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Anyone here in the know how about the recent news on The Last of Us 2? What are your thoughts about the recent leaks, as well as the (apparently) shitty work environment that is Naughty Dog? Were you planning on buying the game, and are you still going to? Or have you been practicing gppd wizardry by unspoiling yourselves like good virgins?


what news?


File: 1588291572165.png (169.46 KB, 1230x878, 615:439, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



>unspoiling yourselves like good virgins?
naughty dog PR succubus detected
>caring about the story in some western "drama" game
>Prepaying for some CG movie to watch some kid swear her mouth off and get beat to death
a "game" made to get succubi wet
>Acting like shitty work environments in AAA games industry is anything but normal
Everywhere from Valve to EA is regarded as a horrible place to work.

Half the people who enjoy TLOU only do so because of the SFM porn of the kid.


I played the first game for like 5 hours and got bored because it was like watching a shitty tv series.
I read something about the leaks on 4chad and honestly think that its really dumb and will alienate a good chunk of their audience.


They leaked the entire plot of the new game and, you'll never guess, it's garbage. Even the people it panders to are angry.
Also like >>49599 said, OP sounds like some sort of succubus in disguise.
I'm sorry for anyone that has to work those shit jobs but it find it extremely hypocritical of normalfags that get outraged at stuff like this but then can't wait to get the next interactive movie piece of garbage by their favorite AAA studio. It's like those idiots that complain about sweatshops and then use clothes made in said places.

Either way, this dumb drama isn't worth discussing here.


I didn't mind the first one. It was mediocre/serviceable, but mostly fine, I guess. Never cared about ever seeing a sequel to it and I still don't now. I also don't own a PS4, but even if I did I still wouldn't care. The only reason I'd ever feel bothered enough to buy a PS4 someday is to play Bloodborne and The Last Guardian. I have no interest in anything else on consoles, PS4 or otherwise. Still though, I wouldn't mind if someone could post what the story/leaks were about becuase I'm morbidly curious to know, but not enough to actually search for it myself. All the job mistreatment bullshit is just that as far as I'm concerned. Dumb normalfag bullshit that I don't care about in the slightest. Industries suck the marrow out of their employees for profit. Big whoop. What else is new.

>Or have you been practicing gppd wizardry by unspoiling yourselves like good virgins?

It's also sad to see yet another blatant outsider come to shitpost on wizchan. What compels you people to even come here in the first place? Don't you have anything better to do? Wouldn't you at least rather shitpost in a place where you're likely to get more attention for said shitposting, as opposed to doing it in a decidedly unreceptive to normalfag stories and normalfag melodrama type graveyard like here? Either way, please just scuttle off back to wherever it is you came from.


File: 1588372689858.jpg (34.82 KB, 500x500, 1:1, its maam.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Joel gets violently murdered by a succubus with the body proportions of a man and later you have to play as that succubus, hunting down Ellie.



Isn't this that game about lesbians? Why does anyone here care how shit the sequel is? Never seemed to pander to people like us in the first place. This whole thing just seems like some really lousy gab for drama. Go back to 4chan.


>Anyone here in the know how about the recent news on The Last of Us 2?

Not me.

>What are your thoughts about the recent leaks, as well as the (apparently) shitty work environment that is Naughty Dog?

People should fight for their rights. Shot I hear about working free hours and not being able to take paid leave is scary. I'm happy to be living in EU in this case.

>Were you planning on buying the game, and are you still going to?

Nope. Waiting for the jailbreak of higher PS4 firmware do play it for 2 hours and uninstall out of boredom.

>Or have you been practicing gppd wizardry by unspoiling yourselves like good virgins?

What? Fucking Jew fuck off with your internet marketing. I don't care about this product at all.

Now let's move to the comment section. Oh boy sure there are many angry virgins in here. I enjoyed playing original tlou. What they managed to squeeze out of this old console was amazing. I remember the scene with giraffes in a distance. Stayed there just to see where they would go and to appreciate the view. Gameplay itself was pretty generic but bearable.



I see. That looks pretty bad, I'll admit. Even as someone who could give a rat's ass about either Joel or Ellie as characters, this whole thing just seems terrible. Is that person who's beating the shit out of Ellie in the video actually a succubus, or just a man that thinks he's a succubus? If it's the latter, then that's pretty dumb and seems quite awkward to shove into a game like this. I also thought Joel was already going to be dead in this game, (whether of old age or some disease, or whatever) and that his presence was just going to be a delusion of Ellie's making with him regularly "talking" to her inside her own head. But I guess he's just still alive then? And proceeds to get killed at some point by some roided up trans person? Not sure who thought that was a good idea, but whatever. Even what I just mentioned of a Joel who's already dead from some nondescript event prior to the start of the game would've been way better than that. I'll say that Ellie and Joel getting killed doesn't really bother me that much, or at all really, (mostly since Joel was just a deranged mad dog with a father/daughter complex in the first game and Ellie was just an annoying punk kid and I personally thought everyone deserved to die at the end of the first game, mostly for Joel being a pathetically motivated and ruthless homicidal lunatic, the fireflies for being a pack of retards, and Ellie for simply being Ellie), but the way they get killed off here seems really lazy and poorly thought out. It's an interesting approach to take nonetheless at least, in regards to the role reversal of swapping who you play as between Ellie and whatever his/her face is. It's a gimmick that fits well with what seems to be the general theme of cycles of revenge and how a lust for vengeance inevitably comes back to destroy everyone in the end. Near as I can tell though, it seems everybody's just losing their minds over this simply because their favorite characters got killed off, which is a pretty weak reason to dislike something.

Also, the comments on that video are so depressing. Braindead morons who may as well be empty bots spouting godawful meme humor at each other. How perfectly fitting of the pitiful state of things these days. It's a dumb meme video, but that sort of garbage in the comments has been pretty much everywhere for a long time now and it always reminds me whenever I see it that whatever value the internet once held is now dead and gone forever and that cyberspace is literally no different than meatspace.


>Oh boy sure there are many angry virgins in here.

I'd say it's more just fatigued dismissal of normalfag melodrama and outright disinterest of a dumb story more than any kind of "anger". Pretty questionable way for you to phrase what you said, though.

>I remember the scene with giraffes in a distance.

Yes, I can recall that being a nice moment. The more quiet sections, which usually preceded the action segments, where you could just walk around and how Joel/Ellie would make their own various comments on the scenery were definitely some of my favorite parts of that game, versus the fairly mediocre gunplay and lame survival/crafting mechanics.


I laugh everytime I see someone say that they love the first game and are pissed at what happened with the second one. The first game is mediocre and the most overrated game ever. If you bought and enjoyed the first game, your actions are what caused things to go this direction and you have nobody to blame but yourselves.


Fuck those people, straight up. Breeders deserve everything they get.


forgot my greentext
>some employees had already made plans for this bonus (plan a wedding, buy a house, send kids to college, etc.)


It's not even that they're breeders, but that they staked their futures on something so tenuous. Reminds me of the end of christmas vacation.


How did me buying a game about a man and his surrogate daughter in a zombie apocalypse lead to a tranny bashing both of their faces in in the sequel? You do realize there's a cause and effect here, right? Decent game should not lead to shit sequel. But since you think the game sucks, you can't even see past your own bias that TLOU2 is basically direct-to-DVD garbage that didn't need to exist.


Because the studio has been pushing this agenda the whole time, and you gave them money for it. It's like people who buy EA games complaining about the inevitable DLC.


No it hasn't.
Most of the people in the studio have changed, the leadership has been replaced completely, and there was a very obvious and well documented shift in agenda at the company.

I don't understand how you can say something that is so laughably and provably false.
You really think crash bandicoot, Jak, and Drake games were somehow pushing any of the bullshit shoved in this up coming game?


I'm not talking about jak or crash. By the time the first last of us came out their views were really obvious.


Not everyone follows the gaming industry with autistic ferocity


File: 1589638299520.mp4 (5.72 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 29a923d73fa83e580c783131fb….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

you should,following the AAA gaming industry is actually more fun than playing the games they produce


How? Until the DLC came out, it was not obvious they were pushing any agenda. There was no shitstorm with TLOU the way there is with the second one. You're claiming either people didn't see propaganda at the time, or people have gotten more sensitive to SJW bullshit as time went on.


They heavily courted the neogaf crowd and the producers went to tons of events like GDC and would go off about marxism and always say how much they loved anita sarkeesian. I guess I could forgive people for not knowing that when the game first came out, but the DLC was really when everyone should've known.


>would go off about marxism
what? source?


Well it's one of those "story/character driven" linear shooters, all of which are awful pleb shit. Not surprised the series is so popular with the consoletards.
What I heard about it: gaymers are mad because they wanted to be Samus but the devs made them play as Raiden instead. At some point story progression forces the player to kill the fan favourite, Geralt. What a tragedy.


Can't find the source, so just disregard it. However one of the directors, neil druckmann, definitely says a lot of shit like that so perusing his twitter would definitely show a lot.


>What a tragedy

It is actually even though I have zero interest in those games. There a lot of instances now of game companies spitting on the face of their customers, it's fucking pathetic. I hope people interested in those titles just pirate that garbage instead.


for the record i despise the progressive agenda with the feminist and pro-homosexual crap but throwing around words like "marxist" to disparage people you dislike makes you sound like one of these far right nuts with no credibility.


And I like what's happening. It's a waste of the medium to make games which present a predetermined experience, relying on primitive techniques of linear storytelling and 'iconic' characters following a script. In extreme cases even counting on recognizable characters to pull a weak script and lacking gameplay along.
Games are interaction first and foremost, everything else is a decoration. Let the facade be discarded, advance the central aspects instead.
Full voice acting, big name celebrities, going for a cinematic feel, grooming the customers and manufacturing hype- it's all expensive and in the end superficial. I'd like to see games focusing more on advanced mechanics and complex interactions between systems of systems, making player agency paramount.
The Last of Us 2 Corporate Boogaloo is a cautionary tale. When you trust a soulless company to craft you a self-contained experience where you're reduced to a role of a spectator-player going through a predetermined story, you ask to be put on rails. Sometimes you might not like where their rails take you. All those disgruntled gamers should stop begging for amusement rides and ask for railway kits instead.


I only used marxist because I was thinking of pic related, but I was wrong though, I don't think the guy presenting is with naughty dog.


File: 1589848928084.png (637.41 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

forgot pic


>I know what all games should and shouldn't be and have for everybody everywhere
heh, not like I was expecting any better from this thread anyway.


Behead those who insult the primacy of player agency.

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