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Should I build a PC or buy the PS5? I don't play too many games but I'd like to play more.

- Higher framerates
- More accurate inputs with mouse
- Cheaper games
- Bigger selection of games
- Can use for other purposes

- Bigger screen (TV)
- Simpler to use
- Lots of games made to be played with a controller
- PS5 exclusive games
- Advanced controller vibrations
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is there a way to pirate games for current gen consoles, and play them on the consoles? i dont think there is but i can't say i've ever looked into it. i'm unbelievably poor so i can't afford to to buy anything really.


Depends on the console. The switch has hacks that’ll let you pirate and play on it, but I don’t think Xbox or ps4 do yet.


This person is right
Alright so I googled PS5 exclusives
>Astro’s Playroom
3d platformer, doesn't look too bad
>Bugsnax (timed exclusive)
Looks like shit, also timed
>Deathloop (timed)
It's bethesda so it's guaranteed crap, also timed
>Demon’s Souls
on PS3
>Destruction AllStars
Probably the worst looking game I've ever seen
>GhostWire: Tokyo (timed)
Looks cool but timed.
>Godfall (timed)
No idea about this one, but also timed
>Goodbye Volcano High (timed)
Already on ps4
>Gran Turismo 7
Never really cared about driving sims but I guess that's a good one
>Horizon Forbidden West
Sequel to Horizon Zero Down, which was pretty mediocre and ugly.
>Oddworld: Soulstorm (timed)
It's probably good but timed and also on ps4
>Project Athia
Nobody knows anything about this. But also timed
>Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
Older Ratchet and Clank games were alright
Sci-fi TPS, maybe it'll be a worth a playthrough
>Sackboy: A Big Adventure
Another 3d platformer, it's nice to see games like these nowadays,hope they don't screw them up.
>Spider-Man: Miles Morales
I've heard the other spider-man game was fun, and I like this kind of game, so alright
Looks nice but it's also on ps4 and pc.

In case you're wondering, timed means it will release as an exclusive but later will come out in other platforms.
To be fair it's more than I was expecting, and some 3d platformers which people seemed to have forgotten a few years ago, but still not worth a purchase. Most of the game I'd actually want to play are or will come out for other platforms


I wish they would make a Mina no Golf/Hot Shots Golf for the PC, and not a shitty grindfest like the one on PS4. I don't think there is any hope of seeing anything (good) come out of sony from japan moving forward. They'd rather focus on big budget crap from california.


The ps5 is obsolete thanks to rtx 3090


Take in consideration the difference in pricing. RTX card are not the same price as consoles.


What a dumb thread holy shit. You are as about as dumb as op since everyone knows that linux can only play high end games when emulating windows- a proprietory software that linux users despise- to play a game you would have no hopes of playing on an actual an gnu linux kernel. If you are actually interested in security, you should probably be using a vpn at all times and make sure your device is encrypted well. If the government finds you, it's already too late. No software will stop them from cracking your pc.


>not realizing you can turn off information settings off in the system settings
poor bait


Why do I consistently get warnings and bans when I am critical of a threads topic but when everyone else does it it's fine?


>that price tag
There is no question that they are underpricing their console. I wonder just what they plan on to make up for it? Lemme guess. Spying on their users, selling their data, having more costly monthly subscriptions (which they already have but it's gonna be more pricier), and overpricing their games on the PlayStation store. The exclusives are a fucking joke too.


I dont know if its because i grew up poor, but i always viewed computers as exclusively for work or internet. Playing games with mkb just seems so unnatural to me, so im going to say get the ps5


You can play games on a computer with a controller you know.


Yeah of course, but if youre using a controller already why not just play on the console?


Because then he needs to purchase a console while the computer is right there?


Well using that logic why buy a controller in the first place if your computer already has a mouse and keyboard? I was just under the assumption that in this hypothetical scenario the person already owned a console and thats why they had a controller


>Well using that logic why buy a controller in the first place if your computer already has a mouse and keyboard?

Because sometimes using a controller is better to play games. Specially for emulation.


I fell for that meme, and tried to play with gamepad. It is worse for me, playing Dark Souls on mouse and keyboard feels so much better. Sure it's not as "fluid" for movement, but whatever.

I unironically sure now that gamepad gaming is for casuals, casuals in a bad way. Look at gta 5 for example - you fucking literally press one button to aim (and it auto locks on npc head) then press fire. Then repeat

Spilling the obvious here, but this was new to me. I've never own any console in my entire life and not planning to.


It's funny you mentioned DS, that games was the very reason I bought a controller. It's always good to have one around. I play a lot of old console games on my pc and using gamepad feels better for me. Keep it in some drawer somewhere, it will be useful eventually.


>playing Dark Souls on mouse and keyboard feels so much better
I tried playing DS with mouse and keyboard and it was god awful, latter games control better with m&k but the first one is almost unplayable to me.
>I unironically sure now that gamepad gaming is for casuals
This is such a dumb thing to say. There are games that just work better on gamepad, you can disable that shit on GTA V, you know. Try playing any fps without auto lock-on with a controller and it's harder than mouse and keyboard.


Pc doesn't have auto aim when you use a controller in gta 5. At least not single player.

You are probably thinking of gta 4 that had the lock on. Don't know if console's had lock on.
Main reason gyro aiming was so amazing when I tried it on gta 5.

Also keyboards just are worse when it comes to gaming. How shity keyboards are are only made up for by how great mice are for gaming.
It's yet another reason I am loving gyro aiming so much. Can use a controller while still getting that mouse like precision.


>keyboards just are worse when it comes to gaming
in what way? I don't play too much console games but I refuse to go back to playing my favorite platformers on a thumb controller now that I've tried them on a keyboard through emulation. With a keyboard you can have your dexterous fingers on as many as 9 different action keys at once whereas on your average casual controller you have 4-5 at your hands and more than half of those only available to your thumbs which causes the devs to have to bind things to awkward buttons combos in order to fit the limitations(stuff like double tap for dash, down+direction for slides, hitting down twice to reload, and more I can't think of but you get the idea)

sure, if you're just relaxing on your couch playing some casual game then your thumb controller is fine, but if you are trying to play a tough game that requires precision and accuracy you're gonna want a keyboard or at least some sort of fightstick


Besides stuff like repetitive stress injuries it also is the opposite to presice in that you can't have any gradation in the controller. They are totally binary, on and off. So stuff like operation of vehicles or playing stealth games where how hard you move the stick correlates to how fast and noisy you are feels awkward or frustrating using a keyboard.
Also most games don't even recognize smashing 7 or 8 buttons at once even with custom key binds.
Also who in the world tries to play the whole hardcore vs casual card because they don't have the coordination to use button combos and has to rely on the equivalent of turbo buttons and programmable buttons to make custom shit to play plathformers?

I don't know what kind of platformers you have played but everyone I played is better with a controller or stick then the literally painful experience of playing them with the keyboard.
Including games like Jazz 2 and other platformers that were primarily for PC.
I would also like to mention that because of the well thought-out layout of most controllers there is also no finger reach or miss presses which also aids in accuracy, performance, and comfort with controls. Another benefit is that it takes less time to get used to the controls between games since there is less variation within similar games.

More buttons doesn't make for a better gaming experience. Especially in platforms (seriously a baffling example in context).


Well, the general debate (with k+m and controllers) is that it's easier to aim with a k+m than it is with a controller. If you don't believe me, go and play any fps game with the aim assists off with a controller and see just how hard it is to be accurate. It is extremely difficult in comparison to the easy k+m. Generally speaking, racing games and stealth games are better with a controller because you have full 360 degree movement whereas a keyboard can only move in 8 directions. And as you already said, stealth games are (especially JUST the stealth portions of it not mentioning gunplay if it has any that is) better with an anologue stick because you can "creep up" a lot easier with full controll of your characters speed while a keyboard is limited to half speed and full speed (note that gaming keyboards for a while now have had a feature where you can half press keys for more precise movement in game). As far as platformers are concerned, 3d platformers are better with a controller where 2d platformers there is no difference (besides the exception of 2d platformers with a top down view). So this is basically it: platformers, racing games, fighting games, sports games (because of the demand of good footwork), and stealth games. And for pc: fps games, strategy games, mmos, roguelikes, and 3rd person shooters. Of course, there are probably more I could put in each category of which is better for k+m and controllers but this is generally it right here.
>More buttons doesn't make for a better gaming experience
But that's just not true. It would be true if you said it doesn't necessarily do so but this is a false statement. Games like real time strategy games demand it because when you attack or defend on multiple fronts (more than just two) it is always better to have hotkeys to zoom in on different allied groups so you can always see what is going on and do certain actions with said groups so you can actually succeed. For example, just try to play stellaris WITHOUT hotkeys and see what happens. You would have to pause the game constantly until you were blue in the face out of sheer boredom over the overly drawn out action. It is a much better experience with k+m while the best a controller can offer is going to each unit with the left and right bumpers (which is no where near precise). Which brings me to another point: the superiority of k+m is especially apparent in games where you can't pause to stop the action and where a dozen or more controls are needed at the same time. Have you ever played a game such as mass effect before? Bioware literally implemented the power wheel to be controller friendly as they would be screwed by not being able to pause the game to use all the powers. As it stands, the more serious gaming more geared towards k+m while the more casual gaming experience is geared more towards controllers. Not to say that using controllers can't be used for serious gaming, but in GENERAL is more for casual gaming.


>it also is the opposite to presice in that you can't have any gradation in the controller
no, keyboard is exactly precise, this 'gradation' you're talking about only makes the controller less precise, it's more precise to hold down a key when you want to move slowly than it is to angle a stick at a roughly 40-60 degree angle, sure it is more intuitive and casual but it is not better or precise


Oh and I forgot about:
>So stuff like operation of vehicles
But it really isn't that cut and dry. Using tanks (for example) is better with a k+m because it requires a more precise aim to cut down enemies. I however would say that if we're talking about airplanes or spaceships (with a fixed aim according to how it is oriented) is better with controllers because it is far better to have full 360 degree movement than it is to move in only 8 directions. It is in fact a lot easier to aim and to be precise than it is with a k+m in this scenario.


This is 100% inaccurate. It is very important to have gradation in your movements in stealth or 3d platformer games because you could easily accidentally move from a shadow in a stealth game and what could result is almost instant death whereas a 3d platformer (or 2d platformer with a top down view) could mean instant death by only being able to move in 8 directions. You sound confused and are conflating 'precision' and 'quickness'. And you saying it's "quicker" to moving in 8 different directions is only slightly true (even when it's just a test it's only slightly faster). The reality of the matter is that it's actually much much slower with a k+m because your movements are less precise with regards to 3d platformers or 2d platformers with a top down view


you were saying gradation is more precise, it's not more precise, it's more fluid, but it's not precise, precise means exactness, a controller stick is not exact like a button is


Well, that wasn't me. This >>51427 is me.
I will admit you are correct when saying that moving in exactly those 8 movements is more precise with a keyboard than a stick. However, it's just simply not true if you said it would make for more precise gameplay as far as 3d or 2d platformers (with a top down view) is concerned. If we were to go this route, then why aren't people using the keyboard to literally aim in an fps game? Answer: because the aim is in fact less precise


>Answer: because the aim is in fact less precise
Nope. It's because it takes a much longer timer to aim properly using the keyboard. If you set a key to move your aim one pixel at a time it would in fact make your aim 100% accurate but it also would take a lot longer to properly aim. Basically what >>51431 said.


That's wrong. How is moving your crosshairs and firing accurately "more precise" when you are limited to 8 directions?
You know what else he said?
>sure it is more intuitive and casual but it is not better or precise
>is not better


not him, but I think you misunderstand what precision means


He does. Welp, whatever, I'm done.



I don't even know what this debate is even going on about anymore but if you're actually playing the game (and not slowly aiming at fixed objects), I don't know how you could say that aiming is more accurate with a keyboard than it is a mouse. If you're argument is:
>I aimed at a human but hit a wall with precision
Then I honestly don't know what to say to you


Every pc becomes a console if you give it enough time


>Well, the general debate (with k+m and controllers) is that it's easier to aim with a k+m than it is with a controller.

You are all in the coolaid and don't know the flavor.
I have alread said that mice are great, which is why mice are good for shooters.

The whole argument wasn't about the how good mice are. It was about how shit keyboards are for gaming controls compared to almost any other alternative.
Keyboards have nothing to do with the greater acuracy in FPS games. That is the mouse. If you don't believe me try playing early fps games that used the keyboard for aiming. That shit was the fucking worst and there is a damn good reason no game does that shit anymore.

>note that gaming keyboards for a while now have had a feature where you can half press keys for more precise movement in game

Not only have I not seen this advertised but I have yet to see any game implement native recognition of such half inputs.
I am not saying I don't believe you, but it would be great if you have a example of this.

> 2d platformers there is no difference (besides the exception of 2d platformers with a top down view).

Wrong, opinion disregarded.

>And for pc: fps games

Because of mouse
>strategy games
Mostly because of mouse, though rts games certainly make full use of every single key and would probably use even more buttons if they were avalable (not a fan of RTS games if you can't tell)
Strongly depends on the game, with many action MMOs playing better with controller and most tab based targeting MMOs being totally designed around M+K input
Most certainly depends on the game. There isn't really any unifying principle when it comes to roguelikes and they span dozens of genera of gaming.
>and 3rd person shooters
Because of mouse, though I would argue that controller with gyro aim is best for these games.

>but real time strategy games

Real time stratagy games aren't fun and I don't play them.
If that is your only argument for more buttons make for a better gaming experence, which is arguable since I would argue a better designed game that was actually fun would strive to have better methods of control that don't require 104 different buttons with a few thousand key combinations to play the damn game.
For example the game Brutal Legend had RTS portions in the game that were actually fun and were flawless with the controller. But that game was actually fun while most full on RTS games are about as fun as a calculus class.

>Have you ever played a game such as mass effect before?

>Bioware literally implemented the power wheel to be controller friendly as they would be screwed by not being able to pause the game to use all the powers
Strange since in games like ratchet and clank, GTA 4 and 5, and a bunch of other games you don't pause the game when quickly swaping from a rather huge set of weapons.
Kingdom hearts also comes to mind with your abilty to use a huge list of powers on the fly once you get the hang of button combinations and using the mini menu thing while in combat.
Even old school shooters where you have to nearly constantly switch weapons to stay alive play just fine using a controller.

Hell, I actually missed the quick sellect wheels when playing the two newer Deus Ex games with M+K because using the number keys to quick select is much clunkier then just pushing and holding one button then a direction to quick select something, which is so much easier and faster to do in the heat of combat.

> As it stands, the more serious gaming more geared towards k+m

This is totally and compleatly incorrect.
"serious gaming" is geared towards and uses just about every imput method. There are hardcore games that use peripherals, hardcore games for the controller, hardcore games for the mouse and keyboard, and even hardcore games that use motion controls.
Hardcore/"serious" gaming is about the design of the game not the primary input method.

>but in GENERAL is more for casual gaming

This is a baseless and incorrect assumption.
Mouse is both used for the most hardcore and the most casual games played. Second in most used for causal games is touch controls.

Games that make use of the keyboard or controller are more or less tied as far as I can tell when it comes to how hardcore or casual they are.


>Bigger screen
you know you can connect a pc to a tv, right?
>PS5 exclusive games

don't fall for console jew


i only play mobile, couldn't tell you.


Services such as steam has made PC gaming streamlined to the point that it is basically on par with console gaming. Hook steam up to a TV and switch to big TV mode for the same experience as a console.

All of the benefits of console gaming are starting to go away now that Microsoft's and Sony's consoles are becoming more like PCs. The main reason I liked consoles was because I could just put in a video game and start playing, like how I can do with a movie. Now all games require lengthy install times and the game discs are little more than a form of hardware DRM. Console gaming has also gotten so expensive that most children do not even play video game consoles anymore, with parents choosing to give their kids tablets or phones. I can see no future for console gaming, and it will probably just end up being merged with mobile/PC gaming. The PC market was always slow to adopt ARM PCs, but now Apple is doing it and allowing people to use phone apps on their PC. Apple has enough influence to move the market so in a few years PC and mobile gaming will basically be the same thing.


File: 1606061832878.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1606060680080.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is the sony worth getting?


Even if you want a PS5 or whatever you really should wait for their second batch.
Ever since PS2, the launch consoles always have some sort of built in flaw that is fixed in a later version or build batch.
Being a early buyer just means it is very likely it won't last for the whole generation and you will have to buy it again a couple of years from now.


So, I just played gta 5 on the ps4 and it is the most gimmicky shit ever. They have "special features" like ducking in a a car (which is pointless), and when characters speak to each other on the phone, they speak through speakers on the controller and makes the whole thing feel discombobulated to hell. The speakers also sound like they came straight out of an early 2000s mccdonalds drive through speakers. I can't even make this shit up. Is this really the best consoles have to offer?


Yes it is, I played GTA5 on the PS4 and it was the same for me. I guess people use consoles because it's simple, but I've never known consoles past the PS1 and GC that were "simple".


Wait, the controller has a speaker?
I mean I use a ds4 controller for pc games and even played GTA5 with it.
It was just normal.
The only "special" thing I did with the controller was set up gyro mouse aiming using the steam settings.


useless gimmick that drains the battery faster. that's about it lol


Buying a PS5 for Demon Souls.


$500 for one game?


Or wait for a PSV Slim.


two games


I thought only transsexuals play it nowadays.


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