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Should I build a PC or buy the PS5? I don't play too many games but I'd like to play more.

- Higher framerates
- More accurate inputs with mouse
- Cheaper games
- Bigger selection of games
- Can use for other purposes

- Bigger screen (TV)
- Simpler to use
- Lots of games made to be played with a controller
- PS5 exclusive games
- Advanced controller vibrations
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It’s just a joke, desu.



A lot of your positives for PS5 are actually very moot. Let me adress them one by one.

>Bigger screen (TV)

My friend has a 120Hz TV that he plugs his PC into. Everything is HDMI now.

>Simpler to use

Debatable. More on that later.

>Lots of games made to be played with a controller

Why not use a controller with your PC? I don't understand your argument at all here. There are controllers that are way comfier than the PS5 one but even that one is compatible with PC.

>PS5 exclusive games

Like what? Demon's Souls? What a tool. Emulation will give you access to a plethora of console exclusives and you will get to play in higher definition and with mods. Get PS3 Demon's Souls and crank that shit up to 1080p 60fps or more if you put a budget for your PC.

>Advanced controller vibrations

Get a vibrator, weirdo.


The Gabe Gear is some unholy fusion of console and PC (that runs Linux).


Modern consoles are basically just PCs that use propeitary APIs.


it's more about the games rathen than anything else


I always dreamed about buying PS to play Bloodbourne….but now, after I got the 2080 ti and played almost everything at 90+ frames per second…I don't want to play Bloodbourne anymore

30 fps is not for me, fuck that


Bloodborne is coming to PC anyway so no need


ugh there are enough souls like games in the market, there was a survey where one could vote for rule of rose to show there is interest in a port.
hope there is no third party drm client required


As much as I’d like that to happen, it’s not gonna. But hey at least elden ring is on the horizon.


sony has been porting a lot of first party games to pc so who knows what's in store


I don’t think they’re gonna let go of it until they make their 5th remaster for the PlayStation8. I mean demon’s souls isn’t on PC. And yeah I know god of war and horizon whateverthefuck got ported, so there is a chance, I just don’t think it will.


The main reason I got into PC gaming back in the day was because of modding and better graphics. The golden age of modding is long gone so there is little benefit to actually gaming on a PC. PC graphics are also a joke now compared to consoles. The days of devs pouring money into a graphical powerhouse like Far Cry or Crysis are gone. Developers develop for the most powerful console, nothing more.

The only actual advantage I can see for PC gaming is if you enjoy playing FPS games competitively. I would only recommend PC gaming today if you live with others and aren't able to enjoy your home's full entertainment center whenever you want.

I just wouldn't recommend a PS5 right now. They are hard to find at MSRP and there aren't any good exclusives.


>The golden age of modding is long gone so
>A new total conversation mod for fall out nv came out like a day ago that is as complete and huge as the original
>More people are moding then ever before
>Mod tools have never been better

What are you talking about dude.


People are modding games from the golden age of modding. Fallout NV came out 12 years ago.

You rarely get full games like team fortress or counterstrike anymore because of free game engines like unity. Why make a free mod when you can put your shitty unity game on steam and charge people for it?


There are even more mods for Skyrim and FO4.
Mods for cyberpunk 20whaever, mods for witcher, mods for all the versions of doom, and plenty more that I personally don't keep close track of because I am more interested in action RPGs than projects involving Stardew valley or mindcraft.
Hell, kids are learning the fundamentals of good modding from Roblox and Minecraft while even getting paid.

There has never been a time with more modders and games that mods are being made for.
The number of major projects that have recently came out or are about to come out are amazing.
It's totally absurd to say there was some undefined golden age of mods in the past that is over now.

I mean you had day one mods of that new resident evil game. That is how hot the mod scene is right now.


Skyrim is almost as old as new vegas and mods for other games really aren't on par with the mod the game literally however you want type thing that existed in the early 2000s. Just because modding still exists doesn't mean that it captures the same feel that it used to.

The only game that I would say captures the feel of late 90s/early 2000s modding feel is minecraft. Roblox is close, but the inclusion of robux kinda ruins the experience.


>A new total conversation mod for fall out nv



Now you are just being vage and playing the no no true scotsman.
Ether actually explain what the hell you even mean or shut up, because I really suspect you are full of shit and know it at this point.


I suspect this is the one dude was talking about, but it ain't out yet.
The trailer just dropped for the project though.


Do you happen to know about that New California conversion?


thubmnail reminds me of that crazy youtube succubus who wanted to blow up youtube headquarters




differing opinions aside, it looks liek her doesn't it?


I don't see it. I thought she was Iranian or something.


This is one of the few examples where a choppy framerate unironically adds to the cinematic experience.


anyone know if you can use ps4 controller touchpad as a mouse for pc? if so, i suspect that controller is the ultimate emulation controller. it is a pain having to switch back and forth between controller and mouse when setting up a game or configuring the emulator. being able to do all this with a controller sounds really nice


I think you can with DS4Windows, although I only have a PS5 controller. I don't see why it wouldn't work anyway.


It does. You can also do it with steam's big picture mode.


I mainly do it through steam but yeah it can be done, I have done it, and it usually works great in my experience.


Oh, I should mention, I use the gyro for the mouse, but it should also work fine if you use the analog stick as mouse if you use a button as a hotkey to toggle functions/modes.
Usually I use those touch button things on the ds4 controller as a toggle. You can also use the touch pad on the controller but it sucks for anything but operating menus.


I haven’t touched video games in almost a year, in part because I don’t really have the hardware for it. I’ve been telling myself I’ll get a PS5 when they come out, since I can’t afford a decent PC on bux. I think I’ll just buy the cheaper Xbox (S series). I have a monitor I can hook it up to already.


Honestly? PC with GNU/Linux is the wizardly path to follow. You get to steamroll normiegroids with your elite computerwiz powers and have a better OS than them, even for gaming. Get some basic knowledge of computer hardware and GNU/Linux and build your machine with whatever parts you can afford, with your own efforts. PC has borderline infinite retrocompatibility potential, so you'll always have a plethora of games to play.


linux is awful for gaming, what are you talking about


I can game just fine on GNU/Linux, in fact, all machines in my house run GNU/Linux exclusively. A GNU/Household, if you will.


Let us guess.. You run the games by emulating a windows environment on top of your Linux desktop, doubling the overhead?


I don’t consider running 15 year old valve games at under 60fps “fine”


For me it's console all the way, in the way of "PC" I just have a shitty laptop, so my option would be to buy a very expensive gayming laptop or build a PC from scratch and that would cost more more than $2000 including monitor, KB+Mouse etc

On the other hand with console I just spend $500 and I'm fine for the next 5 years, I get a guaranteed level of performance and image quality and in the case of PS5 some nice exclusives I actually want, I don't play online so I don't spend on that shit, I also have a thing for physical discs and I keep them around.

If I had an unlimited budget maybe I would get a PC but in my current situation a console is way better.


If by "emulating a windows environment" you mean using things like Proton, Lutris or just pure Wine, those aren't emulators, with actual overhead varying between titles, and some even performing better than native Windows.

You can run WAY more than just that under GNU/Linux.


You are likely in the past and havent realised that support has increased rapidly in recent years. Valve released their own handheld linux gaming hardware this year (Steam Deck) that is based on linux, so they have worked hard on increasing compatibility and will continue to do so


Yes, I have tried proton and what-not, it doesn't ever run games at native speeds and sometimes games don't even work at all, linux as a gaming environment will always be "It works good enough, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"


your primary concern is cost, yet you select the option where you must pay for literally everything? that's like poor people complaining that they cant eat proper food because it's too expensive, and then they go and live off doordash or food delivery, fast food, junk food for the rest of their life instead of buying cheap ingredients and cooking simple meals. you are either just lazy, dumb, or okay with spending more money in the long term. you can pirate everything and play for free on a pc. if you are worried about money, and want to play games, there is no other option honestly


Again for PC I would need a fuckton of things, I don't even have a monitor and a decent one would cost me $200 or so, so a decent PC would cost me at least $1500.

With a PS5 I just pay $500 and have performance comparable to a RTX2070TI, I can get games cheaper after time (It's amazing how PC tards believe that console games never get cheaper).

If you go for a Series X it's even cheaper, the performance is on par with a 2080TI and game pass with some tricks means that you get 3 years of games for like $200, $700 in total for a high end PC + 3 years of games is unheard of in PC's.

Consoles are unbeateable value.


>I don't even have a monitor
You'd need a TV for console gaming so that argument goes both ways. If you already have a TV you enjoy playing console games on, then it's probably equally compatible with a PC.
>a decent one would cost me $200
Believing this is your own fault for submitting to consumer culture. No, a perfectly fine HD monitor is nowhere near 200$, even 120hz come in cheap these days. If you're not content with anything that isn't marked up for having the gamer label attached, then that's not a flaw of PC gaming but rather your own irrational needs. A perfectly serviceable HD flatpanel can be found in most thrift stores for under $20.

>(It's amazing how PC tards believe that console games never get cheaper

Nobody believes this. What is a fact though is that all PC games are free if you pirate them, and most these days are released on a DRM-free platform. Legal copies go for cheap on key markets too. Even those who swear by consoles will crack their systems to play bootlegs. Meanwhile you're paying hundreds of dollars to rent games from a game pass over the lifespan of the system, but when the pass runs out, what then? When you buy a console disk or purchase a digital key for a game, you're entitled to play it indefinitely. Game Pass service can (and will) be pulled as soon the console's company decides it's no longer profitable, and then you'll be forced to buy physical copies of the games you wish to keep playing anyway.

>Consoles are unbeateable value.

Those who made the plunge in to PC gaming 10 years ago can upgrade their PC to play today's games for much less than a the price of a new console, and they'd still get to enjoy all the games they already have. The current PC parts environment has raised the price of entry but software's demand for CPU and RAM has been plateaued for years so a GPU upgrade is all that is needed. Games today are still benchmarked for max settings with high-end consumer GPUs and CPUs that came out in 2013. it's only costly if you're building from scratch but unlike with a console, any existing system can be upgraded as needed. Even prebuilt gaming laptops use a standard PCI interface for GPU communication so EGPUs can be used to keep those up to date.


wonder if you include the price of a fancy tv set when buying a console, just buy a controller board and convert a laptop lcd panel to a monitor. pc gayman was the only choice because I am a poorfag, I only play pirated and f2p though. not giving those valve scammers a single cent lol


Literally proven wrong by a normie, what a shameful display, wiz.



these linux tech channels are always going on and on about how linux is totally going to win against windows soon™ and it just never happens, almost no games are being shipped with official support for linux and the way that linux is built as a bunch of cobbled together modules from a bunch of different devs makes it impossible for a game to run correctly without a layer of latency needed to convert everything to work the same. So you could have some guy with arch linux, systemd, alsa audio, wayland desktop running the newest cawadooty at 10000fps while another guy is on ubuntu with some kde desktop open source nvidia driver that gets 60fps with microstutter


I just cant justify paying the money for a console, it's too expensive to buy games.

My whole life is on the internet, so having a good PC is even more important for non-gaming to me. I already need a good PC. Therefore the question comes down to buying a gaming GPU or getting a whole different device with its own CPU etc, with which it is much more difficult to pirate games.


you can get really good 1080p monitors under $100. 24" for under $50 on ebay sometimes. if you're a poorfag you should have low standards so there's no reason to get higher resolutions than 1080p and higher framerates than 60 hertz. over 2/3 of people on steam still use 1080p for single monitor gaming because it's perfectly fine

there is no such thing as a 2070ti first of all. for 1080p gaming it is also overkill. you can still VERY comfortably game on the 10-series gtx nvidia cards which. gtx 1080 on 1080p 60hz performs the exact same as 2080 on 1440p 144hz. gtx 1080 is the most cost effective graphics card you can pick up. even now with this insane market because of gpu mining they are only $300 on ebay

if i had to build a cheap pc from scratch that could game it would be like this. keep in mind the majority of these parts can be reused as you upgrade. and also when you upgrade you can sell your old parts and use that to buy the replacement so things will always be cheaper than it seems. as long as proof of work mining allows 8GB gpus the 1080 will retain value despite being old

$300 used gtx 1080 on ebay
$30 cheap ssd for windows on ebay
$20 1tb hdd for games on ebay
$100 for i5-10400 on ebay is a good starting point for a cpu. anything more you pay more. anything less you lose performance. if you had a pc and cpu to begin with you could use that as a comparison, and decide whether the imrpovements in upgrading become worth it, but you dont so just realize it's pretty good. the 10th gen (this cpu) and 11th gen both share same socket so if prices drop and you ever need to upgrade to 11th gen your mobo will support it. but motherboards arent that expensive anyway it's just nice to know
$70 for LGA1200 socket motherboard on ebay
$60 16gb ram on ebay
$80 24" 1080p monitor on ebay
$30 550W atx power supply on ebay
$50 used atx pc case on ebay (just a structural component to attach things to, it doesnt matter if it's used, just make sure the form factor fits you motherboard)
$50 for gaming keyboard and mouse should be enough to source decent stuff from anywhere. if you dont want to use mouse keyboard for gaming, you can get whatever is cheapest, and then just reuse your console controllers for gaming

this is around $800 for literally everything including monitor and mouse and keyboard. you can upgrade gpu whenever and your cpu can go to 11th gen on this motherboard which should last you a long time. and now you have a machine that lets you play pirated games for free and will comfortably power your shit for many years


also this might actually be cheaper than console in the SHORT TERM if you consider the costs of your tv and console and any immediate game purchases you made for your ps5. so yes i don't think gaming is quite as expensive as you think. this shit would be so much cheaper also if you had a pc to reuse parts

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