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Let's discuss anything related to video games that don't deserve their own threads.

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File: 1593123665972.png (3.52 MB, 1792x1664, 14:13, nu jill cute.png) ImgOps iqdb

is resident evil3 remake worth it?
seems like its pretty bad compared to 2remake and even the original on psx, for how much should i buy it? i play on console


It's boring as fuck.


File: 1593125358011.jpg (179.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake-R….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I keep telling myself to just get back to playing games, they are there, they were wanted, they were sacrificed for, but I just..don't. It's like they have become a chore I'd avoid like sweeping up dust and crumbs from behind the desk.

Maybe just need to get over not actually liking something I very much wanted to like. Feeling like part of it isn't even its fault but rather because this is currently a not a good time, I am associating it with bad times.

Maybe that's actually why I have been not playing, some kind of backwards-ass maladjusted attempt at greater preservation, so I don't resent games by association all together.


i don't know if i fully understood your post but the worst part is when you wanna replay an old game you liked to feel what you experienced back then but the things just aren't the same like it wasn't the game that made you happy back then but more your happiness/good times that made you enjoy the game and have good memories of it, i don't know if you know what i mean?


Yeah I know what you mean, I experienced that feeling many times getting into SNES emulation years ago.


Opinions on

Risk of Rain 2

they look pretty good and the reviews are positive, they are in early access however.
worth buying and playing now or wait till they are out of EA?


Risk of rain 2 is lots of fun, but kinda one note. I got a good 100 hrs out of it but I'm also really into roguelites. It'd also be a good game for people to play on this board cause you can just post room codes, no steam friend bullshit.

If you liked binding of isaac and like unlocking things you'll like RoR2.


You get about 5 hours of enjoyable gameplay. Figure it out by yourself.


File: 1593405079190.jpg (126.36 KB, 680x442, 20:13, male_shepard_x__garrus_by_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I started mass effect last week and almost at #2, I want to play all three but….wtf is this? does your character really goes gay for that grasshopper looking alien guy? ●_●

there's a "citadel date" video on youtube I'm scared to look, someone please tell me it not true


I played mass effect I didn’t get any gay romance


They allow homosexual alien romance options but won't force it on you


Garrus is a cutie. Just play the games and go on the date. You might start to see things differently.


i just spent two hours on the first parkour challenge in dying light and my left hand is killing me fuck this game


File: 1593692936828.jpg (62.92 KB, 600x694, 300:347, metal-gear-solid-4-guns-of….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is this game just an excuse for Kojima to tell a story? I mean first three games were pretty heavy on the plot but at least they had a map to explore and added new mechanics. This game is just map after another of "go to point A to point B" and then a cutscene. And it's also pretty easy to just shot your way through. Does it get better? I just killed the first boss, octopus something so I'm not really that far in, but I feel the entire game will probably be the same


Pretty much. I remember the really common joke when that game came out was, "MGS4 was a really great movie."


Killed a couple more bosses and yeah pretty much the same, I'm enjoying the plot, though, not as convoluted as MGS2 (so far). To top it off they send you to the island of the first MGS and make you play a bit of the game as it was released on playstation, which only makes you wish you were playing a better game. I also think I've been spoiled because I saw a screenshot of what might've been the finale.


I'm starting mass effect 2 also and there's a whole lot of cussing and adult humor in this game wow, me1 only had one cussword as I remember and no sex/penis double entendres (standing to attention), no references to "daddy bags" no alien strippers hunching their puffy vulva up against your TV screen

I'm only 2 hours in, I can't wait to see what else is in store

it's like the game got so big and popular the makers felt they had to dump all this Adults Only rating level stuff in it to be mainstream acceptable or something, I don't see why else they would raise the maturity level so much from me1, I wish i could just play these next two games without all the unnecessary "grittiness"


I hated 2 and 3 compared to 1. Probably mostly the novelty of the lore/worldbuilding just wore out. And i think it annoyed me that ammo was introduced or something, cant remember


thermal clips
iirc the rationale was that guns can't fire without heat sinks all of a sudden, I thought that was ridiculous, maybe they helps keep the thing cool but the notion that a gun -can't- fire without them? lol, come on, it maybe a future space gun but it uses the same ammo as 19th century gun, we shoot those all the time without heat sink

I liked the new difficulty level it added tho


File: 1594272463793.png (15.31 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Someone rec me a good tactical game, maybe a roguelike. I really liked pokemon mystery dungeon.


age of empires 2? has a good online scene


jagged alliance 2?


I started playing RE revelations, and Jill's body, mainly her butt, is too distracting. What were they thinking?


Just found out gyroscopic controls for aiming on a controller is a thing.
Seems really cool and if it works as well as the people who like it say it does then I could play 3rd person open world games without having to switch back and forth from keyboard and mouse and controller when shooting or driving are involved.

The only question for me now is if I should get a ps4 controller or a Nintendo controller as both have it built in and both are supported by steam without too much fuss.


I had to look it up what it is and it seems awful. The movement is even more unnatural than aiming with twin sticks


You're only using it to supplement the twinsticks. You do broad strokes with the stick, and then fine-tune with gyro.


Going with a PS4 controler since it is what I am most used to, but not sure if I should go with one that eventually looks like a xbox controler so the face buttens match in game promps or if I should get a normal cheap controller and somehow mod the buttons.

Going to look at 3rd party controllers to see what is out there.


the 8bitdo are popular but they're pricey, and I don't know if they have gyro

speaking of it, does it even work for PC games? or console games for that matter? I remember you could aim like this in some games on ps vita but I could never get used to it.


File: 1594509410561-0.png (242.51 KB, 500x311, 500:311, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1594509410561-1.png (213.26 KB, 453x498, 151:166, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

From what I have seen of them they are basically just switch pro controllers that are styled after retro controllers. Since I am not super nostalgic for old nintendo stuff and don't even play too many emulators anymore it seems that the extra money wouldn't be well spent in my case on such a controller.
Besides, like I said I am used to PS controllers anyway. Even my current PC controller is in the same shape (pic related) but doesn't have the gyro.

I might just get this
since it seems like a normal 3rd party controller but the buttons are blanked out. Only been playing using the abxy pc/xbox button layout for about 2 years so they aren't as embedded in memory as PS buttons. Them being blank would help me from crossing the streams and pressing the wrong "x" button.

>does it even work for PC games?

Yeah, there are 3 ways of doing it.
Use steam to do it, use a 3rd party application to do it, or use direct input programing like old school pc controlers only with extra steps.


I've got some serious video game burnout. Now this is a big issue because gaming is my primary hobby. My backlog has dozens of games that need to be played. I buy titles during steam sales that I either never get around to playing or drop after a couple minutes because it seems like too much effort learning a new game. My old past favourite games are stale and don't bring me enjoyment anymore.
I am unemployed so almost all my time is free time yet I can't get around to playing anything. I just feel bored when I turn any game on. I wish I could derive pleasure from these titles.


try NoDopa


try nomema


Ended up finding a first party OEM controller brand new for the same cost as 3rd party.
What a steal.

Guess amazon being a dick about shipping to my P.O. box turned out for the best.

When it gets here I am going to play the shit out of MGS5 to try out gyro aim.


what is that thing in the middle? a touch screen?


It's really just a big fat button. It's just a gimmick that ended up doing nothing.


On which one?
The DS4 or the logitech?
The Logitech one changes pre-set modes for the inputs (controller "X" style impute, or mouse and keyboard command inputs) when you press it.

The dS4 is a touch pad that wasn't really used in most games and I will probably mostly ignore it or also program it as a ether a mouse input or scroll pad depending on how sensitive it actually is. Might be useful in menus for non-port PC games that still function well with a controller.


Bit late since sales are over but I'd highly recommend RoR2 as long as you don't mind the somewhat repetitive gameplay loop of roguelites. It's early access but has been really polished throughout, even back during the initial release. Only gripes I've had have been a few balance decisions and the shitty quickmatch system that matches you with people on the other side of the world so your ping is shit. But they're replacing that with a server browser this fall.

The price is supposed to rise $10 when they come out of early access so I'd recommend maybe buying before if the price difference is a big deal. If you plan on playing multiplayer and don't have friends to play with I'd recommend waiting until the next update though, because quickmatch will probably put you with lots of people using artifacts that modify the gameplay a little and would be detrimental to your first experience with the game IMO.


Thanks wiz. I ended up getting both games lol. And nah of course I don't have anyone to play with.

I suppose you already know about DS4windows? You're making me want to check out gyro aim again now, I always thought of it as gimmicky and impractical.


I'm really liking it, pretty sh9rt but very fun and replayable, I don't finish most games I play and finished it 5 times, and will start a sixth playthrough soon.




I just remembered there used to be this retarded thing called Star Citizen. I checked and it's kinda stunning how literally nothing about it has changed. Not like I expected to see it was released, I thought it'd either be dead and gone or staying afloat by constantly inventing new scummy gimmicks to sell. However there's not even that. It's like a time capsule, frozen in 2015. The shitizens are still stuck playing the same ugly demo with zero gameplay, still convinced the big fix is coming next month. Still paying thousands of dollars for virtual items.

>What were they thinking?
Whatever it was, looks like they were right. She's pretty amazing, I can't stop watching.


File: 1595313751212.png (2.36 MB, 1901x1070, 1901:1070, Clipboard01.png) ImgOps iqdb

Has anyone played "Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories". I spent some hours in it for the last 2 days. Technically It is one of the worst games I've ever seen but at the same time it's hilarious. Sometimes it's so dumb I laugh out loud. I also kinda feel sorry for the devs, they wanted to create some dramatical, touching scenes but it looks so uninspired and pointless every time due to bad programming, writing and designs. To make it completely comedic I just put the silliest outfit there was (space suit with swimming hat and glasses) and decided to choose the most idiotic replies and make the most idiotic choices (still leaning towards good ones). Here is an example of the gameplay: when aftershocks happen suddenly you need to press one button to get on the ground and wait for it to finish or you will fall on you ass and take damage (and stress). I think I will finish it even though I am lost now and don't know where is the next plot trigger. It could be bugged and stuck forever, I won't be surprised. Highly recommended overall, very unique experience.


Oh, I didn't know it was released in the west.


File: 1595380721766.png (992.27 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, disaster.png) ImgOps iqdb

Will this ever come out?


no, it won't. retard ran out of money because he didnt want publishers influencing the gameplay, etc, but any game is better than nothing jesus man


File: 1595392863096.png (4.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, petka.png) ImgOps iqdb

Currently playing Red Comrades Save the Galaxy (Петька и Василий Иванович спасают галактику).
Pretty fun point and click adventure with silly conversations.


I don't know if it was localized in English but it has so many racism. When these guys traveled in the USA and met a negro they tell his to get bananas, call him a monkey etc.



File: 1595419901915.jpg (157.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been waiting for Exanima for 5 years now.


File: 1595846895002-0.png (4.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, petka2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595846895002-1.png (3.94 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, petka3.png) ImgOps iqdb

I enjoy how it's not politically correct though.


What? succubi were in charge in russia? Weren't its dictators all men?


How fucking ignorant can you possibly be? Does the name Catherine for example ring a bell? Could you not do a basic google search instead of making that post?



File: 1596192216043-0.gif (1.78 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 3.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1596192216043-1.gif (1.02 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 20200816.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Playing Other-cide

Forgot how unstoppable NEMESIS was..


i fucking hate rpgs
>you missed
>you missed
>you missed
>you hit the dog for 12 damage
>you missed


Build less shit characters and actually pay attention to stats and hit probabilities.


I was playing fallout the other day
>90% chance of hitting
>critical miss, you killed yourself
I can't even get angry anymore.


File: 1597869937632.png (433.15 KB, 460x460, 1:1, image0 (2).png) ImgOps iqdb


go back


File: 1597967738790.jpg (606.09 KB, 1683x1038, 561:346, Gael_phase_3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just killed Santa and finished the entirety of the dark souls bosses, boy they left the best bosses for the dlc, I really liked Friede and the Dragon, Santa was alright but once I figured his pattern out he pretty much didn't touch me.


I used poison and hid behind a shield like a coward the first time I fought him.
From really likes dragons with bloated HP don't they? it's pretty satisfying when you finally manage not to get hit, but good grief does the fight go on and on…!


>From really likes dragons with bloated HP don't they?
This entire game in general I felt the bosses had way too much health, I thought my build was shit but when I looked up other people's I found out it's just the way it is.
>it's pretty satisfying when you finally manage not to get hit
Yeah, Midir killed probably like ten times before I figured out his patterns, but when I did he pretty much didn't hit me, except with that dark laser attack with which he one shot me twice.


The game has the best bosses in the series, so I don't really mind for the most part. When you go back to the prequels it's surprising how quickly bosses go down, and how comparatively easy they are. One thing that does frustrate me a lot in DS3 though is that they are so fast and relentless that I feel it makes the slowest, harder-hitting weapons very difficult to use without getting punished. It could be me not being good enough, but I've done it in every other game in the series, including Bloodborne so I don't really know.


File: 1598057760157.png (588.28 KB, 644x972, 161:243, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

new world sent out an email of steam keys for the beta? it is 40gb or so it says. will last 10 days or so. will try it out and post my thoughts when the time comes


this mmo is soulless, it was delayed because it was so barebones and it still is


>One thing that does frustrate me a lot in DS3 though is that they are so fast and relentless that I feel it makes the slowest, harder-hitting weapons very difficult to use without getting punished
Yeah a lot of bosses in this game are like that, it wouldn't bother me so much if the camera didn't lock off every time an enemy made a fast move, plenty of deaths were because the enemy moved too fast and I couldn't see what they were doing.
>When you go back to the prequels it's surprising how quickly bosses go down, and how comparatively easy they are
I was thinking that when fighting a boss the other day, I think it was Sulyvahn, I died a lot of times (although that fight in particular it's not that hard) and I thought to myself "Is this game harder than the previous 2 or am I just getting worse?" but I also found DS2 to be much more difficult than 1, so it's probably a thing in fromsoft games. I can't play Bloodborne since I don't have a ps4 so I wanted to play Sekiro next, but I hear that one is even tougher, so I'm going to put it off for now.


it's artificial difficulty


I've watched some of these videos, no idea how they make them but they're fun nonetheless.
>artificial difficulty
Memes aside I think there's some trial and error involved with some of the bosses.


idk about soulless, but it being barebones sounds like a good thing. modern shit is far too bloated and packed with gamified garbage. i don't pay for games so i'll just be playing the free beta thing regardless, plus i hate amazon.


it's not a meme
sounds boring


he's not wrong, sort of. I mentioned the bosses, but some mobs are also way too fast and relentless I feel. They just attack over and over and some have these absurdly powerful grab moves… the mobs in the farron swamp immediately come to mind. They wouldn't have been out of place in bloodborne… but that game was designed around the enemies and the player being faster and more nimble, and the regain mechanic (get health back as you attack) made a huge difference.

DS2 also had a few bullshit enemies, remember that giant mace wielding guy in the dragon shrine with almost unlimited stamina?


File: 1598271904798.jpg (45.38 KB, 473x500, 473:500, medium.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>absurdly powerful grab moves
Oh I forgot about that, now every boss has a fucking grab move that just kills you most of the time. Fuck that shit.
>farron swamp
Please don't remind me of that place.
>DS2 also had a few bullshit enemies


well it's not bad. i want to continue playing through the beta i guess. crafting is a pain in the ass and for example to craft steel ingots you have to go to a single region of the entire world to gather oil from a marsh. there are other marshes all over but they dont have oil and nothing tells the player this which is really bizarre. combat is basically spam left click and occasionally block. i wish it was less demanding to run. it will take up 11gb of ram on the absolute lowest settings. the options to disable stuff are just missing at the moment. everywhere is filled with billions of shitty bushes and grasses and foliage everywhere. this is how modern games try to make games look good. no way to disable foliage so you can't see shit in the world. i like the direction or maybe the vague feeling i get from the game, like a mix of eso and bdo. a little too tedious for me. i mostly just want to gather resources, craft, and make money, but i'm constantly being forced to fight monsters to get mats required for my crafting. game has an outrageous fucking tax system for the market and it seems the markets are localized to regions. archeage had a cool taxi system where carriages routinely drove across the world, bdo had stuff like that visually npcs wandering around, this feels barren and lifeless in comparison. i dont know if there are mounts, havent seen anyone riding anything, but that would help with the bullshit travel. i guess i was expecting some monster game fueled by amazon cash that would destroy all other mmos, it seems modest and quite normal though


File: 1598575611055.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pubg permaban hacker.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've been playing several hours of PUBG a day and I noticed tons of cheaters/hackers.
Makes me happy when I report them and get notifications like in pic related but still half my games are infested with them. Radarhack, aimbot, speedhack, etc.
Apparently over 100,000 people get banned each week and over 10 million accounts have already been permabanned, yet the problem persists.


File: 1598634566674.mp4 (12.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Stalker Call of Prypiat So….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I have this exact feeling as well and I think I found out what the problem is.
The thing is when you have a library of 100+ games waiting to be played, you never start with it. It just looks like too much.
I noticed that I struggle with starting to play something but once I am in it, I usually binge it rather quickly.

Now that the summer is finally over, the gaming season is starting.
Recently I de-dusted my old gaming pc from 2013 and I found out it is still good for old games.
So I got myself a few classics from back in the day:

>Crysis trilogy

Ooooo boy, this game. Back in the day, your pc power was measured by being able to play crysis in full graphics. I only played the demo, my computer was weak back then and I forgot about it. Until now.

>Far Cry series

Never got into those because I was always more the battlefield player. But those seem interesting. You are stranded in some lawless island and you need to survive against the other lawless who want to kill you. It is a very interesting setting and I am going to try those out.

>FEAR series

I got interested in the first one but never played it for whatever reason.
I like japanese horror settings and the John Woo slo-mo mechanics it seems to have.


like simcity just as a corrupt banana republic presidente

>metro series

the first 2 are older games and should run easily but the exodus interests me most. The problem is just that the exodus game is from 2019 and likely my 2013 pc will not run it properly. Wish me luck

By the way.
If you are interested in older games.
You can find pretty much all the classics on GoG and the best thing about them is they come without DRM faggotry.
and most importantly….



So far played 1 night of Crysis 1
Here is my review so far for those of you who might be interested:

the pros
>gorgeous world even today
>so many details
>great physics
>shooting your guns feels responsive and fluid
>pretty much everything is destroyable
>the gameplay mechanics (suit) are fun
>you are rather free to do whatever you want
>the game does not spoonfeed you every single detail but lets you think yourself
>you are free to either evade unnecessary combat situations or go full war

the cons
>very militarily (lots of explosions and hundreds of enemy soldiers with tanks, humvees and whatnot)
>the suits most useful skill is the invisibility thing. speed and strength get little to no use
>buggy (destroy 2 tanks mission, no direction anymore what to do even when the tanks are destroyed)
>retarded language faggotry (korean original dub is only playable on hard mode as if the norks talked in english for you)
>since you are rather free in the open environment, you might get lost or walk to a dead end
>the stealth system is stupid. even with silenced guns you often get noticed
>the controls are tedious. to save power in stealth mode you need to crouch. which is done by holding CTRL constantly
>map is horrible with no streets marked
>enemies take forever to go down even if hit on chest but you die from 3 or 4 hits only (hard mode)

I am now at Rosenthals exavacation site.
All in all I liked the game even if it got annoying at times. For example one time the HQ says to follow a road.
Then you follow the road and get to a dead end. Then you go back and find out he meant another road a few meters away.
And the other retarded stuff is they recommend you to go by vehicle on a road. This only gets you spotted by Korean soldiers and you have to fight dozens of them coming to kill you. I don't want to have shootouts if not necessary.

I wish they implemented less shootery and more climbing / sprint / jumping segments to make use of the suits powers.
If I just wanted to stupidly shoot around I could have installed Call of Duty as well



File: 1598832378674.mp4 (5.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, y2mate.com - Gaining Groun….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Just completed Crysis today
Here are my final thoughts on it

I was very surprised by the rapid shift in how the levels look like. They went from tropical paradise in the first half of the game into techno space ship cavern and then into desolate ice desert in the last third. Then the ending happens on a fregate. I loved that duality from tropical to antarctic looks. The frozen palm trees looked gorgeous. They really put so much details into that game. It is simply insane what this engine was capable of in 2007. I played this on a 2013 top of the line machine and there were 2 instances where I felt how my machine was struggling to keep up with the game. On 1 instance I had the game freeze completely. My settings were all on the highest possible. The last bossfight is just insane with gunshots, explosions and creatures flying around everywhere.

Now I understand why the pc gamer fraction always hates on consolefags and say how the consoles are bottlenecking pc game developments. because devs create games for systems like ps4 and then the pc port is much weaker in graphics then what would be technologically possible. I doubt even today that there is any game that can make full use of the nvidia 2080. It is really incredible how graphics, computing power and technology in general have progressed in only a few years.

I noticed another bug in the game. There is a part in the fregate (last level) where you need to go pick up a rifle. I had a soldier die on the door towards that rifle and I could not get there. I progressed with the game as normal and in the final boss fight I was unable to complete it because I lacked the rifle. I wonder how such horrible faults can happen in such a high end production. Then there was another really stupid bug when you exit a vehicle to jump down to a road and the game saves while you are in air and you are trapped in a forever loop where you hit the floor and instantly die and it reloads the same save again and again.

Then again I got into trouble because of the shitty map. There was an escape from the mountain part where you pilot a chopper and at times the green dot disappears and you have no idea where to go and what to do. They really botched this part of the gameplay. I do like that it does not spoonfeed you every single detail and what doors to break up but at times you really have no idea where to go and what to do. I like the fact that it is not movie-game-esque like uncharted where they keep you fed story crap all the time and tell you exactly where to go and what to do with even highlighting the shit you have to interact with so even a retard could not miss it. However, the game also felt like it was more of a tech demo then a real game. It felt like they had this fancy new cry engine and they wanted to tinker together a new game with some of their maps just to showcase it to everyone.

Now some words about the sound. The music is just superb. this mp4 is my favorite song.
It really caputures that pacific tropical vibe. It sounds like those thai / indonesian style xylophone tunes.
The rest of the OST is really good too. Listen a few songs if you find the time for it.

>give me a tldr you faggot

I would say the game is a worthwhile one. Even with all the bugs and flaws.
Even if you are not into FPS games, just play the demo of it just to see what they were capable of doing with that.
And if you can play this one in 30fps from beginning to end, your pc is truly a good pc


File: 1598892403443.jpg (28.31 KB, 241x412, 241:412, Puzzle_quest_PSP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That game was a blast back in its days. 2007 and 2008 were the years for videogaming in my life, I think. Coincidentally it was when I was bullied at school the most.


I played crysis (1 2 and 3) 2 weeks ago very good franchise

1 and 3 push hardware hard, mostly just crysis 1

2 is just optimized for consoles

Here are my thoughts

I love the open feeling levels of Crysis 1

I like the music of crysis 2 quite a bit

Crysis 3 has the best story, graphics, and feels like an enhanced version of crysis 2


Gaming gets boring in your 30s anyways
Life has lost its lustre and you exist for no reason
Nature no longer has a need for you


>no longer has
as if it had one earlier
i was always a useless consumer


>Life has lost its lustre and you exist for no reason
Has been like this since day 1


For all of their faults I still have a huge soft spot for the first few M&M games, I love how "gamey" they feel compared to other dungeon crawlers from the same era. The NES port of M&M1 can be really fun if you can put up with how broken it is.


File: 1599020083733.png (44.25 KB, 532x343, 76:49, dota 2 ban.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't even troll or abandon games in DotA 2 but people keep reporting me for not playing well enough.
It results in short bans and low priority games but now I just got a message that says I could get banned for half a year.
All it takes is a few more unhappy people who report me out of spite and there goes my account lol.


I seriously doubt you are as innocent as you are making yourself out to be.


Me too, I'm terrible at the game myself and never had that problem.


>I don't even troll or abandon games
And yet, nobody wants to play with you. I think you should take this hint and leave the game for good. Try playing League of Legends instead. Perhaps you'll have better luck there.


idk i havent played since 2015 but back then if your team was losing, all it took was one mistake for some loudmouth to shift the focus on you, they would all-chat and shit talk you, a teammate, to the other team even. at this point you were utterly fucked and marked for death. it was pointless saying anything back. it didn't even matter if you played since your team basically gave up and began griefing you and would report you at the end of the match

i saw this pattern happen to me so fucking frequently that i stopped playing ranked, then unranked, and i only played custom games. i ended up playing 2000+ hours of custom games and everytime i wished i could play regular games but i knew what would happen

competitive team games are just shit for new and solo players


File: 1599434995200.png (945.72 KB, 1369x770, 1369:770, Sekiro.png) ImgOps iqdb

Have any of you guys played Sekiro? How does dying affect the game? Can I fuck up and have my game ruined if I die too much?


The game expects you to die, a lot. So no you won't permanently fuck anything up.


File: 1599691086657.png (14.68 KB, 1591x894, 1591:894, s13kgames com.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nice time waster. Died a lot, I'm sure other wizzies out there can easily beat this with a better death count.



119. Still not happy about this game. It's generally considered bad game design to have instant death scenarios. If you start a level where you instantly die if you don't move, I don't blame you if you do die. Overall, bad game, not very enjoyable to beat.

Don't beat yourself up for dying so much. Most deaths in those games were just not fair. Also, in my opinion, the responses needed to be too precise. It never felt good to beat a level even if I needed precision. I want a wider window of going on/off and jumping or a lower gravity or something.


Re-dubbing for fun & profit.


File: 1600605767085.jpg (25.68 KB, 352x550, 16:25, 162518443-352-k657112.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Somewhere in the next years they're gonna make Link a succubus and then you'll see streets on fire and rivers of blood.


That would be great, actually.


a bit offtopic, but
if someone told my child/teenage self that i'll never play D3 when it comes out in the future, i would think that it's insane
fucking denuvo or whatever the fuck they used. cunts


Link has always been a succubus though :)


A bit off topic, but why can't i just use a VR headset to game instead of buying a whole monitor that will take up desk space?


Blizzard will never learn from their mistakes, Diablo 3 was shit and is still the best selling Diablo game, they're going to pull the same shit and retarded consumers will eat it up.


diablo2 is still funner than 3 but the problem is people who play blizzard games play and buy only blizz games


they need you to continue payin moneys and that would be a lot harder if you go blind
yeah, who even remembers now about those hong kong bans


>who even remembers now about those hong kong bans
People on the first world only virtue signal when it's free and doesn't compromise the the shit they consume.
Remember all the shit that came out about ubisoft (or one of those I don't remember) not paying their employees for extra hours or some shit like that? People who would usually be outraged didn't say shit because they make the games they like to play and would never say a bad thing about their favorite company.



File: 1601611827331-0.jpg (86.61 KB, 884x670, 442:335, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601611827331-1.jpg (82.55 KB, 884x670, 442:335, 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601611827331-2.jpg (76.27 KB, 884x670, 442:335, 3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1601639045054.jpeg (170.39 KB, 448x480, 14:15, 82B72580-08E1-44AD-B6F9-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Are the Digital Devil Saga games any good? I have played Nocturne last year and enjoyed the gameplay but found everything else like the characters, setting, levels, music etc mediocre to bad. On the other hand I really appreciated the relatively low amount of cutscenes and dialogue. How do DDS1-2 compare?


File: 1601752130231.jpg (5.93 KB, 318x159, 2:1, aspect raidou.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I only played the first game, there isn't much dialogue like in nocturne and the setting is a bit more "futuristic". Gameplaywise is pretty much plays the same but with a huge difference: You don't recruit demons, instead you level up and teach skills to a few characters, which are humans but can turn into demons to increase their power, which I thought was pretty cool.
I remember it being a bit harder than Nocturne when I played it back then. Maybe you'll enjoy it, not really sure if you thought the music, settings and characters from nocturne were bad, I loved both of them.
There's also the Raidou games, which are set in early 20th century Japan (a setting I find extremely comfy) and the combat is more like a hack n slash game, if you don't like DDS maybe you'll enjoy that one.


File: 1601872829877.webm (132.71 KB, 434x267, 434:267, lmaoinserter.webm) ImgOps iqdb

It can't pick it up


Something about SMT just rubs me the wrong way. I find the games very pretentious and I don't know… in-your-face and edgy, and while it might sound ridiculous the direct religious and spiritual references are just distateful imo.


>I find the games very pretentious and I don't know… in-your-face and edgy
They are, it's what I like about them
>the direct religious and spiritual references are just distasteful imo
It probably is for religious people, I personally don't mind them.


Kind of want to get back into gaming, questioning whether it's worth spending the money though, I've gotten very picky with the games I want to play and I found that the last time I got back into gaming the fantasy of it was better than the actual experience, for example, I wanted to complete Fallout 3 and New Vegas because I hadn't before but I found it all a bit tedious and didn't feel fully immersed in it, I don't know if I'll ever be able to rekindle the feeling I had as a child playing games, it doesn't feel as comfy now, it just feels weird.


>questioning whether it's worth spending the money though
Just pirate, buy the game later if you like it and feel guilty
>I wanted to complete Fallout 3 and New Vegas
Well, if I was trying to get back into gaming with bethesda games I'd think games are fucking garbage.


What do you not like about those games?


I generally hate the way Fallout post 3 and TES games look and feel. And all their "quirky" dialogue.


File: 1602541882559-0.png (27.45 KB, 532x342, 14:9, dota 2 ban warning.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1602541882559-1.png (74.06 KB, 339x646, 339:646, dota low pri.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1602541882559-2.png (46.82 KB, 349x170, 349:170, dota 6 month ban.png) ImgOps iqdb

Good riddance. Although I am immediately craving more dota already so maybe I'll make a new account with my moms cellphone so I can play ranked again.


why do you do this


Going see what's the deal with AMONG US.


Playing with random people is nowhere near as fun as with people you know, like in every other social deduction game.
To actually enjoy playing the game you'll have to become a discordfag and use voice chat. It became popular because lots of streamers/youtubers played with each other, literally no other reason. The game looks and feels like a mobile game, because it is. There are far better social deduction games out there.


So it's like SS13 but dumbed down and worse in every way.


>Playing with random people is nowhere near as fun as with people you know
wrong this game is only fun with randoms
>To actually enjoy playing the game you'll have to become a discordfag and use voice chat. It became popular because lots of streamers/youtubers played with each other, literally no other reason.
discord actually ruins the experience
>The game looks and feels like a mobile game, because it is. There are far better social deduction games out there.
spoken like someone never played the game
it's SS13 but without everything that made it unfun


How come there are some Japanese, Koreans, etc. are super good at a game but their society has long working and schooling hours? A lot of the top players in a game are Asian, but these same societies would kill their population with a bunch of homework and studying time or, when the students graduate and get a job, long working hours.


Every minute outside of work is spent on gaming, they don't sleep much, some of them are pro enough to get 6 figures from playing in tournaments and don't need to work, or are already NEET nerds maybe with rich parents, etc.


Sony admits to having all voice conversations recorded when using the PS4 and PS5.

>After the 8.00 PS4 update, players started receiving a message when joining a voice chat which stated, "Voice chats may be recorded for moderation. By joining, you agree to being recorded.

>"Our goal is to help foster a fun and positive experience when you’re playing online with friends and other gamers,"

>Audio recordings would only be stored and transmitted in the event someone in the voice chat reports inappropriate behavior.


Wow imagine not being able to say the official gamer word.
Sony just lost all their street rep.


I thought this was a given with pretty much every device these days.


They're weird. All this gratuitous school and work culture, supposedly higher intelligence than anyone else in the world, but somehow they're still fucking poor and lagging in every respect compared to "stupid" places like murica.


I wouldn't say they're poor, but yeah they're behind a good chunk of the first world (not even top 20 of the world in terms of gdp). Maybe it's their lack of natural resources? Or maybe the fact that they're over a hundred million people confined in an island the size of Buenos Aires? Maybe it's all just propaganda and they're lazier than they'd have us believe.


File: 1603324488364.png (2.07 MB, 1364x1444, 341:361, cloud strife is a wizard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Woah it all makes sense now.
Cloud gets all this unwanted attention from Tifa and Aeris but he keeps brushing them off.
Meanwhile him and Barret really get along. Hmm…


>the official gamer word


What are some good simple PC games that I can play as a distraction? You know, like the games that used to come standard with windows like solitaire and minesweeper.




frog fractions
plants vs zombies
kingdom rush


File: 1603470150664.jpeg (18.93 KB, 540x302, 270:151, fOh.540x302.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

World of Goo


File: 1603598228382.jpg (23.81 KB, 500x281, 500:281, sonicColors.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For the past 10 years or so, I've been hopping from one living arrangement to the next, and just this year I've been able to settle in one place and things are actually stable. Because of this, I've recently had this sense of, "Oh, shit, I've missed out on more than a decade," and have been crawling through what's happened.

So, because of this, I played and beat Sonic Colors. It was such a romp.

I already feel on the clouds for just not having some illness grinding my insides, knowing where I'm going to sleep tonight, not having to go through grueling work-months, and not having to deal with two people yelling that they're going to ill each other through a paperthin wall. To be able to just relax and play a game with a character that I've loved since childhood, I had this sense of, "What the hell am I feeling? Oh, that's happiness." It's been a while. It's nice.


File: 1603627796003.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, genshin-impact.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I tried this out of curiosity. Played for a couple of hours. It's so absolutely, soul crushingly generic. I don't know how they managed to be this generic in every single aspect for this, from gameplay to graphics and everything else.I honestly would prefer a bad game over it. I can see someone with no expectations whatsoever and just wanting to kill some time to waste long hours in this, mindlessly clicking to kill every single generic enemy, from slimes to dragons.


finished witcher 3

it have bad combat
generic music
generic graphics
generic setting
bad movement,
dumbed down for casual gamers too much handholding,
generic batman ripoff protagonist
urgent main quest
very light on rpg mechanics

but it have, decent storytelling

4/10 game


What did you think of the card game gwent?


I don't know why people have such high expectations for Cyberpunk. It seems high production values and marketing are the only things going for it. CDProjekt is like Rockstar at this point.


Yeah the shear amount of cutscenes and cinematics from their trailers has already killed my enthusiasm. Too many black people. The gameplay looks like generic first person shooter crap. The list goes on.


you probably need to have started a month ago at launch to get interested in it. it is way overhyped now. i would have such high expectations if i were to start now versus when i did

i play like 2 hrs every day just to burn the daily resin and do the daily commisions so i dont fall behind. there's no more quests or content at my adventure rank and everything sort of depends on resin which regsn very slowly

i never played breath of the wild or owned a switch so the graphics are cool and new for me. being f2p kind of sucks for a gacha game like this, but even if i had mroe characters theres no way i could train them up. it's an absolute brutal grindfest at a certain point


>CDProjekt is like Rockstar at this point.
Not really sure what that is supposed to mean.
Rockstar consistently comes out with probably the highest quality games in the AAA category IMO.


I knew about this game back before launch and it was pretty well hyped even then but I was working on some anime backlog and didn't pay attention to it.
>brutal grindfest at a certain point
I spent my teens and 20s playing every MMO under the sun. As soon as those slimes came out of the bushes I was so fucking done with it. There's absolutely no way in hell I'll click another slime to death in this lifetime.

And it's not even a bad game, it's just I already played thousands of hours of it before it even existed.


same. i kind of forgot about it though. i also thought it was an MMO so immediately upon playing it i was disappointed

i'm fapping the nascent rule 34 of this game more than i actually play it. eventually though i'll have to grind for materials…


Their games are shallow and boring.


I mean I personally find them to be super boring but I just don’t like open world stuff. If you like that then they seem by all measures great games.


They are not by any consistent standard shallow or boring.


Take GTA V: same tired formula for twenty years, standard cover shooter fare with very limited freedom, ironically, and completely uninteresting storyline and characters. The side activities are a boring afterthought and most of the content you'll never spend more than a couple minutes on (submarine? crap. hunting? crap. golf and tennis? crap)

RDR is worse as it lacks the "wacky" factor and, well, motorized vehicles, but is otherwise exactly the same kind of game. Now I haven't played the sequel but from what I have heard they went ever further with all the mundane filler crap that no one will bother with besides making a few webm to show how beautiful the graphics and animations are.


>there being more things to do that flesh out the world makes the game shallow
>because I personally didn't like it

>same tired formula for twenty years

It has been a game that has very clearly been constantly evolving and each entry is pretty different from the preseeding one, with maybe the exception of 1 and 2 being fundamentally similar. They have consistently took risk to significantly change up the game play each time, usually for the better. Nothing tired and formulaic about it.

>standard cover shooter fare with very limited freedom

Nothing really standard about it and I don't understand what you could possibly mean by very limited freedom in context.

>and completely uninteresting storyline and characters

That is your opinion, and it is the wrong opinion.

Never played the RDR games but they also look like the most well polished and interesting cowboy games ever created. I just happen to not be into cowboys so never got around to playing them.


>Nothing really standard about it
Run to cover, pop heads, cover, reload, wait for health bar to replenish, rinse and repeat. Basically the shitty gameplay loop that has been the norm in third person shooters since Gears of War.

>I don't understand what you could possibly mean by very limited freedom in context.

There's no other way to complete the missions than what the developers intended. Stray from the path and it's game over. You should expect more from a series praised for its freedom, but on that point it got a lot worse in V. Compare that to something like MGSV, in spite of its flaws, it's like night and day.

>That is your opinion, and it is the wrong opinion.

It really is mediocre and unmemorable. The worst though is that despite all the apparent wackiness… the game takes itself somewhat seriously. It's like modern day simpsons, it's so bad it's painful to watch.

>there being more things to do that flesh out the world makes the game shallow

These things are unfun. It's not a matter of liking it or not. I don't care for mahjong in Yakuza but I can see the appeal. Driving a submarine in GTA to pick up useless crap is as interesting as watching paint dry.


>look at me being a reductionist
>all games are the same, you are just pushing buttons man
Reductio ad absurdum

>There's no other way to complete the missions than what the developers intended

Not really. You have plenty of choices in how to complete most missions, especially the heist, but you wish to ignore those choices because it doesn't favor your argument.
>Compare that to something like MGSV
Apples and oranges. The games aren't directly comparable in any meaningful way because their core game design and genera is totally different.

>More opinions that are shit

>These things are unfun. It's not a matter of liking it or not.

I enjoyed many of the side activities and so did most people.
Using the sub part was actually pretty cool and wear out it's welcome for me and what you picked up wasn't useless crap.
Again, just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it is necessarily bad. It literally is just your shitty opinion.


>You have plenty of choices in how to complete most missions, especially the heist
No from beginning to end it's complete hand-holding for the sake of spectacular action sequences and set pieces, no matter which "path" you take when you are given two options by the guy planning the heists. The choice of accomplices make no difference, even switching between playable characters on the fly is forced upon you by the game. It's a step back even from the heist in GTA 4 where there was some tension at least, and you were not given the illusion that your planning mattered at all.
The illusion of choice and freedom defines GTAV pretty well I think. This is why the game is such a disappointment for many, but we should know better than to be woo'd by the bells and whistles so common in rockstar's products. I know I won't fall for whatever crap they come up with next that ends up being the same rehashed formula they've been making since 2001, with some newish useless gimmicky features like RPG-lite elements, or superpowers (remember those in V? yeah me neither) or what have you.

>all games are the same, you are just pushing buttons man

Nice strawman. In the end GTA is nothing more than an average cover shooter though, a genre that has been done to death throughout the PS360 generation and that even mainstream publishers are starting to move away from.


>No from beginning to end it's complete hand-holding for the sake of spectacular action sequences and set pieces, no matter which "path" you take when you are given two options by the guy planning the heists. The choice of accomplices make no difference, even switching between playable characters on the fly is forced upon you by the game. It's a step back even from the heist in GTA 4 where there was some tension at least, and you were not given the illusion that your planning mattered at all.
I have to agree. I played GTAV and it's essentially a toy. None of the options really matter, the heists will always turn out the same, and if a decision has to be made the game will force you to make it anyway. It's just a standard fare linear shooter with a bumpercar sandbox minigame.


More reductionism to justify being a contrarian for the sake of argument.


another case of
>hating popular things doesn't make you an interesting person

granted, it's probably a zoomer who started gaming with mineycrafte


if i remember correctly only femshep can date Garrus


Where are your arguments? I'm not being a contrarian for the sake of it, I legitimately think the game is very flawed and overrated, and I have explained why. I was genuinely looking forward to it when it came out, it's not like I played it just to bash it on imageboards.

I don't hate GTAV, I find it to be a somewhat average game that did not live up to the hype.
Keep your stupid name calling and childish buzzords to 4Chan.


Every new game that comes out feels like it was designed by a committee, they fucking suck.

I have bene playing a few old games that I couldn't when I was younger and almost all of them are way better than anything that is released today. Especially western games, which all seem to have a weird fixation on making all succubi average to ugly looking.


Does anyone else here really hate the word "community". Now every fucking thing has to have a community, was watching a video about Dark Souls and people were saying stuff like "yeah the dark souls community is really toxic", toxic is another word I despise. Maybe I'm just getting old I don't know.


I understand completely. Especially for a game that's largely singleplayer,and the multiplayer is basically complete random matchmaking. I don't see how it's a "community". I think what happens is people who use reddit/twitter/4chan start thinking those places represent everyone who plays the game and thus the people who use those websites are now the community.

Same goes for things that aren't video games. I don't understand how people think there's an "anime community" or "furry community".
>maybe I'm just getting old
I dunno, it seems to me plenty of old people buy into that shit too.


>Every new game that comes out feels like it was designed by a committee, they fucking suck.
The soul/soulless is real. New games are extremely bland and "cookie cutter", even most indie stuff. The same thing can be said for any mature medium really. Movies lost their soul, as did books, poems, and music. Games are semi-recent so it is a lot more apparent the death of that medium.


>Every new game that comes out feels like it was designed by a committee
Cause they are

Oh shut up. There were plenty of fucking awful platformer cash ins before that were just as "soulless" and flooded the market. Only difference now is that the big budget stuff people look forward to is shit as well.


I also didn't say all games in the past were good. I think nearly every game from the 80s is soulless, like Galaga and Contra for example.


Speaking of 'soul'… whatever that means, I finished Return of the Obra Dinn a couple days ago and it was great, soundtrack is still stuck in my head too


I want to quit online gaming and only play single player games. All the variables in online and all the annoying encounters start to take a toll on me. I recently downloaded a ps1 emulator to play old jrpgs of my childhood. I started with Breath of Fire 4 and I really enjoy re-experiencing this game. I can play at my own pace and I have no stress like in online games. Wizards that have successfully banished online gaming from their lives please give me your experience on how you feel after the change.


online gaming is just an attempt at some kind of social interaction, it's not worth it


File: 1604090227683-0.png (373.56 KB, 1442x1000, 721:500, ff7 depressed innkeeper.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604090227683-1.png (474.66 KB, 1441x995, 1441:995, ff7 unpopular dweebs.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604090227683-2.png (2.07 MB, 1364x1444, 341:361, cloud strife is a wizard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just beat FF7 original again. First playthrough was over a decade ago.
Took about 60 hours.
Defeated Ruby and Emerald weapon for the first time.
Had to farm up Knights of the Round (KOTR) to create a second copy and a master summon materia with W-summon and Mime to cast KOTR nonstop.
Then I paired the materia Final Attack with Phoenix to revive my team upon dying. The combo can be used 4 times, so you technically get 5 lives with this setup.
This way when Emerald Weapon uses it's laser which does 9999 to each hero, you bounce right back instead of getting a game over.

Overall the game is still very fun. Hasn't aged as much as I expected. The art style is quite pretty and I enjoyed exploring the various areas.
It remains my favourite final fantasy in the series, after FF9 and FF10.


I only play online because I can feel better of myself humiliating others in PvP encounters.


O-okay… I'm glad you also enjoyed FF7.


Does anyonehave Animal Crossing New Horizons, an internet connection, and either a trade-able set of the halloween clothes or a store that sells them on their island? I started playing 5 days ago which is too late to get the wiz/witch gear. post ur island code and time i can show up to rob you itt plz


I just brought the skyrim atlas. It is overpriced as fuck on amazon so I had to get it from barnes and noble.


Any Fire Emblem fan here? I've played the first two on GBA (6 and 7 - Binding Blade and Blazing Sword) and had a great time with both of them. Any other in the series worth playing, that aren't overly frustrating/require a guide or some meta knowledge to be enjoyed?
If not, what are some tactical series or games worth checking out? The only similar ones I have completed are FFTA, Shining Force 2 and Disgaea 3.


Why not just use online guides instead?


File: 1604192005013.png (1.29 MB, 1275x975, 17:13, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

They ruined Fightcade. Look at all this shit, nothing to the right of the sidebar has any purpose, I open it to play games, nothing else, I don't want to join your Discord or Twitter (who would?), I just want to play games, stop bloating your UI with this pure gash, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But the old one's broke now, I guess they shut down the servers, because apparently a client that just instantly showed you your games and nothing else and was instantly accessible wasn't good enough, they put in twenty new things to click on, but I only have an interest in one.



Strategy guides are typically have a way better presentation and are easier to read than online guides. I tend to get frustrated trying to find what I want in an online guide because of how sloppily many of them are written.


You should scan and upload the physical guide. With software that detects and records the text from images, it would be searchable which is the big plus that online guides offer. Yous said it's overpriced, plus a good chunk of the profit probably goes to Bethesda so there's good reason to pirate it.


Stadia works pretty well you know. Cool.


i thought games were free with stadia, like netflix or something. very weird how i didn't notice this


Yeah it's a confusing service.

You can pay them monthly for pro and you can claim games each month from their pro selection, which you keep. So playstation-plus/gamepass style. I claimed hitman and some other games during this 1 month free trial so I can play them again if I ever pay for pro.

Or you can buy a game full price and play it on stadia for free at 1080p. Pro subscribers can stream games they buy at a higher res. The ubisoft subscription service is coming this month apparently so you can pay ubisoft to play all their games netflix style, but, for free on stadias free tier if you want?

It seems weird how this would be sustainable having people stream tens of hours of a game for free. It works though.


File: 1604683220471.jpg (2.1 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, PXL_20201106_165655985.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This is what I found with a quick google search:


That is the full strategy guide, which is different from what I purchased. What I got is the atlas which just contains information about everything in the game world. I did get a free key for the digital version of the strategy guide, which is nice, I guess.



I used to play OnLive back when all I could afford was a shitty laptop. The tech being crap was a meme, it always worked amazing. It was just ahead of its time, I guess.


cool, that gives me nostalgia seeing dungeon maps. i haven't seen a game guide in so many years


File: 1604702126892.gif (2.79 MB, 515x267, 515:267, 20201122.gif) ImgOps iqdb

What's with soulless IP tie-ins? The Square Enix GaaS Avengers is probably the most famous one at the moment.

However this one annoys me personally.
RIP Street Fighter


Way of the Samurai 3
I have no idea what I'm doing


Nostalgia? I just looked at it and it gave me a weird painful feeling. I was a teenager when I played it last. Sucks that time has to move forward so relentlessly.


I loved that game. One of the few games that make me miss my PS3.
I still have memories of collecting everything and how tense whatever that hardcore mode is called where it only takes one strong hit to kill and the ai is cranked all the way up.


May be just me but I feel like PC gaming is too expensive these days. Sure you get discounted games but the parts cost a leg while consoles are cheap but games are not.


Do you have strict anti-piracy laws where you live?
The difference between console and pc gaming is there, I'd play on console if piracy wasn't a thing.


Get a torrent client, use piratebay or another website to download free games. Use a VPN if you're afraid of getting tracked.

I accelerated my gaming fatigue this way. All these titles available and no energy or enthusiasm to play anything.


PC gaming is only as expensive as you want it to be.
Beyond a certain bare minimal you can spend as little as you want and still have a good time.
Those that want to be on the bleeding edge of tech always pay a premium, but it isn't strictly necessary to do so in order to even play most current gen titles.


it's on steam and gog if you want it for PC


I didn't know it had a PC port
But I already did all there is to do in the game
>*finds out 4 is ported too*
Might check out 4 when it goes on sell.


restarting the same damn missions in fire emblem 6 over and over and over again, and it's on regular mode! i really do suck at these games, but still they're pretty addictive.
some mechanics are somewhat obscure though, like constitution and item weight. i never paid much attention to it


I just thought of googling PS5 and found out today is the release date

anyone gonna buy this thing?


Not in a thousand fucking years


Mine's coming in tomorrow.
Gonna play Demon's Souls.


Don't update the firmware ever. in a few weeks we'll see an exploit to play homebrew and pirated games


is this speculation or is it actually close to being done?


it's extremely wishful thinking, he's ignorant


File: 1605301313862-0.jpg (93.87 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 20201115.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1605301313862-1.jpg (178 KB, 1451x1328, 1451:1328, 20201129.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Praystation V or Xbox XXX?


The answer is always PC


I miss the era of late 90s/early 2000s RPGs where they would just place a player in a world for them to explore. Now the player is just expected to go from quest marker to quest marker, which basically trains you to go on autopilot and ignore everything else in the game world.

I may sound like a nostalgiafag but I always find myself genuinely having fun in these older games. New games I feel like I am playing just for the sake of playing, not because I am actually enjoying myself.


i enjoy that aspect about old rpgs but every other aspect of them is usually cumbersome and tedious. there seems to be a balance which cannot be reached


I played ATOM rpg and it was pretty open world, there's only 4 quests you need to do, everything else is a side quest in a pretty high-effort world



The tedium is part of the fun. Not moment has to be a balls to the wall adrenaline rush. But I guess I am in the minority. Most of the games I enjoyed ended up selling poorly.


I've played M&M 2-4 and think 2 is probably the best of the bunch. Encounters have much higher density, difficulty curves are much higher, events in the overworld are much more mixed, and really the whole world had more thought put into it.

3 has many quality of life upgrades but started softballing difficulty. 4 continues this trajectory but is so easy it isn't even funny. Go back to the old school, where the wrong answer on a road a few squares away from middlegate leads you into a fight with 100 orcs, Where telling a hermit you don't have his keys kills a party member, where you search every square of a dungeon bumping into walls for secret codes on the walls. Without a doubt, the best of the best


Has anyone here emulated saturn games? I seldom see it discussed on imageboards and forums, is it that bad technically or just unpopular? I would like to try Shining the Holy Ark.


Yeah, last year I played 5 so saturn games. I used retroarch, everything worked pretty well. Didn't have a problem even with multiple CD games like Panzer Dragoon Saga.


which core(s) did you use? beetle?


Everytime you emulate SEGASATURN, Segata-kun will turn in his outerspace grave.


Beetle for most of them. The hardest part is to find a working rom for some of the games. There are a lot of bad dumps for saturn games out there.



well damn I didn't know that. I think I'll hold off for now.


I really hat ehow gamin g reviews are nothing more than a measure of how much a marketing budget a video game had. All AAA games get scores in the range of 8-10 while others get honest reviews but sub 8 scores because they didn't pay the publication for a higher score.


File: 1606004860912.png (120.83 KB, 682x788, 341:394, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ye gaming journalism can be quite dishonest. Better to look at user based reviews like metacritic, steam or even google.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 looks fantastic but they made the PC version Epic store exclusive so they can go fuck themselves.
While I hope it is a timed exclusive, if it isn't then oh well.


I don't like the execution of Happy Wheels. It's a 2010 game, but the simplistic colors and basic game play makes it look like it's from the early 2000s. I don't like seeing it for some reason. It gives me a feeling of a time of stagnation in my life. It's like being in a plain colored room all day for years doing absolutely nothing. No contact with the outside world either. You're just there. It's a game that I probably would have played for hours because I had nothing else to play because I refused to change or get a job. It's a reminder of my older self and how all the days blended together. Even now, I'm in the same room that I've been in for 15 years or more I would assume. Same place, no real outside contact. Just like the sound of a light bulb on a dark night with nobody around.

I'm still here. This is just existence at this point. Killing people who live like this isn't murder. Doing the same thing over and over again in your bubble. That's a release. Hopefully the void would be a better place for them.



Decided to play Horizon Zero Dawn. Installed it only two days ago but spent enough time in it to realize what kind of game it is. I don't even want to talk about the gameplay, it's very generic, typical western tower capturing and witcher sense exploring. What is very annoyed me about this game is that it has some very weird propaganda or motives. No, I am not against the female main character. There were a lot decent female characters in the past. But 90% of npc's are black succubi. If there's a strong and brave warrior it's a black succubus. If there's a commander of some elite hunting group - it's a black succubus. But that's not all. Almost all men are black too. And there are no bad black men. All bandits are usually bearded or bald white men and they attack innocent black succubi on the roads.
What the hell is wrong with this game? I don't understand! You think I am racist? No way. I grew up when there were cool and badass niggas in the movies and games. But this is another level, this is uncanny. I even started to play prediction game when cutscene starts or when they send you to talk to someone. I thought to myself depending on the name: "it will be a black man or succubus". I never lost in this game. Just now I decided to uninstall the game when there was another cutscene where out of nowhere very strong black succubus made her appearance.
Other than that I was not enchanted by the worldbuilding and enemies. Almost everything is very secondary.
Modern games are not for me I think.


>You think I am racist?
I don't think you are, you're just tired of shoehorned diversity, like any normal person would be. People outside of image boards WILL call you a racist if you put this exact comment anywhere else, though.
>Modern games are not for me I think.
I gave up on AAA games a while ago, even Japanese games get ruined in the name of social justice nowadays


I have to admit it was a very weird experience. When basically everything screams in your face about the blackness. And faces they have are not african-american but 200% African. It was like watching Hotel Rwanda. Despite the fact that story is in the future, in the USA or Canada, not sure. But I have no idea, maybe it is a very normal thing to create games with such characters and motives. I'm not used to it. Just wanted to kill time with an open world exploration.
If someone who didn't play it yet thinks I am exaggerating then try it yourself!


How serious is Steam when it lists broadband as a minimum requirement?

I'm a total noob to gaming, things have gotten more complicated since I last played in the mid 2000s.

I was only planning to play single player. But I notice a lot of games list broadband as a minimum requirement. And it seems to be about more than multiplayers.

They are ultra-strict and secure about DRM stuff these days. And so the company wants to be constantly checking up on you as you're playing. So that means you have to maintain contact every second.

I've been googling a lot and haven't found much discussion about this topic at all.

Will wifi work on games that Steam says need broadband as a min? Or should I not take that risk and just avoid those games?


>Will wifi work on games that Steam says need broadband as a min?
Depends on the speed of your wifi I guess, still don't think you need that much of a connection just to play single player, that would be retarded, we're talking about steam though…
You could just pirate, I guess. I hope the anti piracy crusaders from the other thread don't see this post.


>Will wifi work on games that Steam says need broadband as a min?
broadband has nothing to do with wifi, it just means anything that isn't dial-up, and I don't think dial-up even exists today so it's redundant


How the fuck can you even tolerate this site without at least broadband?

The steam application can't even work and it would take weeks to download games with sub-broadband internet.
So no, you can't use steam with dial up.
You can't pirate games with dial up.
You can't do shit with dial up.

Is this a joke or are you totally ignorant of how far the internet has come.


I think he is confused on what broadband means


I sure as hell have
>used Steam on dial-up,
>downloaded games with dial-up
>downloaded quite a few Slackware images with dial-up
>played quakeworld, and goldsrc games in Won and as wrote earlier, even with Steam.
That is on 56kbit/s -modem.

Of course it exists, unless your country uses only mobile networks.


File: 1606687380928.png (338.24 KB, 897x907, 897:907, how i wasted my life.png) ImgOps iqdb

Post your stats.


Most of my time was on M&B:W. I don't use accounts anywhere anymore though, I don't even have an email to sign up for steam with.


More often then not steam and most modern websites would error out saying data took too long to send or receive.
At least that has been my experience ever using something modern using internet at those speeds, especially with a connection that is as unstable as a 56kbit/s -modem.


File: 1606770096634.jpg (75.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3552319-cyberpunk2077-e3th….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm starting to get excited for Cyberpunk's release (10 days to go). I haven't been following its development pretty much at all (just their YouTube channel), but they did a good job overall with the Witcher series so I trust them.

As far as any diversity or progressive messaging they may have added, I'm just going to tell myself, "Well, it's supposed to be a dystopia, so of course that stuff would be there."


>As far as any diversity or progressive messaging they may have added, I'm just going to tell myself, "Well, it's supposed to be a dystopia, so of course that stuff would be there."
BAAHAHAHA good perspective. You might be able to enjoy it the.


I thought the same but I still don't wanna try it. Maybe I'll give it a pirate eventually.


I’m so desperate for something new to play that I’m “excited” for it. There’s just not many games like deus ex or cyberpunk that get made.


I hope that Cyberpunk's success will convince Eidos / Square Enix to begin work on a new Deus Ex game.


File: 1606837634291.jpg (258.93 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Cyberpunk-2077-V-Night-Cit….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What exactly are the major complaints about Cyberpunk? That they removed too many RPG elements?


It's mostly just doomsaying from /v/, but the delays, strange political shit, and changes from the reveal trailer soured a lot of people on it. I'm sure it'll still be a serviceable game, but I don't think it will be quite the game I wanted.


I read that the driving is slow as fuck. And I suspect it's because of the optimization for consoles. Remember the "Days gone"?
Driving and chases at 20mph isn't fun.

Well, I hope it's not true and the speeds are normal on PC


To me the games looks like a big mess. It's like the devs read every single comment and post and mixed it just for the game to look flashy, hella epic and forced with it's "badassery". All I associate with this game right now is a dude who wields a katana, says "fuck" 50 times a minute and wears a shirt with japanese letters while retrowave is playing as an OST because it's very cyberpunk.
I'll gladly accept if I'm wrong of course.


Honestly it looks like garbage to me. It doesn't have any noir aspects that I think are important for a cyberpunk and it has a very bland nu-game aesthetic. No personality whatsoever, like anything made post 2010.


I dunno, but when they revealed *famous Hollywood star* in that trailer I lost all interest.


Same with me. I like cyberpunk when it's gloomy and quiet. This game is obviously loud and obnoxious, and proud of it apparently. Don't even feel like pirating it but I'll probably watch 20 minutes or so of it when a no commentary LP appears on Youtube.


File: 1606920440252.jpg (235.67 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, blade-runner-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really want a gloomy noir atmosphere as well. If there's an option to change the time of day, I plan to only play during the night. I'll also turn off the music and radio if it's obnoxious. And I'll be turning off as much of the HUD as I reasonably can.


File: 1606920904896.png (350.25 KB, 552x896, 69:112, 111.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't really use Steam too much anymore, except for maybe a few indie RPGs every year.

Really looking forward to the Geneforge remake and the full release of Encased, both of which I'll probably end up buying on Steam. Despite general gaming fatigue, I can still get absorbed into a good RPG.


>I was thinking of (playing overhyped modern game) (on its rushed release date) (on a console)

meme magic dictates that this game's buggy code will brick systems before a hotfix is distributed, then we shall make jokes about how getting hardware hacked by a software from a rich megacorp was the true cyberpunk experience


playing fighting games on a keyboard is a nightmare


No fucking shit.

Next you are going to tell us that using a mouse in a flight sim to control the yoke doesn't work well ether.


keyboard is basically a bootleg hitbox, which is the best fightan controller
so you're wrong


When playing with a controller, which would you say it's better, analog stick or d-pad?
I find analog stick more comfortable overall and the most similar to arcade stick, but d-pad is better when I have to tap the same direction twice. Am I missing too much not playing with a hitbox?


Depends on the game I think.
I manly used d-pad because I manly played VF. Now that I play manly SC I have been only using analogy sticks due to the 8 direction movement/run and how easy the input commands are for most moves.


File: 1607282736138.png (826.72 KB, 600x852, 50:71, inquisitor_ARTWORK_COVER.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've been looking at the cover of this game for the past 5 minutes now. I've watched 20 minutes of it and it's really my type of thing but it's over a 100 hours long, 150 at my pace, possibly. I don't know if I'm ready for that commitment.


I've played a lot of RPGs and I can only think of a few that are harder than Inquisitor. It's obviously a game that's had a lot of love put into it, and while I think it's definitely worth playing if you're into CRPGs, it's not amazing either. There are lots of little annoyances, such as the insane amount of potions you will drink over the course of the game (which don't stack), bad inventory interface and combat that favours exactly one style of play.

The story, soundtrack and world-building are all amazing though. I usually don't pay too much attention to the music in video games, but Inquisitor has quite a sombre orchestral soundtrack that sticks in my mind years later (a bit like Arcanum's). It's a shame the devs gave up making RPGs after Inquisitor flopped, because they obviously have a lot of talent.


I caved in and just played a couple hours of it. I'm really enjoying it so far. If the other towns have engaging stories going on like Hillbrandt this will be quite fun.
I'm kinda used to shitty interface in these games, just came out of playing a couple of Ultima games.


Played through Succubus Prologe demo thing. Made by the people who made Agony.

While I appreciate games that are so edgy and uncensored, and I think there is potential, at the base of it once you get past all the gore and sex is a mediocre at best and somewhat broken at worst first person hack and slash with some of the worst most inconsistent coalition detection I have had to suffer thought.
I really do hope they make a lot of adjustments to make the game play not shit but I don't have high hopes.
I will say one thing, they learned their lesson about proper lighting from everyone complaining about not being able to see shit in Agony so at the very least you can see as well as navigate in the maps available in the prolong. So that's nice I guess. I mean it is kind of so basic that in any other game I wouldn't feel the need to mention it but maybe it's a sign that the devs listen and can improve shit before it's too late.

I really do hope they fix it because the western gaming market does need ultra edgy games to keep pushing against the forces that want to censor the whole industry. That and it's a bit fun playing a rampaging naked demon lady who rips through crowds of damned to harvest their souls. Then use said souls for pointier claw weapons or new armor that doesn't cover any nudity but does someone mean I can take a hit without any knock back.
Like I said, there is potential for a fun game here. But they really need to work on the combat and collation detection. It just feels like trash right now and I spend more time flaying around hitting air when I should be eviscerating my enemies.


Is denuvo as bad as they make it out to be?

From my googling it seems like some people say it has almost no impact and its just propaganda by crackers. But then others claims it kills FPS rates. And then theres a middle ground it has some impact but not a huge deal.

It affects some users more than others, like if you update your system or are offline.


It depends on game, system, and settings but regardless I dislike it for security and stability reasons and will avoid games that use it.
I am not granting a fucking always online spyware program kernal access to my hardware, OS, and user activity. No game is Worth that and any company that thinks they are more entitled to control my computer than me can go fuck themselves.


Im on the fence, but that does sound bad


File: 1608217046997.png (138.5 KB, 376x283, 376:283, Pustin.png) ImgOps iqdb


I pirated GTA 4 from Fitgirl then it turns out that I downloaded it from a fake website so my copy is even more dubious than an already dubious Russian cracker's ware. Then it turns out that you can't save your progress unless you change your computer's date every time you start and change it back when you need to use the internet. Well there's probably a crypto miner somewhere in my pc and it's a pain to change the dates but at least I don't have to pay 15 dollars. I kind of think it's worth it though because my country has a shit currency and I'll have to go through more effort and anxiety to earn 15 dollars in real life. I am loving the game.


File: 1608337582050.jpg (56.13 KB, 600x337, 600:337, Crusader-Kings-3_10-19-19.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Any wiz who has played ck2 have an opinion or experience with this game? Is it better? I love ck2, but I fear a trend of Paradox making progressively shinier yet mechanically cruder games and don't want to waste money on a game I don't enjoy. I am interested in your thoughts.


It fairly regularly goes on sell, sometimes as low as $5 bucks USD.


I wish there were more easy games for stupid people. The point of games is to have fun after all. But it seems like games compete on realism and challenge. For me what I look for in a game, is to be just barely above so easy that its boring. Make me just barely feel like I accomplished something, overcame a challenge. Just 1 step above clicking a button that says "you win"


I think any modern big budget title is being created exactly for your enjoyement.


You mean like every AAA game in the last ten years?


Damn I'd been waiting a month for the Steam Winter sale, watching the seconds on the countdown page. And its a total dud


Yeah I'm also disappointed. I think this will be the first winter steam sale in years where I get nothing.


I read that there Autumn sale was their best ever which was probably a bad sign



There were some really good deals and I recall some of the games that are currently on sell were cheaper in that sell.
I am only picking up a few cheap things that are slightly cheaper this time around, mainly project warlock, which is a boomershooter that is nicely stylized by a indie dev that could use the money to do more cool shit.

Kinda in the mood for something more risqué but none of the new lewd games on steam really spark my interest. Especially since it seems like the very best vr lewd game they have is that mediocore stripclub game. Wonder if some of the hentai game sites ever have sales. Most of the time I don't like buying from them because their shit is always hyper overpriced even for shitty flash games.
Steam even when not on sell has what few lewd games they got for reasonable prices and if you are willing to wait they are almost always included with sells.
I just ain't going to pay nearly $99 bucks for a shitty visual novel plus dlc.
I will however pay 99¢ for a VN of similar quality on sell even though I don't even like VN that much. Like the price scale is totally broken on most lewd game sites, then they wonder why piracy is so rampant and why they can't build a strong industry in the west.


change your region to US, we got the best sales


I just realized they brought over Crash N-Sane Trilogy to the PC and it's even on steam.

Probably late as fuck but it's still a happy surprise. Can even get it bundled with the Spyro Trilogy too if I want.
Wonder if this means Crash 4 will come to PC too.


Let’s go whaling: Tricks for monetising mobile game players with free-to-play


are gaming tablets good?


WOW is back



lol. I played shadowlands, hit max level and promptly discarded it. It is the same time gated bullshit as bfa. I didn't even try to get better gear and try raids because it literally felt exactly the same as bfa. Why do people still play this shit?


Care to elaborate on "time gated bullshit"? I'm relatively new, though I have a an active that will expire soon I didn't buy SL


Timegating is when the game locks player progress and features behind a timer. One feature of shadowlands is gaining renown to make yourself more powerful in the shadowlands, but you can only gain like two points of renown a week.


>time gated bullshit
Well yeah the whole goal is to max out the length player subscriptions. If you could "beat" the game in a month then no one would renew the subscription so they have to draw out the gameplay with boring repetitive quests and artificially slowing down progress behind weekly limits to keep you playing.


What? That's stupid as fuck and unethical.I thought SL was so much better than the regular "do fetch quests, kill this, do that", Pvp is very one dimensional and no real tactic etc. applies because of the complete lack of communication between players, if SL is bad too I'll just quit the game. To me, the only real good thing that stands out in WoW is the ambience and art. Even the lore became so bad, it's a shame because wc3 was a masterpiece.


Its amazing all the influence WC3 had, spawning 3 hottest new genres, while killing its own- RTS. WOW, DOTA, tower defense.


For mobile/on the go gaming it is fine as long as you accept the hardware limitations of whatever device you get and use Bluetooth controller for games that touch controls don't cut it.
Especially if you are into emulation of computer games.

It however makes for a pretty shit primary gaming platform.
You would probably have a better time with something like a switch in that case.


File: 1609616585488.png (1004 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


Are telltale games still a thing?


Hopefully not. They're just kinetic VN's with worse story.


Just checked, last thing they released was a batman compilation last year. I enjoyed Wolf Among Us and First season of Walking Dead, but the shitty visual style, and fake "choices" got old really fast. Last one I played was the first Game Of Thrones episode (back then I was actually into that crap, embarrassing) and it was awful.


i liked twd season 2 the most out of their games. game of thrones wasnt too bad either.




curious about what wizzies think


On a related note, I was pondering why every game has to be a shooter these days. Like even if its more of an adventure, exploring, RPG, open world game. FPS will be the main action of it. I guess players like to feel like they are doing something during a game, not just passively watching a visual novel. Or as its negatively called a "walking simulator". FPS is an extremely popular genre on its own, even casual kids games like Fortnite use the format. And so if you want a player to be engaged in your adventure RPG exploring, then making it a FPS draws him in, makes him feel active participant


My phone can emulate Wind Waker at near full speed on most scenes. Unfortunately, Twilight Princess, the one I am most interested in, runs like crap for many scenes and decent at best for smaller ones. I wish I had a PC to emulate it properly, the performance is so poor I'd have to sacrifice all immersion.


Gamecube emulators are not that demanding, you can probably get it to work on a pc cheaper than your phone


I don't have a PC and I'm broke permaneet so I'll just let it be.


you're broke permaneet how did you get such a powerful phone and what do you need it for?


The phone is not that poweful, it's a samsung galaxy S8 and I got it years ago as a gift. I just use it for entertainment, I have no phone plan and use a norpers unsecured internet.


File: 1610149973828.jpg (256.82 KB, 1577x1135, 1577:1135, 1607788637760_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What's the best torrent search database for getting PC games? (assuming that torrenting is the optimal acquisition method)

I'm looking for games from the 2000s decade if it matters.


Private trackers, of course. If you don't have access to any, pretty much anything is in rutracker, but beware of downloading your games in Russian. The pirate bay still exists, if you look for a proxy, they're always changing names but it's not hard to find them…But I don't know I don't trust it.


>assuming that torrenting is the optimal acquisition method
What do you have against direct download sites?



been wanting to try edf but unsure if fitgirl is safe. not smart enough to sniff their files myself.


If you get it, I’ll play with you wiz


I don't have enough knowledge of this to have any opinion. I barely ever play video games, there's just a handful that I'd like to cross off the bucket list.

I figured that the communal nature of torrents would lessen the probability of malware. I'm perfectly fine with direct download if it's malware-free. In fact, direct download would probably be more convenient. If anyone knows of direct download sites that they can vouch for, then that would be great too.



thanks, I'll pick through this and see if there's anything I'm interested in.


Bought this - first one since Arsenal of Democracy - from gog week a go and it's great.

There is nothing extraordinary bad or wrong with the ui; the lack of stacking is a bummer though.
The combat is very diablo-esque, that says, boring. If only this was turn-based…
Also, you cannot change key biddings which is a major annoyance. I hate using mouse buttons constantly for actions. Default bindings otherwise are pretty standard and usable.

The game has great athmosphere, background, dialogue, music and ambient sounds.
And it is hard, or rather major grinding is needed in order to beat even early enemies.


File: 1611308272360.jpg (45.46 KB, 960x500, 48:25, Resident-Evil-8-Release-Da….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

re8 merchant is a big wiz aylmao


Holy shit. Spanis Inquoist I've learned appreciate, but the earlier one depicted in this game, wow.

Wish I were playing for the First Prophet from the beginning!


I just want to find a fun FPS to play on PC but everything out is battle royal or triple A garbage. Why is it so hard to find a semi modern (360 era and beyond) FPS that's not a rogue like?


And Vampire the Masquerade 2 is being delayed indefinitely and the Dev team is being kicked off and they are recruiting a brand new dev team on.

I fucking called it. I knew this game would get stuck in development hell and wouldn't come out any time soon.

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