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Should I build a PC or buy the PS5? I don't play too many games but I'd like to play more.

- Higher framerates
- More accurate inputs with mouse
- Cheaper games
- Bigger selection of games
- Can use for other purposes

- Bigger screen (TV)
- Simpler to use
- Lots of games made to be played with a controller
- PS5 exclusive games
- Advanced controller vibrations
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He does. Welp, whatever, I'm done.



I don't even know what this debate is even going on about anymore but if you're actually playing the game (and not slowly aiming at fixed objects), I don't know how you could say that aiming is more accurate with a keyboard than it is a mouse. If you're argument is:
>I aimed at a human but hit a wall with precision
Then I honestly don't know what to say to you


Every pc becomes a console if you give it enough time


>Well, the general debate (with k+m and controllers) is that it's easier to aim with a k+m than it is with a controller.

You are all in the coolaid and don't know the flavor.
I have alread said that mice are great, which is why mice are good for shooters.

The whole argument wasn't about the how good mice are. It was about how shit keyboards are for gaming controls compared to almost any other alternative.
Keyboards have nothing to do with the greater acuracy in FPS games. That is the mouse. If you don't believe me try playing early fps games that used the keyboard for aiming. That shit was the fucking worst and there is a damn good reason no game does that shit anymore.

>note that gaming keyboards for a while now have had a feature where you can half press keys for more precise movement in game

Not only have I not seen this advertised but I have yet to see any game implement native recognition of such half inputs.
I am not saying I don't believe you, but it would be great if you have a example of this.

> 2d platformers there is no difference (besides the exception of 2d platformers with a top down view).

Wrong, opinion disregarded.

>And for pc: fps games

Because of mouse
>strategy games
Mostly because of mouse, though rts games certainly make full use of every single key and would probably use even more buttons if they were avalable (not a fan of RTS games if you can't tell)
Strongly depends on the game, with many action MMOs playing better with controller and most tab based targeting MMOs being totally designed around M+K input
Most certainly depends on the game. There isn't really any unifying principle when it comes to roguelikes and they span dozens of genera of gaming.
>and 3rd person shooters
Because of mouse, though I would argue that controller with gyro aim is best for these games.

>but real time strategy games

Real time stratagy games aren't fun and I don't play them.
If that is your only argument for more buttons make for a better gaming experence, which is arguable since I would argue a better designed game that was actually fun would strive to have better methods of control that don't require 104 different buttons with a few thousand key combinations to play the damn game.
For example the game Brutal Legend had RTS portions in the game that were actually fun and were flawless with the controller. But that game was actually fun while most full on RTS games are about as fun as a calculus class.

>Have you ever played a game such as mass effect before?

>Bioware literally implemented the power wheel to be controller friendly as they would be screwed by not being able to pause the game to use all the powers
Strange since in games like ratchet and clank, GTA 4 and 5, and a bunch of other games you don't pause the game when quickly swaping from a rather huge set of weapons.
Kingdom hearts also comes to mind with your abilty to use a huge list of powers on the fly once you get the hang of button combinations and using the mini menu thing while in combat.
Even old school shooters where you have to nearly constantly switch weapons to stay alive play just fine using a controller.

Hell, I actually missed the quick sellect wheels when playing the two newer Deus Ex games with M+K because using the number keys to quick select is much clunkier then just pushing and holding one button then a direction to quick select something, which is so much easier and faster to do in the heat of combat.

> As it stands, the more serious gaming more geared towards k+m

This is totally and compleatly incorrect.
"serious gaming" is geared towards and uses just about every imput method. There are hardcore games that use peripherals, hardcore games for the controller, hardcore games for the mouse and keyboard, and even hardcore games that use motion controls.
Hardcore/"serious" gaming is about the design of the game not the primary input method.

>but in GENERAL is more for casual gaming

This is a baseless and incorrect assumption.
Mouse is both used for the most hardcore and the most casual games played. Second in most used for causal games is touch controls.

Games that make use of the keyboard or controller are more or less tied as far as I can tell when it comes to how hardcore or casual they are.


>Bigger screen
you know you can connect a pc to a tv, right?
>PS5 exclusive games

don't fall for console jew


i only play mobile, couldn't tell you.


Services such as steam has made PC gaming streamlined to the point that it is basically on par with console gaming. Hook steam up to a TV and switch to big TV mode for the same experience as a console.

All of the benefits of console gaming are starting to go away now that Microsoft's and Sony's consoles are becoming more like PCs. The main reason I liked consoles was because I could just put in a video game and start playing, like how I can do with a movie. Now all games require lengthy install times and the game discs are little more than a form of hardware DRM. Console gaming has also gotten so expensive that most children do not even play video game consoles anymore, with parents choosing to give their kids tablets or phones. I can see no future for console gaming, and it will probably just end up being merged with mobile/PC gaming. The PC market was always slow to adopt ARM PCs, but now Apple is doing it and allowing people to use phone apps on their PC. Apple has enough influence to move the market so in a few years PC and mobile gaming will basically be the same thing.


File: 1606061832878.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1606060680080.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is the sony worth getting?


Even if you want a PS5 or whatever you really should wait for their second batch.
Ever since PS2, the launch consoles always have some sort of built in flaw that is fixed in a later version or build batch.
Being a early buyer just means it is very likely it won't last for the whole generation and you will have to buy it again a couple of years from now.


So, I just played gta 5 on the ps4 and it is the most gimmicky shit ever. They have "special features" like ducking in a a car (which is pointless), and when characters speak to each other on the phone, they speak through speakers on the controller and makes the whole thing feel discombobulated to hell. The speakers also sound like they came straight out of an early 2000s mccdonalds drive through speakers. I can't even make this shit up. Is this really the best consoles have to offer?


Yes it is, I played GTA5 on the PS4 and it was the same for me. I guess people use consoles because it's simple, but I've never known consoles past the PS1 and GC that were "simple".


Wait, the controller has a speaker?
I mean I use a ds4 controller for pc games and even played GTA5 with it.
It was just normal.
The only "special" thing I did with the controller was set up gyro mouse aiming using the steam settings.


useless gimmick that drains the battery faster. that's about it lol


Buying a PS5 for Demon Souls.


$500 for one game?


Or wait for a PSV Slim.


two games


I thought only transsexuals play it nowadays.



Since GPU's are not affordable anymore.
Is it worth getting a prebuilt or a ps5?


this is you brain on 4chan and similar imageboards


>now you can grind content islands with slightly faster loading screens.
Open world was the death of warframe, game gets worse everytime I look at it.


Prebuilt may actually be cheaper at this point so look into it if you can.


I got a PS5 and I enjoy it a lot, I don't give a shit about what normies or piss sea niggers here have to say, I bought it to play some fucking games not to be the absolute top dog of the gayming scene.


Yeah and pretty much any car is obsolete because you can get a much higher quality Jaguar or a Ferrari.

Are you really this fucking dense?


ps5 is obsolete even by 2080
heck even by 1080 ti


What are you playing in it? The console's exclusives so far look pretty uninteresting to me.


God you're such a retard, the PS5 is pretty much on the same league as the 2070, comparing it with the 1080ti is extremely retarded.

And guess what retard, the PS5 includes the SSD, the 16GB of RAM the CPU,GPU a 4K bluray and a free game, the 2080 costs the same (or even more because of scalpers) and it includes…the GPU.

People like you are quite stupid, not because you think that PC is better, but because you use a retarded one dimensional way to compare consoles and PC's.

Demon Souls and the spiderman games, I already pre ordered Ratchet % Clank and Returnal, yes the initial batch of games are not that great, but I'm ok with those, and the upcoming games (Horizon Zero Dawn 2, GoW and Gran Turismo 7) look appealing to me.


Wait, you don't plug your PC into a TV?


i use a tv as my monitor

actually didnt even know it was a tv until last year


isn't the input lag higher on tvs?


yeah but anything from the past 10 years is still probably fine. i seriously doubt anyone could tell a difference

they have to do some additional processing of the signal or whatever bullshit instead of just straight displaying your video output. at least thats my understanding


>- Advanced controller vibrations
This has to be bait.
Bigegst reason to use PC is a mouse also no ahcked stuff on newer gen games but so many casual shitters use plastic box.
No one who seriously plays cares for controller vibration anyway


>yeah but anything from the past 10 years is still probably fine. i seriously doubt anyone could tell a difference
Ify ou are playing FPS huge difference you do not understand input lag you do not use a TV to agme with big pleb move unless you are playing casually which you obviously are.


File: 1622465114545.gif (3.86 MB, 815x326, 5:2, Bluepoint sucks.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I don't see the appeal of modern consoles, most games that are decent are multiplat or timed exclusive. Maybe if you really like Sony stuff like Uncharted, TLoU, nu Ratchet, etc. but those games never appealed to me. The only thing in Sony's current catalogue that I hope get ported or emulated some day are Bloodborne, Returnal, and 13 Sentinels. Maybe Persona 5 Royal but I already emulated vanilla. PC is just overall better as far as freedom and options, seeing as I can still play modern games with my 1060 6gb instead of needing to upgrade to a new goyneration.


I'd add Everybody's Golf to that list. That franchise is probably dead now that Sony has moved on to 99% cookie cutter western AAA trash. Up until the early 2010s they used to publish a lot of quirky or obscure japanese titles on their platforms but that's over now.


Even if they did you can still use the same vibrating controllers and much more on a PC quite easily.

My current main controller is a DS4, which works flawlessly in the games I use it with on PC. While I have no particular interest in a DS5, if I came into one somehow I could easily use all it's functionality on the PC too.


File: 1622501367238.jpg (123.25 KB, 1024x901, 1024:901, 1584194969558.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

As an addendum to this post I guess I can see the point of the Switch if your computer isn't strong enough to emulate it and/or you want to play it while laying in bed or something.
Yeah. It's a damn shame.


>not having a cable that can attach to your tv and a back up wireless kb/m or controller so you can game or use your computer from bed.


what about chinese android consoles

my tv box works fine for gaming also root is enabled by default


Most of them are pretty shit in almost every way.
What's your budget?


i live in a 3rd world shithole these things are pretty cheap here also the smallest mini PC seems too expensive for my budget unless i work really hard


Used/refurbished isn't a option?


Don't matter cos no computer chips for everyone


>Bigger screen (TV)
>Simpler to use
>Lots of games made to be played with a controller
>PS5 exclusive games
>Advanced controller vibrations
The only one of these I can take seriously is PS5 exclusives and there's like 5 of them, PC all day.



you will never be a japanese or live near them


It’s just a joke, desu.



A lot of your positives for PS5 are actually very moot. Let me adress them one by one.

>Bigger screen (TV)

My friend has a 120Hz TV that he plugs his PC into. Everything is HDMI now.

>Simpler to use

Debatable. More on that later.

>Lots of games made to be played with a controller

Why not use a controller with your PC? I don't understand your argument at all here. There are controllers that are way comfier than the PS5 one but even that one is compatible with PC.

>PS5 exclusive games

Like what? Demon's Souls? What a tool. Emulation will give you access to a plethora of console exclusives and you will get to play in higher definition and with mods. Get PS3 Demon's Souls and crank that shit up to 1080p 60fps or more if you put a budget for your PC.

>Advanced controller vibrations

Get a vibrator, weirdo.


The Gabe Gear is some unholy fusion of console and PC (that runs Linux).


Modern consoles are basically just PCs that use propeitary APIs.

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