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File: 1588379483713.png (16.73 KB, 684x357, 228:119, D8bTHSoX4AAGdMp.png) ImgOps iqdb


Looks like the ADL wants to control what you say in online games now.



>polkid memelord gets arrested
lmao, hope he got raped by a nigger in prison


lol memehurt


>threatening one of the largest and most powerful game distributors in history

gee how could this go bad for the ADL


i dont knwo what adl is


based i don't know thing poster


They have gotten their tribute payments from larger organizations including alphabet (google/youtube), every legacy media org, facebook, reddit, etc.

They basically just want their shekels or they will fake up a bitch fit and defame them until important other companies severe association with them. Like credit and banking companies refusing to process their payments and cutting off their funds.

These extortionist shouldn't be underestimated. They are evil power hungry people who will use any means necessary to get people to bend the knee.


Oh boy, how will I ever survive without being a cunt in online games?


Hey, how can I get paid to make comments like this too? I'm genuinely curious.


So, you /pol/ shill for free? Ah man, sorry about that.
I'm sure it will pay off when you can yell Heil Hitler and Gas the jews in Fortnite without repercussions.


What is this? Fucking /v/ now?


Outsiders are everywhere



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