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What the fuck is up with videogames these days? It's been almost 10 years and Elder Scrolls 6 hasn't come out. Every where I go people are talking about OLD games like Terraria and Minecraft and Rainbow Six Siege.

I DO live under a rock and don't really like video games anymore, but what the fuck?


It seems more profitable for game developers to create long-term communities around games with regular game content updates, multiplayer support and item/skins, than it is to make entirely new games. Rarely is there a truly genre defining game like Minecraft, so you'll milk that titty until the end.

TL;DR - Fun games are fun.


From my observations the whole 10's decades was worth maybe 1 good year of 00's decade when it comes to entertainment.
20's will probably be worth one good month, or maybe one season.


rainbow six siege is one of the most enthralling games i've ever played. something about it is spectacular to play, watch, great feel, there's really nothing else like it and probably never will be any competition.
and siege was always in it for the long haul. the devs add a few new characters every three months or so and they stated near the beginning that they intend to continue doing so until they reach 50-100 operators. 50 was just met very recently so the game is slowing down now.


Can you ask a real question rather then some vague open ended brainfart bullshit that has no substance?


Can you stop being a bitchy little diva? Jesus Christ


Go back to where ever you came from


why release Elder scrolls 6 when people will give more money for ESO, and shit on the franchise anyway

I hold that fallout 4 was a great game, that people could nitpick about it….so they did. they shit on stuff until there is no point on maikng it, so is easier to leave them to minecraft anyway.


Finance Department (ie. accountants) now control game design rather than artists/programmers.


>I hold that fallout 4 was a great game
I thought it was one of the most boring games i've played in years


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What if all the 'good game ideas' have already been 'taken?' Sim City came out 30 years ago, and Sim City 2000 had to compete with it, and then Sim City 3000 had to compete with Sim City and Sim City 2000. Sim City 4 had to compete with Sim City, Sim City 2000, Sim City 3000, Anno 1800, Tropico, and LinCity. Cities Skylines has to compete with Sim City, Sim City 2000, Sim City 300, Sim City 4, LinCity, LinCity-NG, Anno 1800, Tropico 1 through 28, etc., etc.. Of course the pace of new games is going to decrease when it still has to compete with a gamer's time that can choose between a steadily expanding library of old games that only become easier and easier to grab emulated copies for free.

This theory then anticipates that growth of new videogames should be logarithmic. During the initial heyday of the videogame industry, new games were developed at a good, steady pace because the available library of competition was small, and the ideas that had yet to be mined was large. We have reached the opposite state now, and thus it should be entirely expected that new, good video games are few and rare.


>It's been almost 10 years and Elder Scrolls 6 hasn't come out.
This is actually infuriating. I mean, I know that it will be trash almost for certain, but it just annoys me that it's taking so damn long. Maybe there is a slim chance it won't be garbage. I'm so sick of BethFallout trash.


same with music, movies and any other media form


Good point, yup.

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