy) and the promise of playing an A.I. works well, specially since the HUD is completly attached to gameplay. However it's very slow, repetitive and the "puzzles" could barely be considered puzzles. Most of the time it's just pressing buttons in the correct order or filling right numbers in the right blanks. Hell, I had more trouble to go the puzzle rather than solving it since instructions are often unclear. For exemple, there's a chapter where you have to navigate in space with a spatial sphere or some sort to fix a damaged door, it took me like 40 minutes of aimlessly floating in space to finally notice a tiny blue dot on the ship.

I don't want to spoil the story since it's the main focus of the game. Maybe you'll like it, maybe not. It's the kind of plot where you have to interprete some of the stuff happening. I personally thought it was okay.

An overall okay game imo, worth a try if you're into SF.


Man did I hate this game. I expected something amazing and paid an outrageous amount for a gamecube copy because nintendo printed so few of them to get people to purchase wiis. It was incredibly ugly even by the standards of 2006, I mean both technically and artistically it just wasn't pleasant aesthetically, especially after Wind Waker that aged a lot more gracefully. Heck the same could be said of the N64 games in comparison to TP.
Too easy and completely forgettable overall. If it weren't for the zelda brand nobody would remember it by now.


The game was pretty good for what they were trying to do, but I feel like it could’ve been so much better. I agree with what you said about the puzzles, it was really more of an interactive movie than a game for the most part.

Also I like the way the story started, but mana did it fall apart fast for me. They had a cool conspiracy angle going and then they kinda just blow it and don’t really resolve anything.

It’s worth the time to play it but not much else.


I just got bored and never finished it. The wind waker was one of my all time favorite games so it was very disappointing.


Yeah the story can get really messy really fast. On top of that the collectibles don't really say anything apart some useless bit of information on the crew members, at least the one I found.


I believe they were trying to go for a "Shadow of the colossus" thing but it just doesn't work. You could also blame the shift in tone to idiots who complained about Wind Waker being too "childish"


File: 1613659897715.jpg (329.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 265690_screenshots_2015-07….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished naissance a few days ago. Fantastic little game and it's free on steam. It only lasted me 3 hours but they were a good 3 hours. It's basically a walking sim but there's some puzzles and platforming to keep it interesting.

It's a beautiful game with a good soundtrack.


I played this when it came out. This game was a huge event among Blame! fans at the time at it didn't disappoint. I loved the atmosphere and the desolate feeling you get from walking around in that world.


Do you know any other games like it? Preferably free? I've heard antichamber is good, and I picked up fragments of euclid but it's more about the puzzles and less about exploring.


Kairo, ECHO and Fugue in Void.
Sorry, unfortunately they're not free unless you're open to pirate them.


File: 1613692611142.jpg (40.5 KB, 570x400, 57:40, image_cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Modern Warfare 3. I know not a lot of people enjoy the campaigns from these games but I found them fun and oddly satisfying. It's the exact same game as the two previous games and I probably couldn't tell one from the other if I saw a screenshot, but if the game is fun why would you change them. It's nice to see captain Price finally get his revenge but it kinda sucked to see Soap and Yuri die.


Played it like a decade ago and I don't remember it being to politically correct, yeah it's much less controversial than GTA but I didn't find it all that political.


File: 1613916000254.jpg (34.94 KB, 590x350, 59:35, resident-evil-3-remake-ps4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat REmake 3. It was alright, more action oriented and shorter than 2, just like the original with the original games, in this game they decided to make Nemesis an actual threat, so he killed me a few times, but it wasn't that bad I guess. My main problem with this game is that they're charging full price for a game you can beat in 6-7 hours and has NO extra content, zero, not mercenaries, not even the meager mission you got in 2. Good thing I pirated it.


It came with the multiplayer game where a player was the director and had to kill other people with the monsters. It's not just on it's own unless you pirate it.

You played a very different game to me. Nemesis wasn't remotely threatening because he's never in the game. He's in one area proper and then boss battles.


>It came with the multiplayer game where a player was the director and had to kill other people with the monsters. It's not just on it's own unless you pirate it.
Oh ok but it's still a multiplayer game, so I would not have played it either way.
>Nemesis wasn't remotely threatening because he's never in the game
He's in a few parts (three iirc) you have to consider this is a very short game, to me he was more threatening than in the original game since he was so easy to dodge back then


You are right in the fact that Nemesis wasn't a thread in Last Escape.

But. You have to down it to get the parts, so it is slightly challenging when he wields bazooka.


You're right. I guess I was just talking in a beating the game basis.

Also don't you hate the fact that these games are named just Resident Evil 2/3. Now when I try to check stuff about the old games I get these. Sega got it right with the Yakuza Kiwami games


Dodging in both games is half broken. If you can figure them out he's a joke.

Nemesis in ps1 3 is way scarier than he is in 3make. 3make he has goofy running away animations and pulls off obvious teleporting. If you run past him in the street and go up the fire escape path he will always be behind the corner ready to sucker punch you in impossible ways. He would need to swing spiderman style and you would see him.

Nemesis's real problem is he's not Mr X. 2's remake has him perfectly and Nemesis is a shadow in comparison.

He's only in the first area as a full fleshed out enemy. I don't recall him chasing you any where but that one small section without it being a cut scene. Speaking of which the opening is so bad it's funny. Complete lack of pacing.


>he's not Mr X. 2's remake
You're right about that, that fucked even stalks you outside of safe rooms.

Also I was thinking how nice it'll be a remake of Dino Crisis with this engine.


Nemesis will go into save rooms occasionally. After the chimera part there's a safe room and he busts right in there which fucked me up. But then he disappears so eh.

I don't want modern capcom to touch Dino crisis. Unless someone has some clout behind him i.e. DMC5, it's going to be made for the Western market and we'll end up with spic Carlos style remakes.


File: 1614010659343.png (68.44 KB, 177x197, 177:197, carlos.png) ImgOps iqdb

What's wrong with Carlos? He was a spic in the original game, his hair just got messy


Have not the played RE remakes (well, except the Gamecube one of original), but from playthrough videos I gather there is constant cursing in the script.
So much it seems annoying and embarrassing.

The originals have B-class, 50's Hollywood Zombie movie dialogue, but don't remember a single case of cursing.


File: 1614013112542.jpg (77.53 KB, 1400x600, 7:3, Resident-Evil-3-Costumes-H….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They have a modern model for him to look like his old self instead of a drug addict faggot.

I don't remember much swearing in 2, maybe in 3. 2's biggest problem is Leons campaign sucks because he goes through interesting areas talking to Ada instead of surviving. Claires is a good game.


Modern games lose that B movie charm the first games had. I blame idiots that take games too seriously. "No you can't have cheesy dialogue in your game about living dead!", fuck them


I can't get over how retarded this vest is. Do try to fetch something from lower pouches, or even see anything when looking down.


File: 1614299768691.jpg (81.26 KB, 676x960, 169:240, 1730-6688.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Resident Evil Zero. It was a good game, but the item management stuff was kind of a drag, having to throw shit on the ground and then traveling back to pick was a pain in the ass, why did they remove the item boxes is beyond me…

Also doesn't make much sense that Rebecca fought a Tyrant, a huge creature even more powerful, killed dozens of dangerous monsters but in RE1 is portrayed as a scared rookie running away from a fucking hunter. But who cares, it was a nice game to play, with a big map to explore, too bad about the item shit.


File: 1614821747297.jpeg (44.01 KB, 474x474, 1:1, OIP.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sort of a Resident Evil binge. I finished Code Veronica now. Probably my favorite RE and the real RE3.
Love this game, gameplay is good, quickturn adds a lot to the game, people nowadays shit on tank controls, but I think they're fine. The game is fully 3D so upscaled looks pretty good. People claim this is one of the hardest RE, but to me it's one of the easiest, you can mow through hordes of zombies using the knife, and get a shitload of ammo to kill everything else, except bandersnatches, those guys are really lame, even for killing. It also has the first appearance of BOW Wesker, and as ridiculous as it is, it's really fun watching him run on walls and do dumb shit.
Sadly when the inevitable remake comes out they'll tone down the "cheesyness" and make it play like generic TPS #664728. Good thing I can still come back to this and it's still as good as I remember.


>people nowadays shit on tank controls
Who really? BH/RE4 is still tank controls, but with free aim.

I like Code Veronica the best after 2 too, but I hate the Dreamcast controller, so rarely replay it.


>Who really?
I've seen a lot of people complaining about how 'dated' the old games are, their main problems are the fixed camera and tank controls. It's my fault for listening to idiots I guess
>I hate the Dreamcast controller, so rarely replay it
There are ps2 and gamecube versions too. I played it on an emulator with a 360 controller, though.


I'm one of these idiots. I could never get into Rebirth because of the controls.


But do you go around saying the old games are crap because of this? I didn't like the controls of many games but I don't demand they change them.


No I have zero interest in the RE franchise.


Well, maybe I'm not really one to say, because I still play Ultima 4 (amazingly, never played the original Apple II version, but C64 and PC ports) and have no trouble with how it works, but I reckon it's not a Great Experience for someone not used to 'archaic' controls.

There is a good reason for the fixed camera for Capcom survival horrors before Dino Crisis and then Code Veronica: the prerendered backgrounds, which really were a good choice for these games.
The Backgrounds look beatiful and the character models could be more detailed and exposed to better lighting than on games with full 3d environment.

The N64 version of BH2 have analog turning and I don't find it any better. The quickturn was a good improvement (not found in original release of 2 but on the Dual Shock edition).


But, of course I dislike analog controllers, except in flightsticks and related peripherals.


>I dislike analog controllers
Well this is somethin I noticed, I play 100% of tank controls with d-pad, I just think they work way better this way. Maybe people are going trying to play them with analog and it's kinda weird.


I just finished Fallout 4. Overall I really enjoyed this game. I played New Vegas first and then fallout 3 and I think this is my favorite or tied with New Vegas. The commonwealth is a really interesting setting and I enjoyed getting to choose between the factions and being a double agent and shit. I didn't end up playing much of the brotherhood of steel quests and overall they seemed to be kind of weak. I couldn't understand what my characters motivation was supposed to be to join them. They were basically just presented as "we are military guys and we collect weapons and technology and shit" there was no real ideology or purpose despite their proclamations otherwise. Like I could get down with an authoritarian military force hell bent on conquering the wasteland to impose order, but they put the authoritarians in a hole in the ground and made them mostly non-interventionist and the BOS were basically just gun nuts who were also non-interventionists outside of killing super mutants.

The base thing was an interesting concept but executed poorly. It just felt tedious because they didn't give you all the resources you need to scavenge at all the places so you just end up fast traveling between bases to get shit and it's repetitive and ultimately the shit you can build is not very interesting and it's not explained how you can raise your happiness and settlement size to the max levels. I couldn't get either much past 80%. The companion thing was the least buggy of the bethesda games I've played yet, but far from perfect. It was amusing how emotionally damaged and gay everyone was.

This game took me a lot of time to complete because it made me obsessively check every nook and cranny for loot which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I'll probably come back to this eventually and redo some save games to explore the other endings. I kind of hope Bethesda doesn't make another one of these though. After playing three of them I'm kind of getting bored of the world and the same old enemies and same old guns. I hope they make something new and fresh in the same vein as these games.


File: 1615643982593.jpg (55.07 KB, 616x353, 616:353, capsule_616x353.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Yakuza 3, it was good but after playing Zero it feels really clunky. It was still a lot of fun, sidequest were pretty good and the plot was alright, although I felt like you spend too much time fucking around with the kids at the orphanage.
I didn't even have 50% completion when I finished, which makes me feel I should try to go back and do more stuff… But I also have 4,5 and 6 to play so I don't know.


Is it more challenging than Zero?


Yeah I think it's a bit harder since you don't have different fight styles to switch between certain kinds of enemy. But I played it on normal so I can't really say for sure.


If the difficulty level in 'remaster' is identical to the original, it is much harder even on normal difficulty compared to zero's legendary.


File: 1615678564777.jpg (114.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Difficulty is kinda weird, honestly. I never lost a fight to street thugs, and some bosses were piss easy (like bargain bin Wesker here) while others had me chugging down items like a filthy casual (that spear dude comes to mind, later I realized he was probably meant to be fought with weapons), some were just right, like the Majima fight.


I just finished the story mode of Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. This is another one of those games that is really fun at the beginning when it's hard and then you level up and it becomes too easy and less fun. Kind of getting tired of repeating this experience with games.


File: 1615980468494-0.jpg (43.35 KB, 570x400, 57:40, image_cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1615980468494-1.jpg (123.02 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, re-revelations0_9ag1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished RE: Revelations.
It was alright, some people tout it as a "return to form" of some kind after RE5, I guess if you only consider RE4. That being said, it's at least better than 5 and 6, there's a bit of exploration although some times the episodic format gets in the way, makes me wish it just an uninterrupted game. It has a really weird inventory system which prevents you from stock up with health/ammo, and that kinda busted my balls, especially at the last boss when I ran out of health and died when he was almost done (later I killed it with no problem whatsoever, so it was my fault probably). Some parts seem kinda pointless, like there are segments in which you only have to go from point A to point B without even firing a shot and it takes like 5 minutes, what's the point? I liked the enemies, pretty original, except for the hunters, and some of the bosses are nice. It does have a bit too many of "take out the waves of enemies" sequences, but it wasn't such a big deal.


Speaking of Resident Evil, I tried the demo of the third remake, and while it looks somewhat alright and decently executed, it also feels very… sterile in a way reminiscent of the latest Hitman games compared to the earlier iterations. And I am not even a fan of the classic RE games! but it did make me wish I was playing RE4 instead. I hate to have to resort to that stupid /v/ soul-soulless meme but there is truth to it there…


Yeah, that's the general consensus on the 3rd remake. Even the biggest fan will tell you that it's an ok-ish game, but that's it.
>it did make me wish I was playing RE4 instead
Well RE4 is so fucking good that most games make you wish that


"beat" the current state of development for valheim a few days ago

really liked it. i didnt look up any information and it took me about a month to finish everything (i assume, i still havent looked up anything to even verify if there's more content)

i plan on replaying every 6 months as new content is added and the game is further developed. something about it really made me happy


File: 1616396394464.jpg (234.3 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, cover-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

played this trash on my xbox today, it's an unabashed resident evil ripoff that looks like its development was aborted halfway through
graphics…story…gameplay, the whole thing is too horrible to explain in detail but looks like it was made for a $5 bargain bin, alongside the atari classics and the barbie games, when you kill the last boss there's not even an ending it just goes straight to credits

to think people in 2003 were wasting $50 on this in the stores


Better than Dead Space at least. Unless of course the Xbox version is somehow much worse than the PC one.

Ripoff? Well, one could say the same thing about BH/RE4 and original Biohazard wasn't exactly first of a kind either (boo-boo horror with tank controls and prerendered backgrounds).


I wouldn't know, I was referring to my original xbox, not the 360/x/xyzviiok


And I was referring to the PC version if Cold Fear, which I would assume is exactly the same game.

The PC version supports gamepads and in fact it plays much better with them than with keyboard-mouse-combo, so obviously the game is a Xbox-to-PC -port.

Controls and the gameplay in general are not any worse than BH/RE4, of which I presume you meant Cold Fear was a 'ripoff'. Both games have shitty boss fights and fairly boring enemies in general, but Cold Fear has slightly more interesting environment compared to BH/RE4.

Both have fairly good audio, but shitty music, especially if you compare to BH2 or the Last Escape, both of which have great soundtracks, unlike 4.


And only problem with Cold Fear's 'story' is the fact, that it takes itself too seriously, unlike Resident Evil's up-to 4, which are b-class 50's Hollywood zombie movies with a Japanese twist.


File: 1616628536376-0.png (3.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sin título.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1616628536376-1.jpg (183.7 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, D9f1VwtUIAM868N.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
I love SotN and the GBA/Ds Castlevanias. This, it's a really weird feeling, sometimes I felt like I was right at home, and at times it felt like one of those shitty ftp mmos, like I was playing Elsword or something.
The gameplay is fine, it does kinda feel like one of those games, music is sometimes great and sometimes meh, the main problem is probably the aesthetic. It's not only not 2d, some places look just ugly, or they look like there's wasn't much effort put into it. The bosses are pretty forgettable and the monsters in general are just the same old monsters from any castlevania but changed a bit so there's no legal issues I imagine.

And then there's the kickstarter shit…You have no idea how stupid it is to be exploring the castle and finding a portrait with some stupid fuck's face in it, made me want to personally look for that person and shit on their doorstep, almost made me stop playing the game. There are also messages in the credits, in which some retards decided to put their epic memes, now I have no idea how much it would've costed to put shit like pic related in the game, and I don't even wanna know what kind of idiot would pay for that kind of shit.

Igarashi also had his portrait and even a boss made with his face, it's basically dracula with a stupid nip face on it. On the credits he only appears as "producer" which made me think he only put his face on it to make a quick buck. I always doubted this guy's involvement with SotN, feel like he's taking way more credit than he should…I dunno.

I still put like 20 hours into the game and cleared every sidequest so I guess I enjoyed it.


I could take it only for two hours or so and then decided to 200.2% the second Dracula X for millionth time instead.

This kind of thing happens when nostalgia and circle-jerk is behind the whole game project. KCET was actually trying to make a good game that would sell well enough (it didn't, even in Japan). And there is actual composer behind the music.

But thumbs up for the worst UE packaging I've ever seen; it's almost as hard to poke around as the aforementioned game. The size of the binary is a good indicator.


File: 1616691327271.png (261.61 KB, 460x215, 92:43, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


You guys tried this one? bought it on a whim, it's set for release in a couple days.


>the second Dracula X
Not entirely sure what you mean by the second Dracula X. You mean the SotN port for psp bundled in Dracula X Chronicles?


Akumajo Dracula X Gekka no Yasokyoku, i.e. Castlevania Symphony of the Night in the West, is sequel to Akumajo Dracula X Chi no Rondo released for PC Engine (Super CD-ROM) in 1993.

Therefore 'second Dracula X'.

That's why the PSP game is 'chronicles'.


Oh I had no idea it was called that.


File: 1616889793889.png (161.22 KB, 422x357, 422:357, 1498248885987.png) ImgOps iqdb

Beat Katana Zero twice, i.e. chose to kill myself early and then decide later on to beat the whole game, and I think the first option, while obviously not what most players are going to choose, feels like the better one, both in terms of gameplay and story, since all the boss enemies after that point are atrocious, and that one level where it's just a bunch of elevators is pure awful, general thoughts and stuff:
>story is just First Blood but in the future and with drugs and with an added le innocent succubus I have to protect (but don't care about), and also a less interesting story than was told in First Blood
>Game lets me skip dialogue, which is good because like every other video game, I have zero interest in the story, but only sometimes, normally you can just say stuff like "just give me the damn job" but only sometimes, like when some fucking hard ass hitman bastard sees some little succubus knocking at his door, for some reason he absolutely HAS to let her in
>the game also gives you pointless choices, like when she knocks on your door, you can choose to answer it or not, but if you choose no, she'll keep knocking until you do, so there's really no point in giving me a choice when I can't advance until I choose the right one, they give you multiple dialogue options but only allow you to act in one specific way
>on a similar note, the game has Fallout 4 dialogue, there's one point where you have to choose specific options in order for the story to properly move forward, but for everything else, it's basically "would you like to say no, nah, or no thanks"
>Tries to pull a 'descent into madness' towards the end but it's not really believable when you kill 30 people in a day from the very beginning, it's like if GTA 4 tried to incorporate you going on cop killing sprees for fun into the actual story
>Game pulls 5 "I'm going to lock you in a room and tell you my evil plans" in a fucking row, listen to monologue, open door, listen to boss man do that shit 5 times in a row, and you can skip the first one, but then there's 3 you can't, and then you can just open the door immediately but he's still there, horrible choice, no game that pulls that shit actually has had a story worth listening to
>Can't change the game's resolution
>Combat feels super inconsistent, sometimes I swing my sword once and kill three people, other times it takes three hits to kill one person, there seems to be some parrying system, but the game never really explained it to me and spamming gets the job done anyway
>It has a minecart section which is as bad as it was in Donkey Kong
I'd give it a 3 or 4, not really being paying attention to Devolver's catalogue, but it feels like them trying to make the next big game that was as much of a success as Hotline Miami, and I suppose it worked out for them since I seem to be alone in my dislike of this game, but I wasn't too impressed, it's a game you can beat in a couple hours so I guess it's not the worst choice for a game to play on a plane or something


File: 1617937983689.jpg (26.12 KB, 300x349, 300:349, Yakuza_4_cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Yakuza 4, it was great. Everything in this game is an improvement over 3.
I really enjoyed playing with the different characters, each one with his own combat system and plot. No boring "get a gf for kid at the orphanage" missions. I did all substories, the Amon guys beat my ass like nothing, especially that hammer dude that regenerates health, had to cheese him a little to win. I still didn't complete 100% of the game, that would take like 100 hours and I just don't feel like it after completing the story…
The one thing I didn't like was the final boss being a Kazuma fight, but I guess it fits the theme better. Anyway, great game gonna play 5 at some point too.


File: 1619554142992-0.png (3.85 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1619554142992-1.png (1.42 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I finished playing alien isolation yesterday. I had it my steam library for two or three years but only played a couple of the missions and the dlc. Towards level 16 & 18 I just wanted the game to fucking end. Mostly because I ended up having low supplies to defend myself against the alien so it was dying after dying which become tedious. The alien lair under the reactor was pretty cool with multiple aliens. Then it just got old quick after that and I didnt feel the fear I felt when I was first going against the alien. Mostly because the flame thrower is kinda OP with high ammunition. Then you add mostly just annoyance like mission 16 to 18. However overall its a good game plus good atmosphere overall and the score for it helps and if Its on sell I would rec buying it or just pirate it idgaf.


File: 1624508163664-0.jpg (319.78 KB, 1478x824, 739:412, 6d2b1f5e8861d634641f30fbb3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1624508163664-1.jpg (65.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I remember watching a Alan Wake lets play back in like 2011 or 2012. First time playing the game for myself. Its a good game I can see why its a cult classic for some others for a while. I like the Atmosphere over all and the david lynch campiness of it world( plus a great soundtrack). The graphics still hold up a bit even for a game from 2010 The story overall was interesting and kept me wanting to finish even if at the times the combat got annoying and old. However the world building and the extra collectibles made the experience of diving it much more fun and remarkable. I dont think on its own it has replay ability even if you plan on returning to finish on a harder difficulty becasue of the combat. Characters were interesting enough to keep the story going for me to get to know the characters, but not enough for a second playthrough to get through the gameplay sometimes. Still i would highley rec this if you want a campy twilight zone / exposition heavy game / third person action shooter.

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