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Any one got any recommendations for games which use a card collecting mechanic but aren't rogue likes? Like Pokemon TCG, Digimon card battler, FF8 (sort of).


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Final Fantasy IX has a card game similar to VIII (but not as fun).

In Castlevania Circle of the moon you collect cards and combine them to get new powers, it's a fun meachanic.

There's also pazaak from Knights of the Old Republic, but I never got into it because the cards are just numbers over a red or blue background, pretty ugly, but I've heard it fun.


Witcher 3 has a card minigame called Gwent, extremely addictive as well


The drop rate for these cards in Circle of the Moon is very low, I finished the game with only half a dozen of them. I don't know if it's normal or if I was very unlucky.


Completely normal. On my first walkthrough I got like half of them, later I decided I wanted to pick them all up and looked up a guide, some monsters I had to kill a lot of times for them to drop the card.


You mean like all of the trading card video games?
Or do you mean something else?


I think Baten Kraitos was card based if I remember right, haven't played in years. Or maybe Kingdom hearts chain of memories?

Not really sure I'd call either 'card' based so much as your moves/skills happen to be on cards. I assume you don't mean games like Hearthstone which are straight up card games.


Etherlords 2


I wanted to play the Yugioh PS1 game until I realized it's nothing like the actual game.
Not what anyone is looking for, but some of the DBZ games for the Famicom and Super Famicom had a battle system focused on cards. I like to think that had no clear idea in how to adapt the story into a game until Street Fighter 2 made fighting games big.
Also, what roguelikes have card based elements?


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Wanna try Hearthstone?


They made a separate game out of it too. I never played it though, I shit on CD Projews.


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Like M:tG Arena?


Kind of a tangent with regards to ff8: I find the main source of criticism towards the game is people looking up guides and min-maxing and finding that the game is no longer fun due to said min-maxing. It's like saying the intended way to play Skyrim is just to speedrun to the end of the game at level 1.


I agree that FFVIII gets a lot of undeserved shit, but the junction system is very easy to break, even without guides. I did it when I was a dumbass teenager and even then I thought it was easy as shit (for reference, I used to think the final boss in Chrono Trigger was hard). So yeah fuck those idiots who use guides, but the game is still piss easy.


Android:Netrunner is the best TCG/LCG game. Can be played online at: https://www.jinteki.net/
Elements the game is an old Hearthstone-like game: http://www.elementsthegame.com/?=


Wizard 101 lmao


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Check out Duelists of the Roses if you like Yugioh. The field's now a giant board with terrains, for example Mountain or Forest, that give your monsters different boosts. Cards can be fused into stronger monsters like Forbidden Memories and there's a new spellbinding mechanic that can stun monsters. IIRC the only way you can get cards is through a slot machine once you defeat your opponent.

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