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On ebay you can buy digital games from a russian guy for a discounted price and he will give an account where to download the game

i don't know the legality of this. i bought a digital copy of red dead redemption 2 for 6 dollars(when it's like 60 on the xbox site)


mother fucker took up half of my xbox one harddrive. 101GB


wtf, are ps4/xbox1 games really that bloated?


>wtf, are ps4/xbox1 games really that bloated?
Not Anon but absolutely, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Destiny 2 could take up about half of my Terabyte Storage


jesus, that's disgusting


Yep, and every few months they release a massive update that is also several gigs on top of that.

Shit is out of hand.
All my vr games put together take less space then just the current call of duty game.


that's pathetic, how do the companies expect people to keep all this data of different games when the updates and shit alone will fill a 1tb drive?




it's not just on xbox. on pc it's about the same size


Oh boy. Check payday 2. It's an old game that should be around 3-5GB. But thanks to terabytes of DLC hats, maps and others make it a 23gb game.


do you think they could make it smaller? I can't believe a game is unavoidably that fucking obese


>do you think they could make it smaller?
Of course they could. Check repack sites and you'll see them able to cut games to 1/2 their size or even less just by removing audiopacks for other languages. It's obscene how bloated games are today, and for no other reason than they can be. Why make a game smaller when all the idiots will say "just buy another HDD bro" and defend them?


are they lazy? incompetent?


I've tried this before with several games, they kind of "work" but are a massive pain in the ass, because plenty of times you will need a password to play the account and you have to email them to get it and they take ages to respond etc. and if they take too long, MS will ask for another password etc. Most of the time it isn't worth it.



once you download the game you don't need the account. you can switch to your account and the game still works


All of this is to pave the way for game streaming services like Stadia. Developers are no longer required to optimize their games, as long as these services exist. Local gaming is coming to an end.


You mean the thing that was dead on arrival and is currently a laughable memory of bad ideas that were instantly failures? I mean it flopped hard, with even the normal shills dunking on it.

It is safe to say that devs aren't making games with streaming services in mind.


Stadia would take off if Google only offered it in services with infrastructure that could handle it. Fiberglass optics directly to the servers.


it's to sell hard drives. or in console's case, the more expensive models that have bigger storage space.


It's sophisticated money-laundering. How it works is that russian cyber-criminals steal credit card numbers. Before the cc# are invalid, they buy digital versions of games and get the passkey. As time is of the essence, they sell it cheap and the buyer (like you) give money to a criminal.
This is why I prefer a disc-version and the fact I like having something physical.


Cowboys never grow old


They grow GAY.


It's exactly this. I have a regular PS4. It's either 400 or 500gb or around that. If I download CoD, Destiny or any other bloated shit then I have to delete almost everything off my PlayStation. They know that people who play with friends obviously want to try and keep as many games on the console as possible because if your mates decide to all play rainbow 6 one day then you don't want to be the one guy who will have to delete some games and sit for a couple of hours while it downloads. So people buy big hard drives just to be able to play a few different games. It's fucking absurd but obviously the companies don't care whatsoever.


>russian guy
not a scam at all


Just like SAMURAI.

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