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Goddamn guys my tastes are really messed up right now. It happened before, I played vidya all my life at some points I was fed up with games, I couldn't bring myself to play anything, I saw them as boring and repetitive. Then after some time (my dopamine receptors recovered) I started playing them again. I have been catching up on games, I have a bunch of them that I can still run on my pc, the newer ones I just stack on an external hard drive. I like the stories, I'm finishing the mass effect trilogy rn, it's really nice. Now I think you all know of the TLOU2 sjw bullshit, I was looking forward to that game and now it's ruined by progressive agenda. After I moved on from this game, I saw on a ps4 sale the Order 1886 and Watch Dogs 2. Then I watched some reviews, showing how the order is short, 7 hours (1/3 cutscenes, 1/3 walking and talking) and shotgunners are op. But I wanted to play a game in that setting with those graphics and killing enemies and creatures with cool weapons. Then I saw how cringe the characters of Watch Dogs 2 are, how shitty the story is and I saw the feminazi antagonist and the masked gamer. But I love the setting, I would have explored SF just like I did with Los Angeles in GTA. I wanted to be creative with hacking and using non lethal approaches. But both games have been ruined for me. I refunded them, I paid 14$ for the Order and 20$ for Watch Dogs. Now I feel empty, sad that I'm missing out on these three games. Oh, and Borderlands 3 is also cringe with its characters but that one wasn't something I was really excited about. So I'm not saying I have no other games, it's just that watching opinions on YouTube over games that I want to play is ruining my enjoyment for vidya in general. Take Dragon Age for example, I like how Inquisition looks (again after watching reviews) but I couldn't finish the second one, because it was so repetitive and the dungeons were recycled over and over again. The first one had such low graphics, clunky movements and poor gameplay I couldn't play more than one hour. Now I know Bioware, I know I have to experience all three games to understand the lore and my choices, but I don't think I can play these two games again. I don't know what to do, I feel so empty. I feel like I'm missing out, but I have a lot of games to play, I have to be somewhat picky. I don't have a lot of time, I'm a wage slave so I can't just "play all of them brah". I bought WD2 on ps4 because I don't think my pc will run it that great. Every response is welcome, thanks for your help, this is the only place I can talk freely about this.


Yeah unfortunately I am not very impressed with the current state of video games either. Feels like we've reached a dark era in regards to innovation and new genres. Despite more games being available today than ever before, it paradoxically feels like there's less to choose from. It's mostly just online shooter games that are getting popular and picking up most of the target audience.
A bad aspect about EVERYTHING being online is that it causes so many of the games to be dead since the communities are split up among 100000 different titles.
Virtual reality is also a big disappointment and failed to live up to my expectations.
Currently I'm playing GTA V which I have for many years now. It's nice to just drive around and listen to the radio and daydream. Trying to quit dota since it makes me angry.
Video games are still my primary hobby so it feels depressing acknowledging the situation. There needs to be more games like Elder Scrolls. Gigantic single player open world campaign RPGs. To be able to make your impact on the world and quests at your own pace, decision making, etc. But quite frankly it's not profitable to make such games anymore. Everything is microtransaction and DLC based. It's understandable when the game is free but it's been overdone.


play VR


So far I think the best course of action would be to just play whatever I'm sure I'll enjoy and if I end up eventually with an empty list, I'll start with dragon age. Then the rest of the not so great list


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As far as I'm concerned the zeitgeist of western game development died when this piece of shit came out. This garbage that I didn't finish because it lacks FUN is heralded as the pinnacle of game design. It's a game with terrible movent and combat that emphasizes world building and story. This is what the west thinks is a good game.


install elona(+)


>that emphasizes world building and story. This is what the west thinks is a good game.
you realize the East also loves it right? And they love story heavy games with awful combat. Look just how many final fantasy games there are.


You play a bunch of shit games then get annoyed their shit. Stop playing them and find something else to do.


for me videogames died when smartphones and mobile games started to become a thing


Just stay away from western bullshit and play Japanese games. playing Xenoblade chronicles definitive right now and plan to play Sakura wars and Utawarerumono after. Also keep playing ff14 and having a ball but its content drought season until july for that game. I also have Phantasy Star online 2 downloaded but had issues running it. Likely won't really get into it until I get through some of these single player games.

I knew the last of us 2 was going to be garbage. The company was already towing the social justice warrior line when the first game came out and they have only been getting more and more drunk on the cool aid since then. I will still play it but only when its fucking $20 or less and used. I never really bought the first one either it came free with my ps4.

Only western game I am really still playing right now is Insurgency Sandstorm on occasion. not saying all western games are bad I know there is a diamond in the rough still be produced with minimal bullshit. But most the shit churned out by big companies is just awful.


What a shit taste


Not going back to the 90s gameplay thanks though


yeah your right its better to play western shit.
Just chop your dick off and become a tranny goy the game. All of them


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goodbye confidence
this world was too cruel for you


It sounds like you are treating games like a job.
Play in short (maybe a hour or two) sessions every few days and have other hobbies or you will just burn yourself out trying to force it.
The same kind of thing happens when people marathon anime after anime and get burnt out on it, or do nothing but read genre fiction for weeks on end until they get totally sick of it.

You have to diversify your interest and not dog one hobby to the point of excess or you won't be able to enjoy it of find much fun.


File: 1630825865247-0.jpg (75.94 KB, 1080x928, 135:116, Clipboard02.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1630825865247-1.jpg (20.22 KB, 474x283, 474:283, Clipboard01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I prefer older games to newer ones. Still playing Diablo1 & Diablo2. Rogues and Amazons forever.


>farming chaos sanctuary as a strafezon with that auto-cursing helmet
>comfy prayer/insight merc MFing in WSK as LF/FA
>cowing in vendor gear
What a succubus.


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I play sorceress naked (ie. no equipment except for rejuv potions); love that grape juice.


New games are objectively shit. Zoomers don't really like traditional games, they are addicted to mobile games or hyper competitive PC shooters. The game devs who do make traditional games are captured up in the SJW propaganda machine and are actively trying to make games worse to appease the SJW circlejerk.

Just boomer it up and play games from the 1995-2010 era, or their remakes. I am sure there are still a ton of games from that era that you have yet to experience.


I'm playing the remastered version right now. It stays pretty true to the original. I think, at least. I never played the game in it's prime, but the online portion definitely captures that early 2000s feel.


calm down there gramps, those zoomers and their sjw halo!


Halo isn't really a zoomer game.

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