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Should I build a PC or buy the PS5? I don't play too many games but I'd like to play more.

- Higher framerates
- More accurate inputs with mouse
- Cheaper games
- Bigger selection of games
- Can use for other purposes

- Bigger screen (TV)
- Simpler to use
- Lots of games made to be played with a controller
- PS5 exclusive games
- Advanced controller vibrations


what a brainfart of a thread


lol brainfarthurt


File: 1592930998986.jpg (31.27 KB, 736x522, 368:261, 8f5f01941be8da80fecb83fba1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Advanced vibrations
And you're still uncertain what to choose? BAKA


>Please entertain me
The thread


File: 1593127069281.gif (2.96 MB, 360x203, 360:203, rofl.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>PS5 exclusive games


File: 1593128596580.jpg (82.95 KB, 828x825, 276:275, 1571337698464.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

pc's are for people that are really dedicated to their machine, you have to always be in the loop of what's happening in the computer sphere so you can update your bad boy and continue playing the latest games.
overall pc gamers seems to have a more comfy gaming experience because they can customize their machine at their will and in function of their needs.

with consoles you've less choice but its the best for people like me that don't want to bother with that kind of shit.

it all depends on your level of dedication i guess


>you have to always be in the loop of what's happening in the computer sphere so you can update your bad boy and continue playing the latest games
Not really, I'm pretty out of the loop and upgraded the other day, just have to look for stuff in your price range and see some benchmarks to see what works best for your money. Granted maybe I didn't build the best computer but I tried a couple of new games and they worked pretty well.
Of course it's still more dedication than just buying a console, but some people think you need an engineering degree or something to build a computer when it's really not the case.


Mods, savefiles - PC


that's a playstation??



what an immensely ugly design. It looks like someone sat on it.


If you want something very soon/ you have the means yeah a PC. Fucking never buy a modern console at launch.


>- Bigger screen (TV)
no reason you couldn't use big modern TV you'd use with a PS5 as your monitor.


You can plug a PC into a TV
Lots of games made for the PC can be played with a controller and all the multi-platform games automatically have controller support including with all the vibration stuff if that is what you are into.

While you don't get PS5 exclusives (yet) you do get the hundreds of thousands of PC exclusives

and PC is simple to use once you get everything set up how you like it.
Shit, even if you don't feel like building a PC, the pre-built market is a lot better then it used to be and as long as you do your research you can find some nice deals while saving yourself the time and trouble.


I prefer pc but I’m too dumb and lazy for it i so I settle with console


Welcome to wizchan 2020 brainfart era


PC forever


Just get a prebuilt.
Computers are easy now days. Especially with win 10 + steam for games. Almost everything just works without any fuss.


with the way windows is going its all going to be subscription based and require an always-on internet connection. So aside from actually buying the games (assuming they airn't also subscription based), you gotta subscribe for the steam service, subscribe for your operating system, and subscribe for your internet connect, all assuming you don't have some data cap bullshit like they do in South Africa. But what do I know I'm just a linux commie.


>Making up dumb shit as a cope for you worse operating system
Sad, just sad.


File: 1594457989549.png (357.62 KB, 730x598, 365:299, 3bff68cacc36fdb9bc975ffc21….png) ImgOps iqdb

Extrapolating from recent year trends then yes, something in that direction, it'll be more and more like the mobile platforms and I wouldn't be surprised if they'll eventually start monitoring the users activities and shit too "in order to optimize system performance for every user". Unfortunately I have a few windows only work programs that I must use otherwise I'd pick linux any day.


Anything besides windows is for edgy teens


Only a teenager or a clueless newer user who never saw a prompt in their life would say something like that, they have no prior reference and questions nothing.


Get a Switch if you want a decent console and with exclusives


it might have exclusives but the switch is definitely not a "decent" console in itself
thankfully there's emulation.


mobile platforms are the worst. Old hand helds like gameboy were cosy, but these are like mixed in with malware, adverts, DLC, trial versions, and surveillance. And the game play is basically as shitty and repetitive as a flash game.


>prone to crashing
I don't think I've had a windows crash in at least a decade, besides actual hardware failures, and even then, windows didn't even fully crash that one time my vram completely died,


Misleading image. More accurate would be
Windows: reliable but you don't own anything, peasant. Anything but fun.
Linux: reliable if you know what you're doing. Anything but boring if you know how to use it.
I've never used a BSD (including OS X) so cannot opine there.


File: 1594586738230.jpg (71.31 KB, 500x311, 500:311, fef3ef9a13971f174fa1ca4d31….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It was probably more accurate by the time it was made, that particular image folder I collected and saved in 2007 (files say 2010 but that's because they were moved) and they had probably been around for a while already. Earlier windows (1-3x, 95, 98, NT, 2k, ME) tanked more often. DOS too, although in that case it was as good as always related to what one was doing the instant before.


Windows: for games
Linux: for computer science nerds who care about things everyone else doesn't give a shit about
OS X: for people with more money then sense


Windows: very bad usability, confusing, networking crashes every couple of days, need expensive hardware because it's bloated and slow, needs to be randomly restarted every few days to fix mysterious problems, free programs are full of ads, tracks everything you do with government backdoors, prone to viruses, best game support

Linux: just works, secure, fast, highly customizable to fit any user's needs, can download any program you need in 10 seconds by writing 'apt install', huge library of clean free software, only plays some games


Funny thing is, Red Dead Redemption 2 in true 4k runs like shit both on 2080 ti and any console

You can stack two 2080 ti's, but fuck that.

>needs to be randomly restarted every few days to fix mysterious problems
I kind of suspect that it's because of not error correcting memory


Rockstar games have always run like crap on pc, with a few exceptions


GTA5 works fantastic on PC


>you have to always be in the loop of what's happening in the computer sphere so you can update your bad boy and continue playing the latest games.

Not really, depends on what you play. I've never kept up with computer hardware and have a build that's almost 8 years old and can still run some new demanding games without too many issues. And there are a ton of good games with really low specs you can play of course.


Anyone know any decent pre-built PCs? I have a decent amount of cash to use, but I just wanna make sure I'm getting a decent deal. I don't have the time to order parts and assemble one.


>just works


It does if you swallow your pride and just use ubuntu or mint.


How different is it from just good old win 7? I’ve never used Linux before but I’m considering building a new PC. I mostly just want to play games on it but I’ve heard that proton or whatever it’s called works well, and steam is offering increased Linux support.


>play games
Stick with Windows, specially if you like to pirate games before actually buying them or you use emulators, or if you play old games that sometimes require stuff like dosbox. In fact if you play games at all I would just continue with Windows or at least have it installed to be used for gaming conveniences, which is 99% of the time when gaming.


Yes that is genuinely my experience


I kinda figured as much. Thanks.


If you don't have the time to build it you don't have the time to use it either.


It's less so the actual building, but finding which parts and getting them all. However I did find a site that makes it rather easy, so I might build one after all. Thoughts on these specs?


Which configuration?


Well "outstanding" is the cheapest one with the heavy gaming check mark in dark green, but which do you think is the cheapest that could run something like death stranding at 60fps 1080p?


Oh and do you think that the "outstanding" one is significantly better than a prebuilt like this? Cause they're approaching the same price point.


I'd say for 1080p you could go two or three tiers lower. The Corsair offer appears to be slightly worse but not that much, if you just want to play games I don't think you'd notice a difference. However like all prebuilt computers it's more expensive than it needs to be, and it's still overkill if you want a 1080p display.


File: 1598494896098.png (536.31 KB, 534x590, 267:295, rabbit happy react.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks for the advice.


It depends on what you want to do

If you just want to play the latest iteration of GTA and not worry about drivers and DRM crap then just get a used playstation for like 80$. You should never buy new consoles or new videogames because in the 2nd hand market you can find out their true value, which is 30$ per game (max) and maybe 100$ per console. Never pay more than that for anything. Even better if you can find a bundle off ebay with like 30 games, 1 console and 2 controllers or something.

But if you don't have a powerful pc it is always good to have one. Not only for playing the latest pc games. You can watch blurays on it, receive satellite television, browse the internet and play emulators, write documents and what not. It is your all in one media station.

Also, you should never play the latest games. THere is thousands of good old games that you can play and they will be playable on full details and resolution even with a not so top of the line computer. Also, the older a console gets, the higher the chance that eventually an emulator becomes available for it.

Currently you can run PS3 WiiU and 3DS emulators with a new and powerful pc. Something that many people thought was impossible when those systems came out.
I think if you build a powerful pc and upgrade it every 7 years you are good to go.


If you have enouth money for either, you're likely to collect more money to buy both, so no problemo.


>if you have money
yes, money solves all problems but just throwing money at a problem is not an efficient way to deal with it.
And most of us will experience some sort of poverty in their lives so it is better to be as frugal as possible with the money you have.

You can either blow 3000$ on a PS3 console and game library or build a 2000$ gaming pc that can emulate pretty much everything and is even future proof and upgradable.
I regret spending all that money on my PS3 crap and I try to be a living warning sign to the youngfags who lurk here.
It is just so much money wasted that could be of better use to me today


Long-Term you should choose a PC, short term would be a console. My reasoning would be that PC despite having larger upfront costs does pay itself back and then some in the longer term. You do not need to pay yearly for online, you also can pirate programs or mod games that have been censored. With a PS5 it's just not feasible, whatever you get is what you get. You can not modify your games, nor replace parts to keep it going longer down the line. I own a 2014 PC i am still using now. The only small replacements i ever needed to make was an SSD, Ram 16gb of ram, and a 1060 Nvidia. Other than that this setup can last me a good 5 years easily. Even more if i desire to not play as much games as i usually do.


>480gb M.2 SSD
>Intel i7-9700
Not even worth the price. It has a large HDD but those things wear out within 2-3 years easy. May as well just get an Acer Orion and call it a day.


You can change configurations. Would the AMD parts and the other SSD be better?


Not him.
I wouldn't buy a prebuilt PC. Better to pick out the parts individually and you can save money by assembling it yourself.
Start with what CPU you want then that determines the motherboard, which then determines the size of the case/chasis.
Here is a very convenient site to see if your chosen hardware is compatible: https://pcpartpicker.com/
I prefer Intel, but go for the current gen (core i7 10th gen). If you have USD$2000 to spend on a new PC then get the i7-10700k.
Also the newest nvidia GPUs are coming out in September so maybe wait for those to be released.


I bought a pre-built PC years ago and it’s been great, but I’m thinking of buying a PS5 for two reasons. The first is exclusives. The second and more important reason is that I can’t seem to learn how to build/upgrade a PC myself. I have a NVLD and despite watching YouTube tutorial videos on PC building, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve looked around for classes I could take to learn but there aren’t any offered anywhere. It sucks because obviously I would rather just buy new parts and upgrade my PC, specifically more RAM and a newer graphics card. But how do you install all of it? Do you just unplug the graphics card and plug the new one in? What about the CDs that come with it? Do I uninstall the old graphics card first? But then how could I be running my PC without a graphics card? And how do you physically uninstall/install a graphics card, from the hardware side? I’m sure these are stupid questions but I’m bad at spatial learning and not very good with my hands (low dexterity I guess).


I first learned from a magazine. It isn't complicated and I really doubt you watched video tutorials and don't understand unless you legitimately have a major learning disability.
If you can't learn from reading a website or watching a video what makes you think someone could explain it through text here in a post? Infact I think you are totally lying about looking it up at all since if you did you would already know that putting together or upgrading a pc has fuck all to do with spatial learning or dexterity.
Go google that shit and quit lying to get spoon fed.

Though yeah if you are legitimately retarded as you make yourself out to be in this post then maybe talk to a local pc shop and ask if they can do the work for a fee + parts.
It will likely be much cheaper then buying a console unless they are ripping you off or you are replacing damn near everything and practically building a new computer from the ground up in the same case.


I'm not lying and I'm not trying to get spoon fed either. I don't get why you responded to my post if it angered you that much.


Do it anon. Do not be fearful
My first time was horrible too, then I started building pcs for my relatives after some experience.

>despite watching YouTube tutorial videos on PC building,

this is your problem. this is not theoretical stuff. you need to do it to get to know doing it
take the screwdriver in your hand and start tinkering
don't think too much but if you feel like you get into a dead end, better ask then damage anything

>more RAM and a newer graphics card. But how do you install all of it?

this one is easy
try mounting the bequiet dark rock CPU cooler on your mainboard
this is the hard shit to do

For RAM and GPU. There are like things that make click when you put the component in
for example the PCIexpress port where you put in your graphics card. It has a latch that will make click when you insert it and you will instantly know if you put it in right.
Same goes for RAM. They latch on and to remove them you sometimes also have a mechanism to do it easily. COnsult your mainboard manual and study how it says it has to be done.

Here again. Installing RAM is really easy. The hard part is to install your CPU cooler inside the case without touching the RAM sticks nor anything else in your case that might be in way.

>But how do you install all of it? Do you just unplug the graphics card and plug the new one in?

literally yes

>What about the CDs that come with it? Do I uninstall the old graphics card first?

you can of course install your drivers from dvd. however, when you buy it it will usually be old already so it is advised to download the latest driver online and install that. and about uninstalling the old drivers. sure you can do that if you want to but I bet your new card would run even with the old drivers still being orphaned on your pc. We uninstall those dead software just to ensure there are no zombie remnants lingering around on your machine to cause trouble in the future for you.

>But then how could I be running my PC without a graphics card?

you could in most times. That is because most mainboards have a hdmi port already for the integrated intel graphics unit on the cpu itself
of course it will not run any games but you can get a video signal from that onboard graphics in case your GPU dies abruptly for whatever reason

>And how do you physically uninstall/install a graphics card, from the hardware side?

first you find a good pcie port to mount it. wherever you have the most free room.
then you remove the gasket thingy from the pc case on the rear. there are like little slots of metal screwed on the back side.
they are modular and you can remove 2 or 3 of them to make space for your GPU interface side (where the connectors are)
here it depends what type of card you have. if you have a powerful card, it will be 3 slots and a normal card will have 2 slots only

>I’m sure these are stupid questions but I’m bad at spatial learning and not very good with my hands (low dexterity I guess).

there are no stupid questions in life ever
only stupid answers from eggheads

In general I think the greatest problem for pc building novices is that they pick parts that are incompatible with each other.
this is your greatest risk. so before you buy anything, put in the parts on pcpartpicker and compare if there are any collisions or ask here for 2nd oppinions.
this is a good thing to do in any case because sometimes people built a similar setup and have experienced that x part is much better than y part or you can get some z part for half the price of the one you wanted but still be good enough for your use.

This compatibility problem happens to me even today. Receently I bought a ps3 HDD and only afterwards noticed that ps3 is not compatible with 2TB hdds (internal)
you can do yourself a favor and learn from the mistakes of other people instead of your own.

and about your first part:


this is not how you do it
you buy the old console when the new one arrives
this way you save lots of money


they are not even worth it most of the time or they come out for pc a few years later
for example the Last of Us was so hyped when it came out but looking back it was rather shitty and not near that good how it was praised and hyped


File: 1598725862462.gif (1.07 MB, 480x360, 4:3, YT32x-z7JzXHW0KEcn8j7O8XKK….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Though yeah if you are legitimately retarded as you make yourself out to be in this post then maybe talk to a local pc shop and ask if they can do the work for a fee + parts.
That's what I've done (over the internet) and I don't regret it. I suck at getting anything done with my hands and I'd rather not go through the hassle of spending hours if not days assembling a machine on my own and risk screwing up somehow. Some of you make it sound easy, and enjoyable even, and maybe it is, but not for everyone. Now that I've got what I wanted I have lost all interest in keeping up with the latest trends, products and so on.

>PS5 for two reasons. The first is exclusives

This is less true as time goes on. Horizon got a PC port and there were rumors about Bloodborne and Dreams I think?
I miss the quirky japanese games sony would publish, but these days are gone now. Even the latest Mina no Golf was disappointing.


File: 1598727039436.gif (2.78 MB, 445x250, 89:50, ZigzagEquatorialJaguar-siz….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Bruh how can you not understand? Every pc has ram slots and you just stick the RAM in. Then when you want to take it out, click on the side latches and it unlocks it. Make sure RAM is compatible. Best practice all the ram should be identical model.

It's like lego, except with a handful of pieces rather than hundreds.

>Do you just unplug the graphics card and plug the new one in?

Yes that's literally all there is.

>Do I uninstall the old graphics card first?

Yes, then install new drivers from the website.

>But then how could I be running my PC without a graphics card?

Integrated graphics within the CPU.

I agree with >>51043 though.
Every single one of these questions is easily answerable through a google search.

While the science behind computers is extremely difficult to understand, the process of assembling a PC is really easy once you realise it's just connecting a few components into their slot.


>Every single one of these questions is easily answerable through a google search.

If you're at a level where you don't know that you can remove and add RAM to a computer, then you probably don't know how to use Google.


what i do is buy a prebuilt pc on sale for like $700, every 5 years or so, but recently the duration is getting longer and longer as i dont really see the point in getting anything newer. all i've ever done is change ram and install fans. also the longer i wait, the more powerful pcs will be. hardware improves far faster than any sort of money investment, so no matter what, if i just wait a year my money will be better spent on the improved hardware.


I did this back in 2010, bought a $500 prebuilt and installed a high power psu and graphics card, runs everything fine, upgraded the graphics card and cpu once since


>you don't know that you can remove and add RAM to a computer
That's what posh people do. I downloaded mine from torrent websites.


Wow, this is incredibly helpful. I was not expecting anything like this, I was just giving my opinion on the console or PC
debate. Thanks a lot for this. Especially the graphics card part, I never understood that cause I had no idea there was a
second graphics card included (in the motherboard I think?) Yeah I know the old consoles are cheaper and more economical. I
just thought it would be neat to buy a brand new console as I've never done that before and can afford it right now, but maybe I
won't. But I'm definitely going to try my best to learn PC building now that I have the free time. As for exclusives, I
disagree cause I'd like to play the 2018 spiderman game that probably won't ever come out on PC, plus I enjoy playing the NHL
games (last one I played was 14).


Man you gotta stop harassing me over this. I never wanted to be spoon fed. Go read other threads that don't make you angry. Also I still haven't the slightest clue how to physically upgrade any of my pc parts, I still will need to watch hours of videos before ever having a chance at actually successfully doing it.


Fuck off with your stupid spoonfeeding bullshit. People helped him because they wanted to, he didn't even ask.


>tfw have ps3 with 1tb internal hdd
>and cfw
>full of games
>never play any of them
I don't know but I somehow lost the ability to enjoy those things like I did once
enjoy gaming as long as you can youngfags


I ain't exactly young and still enjoy games, it's just that now I have to work full time so I barely get to play anymore compared to when I was a kid and could play for hours every single day.


>I just don’t like people who do X
Then ignore them. Stop looking for fights


>- Bigger screen (TV)
You get an HDMI or Display port cable and connect your graphic card to TV
>- Simpler to use
You get a gamepad and connect to PC
>- Lots of games made to be played with a controller
You get a gamepad and connect to PC
>- PS5 exclusive games
I can only think of Bloodbourne, everything else seems to be ported anyways
>- Advanced controller vibrations
You get a gamepad and connect to PC

Retarded brain fart thread


this always


> I can only think of Bloodbourne, everything else seems to be ported anyways
Is googling for 5s that hard for you? Are you a literal retard?


consoles are literally the same hardware as PC


is there a way to pirate games for current gen consoles, and play them on the consoles? i dont think there is but i can't say i've ever looked into it. i'm unbelievably poor so i can't afford to to buy anything really.


Depends on the console. The switch has hacks that’ll let you pirate and play on it, but I don’t think Xbox or ps4 do yet.


This person is right
Alright so I googled PS5 exclusives
>Astro’s Playroom
3d platformer, doesn't look too bad
>Bugsnax (timed exclusive)
Looks like shit, also timed
>Deathloop (timed)
It's bethesda so it's guaranteed crap, also timed
>Demon’s Souls
on PS3
>Destruction AllStars
Probably the worst looking game I've ever seen
>GhostWire: Tokyo (timed)
Looks cool but timed.
>Godfall (timed)
No idea about this one, but also timed
>Goodbye Volcano High (timed)
Already on ps4
>Gran Turismo 7
Never really cared about driving sims but I guess that's a good one
>Horizon Forbidden West
Sequel to Horizon Zero Down, which was pretty mediocre and ugly.
>Oddworld: Soulstorm (timed)
It's probably good but timed and also on ps4
>Project Athia
Nobody knows anything about this. But also timed
>Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
Older Ratchet and Clank games were alright
Sci-fi TPS, maybe it'll be a worth a playthrough
>Sackboy: A Big Adventure
Another 3d platformer, it's nice to see games like these nowadays,hope they don't screw them up.
>Spider-Man: Miles Morales
I've heard the other spider-man game was fun, and I like this kind of game, so alright
Looks nice but it's also on ps4 and pc.

In case you're wondering, timed means it will release as an exclusive but later will come out in other platforms.
To be fair it's more than I was expecting, and some 3d platformers which people seemed to have forgotten a few years ago, but still not worth a purchase. Most of the game I'd actually want to play are or will come out for other platforms


I wish they would make a Mina no Golf/Hot Shots Golf for the PC, and not a shitty grindfest like the one on PS4. I don't think there is any hope of seeing anything (good) come out of sony from japan moving forward. They'd rather focus on big budget crap from california.


The ps5 is obsolete thanks to rtx 3090


Take in consideration the difference in pricing. RTX card are not the same price as consoles.


What a dumb thread holy shit. You are as about as dumb as op since everyone knows that linux can only play high end games when emulating windows- a proprietory software that linux users despise- to play a game you would have no hopes of playing on an actual an gnu linux kernel. If you are actually interested in security, you should probably be using a vpn at all times and make sure your device is encrypted well. If the government finds you, it's already too late. No software will stop them from cracking your pc.


>not realizing you can turn off information settings off in the system settings
poor bait


Why do I consistently get warnings and bans when I am critical of a threads topic but when everyone else does it it's fine?


>that price tag
There is no question that they are underpricing their console. I wonder just what they plan on to make up for it? Lemme guess. Spying on their users, selling their data, having more costly monthly subscriptions (which they already have but it's gonna be more pricier), and overpricing their games on the PlayStation store. The exclusives are a fucking joke too.


I dont know if its because i grew up poor, but i always viewed computers as exclusively for work or internet. Playing games with mkb just seems so unnatural to me, so im going to say get the ps5


You can play games on a computer with a controller you know.


Yeah of course, but if youre using a controller already why not just play on the console?


Because then he needs to purchase a console while the computer is right there?


Well using that logic why buy a controller in the first place if your computer already has a mouse and keyboard? I was just under the assumption that in this hypothetical scenario the person already owned a console and thats why they had a controller


>Well using that logic why buy a controller in the first place if your computer already has a mouse and keyboard?

Because sometimes using a controller is better to play games. Specially for emulation.


I fell for that meme, and tried to play with gamepad. It is worse for me, playing Dark Souls on mouse and keyboard feels so much better. Sure it's not as "fluid" for movement, but whatever.

I unironically sure now that gamepad gaming is for casuals, casuals in a bad way. Look at gta 5 for example - you fucking literally press one button to aim (and it auto locks on npc head) then press fire. Then repeat

Spilling the obvious here, but this was new to me. I've never own any console in my entire life and not planning to.


It's funny you mentioned DS, that games was the very reason I bought a controller. It's always good to have one around. I play a lot of old console games on my pc and using gamepad feels better for me. Keep it in some drawer somewhere, it will be useful eventually.


>playing Dark Souls on mouse and keyboard feels so much better
I tried playing DS with mouse and keyboard and it was god awful, latter games control better with m&k but the first one is almost unplayable to me.
>I unironically sure now that gamepad gaming is for casuals
This is such a dumb thing to say. There are games that just work better on gamepad, you can disable that shit on GTA V, you know. Try playing any fps without auto lock-on with a controller and it's harder than mouse and keyboard.


Pc doesn't have auto aim when you use a controller in gta 5. At least not single player.

You are probably thinking of gta 4 that had the lock on. Don't know if console's had lock on.
Main reason gyro aiming was so amazing when I tried it on gta 5.

Also keyboards just are worse when it comes to gaming. How shity keyboards are are only made up for by how great mice are for gaming.
It's yet another reason I am loving gyro aiming so much. Can use a controller while still getting that mouse like precision.


>keyboards just are worse when it comes to gaming
in what way? I don't play too much console games but I refuse to go back to playing my favorite platformers on a thumb controller now that I've tried them on a keyboard through emulation. With a keyboard you can have your dexterous fingers on as many as 9 different action keys at once whereas on your average casual controller you have 4-5 at your hands and more than half of those only available to your thumbs which causes the devs to have to bind things to awkward buttons combos in order to fit the limitations(stuff like double tap for dash, down+direction for slides, hitting down twice to reload, and more I can't think of but you get the idea)

sure, if you're just relaxing on your couch playing some casual game then your thumb controller is fine, but if you are trying to play a tough game that requires precision and accuracy you're gonna want a keyboard or at least some sort of fightstick


Besides stuff like repetitive stress injuries it also is the opposite to presice in that you can't have any gradation in the controller. They are totally binary, on and off. So stuff like operation of vehicles or playing stealth games where how hard you move the stick correlates to how fast and noisy you are feels awkward or frustrating using a keyboard.
Also most games don't even recognize smashing 7 or 8 buttons at once even with custom key binds.
Also who in the world tries to play the whole hardcore vs casual card because they don't have the coordination to use button combos and has to rely on the equivalent of turbo buttons and programmable buttons to make custom shit to play plathformers?

I don't know what kind of platformers you have played but everyone I played is better with a controller or stick then the literally painful experience of playing them with the keyboard.
Including games like Jazz 2 and other platformers that were primarily for PC.
I would also like to mention that because of the well thought-out layout of most controllers there is also no finger reach or miss presses which also aids in accuracy, performance, and comfort with controls. Another benefit is that it takes less time to get used to the controls between games since there is less variation within similar games.

More buttons doesn't make for a better gaming experience. Especially in platforms (seriously a baffling example in context).


Well, the general debate (with k+m and controllers) is that it's easier to aim with a k+m than it is with a controller. If you don't believe me, go and play any fps game with the aim assists off with a controller and see just how hard it is to be accurate. It is extremely difficult in comparison to the easy k+m. Generally speaking, racing games and stealth games are better with a controller because you have full 360 degree movement whereas a keyboard can only move in 8 directions. And as you already said, stealth games are (especially JUST the stealth portions of it not mentioning gunplay if it has any that is) better with an anologue stick because you can "creep up" a lot easier with full controll of your characters speed while a keyboard is limited to half speed and full speed (note that gaming keyboards for a while now have had a feature where you can half press keys for more precise movement in game). As far as platformers are concerned, 3d platformers are better with a controller where 2d platformers there is no difference (besides the exception of 2d platformers with a top down view). So this is basically it: platformers, racing games, fighting games, sports games (because of the demand of good footwork), and stealth games. And for pc: fps games, strategy games, mmos, roguelikes, and 3rd person shooters. Of course, there are probably more I could put in each category of which is better for k+m and controllers but this is generally it right here.
>More buttons doesn't make for a better gaming experience
But that's just not true. It would be true if you said it doesn't necessarily do so but this is a false statement. Games like real time strategy games demand it because when you attack or defend on multiple fronts (more than just two) it is always better to have hotkeys to zoom in on different allied groups so you can always see what is going on and do certain actions with said groups so you can actually succeed. For example, just try to play stellaris WITHOUT hotkeys and see what happens. You would have to pause the game constantly until you were blue in the face out of sheer boredom over the overly drawn out action. It is a much better experience with k+m while the best a controller can offer is going to each unit with the left and right bumpers (which is no where near precise). Which brings me to another point: the superiority of k+m is especially apparent in games where you can't pause to stop the action and where a dozen or more controls are needed at the same time. Have you ever played a game such as mass effect before? Bioware literally implemented the power wheel to be controller friendly as they would be screwed by not being able to pause the game to use all the powers. As it stands, the more serious gaming more geared towards k+m while the more casual gaming experience is geared more towards controllers. Not to say that using controllers can't be used for serious gaming, but in GENERAL is more for casual gaming.


>it also is the opposite to presice in that you can't have any gradation in the controller
no, keyboard is exactly precise, this 'gradation' you're talking about only makes the controller less precise, it's more precise to hold down a key when you want to move slowly than it is to angle a stick at a roughly 40-60 degree angle, sure it is more intuitive and casual but it is not better or precise


Oh and I forgot about:
>So stuff like operation of vehicles
But it really isn't that cut and dry. Using tanks (for example) is better with a k+m because it requires a more precise aim to cut down enemies. I however would say that if we're talking about airplanes or spaceships (with a fixed aim according to how it is oriented) is better with controllers because it is far better to have full 360 degree movement than it is to move in only 8 directions. It is in fact a lot easier to aim and to be precise than it is with a k+m in this scenario.


This is 100% inaccurate. It is very important to have gradation in your movements in stealth or 3d platformer games because you could easily accidentally move from a shadow in a stealth game and what could result is almost instant death whereas a 3d platformer (or 2d platformer with a top down view) could mean instant death by only being able to move in 8 directions. You sound confused and are conflating 'precision' and 'quickness'. And you saying it's "quicker" to moving in 8 different directions is only slightly true (even when it's just a test it's only slightly faster). The reality of the matter is that it's actually much much slower with a k+m because your movements are less precise with regards to 3d platformers or 2d platformers with a top down view


you were saying gradation is more precise, it's not more precise, it's more fluid, but it's not precise, precise means exactness, a controller stick is not exact like a button is


Well, that wasn't me. This >>51427 is me.
I will admit you are correct when saying that moving in exactly those 8 movements is more precise with a keyboard than a stick. However, it's just simply not true if you said it would make for more precise gameplay as far as 3d or 2d platformers (with a top down view) is concerned. If we were to go this route, then why aren't people using the keyboard to literally aim in an fps game? Answer: because the aim is in fact less precise


>Answer: because the aim is in fact less precise
Nope. It's because it takes a much longer timer to aim properly using the keyboard. If you set a key to move your aim one pixel at a time it would in fact make your aim 100% accurate but it also would take a lot longer to properly aim. Basically what >>51431 said.


That's wrong. How is moving your crosshairs and firing accurately "more precise" when you are limited to 8 directions?
You know what else he said?
>sure it is more intuitive and casual but it is not better or precise
>is not better


not him, but I think you misunderstand what precision means


He does. Welp, whatever, I'm done.



I don't even know what this debate is even going on about anymore but if you're actually playing the game (and not slowly aiming at fixed objects), I don't know how you could say that aiming is more accurate with a keyboard than it is a mouse. If you're argument is:
>I aimed at a human but hit a wall with precision
Then I honestly don't know what to say to you


Every pc becomes a console if you give it enough time


>Well, the general debate (with k+m and controllers) is that it's easier to aim with a k+m than it is with a controller.

You are all in the coolaid and don't know the flavor.
I have alread said that mice are great, which is why mice are good for shooters.

The whole argument wasn't about the how good mice are. It was about how shit keyboards are for gaming controls compared to almost any other alternative.
Keyboards have nothing to do with the greater acuracy in FPS games. That is the mouse. If you don't believe me try playing early fps games that used the keyboard for aiming. That shit was the fucking worst and there is a damn good reason no game does that shit anymore.

>note that gaming keyboards for a while now have had a feature where you can half press keys for more precise movement in game

Not only have I not seen this advertised but I have yet to see any game implement native recognition of such half inputs.
I am not saying I don't believe you, but it would be great if you have a example of this.

> 2d platformers there is no difference (besides the exception of 2d platformers with a top down view).

Wrong, opinion disregarded.

>And for pc: fps games

Because of mouse
>strategy games
Mostly because of mouse, though rts games certainly make full use of every single key and would probably use even more buttons if they were avalable (not a fan of RTS games if you can't tell)
Strongly depends on the game, with many action MMOs playing better with controller and most tab based targeting MMOs being totally designed around M+K input
Most certainly depends on the game. There isn't really any unifying principle when it comes to roguelikes and they span dozens of genera of gaming.
>and 3rd person shooters
Because of mouse, though I would argue that controller with gyro aim is best for these games.

>but real time strategy games

Real time stratagy games aren't fun and I don't play them.
If that is your only argument for more buttons make for a better gaming experence, which is arguable since I would argue a better designed game that was actually fun would strive to have better methods of control that don't require 104 different buttons with a few thousand key combinations to play the damn game.
For example the game Brutal Legend had RTS portions in the game that were actually fun and were flawless with the controller. But that game was actually fun while most full on RTS games are about as fun as a calculus class.

>Have you ever played a game such as mass effect before?

>Bioware literally implemented the power wheel to be controller friendly as they would be screwed by not being able to pause the game to use all the powers
Strange since in games like ratchet and clank, GTA 4 and 5, and a bunch of other games you don't pause the game when quickly swaping from a rather huge set of weapons.
Kingdom hearts also comes to mind with your abilty to use a huge list of powers on the fly once you get the hang of button combinations and using the mini menu thing while in combat.
Even old school shooters where you have to nearly constantly switch weapons to stay alive play just fine using a controller.

Hell, I actually missed the quick sellect wheels when playing the two newer Deus Ex games with M+K because using the number keys to quick select is much clunkier then just pushing and holding one button then a direction to quick select something, which is so much easier and faster to do in the heat of combat.

> As it stands, the more serious gaming more geared towards k+m

This is totally and compleatly incorrect.
"serious gaming" is geared towards and uses just about every imput method. There are hardcore games that use peripherals, hardcore games for the controller, hardcore games for the mouse and keyboard, and even hardcore games that use motion controls.
Hardcore/"serious" gaming is about the design of the game not the primary input method.

>but in GENERAL is more for casual gaming

This is a baseless and incorrect assumption.
Mouse is both used for the most hardcore and the most casual games played. Second in most used for causal games is touch controls.

Games that make use of the keyboard or controller are more or less tied as far as I can tell when it comes to how hardcore or casual they are.


>Bigger screen
you know you can connect a pc to a tv, right?
>PS5 exclusive games

don't fall for console jew


i only play mobile, couldn't tell you.


Services such as steam has made PC gaming streamlined to the point that it is basically on par with console gaming. Hook steam up to a TV and switch to big TV mode for the same experience as a console.

All of the benefits of console gaming are starting to go away now that Microsoft's and Sony's consoles are becoming more like PCs. The main reason I liked consoles was because I could just put in a video game and start playing, like how I can do with a movie. Now all games require lengthy install times and the game discs are little more than a form of hardware DRM. Console gaming has also gotten so expensive that most children do not even play video game consoles anymore, with parents choosing to give their kids tablets or phones. I can see no future for console gaming, and it will probably just end up being merged with mobile/PC gaming. The PC market was always slow to adopt ARM PCs, but now Apple is doing it and allowing people to use phone apps on their PC. Apple has enough influence to move the market so in a few years PC and mobile gaming will basically be the same thing.


File: 1606061832878.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1606060680080.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

is the sony worth getting?


Even if you want a PS5 or whatever you really should wait for their second batch.
Ever since PS2, the launch consoles always have some sort of built in flaw that is fixed in a later version or build batch.
Being a early buyer just means it is very likely it won't last for the whole generation and you will have to buy it again a couple of years from now.


So, I just played gta 5 on the ps4 and it is the most gimmicky shit ever. They have "special features" like ducking in a a car (which is pointless), and when characters speak to each other on the phone, they speak through speakers on the controller and makes the whole thing feel discombobulated to hell. The speakers also sound like they came straight out of an early 2000s mccdonalds drive through speakers. I can't even make this shit up. Is this really the best consoles have to offer?


Yes it is, I played GTA5 on the PS4 and it was the same for me. I guess people use consoles because it's simple, but I've never known consoles past the PS1 and GC that were "simple".


Wait, the controller has a speaker?
I mean I use a ds4 controller for pc games and even played GTA5 with it.
It was just normal.
The only "special" thing I did with the controller was set up gyro mouse aiming using the steam settings.


useless gimmick that drains the battery faster. that's about it lol


Buying a PS5 for Demon Souls.


$500 for one game?


two games


I thought only transsexuals play it nowadays.



Since GPU's are not affordable anymore.
Is it worth getting a prebuilt or a ps5?


this is you brain on 4chan and similar imageboards


>now you can grind content islands with slightly faster loading screens.
Open world was the death of warframe, game gets worse everytime I look at it.


Prebuilt may actually be cheaper at this point so look into it if you can.


I got a PS5 and I enjoy it a lot, I don't give a shit about what normies or piss sea niggers here have to say, I bought it to play some fucking games not to be the absolute top dog of the gayming scene.


Yeah and pretty much any car is obsolete because you can get a much higher quality Jaguar or a Ferrari.

Are you really this fucking dense?


ps5 is obsolete even by 2080
heck even by 1080 ti


What are you playing in it? The console's exclusives so far look pretty uninteresting to me.


God you're such a retard, the PS5 is pretty much on the same league as the 2070, comparing it with the 1080ti is extremely retarded.

And guess what retard, the PS5 includes the SSD, the 16GB of RAM the CPU,GPU a 4K bluray and a free game, the 2080 costs the same (or even more because of scalpers) and it includes…the GPU.

People like you are quite stupid, not because you think that PC is better, but because you use a retarded one dimensional way to compare consoles and PC's.

Demon Souls and the spiderman games, I already pre ordered Ratchet % Clank and Returnal, yes the initial batch of games are not that great, but I'm ok with those, and the upcoming games (Horizon Zero Dawn 2, GoW and Gran Turismo 7) look appealing to me.


Wait, you don't plug your PC into a TV?


i use a tv as my monitor

actually didnt even know it was a tv until last year


isn't the input lag higher on tvs?


yeah but anything from the past 10 years is still probably fine. i seriously doubt anyone could tell a difference

they have to do some additional processing of the signal or whatever bullshit instead of just straight displaying your video output. at least thats my understanding


>- Advanced controller vibrations
This has to be bait.
Bigegst reason to use PC is a mouse also no ahcked stuff on newer gen games but so many casual shitters use plastic box.
No one who seriously plays cares for controller vibration anyway


>yeah but anything from the past 10 years is still probably fine. i seriously doubt anyone could tell a difference
Ify ou are playing FPS huge difference you do not understand input lag you do not use a TV to agme with big pleb move unless you are playing casually which you obviously are.


File: 1622465114545.gif (3.86 MB, 815x326, 5:2, Bluepoint sucks.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I don't see the appeal of modern consoles, most games that are decent are multiplat or timed exclusive. Maybe if you really like Sony stuff like Uncharted, TLoU, nu Ratchet, etc. but those games never appealed to me. The only thing in Sony's current catalogue that I hope get ported or emulated some day are Bloodborne, Returnal, and 13 Sentinels. Maybe Persona 5 Royal but I already emulated vanilla. PC is just overall better as far as freedom and options, seeing as I can still play modern games with my 1060 6gb instead of needing to upgrade to a new goyneration.


I'd add Everybody's Golf to that list. That franchise is probably dead now that Sony has moved on to 99% cookie cutter western AAA trash. Up until the early 2010s they used to publish a lot of quirky or obscure japanese titles on their platforms but that's over now.


Even if they did you can still use the same vibrating controllers and much more on a PC quite easily.

My current main controller is a DS4, which works flawlessly in the games I use it with on PC. While I have no particular interest in a DS5, if I came into one somehow I could easily use all it's functionality on the PC too.


File: 1622501367238.jpg (123.25 KB, 1024x901, 1024:901, 1584194969558.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

As an addendum to this post I guess I can see the point of the Switch if your computer isn't strong enough to emulate it and/or you want to play it while laying in bed or something.
Yeah. It's a damn shame.


>not having a cable that can attach to your tv and a back up wireless kb/m or controller so you can game or use your computer from bed.


what about chinese android consoles

my tv box works fine for gaming also root is enabled by default


Most of them are pretty shit in almost every way.
What's your budget?


i live in a 3rd world shithole these things are pretty cheap here also the smallest mini PC seems too expensive for my budget unless i work really hard


Used/refurbished isn't a option?


Don't matter cos no computer chips for everyone


>Bigger screen (TV)
>Simpler to use
>Lots of games made to be played with a controller
>PS5 exclusive games
>Advanced controller vibrations
The only one of these I can take seriously is PS5 exclusives and there's like 5 of them, PC all day.



you will never be a japanese or live near them


It’s just a joke, desu.



A lot of your positives for PS5 are actually very moot. Let me adress them one by one.

>Bigger screen (TV)

My friend has a 120Hz TV that he plugs his PC into. Everything is HDMI now.

>Simpler to use

Debatable. More on that later.

>Lots of games made to be played with a controller

Why not use a controller with your PC? I don't understand your argument at all here. There are controllers that are way comfier than the PS5 one but even that one is compatible with PC.

>PS5 exclusive games

Like what? Demon's Souls? What a tool. Emulation will give you access to a plethora of console exclusives and you will get to play in higher definition and with mods. Get PS3 Demon's Souls and crank that shit up to 1080p 60fps or more if you put a budget for your PC.

>Advanced controller vibrations

Get a vibrator, weirdo.


The Gabe Gear is some unholy fusion of console and PC (that runs Linux).


Modern consoles are basically just PCs that use propeitary APIs.


it's more about the games rathen than anything else


I always dreamed about buying PS to play Bloodbourne….but now, after I got the 2080 ti and played almost everything at 90+ frames per second…I don't want to play Bloodbourne anymore

30 fps is not for me, fuck that


Bloodborne is coming to PC anyway so no need


ugh there are enough souls like games in the market, there was a survey where one could vote for rule of rose to show there is interest in a port.
hope there is no third party drm client required


As much as I’d like that to happen, it’s not gonna. But hey at least elden ring is on the horizon.


sony has been porting a lot of first party games to pc so who knows what's in store


I don’t think they’re gonna let go of it until they make their 5th remaster for the PlayStation8. I mean demon’s souls isn’t on PC. And yeah I know god of war and horizon whateverthefuck got ported, so there is a chance, I just don’t think it will.


The main reason I got into PC gaming back in the day was because of modding and better graphics. The golden age of modding is long gone so there is little benefit to actually gaming on a PC. PC graphics are also a joke now compared to consoles. The days of devs pouring money into a graphical powerhouse like Far Cry or Crysis are gone. Developers develop for the most powerful console, nothing more.

The only actual advantage I can see for PC gaming is if you enjoy playing FPS games competitively. I would only recommend PC gaming today if you live with others and aren't able to enjoy your home's full entertainment center whenever you want.

I just wouldn't recommend a PS5 right now. They are hard to find at MSRP and there aren't any good exclusives.


>The golden age of modding is long gone so
>A new total conversation mod for fall out nv came out like a day ago that is as complete and huge as the original
>More people are moding then ever before
>Mod tools have never been better

What are you talking about dude.


People are modding games from the golden age of modding. Fallout NV came out 12 years ago.

You rarely get full games like team fortress or counterstrike anymore because of free game engines like unity. Why make a free mod when you can put your shitty unity game on steam and charge people for it?


There are even more mods for Skyrim and FO4.
Mods for cyberpunk 20whaever, mods for witcher, mods for all the versions of doom, and plenty more that I personally don't keep close track of because I am more interested in action RPGs than projects involving Stardew valley or mindcraft.
Hell, kids are learning the fundamentals of good modding from Roblox and Minecraft while even getting paid.

There has never been a time with more modders and games that mods are being made for.
The number of major projects that have recently came out or are about to come out are amazing.
It's totally absurd to say there was some undefined golden age of mods in the past that is over now.

I mean you had day one mods of that new resident evil game. That is how hot the mod scene is right now.


Skyrim is almost as old as new vegas and mods for other games really aren't on par with the mod the game literally however you want type thing that existed in the early 2000s. Just because modding still exists doesn't mean that it captures the same feel that it used to.

The only game that I would say captures the feel of late 90s/early 2000s modding feel is minecraft. Roblox is close, but the inclusion of robux kinda ruins the experience.


>A new total conversation mod for fall out nv



Now you are just being vage and playing the no no true scotsman.
Ether actually explain what the hell you even mean or shut up, because I really suspect you are full of shit and know it at this point.


I suspect this is the one dude was talking about, but it ain't out yet.
The trailer just dropped for the project though.


Do you happen to know about that New California conversion?


thubmnail reminds me of that crazy youtube succubus who wanted to blow up youtube headquarters




differing opinions aside, it looks liek her doesn't it?


I don't see it. I thought she was Iranian or something.


This is one of the few examples where a choppy framerate unironically adds to the cinematic experience.


anyone know if you can use ps4 controller touchpad as a mouse for pc? if so, i suspect that controller is the ultimate emulation controller. it is a pain having to switch back and forth between controller and mouse when setting up a game or configuring the emulator. being able to do all this with a controller sounds really nice


I think you can with DS4Windows, although I only have a PS5 controller. I don't see why it wouldn't work anyway.


It does. You can also do it with steam's big picture mode.


I mainly do it through steam but yeah it can be done, I have done it, and it usually works great in my experience.


Oh, I should mention, I use the gyro for the mouse, but it should also work fine if you use the analog stick as mouse if you use a button as a hotkey to toggle functions/modes.
Usually I use those touch button things on the ds4 controller as a toggle. You can also use the touch pad on the controller but it sucks for anything but operating menus.


I haven’t touched video games in almost a year, in part because I don’t really have the hardware for it. I’ve been telling myself I’ll get a PS5 when they come out, since I can’t afford a decent PC on bux. I think I’ll just buy the cheaper Xbox (S series). I have a monitor I can hook it up to already.


Honestly? PC with GNU/Linux is the wizardly path to follow. You get to steamroll normiegroids with your elite computerwiz powers and have a better OS than them, even for gaming. Get some basic knowledge of computer hardware and GNU/Linux and build your machine with whatever parts you can afford, with your own efforts. PC has borderline infinite retrocompatibility potential, so you'll always have a plethora of games to play.


linux is awful for gaming, what are you talking about


I can game just fine on GNU/Linux, in fact, all machines in my house run GNU/Linux exclusively. A GNU/Household, if you will.


Let us guess.. You run the games by emulating a windows environment on top of your Linux desktop, doubling the overhead?


I don’t consider running 15 year old valve games at under 60fps “fine”


For me it's console all the way, in the way of "PC" I just have a shitty laptop, so my option would be to buy a very expensive gayming laptop or build a PC from scratch and that would cost more more than $2000 including monitor, KB+Mouse etc

On the other hand with console I just spend $500 and I'm fine for the next 5 years, I get a guaranteed level of performance and image quality and in the case of PS5 some nice exclusives I actually want, I don't play online so I don't spend on that shit, I also have a thing for physical discs and I keep them around.

If I had an unlimited budget maybe I would get a PC but in my current situation a console is way better.


If by "emulating a windows environment" you mean using things like Proton, Lutris or just pure Wine, those aren't emulators, with actual overhead varying between titles, and some even performing better than native Windows.

You can run WAY more than just that under GNU/Linux.


You are likely in the past and havent realised that support has increased rapidly in recent years. Valve released their own handheld linux gaming hardware this year (Steam Deck) that is based on linux, so they have worked hard on increasing compatibility and will continue to do so


Yes, I have tried proton and what-not, it doesn't ever run games at native speeds and sometimes games don't even work at all, linux as a gaming environment will always be "It works good enough, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"


your primary concern is cost, yet you select the option where you must pay for literally everything? that's like poor people complaining that they cant eat proper food because it's too expensive, and then they go and live off doordash or food delivery, fast food, junk food for the rest of their life instead of buying cheap ingredients and cooking simple meals. you are either just lazy, dumb, or okay with spending more money in the long term. you can pirate everything and play for free on a pc. if you are worried about money, and want to play games, there is no other option honestly


Again for PC I would need a fuckton of things, I don't even have a monitor and a decent one would cost me $200 or so, so a decent PC would cost me at least $1500.

With a PS5 I just pay $500 and have performance comparable to a RTX2070TI, I can get games cheaper after time (It's amazing how PC tards believe that console games never get cheaper).

If you go for a Series X it's even cheaper, the performance is on par with a 2080TI and game pass with some tricks means that you get 3 years of games for like $200, $700 in total for a high end PC + 3 years of games is unheard of in PC's.

Consoles are unbeateable value.


>I don't even have a monitor
You'd need a TV for console gaming so that argument goes both ways. If you already have a TV you enjoy playing console games on, then it's probably equally compatible with a PC.
>a decent one would cost me $200
Believing this is your own fault for submitting to consumer culture. No, a perfectly fine HD monitor is nowhere near 200$, even 120hz come in cheap these days. If you're not content with anything that isn't marked up for having the gamer label attached, then that's not a flaw of PC gaming but rather your own irrational needs. A perfectly serviceable HD flatpanel can be found in most thrift stores for under $20.

>(It's amazing how PC tards believe that console games never get cheaper

Nobody believes this. What is a fact though is that all PC games are free if you pirate them, and most these days are released on a DRM-free platform. Legal copies go for cheap on key markets too. Even those who swear by consoles will crack their systems to play bootlegs. Meanwhile you're paying hundreds of dollars to rent games from a game pass over the lifespan of the system, but when the pass runs out, what then? When you buy a console disk or purchase a digital key for a game, you're entitled to play it indefinitely. Game Pass service can (and will) be pulled as soon the console's company decides it's no longer profitable, and then you'll be forced to buy physical copies of the games you wish to keep playing anyway.

>Consoles are unbeateable value.

Those who made the plunge in to PC gaming 10 years ago can upgrade their PC to play today's games for much less than a the price of a new console, and they'd still get to enjoy all the games they already have. The current PC parts environment has raised the price of entry but software's demand for CPU and RAM has been plateaued for years so a GPU upgrade is all that is needed. Games today are still benchmarked for max settings with high-end consumer GPUs and CPUs that came out in 2013. it's only costly if you're building from scratch but unlike with a console, any existing system can be upgraded as needed. Even prebuilt gaming laptops use a standard PCI interface for GPU communication so EGPUs can be used to keep those up to date.


wonder if you include the price of a fancy tv set when buying a console, just buy a controller board and convert a laptop lcd panel to a monitor. pc gayman was the only choice because I am a poorfag, I only play pirated and f2p though. not giving those valve scammers a single cent lol


Literally proven wrong by a normie, what a shameful display, wiz.



these linux tech channels are always going on and on about how linux is totally going to win against windows soon™ and it just never happens, almost no games are being shipped with official support for linux and the way that linux is built as a bunch of cobbled together modules from a bunch of different devs makes it impossible for a game to run correctly without a layer of latency needed to convert everything to work the same. So you could have some guy with arch linux, systemd, alsa audio, wayland desktop running the newest cawadooty at 10000fps while another guy is on ubuntu with some kde desktop open source nvidia driver that gets 60fps with microstutter


I just cant justify paying the money for a console, it's too expensive to buy games.

My whole life is on the internet, so having a good PC is even more important for non-gaming to me. I already need a good PC. Therefore the question comes down to buying a gaming GPU or getting a whole different device with its own CPU etc, with which it is much more difficult to pirate games.


you can get really good 1080p monitors under $100. 24" for under $50 on ebay sometimes. if you're a poorfag you should have low standards so there's no reason to get higher resolutions than 1080p and higher framerates than 60 hertz. over 2/3 of people on steam still use 1080p for single monitor gaming because it's perfectly fine

there is no such thing as a 2070ti first of all. for 1080p gaming it is also overkill. you can still VERY comfortably game on the 10-series gtx nvidia cards which. gtx 1080 on 1080p 60hz performs the exact same as 2080 on 1440p 144hz. gtx 1080 is the most cost effective graphics card you can pick up. even now with this insane market because of gpu mining they are only $300 on ebay

if i had to build a cheap pc from scratch that could game it would be like this. keep in mind the majority of these parts can be reused as you upgrade. and also when you upgrade you can sell your old parts and use that to buy the replacement so things will always be cheaper than it seems. as long as proof of work mining allows 8GB gpus the 1080 will retain value despite being old

$300 used gtx 1080 on ebay
$30 cheap ssd for windows on ebay
$20 1tb hdd for games on ebay
$100 for i5-10400 on ebay is a good starting point for a cpu. anything more you pay more. anything less you lose performance. if you had a pc and cpu to begin with you could use that as a comparison, and decide whether the imrpovements in upgrading become worth it, but you dont so just realize it's pretty good. the 10th gen (this cpu) and 11th gen both share same socket so if prices drop and you ever need to upgrade to 11th gen your mobo will support it. but motherboards arent that expensive anyway it's just nice to know
$70 for LGA1200 socket motherboard on ebay
$60 16gb ram on ebay
$80 24" 1080p monitor on ebay
$30 550W atx power supply on ebay
$50 used atx pc case on ebay (just a structural component to attach things to, it doesnt matter if it's used, just make sure the form factor fits you motherboard)
$50 for gaming keyboard and mouse should be enough to source decent stuff from anywhere. if you dont want to use mouse keyboard for gaming, you can get whatever is cheapest, and then just reuse your console controllers for gaming

this is around $800 for literally everything including monitor and mouse and keyboard. you can upgrade gpu whenever and your cpu can go to 11th gen on this motherboard which should last you a long time. and now you have a machine that lets you play pirated games for free and will comfortably power your shit for many years


also this might actually be cheaper than console in the SHORT TERM if you consider the costs of your tv and console and any immediate game purchases you made for your ps5. so yes i don't think gaming is quite as expensive as you think. this shit would be so much cheaper also if you had a pc to reuse parts

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